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Study Links Bangladeshi Children’s Deaths To Pesticide
The death of 13 children in Bangladesh has been linked to the use of a pesticide known as Endosulfan.
Former CIA Chief: Trump’s Boy Scout Speech Like An “Authoritarian’s Youth Rally” By
The heavily political tone of the President's unusual speech sent social media users into conniptions.
Amnesty International Condemns Repeated Israeli Raids On Hospital By
Israeli soldiers and police stormed a Palestinian hospital twice over the past week, in some cases preventing doctors from providing emergency medical care to critically injured patients,
Under US Pressure, Britain University Bans Students From Cuba By
The Open University states their new policy that bans applications from Cuban students has been adopted to avoid repercussions from the U.S.
Reuters Vs. UN Cancer Agency: Are Corporate Ties Influencing Science Coverage? By
One key weapon in industry’s arsenal has been the reporting of Kate Kelland, a veteran Reuters reporter based in London.
11 States Sue After EPA Sides With Chemical Industry Against Safety Rules By
'The Trump EPA continues to put special interests before the health and safety of the people they serve," said New York Attorney General Schneiderman.
Trump To Put Raytheon Lobbyist In Charge Of Army By
Mark Esper’s nomination is Trump’s third attempt to fill the position of Army secretary.
Rabbi Among Five Americans Banned From Israel Over Support Of Boycott Movement By
The Israeli Knesset passed a law in March that prohibits entry into the country for those that have expressed support for the BDS movement.
Following UAE, Mossad Meeting – Libyan Rebels Receive Israeli Weapons By
Libyan General Haftar has reportedly been receiving Israeli military aid following meetings with Israeli intelligence that were mediated by the United Arab Emirates.
Judge Intervenes After FBI Stonewalls Documentary Film Maker By
At the rate the FBI was releasing public records, it would have taken nearly 17 years for the agency to hand over all 102,385 documents requested in a Freedom of Information Act filing.