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Revealed: Israel’s Hidden History Of Attacks On Iran

Robert Inlakesh breaks down the hidden history of Israel’s decades-long campaign of assassinations, attacks and sabotage against Iran that the media ignore.

Iran’s retaliatory attack on Israel was framed in the West as a reckless attempt to spark a major regional war, but in reality,  Israel has been attacking Iran for decades. As is routinely the case with Western-backed wars, the corporate media’s timeline begins at the moment that suits their narrative. We have seen this play out recently, with

Amal Clooney’s Silence on Gaza Shows the Limits Of Liberalism

Amal Clooney’s conspicuous silence on Israel’s actions in Palestine and Lebanon contrasts sharply with her vocal condemnation of human rights abuses elsewhere, prompting scrutiny of her allegiances and principles.

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Amal Clooney, the internationally acclaimed lawyer, is a liberal icon. She and her organization, the Clooney Foundation for Justice (CFJ), never shrink from pronouncing their global verdicts on human rights matters. And yet, despite being Lebanese and of Palestinian descent herself, Time magazine’s 2022 Woman of the Year has maintained complete

MintPress News: Pushing Back Against Atrocity Propaganda

While corporate mainstream media gave Israel the cover to commit genocide in Gaza, MintPress has been at the forefront of challenging atrocity propaganda and naming the names of those who profit from this massacre. For this, we have been targeted financially and algorithmically.

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I want to invite you to the fight against media manipulation and censorship to help us break through the propaganda. For nearly six months, we’ve witnessed Israel openly commit genocide in Gaza while it was livestreamed right on our smartphones. For nearly six months, we’ve witnessed mainstream media outlets like The New York Times, CNN, and

Quds Day Rallies in Yemen Intensify Amid Biden’s Strategic Shift

As Yemenis unite in support of Gaza, Biden’s latest actions against Ansar Allah spark fervent protests, reshaping the landscape of resistance in the region.

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On International Quds Day, when protests are held around the world to show solidarity with Palestinians, Yemenis are once again at the forefront of worldwide solidarity with Gaza. Yemenis of all stripes took to the streets in unprecedented numbers on Friday to demonstrate their support for Palestine as well as Ansar Allah's (Houthis) Red Sea

Israel’s Celebrity Charm Offensive: The Truth Behind the Glamorous Trips

Jessica Buxbaum explores the complex web of connections between celebrities, media companies, and pro-Israel organizations, as the battle for public opinion rages on.

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Since Israel launched a war on Gaza in October, it’s been accused of genocide, been on trial for war crimes, and seen allies stop approving weapons shipments. Yet amid the storm of negative press and genocidal war, some organizations are attempting to shift the narrative in Israel’s favor by taking celebrities and social media influencers on

Presidential Candidate Jill Stein On Gaza, The Two-Party System and US Militarism

Green Party Presidential candidate Dr.Jill Stein joins Mint Press director and host of the MintCast podcast Mnar Adley to talk about Dr. Stein’s position on Gaza, the two-party system, US militarism, climate change and her campaign objectives

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Gaza is the “key issue of our era,” Green Party presidential hopeful Jill Stein told the MintCast today. “Every international law in the books is being broken,” she said, “This is not something that began on October 7. This is the continuation of ethnic cleansing and displacement that began in 1947 and 1948 with the displacement of 750,000