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Biden’s Campain and the DNC Make a Mockery of Jews, Israel, and of Course, Joe Biden

Reading through the Biden campaign’s website, one wonders if the leader of the Democratic Party is in touch with the rest of the country, not to mention the rest of the world when it comes to Israel.

Joe Biden still carries his support for Israel as though it was a badge of honor. Reading through his campaign’s website, one wonders if the leader of the Democratic Party is in touch with the rest of the country, not to mention the rest of the world. We are fast approaching a world where support for Israel is viewed as shameful. Being recognized

“This is How Armed Gangs Operate” Israel Admits its Troops Planted IEDs in a Palestinian Town

The IDF admitted that they put the explosives on the commonly used road, doing it to “create a deterrence,” because “riots have regularly occurred” in the area.

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A seven-year-old Palestinian boy was walking with his mother just outside the West Bank village of Kafr Qaddum a few miles to west of the city of Nablus. Seeing a strange orange and black package held down with some rocks, the boy approached, thinking it was a toy. His mother quickly stopped him, summoning a relative to investigate. Foolishly, the

Kenosha Sheriff’s Racist Rant Follows Pattern of Fraternizing with White Supremacists

In 2018, Sheriff David Beth went on a bizarre eugenics rant, claiming that the police’s job should be to stop “these males” from “getting ten other women pregnant and having small children,” among other troubling comments he made on video.

Police Shooting Wisconsin

The Kenosha Police Department has come under heavy scrutiny in recent days after one of its officers shot Jacob Blake multiple times in the back at close range. Later, after protests erupted, its officers stood shoulder-to-shoulder with local militia, one of whom — a 17-year-old boy — would go on to shoot three people, returning to police lines,

Decades Later, America’s Meddling in Colombia is Still Costing Lives

From the drug war to Plan Colombia to support for right-wing paramilitary groups, decades of US interference in Colombia has caused so much instability that to this day, the country is still reeling from it.

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On a warm Tuesday morning earlier this month in Llano Verde, an eastern suburb of the city of Cali, five Afro-Colombian children decided to leave their homes to take advantage of the fine weather to spend some time outside. They would never return. Only a few hours later, they were found dead; their bodies burned, cut to pieces with machetes and

Kenosha Shooting Spurs Social Media Surveillance

The Atlantic Council wants you to know that the armed vigilantes coming out to patrol the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin after the violent protests sparked by brutal police shooting are organizing online.

Police Shooting Wisconsin Black Outrage

The Atlantic Council, an independent policy think tank that focuses on international affairs and is notorious for selling influence to foreign countries, has a sister organization dedicated to promoting "objective truth as a foundation of government" by identifying disinformation and "building digital resilience" to teach people how to expose

The US Is Facing a Child Care Crisis as Schools Go Digital

A child care crisis is in the offing both in the United States and around the world as school-age children stay home for the new school year and working parents face the prospect of more state interference

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Greater Albany Public Schools (GAPS) Superintendent, Melissa Goff, is calling on county commissioners to allocate funding for oversight of "suitable child care options" for the families of the 9,000 children enrolled in the small city's K-12 system, who are now proscribed from their regular classrooms and will be forced to "attend" school on a