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Revealed: The American Money Entwined with Israel’s Jewish Terrorist Groups

The IRS states that terrorist activities are considered substantial means for disqualifying an organization’s tax-exempt status, yet money is still finding its way through a number of high-profile tax-exempt American charities to known terrorist groups inside Israel.

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JERUSALEM — As Israel rained rockets down on Gaza in mid-May, inside 1948-occupied Palestine (Historic Palestine and modern-day Israel), another kind of Israeli terror emerged. Jewish supremacists stormed cities with high Palestinian populations chanting “Death to Arabs!,” attacking scores of Palestinians and vandalizing their properties. The

Birds of a Fascist Feather: Why Israel Is Aiding Colombia’s Crackdown on Protesters

Photos circulating on social media show Colombian government forces using Israeli weapons against protestors and Israeli-made Sand Cat armored vehicles patrolling the streets of Colombian cities. Alan Macleod investigates the growing ties between the unlikely allies.

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BOGOTA -- For exactly one month now, a nationwide strike has crippled Colombia and has been met with deadly repression by the far-right government of Ivan Duque. As trade unions have shut down major cities, halting mass transit and bringing economic gridlock to the country, government forces have responded with violence. According to government

Lee Camp: How to End the US Prison State Quick and Easy

2.3 million people are behind bars in the United States. Here’s the quick way to get that number down to… zero. (Give or take a few)

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Princeton, New Jersey (Scheerpost) — A few weeks ago I covered the mind-blowing facts about American prisons that should make anyone and everyone rethink/detest/abhor the entire institution. Now, I want to examine the reasons people find themselves locked up in the largest prison state in the world (the Land of the Free) and see if we can’t

Greenlight: Israeli Military Weapons Keep Finding Their Way into Palestinian Organized Crime

No one knows just how large an arsenal Palestinian crime families possess, but it is clear that it is dangerously large and that had these weapons been used to kill Jewish Israelis, or as part of the Palestinian fight against Zionism, Israeli authorities would have confiscated them long ago.

Palestinian organzied crime

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM -- When the names of the people you write about have to remain hidden, you know things are bad. The following story is a part of the Palestinian tragedy that is seldom discussed. As 75-year-old Hajja Amina (not her real name) slowly crossed the busy street towards her home, she heard two gunshots ring out. When she turned

Alex Saab v. The Empire: How the US Is Using Lawfare To Punish a Venezuelan Diplomat

That the US can engineer the arrest of a diplomat – someone who has immunity by international law even in the time of war – is a dangerous precedent. 

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PRAIA, CABO VERDE -- The case of Alex Saab raises dangerous precedents in terms of extraterritorial judicial abuse, violation of diplomatic status, and even the use of torture to extract false confessions. This is according to Montréal-based international human rights lawyer John Philpot. He spoke on May 19 at a webinar sponsored by the Alliance

Why the Overton Window has Suddenly Shifted on Israel-Palestine

There is little doubt that the Overton window on Israel-Palestine is rapidly shifting. To understand why, MintPress spoke to academics, experts, and rights groups familiar with the subject.

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WASHINGTON -- The Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin once said of history that there are decades that go by where nothing happens, and there are weeks where entire decades happen. In the past week, it seems as if the U.S. attitude towards Israel and Palestine has changed more than in the previous 50 years. Everybody seems to be acknowledging it,