The Power of Hate – In Loving Memory Of Nabra Hassanen
Thousands have signed a petition calling on state and federal officials to investigate the 17-year-old's death as a hate crime. But the case, like others before, highlights how challenging it is to apply that label and the narrow criteria it needs to meet.
Nevada Judge Grants Liquor Wholesalers Exclusive Rights To Pot Distribution
The judge agreed with arguments that liquor distributors likely will be shut out of the recreational marijuana business entirely if the department issues licenses to non-alcohol distributors.
Former Milwaukee Cop Found Not Guilty Fatal Shooting Of Sylville Smith
The father of the victim says "there is no justice here" after the verdict was reached.
Houston Votes To Join Other Texas Cities In Lawsuit Over New ‘Sanctuary City’ Law
The Houston City Council voted 10–6 Wednesday morning to join a growing lawsuit against Senate Bill 4, an immigration enforcement law that allows peace officers to question the immigration status of people they legally detain.
Court: Oakland Police Chief Muzzled Investigation Into Rape By His Officers
“If not for the court’s intervention, we have no confidence that correct discipline would have ever been imposed, criminal charges filed, or departmental shortcomings examined.”
Cop Who Killed Philando Castile Claims Smell Of Pot Made Him Fear For His Life
Minnesota’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension revealed that Jeronimo Yanez originally told investigators he shot Philando Castile seven times because the smell of marijuana made him fear for his life.
Wall Street Journal Fires Chief Correspondent Over Links To CIA Arms Dealer
The Wall Street Journal insists Solomon forfeited their trust and that they were dismayed by his “poor judgement.”
What If Jon Ossoff Campaigned On A Message For Medicare For All?
Ossoff ran with a health care message Clinton pushed. Ossoff said he would fight for “quality, affordable health care.” But what do these buzzwords mean in terms of policy?
Ford’s “Vote of Confidence” In Trump Reversed – Company Will Send Jobs To China
Ford has announced that it will move production of its Focus compact car to China, making the car the biggest automotive export from China to the U.S. in history. President Trump, who previously gloated about keeping Ford jobs in the U.S., has yet to respond to the move.
Redneck Revolt Builds New Anti-racist, Anti-capitalist Working Class White Movement
Redneck Revolt inserts themselves into overwhelmingly white spaces—NASCAR races, gun shows, flea markets in rural communities, and country music concerts—to offer a meaningful alternative to the white supremacist groups who often also recruit in those spaces.