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Will Venezuela Be The Battleground In The Next U.S.-Russia Proxy War?
Amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, there is new potential for the country’s massive reserves of oil to end up in Chinese and Russian hands. It is unlikely that the U.S. will allow this to occur, even if it means getting into yet another proxy conflict with those countries.
Trump-Russia Scandal Distracts From Latest Syria Bombing, Troop Surge In Afghanistan
With mainstream media still focused squarely on Trump’s alleged connections with Russia, a recent U.S. military strike in Syria and a plan to over 50,000 ground troops to Afghanistan have gone nearly unnoticed.
What’s In A Name? U.S. Takes Syria’s Al-Qaeda Off Terror Watchlists
By changing its name to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda has managed to secure its removal from the U.S. and Canadian terror watchlists, allowing citizens of those countries to donate money and travel to fight with them.
Wikileaks: Google Provided Tools To Bolster Ranks Of al-Qaeda
U.S. intelligence agencies’ use of technological innovation to further their agenda is not a revelation in itself. But WikiLeaks’ disclosure of collusion between the State Department and Google has a dark twist, as the former used tech created by the latter to help al-Qaeda gain new recruits.
Militarization Of U.S.’ Asian Allies A Boon For Top U.S. Weapon Manufacturers
Japan and Taiwan are helping to advance the U.S.’ ultimate goal of “engaging and containing” Beijing with larger purchases of arms. This growing militarization is lining the already deep pockets of U.S. arms manufacturers like Raytheon and Boeing.
U.S. Destabilizes Venezuela, Syria To Retain Hegemony In Global Oil, Gas Markets
The ongoing crises in Syria and Venezuela have been described by mainstream media as the result of failed leadership. In truth, their troubles are the result of U.S.-led regime change efforts masquerading as humanitarian aid to control both nations’ lucrative oil and gas industries.
Colombian Gov’t Sells Out Indigenous Peoples’ Drinking Water To Western Mining Interests
Colombia’s Wayuú people have struggled to live without water since 2011, as a dam built that year has diverted the tribe’s only water source to a coal mine that consumes an astounding 17 million liters of water a day. The Wayuú say 14,000 children have died since the dam was built.
Gulf Nations Celebrated In Western Press While Silencing Their Own Journalists
Western media outlets routinely portray despotic Gulf regimes as benign and friendly states. However, these same outlets ignore the harsh realities that their fellow journalists deal with on a regular basis within those countries, including harassment, imprisonment and torture.
Turkey Backs Russian-Iranian Plan For Syrian Safe Zones – U.S. Responds By Arming Kurds
The U.S. plans to arm a Kurdish militia in Syria with heavy weaponry, a move likely made to provoke Turkey over its planned establishment of “safe zones” in Syria. The militia has ties to a group that has been previously described by the U.S. and Turkey as a terrorist organization.
Tensions Rise As US Announces Military Drills Near Embattled Venezuela
Three South American countries are preparing to hold a large military drill near Venezuela later this year. The involvement of the U.S. military in the drill has raised concerns about the U.S.’ true intentions in the area, as it has already worked to covertly destabilize Venezuela’s economy.