As Facebook Grows Cold and Stale, Young Users Flock to New Platforms

Younger users in the North American market are increasingly migrating to flashier multimedia and image-sharing apps while abandoning Facebook’s fuddy-duddy newsfeed, populated by irrelevant content arbitrarily chosen by an ever-shifting algorithm.  

Facebook Fading

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA -- Is social media giant Facebook headed for the same ignoble fate as its now-extinct predecessors, Friendster and MySpace? The prospect of the reigning social media champ’s demise shouldn’t be exaggerated, but recent data digital market research company eMarketer suggests that the platform’s popularity is reaching a point

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“Tit-For-Tat”: Russia Accuses CNN Of “Violating Russian Media Law”

Russian president Putin said that “such pressure on Russian media is unacceptable” and that any hostile actions taken against Russian media in the U.S. would be met with a “tit-for-tat response.”

medicare for all

The "Russian collusion" crusade took a bizarre turn yesterday when Twitter, apparently in the absence of any tangible evidence that Kremlin spies exploited the social media service to undermine the 2016 election, decided to publicly disclose the exact amount of advertising revenue it received from Russia Today during 2016. It's unclear what that

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Bezos Bans WaPo Staff From Criticizing Corporate Advertisers On Social Media

A new policy at the Washington Post will punish its employees for using social media to make critical statements about the paper’s corporate advertisers. The policy was approved by Jeff Bezos, the billionaire head of Amazon who purchased the newspaper in 2013.

Amazon CEO and Wahsington Post owner, Jeff Bezos on an elevator for a meeting with then President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower in New York, Dec. 14, 2016. (AP/Evan Vucci)

The Washington Post’s journalistic decline over the past several years has been remarkable, especially following the newspaper’s 2013 purchase by Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos, the world’s second-richest man after Bill Gates. In the face of controversies concerning the use of anonymous and often inaccurate sources and the

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Facebook Lets Advertisers Exclude Users By Race

Facebook’s system allows advertisers to exclude black, Hispanic, and other “ethnic affinities” from seeing ads.

Image credit: David Sleight/Pro Publica/CC

Imagine if, during the Jim Crow era, a newspaper offered advertisers the option of placing ads only in copies that went to white readers. That’s basically what Facebook is doing nowadays. The ubiquitous social network not only allows advertisers to target users by their interests or background, it also gives advertisers the ability to exclude

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Google Quietly Drops Ban On Personally Identifiable Web Tracking

Google is the latest tech company to drop the longstanding wall between anonymous online ad tracking and user’s names.


When Google bought the advertising network DoubleClick in 2007, Google founder Sergey Brin said that privacy would be the company’s “number one priority when we contemplate new kinds of advertising products.” And, for nearly a decade, Google did in fact keep DoubleClick’s massive database of web-browsing records separate by default from the

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‘Demonetization’ Scandal: YouTube Inexplicably Removes Ad Money, Angers Users

#YouTubeisoverparty: Users of the popular video site YouTube took to Twitter to express anger over their sudden loss of advertising income.

YouTube content creators are up in arms over the video website removing their ability to earn money through advertisements. Beginning late Wednesday night, the Google subsidiary began removing monetization from many videos as part of a decision to better enforce its community guidelines, including what content is considered inappropriate for

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