#MintCasts: 22 yr. Old Mayoral Candidate Demolishes Two Party System

With his acute honesty and refreshing take on the American electoral process, Alex Fidel may represent the future of politics in America.
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    Hey everyone, and welcome to #MintCasts, our MintPress podcast series. I’m Mnar Muhawesh, editor-in-chief of MintPress, and I’ll be your host.

    Alex Fidel

    Alex Fidel speaking at the Ferguson solidarity march in San Diego at Balboa Park this past Thursday.

    Joining me today is Alex Fidel, a 22-year-old independent media entrepreneur and host of Free Thought Media, a news program which he founded in 2010 while he was in college. He is currently running for mayor in Encinitas, California, as the Liberty candidate, with a platform focused on peace, liberty, freedom, and equality.

    His goals include such initiatives as banning GMO crops, ending corporatism, getting money out of politics, electoral reform, protecting medical cannabis patients’ rights, and putting an end to police militarization and the police state. He recently hit the media spotlight when he exposed the idiocy and hypocrisy of the two-party system on live television.

    With his acute honesty and refreshing take on the American electoral process, could he be the future of politics?

    You can find this podcast through our MintPress iTunes channel and on our website. But the conversation is far from over, as we’d like to hear more from our readers and listeners on the subject of reforming the system from a hyper-local level, including elections, militarization of the police, and protecting medical marijuana patients from the feds. Tweet at us using hashtag #MintCasts, and tell us what you think. You can also post on our Facebook page in the comments section of our pinned post featuring this podcast.

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    • mrpuma2u

      Small local elections usually have extremely low voter turn out. This is how independents can win at local levels

    • Joan Goode

      Up with Alex Fidel

    • David R

      Good to know there is hope for the future, because at 22, I was definitely not doing this.