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Two Years After Resounding “No” Vote, Greece Still Says “Yes” To Austerity
Privatization, high taxes and the slashing of cherished public-sector salaries and pensions are the price Greece has paid for accepting the loans that have kept the country in the Eurozone. Its citizens are the ones now paying the price for the costly missteps made by its leaders.
U.S.’ Role In Saudi’s War On Yemen May Include Torture
It has been reported that U.S. forces have interrogated prisoners in secret prisons in Yemen, many of which are run by the United Arab Emirates, a member of the Saudi-led coalition that is waging war in the country. Acts of torture are said to have taken place in the prisons.
America’s “Shadow War” In Somalia Gets A Fresh Start Under Trump
U.S. airstrikes in Somalia have killed over 400 people in the last eight years as part of a quiet war on “terrorism.” Parts of the country have been designated as “active war zones,” allowing for more strikes to take place with little to no oversight.
UN Report Reveals 3 Nations Producing Most Refugees Were Targets Of US Intervention
A UN report has shown that more than 65 million people were forced to leave their home countries last year, becoming refugees due to deadly conflict. The top nations from which refugees fled have one thing in common, they were all targets of US intervention.
U.S. Coalition Cleansing Raqqa Of Arabs To Expand Kurdish “Autonomous Region”
As U.S.-backed forces storm the Syrian city of Raqqa in their fight against Daesh (ISIS), a silent cleansing is taking place targeting the city’s Arabs. The U.S.’ Kurdish allies are set to benefit from this cleansing, as it will allow them to annex the city after the battle against Daesh winds down.
Iran Launches First Ballistic Missile Strike Against ISIS In Syria
The missiles flew over Iraq before striking an ISIS command center and suicide car bomb operation in Deir el-Zour, Syria, over 600 kilometers (370 miles) away.
Israel Demolishes Palestinian Village For 114th Time In Seven Years
Israeli bulldozers flattened a village inhabited by the ancient Palestinian Bedouins, a tribe that has lived on the land for thousands of years. Israeli authorities have systematically run the indigenous Bedouins off of their land to pave the way for Jewish-only settlements.
Russia Warns U.S. Artillery Now Positioned To Attack Syrian Government Forces
Russia has warned that the U.S.’ recent deployment of an artillery rocket system will be used to cut off Syrian government forces from their allies in Iraq. The U.S. has attacked government soldiers on several occasions in the past near the base where the system is deployed.
UN: Budget Shortfall Threatens Aid To Syria’s 6 Million At-Risk Children
Nearly 6 million children are in need in Syria and another 2.5 million require assistance in neighboring countries, according to UNICEF.
Untreated Sewage Could Flood Gaza As Crippling Power Outages Worsen
Conditions in Gaza are worsening, with grave consequences for both human health and the environment due to untreated wastewater. Worse still, Israel has announced it will cut the electricity it supplies to Gaza by nearly half.