VIDEO: Uncensored Footage Of Paris Terror Attack Raises Serious Questions

A censored video of the Charlie Hebdo shootings is raising serious questions about the recent terror attack in Paris
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    328934_a_terrorista_aki_agyonlovi_a_muszlim_rendort_a(ANTIMEDIA) In the shockingly non-graphic video below, which is meant to show French police officer Ahmed Merabet being shot in the head, you’ll notice there is no blood, gore or graphic violence. Pay attention to the sidewalk to the right of the officer’s head.

    This has provided many with a legitimate reason to doubt the official narrative taking shape around attack. We also know that a forth suspect linked to the terror attacks left France days before the event and is now in Syria according to French police. It is also important to note that it has only been a few days since the shootings and a senior police commissioner in charge of the investigation into the Charlie Hebdo shootings has already ended up dead.

    What we do know is that this footage suggests the officer was likely not shot in the head by an AK-47 (a 7.62×39mm round), as claimed by the corporate media. I’m not here to tell you this is some sort of hoax, or what will be happening next. I am asking you to watch the video below with an open mind:

    Jordi Mir, the man who filmed the shooting while sitting alone in his apartment, now says that he regrets filming and subsequently posting the video to his Facebook account. Mir removed the video from his social media account 15 minutes after posting, but not before someone grabbed the footage from his account and posted it to YouTube. The amateur cameraman called the his decision to share the video on Facebook a “stupid reflex”.

    In November Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu warned it would be a “grave mistake” for France to recognize a Palestinian state. On Monday French President Hollande asked for Western sanctions on Russia to be lifted. Two days later, Paris was attacked.

    It appears that the Paris terror attack has bolstered the European right. Massive protests (over 700,000 today) continue to rage across France, while new support for the more militant anti-immigration policies of the National Front rapidly grows. Remember the American government under George W. Bush?

    We’ve been told that these professionally trained terrorists left their identification cards in the getaway car before making an effort to conceal their identity by putting on ski masks. How could they be so careless and so well trained, as the media is reporting, at the same time?

    According to Reuters, in 2011 one of the Charlie Hebdo shooting suspects met with al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen. You probably recognize this name as the first American to ever be killed by a US drone strike. What you likely missed was that in 2012 the FBI admitted it knew in October of 2002 they knew Anwar al-Awlaki was returning to the US before they detained him and abruptly released al-Awlaki from federal custody.

    All of this becomes very interesting after reading an article published by Newsweek a few days ago about the role Saudi Arabia plays in terrorism and the 28 classified pages of the 9/11 commission report.


    Million Dollar Question

    Why was Anwar al Awlaki a guest at the Pentagon within months of the 9/11 terror attacks?

    Due to the obvious fact that the mainstream media outlets will not be showing this footage, please share this information with as many people as possible.

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    • Nick Stackhouse

      Seriously? Conspiracy bullshit already?

    • Lukasz Michalski

      im still looking for another 20 seconds of this video . i member i seen that clip once just after shootings they get in to car and drive away showing place where that police man supposed to lay but im preety sure body of that police man was gone by this time . unfortunately i skip that clip and i couldn’t find fool version of this clip again , just seen like this one, cut in some moment .

    • Whymzksonice


    • pyronite

      I’m sorry, are you a parody account?

    • Busta Ruckus

      The commentator here has no experience with guns. The smoke blast is travelling almost horizontally to the right. That means that if the bullet struck the cement near the guy’s head, the blast would have sprayed sideways beginning in a very narrow cone and spreading wider as it moved to the right. So yes, this does make sense if the bullet shot near the area of his head…and just look at the barrel’s angle…it’s pointing near his head. Are you saying the bullet (or smoke if you claim it was fake) somehow leaped 3 ft sideways from the downward angle of the barrel hole?

      • Mike Coluccio

        Silly, that’s not a bullet hitting the ground its the wad from a blank

    • Angel Cat

      I have some quastions:

      1. The police have found the car with black mirrors, but the car in the film have white mirrors.
      2. Why did the have masks? they make a call and present them self. If they told the news who they are, it was not necessary to have masks on.
      3. Who they talking to and why talking in emty stree in the centrum of Paris?
      4. Who are filming?

    • Jm

      Aaron Nelson you have way too Much spare time on your hands

    • Scambuster

      I remember watching on the news when President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. When the bullet, obviously fired from a long way away, struck his head a strong red mist sprayed out for about at leas 40cm. Your analogy of a watermelon at close range is accurate.

    • Scambuster

      And what about the shoe placed (maybe as a marker) so neatly on the ground that the gunman picks up when he returns to the car. There seems to be line on the road under the centre of the car also (maybe a marker). Some say that the scenario was filmed in two takes. The truth will out in the end. If the media wants to survive now that the internet is here they will have to disobey their masters, and that will be a very good thing indeed.

    • Fred

      How about this mini documentary that I made of it:

    • Scambuster

      You have great courage. The collective consciousness for good over evil will prevail. There are too many of us and we are too widely spread for them to kill us all. They are trying to create war, fear and poverty so that they can control us. We must guard our access to the internet vigilantly.

      • just j

        War, fear and poverty is real you fucking idiot if you want the good to prevail get off your computer and do some volunteer work

    • Cloudspace

      Not sure of the agenda here, but this guy is not not dead, I’m no healthcare professional but my gut feeling is that is wasn’t a previous condition, to suggest that this is some kind of conspiracy really does nothing other than inflict further pain and misery to his family who are already going through an extremely emotional and painful time. I hope you read this and somewhere inside yourself you find some kind of humanity and have the balls to take it down.

    • PureHeart

      So what’s ur point, they shot him down and try finish him so u vídeo doesn’t make any sense though u trying very hard to defend those children of drvils.

    • Windymac

      Oh give over.

    • HeyKCG

      Mate, your “knowledge” of firearms seems to derive from TV rather than experience. AKs vent their blast up and to the right. The “splash” you see is the blast from the rifle–it’s not on the ground, but above it. And a head is not a watermelon, they don’t explode. I have seen people shot in the head with 7.62×39 *and not die*. Also, Officer Merabet may also have taken that round in the base of the neck or base of the head. You would not necessarily see exsanguination unless an artery was hit, and anyway it would not happen immediately. This video is conspiracy theory bullshit, which is about all you seem to know.

      • AngelA

        Search for the video if the Sky reporter, who points out all the blood on the sidewalk. Problem is, it’s three feet away from where the cop was lying. And it magically apoeared the next day. The Sky reporter even messed up and said ‘the blood on the sidewalk, which has been out there..’ Then rapidly corrects himself. D’oh!

    • a

      He probably died of his other gunshot wounds. That fact that he was not shot in the head should not lead to the conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job.

      • Charlieheadbomb

        There’s no way. No blood here at all. Yet the pics on the news the next day show a blood spattered sidewalk. Total hoax, wake up idiots!

      • Charlieheadbomb

        There was no recoil if the shooter, no impact made on the body and white smoke…all point to the use of a blank

      • quisqueyano

        9/11 was an inside job. All planes made it to their targets except the ones that were suppose to hit the White House and Pentagon (was hit by a missile; there were no Boeing parts anywhere to be found). The US seemed to know for sure the White House was a target before anyone knew what was happening. On top of that it took them over 30 minutes after the second plane hit to scramble jets. Which is very odd considering almost 28 minutes elapsed between the two attacks. 1 hour response time? Sounds like the police in poor neighborhoods.

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