The Highly Sophisticated Group That’s Quietly Making It Much Harder To Get An Abortion In America

Americans United For Life (AUL) is the “ALEC of abortion,” a bill-mill creating model anti-abortion legislation that has passed in state legislatures nationwide.

On a mild afternoon last April, Randy Grau, a Republican representative from Edmond Oklahoma, took to the state House to argue in favor of Senate Bill 1848. The bill, later signed into law, regulates standards for abortion centers and requires abortion providers to obtain nearby hospital admitting privileges. Clad in a crisp white dress shirt and

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Missourians Fight ALEC Over Big Agriculture’s “Right to Farm”

Grassroots efforts will likely push a recount on an amendment to Missouri’s bill of rights that favors the interests of corporate agriculture.

Neal Bredehoeft

AUSTIN, Texas --- On Aug. 5, Missouri residents voted on the state’s Right-to-Farm, Amendment 1, a new addition to the state's bill of rights. The results were extremely close: 498,751 voted in favor of the new amendment, while 496,223 opposed it. With a difference of less than half a percent, a recount is almost certain. Though the Humane

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First Hand Experience: Exposing ALEC’s “Corporate Sausage Factory” In Dallas

MintPress was there as activists gathered in Dallas to protest ALEC’s persistent attacks on democracy.

DALLAS --- We'd gathered at Eddie Deen's Ranch to interrupt the American Legislative Exchange Council at dinner. I was wearing a pink cowboy hat, temporarily inducted into the CODEPINK Posse, an effort organized by the local branch of the well-known national rabble rousers for peace. About 30 of us stood along the sidewalk outside the Ranch,

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Exposing Breitbart’s Lies at ALEC 41

A Breitbart News Network correspondent fabricates an encounter with real CODEPINK Dallas protesters amid American Legislative Exchange Council conference.

Banner: ALEC Parasitic Corporate Mafia

DALLAS -- In his recent article "Code Pink Stages Mini Protest at ALEC National Conference,"'s California correspondent Jon Fleischman fabricates an encounter with an activist, erases a full day of anti-corporate protest, and makes a major source of corporate corruption in American state politics seem like a benign force for social

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Judge Rules Exxon Must Face Criminal Charges Fracking Waste Spill

According to the Pennsylvania Attorney General, Exxon dumped 57,000 gallons of contaminated water in a 2010 incident.

Exxon Mobil Corp. subsidiary XTO Energy will have to face criminal charges for allegedly dumping tens of thousands of gallons of hydraulic fracturing waste at a Marcellus Shale drilling site in 2010, according to a Pennsylvania judge’s ruling on Thursday. Following a preliminary hearing, Magisterial District Judge James G. Carn decided that all

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California Installed More Rooftop Solar In 2013 Than Previous 30 Years Combined

California’s solar panels now provide twice the daily power output of it’s last remaining nuclear power plant.

2013 was a banner year for clean energy and the U.S. solar industry was no exception. California, the nation’s solar standout, more than doubled its rooftop solar installations last year from 1,000 megawatts (MW) to 2,000 MW. To put this number in perspective, writes Bernadette Del Chiaro of the California Solar Energy Industries Association, it

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