Wikileaks Sony Hack Reveals Hollywood’s Hand In Repairing Israel’s Broken Image

The WikiLeaks archive reveals how some of Hollywood’s top players want to combat the negative publicity of last summer’s brutal war on Gaza and link the pro-Palestine movement to anti-Semitism.
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    US actors Natalie Portman, right, and Scarlett Johansson, both implicated in the leaked Sony emails, attend a royal film Premiere in central London.

    CULVER CITY, California — A MintPress News analysis of emails contained in WikiLeaks archive of the Sony Hack reveals how Hollywood executives are working to repair Israel’s public image in the wake of the savage death toll from last summer’s Operation Protective Edge offensive against Gaza. This includes a proposed documentary which would attempt to tie support for Palestine to anti-semitic violence in Europe and the United States.

    A group of hackers called Guardians Of Peace held Sony computers hostage last year before leaking thousands of files to the Internet. The U.S. government has attempted to link the crime to North Korea, citing retaliation for the controversial Sony Pictures film “The Interview.”


    Searchable Sony archive shows Hollywood’s Zionist bias

    Previous analysis of the leaked documents revealed how Sony executives, including Amy Beth Pascal, chairwoman of the Motion Pictures Group of Sony Pictures Entertainment from 2006 until just after the Sony Hack in 2015, made racially insensitive comments about Barack Obama.

    WikiLeaks released a searchable archive of leaked internal emails and documents on April 16. Investigation of the archive shows a pattern of support for Israel and its violent Zionist policies both during and after the 2014 assault on Gaza by Sony employees and other important members of the film industry.

    Known as Operation Protective Edge, the brutal assault left at least 2,000 civilians dead and some 150,000 homeless. Pascal and almost 200 other Hollywood executives publicly signed a Creative Community For Peace petition blaming Hamas for the devastation of Israel’s attack on Gaza — an action the Jewish Journal cautioned “should not be confused with courage” in an op-ed titled “Hollywood Zionists are alive and well.”

    A leaked email shows that the Creative Community For Peace works in direct opposition to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which seeks to end investment in Israel and is especially strong on college campuses.

    David Lonner, a TV producer on shows like “Devious Maids,” writers to Pascal on behalf of the CCFP:

    “Over the past couple of years, I, along with a group of influential music execs put together a group called Creative Community for Peace which battles the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) which has tried to stop artists from performing in Israel. We have been very successful in making sure artists like Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Paul McCartney and others were not intimidated.”

    Ali Abunimah, writing for The Electronic Intifada, revealed April 2014 emails showing Sony executives taunting Ehab Al Shihabi, CEO of Al-Jazeera America, in response to the network’s unbiased reporting on Palestine. Emails from August quote another executive, Steven Bernard, complaining to several other executives, including Pascal, that a report from Iran’s PressTV links Sony cameras to the guidance systems of Israeli rockets.

    A deeper analysis of the emails by MintPress shows that Sony corporate culture is deeply aligned with Zionism, and many within Hollywood seek to take a more active role in creating propaganda opposed to Palestinian rights and statehood.


    “Now, let’s win the media war

    Pascal was on a mailing list for The Israel Project, a non-profit with financial ties to groups involved with other forms of propaganda, including planting pro-Israel stories on social media via paid interns.

    In one fundraising email, received in September 2014, The Israel Project tells Pascal, “Israel Won. Now, Let’s Win The Media War.” The email continues:

    “Israel won. Hamas lost. The terrorists have been forced to stop their onslaught without achieving anything. But the struggle isn’t over. Now, the battle moves to the global media. … Help the fight against Hamas by donating today.”

    Though it’s not known whether Pascal ever donated as a result of this or similar campaigns, the WikiLeaks archive clearly demonstrates Sony and other Hollywood executive’s desire to win the “media war.”

    Both Hollywood media sources and Mondoweiss have already covered an August 2014 email thread between Ryan Kavanaugh, CEO of Relativity Media and a Hollywood producer (“The Social Network”), and another producer, Ron Rotholz (“Canadian Bacon”), which included dozens of celebrities and Hollywood elite in its “cc:” list — a list that inadvertently exposed a secret Natalie Portman email. Kavanaugh also signed the Creative Community For Peace petition.

    During this exchange, Kavanaugh complains:

    “The problem is that Moore ‘ law is kicking in. Before the summer 50 percent of college students supported israel, today less the 25 percent do. There are hate crimes against heed happening in almost every major metropolitan city, now including the US.”

    The concern raised by Kavanaugh and other participants is that declining opinions of Israel could lead to a second Holocaust. “So what do we do?” he asks.

    The same email thread returns in October, when Kavanaugh revives it by sharing a link to a CBS Evening News story about armed guards protecting synagogues in Germany during Yom Kippur. The email has a new subject: “Happy New Year. Too bad Germany is now a no travel zone for jews.”

    It’s here that several film industry executives begin planning a more active role in the “media war.”


    “The greatest messaging machine

    Cassian Elwes, a British producer (“The Dallas Buyers Club”), responds to Kavanaugh’s link:

    “How about we all club together and make a documentary about the rise of new anti semitism in Europe  I would be willing to contribute and put time into it if others here would do the same. Between all of us I’m sure we could figure out a way to distribute it and get it into places like Cannes so we could have a response to guys like loach. Perhaps we try to use it to rally support from film communities in Europe to help us distribute it there”

    “Loach” refers to Ken Loach, a British filmmaker, who called for a boycott of Israeli cultural products at the 2014 Sarajevo Film Festival.

    The idea is met with enthusiasm.

    “I’m in,” replies Kavanaugh.

    “Me too,” says Pascal.

    Mark Canton, producer of films like “300,” jumps in to suggest: “Lets organize this.”

    Jason Binn, founder of luxury fashion magazine DuJour, offers to promote the film, sight unseen, while Hollywood attorney and occasional actor Glenn Feig offers legal representation.

    From this point forward, a new, smaller group begins sharing links to reports of anti-Semitism in Europe and the U.S., but now with an eye toward building evidence for their proposed documentary. In addition to Elwes, Kavanaugh, Pascal, Feig, Binn and Rotholz, the group is joined by TV producer Ben Silverman (“Mob Wives”).

    “Ron and I are talking in earnest tomorrow about directors. I don’t know if any if you know or have an opinion about him but I’m an admirer if Errol Morris,” writes Elwes on Oct. 10.

    John Battsek, a producer of documentaries for Passion Pictures, is also discussed for possible involvement.

    It’s clear that Elwes is aware of the power that Hollywood holds over the opinion of the global public.

    “We work in the greatest messaging machine in the world and if we can’t get this message across no one can,” he writes on Oct. 5.


    Linking Palestine to anti-Semitism

    The group’s message is one that explicitly links anti-Semitism not just to recent, violent attacks on Jews worldwide but to any opposition to the policies of Israel. Because they believe that criticism of Israel could lead to a new Holocaust against Jews, all such criticism has to be vigorously opposed.

    In September, Rotholz and Kavanaugh attacked a New York City performance of “The Death Of Klinghoffer,” a modern opera that’s critical of Israeli occupation of Palestine and the ways it leads to unrest and terrorism.

    Kavanaugh explicitly links the opera to fears of a renewed Holocaust:

    “We can continue to be silent and pretend this isn’t happening because it is not in our country yet. We can ignore the anti semitism akin to pre ww2 Germany … now lining the streets of london, France Germany and around the world. We all may think we’re protected here in the free US. We are not. It had now hit our doorstep and yet we remain silent?”

    In reply, Rotholz writes:

    “And tommorrow the UK Parliament are voting to recognise the State of Palestine, which would mean the recoginition of the current govt. co-run by Hamas …… Sweden, Poland and Hungary have already done this ……. many lines are being crossed …….. it’s a new reality for us.  The tacit and subtle recognition of Hamas as a legitimate government with legitimate policies and a legitimate charter, by Western governments is a hate crime on a global scale.”

    Rotholz links to a video titled “The Jewish Voices on Campus,” in which students on U.S. campuses liken support for Palestine to anti-Semitic attacks.

    “The issue is we do experience a lot of anti-semitism, in a lot of different ways,” Henry, a student at the University of California, Berkeley, says in one of the video’s first spoken sentences.

    In the next shot, Michael, a Harvard University student, is seen speaking at a microphone. “To be completely honest with you, you know, being against Israel has become the cool thing to do,” he says.

    Immediately following this statement is footage of peaceful, pro-Palestine demonstrators chanting on an unidentified college campus, while another student is heard describing a college professor who reportedly called his students “little jihadis.”

    Later, in October 2014, the group working on the documentary project shares news of both recognition of Palestine by European governments and swastikas painted on university campuses with equal interest and dismay.

    Based on the WikiLeaks archive and the other sources available, MintPress was unable to determine whether the documentary project remains active. If discussions continued after the hack, they are not available to the public. No IMDB listings or other industry news could be found for the proposed film.

    While the proposed documentary may never reach theaters, it’s clear that Hollywood, the world’s “greatest messaging machine,” has been engaged in producing propaganda on behalf of Israel.

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    • Ghassan Awada

      natalie portman and scarlet johansson are both of jewish faith and I suspect that both have duel american /israeli citizenship.the point that I am stressing is those two are a devoted supporters for the Zionist state,and for that , they are rewarded by keeping them busy all year long acting in so many movies,and it is not because of their talent, but because they are devoted to improve the ugly image of the zionist state.

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    • Fed up with the FED !

      Well… this doesn’t surprise me at all. Hollywood has always been under the Zionist control, and if your not with them, your not going to work in that town long.
      Not a day passes lately that I don’t come across something that makes me resent these Zionist pre-tend Jews, more and more… I know those from there, and they are good people, but they too tell me how bad it is under this current neo-con leadership. They speak of how they’ve been given a bad rap, no… they bring this upon themselves, and if they continue on this Talmudic path, they will regret having done so one day soon.

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    • samiar80

      wondering how long it will take before the hasbara trash flooding these comments….oh wait to late….

    • abebird

      Muslims always cooperated with the Nazis and the Communists against America and Israel. Much of American blood spilled because of this cooperation that had began in World War II. So we all need to join the fight against Palestinian cruelties and lies and support Israel Hasbara.

      • Plush and Flush

        You have got to be the most uninformed person I have ever seen. There was no Israel during WW2. There is so much proof that Muslims were helping to hide Jews in Europe during the Holocaust. The reason there was so much American blood spilled in WW2 was bc of Hitlers main supporter, the Zionist who helped fund Hitler in order to persecute Jews into moving to Israel bc most European Jews did not want to leave their homes and go to an unfamiliar new “homeland”. When you talk nonsense, you are not helping your cause, in fact you are helping ours, so thank you abebird. Good day.

        • RealityCheck

          and you have the nerve to call others uninformed…you sound like a conspiracy theorist on speed, where the f*ck do you read this trash?

      • >Muslims always cooperated with the Nazis and the Communists against America and Israel.<

        You do know that Muslims aren't a race, don't you?

        …and no, Muslims did not cooperate with the Nazis. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem met with Adolf Hitler to negotiate a way to get the British out of Palestine because the British were cooperating with the Ashkenazi (Eastern European converts to Judiasm) resulting in a mass influx starting from 1897. Unlike Catholicism, Islam doesn't have a Pope so the Grand Mufti commands wouldn't be heeded by the entire Muslim world.

        Oh, and for your information, the Zionists collaborated with the Nazis in 1933 to transfer 50,000 German (Ashkenazi) Jews to Palestine. This was referred to as "The Transfer Agreement" and a superb book written by a Jewish American investigative journalist (Edwin Black) details what happened.

        Also, Zionist terrorists blew up the King David Hotel, kidnapped and executed British soldiers and massacred Palestinian men, women and children in the village of Deir Yassine; in the years prior to 1948. In 1967, Israel attacked the USS Liberty resulting in the deaths of over 20 US sailors.

        You talk about Palestinian cruelty and lies. What is more cruel than ethnically cleansing 750,000 Palestinians from their homes of over 2000 years, in 1948 and an additional 350,000 in 1967? The biggest lie is that the Ashkenazi originated from the Holy Land when in fact they're originally from the Urals.

    • janbn

      Will Hollywood ever make a film about the Nakba, the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in 1948? There is plenty of material for that type of film but no one in Hollywood would ever put up the money for that type of film and few theaters in the US would have the courage to show if if it was made.

      • abebird

        Why to serve the Falsetinian Devil’s proPALganda? Any logic reason?
        If you want to support the Devil just join ISIS or Hamas.

        • janbn

          I don’t support ISIS or Hamas and the Nakba is not propaganda. It was real whether or not you and others who are blind to reality don’t want to believe it. I once believed it was a lie until I learned from a close relative who had been part of the ethnic cleansing forces of the Haganah and until I did extensive reading. Maybe you should get your nose out of Zionist books and read both sides as I have done.

          I support justice and the Nakba was a great injustice against the Arabs of Palestine who had been on the land for generations until the Zionist project came into being and called for a Jewish state with as few non-Jews in that state as possible. There would be no Hamas had there not been a 20 year brutal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza by Israel. Remember, abebird, that Hamas wasn’t formed until 1987, 20 years after Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza imprisoning and often torturing Palestinians, demolishing their homes and olive groves, shutting down their schools and newspapers, deporting and killing many Palestinians, arresting or shooting anyone, even a child, seen with a Palestinian flag. Israel banned any kind of resistance to its draconian occupation, even non-violent resistance. I have in my possession a 1988 report written by by the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights in which they write of many instances of terrible abuses of Palestinians, even children, by the IDF. There are many instances of terrible abuses by the IDF of Palestinians. Here is just one: “His mother suddenly appeared and with a heartrending wail fell upon the soldiers and was also beaten. Only later, when the boy was flat on the ground, his body black and blue – or as one of the soldiers put it, ‘looking like a steak,’ did it transpire that he was deaf, dumb and mentally retarded. The soldier said that it ‘didn’t bother’ any of his friends. The platoon commander said, ‘get a move on, we don’t have time for games.’ and the boy, who was not both retarded and had a mashed in head was left in his mother’s arms.” That was published in an article entitled Getting Accustomed to Atrocities by Ze’ev Sachol in the April 1, 1988 edition of Hotam, an Israeli publication.

          And you wonder why Israelis aren’t loved by those that they occupy? You wonder why there is a Hamas? Get over it.

          As for ISIS, there would be no ISIS had the US not invaded and occupied Iraq. Saddam, who Bush, Cheney and your beloved Netanyahu wanted removed would have made short work of ISIS. But ISIS now serves Israeli propaganda well. They can now point to ISIS as a threat.

      • Michael Sherman

        I think Hollywood understands that there is sufficient science fiction films
        in the marketplace.

        • janbn

          Not science fiction at all. It was a sad reality, a reality that is documented in the official Israeli government archives regarding 1948. I guess you haven’t read any of the books written by Israeli historians who wrote those books based on what they found in the archives. If you want to believe that the Israeli archives are science fiction you can do that but you would be wrong. The Nakba was real, whether or not you want to believe it.

          • Michael Sherman

            Arabs went to war to prevent the partition of the land as per UN Resolution 181 and then whine when they lose badly and have to flee or leave. That’s one thing the Palestinian Arabs have never understood about going to war. To the victor go the spoils.

            • Montelatici

              Don’t know why the Christians and Muslims of Palestine should not have resisted the European colonization of the land they had lived on for many generations. The native americans resisted the Europeans colonization of their lands and lost, but can we fault them for resisting?

              • Michael Sherman

                The Jewish people have maintained ties to their historic homeland for more than 3,700 years. Its a myth that the Jews only arrived from Europe to claim the land.

      • Tony

        Or a film about the USS Liberty?

        • janbn

          That film should have been made years ago.

        • Michael Sherman

          Nothing to see here. The U.S. has already acknowledged that its ship should not have been there.

    • MarxMarvelous

      The megaphone is loud in this articles comments.

      • peacelover2345

        The anti-Semites are loud in this article’s comments.

        • janbn

          So what you are saying is that if someone calls Israel to task they are anti-Semitic? Lots of Jews, myself included, call Israel to task. I have always opposed injustice whether it was done by Americans, French, white South Africans, Chinese or Jews. Being Jewish doesn’t give one a pass for commititng humnan rights violations. Sorry buddy but that is the way it is.

          I don’t remember those of us who opposed and damned apartheid in South Africa being called “anti-white” while those of us who oppose and damn the occupation are often called “anti-Semitic.”

          There is real anti-semtism in the world and giving a pass to Israel because they are Jews only makes real anti-Semitism worse. But maybe that is just what Israel really wants so, in spite of having the world’s 4th most powerful military and an arsenal of nuclear weapons, they can still play the victim card.

          • peacelover2345

            YOU ASKED A QUESTION: “So what you are saying is that if someone calls Israel to task they are anti-Semitic?”
            NO. I AM SAYING that there are anti-Semites posting here. Their comments are NOT calling Israel to task for some of its policies. Their comments are plain, unbridled anti-Semitism. I have listed below SOME quotes which I consider anti-Semitic. Please read them, and other “horrible ” comments, and then TELL ME YOUR OPINION. Are there anti-Semitic comments here, or am I being an alarmist?

            “Well… this doesn’t surprise me at all. Hollywood has always been under the Zionist control, and if your not with them, your not going to work in that town long ”

            “We need hack and leak Jew secrets for fun. Knowing jew secrets means knowing jew weakness”

            “The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

            “Second Holocaust” We still need a first one for that to happen.”

            “A Jew-run industry, pushing ugly Jewesses as the standard of beauty, supporting Jews and Jewish supremacy world-wide! who would have thought?!?!”

            “You are such a moron. Every time it happens in the US it becomes GLOBAL NEWS! Except for the jews our jewish controlled news will never allow extensive coverage of ISRAELS RACISM!”

            “If you don’t believe the news in this country is carefully controlled by people sympathetic to Israel, then you don’t know Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes!!Fox News has around 60% penetration of the US populace by hardcore Hasbara approved propaganda that is pro Israel sometimes by not even mentioning events in and around Israel no matter how newsworthy. Excluding stories is a powerful tool. Not to mention an awkward bias in all the other outlets who are afraid to say anything anti-Israel in fear of being called anti-semitic. which is what I am sure some will call me for telling the truth. Looking forward to it.”

            “Jews swear they are not a racist, nepotistic race. But who did they pick to replace the loud mouth Jew at Sony? ANOTHER JEW! That’s right jews always pick jews for job positions even when they are under qualified. If any other group did this it would be a Jew lawyer handing them a lawsuit.”

            “Listen to Barbara Spectre talk about jewish involvement in forced multiculturalism. A multiculturalism they refuse to practice in Israel.”

            “yes, yes, ignore the man behind the curtain….the jews open the floodgates of white countries allowing 3rd worlders in to destroy social cohesion, while they themselves remain ethnocentric-ly supremacist.”

            “I guess you haven’t been keeping up on the latest over there ? Like how those Black African Jews are being prosecuted and locked up if they don’t leave Israel …
            Fact is more and more are learning the Truth behind what has made for this BS nation state.
            One really only needs to read the Balfour declaration, to know this place was established by those oh so lovely… Zionist Rothschild’s, and their criminal cabal.
            As they say… you can fool some of the people, some of the time, but… not all of the time.”

            “funny. In answer to your first question, yes, although it would be more accurate to say certain influential Jews felt it would be in their best interest to break up the ethnic homogeneity of the US that existed in 1965. This is quite well documented in “The Culture of Critique”. The short version of the argument is that following their negative experience in Europe during WW2, the Jews who fled to the US were, as a group, generally wary and concerned about the potential for nationalism rising again in other ethnically European, Christian states. In the case of the US, they understood that a minority group such as the Jews (who make up only 2% of the population) would be least conspicuous, and most able to safeguard their minority rights, if they could fragment the ethnic homogeneity of the US into various competing interest groups. Hence the Jewish funding and planning of the Civil Rights movement, the spearheading of so-called “Critical Theory” (aka Political Correctness) through the Frankfurt School, the opening of borders through the 1965 Immigration Act, and even feminism, which was led almost exclusively by Jewish women as well, and turned women against men and broke up the traditional nuclear family. I’m sure you’ll say this is conspiracy theory nonsense, but actually it doesn’t require too much “actual conspiring”, just the general hostility towards gentile power that has marked the Jews throughout their history. This isn’t even getting into the issue of Jewish control of the media, which is indisputable and admitted.”

            • Michael Sherman

              It’s clear. Criticism of Israel is legitimate. However, demonizing and delegitimizing
              Israel by singling it out for opprobrium out of proportion to any other party in the Middle East
              discriminatory and failing to recognize that is plain and simple anti-Semitic.

              • peacelover2345

                What you have written is true. However, the quotes I listed are NOT legitimate criticism of Israel. They are NOT legitimate at all. They are plain and simple anti-Semitic.

                • KoolaidAlex

                  Word confusion Anti-Zionism being equated with Antisemitism. Antisemitic is hatred towards Semites, and Arabs are Semites and Zionists hate them. Askenazim are neither Semites, nor of seed of Abraham, Issac or Jacob, nor Israelite. They descend from Khazars, a Mongol/Turkic/Magyar mixed race tribes in 8th Century converted to Talmudism from their pagan/gentile religion. They are the False Jews.

                  • peacelover2345

                    Word confusion.

                    Anti Semitism is hatred towards Jews, period. That was the purpose behind the creation of the word. That is the common meaning of the word. That is the dictionary definition of the word. End of story.

                    Zionists DO NOT hate Arabs. SOME Zionists may, just as SOME Arabs hate Jews, Just as SOME Americans hate both Jews and Arabs.

                    Ashkenazim ARE JEWS. Although their genes usually contain some gentile DNA, perhaps including Khazar, they ALSO contain clear genetic ties to Jews from the Middle East. Ashenazi Jews of the priestly caste¨(cohanim), show clear relationships to each other going all the way back to the time of Moses and Aaron.

                    In any case, there are NO FALSE JEWS. ALL JEWS are Jewish, like all Muslims are Muslim and all Christians are Christian.

                    • KoolaidAlex

                      Merging Zionism and Antisemitism into one concept is a major error which is misleading. Jesus warns us of the Blasphemy of those who call themselves Jews and are not, they lie and are of the Synagogue of Satan. False doctrines introduced by Freemasons such as John Darby and Cyrus Scofield (funded by the Zionist Samuel Untermeyer) have lead many Christian’s to apostasy with the false demonic doctrines of devils and demons principally Christian Zionism and the false rapture theory. In the end times we experience the great falling away into apostasy, the like of John Hagee are leading their congregations to damnation. True Christianity in found only in the words of Jesus, it is up to us if we ignore the truth he spoke. The Chosen people myth was dependent up keeping the covenant; this covenant was rejected and ultimately by rejecting the Messiah Jesus Christ. Holding up the Jewish people as supreme is a form of idolatry as expressed in the chosen people doctrines. The most vicious persecutors of the early Church was by Jews, and in these time the persecution will return. John 8:32-47 reveals important truths. Israel is the result of Luciferian, Freemasonic and Satanic Jews to colonize the land, and the state is a Judeo Masonic state established for the purpose of rebuilding a 3rd temple for false messiah. True Christians bow only to Christ, God and truth and not to worship a falsehood. Those Christians taking to false doctrines, will reject Christ embrace a false messiah and worship the Jews as if they were Gods; they shall be gathered up with the tares and be burnt. “and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

                      • peacelover2345

                        I exposed ALL your previous claims as FALSE. Instead of discussing what I had to say, you now come back with something completely new: – RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY. You should be ashamed.

              • KoolaidAlex

                Correction Anti-Zionism is legitimate and does not equate to Antisemitism. Criticism is necessary in exposing evil and speaking the truth.

                • Michael Sherman

                  It certainly does equate to anti-Semitisim and I’ll tell you why. Zionism is the self-determination of Jews in their historic homeland, something which society has and is glad to confer on other ethnicities in their respective homelands. To withhold it or to deny
                  self-determination to Jews is discriminatory. Further, Zionism is affirmative action for Jews
                  as it is meant to address and redress historic discrimination against Jews, just as other
                  groups that have suffered discrimination over the years (minority groups, women) have
                  had affirmative action programs in place or put in place to remedy this.

                  To deny this to Jews is discriminatory, particularly when it is conferred or granted to other
                  groups is discrimination against Jews. And discrimination against Jews is anti-Semitism.

                  • Montelatici

                    It is a dilemma. Self-determination for Jews with the colonization of Palestine withheld self-determination for the Christians and Muslims of Palestine who had to be removed in order to allow the Europeans of the Jewish faith to settle there and create a state that was neither Christian or Muslim. Surely, if the Christians and Muslims (or their descendants) expelled from Palestine complain, it can’t be considered antisemitism

                    • Michael Sherman

                      I fail to see where the Christians fit in your thesis. The Muslims of Palestine had a clear
                      opportunity for joint self-determination along with the Jews when the UN resolved to partition the land into a Palestinian state and a Jewish state. The Jews were accepting
                      of this resolution. Regrettably, the Arabs did not and went to war, lost badly and fled on the advice of their leaders. The Palestinians had a clear opportunity for self-determination in a state of their own and declined it. Now they wish to deny Jews their self-determination in a
                      state of their own in claiming all of the land for themselves. In sum, calling for self-determination for the Muslims of Palestine while denying it for the Jews of Palestine is
                      discriminatory and hence anti-Semitic.

                      • Montelatici

                        But nearly half of the Muslims and Christians were in the part of Palestine assigned to the European Jews. What clear opportunity did they have?

                      • LIE?

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    • We need hack and leak Jew secrets for fun. Knowing jew secrets means knowing jew weakness

    • Adam_Rodriguez

      The great irony is they are doing the most damage themselves to their image. Just like the person who talks the loudest all the time with the most shrill voice becomes the most annoying and disliked person in the room because no one wants to hear them or hear their wild embellishments.

    • John Backs

      Ive been getting the tin foil hat line for years…….
      At least people are finally getting some truth.

    • Old Polish Proverb

      “The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

      • peacelover2345

        the old Poles were notorious for their evil anti-Semitism, so what you wrote may possibly be legitimate.

    • gsgsgfsfg

      We need a second Holocaust.

    • A Jew-run industry, pushing ugly Jewesses as the standard of beauty, supporting Jews and Jewish supremacy world-wide! who would have thought?!?!

    • LeventTaskan

      I thought I read “Help the fight against Humans by donating today.” at some point.

    • Carson Busses

      Multiple race riots in Israel over the span of several years has happened. Why isn’t CNN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS, ABC, CBS, NBC bombarding us with news coverage of these riots 24/7?

      • peacelover2345

        multiple race riots have happened in many US cities over the span of several years. Why isn’t CNN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS, ABC, CBS, NBC bombarding us with news coverage of these riots 24/7?

        WHY SHOULD THEY? Are you so much of a bigot that you think this, OR ANYTHING ELSE, warrants such coverage? TV Coverage has to be newsworthy. Apart from you and perhaps a few other Jew haters, who would be interested in constant coverage?

        • Carson Busses

          You are such a moron. Every time it happens in the US it becomes GLOBAL NEWS! Except for the jews our jewish controlled news will never allow extensive coverage of ISRAELS RACISM!

          • peacelover2345

            I don’t consider you calling me a moron a worrisome insult.

            • N33H4NS

              how about him refuting everything you said?
              worried about that? XD

              • peacelover2345

                Reading the correspondence, it is I who did the refuting and it is Carson who was refutated.

                • N33H4NS

                  sure you did kid
                  sure you did

                  • BRG Racing

                    If you don’t believe the news in this country is carefully controlled by people sympathetic to Israel, then you don’t know Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes!!Fox News has around 60% penetration of the US populace by hardcore Hasbara approved propaganda that is pro Israel sometimes by not even mentioning events in and around Israel no matter how newsworthy. Excluding stories is a powerful tool. Not to mention an awkward bias in all the other outlets who are afraid to say anything anti-Israel in fear of being called anti-semitic. which is what I am sure some will call me for telling the truth. Looking forward to it.

    • 3seas

      The origination if Israel is when Jacob claimed he battled god and god threw out Jacob’s hip and gave Jacob the name Israel. And this happened in the dark of night with no witnesses and the people he was with were all across the river. He was alone and the claimed battle came to an end right before sun rise.

      Jacob made up the story to hide how he really threw out his own hip.

      Israel is the chosen ones and Hebrew being the bases of their religion as well as the bases of Christianity and Islam. Israel chosen by Jacob to fall and with it take the top two most popular religions with it, where the rest will follow. And when the religion divide is gone, there will be lasting peace.

      How do I know? Its self evident

      see also the wiki home page

    • Dave Middleton

      Just reading this thread makes me sick. Religion in all of its evil manifestations is truly evident here. The hate and name calling and vindictiveness exhibited is appalling. You should be ashamed of yourselves. The world is cursed by religion.

      • S Rai

        Finally, a voice of reason. But I will say this, religion is not the root of all evil, it is the tool used by people in power who are evil to the core.

      • chasdurham


    • Carson Busses

      Jews swear they are not a racist, nepotistic race. But who did they pick to replace the loud mouth Jew at Sony? ANOTHER JEW! That’s right jews always pick jews for job positions even when they are under qualified. If any other group did this it would be a Jew lawyer handing them a lawsuit.

    • Carson Busses

      Jewish NGOs flooded Europe with Muslims and now fight against their own creation through the goyim. Ask yourself why would they do this?

      • peacelover2345

        do you ACTUALLY BELIEVE the garbage you have written? Have you even read and thought about it before you posted it?

        • Carson Busses

          Listen to Barbara Spectre talk about jewish involvement in forced multiculturalism. A multiculturalism they refuse to practice in Israel.

          • peacelover2345

            They DO practice multi-culturalism in Israel. They practice multi-culturalism in the USA and Canada, They are practicing multi-culturalism more and more throughout Europe. That is a natural, unavoidable result of the massive population migrations taking place in all these places.

            • Carson Busses

              israel uses the western world as a dumping ground for all of its immigrants. you’re not fooling anyone. Israel has AFRICANS IMPRISONED in CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Deliberately STERILIZED AFRICAN WOMEN. Then dumps their immigrants claiming they don’t have any room. THATS A LIE.

              • peacelover2345

                Your comments here are another of your series of lies and fabrications. PROVIDE EVIDENCE for these allegations. Put up or shut up.

                • Carson Busses

                  Hey Moshe I think its Chaims shift now. You can go to sleep.

                • Carson Busses

                  “The arrival of thousands of Muslim infiltrators to Israeli territory is a clear threat to the state’s Jewish identity. … On the one hand, it treats the refugees and migrants in a humane way. On the other hand, it does not threaten Israel’s future and our goal to maintain a clear and solid Jewish majority.”


                  Notice the phrases “jewish identity” and “jewish majority”. Typical racist jewish behavior.

                  • peacelover2345

                    You DO realize that your link is to a Australian site that is expressing the same fears of being overrun by immigrants that you find so abhorrent if ever expressed by an Israeli? And that this same article mentions that Israeli treatment of its immigrants is very humane.

                    You DO realize that there are people in EVERY SINGLE western country, including the US and Canada, that feel the same way?

                    By the way, where is your voluminous evidence of concentration camps and the dumping of Israeli immigrants on other countries, as well as the forced sterilization?.

              • peacelover2345

                Why don’t you answer my request for proof? I repeat–Put up or shut up.

                • justice more than you desire

                  “We are profoundly convinced that Jewish survival will depend on Jewish statehood in Palestine, on the one hand, and on the existence of a creative, conscious and well adjusted community in this country on the other. Such a creative community can exist only within the framework of a progressive and expanding democratic society, which through its institutions and public policies gives full expression to the concept of cultural pluralism.”

                  -David Petegorsky
                  -Executive Director of the American Jewish Congress at the AJC biennial convention in 1948

                  Let me translate that for you:

                  “Jewish survival depends creating a strong Jewish ethnocentric state in Israel and breaking apart the white ethnocentric state in America with multiculturalism.”

                  The very concept of “Cultural Pluralism” what we now call “multiculturalism” was created by the Zionist Jew Horace Kallen.

                  Jews want gentile nations do be fractured compositions of varied ethnic groups. That way Jews do not feel pressured to assimilate by a large homogenous majority. They want to be just one ethnic group among many. Accept in Israel, where they have their own strong homogenous majority. Notice today, the demand that Israel be accepted as a “Jewish State”.

                  I have just quoted the words of the AJC Director, saying clearly that this is their goal, 17 years before the AJC finally succeeded in pushing the Immigration Act of 1965.

                  Here is the proof you so proudly demand from everyone.

                  • peacelover2345

                    You quote one person who gave HIS thoughts to a convention audience. Your interpretation of that speech as being the goal of American Jews is incorrect. Your “translation” of what his words really mean is also incorrect. Your description of Israeli society as homogenous is incorrect.

                    Bottom line-you are all wrong-overanxious to knock the Jews and so you grasp at straws.

                    • justice more than you desire

                      “one person”

                      No, he was the head of the AJC, the organization primarily responsible for non-white immigration in America.

                      “goal of American Jews”

                      It is the goal of those actively involved in promoting non-white immigration. Here is another quote by your fellow tribesman:

                      “The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country. We [Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to ethnic bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible….”*

                      -Earl Raab of Brandeis University’s Institute of Jewish Advocacy
                      -from one of his columns in the San Francisco Jewish Bulletin

                      “Your translation”

                      Let us hear your mighty shill skills. Give a more clear translation. Maybe it will cause you to read the quotation carefully.

                      “Israel is not homogenous”

                      It sure wants to be. That is an entirely different conversation, one that you had better ask one of your Zionist brethren about. I suppose gentiles will be allowed in the perfected Israel, of course, they will be slaves:


                      • peacelover2345

                        Gentiles are allowed in Israel. They always have and always will be. In fact 20.5% of Israelis are GENTILE As well, the Christian population is growing in Israel, while it is shrinking everywhere else in the Middle East.

                        The Jewish population is far from homogenous. There are Jews from many countries, many native languages and various colours. There are also non Jewish immigrants. Israel is probably as multicultural as the US.

                        I haven’t verified your quotes attributed to Earl Raab, but I FAIL TO SEE THE EVIL IN THE FOLLOWING;”We [Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to ethnic bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible’

                        Working against “ethnic bigotry” is a terrible thing? In YOUR mind perhaps. Not in mine.

                      • justice more than you desire

                        I do not believe working against ethnic bigotry is a bad thing. That is why I am critic of Judaism.

                        The issue I have with Raab is his celebration of the downfall of White Ethnic homogeneity and how it benefits the Jews.

                        “non-Jewish immigrants”

                        “Israel is probably as multicultural as the US.”
                        Having different ethnicities in your nation which you abuse and keep behind walls is not “multiculturalism”.

                        The pre-1960’s American south also had many ethnicities. The Jews were marching carrying the Torah to end racial discrimination against blacks by evil whitey. Where are the hundreds of American Jews protesting for equal rights for the Palestinians and African migrants? They are by and large silent, except for the courageous handful who are spat upon and beaten by their fellow Jews.

                        South Africa had many ethnic groups but it was an apartheid state. Jews were central in bringing down apartheid South Africa, where are they in Israel?

                        Why the double standard?

                        It is very disingenuous to claim the very people who are beaten and driven out, and even sterilized so they cannot reproduce, are part of one happy rainbow nation of Cultural Pluralism.

                        It is disingenuous to claim the Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza are equal citizens as Israeli Jews.

                      • peacelover2345

                        There are no ethnicities in Israel which are abused and kept behind walls. There is NO SUCH THING in Israel. The Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza are NOT IN ISRAEL. They are NOT Israeli citizens and so cannot be equal citizens to Israeli Jews (or Israeli Arabs, or Israeli Christians).. They are NOT IN any Israeli statistics or part of the population in any way.

                        Raab is only one person, who made a speech in which he expressed his opinions and feelings. He DID NOT SAY the downfall of White Ethnic homogeneity benefits the Jews. He said it was benefiting AMERICA.
                        There were Jewish marchers against South African Apartheid, against racism in the US south. These were a militant minority of progressive, liberal, idealistic Jews. There are now a militant minority of such Jews who march for equal rights for Palestinians and African migrants.
                        There have always been and will always be a militant, idealistic minority of Jews and non Jews, who march for ideals which they feel are needed to better the world.

                  • peacelover2345

                    The concept of “Cultural Pluralism” or what we now call “multiculturalism:-

                    -As a philosophy, multiculturalism began as part of the pragmatism movement at the end of the nineteenth century in Europe and the United States, then as political and cultural pluralism at the turn of the twentieth. It was partly in response to a new wave of European imperialism in sub-Saharan Africa and the massive immigration of Southern and Eastern Europeans to the United States and Latin America. Philosophers, psychologists and historians and early sociologists such as Charles Sanders Peirce, William James, George Santayana, Horace Kallen, John Dewey, W. E. B. Du Bois and Alain Locke developed concepts of cultural pluralism, from which emerged what we understand today as multiculturalism. In Pluralistic Universe (1909), William James espoused the idea of a “plural society.” James saw pluralism as “crucial to the formation of philosophical and social humanism to help build a better, more egalitarian society

                    • justice more than you desire

                      “Charles Sanders Peirce, William James, John Dewey”

                      These men were Pragmatist philosophers who advocated the political philosophy of Pluralism.

                      “Pluralism as a political philosophy is the recognition and affirmation of diversity within a political body, which permits the peaceful coexistence of different interests, convictions and lifestyles.”


                      Pluralism advocates tolerance of multiple political views within a governmental body or political party and seeks to avoid extremism in political thought. It is a kind of political “can’t we all just get along”.

                      This is not “Cultural Pluralism”: a plurality of ethnic groups coexisting with separate competing interests in a non-homogenous mixed ethnicity America.

                      Kellen took the previously existing political philosophy of Pluralism and applied it to ethnicity in America. This is why he added the word “Cultural” to the previously existing term “Pluralism”.

                      Astrid B. Boening has made a mistake in her EU presentation, which you quoted (this was not a presentation on the history multiculturalism, hence its obvious brevity), when conflating these early Pluralists with Cultural Pluralism which arose later, borrowing their political concepts and applying them to race relations.

            • G-Man

              Bullshit. Maybe do a bit of research on *which ethnic group* pushed the 1965 Immigration Act in the US? Much the same applies to the EU policies, are even aware of Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi, president of the Pan-European Union (which preceded the EU)? Do a little research, read “Culture of Critique” and then get back to me.

              • peacelover2345

                Never mind who “pushed” multi cultural legislation, That is beside the point.

                What exactly did I say that is not true? Is multi culturalism spreading as I said? Is there mass immigration in all these countries which cause multi cultures to exist and be forced to co-exist with each other?

                What alternatives do you recommend?

                • G-Man

                  Huh? Of course figuring out who was responsible for turning America from a majority white nation into a future majority Hispanic nation is important.

                  Alternatives? Strict border enforcement. Focus on skilled labor. Australian Points System.

                  • peacelover2345

                    Are you saying that the Jews are plotting to turn America into a future majority Hispanic nation? Why would they want that?

                    Right now the US has extremely strict border enforcement. Most of the Hispanics who keep streaming in are illegal immigrants who seem to arrive in unstoppable waves, despite the thousands of border guards and $billions spent on border enforcement.

                    • G-Man

                      funny. In answer to your first question, yes, although it would be more accurate to say certain influential Jews felt it would be in their best interest to break up the ethnic homogeneity of the US that existed in 1965. This is quite well documented in “The Culture of Critique”. The short version of the argument is that following their negative experience in Europe during WW2, the Jews who fled to the US were, as a group, generally wary and concerned about the potential for nationalism rising again in other ethnically European, Christian states. In the case of the US, they understood that a minority group such as the Jews (who make up only 2% of the population) would be least conspicuous, and most able to safeguard their minority rights, if they could fragment the ethnic homogeneity of the US into various competing interest groups. Hence the Jewish funding and planning of the Civil Rights movement, the spearheading of so-called “Critical Theory” (aka Political Correctness) through the Frankfurt School, the opening of borders through the 1965 Immigration Act, and even feminism, which was led almost exclusively by Jewish women as well, and turned women against men and broke up the traditional nuclear family. I’m sure you’ll say this is conspiracy theory nonsense, but actually it doesn’t require too much “actual conspiring”, just the general hostility towards gentile power that has marked the Jews throughout their history. This isn’t even getting into the issue of Jewish control of the media, which is indisputable and admitted.

                      Re: immigration, what you’re saying doesn’t even make sense. It’s quite clear to me that by spending a bit more on border enforcement (by, say, reallocating some of the funds from the foolish wars we have been conducting in the ME at Israel’s behest) the border could be easily closed. Some more drones and police, voila. Along with a concomitant reduction in welfare that encourages high birthrates and would make the US less appealing to moochers. Lastly, Obama’s amnesty for illegals has to stop; all illegals should be deported. But of course, it won’t, because Democrats know they are stacking the system in their favor for eternity, and Repubs realize the power of the hispanic vote and listen to business interests who like cheap labor. It’s already too late.

                      • justice more than you desire

                        I totally agree. It is not a “conspiracy”. Jews actively oppose and tear down gentile societies. This is the consistent force behind whatever “ism” a Jew finds himself pushing. It is part of the Jewish intellectual and cultural milieu.

                        This goes back thousands of years, to the creation of the Torah itself. A hard line ISIS like condemnation of all Gentiles and call for their destruction combined with a sacred victimhood narrative.

                      • peacelover2345

                        You and G-man make a good pair. Two anti-Semitic fools who spout nonsense.

                      • justice more than you desire

                        Again with the hateful insults. I have never once resorted to name calling, yet again and again you show your level of civility.

                        Yes, I am a proud anti-semite. I am against Semitism in its many forms, an ideology of bigotry and hatred. This can be seen easy enough in your defense of it.

                      • peacelover2345

                        Your writings and descriptions of Jews are definitely pejorative name calling.

                        As for Semitism, you seem to be just as confused about this word as about all your anti-Jewish thoughts. Semitism is NOT an ideology. There is NO IDEOLOGY of that name. Look it up in the dictionary.

                      • justice more than you desire

                        If semitism is meaningless, than anti-semitism is meaningless.

                      • peacelover2345

                        What you call harsh truths are in fact DISTORTIONS and misconceptions which you falsely label as truths.

                        I never said Semitism is meaningless. I said it is NOT an ideology. It may not even be a real word. But anti-Semitism IS a real word and it has a real meaning.

                      • peacelover2345

                        A whole lot of words to spout your anti-Jewish nonsense. You sir are an ANTI-SEMITE, plain and simple.

                        Your comments about immigration are also nonsense, although here you claim that it is not only the Jews that you resent, but also politicians in BOTH parties as well as business interests.

                      • G-Man

                        I’ll continue believing in my “nonsense” until you can mount a rebuttal that has any substance, apart from ad hominems.

                      • peacelover2345

                        You want a rebuttal to PROVE that your conspiracy theories are UNTRUE? What sort of evidence can definitively prove that? If I allege that YOU secretly control the media-can you PROVE definitively that you do not? If I allege that you are prejudiced against Jews, can you PROVE you are not? SHOW ME.

                        Can YOU prove YOUR allegations, which include not only what you claim people did, but also the reasons that they did so? SHOW ME.

                      • G-Man

                        justicemorethanyoudesire already presented several quotes that you could not deny. The fact is I could copy-paste a ton of such quotes as the history of Jewish intellectualism is rife with them. For example, find me the white European equivalent of say, a Noel Ignatiev – a University professor calling for the extermination of black and brown people. I’ll wait.

                      • peacelover2345

                        You consider this to be a reply to my comment above? WHO is Noel Ignatiev and how is he relevant, and how is whatever he may have said related in any way to ANSWERING the various points I raised in my comment?

                      • G-Man

                        Forgive me if I’m a bit tired of trying to explain myself to a spastic shill. If you won’t even look up Noel Ignatiev, why should I bother continuing the conversation? Several people have tried to talk sense to you, but you put in the maximum of “shouting” with minimum of effort.

                      • peacelover2345

                        OK. I have looked up Noel Ignatieve. I disagree with him on everything he has written. BUT he DOES NOT call for the extermination of black and brown people, or of any people at all. In fact, he seems to support black and brown people, and is against saying that humanity is divided into races..

                        You have not put in any genuine effort to explain yourself. I have asked you relevant, probing questions which, by answering, you COULD explain yourself. However, so far, instead of answering, you chose avoidance and cheap insults.

                        As for the quotes presented by justicemorethanyoudesire, I HAVE denied them. What you call “Talking sense” is in fact nothing but biased opinions, UNSUPPORTED by fact.

                      • G-Man

                        You obviously didn’t look very hard, Ignatiev calls for the destruction of white people, and he was allowed to teach at Harvard (for a time). Do a youtube search for Noel Ignatiev.

                      • peacelover2345

                        Look again. He wants to abolish “whiteness” as a sociopolitical category.Ignatiev is part of a group of social scientists of the late 20th and early 21st centuries who view race distinctions and race itself as a social construct, not a scientific reality

                        Again, please stop ignoring the vast majority of what I wrote to you.

                      • G-Man

                        Oh, I see, when he says “Abolish the white race” he’s just speaking *metaphorically*. Barf. He is trying to find a fancy academic justification for his blatantly obvious racism. In fact I’d say genocidal ideation goes beyond mere racism: he is a rabid dog who eats, sleeps, and breathes hatred (and quite possibly envy) of whites.

                      • MarxMarvelous
                      • peacelover2345

                        Think about it. He said “ABOLISH” , not eliminate. He is against ALL racial descriptions, which he says are harmful.. He believes people should not be pigeon holed into racial boxes. That they should just be people.

                        In addition, he, together with most Jews, are “white”. Why would he or Jews in general, want to be “eliminated”? Jews had enough of that under the Nazis.

                      • MarxMarvelous

                        Jews are not “white” –

                      • peacelover2345

                        They look white to me. What color do you see?

                      • MarxMarvelous

                        they RARELY offer rebuttals…just name-calling and teeth-gnashing.

                      • peacelover2345

                        If you read the whole series of back and forth comments, you would notice that there are several rebuttals.

                • MarxMarvelous

                  yes, yes, ignore the man behind the curtain….the jews open the floodgates of white countries allowing 3rd worlders in to destroy social cohesion, while they themselves remain ethnocentric-ly supremacist.

                  • peacelover2345

                    You stupid fool. Do you actually believe that the “Jews” are one monolithic entity that manipulate world affairs, in order to destroy every country other than Israel? That all non Jews in power, in every country, are idiots who are easily manipulated into policies that are harmful? That only Jew haters are capable of seeing the truth?

                    How do you account for the wide spectrum of opinions, on EVERY SUBJECT, including multiculturism, espoused by Jews? How do you account for the rainbow of peoples living in Israel, including immigrants and refugees of different races and religions?

                    • MarxMarvelous

                      of course not “all”…but the supremacist hostile elite do enough damage on their own.

                      • peacelover2345

                        May some of your irrational hatred eventually bite you in the a*s.

                    • Fed up with the FED !

                      I guess you haven’t been keeping up on the latest over there ? Like how those Black African Jews are being prosecuted and locked up if they don’t leave Israel …
                      Fact is more and more are learning the Truth behind what has made for this BS nation state.
                      One really only needs to read the Balfour declaration, to know this place was established by those oh so lovely… Zionist Rothschild’s, and their criminal cabal.
                      As they say… you can fool some of the people, some of the time, but… not all of the time.

                      • peacelover2345

                        You seem to be a Jew hater who spouts lies and nonsense. Israel is working to get rid of its population of illegal immigrants, NOT Black African Jews. Here are some facts. Educate yourself, if you have the mental capacity:

                        “Some 60,000 impoverished Africans, most from Eritrea and Sudan, have slipped into Israel across its southern border with Egypt since 2005, fleeing repressive regimes and seeking work. The influx has caused friction with Israeli locals and several incidents recently turned violent. Authorities, alarmed by the swelling numbers, say the migrants are a burden on the economy and threaten to undermine Israel’s Jewish character.

                        Facing a public uproar, the government launched a campaign last week to round up and expel migrants from South Sudan and other countries that have friendly relations with Israel, and therefore would be expected to treat returning citizens well. In all, it hopes to expel 4,500 Africans.

                        In reality, the operation will only make a small dent in the total number of migrants. Under an international treaty, Israel cannot deport those from Sudan, an enemy state, or to Eritrea, a country with a miserable human rights record, because they could face harm if they return to their homelands.

                        In addition, other Africans continue to flood into Israel. Interior Ministry spokeswoman Sabine Haddad said that while Israeli authorities rounded up about 300 people over the past week, some 260 more Africans entered Israel illegally.

                        Haddad said the people leaving Sunday had agreed to go after being threatened with arrest. In all, more than 500 agreed to leave within the past week, and another flight is scheduled for next week, she said. Adults who sign the voluntary departure form will receive 1,000 euros ($1,300) apiece to help them resettle, and minors will be given 500 euros ($650) each, she said.

                        The wave of migration has set off a heated debate in Israel. Some believe Israel, founded as a refuge for survivors of the Holocaust, has a special responsibility to help those in need. Others say the problem is not Israel’s alone to solve, and that the flood of migrants could undermine the country’s Jewish identity.

                        Many of the migrants have concentrated in impoverished neighborhoods, and their growing presence has created mounting tensions with locals who accuse them of rapes and other crimes. In an alarming recent development, several migrants and African homes and businesses have been attacked.

                        Migrants’ advocates were appalled by the forced departures.

                        “They (the migrants) tell the cameras, we are happy, we are proud, but in private conversations, they tell us they’re very afraid,” said Orit Marom of the Asaf organization.

                        To Marom’s criticisms, Haddad replied that the cash the migrants would receive “is equal to more than a year’s salary” in South Sudan.

                        Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has called the migrants “a national scourge,” told his Cabinet on Sunday that the government has stopped allowing migrants to enter Israeli cities. Instead, they are to be arrested at the border and put into detention.

                        “Jews have a tradition of treating foreigners humanely, and even when we have to remove them from within our midst out of a state’s desire to rule its borders, we shall do it humanely and express ourselves with restraint and humanity,” he said.

                        A detention center the government had approved more than a year ago to hold thousands of migrants has not been completed, though Israel is working to build a fence along the Egyptian border meant to keep out both migrants and militants. In addition to the detention center, it plans to build a tent city to hold 20 000 other migrants. ” Sapa-AP

                      • Fed up with the FED !

                        Blah, blah… blah ! You really out did yourself here… I haven’t a dog in this fight (per se’)
                        Being that I’m neither a Jew, or Arab, or from Africa… But I am a Human Being that see’s something Very Wrong over there.
                        These Blacks from Africa, are Jewish Ethiopian’s … and they didn’t “sneak” into Israel, as you spew all this cover story on why these so-called pretend Jews your in support of are behaving as such.
                        It doesn’t take much to learn the TRUTH behind these people I speak of. That being the Evil Zionist, who it seems follow this book called the Talmud. What filth and madness is written in there, is … beyond belief.
                        If your not already living in Israel… please do so. Because America doesn’t need to be involved with such scum.

                      • peacelover2345

                        What lies and madness are spewed by Jew hater such as yourself is beyond belief. This includes everything in your comment above. You DO have a dog in this fight: You hate Jews.

                        The immigrants in question are NOT JEWS. They are ILLEGAL migrants who have entered Israel, mainly for economic reasons. Just like the illegal migrants who enter the US and western Europe.

                        Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia are integrated into Israeli society. They do face discrimination, just like blacks in the US, France, Germany, England. But they are integrated and are not being deported.

                        Your views on the Talmud, like ALL your views about Jews, are based on lies and exaggerations spewed on white supremacist and Jew hating websites.

                        Why don’t you do some proper research before shooting off your mouth. Right now, you are exposing yourself as an ignorant loser, full of hatred, who lashes out blindly at other people

                        Basically, you and others like you, are scum.

                      • Fed up with the FED !

                        It’s amazing how some will take what is the truth of the matter, and spin it like you’ve done on here. Is there a class you right-wing Nut Zionist take on how to always bend the Truth !?
                        Just so were clear… the Black-Semitic-Jews I was referring to were from Ethiopia … not Sudan, or otherwise. These people did not sneak into Israel, and have as much right to be there, as these so-called Jews, who are Ashkenazi’s, Who a good majority of are Not Semites !
                        Fact is… they have even more right to be there than those your defending.
                        Just today I read how Israeli citizens who are Arabs haven’t homes to live in, because of these Ashkenazi Thugs taking over there homes. Much like how it’s been with these punks who are doing the same thing in the West Bank.
                        It seems it never ends, with this Theft of Others property !
                        Face it… the spin isn’t working anymore, because the World has “seen” first hand how these criminals operate over there.
                        What bothers me even more so, is knowing how these Evil Talmudic Zionist have manipulated, and infiltrated the USA !
                        Never did I think I’d live to see those who are running for the highest position in our government… stating their devotion “First” to Israel, before the citizens of this nation.
                        Well… that’s what happens when you let these Zionist banker bandits get total control of a nations currency … As was the case in 1913, with the establishment of the Federal Reserve, and like with so many other times in past history, One family name comes to mind as being the culprits behind it all… That being the Rothschild’s
                        Who were also responsible for the establishment of this little piece of land were told God gave the Jews some 4000 years ago !?
                        Is their a deed that can be seen regarding this ? LOL, oh… that’s right the promissory note is stated in the Bible. > yeah right.

                      • peacelover2345

                        ENOUGH OF YOUR CRAP.

                        PROVE that it is Ethiopian Jews being deported, NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

                        Everything you spout is lying Jew hatred garbage. You do not seem intelligent enough to question the stupid lies you swallow from all those hate sites you frequent. Too bad for you. Too bad for society-you are a wasted life, a loser.

                        But as for the deportations, I repeat: PROVE that it is Ethiopian Jews being deported, NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

                      • Fed up with the FED !

                        Clam down little man… Those of us who don’t agree with you, understand your having difficulty having to confront this cognitive dissonance as such, but the Truth hurts sometime.
                        The sooner you accept this reality of yours, … The sooner your going to be able to face the Truth of it all.
                        see… I don’t hate you, or Jews
                        Aloha !

                      • peacelover2345

                        You sure take a lot of words to AVOID providing the proof requested. Way to go a**hole.

                      • chasdurham


                      • Fed up with the FED !

                        “Not” an “anti-Semite”, is right Chas… Being that those who would refer to me as such haven’t any Semitic blood in their DNA, for the most part.
                        What’s ironic is having learned this from a genic scientist with a PHD who was born in Israel… I believe he can be found on the campuses of Temple University ? (seriously) about a year ago this guy wrote and published a white-paper stating that the majority of those who believe themselves to be of the 12 tribes of Israelites … or what they’d claim are “Gods Chosen People”, aren’t of any of the blood-lines they refer to ?!
                        These heathens… come from a land that sat between the Caspian, and Black Seas, back in 700 AD. … Known as the Kingdom of Kazaria. What was Turkish Mongols… and the decendants of The Till of Han.
                        These pagan bad boys were said to be so deviant … that in 740AD their king made them adapt to the Jewish religion. Otherwise would have been wipe-out by the other various kingdoms that surrounded their land… !
                        Hey… I’d say these Mongols haven’t changed much to this day… Eh !?

                      • MarxMarvelous

                        not only locked up…forced sterilization!

                • Fed up with the FED !

                  I recommend the USA, stop spreading this BS about having democracy to those who were doing just fine before hand.
                  As was the case in Iraq, and Libya …

                  • peacelover2345

                    I don’t agree that Iraq and Libya were doing just fine. Neither did the citizens of those countries.

                    However, you have stated your opinion using reasonable language. That is your privilege.

                    • Fed up with the FED !

                      You don’t agree ? Perhaps you should have said, “You don’t know”… Because if you did, you’d know neither of these sovereign nations had problems with those like ISIS, or whatever their being referred to this week ?
                      Once again… the wise men who control the west, have implemented that tried, and true method on creating chaos where there was none, with their mercenary proxy “so-called jihadist armies”… All in their attempt to have global hegemony.
                      Yet for some reason, those in Israel, and Saudi Arabia are left unscathed by it all ?
                      What’s sad here is having those like yourself, clueless to the reality that Libya was prior to the Murder of Mommar, had been one of the most progressive, self-sufficient, sovereign nations in that part of the world.
                      Being that I “knew” those from there. I know this to be absolutely True !

                      • peacelover2345

                        What I said was: “I don’t agree that Iraq and Libya were doing just fine. Neither did the citizens of those countries.”

                        In both cases, the citizens were overjoyed and cheered when the regimes were overthrown. They definitely lacked freedom, and many people were tortured and killed.

                        HOWEVER, there was definitely MUCH MORE stability in those days. Both countries are now subjected to chaos and lawlessness. So conditions are NOT BETTER, and in fact may be WORSE.

                      • chasdurham

                        BULLS EYE. WE MURDERED HIM .

    • RobR

      so has Hamas finally agreed to recognise the State of Israel and it’s right of existence? Has Iran changed it’s mind on wanting to wipe Israel off the face of earth?

    • Iozap Kadamon

      lol I see very difficult wash the face of Zionism, even using acid to remove dirt

    • Adeski

      anti-Zionist is not anti-Semitic.

      • Eustace2

        But it is utterly retarded.

        Why do you want to replace a stable democracy with another Muslim hellhole? Did you learn nothing from what happened to South Africa?

        • G-Man

          What happened to South Africa is giving power to low IQ blacks. What does it have to do with “Muslim Hellholes”?

          • king of idiots

            G-Man, what happen to south Africa and the way it is now is because of say social and economical inequalities . u have such deficient wisdom that cannot reason well just pointing hand to others group in question to make u feel like some kind of intellect,

            • G-Man

              Why is it, that even when black people have complete demographic and governmental control of an entire country, and the few whites remaining are actively being genocided without a peep from the international community, is it still somehow Whitey’s fault? How is the fact that South Africa has the highest known rate of rape in the world Whitey’s fault? How does poverty make people rape in epidemic numbers?

              Same thing’s been happening in Baltimore. President is black, mayor is black, chief of police is black, most police officers are black – but it’s still somehow Whitey’s problem. Not only that, but Baltimore has some of the highest per-pupil spending in their educational system and the students still fail. Head Start failed too. Why is that, do you think?

      • peacelover2345

        Sometimes. Often it IS anti-Semitic.

        • Carson Busses

          Since you been at this for hours I guarantee peacelover2345 is a paid Israeli shillbot. Somebody else must have taken over his shift.

          • peacelover2345

            Your .”guarantee.” is as worthless and unreal as the rest of the racist garbage you peddle.

            • Carson Busses

              as is a jews word on yom kippur where the jew preemptively forgives themselves of all sins and agreements they intend to commit & break in the next year. yes, the true nature of the holiday was never the past years sins, its about preemptive forgiveness and breaking of obligations. the jews literally intend to commit sin and break agreements…

              • peacelover2345

                Strange that the Rabbis and religious texts tell Jews the opposite of what you say. I guess YOU know better.

                • N33H4NS

                  are you or are you not jewish?

                  • peacelover2345

                    Are you or are you not an anti-Semite. cuz that and your prevalence in this discussion kind of questions your objectivity here.

                    I mean reading the article and seeing your support of carson, I don’t think my assumption of you being an Israel-hating anti-Semite ” is all that far fetched

                    • N33H4NS

                      haha the anti-semite card, so soon?
                      that’s like the jewish version of godwin’s law or what?
                      and we haven’t gotten to Palastine yet, so you might want to keep that one up your sleeve just a while longer XD

                      we’re clearly discussing the zionist lobby in hollywood not all jews in existence ever so your whole anti-semite remark couldn’t be more misplaced. basically your dragging religion into this in order to be all offended for religious reasons.
                      I’m anti-lobbying the media to further your personal agenda whether it be the zionist lobby trying to cover up their war crimes, or the military industrial complex doing the same

                      • peacelover2345

                        Listen who ever you are. This article has been up for over a week. The author is biased. You are biased. Many of the commentators are clearly anti-Semites, to the extent that some clearly express hatred for Jews. At least one proudly admits to be an anti-Semite. You making the assumption that anyone criticizing any of this cannot be objective and assuming they are Jewish and/or an “Isreali Shilbot” is far from objective. YOU are not objective.

                        So, I repeat my question: Are you or are you not an anti-Semite.?

                        A yes answer would be definitive. A no would actually NOT be.

                      • N33H4NS

                        stop calling anti-zionist anti-semites
                        stop dragging poor innocent jews into your political bullshit.
                        you people wanna conquer some holy land in the desert and rid it of it’s original inhabitants.
                        me opposing any of this does in no way shape or form make me an anti semite nor does it give any reason to question my objectivity
                        you vehemently defending these war crimes using your silly little religion as a shield on the other hand clearly does.
                        that’ll be all, feel free to be offended and compare me to hitler or something, it’s what you religious nutjobs do best

                      • peacelover2345

                        Thank you for giving me permission to be offended. I am making use of that permission. I am offended.

                        Offended by the author and the aurhor’s biased mindset. Offended by some of the comments which are biased. Offended by the comments that are clearly anti-Semitic and those by out and out Jew haters.

                        Offended also by you and your slow witted responses, which clearly demonstrate your inability to properly understand the English language.

                        So I compare you not to Hitler. I compare you to Mortimer Snerd.

                      • N33H4NS

                        nice job there ignoring everything I said and focusing solely on a semi-witty closing statement that has no relevance to the discussion at hand.

                        also biased? seriously?
                        what part of directly quoting emails do you consider biased?
                        sure the opinion of the author shines trough clearly but every accusation made is backed up by emails where the people in question ADMIT to everything they’re being accused of in this article.

                        and finally, godwin’s law and a clear ad hominem fallacy regarding my mastery (or lack thereof) of the english language in the same sentence?

                        we’re not all native english speaker, attacking some1 on something as irrelevant as that only goes to show you have no real answer to any of my arguments and have to rely on cheap personal attacks.

                        either respond to my comments or just keep your zionist propaganda to yourself
                        cuz I have no interest in trying to convince religious nutjobs using logic and common sense since you people clearly seem to be seriously lacking in both departments
                        (see that’s how you do a proper ad hominem, calling people nazi’s is just cheap and easy and isn’t going to upset any1)

      • AmericanChristian1953

        Anti-Zionist is Pro-humanitarian

      • justice more than you desire

        Zionism IS Semitism

    • Olivia Matus

      I simply do not see the evil intent implied in this article by people wanting to make sure entertainers are not intimidated to perform in Israel; that another holocaust doesn’t happen; or that Hamas is defeated. Every country, uses publicity (or call it propaganda) to its own ends. It’s also amusing that for years, anti-semites have accused Jews of owning the media — obviously, this anti-Israel article proves that is far from true. This Israeli/Palestinian problem is not one of black and white, but of a multitude of greys – and the sooner people realize that, the quicker this kind of poisonous hate will lessen.

      • G-Man

        Jewish domination of the media is overwhelming. One would not necessary expect Sony to fall under this hegemony, given that it was originally a Japanese company, but here too we find the Jews have already gained a foothold. So no, I don’t think the article “proves this is far from true”, it just shows that in the case of a Japanese multinational, Jews and Jewish concerns are disproportionate, but not utterly dominant yet.

    • Thomas Zell

      “he concern raised by Kavanaugh and other participants is that declining opinions of Israel could lead to a second Holocaust.”

      Is there anything I can do to help? I’ll donate to the kickstarter, I’ll raise awareness on social media, I’ll do anything in my power to make this happen.

    • Truth

      I think with the internet and free flow of information the Zionists will no longer have an unchallenged monopoly on telling the story of the Middle East. They used to be able to say and make things up as they pleased without any way of people challenging or correcting their lies and distortions. Now they can no longer do this you can witness how insecure they’ve become, their entire PR campaign just reeks of desperation. There is also changing attitudes among young people today in the fact that racism, hatred and extreme nationalism are seen for the evils that they are, meaning that Israel cannot possibly

    • Truth

      I think with the internet and free flow of information the Zionists will no longer have an unchallenged monopoly on telling the story of the Middle East. They used to be able to say and make things up as they pleased without any way of people challenging or correcting their lies and distortions. Now they can no longer do this you can witness how insecure they’ve become, their entire PR campaign just reeks of desperation. There is also changing attitudes among young people today in the fact that racism, hatred and extreme nationalism are seen for the evils that they are, meaning that Israel cannot possibly ever be possible. You notice this in open-minded societies like in Europe. To support Israel you must be a morally repugnant person with a racist worldview, and as such views are decreasing so is support for Israel.

      • peacelover2345

        You write lies, then you compound the lie by using the name “Truth”, and then you vote for yourself, which is another way for you to lie.

    • webweave

      It sounds like Sony has broken some laws here because it sure looks like Sony is working on behalf of a foreign government. Is Sony registered as foreign lobbyist?

      • peacelover2345

        It sounds like wishful thinking on your part, brought on by your anti-Jewish prejudice.

      • webweave

        Notice my comment above focuses on the power and influence of the Sony Corporation and says nothing about religion but the following post by “peacelover2345” falsely accuses me of being anti-Jewish. Now notice that “peacelover2345” has made over 111 comments in this thread alone and over 4773 comments in total. What kind of person has time to make that many comments, could it be they are being paid to make comments?

        • peacelover2345

          What foreign government is Sony working on behalf of, that you feel they need to register as a foreign lobbyist?

          What kind of person has time to count how many times I comment, and then overstates the true number? Could it be that they are an unemployed loser who is being paid to make comments?

    • Richard M.

      Cheap shot pointing out the “racially insensitive comments”.
      It was just dark humor and it took place between two friends in private.
      I do it all the time and I don’t have a racist bone in my body.
      It’s funny & liberating to say taboo things in private.
      If they were racists, I’d say have at ’em but, after reading all their other E-mails, I’m certain neither one of them is racist.
      Keep focus on the efforts of people in the company to manipulate politics and public opinion, don’t jump on board the MSM’s “racist Sony” choo choo.

    • Pingback: Wikileaks Sony Hack Reveals Hollywood’s Hand In Repairing Israel’s Broken Image | Kleiteria()

    • justice more than you desire

      Just when Jews thought they had everything under control, the internet came along. People all over the world are waking up and they cannot stop it. This time it is not the easily pliable white people who are aware of their fanatical ethnocentrism and sociopathic need for control, most the people of the world understand what is happening.

      In fact, Americans are really the last people on Earth to wake up. It is because we are the most heavily propagandized. From cradle to grave we are given a daily dose of Shindler’s List.

      Of course, our one hope for salvation comes at the hand of the Jews. They ruthlessly pushed the Immigration Act of 1965, opening America to immigration from all over the world, just to destroy White Christian America because they absolutely hate us with all of their being. The upside is, these new Americans have no sympathy for the Jews and see them correctly as the rulers of America and oppressors of themselves. They are also immune to the whole holocaust guilt trip because WW2 is not their heritage.

      When Jewish power is openly challenged in white minority America, Israel will have to release from its host. Then comes the avalanche, a retribution, wherein the tribe reaps what it sows. Again and again and again.

      • Richard M.

        You lost me at “White Christian America”.
        Get off your computer, put on your white sheet & go blow the Grand Wizard.

        • Thomas Zell

          Better that than “White jewish Palestine”.

      • Elska_

        White minority America, what???? America is well over 70% white.

        • Thomas Zell

          It’s actually less than 50% now, but good job spreading disinformation, you’ve truly earned those sheckels.

          • peacelover2345

            Thomas. you crawled out from under a rock. Go back where you belong.

        • justice more than you desire

          I used the word “when”, indicating that I am speaking of the future. Whites are predicted to be a minority in America by 2044. White babies are below 50% of all babies being born in America even now.

          During the Civil Rights Era, Jews and Blacks were assuring whites they had no intention of bringing down White America, and simply wanted to live as equals and friends. Now that Whites are in an irreversible demographic decline, blacks and Jews cannot control their happiness and openly revel in it.

          They reveal their true motive all along was not to live as friends but to bring down Whitey.

      • Olivia Matus

        So, how many swastikas do you have in your house? Old hate never dies, it just reposts on Mint Press News.

      • Elska_

        To both of you – this is from the census. 77.7% of America is white. 75% of all babies born in 2003 were white. So get YOUR facts right.

        • justice more than you desire

          Your census data is 12 years old. YOU get YOUR facts right. Here is census data from 2014:

          “Whites now make up 63 percent of the population, but it’s an aging
          demographic, accounting for 79 percent of deaths but only 50 percent of
          births. In the last two years, more whites died than were born, Johnson
          said. “Such natural decrease is without precedent in U.S. history,” he
          added. “It was not expected until the 2020s.”

        • justice more than you desire

          For some reason my post is not showing.

          Your census data is 12 years old. The 2014 census shows non-Hispanic whites as being about 63% and non-hispanic white babies being 50% of all births.

          “Whites now make up 63 percent of the population, but it’s an aging demographic, accounting for 79 percent of deaths but only 50 percent of births. In the last two years, more whites died than were born, Johnson said. “Such natural decrease is without precedent in U.S. history,” he added. “It was not expected until the 2020s.”

          • Elska_

            ololol i made a typo to say 2003. If you actually opened the link, you’d see it’s for 2013.

          • Elska_

            Why are my comments not showing???
            I sad that it’s 2013’s data if you actually looked at the link, which you didn’t, and instead just looked at my typo.

        • G-Man

          your “facts” are woefully out of date. America will become a “majority-minority” Country by 2040 (meaning whites will no longer comprise 50% of the country, but no other group will be larger than whites yet), however by 2060 America will be majority Hispanic. THOSE are the correct figures.

          • Elska_

            please provide that projected data.

            • G-Man

              just google “whites to become a minority in…”

              it will give you plenty of links. Theses statistics are not controversial in the slightest, in fact the “browning” of America is happening more rapidly than anticipated due to higher hispanic birthrates.

              I’m predicting the collapse of america 10-20 years after this happens. It seems to be an inevitability given the amount of welfare blacks and hispanics use – there simply won’t be enough white people at that point to support the current economy with their taxes. My guess is the US will collapse and all-white ethno-states will arise from the ashes…probably the upper 1/3 of the US – washington, oregon, maybe northern california, all the way across to the new england states. At least, that would be the least violent, most humane outcome…

              • Elska_

                Wow. No references and racism to boot. Winning story.

                Based on this:

                Whites use more food stamps than any other race. By a landslide. 13% above blacks, 28% above Hispanics. How does that fit into your racist theory?

                • G-Man

                  Lol, someone’s college education was wasted. You need to look up the definition of “per capita”. Percentages are meaningless if you fail to take into account the overall percentage of each group within the population.

                  Hint: if blacks make up only 13% of the population, but use 24% of the welfare, while non-hispanic whites make up 60% of the population, but use only 38% of the welfare, which group uses more welfare PER CAPITA?

                  • Elska_

                    Nothing about ‘per capita’ was mentioned in your earlier comment. I just find it funny you’re talking about non whites using welfare when in fact more of the actual money coming out of food stamps is going to whites. That is how it relates to what you said. If you wanna judge all black americans based on how much of the population uses food stamps and other social welfares, that’s a different story. Also, whites make up 77.7% of America, not 60%. So, white people are paying taxes for a lot of other white people to use food stamps.

                    This doesn’t even include white privilege as a fact either, simply because most whites deny such a thing. Well, when you have a country full of white immigrants that slaughtered the natives and oppressed every other race including their own women up until the 1970s when it first started giving everybody equal chances, you’re gonna have a ways to go.

                    • G-Man

                      You’re all kinds of wrong. Regarding “per capita” not being mentioned, I didn’t think I had to, as it’s a no-brainer – any other way of looking at the statistics is completely meaningless. If a racial group is using more welfare than their percentage in the population, it’s reasonable to assume that as their population grows relative to the previous less-welfare-dependent majority population, it will put a great deal of strain on the economy.

                      Regarding “Also, whites make up 77.7% of America, not 60%”, again you’re wrong. 62.6% and falling rapidly, as of 2013. My guess is you’re looking at a number that includes hispanics.

                      Your last paragraph is completely laughable, you clearly gobble up all the bull that the Jewish media feeds you. Yes, white privilege largely doesn’t exist. If anything, the current system in America is biased in favor of blacks, thanks to affirmative action. Asians, especially, are victims of affirmative action (they have to score about 400 points higher on their SAT than blacks to even get considered for the same spots, if I remember correctly), which is why there is currently a class-action lawsuit against Harvard on behalf of Asians who have been unjustly punished by the preference for black underachievers. It’s also the reason you should probably never see a black doctor for anything serious, given affirmative action in medical schools.

                      Regarding “oppressing every other race”, funny, whites just did what every other race was doing, except they were more humane about it. I wonder what you would make of the fact that 1.5 million whites were enslaved by arabs as recently as the 19th century? Or the fact that it was whites (Americans, British, French) who were responsible for abolishing slavery worldwide in as many places as they had influence (whereas, among non-white arab and african nations, slavery wasn’t outlawed until as recently as the 1970s, and is still practiced throughout africa and the middle east until the present day).

                      Or perhaps you should look into the inconvenient fact that Jews were largely responsible for the slave trade to the Americas, not your average “whites”. Or that the first slave in the US was owned by a black man. Or that freed blacks owned a much higher percentage of slaves that whites in the South (around 20% or more of freed blacks owned slaves, compared to 5% of southern whites, and only 1.5% of all whites in the US at the time).

                      Or that, regarding the “oppression” of women, that in fact in 1960 most women were in happy marriages (women’s self-reporting of happiness in marriage was at about 80%), but that after voting rights for women were secured, feminism warped into a Jewish plot to foster man-hating and destroy the Christian nuclear family (I don’t suppose it ever occurred to you to wonder why basically all the feminists without exception were Jewish…seriously go down the list: Gertrude Stein, Bella Abzug, Susan Sontag, Betty Friedan, etc etc etc).

                      I can’t hold your hand through all this but you need to go on a bit of an intellectual journey outside of your comfort zone. To go back to the black thing, a good starting point for further thought is that blacks make up only 13% of the population but commit 50% of the murders, and basically 90% of the interracial rapes (in an average year, more than 20,000 white women are raped by blacks, while ZERO black women are raped by whites). You’ll have a fun time trying to justify how poverty or oppression *makes people rape*.

                      Good luck with your mental maturation process.

    • justice more than you desire

      If you suggest Jews work together to push collective ethnic interests from their seats of power in America, they deny it is true and accuse you of pushing crazy anti-semitic cabal conspiracies. If you produce proof that they are in fact doing this, they accuse you of being anti-semitic for resisting.

      Don’t expect this to make the mainstream media.

      • peacelover2345

        Why Don’t you PRODUCE PROOF you lightweight Jew hating cretin?

        • justice more than you desire

          Those who operate on the platform of proof and dispassionate reason do not need to use insults and intimidation to coerce people into their views. If you are able to rise above your emotionalism and vulgarity, I am willing to discuss this matter in detail, if not, it is a waste of my time.

          This article and the intercepted emails is proof in itself that Jews network and utilize their prominence in the entertainment industry to form public opinion. You are DEMANDING proof in the comment section of an article presenting clear proof.

          • peacelover2345

            Please SHOW me by quoting the relevant info, what proof this article presented. I frankly do not see any. I see the author using overwrought, emotional language rather than dispassionate reason.

            By the way, reading your comments on this thread, I see insults to Jews and blacks, along with accusations, for starters, that both are working to bring down Whitey. Your opinion of what is insulting vs dispassionate does not correspond to my opinion.

            • justice more than you desire

              Again, the article is presenting clearly that Jews in Hollywood pool their resources to support Zionism and Israel. Should I copy/paste the whole article?

              • peacelover2345

                The author wrote that SOME Jews Plus some Non Jews in Hollywood are concerned about some of the LIES spread about Israel, about anti-Semitism which is rising in Europe and on US College campuses. These people are concerned that the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish narrative has been getting out of hand and that THEY can use their skills to present the other side, the TRUTH, to counter the lies..

                Some of the article uses overwrought language to present the authors biased, anti Israel views. This is NOT Objective reporting of fact. This is pushing a biased agenda.

                Parts of the article include actual quotes from stolen emails. I have described the gist of these quotes in the way I believe is correct and as intended by the writers. YOU seem to place a nefarious interpretation on them
                Frankly, you place a negative connotation on everything Jews say and do. Truth be told, you are an anti-Semite.

                • justice more than you desire

                  So now you are NOT denying Jews in Hollywood pool their resources and expertise to advocate for Israel in America. You are simply presenting their perspective on why they are doing it and arguing it is correct.

                  “nefarious interpretation”

                  Yes, I do view collective Jewish goal seeking as negative. This is because it is largely not positive for Gentiles. I have already given the example of (some) Jews working to destroy White American cultural hegemony. For me, the destruction of my nations culture is a painful experience. I love my culture and I am watching it be recklessly destroyed right before my eyes by people who have absolutely no respect for my culture and feel no compunction about flushing it down the toilet.

                  For some reason Jews cannot place themselves in the shoes of gentiles. They only see themselves from the Jewish perspective, which is always gratifying and morally just.

                  Try seeing yourselves from the gentile perspective. Consider it an intellectual exercise in empathy. It is not very flattering.

                  After all, isn’t that what Jews have been teaching white people to do for the last 60 years i.e. white guilt.

                  Yes I am an anti-semite. An anti-semite is someone who looks at collective Jewish behavior from the non-Jewish perspective.

                  • peacelover2345

                    YOU SAID: “Yes I am an anti-semite. An anti-semite is someone who looks at collective Jewish behavior from the non-Jewish perspective.”

    • Aria Stock Loc

      Everyone knows that the Jews control the media. The real question is how do we get them out? Or at the very least remove this bias they have towards Israel? Israel lost all credibility once they attacked innocent Palestinian citizens. The fact that they’re still backing them up really shows you how non-neutral the media really is.

      • Richard M.

        Yeah, most of the “Jews” in the media appear to be decent, peace-loving people.
        Unfortunately, just as U.S. citizens have been duped into supporting a murderous military invasion of the Middle East (even anti-war liberals are failing to speak out against it), the “Jews” in the media have been duped into supporting the murderous acts of the Zionists who have hijacked Israel.

      • Thomas Zell

        Trade sanction against israel would be a good way to start.

      • peacelover2345

        Everyone knows you are an anti-Semitic a**hole. The fact that you and others like you frequent mintpressnews shows how non-neutral this rag really is.

        • Aria Stock Loc

          Anti-semitic? No. I stand for justice. At least 40% of my friends are Jewish but their state has committed illegal acts and I’m calling them out for it. The media is influenced by the Jews; Jews who prefer to turn a blind eye and point fingers at Middle Eastern countries than own up to their actions.

          Neither the Palestinians or the Jews are the ‘good guys’ here, but in this case, the Palestinians are the ones who have been wronged. They were forced out of their country, had buildings erected on top of their homes, and they were forced to live in the desert with little for a proper way of life. On top of that, they now have Israeli soldiers waltzing in and shooting their friends and family, bombing their homes and forcing Palestinians to accept their fate. If that happened to me, I KNOW I wouldn’t go down without a fight. The only way for this to get better is for the media to be neutral on the subject and present all facts without bias. Unfortunately, the Jews who control the media will not allow that.

          • peacelover2345

            You SAY you stand for justice. You cannot have justice constructed on a bed of quicksand-which are the lies and misconceptions you peddle as truths.

            • Aria Stock Loc

              You lost all credibility with that reply. It’s obvious you’re biased. Good day.

            • G-Man

              you are clearly a shill. You offer no facts or opinion of your own, just rhetoric.

              • peacelover2345

                I offer opinion of my own to counter lies and falsehoods. WHAT DO YOU OFFER? Nothing but empty words.

    • DisqusTed206

      I would totally hit that Scarlet Hojannsen in the b slot

    • john m.

      Everyone knows that Hollywood is a Jewish facade. The same that plays Americans like puppets along with the Tea Party.

    • Ronald Paulus

      Literally non of this information is somehow secret, you bigoted, servile racist.
      Oh, and by the way you should you more impressive lies to back up your other lies, built on more conjecture, and omission. So just write, “Israel genocided 20000000000000000000 Arab civilians”, and be done with it. Don’t worry none of the Islamists and Fascists that visit your site will actually look up a thousand obituaries that Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PRC, and Tanzim put out for their bearded scumbag brothers that Israeli warriors sent to their Satanic Allah.

      • Jester1137

        These are the crazed religious nut bags who support Apartheid.

        Know them.

        “that Israeli warriors sent to their Satanic Allah”

        They are both racist and beyond reason.

      • Ronal Paulus Pro

        Isreali Warriors?

        Let me guess whom you are talking about?

        Are you talking about the Israeli warriors from IDF who raped their own Female (mates)?

        Or you are talking about the Israeli Warriors who were sentenced 45 days of prison for killing a child and a women for fun sake?

        Or Are you talking about the Israeli Warriors who are attacking Black jews in Israel?

        • Ronald Paulus

          Not that anything can get through your hypocritical skull, but I don’t know of any military in the world where there hasn’t been sexual harassment. Rape who are you kidding? 99% of the time it is unwanted sexual advances from a superior, not actual penetration. In Israeli military women have much power also so they’ve been dishing out their own sexual harassment as well. Besides it may surprise you that harassment also comes from Arab soldiers and the black Jews. Did you even know that there were Muslim, Christian, Druze soldiers in IDF?
          If Israeli police (many of whom are Arabs), border guards (that has plenty Ethiopians and Moroccans) , or army abuses,beats up, robs a white guy it simply doesn’t make news. But Anarchists, Communists, and Islamo-fascist scum will always highlight when a black guy or an Arab gets in a tussle with the cops. Do you remember last year when two Arab guards at the Western Wall shot and killed a mentally disabled white Jew? Where was a riot then? Besides the Ethiopians didn’t riot. It was international and local commie scum most of whom are white-trash-podunks that joined the crowd and started throwing glass and rocks at cops. F them and you gutter bigot.

        • peacelover2345

          Are you supporting the Hamas warriors who murdered their own people for criticizing or questioning Hamas actions?

          Or the Hamas warriors who attack defenseless Israeli civilians and sometimes accidently explode rockets to kill their own people instead?

          Or the Hamas warriors who fight from among their own people -their human shields-or store weapons caches among their human shields?

          Or the Hamas warriors who tell Gaza civilians not to escape to safety when Israel warns of coming attacks?

          Or the Hamas warriors who divert scarce dollars to spend on concrete terror tunnels and bunkers for their leaders, but nothing for bomb shelters for ordinary Gazans

    • peacelover2345

      The author of this article is using floridly descriptive language to negatively portray actions by people in show business to mount a defense against perceived unjust attacks on Israel and on Jews in various countries. The author’s characterising of Israel’s actions in The Middle East in such subjective, negative terms can only be described as shamefully biased.

      Reading the blatantly anti-Jewish hatred unleashed in the comments below, is further proof of the dangers of such action. These hateful comments serve to demonstrate the type of audience which actively seeks out this type of material. It also provides evidence to support the fears and concerns which motivate Jews to develop a means of countering and defending against such slanderous misinformation and hatred.

      • justice more than you desire

        LOL, presenting proof that Jews work together from positions of power to push Jewish tribal interests is “slanderous misinformation”. On the contrary, comments such as yours are disinformation. Hacked e-mails which reveal the inner workings of Hollywoods Zionist elite make your job hard, don’t they?

        Your own bias is revealed in that you believe being “anti-Jewish” is inherently wrong. What is wrong in opposing a particular ethnic group, especially when they are active in pursuing their interests over the interests of others?

        Is it inherently and unquestionably wrong to be anti-Russian or anti-Iranian? No people have genuine grievances and should be allowed to express them, and the Jews are no exception. Jewish privilege has to go.

        • peacelover2345

          There is ZERO PROOF presented in the article, by you or anyone else who commented on this thread.

          What IS wrong is you generalizing to say that Jews pursue their interests over the interests of others. What is wrong is to refer to Jewish privilege. Both are generalizations which slur an entire people because of the actions and/or the successes of SOME.

          What is wrong is to be anti-Jewish because you disapprove of some of what Israel does. What is wrong is to criticize Israel for defending itself in ways similar to that done by most armed forces, including your own. What is wrong is using hatred and lies because you are anti-Jewish. What is wrong is physically attacking and killing Jews because you are anti-Jewish.

          Jewish HATRED has to be condemned and has to go. ALL HATRED has to be condemned and has to go.

          • Thomas Zell

            What you people are always always saying, even if you deny it, is that the jews are “g-ds chosen people” and that ordinary laws should not apply to them. You are upset by all the hatred directed towards israel because hatred is something that rational people oppose. You don’t have any empathy for the innocent people being murdered by the zionist regime, because you see it as an act of self defense. The jews need to defend themselves against the people that have illegally been living in their holy land for the past couple of centuries, the fact that they were born there and the land belongs to them means NOTHING to the likes of you, because your religious belief is that their property is in fact yours, because an god that you invented said so. You people will never be able to view this issue the way other people do because you always consider your fairy tales to be a deciding factor. This is why you people cannot be reasoned with, this is why the world hates you. You believe that are entitled to privileges that other people are not, because of your race.

            • Olivia Matus

              Thomas you are master of the generalization, and it is precisely your mentality that makes me feel so disheartened for the world’s future.

            • peacelover2345

              Your descriptions of “you people” are nothing but generalized prejudicial pap. You seem to be foolish enough to TELL people what they are. You are generalizing about all Jews and all Israelis by describing them all in the way you believe SOME are.

              There are very few, if any, people being murdered by the Zionist regime. Most Palestinians who are killed are BECAUSE OF HAMAS actions:
              -either directly because they question or criticize Hamas, or due to rockets accidently killing Gazans instead of the intended Israeli civilian targets, or
              -indirectly because they are treated as human shields by Hamas-shields who are used to hide Hamas fighters, hide Hamas weapons caches, hide Hamas rockets.

              Many Palestinians HAVE lived in the land for a century or more. MANY MORE are descended from immigrants, mostly from nearby Arab countries but also from Bosnia, Chechnya etc.

              Over 70% of Israelis were BORN in Israel. 95% of Palestinians were not and in fact have NEVER EVEN BEEN IN ISRAEL.

              Finally, Jews DO NOT believe they are entitled to privileges that other people are not, because of their race.

              • king of idiots

                one side of the story . funny !

                • peacelover2345

                  Tell me EVERYTHING in the above that is NOT TRUE.

          • Carson Busses

            I expect nothing less from a people that cxall themselves the chosen. The Chosen is s euphemism for MASTER RACE. jewish privilege has got to go.

            • peacelover2345

              I expect nothing less from a person who a misguided fool who fancies himself wise and knowledgeable. You are nothing but a prejudiced racist who parrots words like a robot.

              • Carson Busses

                you’re nothing but a jew shill that ended his shift and had someone replace him.

                • peacelover2345

                  This is another of your anti Jewish fantasies.

      • Ronal Paulus Pro

        Woooh,, someone has come up with T&C.Let me Guess an Hasbra Troll who keeps playing Anti-Semantic card yet support the ill treatment of Black jews in Israel.

        • peacelover2345

          You guessed WRONG. Everything you say above s WRONG.
          Pay attention to my comments above. Open your mind a little bit.

          • king of idiots

            peacelover2345, u are only looking at ”one side” of the story . why don’t be honest and research on more about these issue those people rise. they might be true fact but seem to me u are so ignorant about the other side of the story

            • peacelover2345

              The other side of the story is that people in Hollywood ARE NOT ALLOWED to challenge anti-Semitism and what they believe to be UNJUST criticisms of Israel. The other side of the story-ANYTHING bad said about Israel is ALLOWABLE, and cannot be criticized or challenged. Is THAT what you mean?

    • FreedomForAll

      It is like pre-WWII Germany with the Zionists fully in control of Hollywierd, Wall St, Banking, Un-Federal Reserve, and this article just goes to prove they keep ALL Americans in line with there BS Propaganda machine. They have run the middle class Americans into the ground(By stealing all your money by devaluing it) and they don’t want Americans to know. Wake suckers Zionists OWN you and everything that you think!!!

      • peacelover2345

        Just to remind you, pre WW2 Germany was the START of the Nazis anti-Jewish harassment and murder. By the end of WW2 the Nazis had succeeded in murdering 6 million Jews and 5 million non Jewish civilians.

        From the tone of your comments, it looks like you are anxiously waiting for someone to finish the job of Jew killing.

        • FreedomForAll

          The Jews betrayed Germany in WWI….Here is what really happened in Germany told by a Jew….

          6 million is a bold face lie…..How did they know 6 million number 20 years in advance of Hitler???….Watch this they repeated the lie 20 years prior all the way until Hitler came into power in the American Newspapers…..

          Let me know how they knew 6 million would die in all the way back in 1915?????

          It is time to wake up to your brainwashing.

          • peacelover2345

            AS I replied before, your first paragraph is nonsensical hatred which has already been disproven.
            Your video on the 6 million is not talking about a Holocaust by Nazis or anyone else. It is referring to suffering in Eastern Europe due to war and Russian actions.. It is a coincidence that the number of 6 million was referred to. The person who made the video searched far and wide to find something bad about Jews. There are Jew haters who spend their lives searching for and even creating documentation with which they can make claims against Jews.
            There is definitely a market for such hateful, vile trash. YOU, obviously, are part of this target market.

            • FreedomForAll

              The Jews betrayed Germany in WWI. It has been well documented.

              Ben Freedman who is a Jew, is the one who witnessed this truth.

              He was there himself in person….and stated exactly what happened.

              Were you there? I doubt it scumbag. Are you going to call him an anti-Semite?

              And of course your going to say the 6 million number was coincidental, it’s funny how you can just explain it away, but when you’re offered the truth, you claim it’s a farce. That is typical Zionist Jew propaganda.

              The Communists in Russia were all Jews also, they call themselves the Bolsheviks. Are you can claim this is not true also?

              The Zionist Jews parasites betray their host every time throughout history. That’s why they have been kicked out of every country they have been formerly welcomed in with open arms.

              They turn against their host.

              They are currently in America, which is paying them $30 billion over 10 years, plus all the weapons they can handle. Without America Israel would be toast.

              They are parasites and the American people will eventually wake up to it.

              So keep trying to revise history so the world doesn’t turn on you again. Lol!!!

              • peacelover2345

                Crazy as a cuckoo bird.

                • FreedomForAll

                  I guess they are all over this comment thread then. Lol We are bringing the truth and your propaganda is not working like it used to. Lol

        • Zahrah Abdullah

          Let us not confuse the crimes of Zionist Israel with Jewish crimes. They are not the same thing.
          Jew killing or Palestinian killing is a tragedy and a humanitarian crime.
          This article seeks to make the public aware of a Hollywood agenda to promote support for Israel by showing the country and the actions of its officials in a positive light and neglecting the war and humanitarian crimes Israel has done and continues to carry out this day.
          There are many who are appalled at the actions of Israel and the complicity and silence of the world regarding their treatment of men women and children (Palestinians). Supporters include some isreali citizens, ex israeli soldiers, Jews throughout the world,Christians and Muslims globally. Being semetic refers to middle eastern, hebrew or arab people and culture. Dont let the media trick us into believing this means anti-jew, as the media has done with training our brains to think “terrorist” as Muslim.
          I hope we can see beneath the surface and become better people.
          we all have the right to live with dignity, Muslim, Jew, Chistian, etc. Stop the hate.

          • peacelover2345

            The author of this article may feel as you do, but that opinion is far from universally shared. You describe all Israel’s actions in a negative way-at least partially due to your personal biases. The “agenda” of some in Hollywood is TO COUNTER what they and I consider biased descriptions of Israel as well as spreading anti-Semitic comments and actions.

            Semitic DOES INCLUDE Hebrew and Arab people as you say. However, anti-Semitic means anti-Jewish and not anti-Arab, The term anti-Semitic was created specifically to mean anti-Jewish, and that is STILL the meaning according to dictionaries and common usage.

          • nicolone

            Hollywood ignores the plight of Muslims everywhere. Except in Afghanistan and Iraq where Americans can see the problems in the ME through the experience of American soldiers there are no major films about oppressed Muslims.
            Sometimes it is because it is politically sensitive like in Saudi or Israel or Pakistan, but mostly it’s because they won’t be able to sell films about it to Americans, Indians or Chinese

        • Thomas Zell

          Considering what they are ding to the Palestinians, is it really such a bad thing to want to finish the job of jew killing? Either the Palestinian race, or the jew race must be eliminated, it’s part of your religion, your national identity to destroy Palestine and pretend that a Palestinian identity never existed, how can you argue against someone who wants to do the same to you?

          • peacelover2345

            Once again you have written a bunch of prejudiced, racist nonsense.

            • Thomas Zell

              What I’m saying is, all the races of the world are equal, and none are beter than any other. jews are in no way better than the Palestinians that they routinely murder.

              • peacelover2345

                I agree that all the races of the world are equal, and none are better than any other. Palestinians are in no way better than the Israelis that they routinely murder

        • G-Man

          lol, no way 6 million died, and it seems highly likely most of the gas chambers, if not all, were a myth. Even Auschwitz formally reduced the number of dead from 4 million to 1.5 million and still somehow that 6 million total sticks in the public consciousness. The Holocaust is greatly inflated, and greater tragedies, such as the 20 million Christians murdered under (largely Jewish-run) Bolshevism go unsung.

          • peacelover2345

            Crawl back under your rock where it is dark and you can avoid the light of truth and goodness.

    • Genghis Tamer Khen

      Israel is a terrorist State . No doubt about it .

    • dubinsky

      good for them. they have the right to their views and the right to endeavor to convince the public to agree with their views, just as O’Connell has a right to his or her views and a chance to convince somebody or other to care about O’Connell’s views.

      • FreedomForAll

        That’s not what this article is saying…It is saying they what to take any talk of Jews off the table by labaling anyone who dares to speak up of their ATROCITIES, will automatically labeled an Anti-Semite. They have shut Americans down completely, as it appears they have gotten to you also.

        • dubinsky

          that is a truly stupid claim……. you talk, they talk, everybody talks….

          and no one is shut down by anyone.

          your problem is that Americans simply don’t agree with the crap that you want them to agree with

          • FreedomForAll

            More and more are coming around:)…get ready

            • dubinsky

              everyone is free to decide for themselves. I fear that not at all.

        • peacelover2345

          This article is putting an obviously twisted, negative spin on clearly expressed concerns about anti-Israel and anti-Jewish actions were of growing concern. How can anyone of good conscience HONESTLY put a negative spin on people wanting to COUNTER ATTACK against expressed biases and acts of hatred?

          It takes a special kind of person to see Zionist plots behind every tree and under every rug. You seem to be that kind of person.

          • FreedomForAll

            A special kind of person to see the BS of the Zionist? Yes you are right that is me….But don’t believe me….Here is Jewish history told by a Jew, listen very carefully…….

            • peacelover2345

              To quote a madman JUST BECAUSE he talks nonsense about Jewish plots, is nothing but prejudice and stupidity.

              For example, about the US entry into WW!, HERE IS THE TRUTH:

              The United States’ entry into World War I came in April 1917, after two and a half years of efforts by President Woodrow Wilson to keep the United States neutral during World War I. Americans had no idea that war was imminent in Europe in the summer of 1914, and tens of thousands of tourists were caught by surprise. The U.S. government, under Wilson’s firm control, called for neutrality “in thought and deed”. Apart from an Anglophile element supporting the British, American public opinion went along with neutrality at first.

              The sentiment for neutrality was strong among Irish Americans, German Americans and Swedish Americans, as well as among church leaders and women. However, the citizenry increasingly came to see the German Empire as the villain after news of atrocities in Belgium in 1914, and the sinking of the passenger liner RMS Lusitania in 1915 in defiance of international law. Wilson made all the key decisions and kept the economy on a peacetime basis, while allowing large-scale loans to Britain and France. To preclude making any military threat Wilson made only minimal preparations for war and kept the army on its small peacetime basis despite increasing demands for preparedness. However, he did enlarge the US Navy.

              At the beginning of 1917 Germany decided to resume all-out submarine warfare on every commercial ship headed toward Britain, realizing that this decision would almost certainly mean war with the United States. Germany also offered a military alliance to Mexico in the Zimmermann Telegram. Publication of that offer outraged Americans just as German U-boats (submarines) started sinking American ships in the North Atlantic. Wilson asked Congress for “a war to end all wars” that would “make the world safe for democracy”, and Congress voted to declare war on Germany on April 6, 1917 On December 7, 1917, the US declared war on the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

              • FreedomForAll

                That is a nice piece of revisionist history. What did you get a play book from your Zionist masters?

                Britain lost the war and Germany crushed them outright, along with the rest of Europe.

                Germany attempted to make peace with Britain, who had run out of ammunition, and had only one week’s worth of food for their nation.

                This is when the Zionists approached Britain and Winston Churchill, and told him they could bring America into the war and that Britain could still win the war.

                What you described above is the propaganda that got America into the war, that was used by the government and the Zionists in their media to get Americans into the war.

                The truth is the Zionists made a deal, if they got America into the war they wanted Britain to sign over Palestine. And that is exactly what Britain did.

                That was called the Balfour agreement. A country or land that Britain had had as much right to give away as Iceland.

                So you can attempt to spread your false propaganda and mislead people, because obviously you are a paid poster. You are very low life scum bag and a terrorist (Israel)organization supporter.

                A supporter of a country that commits genocide and is the new Holocaust on the people that are completely defenseless.

                • peacelover2345

                  I Sort of feel sorry for you. Your mind is closed-diseased, actually. To you, garbage is truth., and the truth is revisionist history.

                  Go-fester in your hatred. Enjoy it, while you can

                  • FreedomForAll

                    Look in the mirror. I don’t hate anyone, but I see where you don’t think it is okay to point out when someone is doing others humans wrong. You can’t see because you are blinded by the evil your Zionist people produce worldwide. The hatred is building worldwide for your lies and BS. Everyone once again is getting tired of Zionist Jews manipulating ways. When America wakes up to what is going on you all will be running for the oceans.

                    • peacelover2345

                      Bye Bye. Have a nice life.

                      • FreedomForAll

                        I will.

                      • peacelover2345

                        For your information and edification, read the comments above where Intelligentia writes about Carroll Quigley had to say on the subject.

                      • FreedomForAll

                        /sure /i will get right on it….not!

                      • king of idiots

                        one side of the story .

                      • peacelover2345

                        I agree that FreedomForAll is telling one side of the story-and is WRONG.

              • Intelligentia

                peacelover2345: Just to be clear: The whole German atrocities story was mostly propaganda by Lord Brice and General Charteris. If you want to know the extent of WWI propaganda against the Germans, get a copy of Carroll Quigley’s “Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time.” (First published in 1966). Go straight to pages 262-4. These pages will tell you the propaganda carried out by the British against the Germans! For example, the so-called atrocities in Belgium attributed to the Germans included “photographs of mutilated bodies in a Russian anti-Semitic outrage in 1905 [which] were circulated as pictures of Belgians in 1915.” Id. p.263.

                Actually, the Lusitania was not sunk in defiance of international law, because it was “”expressly included in the navy list published by the British admiralty,” with “bases laid for mounting guns of six-inch caliber,” carrying a cargo of 2,400 cases of rifle cartridges and 1,250 cases of shrapnel, and with orders to attack German submarines whenever possible.”” Id. pp.250-1. So, in reality, it was a war ship simultaneously used as a passenger ship. The sinking gave the Entente Powers the propaganda ammunition they needed to demonize the Germans. For example, the Times of London claimed that “four-fifth” (628) of the 785 passengers who lost their lives were Americans, when the actual number was 128 of 197 Americans on board. Id. Not to belabor this, propaganda have always been used to manipulate thoughts of the population, especially US citizens.

                I really encourage to get Quigley’s book!

                • peacelover2345

                  I don’t have access to the Quigley book, but have now read a little about him and his views.

                  It appears that Quigley had a much different take on the US entering WW1 than Ben Freedman and FreedomForAll.

                  • Intelligentia

                    Fair enough!

                  • Carson Busses


                    Oy gevalt! Jews aren’t a homicidal race!

                    • peacelover2345

                      Jews are NOT A RACE. Jews are not homicidal. Jews are people with many different kinds of beliefs, tendencies, abilities and proclivities. Just like Americans, or Canadians or French or British or others.

                      What was the purpose of including the Wikipedia link?

                      • Carson Busses

                        Jews have ALWAYS considered themselves a separate race.


                        They even did studies to prove it. Of course any people that is insular and inbreeds with cousins would eventually become something distinctive enough to be called a race.

                        A disgusting racist, nepotistic, insular race of middle eastern redneck hillbillies.

                      • peacelover2345

                        The truly racist, insular redneck hillbillies are you and all the racist blockheads who think like you.

                      • Carson Busses

                        you didn’t address my points.

                      • peacelover2345

                        The word “race” in the story headline in your link is not supported by the book discussed in that link. There ARE genetic links between Jews and other Jews. There are also genetic links between Jews and Arabs, Italians and other peoples.

                        If similar books were written about Italians, or Swedes, or Germans and others, genetic links would be found there as well.

                        Jews consider themselves a “people”, as in the Jewish people-but not a race. Jewish DNA in some cases can be partially traced back to Biblical times. But there has always been movement of people both IN AND OUT of Judaism.

                        This post addresses your points. My previous post addressed the anti-Semitic, redneck manner in which you couched your points.

    • Robert Munro

      It actually took the Sony issue for the media to admit that Hollywood is a Jewish/Zionist town and industry?

    • maliban

      israheili intel is running a worldwide propaganda op with

      its agents planting stories about “rising tide of anti semitism”. but

      it is all a lie, just propaganda designed to get sympathy for the “poor

      jews, i.e. zionist thugs” who are committing mass murder in gaza. just

      tide of anti semitism…………you can see the operation for yourself.

      p.s. google also: robert maxwell israels

      superspy…………..learn how mossad controls media in the usa and europe.

      • dubinsky

        your claims are pitiful piffle

        and eighth-rate attempts at peddling propaganda.

        • maritzka

          And your comment is classic hasbara propaganda

          • dubinsky

            is there such a thing?

            • Ronal Paulus Pro

              Nope, so the Holocaust never happened.

              • dubinsky

                dummass illogic.

                your mother never existed

                • Ronal Paulus Pro

                  That’s great. I born Miraculously.

        • FreedomForAll

          You are a paid Israeli agent.

          • dubinsky

            you’re a total cretin and jackov to make such a claim.

            are you nine years old?

            • FreedomForAll

              Scumbag troll Israeli…Go kill some more babies tough guy.

              • dubinsky

                you’re a scared, silly and watery tiny turd.

              • dubinsky

                (and, BTW, the only “scumbags” that you really know about are the ones that your mother pulls out of toilets, sucks clean, and gives to you to resell to your sister’s customers.)

                • FreedomForAll

                  You dirty Jew….Here is Jew History told by a Jew….

                  • dubinsky

                    please, do us all a favor and spend your time f#cking yourself quietly and in private rather than disgusting the decent folks

                    • FreedomForAll

                      The truth hurts huh?…You Zionist baby killer.

                      • dubinsky

                        you’re simply a small stupid turd and hurt nothing but do stink.

                        what sort of a teenage jerkoff are you to call people unknown to you a baby killer?

                      • FreedomForAll

                        You support baby killers, Because you support the Zionist Jews and Israel. You are a scumbag.

                      • dubinsky

                        you’re merely a jekoff idiot and reeking little turd.

                      • FreedomForAll

                        That’s really the best you can come up with?

                      • dubinsky

                        it’s more than you merit

                      • FreedomForAll

                        The world is coming again for all of you.

                      • dubinsky

                        stick your finger up your butt, massage your prostate…..and come for yourself, jerkoff.

                      • FreedomForAll

                        Real sweet…I look forward to it.:)

                      • dubinsky

                        bend forward and keep your mouth open and maybe you’ll get a small snack

                      • FreedomForAll

                        Small snack from a half boy. Makes sense!

                  • Allan Johnston

                    Right,because Europeans or Americans are never involved with subversive secret plots.The CIA are just a bunch of do gooder boy scouts.What a raging moron you are .

                    • FreedomForAll

                      Sorry your Cnut was bruised. It does not touch what Zionist Jews have be doing all along. They are responsible for more death to humans in history.

                      • Allan Johnston

                        Garboj.The British use the jews for their own aims.The British and Americans (the CIA who are not answerable to greased politicians) are responsible for the most deaths by far

                • FreedomForAll

                  Wow how long did it take you to come up with that Brain surgeon?

                • FreedomForAll

                  The earth and humanity could seriously advance with out you.

        • FreedomForAll

          Don’t believe my claims ……Here it is told by a Jew…..

      • FreedomForAll

        Here is how their propaganda works……

      • dubinsky

        keep pulling yourself

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