Last Stop In Mexico: Migrants Find Security In Catholic Safe House Before Facing US Border

La Casa de Migrantes—the last safe house before the Mexico-US border—provides food, shelter and support for an average of 600 migrants each month.

Mexico Immigration

SALTILLO, Mexico — Alma Rosa Fernandez is exhausted. Every bone in her body aches after a gruelling 30-day journey from southern Guatemala to Saltillo in northern Mexico. In the month she spent clinging to the notorious freight train known as "The Beast" with her husband and three children aged 10 to 15, she endured sleep deprivation, hunger and

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Palestinian Authority Cracks Down Amid Criticism Of Renewed Negotiations

A series of violent incidents in the West Bank reflect a growing skepticism of the PA’s legitimacy among Palestinians.

RAMALLAH — The Obama administration appears to have put the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on the back burner once again. Negotiations were renewed in July after months of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s shuttle diplomacy. Yet their status is uneasy after the killing of two Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank. In Hebron, a sniper

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EU-Israeli Talks On Science Program Stall Over Settlements Issue

Israel wants revisions on guidelines that forbid funds from going to illegal settlements.

Last week, EU and Israeli negotiators failed to agree on new funding rules for Israeli participation in Horizon 2020, a €80 billion (about $107 billion) European research funding program that will run from January 2014 for seven years. Israel says it will not take part under the new guidelines, published by the European Commission last July, which

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Israel-Palestine Peace Talks To Resume?

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced that an agreement has been reached that will form the basis of fresh negotiations.

JERUSALEM — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced Friday that an agreement has been reached between Israelis and Palestinians that will form the basis of fresh negotiations to resolve the decades-old conflict. Speaking from Amman, Jordan, Kerry said the process still needs to be formalized. He also said Israeli and Palestinian negotiators

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