Theresa May Wants A ‘New’ Internet Monitored By The Government By
The British politician wants the government to censor what people can post, share and publish online.
Yale College Republicans Hold BBQ Near Hunger Strike To Taunt Protesters By
The tactic has drawn comparisons to another recent barbecue halfway across the world where Israeli youth held a barbecue outside a prison in which Palestinians were engaging in a hunger strike.
Iceland Becomes First Country To Require Equal Pay For Men And Women By
The Nordic nation is the first in the world to require companies to pay men and women equal salaries for completing the same work.
Sanders Calls Out Trump’s Billionaire Pick For Education Secretary By
DeVos admitted that her being appointed as the new Secretary of Education could have something to do with her family giving $200 million to the Republican party.
Meryl Streep Roasts Trump At Golden Globes, President-Elect Hits Back On Twitter By
Streep went after Trump for an incident in which Trump mocked New York Times reporter Serge F. Kovaleski, who has arthrogryposis, an affliction that limits the functioning of his joints.
Veterans Are Joining Forces With Standing Rock Protestors In North Dakota By
Hundreds of veterans from around the country are preparing to support Standing Rock protestors between the 4th and 7th of December.
Sonoma County Voter Success Leads To Largest GMO-Free Zone In U.S. By
On election day, voters in Sonoma County successfully banned the cultivation of genetically modified crops!
Video: Journalist Covering Pipeline Protests Shot While Conducting Interview By
During an interview, this journalist was shot point-blank by police. Fortunately, the entire ordeal was caught on camera.
Female Veterans Release Anti-Trump Ad By
“The problem with Blue Falcons, like Donald Trump, is they get you killed.”
Prescription Painkiller Deaths Drop 25% In States That Legalized Marijuana By
In all states that have legalized medical marijuana, there has been a 25% reduction in deaths related to the overdose of legally prescribed painkillers.