The American Military Dissected: Few Volunteer the Rest Just Watch

In his urge to ditch the draft and so dampen the still-churning antiwar movement at home, Nixon created a new kind of American force, closer to a foreign legion geared to fighting never-ending wars thousands of miles from what, post-9/11, came to be known as “the homeland.”

US Military Soldiers

The purpose of all wars, is peace. So observed St. Augustine early in the first millennium A.D. Far be it from me to disagree with the esteemed Bishop of Hippo, but his crisply formulated aphorism just might require a bit of updating. I’m not a saint or even a bishop, merely an interested observer of this nation’s ongoing military misadventures

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VA Failing To Serve Women Veterans

As women are increasingly playing a more significant role in the military, the VA needs to adequately provide treatment and care for female veterans.

“The U.S. military is not prepared to care for women warriors returning from combat,” a female veteran shared with me during one of my classes. This bright 26-year-old young woman served in Afghanistan and is now pursuing her bachelor’s degree hoping to eventually study law. She has been having some issues stemming from her time in the military

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