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Al Jazeera’s Fall From Grace – How A News Outlet Became A Tool Of The State
Though viewed by many as one of few unbiased news sources in the Middle East, Al Jazeera’s stripes are showing as it expands into social media. The network’s subservience to the government of Qatar has become unmistakably obvious as it tries to expand its audience.
NATO’s War Of Resources Is Causing A Humanitarian Crisis In West Africa
As millions suffer from hunger, disease, illiteracy and grinding poverty in the Lake Chad region of West Africa, a sinister game of resource extraction and exploitation is playing out, with geopolitics at the heart of it all.
How The CIA And A Tech Startup Are Arming Police, Intelligence Agencies
Police officers and private security contractors are getting hi-tech help with their surveillance efforts - and the CIA is picking up the tab.
Wikileaks Vault 7 Release Paints A Grim Picture For Journalism
Wikileaks’ recent disclosure of the CIA’s hacking and surveillance capabilities highlights a frightening new reality for today’s journalists. Considering the CIA’s penchant for silencing and intimidating reporters and editors, journalists will have to overcome greater odds to protect the public’s right to know.
Wikileaks: CIA “False Flag” Attack Likely Used To Plant Evidence For Trump Tower Wiretap
The first “false flag” operation conducted by the CIA’s UMBRAGE program - exposed by Wikileaks’ release of the “Vault 7” documents - may have involved planting “proof” that led to the approval of a request to wiretap Trump Tower last October.
Wikileaks Reveals: CIA’s UMBRAGE Allows Agency To Carry Out ‘False Flag’ Cyber Attacks
A new release of CIA documents by Wikileaks indicates that the intelligence agency has the means and the intent to mask the cyber-attacks it commits by making them seem as if they originated from a foreign power.
The Troubling, Deadly History Of Bipartisan Efforts To Militarize The Mexico-US Border
Though the border wall is emblematic of Trump’s presidency and political persona, it has long been a bipartisan effort that long precedes Trump’s rise to power.
China’s Strategy In Its ‘War On Terror’: Jobs Not Drones
The Chinese government is employing a unique strategy to reduce the threat of terrorism in its historically unstable Tibet and Xinjiang autonomous regions. By providing new jobs and better housing, the government has managed to quell the threat of separatism.
Economist Mark Blyth Delves Into Rising Inequality — & Populism — Around The World
If termites ‘start eating away at the foundations on both the left side of the building and the right side of the building, then the building looks fine from the outside but it could go any day,’ Mark Blyth tells MintPress, describing the hollowing out of the right and left in the US and Europe.
Fordham University Employs Bizarre Tactics To Curb Student Activism
Following previous efforts to block SJP, Fordham's Dean of students insisted that University policy required he meet alone, behind a closed door, with a student representing the group, with a white noise machine turned on.