American-Israeli Teen Charged For Bomb Threats Against Jewish Centers
Michael Ron David Kadar, 18, made at least 245 threatening telephone calls between 4 January and 7 March.
In Latest Populist Betrayal, Trump Executive Order Unchains Wall Street Greed
Orders signed Friday are 'nothing more than special favors for the same Wall Street banks that crashed our economy in 2008 and put millions of Americans out of work.'
Massachusetts Dems Battle Over Proposal To Condemn Illegal Israeli Settlements
Some state Democrats are attempting to derail resolution that states that "Israel's settlements in the occupied West Bank are obstacles to peace"
Disturbing Video Shows Police Shoot Unarmed Elderly Navy Veteran
59-year-old Lyle P. Blanchard, a US Navy veteran, was shot and killed by a Bell County, texas police officer during a routine traffic stop. Blanchard was unarmed at the time of the shooting.
WATCH: New Homeland Security Chief Gives Orwellian First Speech
New DHS Cheif John Kelly said that America is "under attack from people who hate us, hate our freedoms, hate our laws, hate our values, hate the way we simply live our lives. And we are under attack every single day, the threats are relentless.”
Court: Texas Intentionally Redrew Voting Districts To Dilute Minority Votes
“Instead of using race to provide equal electoral opportunity, they intentionally used it to undermine Latino voting opportunity.”
U.S. Preparing Charges To Arrest Julian Assange
It's unclear what immediate purpose the charges will serve given that Assange is holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for the sole purpose of avoiding political persecution.
State Dept. Sued Over Refusal To Release Records On George Soros Foundation
The U.S. State Department is being sued for refusing to release information regarding funding it has given to organizations affiliated with billionaire investor George Soros. These organizations are known to have connections with groups that are seeking regime change in Macedonia.
VIDEO: iPhones Are iSpies – Wikileaks “Vault 7” Revelations Continue To Terrify
Most of us carry smartphones and watch web-enabled TVs without much thought. But the revelations found in Wikileaks’ “Vault 7” release warn that we should consider the sinister capabilities that such devices could lend to those who might abuse them.
Police Under Fire After Video Shows Violent Raid On Innocent Marine Veteran
The victim's lawyer said, in all his client was tasered 2 to 3 times and suffered at least 15 baton blows, causing neurological damage and a separated shoulder.