UPDATE: Uber & Lyft Cease Operations In Austin After Voters Reject Record-Breaking Electoral Campaign

UPDATE: The ride-booking services quickly ceased operating in Austin city limits on Monday, following a vote to reject Proposition 1, a law proposed by the companies which would circumvent the city’s regulations on background checks for drivers, among other issues.

Uber LYft

Update Monday May 9: Uber and Lyft ceased operating in Austin city limits today after voters strongly rejected Proposition 1, with 56 percent of voters deciding against the measure proposed by the ride-booking services that would allow them to circumvent the city’s regulations on background checks for drivers, livery, and where drivers may stop to

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Another Unarmed Black Teen Shot And Killed By Police

Despite being told by a 911 dispatcher that the 17-year-old Black male was not armed, an Austin, Texas, police officer shot and killed the boy.

David Joseph, 17 years old, was gunned down by police while naked and unarmed.

https://twitter.com/amejohnston/status/697153354590351360 An unarmed Black teenager was shot dead Monday by an Austin, Texas, police officer, who was clearly told by a 911 dispatcher that the young man was not armed, state officials confirmed Tuesday. Another issue that is surfacing regarding the shooting is the fact that all Austin

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Texas Cop Caught On Video Pepper Spraying Bystander Videotaping Police

“You can see an officer with the Austin Police Department Mounted Patrol grabbing a man’s cellphone, and then the officer walking behind the horse pepper-sprays the man. The mounted officer then throws the man’s phone to the ground.”

Austin police officer pepper-sprays man in Mounted Patrol incident

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Molly White Sort Of Sorry For Asking Texas Muslims To Pledge Allegiance To U.S.

The Texas representative doesn’t seem to have changed her views on Islam, but regrets that her Facebook post went viral.

Texas state Rep. Molly White (R) apologized after asking Muslims in the state to “renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws” last month. “Hindsight’s 20-20,” she told the Texas Tribune in a story published Monday. “I never thought it was going to go viral. And I thought it was just to folks that

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The Christian Terrorist Movement No One Wants To Talk About

Austin shooter Larry McQuilliams may have been inspired by the Phineas Priesthood, a loosely affiliated Christian terrorist group.

Last Friday, Larry McQuilliams was shot and killed by police after unleashing a campaign of violence in Austin, Texas, firing more than 100 rounds in the downtown area before making a failed attempt to burn down the Mexican Consulate. The only casualty was McQuilliams himself, who was felled by officers when he entered police headquarters, but the

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Dubious Police Use Of Lethal Force Looms Over The Nation

Three fatal police shootings in Texas should compel the country to examine the use of excessive force by police.

Last week’s fatal police shooting near a San Antonio campus of an unarmed student highlights yet again the national issue of the use of excessive force among police. The deadly encounter occurred after University of Incarnate Word campus police pulled over 23-year-old Robert Cameron Redus at his apartment complex for allegedly speeding and driving

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