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Oregon Student Group Defies Pressure To Cancel Event With Arab Journalists
“We are expecting more pressure to cancel the event, but we hope our definitive stance deters any more dissent.”
Russia Preparing For Potential Removal From International Banking System
Global financial institutions like the World Bank and SWIFT can make or break the economies of entire nations due to their domination of the international banking system. Russia is making preparations in case they are ever barred from access to these institutions due to geopolitical influence from the West.
Greece’s New Deal From European Lenders Delivers More Neoliberalism
Greece has entered into a new deal with European lenders that they claim will lift the country’s economy through the enactment of new reforms. However, the debt-ridden country will still have to meet tough fiscal targets for the next two years. Today, we’ll speak with a Greek economist who believes the deal will do little to help the country.
Senators Debut New Anti-Iran Legislation Just Days Before AIPAC Conference
Just days before a powerful Israeli lobbying organization began its annual conference in Washington, D.C., new legislation targeting Iran was introduced by U.S. senators. The timing is likely far from being a coincidence.
The Israeli Plan To Capitalize On Syria’s Civil War
Israel has revealed a new plan to help rebuild war-torn Syria - with the ultimate goal of securing massive stores of natural resources. The plan would rely on significant investment from the U.S., a financial burden that will likely fall hardest on the shoulders of the American public.
The Duran’s Alexander Mercouris On “Fake News,” Russia Allegations And Change In Europe
Alexander Mercouris, one of the co-founders of news website, joins us today to discuss mainstream media’s use of “fake news” accusations to “attempt to delegitimize alternatives to the orthodoxy,” as well as his thoughts on recent developments in Greece and Syria.
Trump Is Taking The US-Saudi Relationship To The Next Level​
Despite his tough campaign rhetoric, President Donald Trump has opted for a policy of appeasement to Saudi Arabia - including a $200 billion investment into the Saudi economy amidst sweeping cuts to U.S. foreign aid.
Neil Gorsuch’s Hearing Revealed Disturbing New Facts About Guantanamo
Published in partnership with Shadowproof. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was confronted over the fact that he disparaged Guantanamo lawyers and expressed regret during his confirmation hearing. But while Gorsuch made this statement, he did not address equally troubling claims about Guantanamo lawyers fabricating claims of abuse and torture. Senator Dick Durbin asked Gorsuch, who served as principal deputy to the associate attorney general in President George W. Bush’s administration, about
BREAKING: Keystone XL Pipeline Officially Approved
Moments ago, the U.S. State Department issued a presidential permit for the construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, seven years after it was initially commissioned.
Radical Groups Attempt To Bomb EU Targets As Greek Tragedy Worsens
As Greece faces yet another bailout, radical groups are responding with force. Their nation is set to surrender its little remaining wealth to EU creditors in exchange for even more debt and austerity in what may be the final stage of the nation’s nine-year-long debt crisis.