Israel: How a Trifecta of Court Cases Could Cement King Bibi’s 12-Year Reign

Three separate court cases have converged in Israel to provide Netanyahu the cover he needs to maintain power amid an endless stream of controversies.

Israel Netanyahu Feature photo

Three judicial matters have been in Israeli headlines recently, all of them very serious in nature and all likely to serve Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming Israeli elections. The first is the indicted prime minister’s court hearing in early February regarding his ongoing corruption case. The second is that the prosecutor

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Netanyahu’s Days May Be Numbered, but a Cadre of Far-Right Fanatics Wait in the Wings

While every society has had to deal with its own right-wing fanatics, Israel has provided them with a platform, funding, and weapons of mass destruction, sending them skyrocketing to the highest echelons of power.

Israel far right feature photo

Israel is due to hold elections for the fourth time in just two years. The Israeli election commission has yet to announce the precise date, but it seems fairly certain that elections will take place in March of 2021, demonstrating once again that Israel is unstable and likely to become even more dangerous than it already is today. All eyes are

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This is Why Israel’s Mass Protest Movement Will Never Lead to Change

Though seldom reported in the US, thousands are taking to the streets every week in Israel demanding that Netanyahu step down, but carefully crafted coalition agreements and the political reality in the country promise to keep him in the PM’s seat for the foreseeable future.

Israel Protests Feature photo

Since November of 2019, Israelis have been protesting to demand the resignation of indicted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Since the spring of 2020, these protests have escalated to the point where thousands of Israelis take to the streets every week to demand his resignation. However, Netanyahu, who has been in power for over a decade,

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Hate as a Common Ground: Why Israel’s Coalition Government Is Likely to Survive

Israeli leaders insist that democracy, transparency, and inclusion are achievable, even when millions of the country’s Arab citizens are marginalized and continue to be victims of institutional racism that dates back to the very foundation of Israel.

Israel Politics Feature photo

Shortly after an agreement to form a “national emergency government” in Israel, leader of the Blue and White (Kahol Lavan) party, Benny Gantz, tweeted triumphantly that ‘democracy’ in Israel has been ‘safeguarded’.  But how is a deal that would grant Israel’s right-wing Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, a veto power over the very judicial

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A Machiavellian Fiasco: How a So-Called ‘Centrist’ Resurrected Israel’s Far Right

So-called centrist Benny Gantz has seemingly done everything in his power to assure Israel’s left and center are crippled for years to come and that Netanyahu will continue his decades-long reign unopposed.

Israel Feature photo

It was intended to be a Machiavellian move, but the decision by Benny Gantz, leader of Israel’s Kahol Lavan (Blue and White) coalition, to join a Benjamin Netanyahu-led government is likely to destabilize the political fabric of Israeli society for years to come. In a surprising move, Gantz has entered into precarious political compromises,

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The Unfinished “Coup”: the End of the Netanyahu Era and the Political Earthquake Ahead

It seems that the end of the Netanyahu era is finally upon us, but it is likely to be longer and uglier than expected.

Israel Netanyahu Feature photo

This time, nothing seems to work. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has tried every trick in the book to save his political career and to avoid possible prison time. But for Israel’s longest-serving leader, the honeymoon is certainly almost over.  It is an “attempted coup,” is how Netanyahu described his indictment on charges of fraud,

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