As Monsanto Faces Over 8,000 Glyphosate Lawsuits, Vietnam Seeks Damages for Agent Orange

“The verdict serves as a legal precedent which refutes previous claims that the herbicides made by Monsanto and other chemical corporations in the U.S. and provided for the U.S. army in the war are harmless.” — Vietnamese Foreign Ministry

us war crimes

HANOI, VIETNAM -- After a landmark court case in California held Monsanto liable for the carcinogenic effects of its best-selling herbicide, glyphosate, things have only been getting worse for the corporate giant and its new parent company, Bayer. Indeed, the $289 million court verdict has unleashed a slew of other related lawsuits related to

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Agent Orange: Vietnam’s Ongoing Calamity

The U.S. government’s crime of saturating large swaths of Vietnam with poisonous Agent Orange got short shrift in PBS’ “The Vietnam War,” but it remains an ongoing calamity.

A U.S. Air Force C-123 flies low along a South Vietnamese highway spraying Agent Orange on dense jungle growth beside the road to eliminate ambush sites for the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. During the Vietnam War, Air Force C-123 planes sprayed millions of gallons of herbicides over the jungles of Southeast Asia to destroy enemy crops and tree cover.

Watching the Ken Burns-Lynn Novick 18-hour series, “The Vietnam War,” is an emotional experience. Whether you served in the U.S. military during the war or marched in the streets to end it, you cannot remain untouched by this documentary. The battle scenes are powerful, the stories of U.S. veterans and Vietnamese soldiers who fought on both sides

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Veterans Affairs Official Downplays Agent Orange Risks, Questions Critics

At a meeting in March, a lead analyst in the VA’s compensation service was critical of the media, scientists and the VA’s own administrative tribunal for taking positions that differ from his. The VA said his comments “did not fully or accurately reflect VA’s position” but also said his quotes were being taken out of context.

U.S. Army spraying Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

Pro Publica -- A key federal official who helps adjudicate claims by veterans who say they were exposed to Agent Orange has downplayed the risks of the chemical herbicide and questioned the findings of scientists, journalists and even a federal administrative tribunal that conflict with his views. Jim Sampsel, a lead analyst within the

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Symbolic Tribunal Finds Monsanto’s Actions Violate Global Food, Health and Environmental Rights

Controversial agrotech company Monsanto has been the subject of hearings held by an international tribunal to investigate potential wrongdoing by the company. The tribunal found that the company has violated multiple rights concerning food and public health.

Judges, witnesses and experts gather for the first session of the People's Assembly, the hearings of the Monsanto Tribunal at the Hague in the Netherlands. (Photo: Monsanto Tribunal Follow/flickr/cc)

THE HAGUE-- Six months after hearings were held, the Monsanto tribunal – an international group created to assess the many accusations surrounding the controversial corporation – issued its findings last week in a public presentation in The Hague. Monsanto has drawn strong criticism from around the world for years, most recently following

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Despite Ongoing Effects Of Agent Orange, Vietnam Embraces Monsanto GMO’s

Fifty-five years after rendering almost an entire country cancerous, chemical companies like Monsanto are being welcomed with open arms into Vietnam. 

In this photo taken on Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012, Le Van Tam, 14, is picked up by his father at a rehabilitation center in Danang, Vietnam. The children were born with physical and mental disabilities that the center's director says were caused by their parents' exposure to the chemical dioxin in the defoliant Agent Orange. On Thursday, the U.S. for the first time will begin cleaning up leftover dioxin that was stored at the former military base that's now part of Danang's airport. (AP Photo/Maika Elan)

Vietnam — Vietnam’s Agriculture Minister has asked the country to embrace Monsanto 55 years after the company dumped 20 million gallons of Agent Orange there. One of Monsanto’s former companies, among nine contractors responsible for creating Agent Orange, sprayed more than 20 million gallons of the herbicide on an area of South Vietnam about

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