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NYPD Faces Suit Over Surveillance Of Black Lives Matter Activists
The NYPD has a long and sordid history of dragnet surveillance of citizens, whether it involved targeting them for their political or religious beliefs.
Whistleblower: EU, IMF Manufactured Greek Debt Crisis Through Unscrupulous Accounting
“We had the role of a rubber stamp...” - a former board member of Greece’s national statistical authority has revealed that she and other members were forced to sign off on falsified deficit and debt figures that plunged their country into an ongoing economic depression.
NSA To Expand Surveillance Of U.S., Foreign Elections Over “Russian Hacker” Fears
While U.S. authorities are pushing for greater participation by the NSA in supervising elections both at home and abroad, a closer look at recent elections suggests that concerns about hacking or other interference only emerge when the U.S. establishment’s preferred candidate fails to win.
Despite Israeli Retaliation, Support For 1,500 Palestinian Hunger Strikers Grows
Palestinians who are facing degrading treatment in Israeli prisons are continuing a hunger strike they began in April, with Israeli authorities subjecting the strikers to a range of retaliatory punishments. However, support for the strikers is growing internationally.
Whitewashing An Extremist Kingdom: Corporate Pundits Shill For Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia has benefited from its cozy relationship with the United States for decades, receiving funding and arms despite its horrific human rights track record. Mainstream media outlets continue to lavish praise on the kingdom while largely ignoring its misconduct.
Sex Slavery, ISIS & Illegal Arms Trade: Libya Plunged Into Failed State After US invasion
Six years after the U.S. helped “moderate rebels” overthrow Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has gone from enjoying the highest standard of living in Africa to a failed state. Sex slavery is rampant, the illegal arms trade has proliferated and ISIS maintains a strong presence.
Saudis Hire Controversial PR Firm To Push Legitimacy Of 41 Nation ‘Muslim NATO’
An infamous PR firm that specializes in damage control during “crisis situations” has been hired by Saudi Arabia to improve the image of the Wahhabist military alliance that is led by the Gulf state. But the firm will likely find itself defending the country’s ongoing war in Yemen as well.
Military Establishment Sees Budgets Blossom Despite Failure To Quash Terrorism
From the 2003 invasion of Iraq to current military action in Syria, the U.S.’ military-industrial machine is continuing to use the excuse of “fighting terrorism” to justify the growth of its budget and bureaucracy, despite evidence that their expansion has done little to stop terror groups.
Wikileaks Being Singled Out? Assange Responds To U.S. Calls For Arrest
Recent statements by U.S. government officials seem to indicate that leaks published by WikiLeaks warrant persecution of the leaks’ publisher, while those leaks published by the Washington Post or the New York Times are evidently not worth prosecuting over.
“Collateral Damage”: Dehumanizing Millions Of Victims In America’s War On Terror
‘No matter how many times the U.S. bombs us, no one bats an eye.’ These are the words of just one of millions of Iraqis who have died needlessly in America’s ongoing ‘War on Terror.’ The country’s endless war has figuratively and literally destroyed the lives of countless non-combatants.