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Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat Paved the Way for Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza

Kit Klarenberg reveals how Sacha Baron Cohen, through films like Borat, helped manufacture hatred against Muslims in order to justify human rights abuses by Israel.

A Hebrew poster for the film "Borat" in Tel Aviv. Photo | Yaffa Phillips | Flickr CC

In the wake of the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) landmark ruling in a case brought by South Africa against Israel, which found the Jewish state could be committing genocide in Gaza and must immediately cease its indiscriminate, industrial-scale slaughter of unarmed, innocent Palestinians of all ages, many Western journalists, politicians,

Yemen’s Houthis Speak to MintPress About US Attacks, Their Blockade of Israel

Joining MintCast to discuss the blockade and Yemen’s escalating tensions with the United States is Mohammed al-Bukhaiti, a senior political official and spokesperson for Yemen’s Ansar Allah.

Mohammed al-Bukhaiti Feature photo

The United States and the United Kingdom recently carried out their eighth round of strikes against targets in Yemen that they claim are being used by Yemen’s Ansar Allah – known in the West as the Houthis – to threaten maritime navigation in the Red Sea. Since Israel began its deadly incursion into Gaza on October 7 of last year, Ansar Allah

Israel’s Ben-Gvir Sees West Bank Opportunity in Gaza Genocide

Itmar Ben-Gvir perceives all Palestinians in the West Bank as potential terrorists, the same way that Israel’s ‘moderate’ President Isaac Herzog perceives all Gazans as “responsible” for Hamas’ actions.

Itamar Ben-Gvir Feature photo

If what is currently happening in the occupied Palestinian West Bank took place before October 7, our attention would have been completely fixated on that region in Palestine. The ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza, however, has devalued the important, if not earth-shattering, events underway in the West Bank, which is now a stage for the most

100 Days of War: Palestinian Resistance Will Be Netanyahu’s Downfall

Netanyahu may continue digging, but history has already been written: the spirit of the Palestinian people has won over Israel’s death machine.

Netanyahu Feature photo

Law number one in the ‘law of holes’ is that “if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” Law number two, “If you are not digging, you are still in a hole.” These adages sum up Israel’s ongoing political, military and strategic crises, 100 days following the start of the war on Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was faced with

United Against Nuclear Iran: The Shadowy, Intelligence-Linked Group Driving the US Towards War With Iran

United Against Nuclear Iran, a secretive neoconservative organization with close links to the CIA and the Mossad, is trying to escalate the Israeli assault on Gaza into an Iraq-level U.S. Attack on Iran.

United Against Nuclear Iran Feature photo

Most of the world has watched the Israeli assault on Gaza in horror. As tens of thousands have been killed and millions displaced, tens of millions of people around the world have poured onto the streets to demand an end to the violence. But a few select others have taken to the pages of our most influential media to demand an escalation of the

From Libya to Paraguay: Israel’s Longstanding Goal of Expelling Palestinians From Gaza Inches Closer to Reality

As the war on Gaza grinds on, it is becoming increasingly clear that Israel has no plans to leave the beleaguered Palestinian territory and instead institute its long-held goal of recolonizing the Strip.

Israel Gaza Feature photo

Once considered a fringe pipe dream, the once taboo idea of Israelis recolonizing portions of Gaza has been reinvigorated after Hamas' October 7 attack and the subsequent Israeli war on the embattled Palestinian territory, which has killed more than 22,000 Palestinians, internally displaced more than 1.9 million, and reduced the majority of the