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Largest US Jewish Group Denounces Trump’s Choice For Ambassador To Israel
A Statement released by the Reform Jewish movement says David Friedman has 'extreme views' on settlements and two-state solution.
US Border Agents Are Now Searching Digital Devices: What Are Your Rights? By
U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents are searching the phones and other digital devices of international travelers at border checkpoints in U.S. airports.
Anti-EPA Crusader Scott Pruitt Confirmed As Head Of EPA By
Democratic Senators Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.) and Joe Manchin, (W.Va.) joined Republicans to vote in favor of Scott Pruitt.
Trump Administration Sends Conflicting Messages On Russia By
A month after inauguration, the future of US-Russian relations are a lot less clear, with top Trump Administration figures sending wildly conflicting messages on their intentions.
Congress Moves Forward With Plan To Strip Gun Ban For Mentally Disabled By
As part of the ban around 75,000 people with mental disabilities would be barred from purchasing firearms.
Pressure Mounts Over Trump’s Refusal To Address Right-Wing Terrorist Threats By
Since the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, the Southern Poverty Law Center has tracked domestic terrorist plots and attacks in the United States. It lists more than 100, including the
Amid Charges Of Corruption, Netanyahu Steps Down As Israel’s Communications Minister By
Israeli PM appoints temporary stand-in after police questioned him on claims he negotiated favourable coverage with a newspaper owner.
Tax Day Protests To Demand Trump Tax Returns Now Planned In Over 60 Cities By
While President Donald Trump insists people "don't care" about his tax returns, marches nationwide on April 15 will demonstrate otherwise.
Trump’s Pick For Science Advisor Agreed Not To Disclose Fossil Fuel Funding By
William Happer is a leading climate skeptic scientist who believes that increased levels of CO2 will benefit the planet.
Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Pushes Russia To Soften Syrian Stance By
Tillerson's statements came following his first joint talks with countries that oppose Assad, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France and Britain.