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Trump Considering 100,000 Strong Nat Guard Deployment For Immigration Roundups
Use of National Guard troops would greatly increase the number of immigrants targeted in one of Trump's executive orders last month, which expanded the definition of who could be considered a criminal and therefore a potential target for deportation.
Making America Broke Again: Trump & The Inevitable Financial Crisis
Trump can either ‘bite the bullet’ now if he really wants to improve the American economy or he can ‘kick the can down the road’ like his predecessors have, noted financial commentator Peter Schiff tells MintPress.
Michael Flynn Was Taken Down By A Deep State Leak Campaign
There is a raging power struggle going on between the CIA and President Trump. Flynn was one of the CIA’s major targets, but hardly their only one.
Steve Bannon: Israel First, America Second
In painting chief White House strategist and head of the National Security Council as an anti-Semitic white supremacist and fascist, the mainstream media ignores the real danger posed by Steve Bannon, who is poised to further expand the power of the executive branch.
Would America’s First Populists Even Recognize Trump’s Brand Of Populism?
Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump frequently appealed to ‘the people’ and vowed to help them take back their power. But how has populism moved so far from its roots in the left as to be useful as a strategy for today’s ultra-right wing?
In Trump’s Executive Order, Foundation For A Muslim Ban Has Been Set
“Donald Trump is plunging the lives of first and second generation Americans into disarray and uncertainty.”
Trump Purges State Department, CIA May Be Next
By “cleaning house” at the State Department, President Trump is going to be able to exert even more influence in shaping the department for years to come.
New CIA Director Mike Pompeo Pledges Crackdown On Whistleblowers
Since President Donald Trump has expressed his fervent support for torture, newly confirmed CIA Director Pompeo's intensifying efforts to clampdown on leaks is all the more concerning.
Fordham University’s Ban On Palestinian Rights Group Sets Dangerous Precedent
‘As far as we're aware, this is the first time a college has summarily banned a group supporting Palestinian rights before students even held their first meeting,’ an attorney representing those hoping to establish a Students for Justice in Palestine group at Fordham told MintPress News.
From Maverick To Lapdog: Trump Is Already Serving The Agenda Of America’s Oligarchs
He campaigned on promises to ‘drain the swamp’ and radically alter the United States’ course in the world, but not even a week has passed and President Donald Trump has already made it clear that he’ll be following a very familiar agenda.