Will Venezuela Be The Battleground In The Next U.S.-Russia Proxy War?

Amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, there is new potential for the country’s massive reserves of oil to end up in Chinese and Russian hands. It is unlikely that the U.S. will allow this to occur, even if it means getting into yet another proxy conflict with those countries.
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    CHILE — There’s no denying that Venezuela is deeply embroiled in a significant crisis. While most are aware of the country’s recent string of violent protests, food shortages and government crackdowns on opposition protesters, few are aware of the opposition’s use of underhanded and downright illegal tactics, as well as the United States’ role in funding opposition forces.

    The U.S. has long had its sights set on Venezuela, which possesses the largest proven oil reserves in the world, particularly following the “revolution” that began with the election of the late President Hugo Chávez and has continued under his successor Nicolás Maduro. But changing circumstances within Venezuela may soon push the U.S. to repeat a nefarious practice it has carried out elsewhere – funding a proxy war in order to prevent Venezuelan oil from falling into Russian and Chinese hands.

    At first, the U.S. government seemed content to let Maduro’s administration run out of steam on its own. But the U.S. has already issued separate sanctions against the country three times this year alone, with more planned in the coming months, as evidenced by the introduction of a recent U.S. Senate bill that would target Venezuelan government officials. The bill, titled “Venezuela Humanitarian Assistance and Defense of Democratic Governance Act” (S.1018), would funnel $20 million to the Venezuelan opposition, which has already received an estimated $50 to $60 million since Chávez’s election in 1998.

    And now, the stakes may now be too high for the U.S. to allow Maduro’s regime to collapse under the weight of economic sabotage. By all accounts, Venezuela’s state-owned oil company PDVSA is already on the brink of collapse.

    While this would normally be good news for those who seek to see Maduro toppled, there is a caveat that is causing panic in Washington. As the text of S.1018 points out, PDVSA – if and when it collapses – would default on its $4 to $5 billion loans from Rosneft, Russia’s state-owned oil company.

    Although Russia and Venezuela enjoy a political alliance, Russia has already taken action over the unpaid debt. In April, a Russian state-run shipping company took $30 million in Venezuelan oil hostage over PDVSA’s unpaid debt. Rosneft would likely follow suit in the event of a major default.

    If such an event were to occur, it would mean that Rosneft would take control of a substantial part of PDVSA. But what is more troubling to the U.S. than Russia’s potential control over the world’s largest oil reserves is the fact that one of Russia’s loans to Venezuela came with the condition that PDVSA offers Rosneft a 49.9-percent stake in Citgo as collateral.

    As the text of S.1018 makes clear, Citgo – PDVSA’s U.S. subsidiary – “controls critical energy infrastructure in 19 states in the United States.” It seems doubtful that the U.S. establishment would sit back while Russia comes into possession of an ownership stake in one of its largest petroleum refiners.

    In addition, Venezuela has underwritten many of its loans from China with an oil-for-credit framework, again meaning that a Venezuelan default would mean that significant amounts of Venezuelan oil could also pass into Chinese hands. It seems unlikely that the U.S. would let its two greatest rivals to global hegemony claim the world’s largest oil reserves.

    The U.S. is eager to avoid playing a direct role in preventing their worst-case scenario. However, now that the stakes are higher, the U.S. has already begun setting the stage for a potential proxy war.

    In addition to funding Maduro’s opposition, the U.S. is set to lead a multilateral military drill in South America that will involve the installation of a temporary military base on the triple border shared by the drill’s other participating nations: Peru, Brazil and Colombia. BBC Brasil reported that the drill will give the U.S. the “opportunity” to focus on Venezuela’s political situation. In addition, as Telesur reported, President Donald Trump has already met with the presidents of Peru and Colombia to discuss the U.S.’ interest in Venezuela.

    With the U.S. funding the Venezuelan opposition and gearing up to lead a multi-nation military drill in close proximity to Venezuela, the foundation for yet another U.S.-Russia proxy war over fossil fuels is being laid. Worth mentioning here is the fact that Maduro’s government is armed largely by Moscow. Between 2005 and 2013, Venezuela was the largest purchaser of Russian weapons in Latin America and the estimated value of Russia-Venezuela arms deals clocks in around $12 billion.

    Alternatively, were the U.S.-funded opposition in Venezuela to take control following a default by the current administration, they would likely deny Russia and China their promised collateral of Venezuelan oil at the behest of their long-time donors in Washington. It is highly unlikely that Russia and China would willingly surrender billions of dollars of oil and money to a U.S. puppet regime.

    Either way, crisis-stricken Venezuela may soon find itself in an even more troubling conflict – a U.S.-Russia proxy war that could last for years and do even more damage to the already struggling country.

    Will the U.S. willingly turn Venezuela into another Syria just to keep its oil out of Russian hands? The size and value of Venezuela’s massive oil reserves makes it seem likely.

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    • TeeJae

      Imagine a world in which all countries switched to 100% renewable energy.

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    • tapatio

      Many in the US whine and howl about Russia’s POSSIBLE interference in our 2016 election. Yet, the United States is the most imperialistic state in the history of the world, having copied the Jewish delusion and preceded the Naz! delusion of “Manifest Destiny”………..”God’s Chosen”……….”Master Race”.

      We whites are NONE OF THE ABOVE. We are a bunch of pale-tushyed hair-less apes, no different from any othere hair-less apes on Earth, except for the melanin content of our skin.

      If Venezuela wishes to avoid the predatory loan-sharks of the Rothschild cartel and use Russian and Chinese lenders…………IT’S VENEZUELA’S BUSINESS, not America’s or AmeriKa’s Rothschild masters.

    • Guy

      If the West can mess around in the Ukraine , next door to Russia then I would say that Russia and /or China can mess around in Venezuela.Good for the goose ,good for the gander as they say.

      • Yes, but how much better the world would be if neither us, them or anyone else felt the need to “mess around” like that…

        • Guy

          Yes absolutely James.One can only wish.

          • Mikronos

            Aren’t nations not so ‘touchy-feely’ supposed to be able to call upon the UN to assist?

    • ties

      I thought America and the One World Order all ready over through Venezuela with the CIA…. Just like American occupied Ukraine

      • Mikronos

        The majority of Venezuelans don’t seem to realize they’re whupped.

    • Patricia P. Tursi

      It’s nations preying on nations in this materialistic, warring, planet-destroying world. Mother Earth would be better off without the human species.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        There is a way out for you , And you would be helping mother earth !

        • Patricia P. Tursi

          I rest my case

      • tapatio

        Humans exist for a reason, whether you or I understand that reason or not. But, SOME humans, like some cells in a body, become cancerous, feeding on the body (Gaia, in this case). It’s the responsibility of the other cells in the body to flush those cancerous cells from the body.

        Intelligent/decent humans, with Iceland, Russia, China, etc……….form the immune system of our body/Gaia (though we do need to prevent the larger antibodies from becoming cancerous). The Rothschild-Bilderberg predatory cartel and its minions are the cancer.

        • “SOME humans, like some cells in a body, become cancerous”

          Under that analogy, it looks like it is very possible that our drooling neocon-run military industrial complex may be taking on the role of doctor and are analyzing the potential outcome of giving some of those purposely-misdiagnosed cancer cells a huge and even global dose of chemotherapy.

          Of the thermonuclear kind…

          • tapatio

            ONLY if you consider destruction of the host (Earth/Gaia) as “therapy”.

            • I haven’t noticed any empathy from THEM in that regard. So yes, that is certainly an aspect of my assertion.

          • Mikronos

            Blasting tumours out with shrapnel and high explosive isn’t even ‘a goofy game for dopey doctors’. Their notion of radiation treatment is even worse.

            • No doubt. We seem to take a similar approach to treating mental and emotional problems. By first calling things that may be quite naturally treated as “abnormal”. Then making drugs like Ritalin, etc. to strip the senses.

              It’s all tied to making money, and money is the root of all evil…

        • Patricia P. Tursi

          I think of the millions of Jews who were exterminated during the Russian Revolution. Or the Gang of Eight’s war against China’s millions under Mao’s wife. I saw Castro as a hero when I was in collage. But making people stand for hours straight and incarcerating so many made me question his motives. There has never been “pure” revolutions. There are humans who have a beautiful spirit and care about others and about our living Gaia. But, for the most part, looking at the constant killings all over the world, which has gone on for millenia, I see humans as primarily diseased in spirit. I used to be more hopeful. I have lost the hope for humanity somewhere in my 81 years.

          • tapatio

            “Jews exterminated during the Russian “revolution””? It’s possible that you could stand to learn a bit about EXACTLY who comprised the Russian “revolution” (not even the Zionist hasbara trolls argue with this)…………….

            Rothschild-Bilderberg Criminal Bankster Cartel’s sponsorship of the Bolshevik-Communist “Revolution”.
            Karl Marx was Jewish, a 3rd cousin of the reigning Rothschild, and both he and Friedrich Engels had connections to the Rothschild banking family. There is a great deal more evidence that the Rothschilds sponsored the Bolshevik “Revolution” and the slaughter of over fifty million Christian (with some Muslim) Russians. There were almost no Jewish victims of this genocide.

            Letters written by Baruch Levy, a close associate of the
            Rothschild family, and by Lev Trotsky/Bronstein…..
            “The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the J6ws will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.
            In this New World Order, the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the J6ws. It will then be possible for the J6wish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state.
            Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which it is said that when the Messianic time is come, the J6ws will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

            –Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx (written – 1879), printed in La Revue de Paris, p. 574, June 1, 1928

            “We should turn Russia into a desert populated with white Ni**ers. We will impose upon them such a tyranny that was never dreamt by the most hideous despots of the East. The peculiar trait of that tyranny is that it will be enacted from the left rather than the right and it will be red rather than white in color. Its color will be red literally because we would spill such torrents of blood that they will pale all human losses of the capitalist wars and make (the survivors) shudder.
            THE LARGEST OVERSEAS BANKS WILL COOPERATE WITH US MOST CLOSELY (Rothschild Cartel, which financed the Bolsheviks). If we win the Revolution and squash Russia, on the funeral pyres of its remains we will strengthen thepower of Zionism and become a power the whole world would drop in the face of on its knees. We will show (to the world) what real power means. By way of terror and blood baths we will bring the Russian intelligentsia into a state of total stupor, to idiocy, to the animal state of being…. And so far our young men dressed in leather – the sons of watch repair men from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitza – oh, how beautifully, how brilliantly do they master hatred of everything Russian!
            With what a great delight do they physically destroy the Russian intelligentsia ~ officers, engineers, teachers, priests, generals, agronomists, academicians, writers!”
            ~ Leib Bronstein (also known as Lev TROTSKY)
            Few in the world today are aware that the original leadership of the Bolshevik-Communist “Revolution” was almost entirely Jewish and VERY FEW WERE RUSSIAN.
            Everything below was verified through at least two traditional sources sources.
            Leaders of the Bolshevik/Communist “Revolution” in Russia. These are the people who fomented this revolution and carried it out. After they had won, they embarked on a slaughter of 30 Million Russians, ALL Christians and a few Muslims. There were no known Jewish victims of this genocidal act.
            Leading Bolsheviks…….
            Vladimir Lenin (aka Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov) Russian, Jewish
            Lev Trotsky (aka Bronstein) Jewish
            Lazar M. Kaganovich Jewish (oversaw slaughter of
            30+ million Russian Christians and Muslims)
            Alexander Israel Helphand [aka “Parvus”] Jewish
            (helped Trotsky develop the theory of “permanent revolution.”)
            Avel Enukidze Jewish
            Mikhail Kalinin Jewish
            Nikolai Bukharin Jewish
            Mikhail Tomsky Jewish
            Mikhail Lashevich Jewish
            Lev Kamenev Jewish
            Yevgeni Preobrazhensky uncertain
            Leonid Serebryakov Jewish
            Vladimir Lenin Jewish
            Alexei Rykov Jewish
            Grigori Y. Sokolnikov Jewish
            Grigory Zinoviev [aka Apfelbaum; aka Radomyslsky
            Felix Dzherzhinsky Jewish
            (founder of Cheka/NKVD/KGB/etc)
            Lavrenti Beria Jewish
            (Turned Cheka/NKVD/KGB into a monster. Beria instigated the mass executions of the Katyn massacre)
            Yakov Sverdlov [aka Solomon] Jewish
            (supervised massacre of Czar’s family)
            Sergei M. Kirov Jewish
            (supervised party purges/executions of late 1930s – 20 million dead)
            Yakov Yurovsky Jewish
            (carried out massacre of Czar’s family)
            (other members of the Czar death squad: Goloshchekin, Syromolotov, Safarov, Voikov, Yurovsky……..all Jewish)
            Nikolai Bukharin Jewish
            Ilya Ehrenburg Jewish (Propaganda Minister)

      • TeeJae

        Seems like we’re doing our best to make that happen.

    • jon

      very good article.. nice way of breaking down everything and showing every side of the soon to be conflict.. i didnt even know that Venezuela was in such a bad position. but at least i know whats going on behind the scenes and now know who to believe when it all begins.

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