New Report Puts Spotlight On “Ag-Gag” Laws And The Forces Behind Them

The new report, “Ag-Gag Across America”, documents rise of — and ALEC’s hand behind — the dissent-crushing laws.

A Pilgrim's Pride contract chicken farm full of three-week-old chicks just outside the city limits of Pittsburg, Texas, Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2008. (AP/LM Otero)

A new report puts a spotlight on so-called "ag-gag" laws, offering a clear look at how these efforts to criminalize whistleblowing "are part of a sweeping crackdown on dissent." Released Wednesday by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and Defending Rights & Dissent, "Ag-Gag Across America Corporate-Backed Attacks on Activists and

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Vague Law Tested In Boston Case Involving Exposure Of Animal Mistreatment

Animal-rights activists are looking to strike down the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which they argue is part of a broader crackdown peaceful, non-violent environmental causes.

Three Holsteins cows at Larson Acres Inc. in the Town of Magnolia, Wis. The farm is owned by Mike Larson and has 2,900 dairy cows. (AP Photo/Dinesh Ramde)

A high-profile case in the First District Court of Appeals in Boston is currently under way involving four suspects at the center of a lawsuit who claim their First Amendment rights are being violated by a law enacted by Congress in 2006 meant to suppress animal-rights supporters, according to various reports. The law -- called the Animal

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