The Great Gray Hope: Bernie Sanders Tests the Limits of US Political Systems

For all his remarkable accomplishments, Sanders’ legacy in 2020 will likely be that of 2016, which was to be the sheepdog that herded progressives into the Democratic Party and got nothing in return.

Bernie Sanders Feature photo

The Great Gray Hope has bowed out of the presidential primary race, leaving tottering Joe Biden as the last Democrat standing. What Bernie Sanders accomplished electorally was remarkable, revealing both how far a progressive can venture and the limits proscribing further advancement to the left within the Democratic Party.   Sanders pushes

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Bernie Sanders Suspends His Campaign: What Happened and What Now?

Once again, disenfranchised American voters are left without a candidate that represents their values, but instead of staying home or voting against those values, there is another option, writes Sam Husseini.

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Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk commented just as Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign: "Bernie made a number of mistakes that I highlighted and broke down in detail. No excuses. Having said that, you're out of your fucking mind if you think I'll forget or look past 'bloody monday', aka the day Obama got Pete & Amy to drop & endorse Biden.

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The Corporate Media Celebrates After Handing Joe Biden Another Win

Biden has deliberately refrained from public or media appearances due to his propensity for making egregious errors, but that hasn’t stopped the media from paving the way for a Biden vs Trump contest.

Joe Biden is once again celebrating after a big night on “Mini Tuesday.” The former vice-president won the popular vote in at least four of the six states on offer yesterday, putting him ahead of his last credible challenger, Bernie Sanders. At a rally in Philadelphia, he framed the contest as over, addressing the Vermont senator’s surrogates

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Feature or Bug? Super Tuesday Plagued by Long Lines, Closed Polling Stations and Systemic Failure

Things got so bad that some voters claimed that if a similar situation occurred in states such as Iran, the US government would intervene to “restore democracy.”

Super Tuesday Feature photo

Chaos and gridlock again reigned across much of America as fourteen states chose their candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination yesterday on Super Tuesday. Many voters were forced to wait in line for up to six hours as understaffed and poorly equipped polling stations were inundated with voters, particularly in Texas and California,

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The Dem Establishment Successfully Cinched a Biden Super Tuesday Victory

Super Tuesday has raised the stakes and set the stage for a battle for the Democratic Party’s soul; one that will decide if it stays the course with neoliberalism with Biden or moves towards a progressive social-democratic model with Sanders.

Election 2020 Joe Biden

Former Vice-President Joe Biden built on his victory in South Carolina last week to emerge as the only credible “stop Bernie” candidate after Super Tuesday – where voters in 14 states decided on their nominations for president. While results are still not official, it is clear that the former Delaware senator won the popular vote in at least nine

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The Red-Baiting Attacks on Bernie Sanders Ignore His Flawed Foreign Policy Record

The right needs to stop pretending that Bernie Sanders is a Chavista, Sandinista, or the next Che Guevara, and some elements of the left need to stop doing the same.

Bernie Sanders Feature photo

Bernie Sanders has once again caused a firestorm of condemnation from America's talking heads and political mouthpieces. What did Sanders say this time that got pundits like Republican strategist and CNN commentator Ana Navarro so heated? In an interview with Anderson Cooper, the presidential candidate said: You know... When Fidel Castro came

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