European Parliament Uneasy About Turkey’s EU Bid, Citing Corruption And Internal Strife

In a resolution passed last week, the European Parliament was mostly critical of Turkey’s handling of unrest and other domestic issues.

Brussels-- In June 2013, Berkin Elvan, a 14-year-old Turkish boy, was out buying bread for his family when he got caught in the crosshairs of unrest in the streets of Istanbul. In the chaos, he was hit in the head by a tear gas canister that had most likely been fired by police at close range. After 269 days in a coma, Elvan died on March 11. His

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Turkish Police, Crowds Clash After Teen’s Funeral

The state-run Anadolu Agency said 73 people were arrested in Ankara. It and police provided no arrest figures for Istanbul.

Turkey Teenager's Funeral

ISTANBUL — Riot police clashed with anti-government protesters in Istanbul and other Turkish cities following Wednesday's funeral of a teenager, who had been in a coma since a police tear-gas canister struck him in the head last year. Police fired water cannons and tear gas to stop a crowd of thousands from reaching Istanbul's main square

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Turkish Official Apologizes For Crackdown As Protests Continue

Turkey’s deputy prime minister called the attack on protesters “wrong and unjust,” but it remains unclear if he was delivering the official line.

ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey's deputy prime minister offered an apology for a violent crackdown on an environmental protest, in a bid to appease days of anti-government rallies across Turkey as hundreds of riot police deployed around the prime minister's office in the capital Tuesday. Bulent Arinc, who is standing in for the prime minister while he

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The Protests In Turkey Are About A Lot More Than One Shopping Mall In Istanbul

The protest movement sweeping Turkey has drawn people from all strata of society.

ISTANBUL, Turkey — From every corner of this vast city they came to Taksim square, the scene of government attempts to replace a public park with a mall. The square has become the symbol for Turkey’s broadening protest movement as more and more people from all strata of society are drawn to the demonstrations to express their mounting

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