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#STANDWITHISSA: Issa Amro Stood Against Israel’s Settler State and is About to Pay a Heavy Price

Anyone familiar with the Israeli occupation and the violence of the settlers would find the following story impossible and unthinkable, however, Issa Amro was able to pull it off.

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Occupied Hebron -- “Israel wants to steal our history. They want to focus only on one small part of the history and ignore all the rest,” Issa Amro told me in an interview for the “Miko Peled Podcast,” (also available at Issa was talking about why Israeli settlers are so keen to take over Tel Rumeida, a hill overlooking the city of

Outrage as Panicked Authorities Clamp Down on Robinhood Financial Uprising

Within hours of a move which saw Small Street making money to the detriment of Wall Street, authorities rushed in to shut the system down, with free marketeers in the financial world suddenly demanding overnight.

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There was widespread outrage as panicked authorities introduced a host of emergency measures to stop the continued financial rebellion started by Redditors on the Wall Street Bets subreddit. “Capitalism has no problem when the working class plays. But has an issue when the working class starts winning. The system is rigged,” wrote congressman Jamal

Africa’s Last Colony: UN Must Hold Long-Overdue Vote for Self-Determination in Western Sahara

By unilaterally ending a 29-year ceasefire, Morocco highlights the urgent need for the UN to make good on its commitments to Western Sahara.

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Following nearly 100 years of colonization by Spain, and 45 years of brutal occupation, settler colonialism, exploitation of natural resources, and ethnic cleansing by Morocco since 1975, the people of the Western Sahara have been pushed to the brink of war. On Nov. 10, Morocco broke through a United Nations buffer zone and launched a military

It’s Still Early, but Signs Point To an Israel-First Biden Presidency

Though it is still early, it already seems that when it comes to policy regarding the Middle East and Iran, the Biden Administration, just like the Trump Administration before it, will be taking orders from the Israeli government.

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Now that the Democratic party is in power in America and controls both the executive and legislative branches of government, they would do well to listen to what young people have to say about the Democratic agenda regarding Israel and Palestine. During a panel discussion that I hosted before the elections that can be found on the “Miko Peled

Jewish Groups Warn of Fallout from Anti-Semitism Label for Criticism of Israel

As the Israel lobby pushes to erase pro-Palestine activism on college campuses, it not only risks endangering free speech but allowing far-right hatred to spread unchecked.

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Jerusalem --Not even a week after violent, anti-Semitic rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol building, a collective of Jewish groups urged then President-elect Joe Biden to target activism critical of Israel. The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations (CoP) sent Biden a letter on January 12, urging the incoming administration to adopt

Blowback: Trump’s Sanctions on Yemen Are Already Backfiring

Experts warned of the humanitarian toll that designating the Houthis would have and indeed the sanctions that followed are already harming civilians. What they didn’t foresee was how the move seems to have galvanized even more support for the group.

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HAJJAH, YEMEN, NEAR THE SAUDI BORDER -- “We thought that aid from the U.S. would feed our children, not that American sanctions would see them dying from hunger," a Yemeni father who wished only to be called J. A. from the border city of Abs near Saudi Arabia told MintPress. The only income J.A. has to feed the twenty family members under his