WikiLeaks Releases Evidence Proving That Assange Was Framed

This past week, WikiLeaks released SMS messages proving that the organization's, founder Julian Assange, was framed by Swedish police for a crime he did not commit.
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    For over four years, Julian Assange, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks, has been “arbitrarily detained” in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since the summer of 2012. Assange has been unable to leave the embassy for nearly 1,500 days, as the UK government has promised that he would be immediately arrested and extradited to Sweden upon leaving the premises. Sweden has accused Assange of raping two women, but has never charged him with a crime and the case has been at the “preliminary investigation” stage for six years. Both alleged victims have also denied they were raped in their official testimonies.

    Assange has argued that, if extradited to Sweden, he would then be extradited to the United States where he is wanted on espionage charges for the numerous sensitive US documents WikiLeaks has released over the years. This concern led the country of Ecuador to grant Assange asylum and marks Assange’s de facto imprisonment as clearly political in nature. The United Nations confirmed this just last week when the multi-national organization upheld their decision that Assange’s continuous confinement was found to deprive him of fundamental human rights and to be completely unlawful.

    Significant evidence has emerged over the years to suggest that Sweden’s case against Assange was fabricated. In 2013, Assange filed a “Special Access Request” under the UK’s Data Protection Act for copies of all unclassified government documents referencing Assange. Among those documents were unclassified instant message exchanges from UK intelligence officials, several of which suggested that Assange was framed. For instance, one of the messages said “They are trying to arrest him on suspicion of XYZ, it’s definitely a fit-up though. Their timings are too convenient right after Cablegate.” In addition, earlier this year in October, a suspicous US company found to have ties to Larry Summers, and other Clinton insiders unsuccessfully tried to frame Assange as a “pedophile” as well as a “Russian agent.” These accusations coincided with Assange’s announcement that the release of the damning “Podesta emails,” belonging to Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta, would be forthcoming. Other occurrences this past year have also suggested sinister forces targeting Assange and WikiLeaks were at work, such as the mysterious deaths of Assange’s lawyer John Jones and WikiLeak’s director Gavin McFayden.

    Now, Assange has gone public for the very first time with this personal testimony regarding the rape allegations that emerged in 2010.

    In his 19-page testimony, released this past Wednesday, Assange explains:

    “Six years ago today, on 7 December 2010, I was handcuffed and locked into Wandsworth prison by order of a Swedish prosecutor, Marianne Ny. I had not and still have not been charged with an offence. The claimed grounds for my arrest and extradition without charge were so that Ny could question me. But it was not until six years later – three weeks ago – that I was questioned for the first time. I have decided to release my responses.”

    In his statement, Assange describes his “consensual and enjoyable” sexual encounters with one of the alleged victims known as “SW.” The woman in question has stated several times that the charges against Assange are false. He is accused of having intercourse with her while she slept, though newly released SMS message have now shown this charge to be false. The SMS messages were sent while Assange was at the woman’s home and during the week and detail her enthusiasm in becoming intimate with the WikiLeaks founder. Swedish police collected the message data from her phone, but hid them from the general public. However, recently, Assange’s lawyers were allowed to see them and take notes.

    Assange released the following SMS messages as part of his testimony:

    • On 14 August 2010 “SW” sent the following text to a friend: I want him. I want him. Followed by several more of similar content (all referring to me) in the lead-up to the events in question (13:05);
    • On 17 August “SW” wrote that we had long foreplay, but nothing happened (01:14); then it got better (05:15);
    • On 17 August, after all sex had occurred, “SW” wrote to a friend that it ”turned out all right” other than STD/pregnancy risk (10:29);
    • On 20 August “SW”, while at the police station, wrote that she “did not want to put any charges on Julian Assange” but that “the police were keen on getting their hands on him” (14:26); and that she was “chocked (sic shocked) when they arrested him” because she “only wanted him to take a test” (17:06);
    • On 21 August “SW” wrote that she “did not want to accuse” Julian Assange “for anything”, (07:27); and that it was the “police who made up the charges (sic)” (22:25);
    • On 23 August “AA” (the other woman whose case was dropped in August 2015) wrote to “SW” that it was important that she went public with her story so that they could form public opinion for their case (06:43);
    • On 23 August “SW” wrote that it was the police, not herself, who started the whole thing (16:02);
    • On 26 August “AA” wrote to “SW” that they ought to sell their stories for money to a newspaper (13:38);
    • On 28 August “AA” wrote that they had a contact on the biggest Swedish tabloid (12:53); and “SW” wrote that their lawyer negotiated with the tabloid (15:59)

    With this latest evidence as well as the UN’s final ruling on the Assange case, the UK and Swedish governments are no longer able to justify Assange’s unjust detention. The UK tried twice, both times unsuccessfully, to overturn the UN’s ruling and now remain with no recourse. It remains to be seen, however, if the UK and Swedish governments will continue to violate their own laws as well as international law in service to their geopolitical alliances with the United States. Yet, after this latest release, it seems that the governments’ credibility in the eyes of the public is more likely to break well before their resolve to see Assange arrested and silenced.

    This work by --- is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.This work by True Activist is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.


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    • punkleruckus

      Everywhere you look these days all you see are lies. Most of everything you hear is lies. World governments lie and break laws so openly and unafraid of any repercussion. These lies have created an entire culture that is infecting the whole world. It is purposeful and obvious in it’s intent. Trust no one, and nobody is believable.
      Case in point: Why haven’t we seen Julian Assange since before the election? Not long ago, he was doing live via satellite interviews on lots of different shows, discussing all manner of current topic. Now, we only see articles and publications in his stead. I can’t tell if this is for his protection from some unannounced threat, or if this is truly indicative of a Wikileaks coup.
      Something has certainly changed within the overall media structure and reporting since this election though. That much I am SURE OF. There is an overwhelming sense that there has been a fundamental change that has taken place, and it’s not the obvious Trump BS that everyone can’t stop talking about. It’s something within the trusted media. The “Mainstream Media” machine has expanded and increased it’s depth of deception again. I feel like this could be a major tipping point in human history. I hope I’m wrong.

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    • lyt

      Assange has said the info on Hillary and Podesta did not come from Russia yet the CIA still continues to insist. They are losing all credibility and the whole FBI / CIA cabal is shown, not as law enforcement or citizens’ protectors but as arms of the Democrats and willing to say anything and do anything for their globalist masters.

      • edoep

        assange says a lot …. much of which is utter rubbish. and how credible is a guy who is hiding from justice by holing himself up for 4.5 years?

        • swarm4

          If you knew your life would be arbitrarily taken from you if you walked out your door, what do you think you would do?

          • edoep

            obviously, assange is not the only one in talking utter rubbish.

            his life will not ‘be arbitrarily taken’, he will be arrested for breaching bail terms by the british police and will be held responsible for that, like everyone else.

            after that, he will be sent to sweden in case swedish authorities decide to charge him according to their laws. there exists a valid european ‘arrest warrant’ for him.

            • Clive Sebastian Marks

              What I can’t understand ‘edoep’ is why people keep distorting the known facts? These were accusation, not charges. For those of us who can read, they seem to be accusations not even owned by the accuser. Very strange when this is about a claimed attack upon a person’s body.

              Nonetheless, Assange agreed to answer the accusations if a Swedish prosecutor put them to him in the UK or in Sweden if he was given an assurance that if he would not be subject to US extradition. Enough evidence exists to suggest that extradition was the intention of the US authorities, or at the very least it was a real possibility.

              Hence, the key issue is that he was not obligated to place himself at risk of human rights violations (that the USA has clearly been implicated in) even if this means not conforming to UK bail conditions. He was absolutely entitled to seek asylum under international law. A judge will (in the future) make a determination that will likely conclude that he has no charge to answer for as the risks of human rights violations were real and the legal provision of asylum could not be enjoyed in away that was consistent with meeting UK bail conditions.

              For those who keep on blathering about ‘rape charges’ and ‘refusing to face a court’ one must doubt either their motive or reading skills.

            • swarm4

              Bail terms? He hasn’t been charged with anything and has not appeared in a court for a hearing of any sort. The whole thing is a ploy by the U.S. to hijack his freedom. Hence, life arbitrarily taken.

            • tapatio

              Is there ANYone, other than “edoep”, who believes that the Swedish charges are anything other than BS designed to grab Assange and turn him over to the US?

              The Swedish authorities (as well as Washington’s London minions) would be laughed out of Europe if they caused such a stink over Assange’s failure to use “protection” during sxx.

    • Arbed121

      This is a really good article, with a wealth of links to good sources. Thanks for including the woman’s SMS in full – not many media outlets reporting on this release have done that.

      It does, however, need a correction regarding the deaths of two associates of Julian Assange, neither of which are suspicious.

      His lawyer John Jones died in April 2016 (well before WikiLeaks’ US election-related publications). Here is a report from his inquest:

      Note that John Jones’ wife blames the Swedish courts for the downward spiral in her husband’s state of mind after it refused his request for an adjournment of Assange’s appeal (on the basis of his own ill-health). Callous bastards!

      Gavin MacFadyen – long-time mentor and close personal friend to Julian Assange – died in late October 2016 of lung cancer. He had been seriously ill for many months.

    • edoep

      somehow, this figure attached to the cross looks a lot more handsome than the highly unattractive real mccoy. 😀

      and mister assange is not under ‘unjust detention’ – he can leave this prison of his own making any given day.

      • Karendjenkins

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      • TeeJae

        And be detained by UK authorities and sent to US to face (an already decided) trial, likely resulting in a death sentence. THAT is ‘UNJUST detention.’

    • Nov 27, 2016 Hey Wikileaks, Where’s the Real #ProofofLife?

      The truth is, we don’t live in a world where seeing is believing. If something is digital, it is easily editable, just like if something is connected to the Internet, it is hackable. So… where is Julian Assange? How do we know if anything we are being told is real here? Where is the proof of life, Wikileaks?

    • Josephine Bailey


      • TeeJae

        How so?

    • ctrl-z

      Show proof of the crimes of empire and the empire will commit crimes against you.