Great Women In Islamic History: Ebesh Hatun Of Iran

Ebesh Hatun (also known as Abish Hatun) was a Turkish woman renowned as the recognized sovereign of the State of Salgur, in the Fars province in the second half of the 13th century (1283-1287).

In this chapter of her book, historian Bahriye Üçok briefly introduces the founding history of this state to make us understand under which condition a woman was able to come to power.

The name of the princedom originates from Salgur, who was the leader of one of the Turcoman communities and then became chamberlain to Tuqrul of the Iraq Seljuks. One of Salgur’s grandsons, Sungur bin Mevdut, rose against the Seljuks in 1147-8 following the murder of an emir related to him, and proclaimed independence in the province of Fars.