Zionism And ISIS: Opposing Forces Or Two Sides Of The Same Coin?

MintPress explores the striking parallels between groups like ISIS and Zionists in their quest to secure politico-religious control in the Middle East, expand their territory and implement exclusionary policies.
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    ISIS IsraelOver the past decade, the Middle East — the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of the three major monotheistic religions — has become a flashpoint for religious extremism and fascism. The general public has grown used to associating radicalism with Islam, even to such an extent that the general notion is that the Islamic faith is the expression of religious extremism par excellence.

    Yet such assessments have generally failed to take into account an equally dangerous radical trend that has been unfolding in the region for decades — Zionism.

    “Although unpopular and deeply politically incorrect the notion might be, Zionism remains nevertheless a reality which the international community cannot afford to turn a blind eye on, especially since its ideology entails and affirms itself on the annihilation of an entire people — the Muslim people,” Rabbi Meir Hirsh, a member of the Neturei Karta, told MintPress News of the effort of Jews to regain and retain their biblical homeland — the historic ob “Land of Israel.”

    Noting that the rise of Zionism is not just a Palestinian issue, Rabbi Hirsh warned that the Zionist absorption of Palestine is “the first step toward the rise of Greater Israel.”

    “Criticism toward Israel has become such a social and political taboo that the public has been blinded to the truth. People can no longer see, let alone fathom, that Israel has become just as radical, intolerant and extreme in its views as Islamists have proven to be. I would actually argue that ISIS [Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] carries disturbing Zionist characteristics, not only in its ideology but its policies, even though it claims to seek to destroy Israel.”



    In late September, “#JSIL” became a social media sensation. The play on words comparing the notion of a Jewish State of Israel and the Levant (JSIL) to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, or ISIS) was tweeted about 5,200 times at its peak. The hashtag sought to point out that the radical Islamic group that adheres to Takfirism and Zionists share similar characteristics, and in many ways, both ideologies stem from religious exclusivism.

    Takfirism is a centuries-old ideology marked by the practice of using a harsh dogmatic lens to judge someone else to be a non-believer. It is defined by the belief that Muslims are required to cleanse their faith to be once more worthy of the pure Islam, as prescribed and practiced during the first caliphate in the 7th century. It calls upon its adherents to settle together in isolated communities and fight against infidels.

    The movement experienced a revival in 1967, when Cairo was suddenly confronted by the Israeli military’s might and superiority and the country’s Arabs and Muslims were forced to grapple with the possibility of their world falling to another religious denomination — Judaism. Thus, in reaction to an attack they perceived as spiritual, groups of Muslims began their journey toward Takfirism and radicalization. Today, radical groups like al-Qaida and ISIS count themselves as adherents to the ideology.

    As far as radicalism goes, investigative journalist Max Blumenthal is among the many who have pointed to the striking similarities between ISIS and Zionists, not only in the formulation and expression of their radical views but also in the deep-seated belief that the assertion of their ideology entails the destruction and negation of all others. Moreover, both groups operate on the same political plane and both advocate territorial expansion and political absorption.

    Speaking of the commonalities existing in between Takfirism and Zionism, Rabbi Hirsh emphasized that the two movements are even identical in their blood patterns.

    “If ISIS has proven sickening in its killing of innocent civilians and its taste for gruesome public executions, the same can be said of Israel. Was it not Ariel Sharon, Israel’s then-Defense Minister, who ordered the massacres of Sabra and Shatila, where thousands of Palestinian civilians were slaughtered? Was it not again Israel who targeted unarmed children on a Gaza beach this summer? Or was it not Israel who rationalized the killing of women and children in the name of its survival?”

    While many may find the parallels uncomfortable to confront, the notion that ISIS and Zionists share not only common values, but identical ideological claims has been a recurring theme of late. United in their religious intolerance and exclusionism, experts — including Israel Shahak and Michel Chossudovsky of the Center for Research on Globalization — have argued that the ideologies have more in common than the world might care to acknowledge.

    Yet some have pushed the envelope even further, positing that ISIS is no more than a Zionist creation engineered to serve Zionists’ hegemonic agenda in the Levant to see manifest on the ground a new political and institutional reality in the form of Greater Israel.

    ISIS is an “operation by the West to create the greater Israel,” American author James Henry Fetzer told Tehran-based PressTV in an interview in August.

    Such views were echoed by international security scholar and investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed in a report republished by MintPress in September. In “How The West Created ISIS,” Ahmed wrote:

    “Since 2003, Anglo-American power has secretly and openly coordinated direct and indirect support for Islamist terrorist groups linked to al-Qaeda across the Middle East and North Africa. This ill-conceived patchwork geostrategy is a legacy of the persistent influence of neoconservative ideology, motivated by longstanding but often contradictory ambitions to dominate regional oil resources, defend an expansionist Israel, and in pursuit of these, re-draw the map of the Middle East.”

    In regards to Israel’s motives in the region, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, a sociologist who specializes in the Middle East and Central Asia and the author of “The Globalization of NATO,” told MintPress, “What Israel is seeking is Israeli dominance, and this is very different from seeking religious supremacy in the region of the Levant.”

    “Aside from token lip-service, Israel is not seeking the supremacy of Judaism at all. In fact, Tel Aviv has undermined the Jewish faith. The roots of the mainstream Zionism that Theodor Herzl subscribed to are based on the separation of the Jewish people from the Jewish faith (in other words, turning Jews into an ethnic category outside of faith and believing in Elohim or God and the Torah),” he explained.


    Greater Israel: A Zionist dream

    According to Theodor Herzl, the founding father of Zionism as a politico-religious movement in the late 19th century, “The area of the Jewish State stretches: From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.”

    Another fervent Zionist and leading official, Rabbi Fischmann, a member of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, made a similar declaration in his testimony to the U.N. Special Committee of Enquiry on July 9, 1947: “The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates; it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.”

    Ever since political Zionism emerged in Europe in the 19th century, supporters of the movement have lobbied for and strived to to re-create what they perceive as their political and religious heritage and their birth right: the re-establishment of a Jewish state, exclusive to the Jewish people, within the territory defined by the Jewish Scriptures as the Promised Land of Israel.

    The appropriation — or, as some argue, the misappropriation — of Palestine by Israel was never the end game for Zionists, but the cornerstone of a Jewish empire.

    In an introduction to “‘Greater Israel’: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East,” a report written by Israel Shahak for the Center for Research on Globalization, Global Research Editor Michel Chossudovsky emphasized, “The Zionist project supports the Jewish settlement movement. More broadly it involves a policy of excluding Palestinians from Palestine leading to the eventual annexation of both the West Bank and Gaza to the State of Israel.

    “Greater Israel would create a number of proxy States. It would include parts of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, the Sinai, as well as parts of Iraq and Saudi Arabia,” Chossudovsky continued.

    Looking at Zionism and how it has manifested through Israel’s policies, Shahak argues that Israel has actively worked toward the balkanization of the Middle East in view of asserting its own political supremacy.

    The idea that “Greater Israel” can only be built atop the ruins of the Arab-Islamic world was documented in 1980 by Livia Rokach in her essay, “Israel’s Sacred Terrorism,” in which she details at length how Zionists in the mid-1950s planned to use Lebanon as ground zero for their divide-and-conquer modus operandi. Rather than the irrational work of a conspiracy theorist, Rokach based her argument on the memoirs of former Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett, putting forward not her personal beliefs but rather the political manifesto of one of Israel’s founding fathers.

    Within this narrative, Israel’s invasions of Lebanon in 1978 and 1982 can be understood as the implementation of Israel’s Yinon Plan — a strategy to fragment and weaken neighboring states to ensure Israel’s regional superiority.

    Javad Arab Shirazi, an Iranian political analyst, believes that Israel’s attempt in 1982 to fragment not only Lebanon, but also Syria and Jordan, served as a springboard for Zionists’ divisionist policy in the Middle East. “Israel’s claims that it wants to see rise strong independent Arab states at its borders [Lebanon, Syria and Jordan] is laughable. What Israel wants are governments which will sanction its expansionist policy.”

    “What Zionists want and what they are planning for is not an Arab world, but a world of Arab fragments that is ready to succumb to Israeli hegemony. Israel wants for the region to bow to its political will; its aims are certainly not democratic,” Shirazi continued, “Everything about Israel is actually the antonym of democracy.”

    Likewise, Nazemroaya, the sociologist, noted:

    “Zionism as an ideology is not intended on the institutionalization of sectarianism necessarily, but in practice it does do that, particularly in the case of Israel, too. The goals of Israeli officials are to entrench the sectarianism that already exists in their ethnocracy by supporting it in the neighboring states. This is why the Israelis want to see Lebanon, Syria and Iraq divided into political entities for Arabs and Kurds, at the ethnic level, and for Christians, Druze, Twelver Shia Muslims, Alawis, and Sunni Muslims, at the level of faiths.”


    Two faces of a single coin?

    If one can reconcile with the idea that Israel intends to claim territorial legitimacy over more than just Palestine in order to recapture the glory of biblical times, where would Takfirism — the messianic ideology expressed by ISIS — ever fit?

    Have ISIS militants not vowed that they will not rest until Israel is defeated and Palestine’s sovereign rights are restored, thus positioning themselves as Israel’s arch-enemies?

    Franklin Lamb, a former assistant counsel of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee and professor of International Law at Northwestern College of Law in Oregon, wrote in a report for Media with Conscience that, as of the summer of 2013, ISIS had created a special unit dedicated to the annihilation of Israel and the re-conquest of Palestine.

    “ISIS’ ‘Al Quds Unit’ (AQU) is currently working to broaden its influence in more than 60 Palestinian camps and gatherings from Gaza, across Occupied Palestine, to Jordan, and Lebanon up to the north of Syria seeking to enlist support as it prepares to liberate Palestine,” Lamb wrote.

    Considering ISIS’ infamous leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi has made several grandiloquent anti-Semitic declarations stating his hatred and resentment of Israel, some may think any comparison between Zionism to Takfirism would be far-fetched — especially since the two movements appear to be inherently and fundamentally opposed. Further, as the media has drummed on, Islamic radicalism is best understood in its antipathy and opposition toward Israel.

    Yet many experts, analysts and scholars have asserted that Takfirism remains but the expression of Zionist will — a tool in Israel’s hands to destroy the socio-religious fabric of the Middle East.

    In October, Iran’s defense minister directly accused Israel of plotting against the Arab people by enabling terror. As the Jerusalem Post reported, “Brig.-Gen. Hossein Dehqan said ISIS and Israel are two sides of the same coin, seeking to weaken the anti-Zionism resistance movements in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.”

    Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, told MintPress that he has “no doubt Israel has plotted and conspired against Arab states in the region, playing sectarian and tribal tensions to generate instability” to better further its hegemonic agenda.

    “The fact that ISIS has not moved against Israel and instead focused on killing Muslims actually says a lot about this organization’s real mission,” Barrett stressed.


    The new Middle East

    Yuram Abdullah Weiler, a political analyst and columnist for Tehran Times with a keen interest in radical movements, argues that the manner in which ISIS has expanded its territories is suspicious.

    “Looking at a map of the Middle East, it is obvious that ISIS militants sit exactly where Zionists imagine Greater Israel should be. Are we to believe that ISIS’ campaigns in Iraq and Syria and its push toward Egypt and Jordan are but a coincidence?” he told MintPress.

    In his report, “How The West Created ISIS,” Nafeez Ahmed argues that ISIS’ actions not only align with Israel’s interests but actually serve the Israeli agenda by balkanizing the greater Levant region. He wrote, “The Third Iraq War has begun. With it, longstanding neocon dreams to partition Iraq into three along ethnic and religious lines have been resurrected.”

    He went on, referring to Brian Whitaker, the former Guardian Middle East editor, who noticed parallels between Washington’s Perle-RAND strategy and a 1996 paper published by the Israeli Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies — a paper co-authored by former Pentagon official Richard Perle and other neocons who held top positions in the post-9/11 Bush administration.

    Ahmed noted:

    “The policy paper advocated a strategy that bears startling resemblance to the chaos unfolding in the wake of the expansion of the ‘Islamic State’ – Israel would ‘shape its strategic environment’ by first securing the removal of Saddam Hussein. ‘Jordan and Turkey would form an axis along with Israel to weaken and “roll back” Syria.’ This axis would attempt to weaken the influence of Lebanon, Syria and Iran by ‘weaning’ off their Shi’ite populations.”

    To succeed, Ahmed continued, Israel would need to gain U.S. support, “which would be obtained by Benjamin Netanyahu formulating the strategy ‘in language familiar to the Americans by tapping into themes of American administrations during the cold war.’”

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    • David Blomstrom
    • David Blomstrom

      Great article/website! You may be interested in my campaign to replace the grossly manipulated misnomer “antisemitism” with a more accurate term, “anti-Jewarchism” @ http://www.jewarchy.com. I’m also running for public office – Washington State Governor – and am probably the only candidate in the state who’s making Jewish corruption a campaign issue. Please see my campaign website @ http://www.governor5.com.

      Finally, I’m working on a series of articles about Jewarchy, which I hope to finish in the next few weeks. In fact, I’ll probably include a link to your web page. Please consider writing something about my campaign(s); the corporate media are boycotting me (as usual), and I’ve even been censored by Google.

      David Blomstrom

      • haroon al rashid hussein

        they are ruthless ..zionists have sidelined even the jew. i wish you everything of the best .Fight the good fight .

    • G. W. Markle

      ~ The Chosen People ~

      There seems to be a great deal of global concern about the boycott of Israeli trade at this time, and this never ending subject of Anti-Semitism, so let’s make something perfectly clear: Zionism is not Judaism. Equating Zionism with Judaism is a misconception that’s been propagated so widely, and for so long, that even many Jews cannot discern the difference. It’s this fantasy of a “Chosen People”.

      Zionism is exactly the same as Nazism when you get right down to it. You can change the label and the characters in the game, but the mindset remains exactly the same: A race of “Imaginary Superior Beings” out to dominate the world through fascism.

      Zionism, and all of these fascist ideologies we’ve seen, is a construct of the psychopathic mind. It is a mental disorder, sick minds in concert with other sick minds, in an orchestra of the criminally insane. It’s an illness that’s infecting the entire world at this point in history, and it’s literally destroying Israel from within, and the rest of the world without.

      Zionism is a parasite, a deadly cancer, hiding behind Judaism and defaming it. It is the root of all this hatred and Anti-Semitism we see in the world today: Another race of “Imaginary Superior Beings”, attacking others, proclaiming their superiority over all of humanity, and screaming “Terrorist” – “Anti-Semitism”, and calling for the destruction of anyone who doesn’t bow down to their ideology.

      Zionists are the true Anti-Semites, out to destroy Judaism, Islam and Christianity, replacing these religions, and global political structure with the Zionist New World Order. They are the true Anti-Christians and Anti-Semites combined. The labels change throughout history, but the mindset behind these ideologies, the sickness, persists. Zionism propagates fear, hatred and division, nothing but darkness.

      There are no “Chosen People”. The worth of a soul will only be measured by how much it has loved, nothing more nothing less. The choice is yours alone. Labels, however they choose to define themselves, will not save you.

      • haroon al rashid hussein

        hear hear .you have spoken the truth Your take on “the worth of a soul” is absolutely and beautifully true

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    • David Kio

      Cannot believe all the total idiots on this page ….lmao

    • David Kio

      BS propaganda from idiots

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    • natalie

      Israel are the biggest threat to the world more than anything else, Hitler should of finished the job. The sooner Israel and all jews and zionists cease to exist the better.

    • GwendolynDAustin/
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    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      Will Mexico be the second Germany? I hope so one of the best education system, free for citizens, no jew illuminati education, media educates even in a Football game germans know everything around the world. http://lnkd.in/eucACUP The soup opera of thejew illuminati is doing for true ancient jew books, everything fake no science and technology, the 5 Big accounting firm are auditing wrong Corporates and Government they are stealing our taxeshttp://lnkd.in/ezcFsma http://lnkd.in/bpkh8cD Do not eat Monsanto from Corporates, use same techniques of Corporates for not paying taxes to the Government legally, do not save money in the banks, do not buy products in Super markets like Walmart, sue companies using ERP with consolidation process done by indians or in India, some parts of the activities we have to do to stop the jews illuminati, use aztec or mayas techniques produce food, other products and change it with others http://lnkd.in/bsgaZz7 Jews dogs can not eat jews dog, only mexicans go to prisons of high security, we have to catch the jews illuminati in any part of the world http://lnkd.in/bdxYTNN ISIS, Israel army is in USA and Mexico through private companies of the Bush-Fox-Gortari jews illuminati, with need a new army to replace the traitors http://lnkd.in/eabuird CIA-Bush.Gortari-Fox jews illuminati multionational army is stealing the mexican resources like gold, oil, silver, properties, copyright, industrial patents like mine, using my technology, called ERP, are doing fiscal and accounting frauds with the support of indian origen IT companies, tax fraud is done in India. After PEMEX and other mexican Corporates, SAP and ORACLE used the same software to do the same world wide, using my technology as the main tool financially and economically for the Rothschild, but they copied me wrong http://lnkd.in/ev_jDFd High technology was found in ancient cultures like the Mayas, time breaking travel, jews illuminati were only slaves, silly persons, pedophiles, killers, doing accounting and fiscal fraud, it is time to end the illuminati worldhttp://lnkd.in/eTpC6jS http://lnkd.in/exP5sZB The Mayas were not wrong that it is the end of the illuminati world, Mexico is starting a world wide revolution against the illuminatihttp://lnkd.in/e4b9W6t US and mexican citizens are in high risk because there are some military fields with mexican blood under earth, while they are moving to USA with Israel and Islamic State (ISIS) training using illuminati high tech, they want China and Israel to replace USA, which country will be not any more a superpower but a thid country according with ancient jew illuminati planshttp://lnkd.in/e8WFDWE http://lnkd.in/em7gijs It is well kown around the world that the jew illuminati in Mexico are making millions of dollars with the blood of mexicans, they keep the culture and they think they are superior than us, pedophiles, stealing my industrial patent to be given to the Rothschild to kill us, it is part of that, they are pervert http://lnkd.in/evmkuHd

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      http://lnkd.in/e26CKqY These jews illuminati writers all of them are writting only lies, there is no way this number of deaths, the CIA-Bush-Fox illuminati multinational army is using as well electromagnetic weapons that can kill much more people, mexicans do not use to read technology books so nobody knows who died of that. They have trucks, they are everywhere, including expensive hotels, airports, buses, They can die of heart attacks, strokes, they also poisson the food of the target individuals http://lnkd.in/eRRaM_X The US Government and Coporates are only copy and paste jew laws, there are not national plans at all in any country. Obama is not accomplished any of his fantasies in his re election process, at the end only jew illuminati plan to kill all of us http://lnkd.in/ew4Q8fW http://lnkd.in/eNiAZ7C Maya´s science and technology more advance that today technology, Mayas are time breaking travelers, much better that the jew illuminati fake ideas http://lnkd.in/eEc58pz These CEO jews illuminati are not really working, copy and paste of the fake illuminati plans to kill all of us, for them everything was written before, history is their fake history http://lnkd.in/bEiRV83 If the people who work in the mexican media were really mexicans, they will be angry like us but they belong to the jew illuminati, they think that they are superior, other culture better than Mayas and Aztec for example, they are bastards and pedophiles http://lnkd.in/e-C3XJf http://lnkd.in/eSqKRwK Jews illuminati in Mexico and USA are the one who want citizen unarmed to be killed easily by the CIA-Bush-Fox-illuminati multionational army in the fist place to continue their plans to replace USA by China and Israel http://lnkd.in/eRDvvPy http://lnkd.in/eqwtb3m We want justice, let´s have all the jew illuminati in jail starting with the Rothschild and Bush, we can be the honest country in the worldhttp://lnkd.in/eKAMFmR Everybody against the jews illuminati, they think that they are superior to us, the kept their silly culture of slaves, they are not better than centuries ago, pedophiles, like to make fiscal and accounting fraud, they are infiltering Corporates and Government to steal properties, copywrights and industrial patents like mine, they do not like to pay taxes among othershttp://lnkd.in/ejU-zrs The main purpose of the NSA is to identify individuals to be killed according with ancient jews paper, plans, I do not know. The national plan in security is a copy ans paste of the fake illuminati ideas http://lnkd.in/es89bFr The good policemen and military personnel are also attacked by the illuminati Gang stalkers using eletromagnetic weapons to kill them and their families at home using their neighbors around them http://lnkd.in/evcbNgE USA and Mexico are following jew illuminati laws for stealing our taxes, Central Banks have to be audit, and use my processes with my technology, also it is necessary to stop the immigration of the illuminati army of the CIA-Bush that have stolen the mexican oil for example, and stop citizenship in Mexico and USA for them http://lnkd.in/eBEQsBU The jew illuminati style of the mexican and american military, it is not according with the mexican and american culture against the illuminati, the Bush family should be in jail for managing the Drug Trafficking among other crimes http://lnkd.in/ebzJAX8

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      The politicians in Mexico and USA really are not working, they are copied and paste jew illuminati laws as a national law http://lnkd.in/eVhjkuN My technology, called ERP, is so good that everybody is using it around the world but how I can compete with the Rothschild to be recognized because I am the creator of that technology? For the IPN-UPIICSA, for Mexico, my family and me, it is important that but an asshole jew illuminati professor and in general the illuminati stole my ideas and my thesis http://lnkd.in/eaxFHe7 Can you imagine if this technology it used by the jew illuminati against humany as their fake plans? First there is no need for more slaves that are used as spies and murderers, second all the ideas will be for them so there is no need for copyrights and industrial patents, I think that the laws have to protect the citizens it is our choice. If you choose to have it, it is necesarry to be integrated with my technology, called ERP, and link education with labor http://lnkd.in/eW6z7ex My technology called ERP it is used as the base of the financial and economic fake jew illlumitati plan, but they copied me wrong no industrial engineering as a science, the indian origen IT companies only copy and paste the fake jew illuminati ideas http://lnkd.in/etNTrVs These jew illuminaty stole my technology called ERP, using a professor who did not know industrial engineering, and used to work in UPIICSA, CONASUPO, SEP and the World Bank, they sold my technology directly to the Rothschild, after created SAP and ORACLE, they started doing fiscal and accounting frauds in PEMEX and other companies, with India and Great Britain extended same software world wide continuing the fiscal and accounting fraud, that it is a lot of money, the white house is not relevant http://lnkd.in/eZiQ5w2http://lnkd.in/ej5zeGB They are only slaves of the illuminati, Bush-CIA controls everything , Obama was a retail dealer http://lnkd.in/eNuxyjQ Jew illuminati Central Banks around the world should be audited and using my technology, call ERP with industrial engineering as a science, I am pretty sure We can find all the money the Rothschild has been stolen in our tax money. The jew illuminati media can not stand my technology as it is, no the copy wrong http://lnkd.in/e2jhaSp ISIS and Israel army infiltrating the mexican and US army, there guys are pedophile and the like heads, the mexican army has several military fields with mexican student blood since long time ago. The mexican military is better prepared than the US military and better paid for sure because they are stealing oil, helping in the drug trafficking and child human trafficking, they paid everything to the CIA agents in Mexico and USA, they received millions of dollars. http://lnkd.in/epUhr3m The use of electromagetic weapons, food poissoning and others are part of the preparation of the CIA-Bush-Fox illuminati multinational army trained by Islamic States and Israel, part of the army has chinesses military, They have been killing mexicans in quantities higher that the current stadistics

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      The 5 big accounting firms are working together with the indian IT origen companies, they are part of the jew illuminati to destroy the USA, pass all the businesses to China and Israel http://lnkd.in/ecPnTAahttp://lnkd.in/eeV-UA8 All the money illuminati in Mexico is for destroying the States. So China, India, Israel, Islamic States, Rusia and a lot more countries are infiltering and trainning a multinational army in Mexico to move it to USA with al lthe capital of the jew illuminati, Bush family, Gortari, and Fox families are traitors http://lnkd.in/eNnfyEc We need scientists again, most of the scienties are leaving USA because of the strategy of the jews illuminati, it is really fantasy only for money and control http://lnkd.in/ewA5wvM The illuminati of education want a jew illuminati IPN Director, that it is really silly, illuminati do not believe in science and technology, you can not talk with them directly, they are liars.http://lnkd.in/eMtDgiX Jewish did not consider industrial engineering and technology are part of the Mony Control, it is a big mistakehttp://lnkd.in/eG6Sy7W Israel, China and the islamic State, IT consultants from India are sending military to the Americas according with the illuminati plans to replace the States for China and Israel ,http://lnkd.in/eVTKRGr Mexican and US army are using a fake jew illuminati plan, it is a copy and paste. It seems that this document is religious, fake, no science and technology, in which jews are above everyone and are considered themselves alliens with god blood, the worse part of that it is that they want to kill all of us http://lnkd.in/eYmgUQvInfiltering ISIS and Israel in the mexican and USA military, they are pedophiles, murderers of innocent citizens, earning a lot of money in drug trafficking, stealing gold, silver, oil . It looks to me a CIA-Bush-Gortari-Jew illuminati armyhttp://lnkd.in/exfMpj9 http://lnkd.in/eSuQJD3 It is pretty similar that my case but in this case it is the peak of the jew illuminatihttp://lnkd.in/eM86K8v http://regeneracion.mx/…/el-ejercito-participo-en-la-desap…/ Mexican army better trained than the US army by Israel and Islamic State, attacking mexican for training, the main objective americans while China and Israel replace USAhttp://lnkd.in/ebKpJ4thttp://lnkd.in/ebKpJ4t The islamic state and jew illuminati working for the NSA wants to expand the control to define who they are going to kill according with ancient evil illuminati plans http://lnkd.in/egqsPu5 The jew illuminati are stealing our oil, also we might be the first producer in gold and silver also stolen by the jews illuminati,http://lnkd.in/etNYfw6http://lnkd.in/eZHDCfK The illuminati define how much are going to earn, ,in Government and Corporate was of the better paid are in Mexico while they are stealing the oil, killing mexicans. It seems that they are prepated to move to their shelters underground and wait for the atomic bomb to erase any evidence under illuminati plans http://lnkd.in/ewgjp6F

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      http://lnkd.in/etgxGzS For how long are the Dictators in USA and Mexico be keeped as Presidents? They are stealing oil, gold, silver and other resourseshttp://lnkd.in/eQyizVT http://lnkd.in/eBXpJxJ The naturals not any more wrong they are not fightingprotecting jew spanish illuminati or Cortes, today they are fighting the jews illuminati, I hope that we can be the second Germany without jews http://lnkd.in/eQWxvKC They are blocking maya science and technology vs jew fake illuminati ideas, we have Dictarors in Mexico and USAhttp://www.sinembargo.mx/24-11-2014/1176470 They are using the CIA-Bush-Gortari-Fox multinational army to create the immigration process, destroying the places they moved because increasing poverty, while in the origen places oil, gold and silver are stolen http://lnkd.in/eS__DZx“Tenemos que acostumbrarnos a administrar la abundancia.” They are stealing oil, gold and silver the jew illuminati army in Canada, USA and Mexico http://lnkd.in/eQ88C_P Mexico and USA might be involved in a civil war, NAFTA was created to elite to replace no illuminati, patriots from Corporates and Government to allow to kill us all of us, the jew illuminati plan does not stop with anything, too many millions of our taxes stolen y given to the Rothschildhttp://lnkd.in/efiv5Vm Jew illuminati stealing oil, gold, silver, properties, copyrights and industrial patents like mine and other resource because of that mexicans are killed everywhere http://lnkd.in/eqXiWwP I do not who created the IPN as a basic ideas outside of the illuminati fake ideas, all the history is illuminati fantasy, but they were no illuminati, They know what they were doing http://lnkd.in/bb_3m5ihttp://lnkd.in/eT5uGPj I was attacked by the San Antonio police, TX, the mexican consulate allowed them, all of the are jews illuminati, mexicans are not safe anywhere, only attacked me because because I created the technology called ERP long time ago, they have a celular network in Mexico and USA and they know everything http://lnkd.in/esTGb6z http://lnkd.in/eixkzYn That´s impossible for Mexico to be in the first world with a slavery, jews illuminati religious fake ideas, mexicans have the right to kill the jews illuminati for all the mexican deaths in all the world http://lnkd.in/eFMFabpThe mexican army as part of the CIA-Bush-Gortari-Fox multinational army are killed because the army is trainining http://lnkd.in/eK4c985 Jews illuminati sent weapons to a CIA-Bush-Fox-Gortari jew illuminati multinational army in Mexico ready to come to the States, the army in Mexico is better trained than the US army by China, Israel and Islam States, they use all the technology of the illuminati, Mexico is the illuminati lab. They controled Corporates and Government using the 5 Big accounting firms and IT indian origen companies as part of the army, the objective is to replace US as a super power country and replace it with Israel and China according with fake illuminati religious ideas http://lnkd.in/ecutE8y

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      Mexican students trying to destroy the illuminati world wide, telling to other illuminati Universities of the bad jew illuminati education, there is a need for science and technology, the jew illuminati are lying in the media to the population to get and steal money and resources using our fake jew CIA illuminati Presidents http://lnkd.in/ePJz8Ah A jew illuminati resigned of his own party that destroyed every chance of the mexicans to replace the jew illuminati by real mexicans, Mexico is the lab of the illuminati to move the mexican army against americans and replace them by Israel and Chinesse people http://lnkd.in/eeD5pUs http://lnkd.in/eZiuRXnMexican activits are killed in USA by the police and agencies , there is a dealing with mexican jews illuminati, in my case they have been trying several time using the CIA-Bush-Fox-Gortari, jew illuminati multinational army, specially the chinese, mexican and american, but also they are russian and other countries because I created the technology, called ERP, even that they copied me wrong. They are using electromagnetic weaponshttp://lnkd.in/e5PCBcS The idea of my technology call ERP was to eliminate any kind of fraud using industrial engineering as a science, Government and specially the mexican oil company has been always the target of criminals, today Government continues using paper instead of ERP to continue stealing our taxeshttp://lnkd.in/ew8BXKShttp://lnkd.in/ekjbxuF Bush, family? Illuminati writers are no explaining who are the criminals, unitl now nobody knows who is killing mexicanshttp://lnkd.in/eZiuRXn Mexican and US whistlerblowers are urgented to remove Obama and Peña, and also put the Bush, Gortari, Fox families in jail for traitors http://lnkd.in/e525MuW Peña and Obama as criminals, and the use of my technology called ERP have uncovered the evil plans of the jew illuminati in Corporates and Government, stealing or tax money having the Central Banks by the Rothschild family force them to kill and use more secret agents in all kind of entity http://lnkd.in/eFejYUF The mexican and US Government are corrupt, they did not investigate the stealing of my technology called ERP for the Rothschild family, and continue using it as the main part of the electronic money transfer fraud in Corporates and Government http://lnkd.in/eWy3EyW No honor in Obama and Peña, they are using a fake religious jew illuminati plans to kill us instead of having a real national plan, Our security plans are created for illuminati to kill us using the military. They are only copy and paste the jew illuminati plans http://lnkd.in/eqcRBqH It looks for me another illuminati, thesis and anti-thesis is used by the Rothschild familyhttp://lnkd.in/eRCVseP International effort to impeach Obama and Peña, they are psycopaths, criminal in the drug trafficking, traitors, accounting and fiscal fraudhttp://lnkd.in/ejuuHJp We have evils Presidents in Mexico and USA , killers of children, friends, wife, activitsts, journalists.http://lnkd.in/e-ZgDZ4

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      The jew illuminati are giving citizenships to the CIA-Bush-Gortari-Fox jew illuminati multinational army crossing to US illegaly after killing hundreadths of Mexicans, their main objective americanshttp://lnkd.in/e7CU8UD This jew illuminati living like Kings and Queens, was so silly that he thought to lie all Mexico with their fake jew illuminati ideas without thinking that his criminals acts will destroy all the fraud he had made http://lnkd.in/euxTw24http://lnkd.in/eFgc95m First Pinochet and today Peña Nieto. Muerte al mal gobiernohttp://lnkd.in/eyRNNG9 We are together against the illuminati, Palestain, Mexico, US, Fergusonhttp://lnkd.in/eC-FgCr At this time not even the Rothschild family has any news from the mexican jew illuminati, these are acting crazy, desperate, killing everybody near themhttp://lnkd.in/eE9UNtM Jew illuminati politicians are killing students and persons with careers to hide the accounting and frauds in Corporates and Government, human trafficking and killing of children in Mexico and USA , allowing foreign offshore and outsourcing companies to apply jews laws in Mexico instead of nationalhttp://lnkd.in/ef7g6Rv http://lnkd.in/eTa-xvf It seems that it is part of the money of my thesis sold to the Rothschild to make accounting and fiscal frauds around the wold, The father of Peña as direct contact with the Editorial Division of the IMP, place where I was working, stealing the mexican oil using my technology, doing new cities in India with my money for my technology http://lnkd.in/eET7q2m Simple, the jew illuminati economics does not work in Mexico and USA; it is only lies, fiscal and accounting frauds, pedophile, child trafficking, homosexualism jew fake illuminati ideas http://lnkd.in/e7ywSXK http://lnkd.in/eaanpbn Most of the mexicans would like to be part of USA, I hope Germany in order to avoid the jew illuminati, it is like living in hell http://lnkd.in/ec9K-6yhttp://lnkd.in/et95VcG Mexico can not do it alone, the money of our taxes money manages by the Rothschild and jew illuminati are convinced of the jew illuminati politicians, they need help for no illuminati politicians if there is one of them http://lnkd.in/ecqArD2The corruption in Mexico can be solved, getting rid of the jew illuminati and send them to Israel, besides targeting Rothschild in Mexico in that way jew illuminati comunication intercepted migh be done, third is to replace jew illumininati culture for aztec culture http://lnkd.in/eW3zE-W The Rothschild family convinced him with oil money to give the mexican presidency to Gortari a top jew illuminati friend of the Bush family, it is like killing his own daddy progressive ideashttp://lnkd.in/eZWDTaZ Some mexican federal States will be taken apart from Mexico, they do not agree with the jew illuminati policy, other Federal States like Texas in USA will be again a Country, they do not agree with the jew illuminati in Mexico the first time, and the second time for the same reasons. http://lnkd.in/eHjMEQV

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoejtKns1A4&feature=shareThe Rothschild using thesis and anti-thesis for WWIII, everybody knows about the jew illuminati and until now they are disclosing fake facts in the media that it is controled world wide by the illuminati, use in the stock market to win millions by them. Everything is a plan of the jew illuminati, copy and paste in all the countries. Destroying Mexico and USA is part of that fake jew illuminati plan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yc3-vqy3N10&sns=fb http://lnkd.in/eFeK6xy If someone in finance, IT, accounting , fiscal, economics or related do not know anything about the Rothschild, do not trust in them, they are working for the jew illuminati, they are infiltering Government and Corporates around the world, stealin our tax money http://lnkd.in/eBDxmGp They are professional killers of students, secret CIA agent reporting to the Bush familyhttp://lnkd.in/ebUy4NXhttp://lnkd.in/e4W-96k Mexico is in war because of the illegal businesses of the jew illuminati, NAFTA was they way to steal mexican resources like oil, gold, silver, properties, industrial patents like mine while killing mexican as the first step to destroy the USA and replace it for China and Israel, http://lnkd.in/eUx4iyA http://lnkd.in/e22atqW With the stealing of my industrial patent and technology, called ERP the jew illuminati politicians should have also properties in India and they should be sharesholders of the IT indian origen companies, as well in SAP and ORACLEhttp://lnkd.in/eVhcyfY http://lnkd.in/evb_saa The hate of mexicans to the jew mexican illuminati army is increasing because they are slaughter the mexican population to move after doing the same in the USA according with jew illuminati plan http://lnkd.in/eun3v-W Child human trafficking is controled by the CIA-Bush-Fox-Gortari multinational army no doubt about it http://lnkd.in/eaZHyZ3These secret agreements for not paying taxes, it might have an objective, I think that it is to continue with the fake illuminati plans, like stealing oil, do fiscal and accounting fraud, allow the human trafficking, allow the drug trafficking managed by the CIA-Bush, continue the stealing of properties, industrial patent like mine among others http://goo.gl/snxLwS If part of our heritage is jew-spanish because of Cortes, we can not let the jew illuminati to continue with this situation, we have to rotate the illuminati pyramid 180 grades according with the Mayas, and have the end of the illuminati worldhttp://lnkd.in/eQwZNb2 This is a pretty good chance for Mexicans and for not paying taxes in Mexico but in Spain, It has better laws than the mexican jew illuminati here. http://lnkd.in/eQVJYmDThe jew illuminati are talking advantage because of racism but they have a country for only jews and they do not mixed with other races while keeping their believes as superior, but they are not better to Mayas, that´s the end of their worldhttp://lnkd.in/eH_9Fyd http://lnkd.in/eddCsQW It is impossible for the NAFTA countries to continue with the jew illuminati at Corporate and Government, it is simple they do not work at all, everything, including plans are coming from the fake jew illuminati plans and they are too sillyhttp://lnkd.in/edQSSaF

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      http://lnkd.in/ewcNP97 The child human trafficking continues in Mexico by the orders of the jew illuminati killers, Mexico is the bridge ot all king of illegal business, the purpose of NAFTA for the richness of the eliteshttp://lnkd.in/eGjh3hC The CIA-Bush-Fox-Gortari jew illuminati multinational army targeting students no illuminati in all Mexico and abroad, I mean that these jew illuminati will continue with their illuminati plans until the they kill most of the mexicans http://lnkd.in/euwDnAKShame on the jew illumininati killers, mexicans want to live in other free countries without them, Germany is a good choice http://lnkd.in/e94jHf7The jew illuminati solutions are not considering that they are one the infiltering government and Corporates, we are really in the jew illuminati dream, it is not real, this is a copy and paste of the illuminati fake planhttp://lnkd.in/enmY4vv The jew illuminati are so infiltering the mexican and US society, that they think they are part of us, this is too silly even for them http://lnkd.in/einma9w With the money stolen of my technology to the Rothschild, call ERP, these jew illuminati have properties in India and other places, as well as IT shareholders mainly SAP and ORACLE, they have been doing fiscal and accounting frauds all over the world, and also in Mexico like PEMEXhttp://lnkd.in/eA3tY8R Jew illuminati techniques to kill finance, accounting, IT employees who are not part of the illuminati and can testify about accounting and fiscal frauds at Corporates and Government http://lnkd.in/emCZrgv His father was one the stealers of my technology called ERP when he was working in the Editorial Division of the IMP for a presidential election, the group of jew illluminati he is working have properties in India as well as stock shares in ORACLE and SAPhttp://lnkd.in/erhEEPZ Jew illuminati in Mexico without chances in Mexico any more, mexican woke up http://lnkd.in/eFrAyzE Bush infiltered Israel and Islamic State terrorists in the mexican and US army following jew illuminati plans while he was making millions of dollars in human trafficking and drug trafficking among others http://lnkd.in/eTrinGZ The mexican army trained by ISIS and Israel has to dissapear, it is a risk for mexicans and americans, they have been killed us for the jew illuminati idealise ideas http://lnkd.in/ez-yfCU http://lnkd.in/eW45SRM I am very angry I am creator of the technology called ERP, and after the fraud of PEMEX, the stealing of my technollogy sold to the Rothschild, still these guys are using paper for millions of dollars http://www.activista.mx/…/fue-robada-la-documentacion-de-l…/ I hope the no use of jews laws and jew fake plans, The jew illuminati were against all latinos in all the Americas, they were killing us, killing Presidents, doing drug trafficking, human trafficking, accounting and fiscal frauds, stealing oil, silver, gold, properties, industrial patents like mine, they were placing siilly presidents among othershttp://lnkd.in/e_r2cgp

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      Mexico and USA are going to fall like the Roman Empire, jew illuminati are controlling everything for China and Israel, replacing the USA as super power. Problem China and Israel like torture, pedophile, human trafficking, slavery, it is going to be a big change for humanity, fiscal and accounting fraud http://lnkd.in/effQp96 The New World Order starts at schools, the jew illuminati are taken control of the Universities as first priorities, Clinton, Bush, Fox, Gortari are part of the psycopaths using NSA to take over students and after all the populationhttp://lnkd.in/epFWkse It is incredible that these bastards are getting the money of fiscal and accounting frauds all over the world, with my technology, called ERP, they think Kings and Queens whe my purpose was to have a technology to stop the criminals at PEMEX and IMP, and government entities, stop the stealing of the tax money http://lnkd.in/e2ke5bWhttp://lnkd.in/ehPSfvW The Rothschild paying with our own tax money the politicians in USA and Mexicohttp://lnkd.in/ebXHpdh My technology called ERP can integrate education with labor, all the mexican and american students can work directly in each module of the ERP, and solve all the issues of Corporates any side, plus any kind of company http://lnkd.in/eq-GRqbhttp://lnkd.in/ez3HXty Is islamic State and Israel planning to destroy USA and Mexico using immigration and Infiltring Corporates and Government? Is it part of the Rothschild jew illuminati plan? http://lnkd.in/eygmb8jhttp://lnkd.in/eMbyNnA If they stole my technology called ERP, directly from UPIICSA, by a jew illuminati professor, selling my technology to the Rothschild after doing fiscal and accounting frauds in PEMEX, they can do everything http://lnkd.in/eZJBc9G Psycopaths following the jew illuminati agenda, I think that they believe that the population does not know of this agenda, but everybody knows about it http://lnkd.in/eBEq6Vchttp://lnkd.in/eUBSdcV There are real jew illuminati plans to slave mexicans and americans for sure, the plans is really getting fast without job poverty, stealing our taxes, sending the powe to China and Israel, outsourcing our jos to India, China http://lnkd.in/ehJENay Almost it is the end of the mexican pesos and US dollar, in Mexico Government is not talking about it http://lnkd.in/ek3k6ha The brother of Gortari sold milk contaminated using CONASUPO, many mexican were in Sterilization because of that, Mexico is the lab of these psycopaths http://lnkd.in/e-JhZUv Israel and Islamic State are training the mexican army as terrorists against mexicans to after go to USA with all the support of the Rothschild moneyhttp://lnkd.in/e8hvFuc http://lnkd.in/evXjpzn Jew Illuminati are getting really rich but how many of them will be safe of atomic war in WWIII? Only the main jew illuminati and how many slaves?http://lnkd.in/e8RSuhG Regular jew illuminati multinational army in the streets of Mexico and USA, everything goes well according with the illuminati plans, poverty, no jobs will continue while these jew illuminati at Corporates and Government continue stealing out taxes, oil, gold, siver and other resources http://lnkd.in/emp6-ew

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      We have to be together world wide and destroy the jew illuminati at Corporates and Government, because technology, they are uncoverd, and they are desperate killing people, sending more secret agents to Corporates and Government, they are cheating withmy technology called ERP, to make accounting and fiscal fraud, offshore to India to make the consolidation process http://lnkd.in/ey6krDs http://lnkd.in/eY5Zfet MIlitary in Mexico trained by Islamic State and Israel can not recognize that they kidnaped the students to be burned to deathhttp://lnkd.in/eS2amcx The New World Order is based on fake jew illuminati ideas and the help of the Bush-CIA prrotecting the illegal businesses of the Rothschild that involve the stealing of our taxes for Corporates and Governmenthttp://lnkd.in/ecNW7dm The IPN Director is showing no interest to solve important problems like the illuminati education, copyrights and industral patents stolen by jew illuminati professors to earn a lot of millions of dollars, military infiltering the Universities http://lnkd.in/erW4afr Slim and Gates have been killing a lot of mexicans as part of the NSA system plus new vaccines that kill other people, it seems it is the way to have chip and nonotechnology in all the people for evil purpose of the illuminati fake ideashttp://lnkd.in/emV3ARS http://lnkd.in/e2Gb2hE The CIA-Bush-Fox-Gortari multinational army is infiltering Universities, helping the jew illuminati to get copyrights and industrial patents like mine by free, and sell it directly to the Rothchilds, like my technology, called ERP, that it is used as the main technology for finance, accounting and fiscal part of the fake illuminati planshttp://lnkd.in/e5W_BHW Do not believe in any american or mexican politicians if they do not mention Rothschild or jew illuminati, because it is the main plan of Mexico and USA. of the jew illuminati for long time http://lnkd.in/eTDvnte I hope to have the opportunity to destroy the Rothschild using my technology, called ERP, and applying industrial engineering as a science to the Central Banks all over the world, they have stealing us our taxes for centuries and killing all the whistlerblowers until my technology, they are killing more people and more secret agents in Corporates and Government http://lnkd.in/eSSJkJZhttp://lnkd.in/es4b94u These are Gang Stalkers of Mexico, they are using the security system of the subway to kill people, they are the one conducting the deaths using electromic weapons forcing for example PEMEX employees to obey order of the illuminaty killershttp://lnkd.in/eitbNVw All the mexican and US government are cheating on us, they are copying and pasting the jew illuminati plans as national plans while they are stealing our taxes using my technology, called ERP, in the Central Banks, and using India as offshore consolidation process on base of tax secret agreements. Most of these politicians have proterties in India, and stockshares in IT companies like SAP and ORACLEhttp://lnkd.in/eBDHurAMexico is sending criminals and CIA-Bush-Fox-Gortari multinational army to USA after killing hundredths of mexicanshttp://lnkd.in/e5KX5vT

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      http://lnkd.in/eX2N9_W They are not only killing students, they are infiltering jew illuminati multinational army plus jew illuminati professors to steal copyrights and industrial patents, the one having them, they destroyed the professional life, including family, peers, friend, and in my case my own University Graduate Department at UPIICSAhttp://lnkd.in/eNZNcCdThe jew illuminati earning selling my technology to Rothschild, it might include stockshares in several IT companies specially indians because the jew illuminati professor at IPN was working there for the World Bank, also properties if it is no cities in India, also I know that SAP is doing a city in Germany with my money stolenhttp://lnkd.in/eNvJRHN I improved my technology because today it is considering the system law, having an accounting fraud in my own company, I leaded all my legal case in Mexico City, the Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación congratulated mehttp://lnkd.in/eC2RMjThttp://lnkd.in/emUVZCg I am attacked the same way like Guillermo González Camarena by the Rothschild and jew illuminati specially the one infiltering thr IPN directly, they are looking only money while I am looking to be recognized by the humanity, affecting me, my family, my contries USA and Mexico http://lnkd.in/exrX_WD http://lnkd.in/eVjUgTg I have been attaked by the jew illuminati killers since 2010 when by mistake I was working fot an IT ndian origen company, investigated by the NSA and agencies in Mexico and USA, they know I am the creator of the technology, called ERP, but they copied me wrong, They know that I know it is everything an accounting and fiscal fraud so they continue attacking me with food poissoning and electromagnetic weaponshttp://lnkd.in/eGwtjPd These jew illuminati are the owners of the Nobel prize, I migh have the novel of economics this year because of my technology called ERP and the being the father of industrial engineering as a science that it will be replaced the fake jew illuminati economics, a fantasy that used the media to make millions of dollars without workinghttp://lnkd.in/euK4YBw The San Antonio, TX police, East Lansing, Mi police had been broken my constitutional rights becase the Rothschild family stole my technology to make fiscal and accounting fraud world widehttp://lnkd.in/edciiMZ There is need to check my case related to the stealing of my technology called ERP, check the fiscal and accounting fraud in PEMEX, other Corporates and Government because ERP were used for criminal acts, after they violated PEMEX.ORACLE agreements and the ERP was used world wide doing same frauds, SAP is included, Roths child bought all the package from a Jew illuminati working in the World Bankhttp://lnkd.in/eb4JztY The drug cartel members are not in jail like Bush, Gortari, Fox, Obama. Calderon and Peña for murderers among others, everybody in the world knows who is controlling the human trafficking and drug trafficking in the world http://lnkd.in/e2urR5S LATAM medicine is better than USA medicine for poor, Where is the NAFTA? Does it work for poor or not?http://lnkd.in/eJ6ivPR

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      We really need real mexicans or americans depending of Mexico and USA media, because jew illuminati think they are better than us and they are creating an unreal history to earn millions of dollars with thesis and anti thesis, like comunism and capitalism, when link between labor and education is more important as economical situation for both countrieshttp://lnkd.in/eiYq8Z9http://lnkd.in/eaA-vqz The illuminati have controled by mind control all the mexicans and LATAM methodically using the CIA-Bush illuminati methodshttp://lnkd.in/evkk6Wr Corporates are also linked with kidnnapings in Mexico, thet are the one doing money laundry in Mexico and USA http://lnkd.in/ea_ZaUg http://lnkd.in/eSTZM3Q Since I worked in an IT indian origen company, Mexican and US agencies are attaking to death, because they know I am the creator of the ERP technology that it is used for the Rothschild to steal our taxes in Government and Corporates http://lnkd.in/eQ-gBfe Education in Germany and IPN in Mexico is free high Universities without fake jew illuminati religious education, it is a good chance from americans looking no to take jew illuminati education http://lnkd.in/e2vPEhy http://lnkd.in/euw4VwfThis is how my technology called ERP is used wrong and the consolidation is sent to India, final figures are check and approve by the Rothschild family stealing taxes everywhere, while media is not saying a word about my stealing technology http://lnkd.in/eBhDu_X These jews illuminati they are stealing our taxes with secret agreements with the Government, they like to steal technology like Camerena´s color television invention, they want to do the same with my technology called ERP, they have direct contact with the Rothschild family, they have created a killing machine in Corporates and Government to protect to find out fiscal and accounting fraud all over the worldhttp://lnkd.in/bppGdKX Obama and Peña and most of the jew illuminati are coming from illuminati schools, they are slaves of the master illuminati http://lnkd.in/e_ZgT6s http://lnkd.in/eWfJitv Again thesis and anti thesis close to WWIII, the jew illuminati are already protected with facilities underground, the jew illuminati might not be anymore in Corporates and Government positions, it is so risky, they are not following national plans or science and technology, it is only jew fake religious believes http://lnkd.in/eK2h8bB The IPN, UNAM and UAM can stand and destroy the illuminati for sure, the jew illuminati do not believe in science and technology, they are using fake jew religious ideas. Our education similar to Japan and Germany, the States Universities are full of illuminati http://lnkd.in/eXwPUFD http://lnkd.in/eQXjaDc For sure they are jew illuminati, I hope not to be the second Guillermo González Camarena, they sold my technology directly to the Rothschild creating SAP and ORACLE, they benefiated India instead of Mexico, China has been destroying Mexico and USA using the fake illuminati ideashttp://lnkd.in/eeKJ4b2 In spite of the effort of the jew illuminati to hide my baby, instinct findings tell me it is part of me, they copied wrong, but my technology called ERP is still there, I would like to work to be integrated with industrial engineering as science http://lnkd.in/e72Zuk7

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      Mexicans are hungry they vote for a “torta and taco” while they are killing them criminals in Corporates and Government, The Rothschild created a system of accounting and fiscal consolidation in India in which they charge to each politician according with their territory, stealing our tax money plus the one control as well in the Central Banks. If they have more illegal money the criminal policitians have greater chances to win, they are using CRM jew illuminiati configuration, to make sure politicians will pay the Rothschild illegal moneyhttp://lnkd.in/e2yJuRx The easy way to steal the mexican oil is with the help of the employees and Arab invoices, all the jew illuminati are criminals http://lnkd.in/egm4Yuq Using the NSA and the CIA-Bush-Gortari-Fox multinational army, Government is capable of tracking student by student in the subway and almost everywhere using sathelliteshttp://lnkd.in/eUmayPC http://lnkd.in/ekjpSE5We have to get rid of the jew illuminati from Mexico and USA, other way they will destroy us, they are the real enemies, they are every where using slaves, prepare to kill anyone in front of them, even in ideas, they think they are superior than Mayas for example http://lnkd.in/ecxzy_d The jew illuminati using the media to contradic their existance, so funny http://lnkd.in/eU-jzJWhttp://lnkd.in/eJmYiVV US and Mexico might want children to depend in Government to have them as slaves of the illuminati , not any more with a real family, mother, father and brother or sisterhttp://lnkd.in/efxcCVxInternational agencies and CIA-Bush-jew illuminati are infiltering german and mexican Universities like the IPN and others, In my case, they attack myself, peers, friends, family, my own University, Graduate Department of UPIICSA, even in your own work placehttp://lnkd.in/e7crP7Hhttp://lnkd.in/e4mNXJD Before to destroy us economically and kill us is better to get rid of the jew-nazy illuminati from Corporates and Government http://lnkd.in/eRQijnVhttp://lnkd.in/ec6hZz9 Jew nazy illuminati Presidents can not continue having their population in poverty, and continue stealing tax money http://lnkd.in/e-bSHBahttp://lnkd.in/eV3aSNh Stadistics are showing that mexican and american citizens do no like their Presidents, Peña and Obama the worse of the worse, the peak of the failures of the jew nazy illuminatihttp://lnkd.in/ewQa3vzMexicanand German students to risky for the jew nazy illuminati structure at Corporates and Governmenthttp://lnkd.in/eHBv7gc If the jew nazi illuminati can kill Presidents, attack soldiers in their own house to kill them with all the family, and plans for atomic bombs in the WWIII, we have time to get rid of them at Corporates and Government before it is too late http://lnkd.in/eQSZ8WG All the jew-nazy illuminati politicians playing around with their own fake illuminati mistakes as always, but still making millions of dollars receiving money of our tax money http://lnkd.in/emHiJWChttp://lnkd.in/evVmWeQ The CIA-Bush jew nazi lluminati have been using mind control already in LATAM for many years http://lnkd.in/e9T3_Jp Jew illuminati in Mexico and US are in shock, Maya said that it is the end of the illuminati world, they were not wrong http://lnkd.in/eHWTxDG

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThD4EE4p4XI The Illuminati is a network of different secret socities and it’s not every jew on the planet that’s involved but some with power along with many others who don’t claim Judiasm. If your going to bring up the whole nation (illuminati), so to speak then you should bring up every set (in street terms) that’s bringing in the New World Order or one world socialist totalitarian government with one religion from the Zionist Federation, the Zionist Organization of America, the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Freemasons, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Skull & Bones, the Russell Trust & Key, the Club of Rome, the Roshiniya, the Vatican, the RAND Corp. , the Jesuits, the MAJESTYTWELEVE (MJ-12 or the wise men), the Knights of Malta, the Shriners, the Royal familie s of Europe, the leadership of Jehoviah’s Witnesses in the Watchtower Society, the 13 Moriah families of Mormons, the Pilgrim Society, the Rosa Crucis, the Kabbalah Society, the Nazis (yes, they have and are helping but I understand it’s to complicated to understand controlled oppisition manupulation), etc… . BRW, even if your in one of these secret societies it doesn’t mean your illuminati or a NWO minion.http://lnkd.in/e6ma2kD Corporations and Government control a State Police in Mexico and USA to oppressed the poor people while they are killing them in several ways, it is part of the illuminati fake plan http://lnkd.in/ep_7j_S The jew illuminati media stings and smells fishy all over the world, part of stealing our tax money, giviing a game of thesis and anti thesis to make money in the capital, FOREX and stock markertshttp://lnkd.in/esPMj2T The media illuminati is really lying everywhere, with thesis and anti thesis, everything is controlled by the Rothschild, to be in any media you need a lot of money it is not free, so all of the guys in the media at this time are jew illuminati all the time http://lnkd.in/eQnvkpdThese jew illiminati and slaves in top politicians, Government, Corporates, neverless how many of them will be in the undergroud facilities with the Rothschild in WWIII? It is time to act against them, the Rothschild money is coming from stealing tax money and wars http://lnkd.in/ehZXg2Qhttp://lnkd.in/eUEAP6g HIgh risk the no illuminati students and the scienties for them they stole what they need for their fake jew illuminati ideas like my IPN thesis or definetly they kill them if findings can stop them, they do not like science and technologyhttp://lnkd.in/epJqT9Khttp://lnkd.in/eiMxPiX Obama and Peña can not talk by themselves without saying what the jew illuminati is written for them, silly, pedophiles, criminals, killing of wife, frinds, lovers, only copy and paste jew illuminati plans to use it as national plan http://lnkd.in/ejxRKFT The zionist-nazy training around the world has been allowed by the CIA-Bush, why one of them wants to be a President? Will he lead us to WWIII?http://lnkd.in/evPuMwb The jew illuminati control is so surpassed the imagination, that to finish it has to be so basic that kill them, we can not create more fantasies better than them, only using science of technology to kill them http://lnkd.in/e6HfrJn China is gettting mexicans so poor that the jew illuminati might be kill

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      http://lnkd.in/epeTW4Z The jew illuminati want to control the education in Mexico to have us as slaves as well as have all the science technology created to the Rothschild, Color television and ERP are not the only technology the jew illuminati is interested, Mexico is more interested in human trafficking and drug trafficking than mexican science and technology and the one produced is sold to the jew illuminatihttp://lnkd.in/eUWAWMFhttp://lnkd.in/eUJPdcJ Mexico and USA can not allow the jew-nazy illuminati to science and technology academic credentials by fake jew illuminati ideas of certifications for handling the wrong jew illuminati technology http://lnkd.in/eFs7GGi Israel and Islamic states are controlling the mexican army and they have a CIA-Bush-Gortari-Fox multinational army to kill mexicans and americanshttp://lnkd.in/e-GzXGj The Bush, Gortari, and Fox families and CIA are the one controlling the drug trafficking and human traffick in USA and Mexico, it is well known around the world, but mexicans and americans do not know about it. Jew illuminati technology is used wrong everywhere, only to kill entire populations, but first they are beginning to kill people to have their properties to make their fake projects http://lnkd.in/enUtbz4 These jew illuminati besides homosexuals do no know anything of our history in USA and Mexico, they have their own culture apart of our culture, only they want to control and have our tax money http://lnkd.in/etjxkKE Internet can not be closed when human beings can be integrated in my technology called ERP, the business processes with a link between education and labor might be possible using industrial engineering as a science, in this case Ergonomics ; i know for jew illuminati it is the end of their world according with Mayas http://lnkd.in/escmuvU THIS A VA DOCTOR EXPOSING CRIMES OF THE VA AND HOW THEY DEVELOPED DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS AND MIND CONTROL.,http://lnkd.in/buy4yeg The mexican and US politicians are proud to copy and paste the illuminati fake plans as national plans, they are not working everything is donehttp://lnkd.in/eX_Xar6 http://lnkd.in/etCZ7sn The IPN has to protect the thesis in all the education levels because of the illuminati, I do not want to be the second Gonzalez Camarena in his invention: color television patent, in this case I do not want the the illuminati use and control my technology called ERP, it is to risky with this psycopaths http://lnkd.in/bEKbFvS USA and Mexico have the same enemies http://www.proceso.com.mx/?p=389314 My technology called ERP was stolen in PEMEX and other mexican Corporates and sold directly to the Rothschild, creating SAP and ORACLE. While they have building several cities in India, these jew illuminati has invested in India, IT companies, helped by the Clinton, Bush in other illegal businesses as child human trafficking and drug trafficking. Using my technology as the main IT instrument to make accounting and fiscal fraud on based of PEMEX fraud all over the world, the father of Peña used to work at Division Editorial at IMP in which place I used to work http://lnkd.in/ePrvVFS

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      Jail to those who are stealing tax money around the world with an army infiltering Government and Corporates using my technology, called ERP to do transactions to make fiscal and accounting fraud.http://lnkd.in/eV4ZgPE http://lnkd.in/e8bYxjh These jewilluminati used the same spy techniques to steal my technology called ERP and sell it to the Rothschild, I do not want to be the second Guillermo Camarena, it has to be justice in the United States. I am a US citizen as wellhttp://lnkd.in/eaagWNU http://lnkd.in/en7af68 No USA citizenship for terrorists stealing mexican oil, killing mexicans, americans and mexican americans following CIA-Bush evil illuminati plan, no US citizenship for IT, accountants that are stealing our taxes using accounting and fiscal fraudhttp://lnkd.in/eReyzXQ The jew illuminati Presidents are violating our Constitution to apply jew illuminati law Why do not they want obey our national laws first? They should be in jail both of them drug dealers, killing friends, lovers, wife, witnesses and so onhttp://lnkd.in/eF6U7Dp This is part of the illuminati system to destroy the IPN, UNAM and UAM, in which no illuminati education is better, the IPN has to get rid of the secret illuminati agents and stop stealing the industrial patents and copyrights like Camarena and I, they are perverts, the IPN has to pay better salaries than the illuminati Universites http://lnkd.in/eANqWgThttp://lnkd.in/eh8MpVp We have the same enemies, the illuminati sent our jobs to China using a evil illuminati plan and infiltering Corporates and Government. All the accounting and fiscal operations are handled in India to make frauds all over the world, to destroy us and be replace by China and Israel while the Bush and other families are getting richer managing with the CIA the human and drug traffickinghttp://lnkd.in/eD-AsKM I think that my technology called ERP and the use of industrial engineering as a science, Integrated modules including human beings will change humanity forever, and might destroy the Rothschild http://lnkd.in/enCCu-v Are Mexico and USA going to be in a new Revolution because the fake New World Order, copy and past of the fake iluminati plan? How many illuminati are in Mexico and USA? http://lnkd.in/eZ3XMaShttp://lnkd.in/ekJUmku Might it explain the silly capacity of the jew illuminiati? so do the illuminati schools not work at all?http://lnkd.in/ekBWPQkhttp://lnkd.in/eeFcWn4 Law enforcements are not working with our communities, so what are they really doing? drug trafficking? human trafficking? murder? accounting and fiscal fraudhttp://lnkd.in/ejgR4Au Everybody knows that the illuminati politicians are getting rich stealing our taxes, my technology, called ERP, has been used to make accounting and fiscal frauds all over the world, most of them might have properties in India and stockshares in the main IT companies with the money of my technology stolen in PEMEX http://lnkd.in/ezVA93WUS and Mexico are killing no jew illuminati citizens using a police state, using an army CIA-Bush-Fox-Gortarihttp://lnkd.in/eqjBXre

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      Not in my case, I am a head of them for many years, they only copied me wrong https://www.facebook.com/IFeakingLoveScience/photos/a.456449604376056.98921.367116489976035/877118518975827/?type=1&theater Gracias por haberse puesto en contacto con la OMPI. Se ha recibido su consulta y le responderemos tan pronto como sea posible.

      Tema: Patentes
      Subtema: Consultas jurídicas o de carácter general referidas al Tratado de Cooperación en materia de Patentes (PCT)
      Pregunta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyRq4PULFXM#t=24 I think that these situation have been to me since I was studying in UPIICSA, even a militar studying there contacted me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kdfvv6vIbIc As illuminaties, they were ready to take of me my industrial property development, they are using the stack stalking to kill me in this way ORACLE, SAP will continue having copyrights that they belonged to them, they are mine, I am the creator. Indians want to replace industrial engineering with their own IT fantasys. Ergonomic studies, that it is why they want to destroy industrial engineering in the States http://lnkd.in/buiXGXX To understand Activity Based Costing, you need to have a PhD´s degree and master´s and bachelor´s dregree in industrial engineering, business and accountancy to understand how to make it applicable using SAP. I have lot of experience in that, but it is something that nobody understand because of the low level of the SAP FICO consultants that are coming from India. I studied at UPIICSA when we have the best of best in industrial engineering and systems world wide professors. In my opinion, my thesis are the discovering and opening of industrial engineering or Operational Management as a science https://www.facebook.com/notes/adalberto-cervantes-rodriguez/how-did-oracle-steal-my-ideas/484337798305612 Why are the ERP like SAP, Oracle and others a fraud? Because there is no software capable of being used in all kind of companies, it is a fantasy, and less probable when there is no Activity Based Costing applied in all the cases. The indian fraud in ERP technology is affecting the mayor investors in the wold. Industrial Engineering or Operational Management is a science per se, and it can not be eliminates because of the indian nightmares http://www.proceso.com.mx/?p=351991 . Para mi entender, quien maneja el mundo son los Corporativos, y las familias como los Rothschild, si bien han ganado mucho con ésto, también han sido defraudados con los ahora CIA millonarios. dejando los Corporativos como mafias mundiales, es éste momento los grandes capitales desearán acabar con todo ésto, dado que la caja negra del IT de la India, no puede esconder más estos fraudes. ¿Dondé truena la tecnología ERP india? la practican sin seguir cambios legales, fiscales que deben de seguir las empresas en los diversos países, no aplican la técnica ABC porque la desconocen totalmente, consultores de muy bajo nivel con memoria fotográfica , entre otros. It is time that IT ended the hippy era in software and hardware, people from India, photographic memory among others, and analyzed and done more with science to much mistakes in some years almost destroying humanity in all senses. It seems more dangerous than an atomic bomb. Creo que los verdaderos científicos no son controlados por Corporativos, se están llendo de EU por el obscurantismo que traen por ejemplo la gente de la india en IT, o la matanza de Bill Gates con sus vacunas. Es un ciclo, vivimos como en la época de Galileo, hasta que la ciencia de nueva cuenta florezca. No tienen ni idea, están perdidos, yo soy mas real. Estamos como con Galileo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Sxv-sUYtM#t=21. Indians developed my ideas stolen in PEMEX-ORACLE contract but they did not do it right http://www.mysteryplanet.com.ar/site/?p=8082&cpage=1… Be water my friend http://lnkd.in/bMshBDg

      Nombre: Adalberto
      Apellido: Cervantes Rodriguez
      Sociedad/Organización: NA
      Número de teléfono: 12108073316
      Dirección de correo-e: adalberto_cervantes@hotmail.com

      Organización Mundial de la Propiedad Intelectual https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKwO1onXAaI

    • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

      The military tactic for the mexican population is to act in groups, individually will increase the killings of the Government, it is the way to break the zionism plan against us http://lnkd.in/eT8RXj8http://lnkd.in/eekeuBH The accounting version of the Government is funny, and it is unrealistic, they are only copy and paste the fake illuminati plan and they are using it as a national plan http://lnkd.in/eYXwibAhttp://lnkd.in/ezgh_3M We have to follow the jew fake illuminati plan in other way the kill people who is saying different http://lnkd.in/eCpMETcInnocent children and civilians are killed by the zionism around the world according with jew illuminiati plan http://lnkd.in/e7J9FhK http://lnkd.in/eP-DyAb This guy was the mexican IRS minister, the hided secret GL accounts to steal mexican taxes, using SAP. While he was investing money in India and shares in IT indian origen companies and other IT companies http://lnkd.in/ea65V5P http://lnkd.in/emUBPu7 Mexicans and americans are killed by the CIA-Bush-Fox-Gortari multinational army, trained by Isreal and Islamic States (ISIS), they cross USA illegaly, these ilegal alliens are doing accounting and fiscal frauds, stealing mexicam oil, drug and child trafficking http://lnkd.in/epY-KC6 Americans are better prepared for the New Wolrd Order than Mexico http://lnkd.in/eDXXjfrhttp://lnkd.in/eviE3zQ The mexican consulates in USA are only protecting drug dealers and their families with our taxes, I try to have a mexican birth certicate in San Antonio, TX, and in spite of the high risk in Texas about child human trafficking, they used to kill children and others, they did not do anything even they know about this issue. http://lnkd.in/etbNNzhhttp://lnkd.in/e-HzzYW We have to affect the economics and the finance of the mafias in Mexico and USA, in other way these guys will continue killing mexicans and americans http://lnkd.in/ePE9dWw http://lnkd.in/esC2gQ9When the CIA-Bush.-Fox-Gortari are going to stop killing no illuminati people http://lnkd.in/ePAU2VE These guys they have properties in India and stock shares in IT companies specially indian origen after stealing my technology called ERP and sold it to the Rothschild http://lnkd.in/eGGxaqbChina is part of the CIA-Bush-Fox-Gortari multinational army, they are controlling the airports, sending chinese militars are involved in different kinds of illegal businesses in Mexico to impact negativelly the USAhttp://lnkd.in/evh7xpq http://lnkd.in/ekUPCPc Is he another illuminati? why did they want terrorists or criininals as citizens? How many of them are part of the CIA-Bush-Fox-Gortari multination army according with Jew-Nazy illuminati plan? http://lnkd.in/eUuytmb http://lnkd.in/eg23NzX US has to stop funding the killing machine in Mexico, we know that the CIA Bush control the human and drug trafficking as well as the stealing the mexican oil using arab invoices of the Rothschild besides Obama and Peña used to be drug dealers, mind control people http://lnkd.in/exXGnFu

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    • Sophie

      Oh my! That was something else. Can we have more like this please?! I’m liking MintPress lately ….. A LOT!

    • Forever I’ll Beast ™

      Two heads of same dragon.

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    • Tom

      Mideast is NOT cradle of civilization – it was Atlantis !

    • Shadow

      ISIS is Israeli.. its not the other face of one coin, its not another group that has different ideology, no. ISIS is Israel (Israeli Secret Intelligent Service) I S I S. They master the ability to kill mainly Muslims and those Brits and Americans who went to support Muslim or Arab causes to stair more anger.. Every country including Israel play the roll of harmless chickens to gain public sympathy in the eye of the world, except for ISIS, kill first, talk later? Every Muslim in the planet hate ISIS except for those who have no idea what’s going on and I sympathies with them, because they thought “finally someone is standing to all evil governments of the world”.. While in fact ISIS been employed by all dirty government of the world. ISIS must be happy with the last USA aid, besides the weapons taken by the 3000 solders who defeated 28000!!! They have decapitated many Arab/Muslim heads live on video’s, yet they felt compelled not to show full footage of Euro/Americans decapitation by MI5/6 or CIA members of their ISIS group.. ISIS is Zionism led by Simon Elliot.. https://www.facebook.com/video

      • Eileen Kuch

        You’re absolutely right, Shadow, totally on target. ISIS is indeed the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, with Simon Elliot (a Jew) aka al-Baghdadi as the group’s overall leader. No wonder Facebook (owned by the Jew Zuckerberg) hasn’t banned the video you mentioned.

        • Shadow

          Jew & zio’s are not the same! Why would have to banned it? it came from YouTube owned by ful time Zio’s? Your job as a Zio PR is to discredit anything agonist Zio ISIS and its understandably your job, the very thing that brings food on your table .. but how come zio zuckerberg allow Rabbi Yisroel Dovid, Rabbi Josef Antebi, and all anti Israeli Rabbies videos? after all these Robbie’s destroy the legitimacy of the state that employs you? shouldn’t their video’s be banned too??

      • haroon al rashid hussein

        absolutely correct . There is nothing islamic about isis Isis and their zionist masters are a scourge .

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    • Jacob Sabat

      Please stop being naive and so gullible. It is so obvious that ISIS is just one of many CIA/MI6/Mossad death squads that carry out their dirty work and is just another boogeyman to justify the hundreds of billions that we spend on the military industrial complex which is a modern-day killing machine for profit.

      Who Is REALLY Behind ISIS?


      Al Qaeda Commander Fingers ISIS as US Proxy Army


      ISIS EXPOSED 100% AS CIA OPERATION: “The Next Bin Laden is Here” – Don’t Be Fooled


      Syrian Ambassador Calls ISIS An ‘American Myth’




      James Wright @JamesWr60729527 Middle East Freelance Syria/Lebanon/Gaza/Iran/Iraq/Jordan AP/REUTERS/AFP didn’t get beheaded.


      US used ISIL to separate oil-rich Kirkuk, Basra from Iraq: Analyst


      ‘ISIS is CIA false flag op, pretext for war inside Syria & Iraq’


      10 Signs That ISIS is a Scripted Psyop


      Former CIA contractor Steven Kelley says that the ISIL terrorist group is a completely fabricated enemy created and funded by the United States.


      Gen Mcinenery We Built ISIS Short Version


      A photo showing John McCain with ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi


      John McCain Revealing Slip on Fox News – ” Obama Didn’t Want to Arm ISIS ” – 9-2-14


      Al-Qaeda Backers Found With U.S. Contracts in Afghanistan


      Al Qaeda-Linked Syria Group Enjoying USAID? You’ve Got to See This to Believe It


      Rebel Arms Flow Is Said to Benefit Jihadists in Syria


      Syrian rebels pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda


      Syrian Qaeda wing pledges loyalty to ISIL in border town


      Iraq Crisis: ISIS Terrorists were Trained by US in 2012 for Syria Conflict


      US, Al Qaeda Join Forces in Syria


      The terrorists fighting us now? We just finished training them.


      Syria: Arming the Rebels


      Bait and bleed


    • Jacob Sabat

      Here are the testimonies of Israelis and Jews themselves and other eyewitnesses.

      Look, Listen, Feel and Learn.

      The level of deliberate ignorance and shameless apathy, even among the so-called spiritual types and the so-called artists, is mindboggling.

      Study, study, study. Look, Listen and Learn BEFORE you respond.

      There is so much misinformation and disinformation put out by the corporate media.

      Speak to the facts. If you have evidence to the contrary, then bring it forward for all to see so that we can learn together.

      Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.


    • Brother Mark:)

      What a great article!

      Here’s some more well needed info that I’m SURE MintPress readers will be glad they had!



      Have a great day!

      Brother Mark:)

    • Demetrius

      The authoress of this article is a Muslim. Is it not surprising that it is filled with Muslim lies and slanders against Israel? Blacklisted News in printing this has certainly lost their discernment of the truth and has pandered to the Muslim ilk as Europe and the US has done.
      Nevertheless, the truth remains forever. God covenanted with Abraham and with his son Isaac:

      Gen 12:2-3 “And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”
      This covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is everlasting and woe to those who doubt it. They have Almighty God to reckon with – for they will lose.
      It is not wise to forward the lies of Israel’s enemies to increase the readership of your publication. Any thinking person who has any knowledge of what has been going on against Israel since its inception – its fight to survive in the midst of millions who would annihilate it, and who recognize the rabid hatred, attacks, murders, Muslims have toward Jews – can see through this kind of slander.
      My counsel to Blacklisted News ‘Let honest integrity be your guide and judge as you choose what to print.”

      • Julie Crory Telgenhoff

        Really? Where is your EVIDENCE (not bible quote). And I’m a follower of Christ.

      • Julie Crory Telgenhoff

        You clearly did NOT click on the links provided as there is EVIDENCE in those links in the article. Here is just one: http://www.mintpressnews.com/west-created-isis/196488/ In addition while we still have non censored access to the internet google PNAC and try to look at many sources and READ and use your mind that God gave us. Thank you.

      • Shadow

        Clearly you are a radical jew!! As to me, ISIS is Israeli.. its not the other face of one coin, its not another group that has different ideology, no. ISIS is Israel (Israeli Secret Intelligent Service) I S I S. They master the ability to kill mainly Muslims and those Brits and Americans who went to support Muslim or Arab causes.. They have decapitated many Arab/Muslim heads live on video’s, yet they felt compelled not to show full footage of Euro/Americans decapitation by MI5/6 or CIA members of their ISIS group.. ISIS is Zionism led by Simon Elliot.. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152619864314262

      • Sultanovic

        Contemporaneous analysis between evil indulged by Zionism and Naziism certainly proves that Natenyau’s Jews are doing to the Palestinians precisely what the Nazis did to the Jews. I challenge anyone to prove it otherwise .

        • Hitler and the SS were financed by the Talmudic Jews who wanted to kill off the Synagogues who preached the Ten Commandments as the basis if the Jewish religion. The Zionist Bolsheviks and NAZI’s killed Tens of Millions of Blond Haired Blue Eyed Christians and blamed the holocaust on them. Hitler was supported by the Zionist Talmudic Khazar Jews.

          Hitlers Jews.


      • The Khazar have no historical links to the Jews of the Torah. Today’s Jews are not from Abraham like the Arabs.

    • Hana

      Awesome awesome awesome! Did I say it was awesome!!??!!!

      • Michu

        Yes, it is awesome. This is truly an excellent analysis of the identical purpose and character of the Zionism (JSIL) and ISIS.