Government Reaches New Lows In Its Crusade Against Barrett Brown

The government has sent a ‘restitution recovery team’ to target Barret Brown’s literary agent in an attempt to recover royalties from book which has yet to be published.

The U.S. attorney’s office has been harassing Barrett Brown’s literary agent.

Published in partnership with Shadowproof. The United States Attorney’s office in the northern district of Texas issued another subpoena against journalist Barrett Brown. It was sent to Writers House, Barrett Brown’s literary agent who is working with him on his forthcoming book. The subpoena, signed by U.S. Attorney John Parker, indicates

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Barrett Brown: Justice Department Subpoenaed The Intercept For Records on Him

“The strong possibility here is [the subpoena] relates to restitution payments that I am supposed to make and which I have been making here over the last several years even while in prison,” Brown said. “So the idea is that they are checking to see if I have money from the Intercept that I haven’t reported.”

Published in partnership with ShadowProof The in-house counsel for the Intercept received a subpoena from the Justice Department for all contracts and communications between journalist Barrett Brown and the editor, Roger Hodge, who he worked with at the media organization. The subpoena also requested information on payments the Intercept made to

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Did Prison Officials Single Out Political Prisoner Barrett Brown For Solitary Confinement?

Incarcerated for collaborating with Anonymous hacktivists, Brown now reports on prison corruption from behind bars.

MINNEAPOLIS --- According to reports from supporters on social media, Texas Department of Criminal Justice officials moved imprisoned journalist Barrett Brown into solitary confinement last week. In the U.S. being a radical journalist and online activist can get you serious prison time and thrown in solitary. — Free Barrett Brown

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Sacrifices In Journalism And Whistleblowing: A Tribute to Truth-Tellers

Whistleblowing was the buzzword of 2013 and 2014. Snowden and Assange are the big names splashed around headlines, but they’re not the only ones going to great lengths to preserve the Fourth Estate and, in doing so, saving democracy.

Julian Assange

James Risen James Risen, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter with the New York Times, addresses a luncheon at the Associated Press Media Editors conference in Chicago. The Justice Department has ruled out forcing Risen to divulge his source in the upcoming trial of a former CIA officer accused of leaking classified information, a person familiar with

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Journalist Barrett Brown Sentenced To 63 Months In Prison; Read His Speech Here

As Barrett Brown joins the ranks of America’s other political prisoners, the American people need to review his words and ask themselves if this is actually the government they want.

(ANTIMEDIA) Persecuted journalist Barrett Brown plans to use his opportunity to address the court at his sentencing to continue to defend his colleagues that are also being persecuted. The government extorted a guilty plea from him by threatening 105 years in prison: he’s currently facing around eight. All indications are that he signed a

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What Barrett Brown’s Three Remaining Charges Mean For Journalism

Though many charges against him have been dismissed, the results of Barrett Brown’s sentencing hearing this month have implications not just for journalists working in the Digital Age, but for prosecutorial abuse, as well.

On Jan. 22, journalist, activist and author Barrett Brown, 33, is scheduled to be sentenced by U.S. District Judge Sam A. Lindsay in Dallas for threatening an FBI agent, hiding evidence during an FBI raid, and attempting to negotiate on behalf of a person wanted by the FBI -- two felonies and a misdemeanor, respectively. Facing a maximum

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