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Rafah’s Dire Plight: Netanyahu’s Last Grasp for Victory

Israel hoped that Gazans would rush in their hundreds of thousands to the Sinai Desert. They did not. Then began speaking of “voluntary migration.” Still, Palestinians stayed. Now, they’ve agreed to invade Rafah, a last-ditch effort to orchestrate another Nakba.

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The Palestinian city of Rafah is not just older than Israel; it is as old as civilization itself. It has existed for thousands of years. The Canaanites referred to it as Rafia, and Rafia has been almost always there, guarding the southern frontiers of Palestine, ancient and modern. As the gateway between two continents and two worlds, Rafah

Strategic Escalation: Yemen’s Military Operations Signal a New Phase in the Red Sea

Ansar Allah has made it clear that they don’t plan on abandoning their support for the Palestinian cause in the face of mounting pressure on Yemen.

Residents of Yemen's capital city of Sanaa endured another harrowing night last Saturday as American and British aircraft dropped bombs on an insecticide manufacturer in a dense residential neighborhood. In the wake of the airstrikes, MintPress News reporter Ahmed AbdulKareem went to the Al-Nahda neighborhood in the center of the city, where a fire

Worthy vs. Unworthy Victims: Study Reveals Media’s Selective Coverage of Navalny and Lira

A new study by Alan MacLeod uncovers media bias, revealing how the deaths of American journalist Gonzalo Lira and Russian political leader Alexey Navalny were disproportionately covered, exposing the influence of political filters and narrative priorities.

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A new MintPress News study of media coverage of the deaths of American journalist and commentator Gonzalo Lira and Russian political leader Alexey Navalny has found that the establishment U.S. press overwhelmingly ignored the former and focussed on the latter. The New York Times, Washington Post, ABC News, Fox News and CNN collectively ran 731

Miko Peled: The Predicament Of Palestinian Refugees Amid Genocide

Israeli peace activist Miko Peled explains the untenable predicament of Palestinian refugees fleeing Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

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To fully understand the genocide taking place in the Gaza Strip, we need to look at how Israel has strategically distanced itself from any responsibility for the fate of the Palestinian refugees. Israel has consistently used lies and fabrications to lay the blame for the Palestinian refugees on others. Initially, it was the fault of the “Arabs”

Deconstructing H.R. 3202: The Israel Lobby’s Persistent Role in Sanctioning Syria

Hekmat Aboukhater reveals the concealed agenda of the newly extended Caesar Act, exposing the Israel Lobby’s influence and examining the broader impact of sanctions on Syria and the world.

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On February 13, the U.S. House of Representatives deliberated on Resolution 3202, the "Assad Regime Anti-Normalization Act of 2023." The following day, the House passed the bill with a 389 to 32 bipartisan majority. Now, the bill moves on to the Senate, where it will most likely pass with similar bipartisan support and a ringing endorsement from

From Courtroom to Conspiracy: Alan Dershowitz’s Ties to Epstein’s Blackmail Network

Kit Klarenberg uncovers the shadowy connections between legal activist Alan Dershowitz, Jeffrey Epstein, and a network of intelligence-connected blackmail intrigue.

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On January 9, MintPress News probed a newly unsealed tranche of documentation on official police investigations into and civil lawsuits leveled against Jeffrey Epstein - specifically, papers mentioning Alan Dershowitz. At that time, the veteran Zionist legal activist had been mooted as Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu’s top pick to defend Tel Aviv