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The Ongoing Battle for Palestinian Justice Spans the Globe and Plays Out on Many Fronts

AIPAC, despite continuing to spend lavishly, has lost much of its charm and, in an unprecedented move, none of the candidates running to become the Democratic Party nominee for president attended this year’s AIPAC conference in Washington.

Arab League | Palestine

From Hebron to Bethlehem and from Jerusalem to London and Washington, the fight for justice in Palestine is being fought on many fronts. Israel and its agents everywhere are operating in full force to win supporters and delegitimize anyone who opposes Israel.   In Palestine   Palestinians in Hebron are harassed by Israeli soldiers, their

Trump Admin Complementing Israeli Effort to Give Nuclear Weapons to Saudi Arabia

Already seven of the 10 countries in the world with the highest military budgets are in the Middle East. The development of nuclear weapons in Saudi Arabia has many speculating that it could mark the beginning of an even more dangerous era for the war-torn region.

U.S. President Donald Trump boards Air Force One for Israel, the next stop in Trump's international tour, at King Khalid International Airport, Monday, May 22, 2017, in Riyadh. (AP/Evan Vucci)

WASHINGTON -- U.S. President Donald Trump’s energy secretary, Rick Perry, has secretly approved the sale of nuclear power technology and assistance to Saudi Arabia, Reuters revealed this week. Saudi Arabia is reportedly attempting to construct at least two nuclear power plants as part of its effort to diversify its energy sector and its economy as

Guaido Set to Enact Uprising Rooted in US Regime-Change Operations Manual

With its hands tied when it comes to military intervention, only covert actions — such as those described in the RED Team document — are likely to be enacted by the U.S. government, at least at this stage of its ongoing “regime change” effort in Venezuela.

Venezuela | Juan Guaido USAID

CARACAS, VENEZUELA -- Juan Guaidó, the self-proclaimed “interim president of Venezuela” who is supported by the United States government, recently announced coming “tactical actions” that will be taken by his supporters starting April 6 as part of “Operation Freedom,” an alleged grassroots effort to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

Financial Press: Boeing Should Charge Passengers Extra Not to Crash

A contributing cause of the crashes is widely reported to be the lack of sensors and other safety features that Boeing sells as pricey optional upgrades, effectively creating a two-tier safety standard in the aviation industry, where airlines serving less wealthy clientele employ aircraft more prone to crashing.

boeing safety

CHICAGO -- The Boeing Corporation is again under intense scrutiny, as news broke of a Southwest Airlines 737 Max 8 aircraft travelling, without passengers, from Orlando, FL to Victorville, CA that was forced into an emergency landing after an engine failure. All 376 of the aerospace giant’s 737 Max 8 aircraft are currently grounded after two

Redacted Tonight Highlights New Laws That Target Pipeline Protesters with $Millon Fines, 10 Years in Jail

Big Oil, working through ALEC in at least eight states, decided to up the ante in an attempt to ensure that no other massive petroleum or natural gas project ever gets canceled because of protesters risking life, limb, and lengthy prison time and fines.

big oil pipeline protesters

Opinion -- Legislators across eight American states are drafting laws that would increase punishments to up to a $1 million fine and 10 years in jail for those who trespass on “critical infrastructure facilities,” which include oil and gas pipelines, power plants, and petroleum refineries. The main companies pushing for such protection are

Documents Reveal Saudi-Backed Gov’t in Yemen Granted Citizenship to Charlie Hebdo Attacker Peter Cherif

Cherif is just one of the dozens of foreigners — mostly former al-Qaeda and ISIS fighters — who have been granted Yemeni citizenship by the Coalition-allied Yemeni Passport Authority, under pressure from high-ranking leaders in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Peter Cherif | Yemen

DJIBOUTI -- During the four years of war against it, Yemen has been subjected to numerous flagrant violations of its sovereignty by the Saudi-led Coalition, ranging from the occupation of its southern districts to a devastating blockade, not to mention the deliberate targeting and murder of thousands of civilians. Yet often overlooked is the