Are We Careening Toward WWIII?

“Narratives are a product of a media system, of a controlled corporate media matrix. And that is really what we have in the United States and in the West, generally speaking. … The media is an appendage of the ruling establishment, the public relations arm of the imperial system.”
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    MINNEAPOLIS — The late German statesman Konrad Adenauer once said: “History is the sum total of things that could have been avoided.”

    Adenauer was speaking in the post-World War II period, but with Cold War rhetoric being bandied about again today across the media airwaves with “Russian Aggression” as the main talking point by pundits– it almost feels inevitable that we’re careening toward World War III.

    But why do politicians continue to refuse to learn from the past mistakes of empires? Why do they continue to read past atrocities as a how-to guide for running the world today?

    The Plymouth Institute for Peace Research reported last year that “the and (NATO) have been encircling Russia and China with military bases and missile defense systems,” aiming to gain “control over natural resources to keep competing markets dependent on the U.S. as well as in line with its interests.”

    Thus, after years of economic and political maneuvering, the long-simmering tensions in U.S.-China relations may be finally coming to a boil. The Pentagon is openly calling for a military buildup off of China’s shores, and both sides accuse one another of engaging in cyberwarfare.

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    • Simiansez

      We are not “careening”. We are being systematically led.

    • Kara Michaels

      are we or are we not going to have an all out nuclear war

    • SeaNote

      Hyperbolic propaganda is so 60’s.

    • saynotoislamviolence


    • saynotoislamviolence

      Hamas-Isis-sisil-al queda-hezbollah-ISlamic jihad this that-bolo harm etc etc all have one thing in common screaming alahu akbar before mass murder. Gee wonder where they get this peaceful coexistence from?

    • James Wherry

      Perhaps so.

      1. Putin illegally invades Ukraine and Georiga and seizes land. He runs submarines in the national waters of half a dozen European nations and seeks to reignite a Cold War.

      2. China sends war ships to the Gulf to project power and seizes underwater rock piles and builds islands to make a fake claim of underwater resources against weak nations like the Philippines, Saipan and Vietnam.

      3. The Islamic State makes attacks all around the world and people pretend it was orchestrated by their victims, the Western nations instead of just looking right in front of them and admitting the truth.

      4. Meanwhile, the Far Left swoons as Chomsky tells them that “the United States is the greatest danger to peace in the world,” all while our own administration will not go in anywhere to stop anyone, but appears far more concerned with not appearing to be aggressive.

      Yes, WWIII may very well be at hand.

    • Barry

      She writes about sexism…in start ups? Really? That is where this writer finds sexism? Not the Arab world?

      • Slingerss

        Have a little respect please. She is an amazing woman.

        • Barry

          Sorry I violated her safe space. I will go to a seminar on it to learn how my male privilege is oppressive to this amazing woman.

          • Slingerss

            Great idea.


      A Cogent point in …Presstitutes At Their Work… by Paul Craig Roberts

      “A majority of Americans live in a fake world created by
      propaganda. They are disconnected from reality. I have in front of
      me a local North Georgia newspaper dated October that reports that
      “a Patriot Day Memorial Service was held at the Dawson County Fire
      Headquarters on September 11 to remember the terrorist attacks
      that shook America 14 years ago.” Various local dignitaries called
      on the attendees to remember “all of those who have died not only
      on that day, but since that day in the fight to keep America

      The dignitaries did not say how murdering and dislocating millions
      of Muslims in seven countries keeps us free. No doubt, the question
      has never occurred to them. America runs on rote platitudes.

      • James Wherry

        Why would these dignataries have to answer for the crimes of the Syrian, Russian and Iranian governments in murdering and dislocating millions of Muslims?