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MintCast Interviews Filmmaker Robbie Martin: The Neoconservative Endgame

MintCast speaks with Robbie Martin, documentary filmmaker and musician, about the Neoconservatives, their hidden role in creating Russiagate and their ultimate goal for the U.S. and beyond.

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MintCast co-hosts Alan MacLeod and Whitney Webb recently spoke to Robbie Martin (@FluorescentGrey), a filmmaker whose recent documentary series A Very Heavy Agenda explores how prominent Bush-era neo-conservatives have continued to dominate the Washington foreign policy debate and have been instrumental in creating and fomenting Russiagate and Cold

My Son Needed Medical Help, Not an American Bomb: A Yemeni Father Grieves

There is an old saying that the definition of madness is to do the same thing again and again, expecting a different result. Yet this strategy seems to underpin the Saudi-led Coalition’s approach to its war on Yemen.

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SANA'A, YEMEN -- "I struggled for 30 years to build a house and an airplane comes and destroys it in seconds," 55-year-old Ahmed al-Sulmi al-Hubeishi told MintPress. Ahmed lost four of his children last week -- Seham, Abdul Rahman, Khalid, and Waseem -- when Saudi airstrikes targeted a residential neighborhood in Sana`a’s al-Ruguss district. "Now,

Contracts Reveal How the DEA Exercises Control Over Television, Film Productions

Nearly 200 pages of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) contracts show how the agency exercises control over TV and film productions.

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Nearly 200 pages of Drug Enforcement Administration contracts with producers were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. They show for the first time how the agency interacts with television and film productions. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is quite active in the entertainment industry. It exercises stringent control over

New Website Credder Aims to Fight Fake News, Promote Real Journalism

The only fake news solutions being proposed were Google or Facebook censoring on our behalf or some AI for news that would come save the day. Ultimately, all the proposed solutions were about outsourcing our critical thinking skills. So we thought ‘what if there was a Yelp for news, connecting news consumers?’” — Credder Co-founder Chase Palmieri

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Do you trust the media? Most people don’t. A 2017 study of nine Western countries found that in not one did a majority of people think traditional news or social media sorted fact from fiction well. Trust in media has been falling since the 1970s, and particularly in the last few years, as alternative media challenged mainstream narratives and

Facebook Bans Political Artist for Provocative MAGA-Hats-as-Klan-Hoods Sculpture

Despite the blow to her business, Kretz argues that the real issue is “much bigger” and highlights how Facebook’s community standards have been weaponized against well-meaning people.

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Facebook has a longstanding tradition of stifling dissenting and alternative voices, including those of journalists. Now, artists’ careers are being hurt by the strongarm of the social media behemoth. Earlier this month, artist Kate Kretz -- who employs a multitude of techniques, including silverpoint, wood burning, drawing, painting, embroidery

Bolton Alleges Iran Maritime Sabotage But Evidence Points Elsewhere

The accusations against Iran come only weeks after US mine-laying ships and divers ran drills in the same area that the alleged sabotage incidents took place.

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ABU DHABI, U.A.E. -- On Wednesday, National Security Advisor John Bolton told a group of reporters in Abu Dhabi that “naval mines almost certainly from Iran” had been used to conduct the alleged “sabotage” attack on four commercial vessels off the coast of the United Arab Emirates’ port of Fujairah earlier this month. “There is no doubt in