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State Dept. Sued Over Refusal To Release Records On George Soros Foundation
The U.S. State Department is being sued for refusing to release information regarding funding it has given to organizations affiliated with billionaire investor George Soros. These organizations are known to have connections with groups that are seeking regime change in Macedonia.
VIDEO: iPhones Are iSpies – Wikileaks “Vault 7” Revelations Continue To Terrify
Most of us carry smartphones and watch web-enabled TVs without much thought. But the revelations found in Wikileaks’ “Vault 7” release warn that we should consider the sinister capabilities that such devices could lend to those who might abuse them.
Snowden Documentarian Laura Poitras Endured Years Of Government Surveillance, Harassment
Laura Poitras' travel nightmare began more than a decade ago when the award-winning filmmaker started getting detained at airports every time she tried to set foot back in the United States.
Federal Judge: Public Has No Right To Know About Dakota Pipeline Spill Risks
Energy Transfer Partners, the pipeline’s developer, has argued that keeping information regarding spill risks from the public is essential, as it could be “useful to vandals and terrorists.” However, the move is looking more like a way to hide any potential negative impact on the environment.
New Documentary Examines One State’s Struggle To Reform Solitary Confinement
More than thirty states have pursued some kind of reform of their policies for solitary confinement. PBS FRONTLINE’s “Last Days Of Solitary” looks at Maine's attempts to reform the practice.
Wikileaks Reveals Hive: The CIA’s Top Secret Virus Control System
Wikileaks’ latest release comes on the heels of CIA director Mike Pompeo’s aggressive statements against the transparency organization in which he labeled them “non-state hostile intelligence service.”
WaPo Gives Raytheon Lobbyist Free Range To Publish Pro-War Editorials
The Washington Post has given Ed Rogers, top lobbyist for Raytheon, an outlet for his blatantly pro-war editorials. The Post has failed to disclose Roger’s ties to the weapons manufacturer - whose missiles were used in last week’s strike against Syria - generating yet another conflict of interest for the CIA-funded and Bezos-owned paper.
Manufacturing Consent For War In Syria: Trump’s Strategy Of Unpredictability
Trump once promised that his trusted tactic of unpredictability, the cornerstone of his much-touted negotiation strategy, would be used to target foreign governments like China to carve out better deals for the American people. Now, Trump is using that same tactic against the American people in order to facilitate his expansion of U.S. involvement in the Syrian conflict.
Boston Bombers Claim To Have Been Contacted By FBI Before Attack
In a newly released FBI interview, Tamerlan Tsarnaev claims he was approached by four mysterious men claiming to be FBI agents before the Boston attacks, corroborating earlier statements by his mother.
US Vets Exploited By Saudi Arabia Into Lobbying Against 9/11 Bill
New proof has emerged that Saudi Arabia paid at least one US lobbying group to bring military veterans to Washington to lobby for changes to JASTA.