US Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11

Statistically speaking, Americans should be more fearful of the local cops than “terrorists.”
By @katierucke |
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    Members of a police anti-terrorism team exercise

    Members of a police anti-terrorism team exercise on Thursday, March 13, 2003. Photo: Thanassis Stavrakis/AP

    Though Americans commonly believe law enforcement’s role in society is to protect them and ensure peace and stability within the community, the sad reality is that police departments are often more focused on enforcing laws, making arrests and issuing citations. As a result of this as well as an increase in militarized policing techniques, Americans are eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist, estimates a Washington’s Blog report based on official statistical data.

    Though the U.S. government does not have a database collecting information about the total number of police involved shootings each year, it’s estimated that between 500 and 1,000 Americans are killed by police officers each year. Since 9/11, about 5,000 Americans have been killed by U.S. police officers, which is almost equivalent to the number of U.S. soldiers who have been killed in the line of duty in Iraq.

    Because individual police departments are not required to submit information regarding the use of deadly force by its officers, some bloggers have taken it upon themselves to aggregate that data. Wikipedia also has a list of “justifiable homicides” in the U.S., which was created by documenting publicized deaths.

    Mike Prysner, one of the local directors of the Los Angeles chapter for ANSWER — an advocacy group that asks the public to Act Now to Stop War and End Racism — told Mint Press News earlier this year that the “epidemic” of police harassment and violence is a nationwide issue.

    He said groups like ANSWER are trying to hold officers accountable for abuse of power. “[Police brutality] has been an issue for a very long time,” Prysner said, explaining that in May, 13 people were killed in Southern California by police.

    As Mint Press News previously reported, each year there are thousands of claims of police misconduct. According to the CATO Institute’s National Police Misconduct Reporting Project, in 2010 there were 4,861 unique reports of police misconduct involving 6,613 sworn officers and 6,826 alleged victims.

    Most of those allegations of police brutality involved officers who punched or hit victims with batons, but about one-quarter of the reported cases involved firearms or stun guns.


    Racist policing

    Police Shooting Missouri FundraisingPolice arrest a man as they disperse a protest against the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

    A big element in the police killings, Prysner says, is racism. “A big majority of those killed are Latinos and Black people,” while the police officers are mostly White, he said. “It’s a badge of honor to shoot gang members so [the police] go out and shoot people who look like gang members,” Prysner argued, giving the example of 34-year-old Rigoberto Arceo, who was killed by police on May 11.

    According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, Arceo, who was a biomedical technician at St. Francis Medical Center, was shot and killed after getting out of his sister’s van. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says Arceo “advanced on the deputy and attempted to take the deputy’s gun.” However, Arceo’s sister and 53-year-old Armando Garcia — who was barbecuing in his yard when the incident happened — say that Arceo had his hands above his head the entire time.

    Prysner is not alone in his assertion that race is a major factor in officer-related violence. This past May, a study from the the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, an anti-racist activist organization, found that police officers, security guards or self-appointed vigilantes killed at least 313 Black people in 2012 — meaning one Black person was killed in the U.S. by law enforcement roughly every 28 hours.

    Prysner said the relationship between police departments and community members needs to change and that when police shoot an unarmed person with their arms in the air over their head, the officer should be punished.


    A culture of misconduct

    APTOPIX NYPD Officers ShotSome police officers turn their backs as Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks during the funeral of New York Police Department Officer Wenjian Liu at Aievoli Funeral Home, Sunday, Jan. 4, 2015, in the Brooklyn borough of New York.  Photo: John Minchillo/AP

    “You cannot have a police force that is investigating and punishing itself,” Prysner said, adding that taxpayer money should be invested into the community instead of given to police to buy more guns, assault rifles and body armor.

    Dissatisfied with police departments’ internal review policies, some citizens have formed volunteer police watch groups to prevent the so-called “Blue Code of Silence” effect and encourage police officers to speak out against misconduct occurring within their department.

    As Mint Press News previously reported, a report released earlier this year found that of the 439 cases of police misconduct that then had been brought before the Minneapolis’s year-old misconduct review board, not one of the police officers involved has been disciplined.

    Although the city of Minneapolis spent $14 million in payouts for alleged police misconduct between 2006 and 2012, despite the fact that the Minneapolis Police Department often concluded that the officers involved in those cases did nothing wrong.

    Other departments have begun banning equipment such as Tasers, but those decisions were likely more about protecting the individual departments from lawsuits than ensuring that officers are not equipped with weapons that cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries when used.

    To ensure officers are properly educated on how to use their weapons and are aware of police ethics, conflict resolution and varying cultures within a community, police departments have historically held training programs for all officers. But due to tighter budgets and a shift in priorities, many departments have not provided the proper continuing education training programs for their officers.

    Charles Ramsey, president of both the Major Cities Chiefs Association and the Police Executive Research Forum, called that a big mistake, explaining that it is essential officers are trained and prepared for high-stress situations:

    “Not everybody is going to be able to make those kinds of good decisions under pressure, but I do think that the more reality-based training that we provide, the more we put people in stressful situations to make them respond and make them react.”


    GI Joe replaces Carl Winslow

    SWATA police officer moves onto the campus of Central Connecticut State University, Monday, Nov. 4, 2013, in New Britain, Conn. Photo: Jessica Hill/AP

    In order to help local police officers protect themselves while fighting the largely unsuccessful War on Drugs, the federal government passed legislation in 1994 allowing the Pentagon to donate surplus military equipment from the Cold War to local police departments. Meaning that “weaponry designed for use on a foreign battlefield has been handed over for use on American streets … against American citizens.”

    So while the U.S. military fights the War on Terror abroad, local police departments are fighting another war at home with some of the same equipment as U.S. troops, and protocol that largely favors officers in such tactics as no-knock raids.

    Radley Balko, author of “Rise of the Warrior Cop,” wrote in the Wall Street Journal in August:

    “Since the 1960s, in response to a range of perceived threats, law-enforcement agencies across the U.S., at every level of government, have been blurring the line between police officer and soldier.

    “Driven by martial rhetoric and the availability of military-style equipment—from bayonets and M-16 rifles to armored personnel carriers—American police forces have often adopted a mind-set previously reserved for the battlefield. The war on drugs and, more recently, post-9/11 antiterrorism efforts have created a new figure on the U.S. scene: the warrior cop—armed to the teeth, ready to deal harshly with targeted wrongdoers, and a growing threat to familiar American liberties.”

    As Mint Press News previously reported, statistics from an FBI report released in September reveal that a person is arrested on marijuana-related charges in the U.S. every 48 seconds, on average — most were for simple possession charges.

    According to the FBI’s report, there were more arrests for marijuana possession than for the violent crimes of murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault — 658,231 compared with 521,196 arrests.

    While groups that advocate against police brutality recognize and believe that law enforcement officials should be protected while on duty, many say that local police officers do not need to wear body armor, Kevlar helmets and tactical equipment vests — all while carrying assault weapons.

    “We want the police to keep up with the latest technology. That’s critical,” American Civil Liberties Union senior counsel Kara Dansky said. “But policing should be about protection, not combat.”

    According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, there are more than 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers in the United States. In 2012, 120 officers were killed in the line of duty. The deadliest day in law enforcement history was reportedly Sept. 11, 2001, when 72 officers were killed.

    Despite far fewer officers dying in the line of duty compared with American citizens, police departments are not only increasing their use of protective and highly volatile gear, but are increasingly setting aside a portion of their budget to invest in new technology such as drones, night vision goggles, remote robots, surveillance cameras, license plate readers and armored vehicles that amount to unarmed tanks.

    Though some officers are on board with the increased militarization and attend conferences such as the annual Urban Shield event, others have expressed concern with the direction the profession is heading.

    For example, former Arizona police officer Jon W. McBride said police concerns about being “outgunned” were likely a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” He added that “if not expressly prohibited, police managers will continually push the arms race,” because “their professional literature is predominately [sic] based on the acquiring and use of newer weapons and more aggressive techniques to physically overwhelm the public. In many cases, however, this is the opposite of smart policing.”

    “Coupled with the paramilitary design of the police bureaucracy itself, the police give in to what is already a serious problem in the ranks: the belief that the increasing use of power against a citizen is always justified no matter the violation. The police don’t understand that in many instances they are the cause of the escalation and bear more responsibility during an adverse outcome.

    “The suspects I encountered as a former police officer and federal agent in nearly all cases granted permission for me to search their property when asked, often despite unconcealed contraband. Now, instead of making a simple request of a violator, many in law enforcement seem to take a more difficult and confrontational path, fearing personal risk. In many circumstances they inflame the citizens they are engaging, thereby needlessly putting themselves in real and increased jeopardy.”

    Another former police officer who wished to remain anonymous agreed with McBride and told Balko,

    “American policing really needs to return to a more traditional role of cops keeping the peace; getting out of police cars, talking to people, and not being prone to overreaction with the use of firearms, tasers, or pepper spray. … Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in more than my share tussles and certainly appreciate the dangers of police work, but as Joseph Wambaugh famously said, the real danger is psychological, not physical.”

    RELEASE US | A short film on police brutality by Charles Shaw.
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      • blackdreamhunk

        thank you for the information

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      • dancingdelilah

        Misleading photos~Misleading numbers! Since 9/11 this article claims 5000 killed by cops. That’s how many years ago? 12 years according to the date this article was published.

        But lets get to the 513 days following Trayvon Martain’s death which was only a couple years ago. 11,106 Black people were murdered, slaughtered by other black people!

        There is no Open Season on Black people by cops contrary to what this article and it’s author wants you to believe.

        The real problem is Gangs in America. I actually thought race relations were pretty good until a few years ago. And it seemed to me that many black people do not want racial peace with White people. It’s like Gotta blame Whitey and cops for discriminating poverty.etc.

        Where was Al Sharpton when Innocent black babies and children were slaughtered coming home from school or playground by Crips, Bloods, Black Gorilla Family gangs for example???

        Al Sharpton was NO WHERE for any of them nor was Jessie Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and so fourth!!

        They only speak out if a White person is the suspect!

        But Sharpton and the others need to stir the pot to keep racial turmoil and strife going between the races. If we all got along Sharpton Et Al. would be out of a job!!

        Sad thing is no one will read these facts I’ve shared and if by chance anyone does, they will disagree with me~~perhaps call me a Racist.
        But the facts are Black on black Genocide is alive and well in America. And the number 1 cause of death in Black boys and men age 15-34 is murder by another black person!

        If Black Lives Matter~Please stop killing each other.

        • IMStrong

          Human beings are a sick, violent species. They should all be put down.

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      • DE Matthews Copeland

        these comments below are the true depiction of a murderous, callus, cold heart society. That in time shall reap the harvest of what they sowed & experience the same daily violence they applaud & condone upon others they deemed worthy of death by murder.

        • IMStrong

          It’s not America, it’s Humanity.
          Humans have failed and our time has passed.

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      • Guest

        So every person killed by police since 9/11 was “innocent”? Maybe in the sense of not being convicted in court, but police really don’t go around shooting people for no reason.

        • Thinkbeforeyouspeak

          Everyone deserves their day in court, that’s the law, so who’s the criminal?

          • CQBNinja

            Did you think before you actually typed that?

      • ScudAg56

        So people feel that bulletproof vests and helmets are offensive weapons? Police are carrying M16s because the drug gangs are, too.

      • شركة سما
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      • Guest
      • disqus_BDhbrmRChh

        Propaganda styled from the Communist Party.

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      • erkn

        Low-IQ, scared, amped-up cops killed my son,شركة تنظيف فلل بالرياض Erik Scott, a decorated ex-Army officer and West Point graduate with an MBA from Duke Univ., for having a BlackBerryشركة تنظيف فلل بالرياض smartphone in his hand. A two-time killer-cop claimed he thought Erik’s cell phone was a firearm. My eldest son’s dead, and his killers have never been held accountable. Every law enforcement officer in America had better read my new novelشركة تنظيف فلل بالرياض, “The Permit,” and heed its loud-and-clear warnings. You might think “Checkmate” isn’t real, but citizens’ anger and hatred of corrupt, arrogant, outlawشركة تنظيف فلل بالرياض cops definitely is.

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      • Alphonso de Barbo

        This is very tragic to read all these stories about police abuse. However, the pro gun laws in America need to take a share of the blame. In my country we never have this form of violence from the police because of our strict gun laws – no one can own a gun without a licence. Also, the police are not armed. Only the Armed Defenders Squad is allowed to be armed and these are only called out in a State of Emergency. America needs to heed its President. His anti gun law lobbying would go a long way to curbing police brutality. I’m not condoning what they do to citizens but with the pro gun laws in your country I’m not surprised the police go into situations armed to the teeth and ready to take down the first thing that moves – everyone in America seems to own a gun. The situation you have got is hardly surprising.

      • Paul Stevenson

        It’s actually funny how people blame the police when in reality it’s not them, it’s the community. In 2013 2,825 black homicides occurred in the US, only 684 where killing of white people. So who’s killing who. So since 9/11 5,000 people were shot and killed by police. Since 9/11 over 12,000 blacks were killed in homicides. The cops aren’t the killers.

      • PigStateNews

        In all likelihood more than 15,000 people have been killed by U.S. police since 2001.
        At least 1,059 have been killed since January 1, 2014.
        At least 1,818 have been killed since May 1, 2013.

        • Jim H

          With all respect (LOL – PigStateNews, really?), so what’s your point?
          There are an average of somewhere around 14,000,000 arrests made per year. Even estimating an annual death rate of around 1,100 per year using your “killedbypolice” numbers (rather than the DOJ or FBI’s) that is .008%, or 8 ten thousands of one percent, so at least 99.9999% of arrests did not result in death.

          According to the FBI, in 2013, 1,163,146 arrests for violent crimes occurred nationwide. Again, using your numbers, that results in .09%. So the police managed to arrest violent offenders at least more 99.9991% of the time with no fatalities.

          Perhaps you should considered changing your name, to something that doesn’t give away your unthinking bigotry and prejudice against cops before someone even reads what you have to say.

          • dancingdelilah

            Very well put!

      • cammo99

        What is their data based on? The more impartial sites claim it is nearly impossible to get all these figures so how did this site get them? they admit they don;t have a data base and are estimating? Based on what? Are they sticking drug gang killings on the police and inflating the figures unconscionably? This article is a lot of nothing based on nothing.

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      • Sanchez

        Many of the statistics of police ‘killing’ citizens include an off duty cop in a drunk driving accident and police killing citizens in auto accidents etc.

        There is NO hard numbers of police killing citizens without being justified. The FBI counts LEO justifiable homicide and citizen justifiable homicide. I have tied but failed to find any reliable stats so how can all these people be protesting something we cannot prove is a problem?

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      • Irene

        90%+ of blacks are killed by blacks. 90%+ of whites are killed by whites. People do crime in their own communities. Whites have been killed by black cops, just as blacks have been killed by white cops.

        It’s only when a black man kills a white man, or a white cop kills a black man, that the media decides it’s news worthy. Everyone, the media is feeding you a load of horse crap. Do your research. Check the FBI crime stats. Then you will see the truth about murder in the USA. Everyone is guilty.

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      • abkinxoc

        Financing Thug Culture is financing Genocide

      • Thomas DeSoto

        If officer Darren Wilson was so intimidated by Micheal Brown’s size, why
        would he back up and pull his patrol car right up to Micheal Brown,
        roll down his patrol cars window and invite him over to talk for a
        minute, that makes no sense at all ? Unless of course they knew each
        other prior to this encounter.

        Why didn’t he call for backup at
        this point like most cops would do when capturing or confronting a
        criminal suspect ? Certainly not casually invite him over for a kindly
        chit chat, unless of course Officer Wilson knew confidently Micheal
        Brown posed no threat or danger to him at all.
        He implies Micheal
        Brown was left handed,… striking him with his powerful left hand,
        stating he never tried to pull Micheal Brown into his patrol car, but
        admits seconds later that he reach with his right hand to grab onto
        Micheal Browns forearm through the patrol car window to push him back,
        after having had to endured multiple hits to his left side of his face,
        which the hospital picture shows no evidence of sever hits or trauma to
        his head,… no cuts, no bruises, no black eyes, no fat lips, no
        concussions, nothing but a small blush red mark on his cheek, a sun
        At this point during the scuffle, he reaches for his gun to
        fire his weapon and his gun jams, but how does he have time to take that
        jammed round out of his gun to reload another round in the chamber and
        fire his gun for the first time as the scuffle continues ? According to
        officer Wilson, the scuffle continues on, but instead of firing another
        round in fear, he quickly exits his patrol car and chases after Micheal
        Brown, as if it’s his duty to not let him get away, or was officer
        Wilson so pissed off for getting smacked down by a teenager, he wanted
        to seek immediate revenge on the unarmed Micheal Brown with his loaded
        firearm, since back up was moments away, he knew if a problem arose he
        would be quickly rescued by his back up buddies?
        Someone that large
        is easily identifiable in a small community, so why immediately go
        chasing after him at that specific moment in time, especial if he felt
        in fear of his life. Why not stand down and wait for back up who was
        just moments away? This is also extremely problematic and extremely hard
        to belief, since he is sitting in his patrol car, so why didn’t he
        simply chase after Micheal Brown in his patrol car like 99.9% of most
        police officers would do under the same circumstance when in pursuit of a
        known criminal? Was he out of gas,..?
        He states that Micheal Brown
        told him,..” Your to much of a pussy to shoot me” so did he meet Micheal
        Brown prior to this incident which occurred and if so, was their bad
        blood between them prior to this fateful encounter? In a small town
        chances are they did know each other, but how and when is the real
        question, what was the circumstances of their last encounter?
        At this
        point the story gets even more problematic when he stutters to say
        “Micheal Brown stops running, turns around and places his right hand in
        his waist”, he makes a fist with his left hand and starts running back
        at him in rage,…Full Charge”. Now they’re both running at each
        other,..? Since when does anyone, especial a violent unarmed criminal
        trying to escape the scene of a crime, still holding his stolen blunt
        wraps, who has just beaten up this mild mannered police officer, come
        running back to the scene of the crime towards the same armed pissed off
        police officer pointing a gun at him with his right hand tucked away
        deep in his trousers? Seriously now, really,..? “The unknown”, what
        unknown is he referring too? Didn’t he learn the hard way that Micheal
        Brown didn’t need a gun to whoop his ass, so why would Micheal Brown
        suddenly pull a gun out on him now…and that he suddenly had a crazy
        look in his eye, this so called innocent police officer just minding his
        own business. Unless of course he shot Micheal Brown severely wounding
        him and Micheal Brown realized that running any further would quickly
        jeopardize his own life, so he quickly held up his hands as a sign of “I
        surrender, don’t shoot, I give up”,..etc,… When suddenly officer
        Wilson looks around and realizes their is no witnesses on this desolate
        road to contradict his fraudulent story, officer Darren Wilson decides
        to shoot at him nine times, one shot hitting him in the head point
        blank, fatally killing Micheal Brown at close range.
        Oddly Officer
        Darren Wilson’s testimony virtually goes unchallenged by both the
        prosecutor Bob McCulloch and nationally syndicated journalist George
        Stephanopoulos, having no regrets as a job well done, his normal duties
        as a humble police officer, protecting and serving his community. So
        confident that he fails to write up a detailed police report that could
        come back to haunt him in the future in a court of law.
        This so
        called unbiased Grand Jury that has worked directly with prosecutor Bob
        McCulloch for over seven months and we are suppose to believe this was a
        fare System of Justice, with nine Whites making up the majority vote is
        somehow a fare and equal representation of the black community in
        Seriously!!! This whole kangaroo court process was
        rigged from day one and millions of people all across this country are
        sick and tired of the Bull Shit they are continually being subjugated to
        by law enforcement and corrupt judges all across this nation. Young
        people all across this land are standing up and saying,..”No More”, “We
        aren’t going to take it anymore from any of you,… not now,.. not

      • Pingback: Anonymous()

      • Hal von Luebbert

        I’ve written about this a great deal, was a cop, taught cops physical arrest techniques, handgun retention, and close quarters combat (wrote the first SWAT TO& E in 1959) shooting. There’s another side – which may in some part explain why cops go berserk (overweight – obesity, degradation by inclusion of women in ranks, and availability of weaponry designed to make fat men and women effective against strong opponents are also a major factor) They’re scared, and here’s why:

      • nick

        Almost 1000 police have been killed by civilians in that time. If you all insist on making it us against them, I know which side I support.

        • misatokatsuragi

          Yes, because the population is afraid of the police and no longer trust the police. When swat teams are now being militarized, trained to treat american citizens as foreign enemies, trained to act like the military instead of the police, trained to shoot first and ask questions later on any 911 call, are no longer trained to serve and protect, but to confront and assault, having militarized swat teams now invading a home just on a warrant, many more times than in a legit hostage situation, it is no wonder more police are getting killed by civilians. When you back a cat up in a corner and it can no longer run away, it will then turn right around and strike you with it’s sharp claws. Same situation here. The militarized police need to remember that there job is to serve and protect, not to they have the right to kill everyone the confront just because they are now given war toys.

      • General-Zod

        80% of the people in Milwaukee for example who are homicide victims are African American. 80% of the people committing those crimes are African American.

        If you want to talk about numbers – let’s go with your number 5000 Police related shootings. Let’s break those numbers down.

        There are 51 States in the United States. 330 Million people. It’s been 13 years since 9/11 – so let’s look at the death tally.

        5000 Police Homicides over 51 States in 13 years. That’s approximately 385 per year over 13 years. Divide that number by State. 385 people * 51 States. That works out to be about 8 people per state per year. These stats do not reflect justified or unjustified. Still worried about Cops?

      • Guest

        80% of the people in Milwaukee for example who are homicide victims are African American. 80% of the people committing those crimes are African American.

        If you want to talk about numbers – let’s go with your number 5000 Police related shootings. Let’s break those numbers down.

        There are 51 States in the United States. 330 Million people. It’s been 13 years since 9/11 – so let’s look at the death tally.

        5000 Police Homicides over 51 States in 13 years. That’s approximately 385 per year over 13 years. Divide that number by State. 385 people * 51 States. That works out to be about 8 people per state per year. These stats do not reflect justified or unjustified. That’s not the point. If you think all of those 5000 homicides are not

      • General-Zod

        You mentioned Police shooting Blacks and Latinos. That is because the majority of people committing crimes in the US are Black and Latino. Sorry – but that is the truth. Does that shock you? Just like the shooting of Michael Brown. There are 80 homicides in Milwaukee this year. 3 Police related Homicides. One Officer was fired for it. The other shooting was justified as the Cops killed someone who had stabbed two people to death and then the Michael Brown shooting.

        justified – you are out to lunch and in denial. 5000 sounds like alot in 13 years. It’s not.

        On average there are 15000 – 17,000 homicides by civilians in the US every year. Since 9/11 – that’s 220,000 Homicides. In this case 333 people per year per state.

        • Gina Stevens

          That is a lie and anyone can fact check you.

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      • Keith Reyes

        Brutality Against Blacks and Minorities

        Racism is part of the human legacy and experience. It will
        be with us forever. It is the primary basis of discrimination. Screaming and
        shouting about police brutality will have no effect if the cause is not identified
        and addressed. Whites comprise over ninety percent of police officers. The
        majority of these young white men and women are recruited at the impressionable
        ages of 16 to 18 even before completion of their secondary school education. As
        such they lack the ability to think critically in making decisions. Then too,
        most of them were nurtured in home environments where blacks and other
        minorities are considered as inferior to whites and more prone to criminal
        activities. This is the paradigm they take into the police service and is the
        basis for their interaction with blacks and non-whites. Any inroad into
        mitigating police brutality on blacks would require a more visible appearance
        of blacks in the police service. Instead of shouting and marching incessantly
        against such brutality, black leaders should develop strategies to get more
        black young men and women into the police service. Police officers are given
        overwhelming authority and lethal weapons to exercise that authority. It is
        therefore critical that police recruits be thoroughly vetted and an ethnic
        balance introduced in recruitment procedures. At present there is a more than a
        ninety percent chance that any call for police assistance would be responded to
        by a white police officer who is likely to be more civil to his kith and kin.
        This is unacceptable in a multiracial society. With this ethnic disparity in
        the police service, whites have a level of security that blacks do not enjoy. It
        is prudent to strive for a police service that is ethnically representative of
        the society it serves. In the interim, it is worth considering having two
        officers on every beat; one white and one black. This would serve as a
        countervailing influence on the behaviour of each and also offer a sense of
        security to minorities when dealing with the police.

        Cephas Keith Reyes, PhD.

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      • 08SILVERADO

        It’s clear to me if you DO WANT SOMEONE DEAD all you need to do is call the cops, and the’ll do the job for you

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      • Rene Arizona Craig

        This is appalling news and America needs to change the way that they deal with the public. If the war on drugs was over they would have no excuse to harm people who are harming no one but themselves…. if that. Any crime where the victim is the state is fraud and/or the unseen others they claim to be protecting from you as you peaceably smoke a cannabis cigarette? Makes no common sense and it is against the common law of the land that is at the top of the list. DO NO HARM. If we start there….things will improve in this country.

        • Professor_Tenay

          So everyone who is apprehended by cops aren’t harming anyone but themselves? I guess pedos and murderers are just innocent people and shouldn’t be arrested?

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      • Terry Wagar

        My wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a Portland cop named Eric Carlson and he was acting as a double to set me up as a pedophile!

        When I found out my wife Joan Wagar was hooking our daughters up with a cop that was acting as a double I tried to warn people about it, and that’s when I was severely poisoned by Joan Wagar!

        All of my wife’s coworkers at East Port Walmart were calling officer Eric Carlson by the nickname Doubleclick because they knew he was acting as a double, and after my wife Joan Wagar poisoned me everyone at East Port Walmart started calling my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash!

        Police used their power of influence to cover up the poisonings at the hospital and I was repeatedly denied emergency services because of police influence and interference at the hospital!

        Shawna Wagar admits in writing to making false pedophile accusations about me and this occurred when my mother and father were poisoned and murdered by local police and by my wife Joan Wagar!

        April 2005 officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar adopted and actively used the nicknames Doubleclick and Mrs Dash in love letters and in their cellphones and it was East Port Walmart employees that first coined their nicknames!

        December 2005 I confronted my wife Joan Wagar with a audio recorder over that love letter Doubleclick the body double wrote my wife and she admits it’s her love letter but refuses to admit to her nickname because she is trying to hide the fact she is a poisoner and that it is open knowledge at East Port Walmart, she still also is trying to hide the fact Eric Carlson is a cop and a look-a-like to me!

        2006 because of police influence Joan Wagar aced a lie detector test I payed for!

        2006 Two months later Joan Wagar A,K,A, Mrs Dash admits in her diary she lied on that lie detector test and admits to her affair with officer Eric Carlson and admits to using pills and antifreeze in her diary and admits to mixing drinks with poisons and admits she is a liar and a psycho and admits to poisoning a plasma donor and admits I was ill at the time and admits I cannot get help from police!

        Near the end of Joan Wagar’s diary she admits she is a plasma donor intending to DONATE PLASMA!

        A day or two later she outright admits she is a

        poisoner at the end of her diary!

        2006 A week later Joan Wagar writes her infamous denial letter denying her ongoing affair with officer Eric Carlson and denying she is a poisoner, everything in her denial letter is a lie and even her daughters were sleeping around with officer Eric Carlson and his partners, one of her daughters got pregnant at the time of Joan Wagar writing this by Eric Carlson’s partner David!

        2006 By the time of Joan Wagar writing this written confession that she uses antifreeze as poison I was so debilitated at this time I was bedridden, Joan Wagar tossed this at me like it was a Frisbee because she wanted to see if I could get out of bed to try and find help or not, I could not!

        2007 the hospital admits I had abominable pain and internal bleeding but fakes not knowing what’s wrong and once again refuses to take a toxicology test and ignores my complaints and covers up Joan Wagar’s written confessions she is a poisoner!

        2007 Officer Eric Carlson brags to Clackamas Walmart employees he’s a twin and an alter ego and Walmart employee makes it known it is open knowledge at Clackamas Walmart he is a look-a-like to me and is using my wife Joan Wagar’s locker where my audio recorder was!

        2008 Portland police and OHSU hospital admitting to covering up my calls for help and threatening me telling me I am not welcome to help at a hospital!

        2008 Multnomah county sheriff’s covering up my calls for help and emails for help and are taunting me via their personal Blackberry emails!

        2009 Police made sure I could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test! Officer Eric Carlson is one of the first responders to respond to my 911 call and he was NOT there to help!

        2009 officer Eric Carlson and his bros in the Portland police and Joan Wagar made a audio death threat and broke into my home and put it on the computer, their using sound boards to say goodbye in multiple ways!
        The same day I found their audio death threat the police parked a black car with the Oregon license plate “SAYLVU” on it in front of my apartment!

        2009 Another Portland police officer caught on video acting as a double of me outside my apartment and he is with a female that is acting as a double of my daughter Megan Wagar, here is a picture of Megan Wagar with officer Eric Carlson’s partner David!

        And here is video of a police officer acting as a double of me and he is with a female acting as a double to my daughter Megan Wagar!

        07-10-2009 Officer Eric Carlson caught on video paying children TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to frame me as a pedophile outside my apartment and children admitted I will be killed and admitted my family members were involved!

        2009 Two weeks later Officer Eric Carlson and his partners and my wife Joan Wagar are caught outside my apartment building trespassing and waiting in ambush to shoot me, they are armed with guns, recording devices, and flashlights,their car with the license plate “SAYLVU” is in the parking lot!

        06-01-2014 Female sting operatives renting apartment below mine are deliberately placing small children in my path and then falsely labeling me as a pedophile!
        They continue to frame me as a pedo with intent of opening fire on me!

      • Jim Anderson

        I am a white guy who fears the police. I used to carry a licensed concealed weapon to protect myself from the very real criminal threats out there. I no longer do that b/c I stand a greater chance of being shot by the police if they found a licensed firearm than I do by a thug on the street. I feel safer in a ghetto than I would in a police station. Pretty sad state of affairs the US has become – huh?

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      • TimGolden

        bro(t)her! cling not to(o) fame nor to(o) fortune
        bro(t)her! cling not to(o) power nor to(o) praise
        bro(t)her! cling not to(o) booze nor to(o) (Imelda’s silver) shoes
        bro(t)her! cling not to(o) pills nor to(o) terrestrial thrills
        bro(t)her! cling not to(o) the sun nor to(o) a teeny tiny gun
        bro(t)her! these terrestrial things are your doll’s dolls
        Q: bro(t)her! what’s your doll?
        A: “that man!”s skin you (wee spirit) are in
        bro(t)her! cling to G-D

      • F-EW

        I lived in the U.S. until 1975. Leaving was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

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      • nedved1000
      • rmdr

        2100 Officers killed in the line of duty protecting the public since 2001. Since there are 3/4 of a million officers there is less than one percent that are considered bad cops.

      • 0(o_o)0(-_-)(o…o)

        Police need to be made “civilian” again. The definition of civilian needs to be changed back to non military.

      • Apul_MadeeqAoud

        “Americans should be more fearful of the local cops than “terrorists.”

        I AM. FAR more fearful of our own government and their goon squad than I am of marauders literally on the other side of the planet from me. People need to wake up and see who their REAL enemies are. It ain’t them.

        • misatokatsuragi


          • So Luigi II

            Blood on your hands will come back on you twice.

      • Alan Chandler

        Stop the failed “war on drugs”. Look at the results. For starters. If a person looks at prison arrest records you’ll find a majority of the inmates and paroled were involved in drugs. This underground criminal element involves more minorities as they are oppressed and this is their opportunity to make money. Drugs has all of America including Central and South America in chaos as well as providing terrorists with money, especially in Afghanistan. Prohibition doesn’t work. You can’t legislate morals. There are no victims. Prohibition infringes on personal liberties. The cure is much worse than the problem.

      • Doris Merrill

        would you rater there was no police force at all? Why don’t all who so readily point the finger go and become police officers show us what a good cop is like

      • Radioman KC

        Time for US police to do what GERMAN POLICE do… shoot to WOUND. It seems most cops shoot to kill even when there’s no violent threat. Put another way, ESCAPE and RESISTING or NWA doesn’t rate a street cop death penalty. All police shooting unarmed men without a weapon should be charged. Let the courts sort it out, not the police. Clearly the brotherhood won’t let them police themselves.

        The police have screwed the pooch. Now America will insist on tighter regulation, and less tolerance to cover for bully smashmouth cops, and (gasp) lapel cams. Oh the bullies will HATE THAT! Maybe they wont’ be able to hunt on the streets anymore… Let the cameras do what the goodcops are afraid to do!

      • AliFaye

        Bill Scott my heart if heavy for you and the death of your son, my sympathy for you and your family. There is a just due to be issued and the way it will be issued is mightier than any man can think. I do believe in parts of Scriptural writings in The Holy Bible, The Holy Karan, and in the Torah. Tells us Woe (in different words) to those who do hate, and do hateful things and say that they love Our Creator. Woe to those who do wrong and agree that it is right. Woe to those who stand idly by and watch wrong being done. I can not speak what I would like to speak because as I speak it is being read by who runs the Media!

      • Chris Weber

        I just did the math; for ever one pig killed in the line of duty; they kill 2.75 civilians…


      • Molly Riley


      • Josh Marcus

        We need to quit calling this a race issue because it’s not. Police are equally just as violent against all races and just as wrong when they do it. One way our government has always managed to sneak control us is to keep citizens fighting amongst themselves instead of unifying against a common threat. You should be scared to death to call the police for help after watching some of the brutality videos. The common ending seems to be a loved one or yourself hurt or dead and the police claiming justifiable and getting away with it. Our government created new branches every year and a federal brutality review and consequences board is so necessary right now it makes no sense why they don’t go ahead and create one.

      • Antuan Develle Claude


      • corners

        here you go

        “Number Of Officers Killed In The Line Of Duty Drops To 50-Year Low While Number Of Citizens Killed By Cops Remains Unchanged”

        “The go-to phrase deployed by police officers, district attorneys and other law enforcement-related entities to justify the use of excessive force or firing dozens of bullets into a single suspect is “the officer(s) feared for his/her safety.” There is no doubt being a police officer can be dangerous. But is it as dangerous as this oft-deployed justification makes it appear? ”

      • walter1407

        I don’t live in the USA but visit frequently. In states like Arizona, native Indians are probably the ones most at risk of being killed by cops (I state that from personal experience). It seems that if you want to murder someone and get away with it in the USA, you have to become a cop.
        “Definition of a good police force: It catches more criminals than it employs.”

      • C Ken Davis Sr

        I believe this article is totally bias against the police. It is not objective and information is being fabricated. this guy Prysner makes statements that are conjecture not facts. How many of these deaths were a result of robberies, killings, attacks? criminals die, this article makes it seem that innocent people are shot every day.

      • PigStateNews

        In all likelihood at least 15,000 people have been killed by U.S. police since 2001.
        At least 685 have been killed since January 1, 2014.
        At least 1434 have been killed since May 1, 2013.
        At least 1087 were killed May 1, 2013 – May 1, 2014.
        Source: Police reports via corporate news reports.

      • Mike Mack

        so the US killed a total of 8,000 american civilians

        • danbfas

          But the majority of them were bad people, doing bad things. Not all, but give me a break. That’s the nature of police work. Stopping bad guys from doing bad things. Often, if you don’t, either you or someone else may be killed. So, it’s not like cops are just walking down the street taking potshots. But hey, don’t let reality interfere with your agenda.

      • Lapierre

        People of color are 9/10th of the worlds population and whites are 1/10th. I think the white man is scared to death to lose the power and
        wealth he has had over the last 500 years. Historically the white man has
        terrorize people of color.

        Solution, people of color need to arm
        ourselves and Stand our Ground. It’s legal. If you feel threatened by
        anyone you can defend yourself. If the cops knows that 95% of the citizens
        have loaded guns… they will think twice. They made the laws. Sadly,
        its too dangerous for a person of color to live in the US and they must
        protect themselves.

      • Guest

        People of color are 9/10th if the worlds population and whites are 9/10th. I think the white man is scared to death to lose the power and wealth he has had over the last 500 years. All thihey can do is terrorize people of color. Solution, people of color need to arm ourselves and Stand our Ground. It’s legal. If you feel threatened by anyone you can defend yourself. If the cops now that 95% of the citizens have loaded guns… they will think twice. They made the laws. Sadly, its too dangerous for a person of color to live in the US and they must protect themselves.

      • Scythian Arrows

        So, anyone still think that “only the police and military should have guns”?

      • SteveLC

        Sadly soldiers are coming home from war and becoming police officers, which they should not be hired. Those that have made multiple kills are desensitized for human life and have no problems of murdering someone In-the-line-of-duty. And those police officer that haven’t murdered want to join the “I shot someone club” and most times they shoot a non-white. It seem that many white police officers have problems with their vision and think that wallets and I.D.’s look like a weapon, and they kill the victims. The present mentality is what good is all the “swat” equipment is if you never get the chance to use it. There is no distinction from a heavily equip US Soldier than a SWAT police office. Now the police dept. have surplus armor vehicles. So now the American Citizens have to fear the rogue cops and the gangs. US Police Have Killed Over 5,000 US Civilians Since 9/11 – more than American killed in Iarq…

        • the_lion

          Your opinions are wrong. Police are human, some make mistakes, others are just bad, but to lump all police into the scum category is just stupid.

      • Steffy93

        If Officers kill 1000 citizens per year, how is it possible that only 5000 have died since 2001?
        If the 1000 per year is anywhere near accurate, shouldn’t the number killed be triple that?

        • PigStateNews

          At least 610 people have been killed by U.S. police since January 1, 2014; at least 1359 have been killed since May 1, 2013.

          • danbfas

            Hmmm…..610 people out of 330 million. Not an expert, but I would bet that total percentage would be tiny…tiny. And the fact that most likely a high percentage of them are bad people trying to do bad things, the chance that they might get killed to stop them form committing crimes may just explain that (tiny) possibility that they could get hurt. Give me a break. Hey, maybe that bad guy breaking into your house, stealing your stuff and raping your wife for fun just deserves to go to rehab instead of being confronted by and stopped by police. In fact, should that happen, don’t call 911. That may help save a few criminals lives. Should make you feel better.

        • PigStateNews

          In all likelihood at least 15,000 people have been killed by U.S. police since 2001.
          At least 686 have been killed since January 1, 2014.
          At least 1435 have been killed since May 1, 2013.
          At least 1087 were killed May 1, 2013 – May 1, 2014.
          Source: Police reports via corporate news reports.

          • Steffy93

            “In all likelihood”?
            You used facebook as a source?
            Have a nice evening.

            • PigStateNews

              Source: Police reports via corporate news reports.

              • Steffy93

                Nice sentence.
                Links to the Police reports and the corporate news reports?

      • keith

        sorry to hear bill scott remember the old rules cops cant shot unless fired upon

      • keith

        the blue code of silence is the same code organise crime and gangs have so if it looks like a duck sounds like a duck act like a duck it must be a duck. so the cops act like gangs and organise crime they sound like organise crime and gangs and cops look like organise crime and gangs then that means there organise crime and gangs

      • Rework Oh Ryan

        So, where is the evidence that 5,000 civilians have been killed by police since 9/11?

      • Elwood2112

        I’m sure all of these murders were justified in the eyes of the God known as government, just like all of the deaths on 9/11 were justified in the eyes of Allah.

      • jason wright

        People are drawn to careers because of desire. I am a tech nerd and not surprisingly I desired to work in tech field and of course that’s where I ended up. Sociopaths and bullies are attracted to having control over other humans. When you are stopped or help by a cop you suddenly have zwro human rights. You cant go anywhere or you are up shit creek. you cant express yourself or you might bruise a bully’s ego and you will pay dearly. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. Police have way too much power and it attracts the worst kind of people to the job. Their bosses are the same sociopath bullies and again, not surprisingly, they literally get away with murder. On top of this they are experts at playing the hero card to society and most citizens are so well bred not to even question what the police are doing to them. “Well, if you have nothing to hide what’s the harm?” as they trample all over basic human rights. That’s another very big problem… there are not enough people who can break this brainwashing and start fighting back for their rights. It’s a joke to think you live in a free country when police forces are literally gangs of thugs who get pleasure from controlling and treating others poorly. Just look on youtube and you can see them literally murdering people and getting away with it…. but no one stands up and does anything about it. I dont understand.

      • Pingback: Trained To Kill: The Policing Tactics The Public Isn’t Supposed To Know About()

      • Brandon Harnish

        Can we get some better sources for these numbers?

        • Mike S.

          If this was a CNN article, I’m sure you wouldn’t question anything.

          • Brandon Harnish

            So, no? I figured it was too much to ask.

      • eman alshazly
      • Anonymous

        Theres 5 levels of justification of force and a police officers judgement shouldnt be pulling a gun on the first person they think is a criminal its up to the courts to decide i was a Military Police Officer we were taught you pull a gun youd better have good reason. We didnt get a 2 week paid vacation we got a repremand dishonorable discharge and jail time. No ones above the law regardless what your chief or staff say. Your job is to protect and serve the people not shoot you gun when you think its a threat. Youd better be damn sure or find a new profession. You made an oath To Serve And protect the people not your damn selves and covering each others asses when you screw up. The people will learn not to call 9/11 or to start fighting back and its your conscious thats gonna eat you not ours. What most police officers dont realize that if bad cops are doing the wrong thing at any given moment it could be your wife daughter son husband mother or father. When that day comes your gonna be just as pissed as the people your hurting. Get another job or start doing yours.

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      • Dennis Richardson

        Free armored vehicles are being provided by the US military to local law enforcement agencies. It is in the news, is the news wrong? Why is it happening? Influences from outside America? Is Barack H.Obama his own man? Is he controlled by many powerful people? Does Obama’s administration actions coincide with the UN or the financially powerful in Europe? Much pressure and indoctrination is happening to police officers here, to obey. Why do many county sheriffs agree to gun ownership? Those men are real heroes, they must be resisting much pressure.

      • faf


      • Who


      • Arizona

        now old charlie there, IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF STUPID,…I guess hes never seen a six year old burned to death with POLICE GANG FIRE BOMBS,or a seven year old with her eye hanging on her cheek,and her teeth broken out and every bone in her face broken,WITH A POLICE GANG SHOTGUN BUTT,no most americans would rather not think about the damage to children ,who happened to be in the way of OUT OF CONTROL GANGSTERS,police gangsters,TERRORIZING america in the name of keeping us safe………SCREW YOU CHARLIE,and if you have any friends SCREW THEM TO,you demon from hell.and your demons from hell friends in the police gangs…………………………

      • anonymous

        I was tortured by the police in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

      • Charlie

        Police cannot break in your door without a warrant! It takes a LOT of evidence to get a warrant. I do not feel bad for those people that had their doors kicked in. If your involved in criminal activity and selling drugs to our children the I hope you get what coming to you!!!!! And if the police kick in your door ……. Good!!!!!! They probably saved several lives of many children you assholes were selling drugs too. I hate the criminals who are really a piece of shit but go. on these stupid ass videos crying like a victim……. Do your research people!!!!! They or their families are criminals!!!!! Selling drugs to kids, have stolen property or even worse involved in child porn!!!!!

        • Arizona

          SO tell us charlie ,which terrorist government agency,DO YOU WORK FOR,one who kills children,I BET,it seems like the agents who scream the loudest are always the ones doing the dirtest things,AND THAT SOUNDS LIKE YOU CHARLIE,you like killing children,maybe sacrificing them to your daddy lucifer,or drinking their blood after you’ve killed them,come on charlie tell how it really is with you and your demon friends……………

      • AntiSocialSailor

        “….Now, instead of making a simple request of a violator, many in law enforcement seem to take a more difficult and confrontational path, fearing personal risk. ”

        There you go. Fearing personal risk. Pigs are cowards. The worst cowards are the SWAT guys and, especially, the DEA. The DEA are the biggest bunch of wussies this side of the Bunny Ranch. I still remember in the mid-80’s they were going on and on about some stupid DEA agent who was killed in Mexico. It was the first and only casualty they had taken in at least a decade, but they were still whining and crying about it 10 years later, using it to justify their storm trooper tactics and their paramilitary demeanor. Eff them. I hope they all die. I’d sooner take my chances with terrorists.

        Lest anyone think I’m a minority, drug dealing gang banger with a grudge, I’m not. I’m a nearly 60 year old white guy who used to respect cops until the last 20 years or so. I’m living in an extremely affluent neighborhood filled with affluent drug users, scamsters, banksters and other white-collar criminals. But the pigs wouldn’t DARE bust a door down around here because, chances are, he’ll be busting down the door of some prominent attorney, local politician or their scions. Better to go harass and intimidate and kill someone on the poor side of town. Cowards. All of them.

        • the_lion

          If true about all that neighborhood crime, why are you such a coward and have not turned in all the evidence to the county District Attorney?

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      • disqus_22iqFVV4qK
      • Pingback: Police Are Trampling On the Rights Of American Citizens — And Finally We Have A Chance To Fight Back - Liberty Crier()

      • ddftr

        “Breaking News” Cops are not perfect”. But who is?

        After LAPD beat (Ex-Con, Speeding, Pursit, Refused to Stop, Physically Attacked Officers) “Motorist” Rodney King, LAPD officers adopted “Drive & Wave.”

        They did not stop suspicious people, traffic violators or even stop for citizens flagging them down. They realised that it was better to “Don’t get involved, Don’t show up quickly to crimes in progress and you can’t be Charged with a Crime or Sued for something that you did or did not do.”

        Of course, crime which was thru the roof, went higher and higher. When the LA Riots broke out, LAPD laid low, resulting in Billions in property damage and 53 people killed. But no Cops were killed, sued or charged with a crime.

        Years ago, the city of LA allowed transfers between the Police and Fire departments without losing seniority. This was Stopped when 99% of the transfers were from the Police to the Fire department. Same Base Pay & Benefits and More & Better Overtime resulting in 20% higher pay. Plus, very little stress at the FD and exercising and sleeping on-duty is encouraged by the fire department.

        And Firefighters get the full five wave, not the one finger one reserved for Cops.

        You get what you pay for.

        • AntiSocialSailor

          What a load of bullshit.
          So, if cops an’t act like thugs, they’ll just neglect their jobs entirely. And you think that’s just fine. We’ll show those civilians. If we can’t beat people to death, we just won’t do anything. That’ll teach ’em to respect us. Riiiiiight,.

          What a bullshit attitude, but typical for the notorious pigs in L.A. They should be held personally liable for the billions in property damage that resulted from their spiteful and juvenile attitude.

          Firefighters deserve the respect they get. When half the firefighters turn out to be part-time arsonists and the other half cover for them, then you can start complaining that they’re unfairly treated better than cops. Of course people would rather be a firefighter. Firefighters don’t have to work with fellow firefighters who are sociopaths, thieves, liars and thugs. Firefighters also don’t have a code of silence inherited from the Mafia.

          I’m glad they stopped that transfer. Anyone with more than a year of being a cop is already corrupted if he hasn’t quit already. We don’t need them contaminating the Fire Department. Besides, not that many cops even want to be firefighters. That doesn’t fulfill their TV action show fantasies and cops are essentially cowards. Every time they shoot some kid for holding a comb or a cellphone they prove it. Firefighters actually risk their lives and work hard. They don’t go charging in to a bbq grill fire, ten at a time and dressed in full battle gear, only to end up killing 3 people and destroying the house. That’s what a firefighting operation would look like if it was run by cops.

      • ddftr

        Not too many years ago, an average of 150 cops killed each year was not uncommon. Better equipment such as Ballistic Vests, Ballistic Car Door Panels, Taser’s, and Firearms etc, combined with better training have resulted in a lower death rate.

        But cops are Targets. Every Cop knows this. Wear the Uniform and become a Target. The bad guys do not wear Uniforms. And thanks to groups like the NRA, guns are just to easy to get by those whose want to rob, rape and kill.

        You want better Cops, than Raise the Pay 100% and see what happens. There are still Police Departments in the USA that pay less than $30k a year.

        Would you put your life on the line daily or work at Walmart for better pay, benefits and without having to worry about being sued?

        • AntiSocialSailor

          Awwww… Poor widdle piggies. 150 cops killed each year? How’s that stack up against meat cutters or factory workers or farmers or just about any occupation that doesn’t involve sitting at a desk all day. Spare me the crybaby routine. Cops have one of the safest jobs in the country. The most dangerous calls are domestic violence calls. I’m surprised they don’t send fully armored swat teams to deal with them too.

          Cops are targets because they made themselves targets. How many law-abiding citizens hated cops in 1970? 1980? How about now?

          You want better cops, then start subjecting them to meaningful psychological testing. Start firing any cop who should reasonably known about the corruption of the guys they work with all day. Quit protecting the violent sociopaths and Special Ops wannabees.

          Walmart workers work twice as hard for less than half the pay of your $30K cop and they get NO benefits. In a lot of small towns, $30K is too much for a cop and they get paid a helluva lot more in any decent sized city.

          And when was the last time a cop was sued, had to pay for his own defense and/or lost a personal lawsuit? Hell, they don’t even get prosecuted for the crimes they commit unless they’re so blatant and egregious that even the Blue Wall of Silence isn’t big enough to cover them up.

          Yeah. I’d be a cop any day over being a Walmart worker. Except that, if I was a cop, I’d have to work with cops instead of the decent people who work at Walmart.

        • Disgustipated

          “Wear the Uniform and become a Target. The bad guys do not wear Uniforms.

          EVeryone NOT in a Unifom is a “BAD GUY”
          ya lets raise their pay… hell, lets keep giving them military surplus.. Idiot.

        • Arizona

          HEY you guys,don’t worry about the POLICE GANGS,their payday is coming,I had a nice chat with a RUSSIAN ARMY CAPTAIN,at walmart the other day,he said they hated police gangs in russia too,AND PROMISED ME they fully intended to kill every police gang member they could find,after they took over america,THEIR won’t be many benifits to the russians being in america,BUT THATS ONE I CAN LIVE WITH……………….

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      • Mike TheVet

        I agree that the police need a complete “reform,” but I don’t believe every officer has bad intentions.
        That being said, the whole “Blue Line” needs to completely disappear from our society.

      • Mike Wales
      • Jasmin Chang

        what a madness…

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      • mike d

        Police have been getting more militant and aggressive the past 10 years. Has anyone noticed how they never smile these days , are always irate and down right suppressive towards the public?

        • AntiSocialSailor

          They’re a bunch of sick fuck psychopaths, raised on the teat of TV police dramas and Fox news crime sensationalism. They fancy themselves Special Ops forces but they’re just a bunch of immature and petulant fuckwits. The ex-military among them are even sicker than the non-military guys because they ought to know better. This attitude shift has been going on for longer than 10 years. Believe me. This started in the late 80’s and has only gotten much worse since 9/11.

        • Arizona

          THERES always a silver lining to every storm,THE POLICE GANGS were given an OATH to GOD to protect the US CONSTITUTION,and they did LIE,now when they die,and that will be pretty soon,THEIR ALL GOING TO HELL,..GOD said, anyone who takes an OATH to me,HAD BETTER KEEP IT,cause no one who lies to HIM WILL BE GOING TO HEAVEN,…THAT MEANS everyone of you sorry bastards in the police gangs won’t be seen by anyone in heaven,your all going to hell,you sold your soul for bread crumbs………

      • m4orgot

        “Israelization”, the extreme militarization of American police, started after September 11 when the Israel lobby began providing all-expense paid trips to Israel for US law enforcement for counter-terrorism training with Israeli military and intelligence officials. It’s no wonder we’re treated like Palestinians.

      • Amelia Royko Maurer

        #AB409WI mothers of children killed by police request fair investigations. Please share.

      • BigHonkey80

        As a police officer I would say the majority of this article is crap. 5000 dead? I can guarantee most of the deaths were justified. What do you expect me, or us to do when someone attacks us with a weapon, or is attempting to attack an innocent person? Stand there and pick our noses? Let the bad guy kill us like a dog? Kill an innocent person, so everyone can bitch at us for not doing anything? I’m at a loss with articles like this because they paint such an unfair picture of what it is like on the street dealing with people who don’t care about anyone but themselves, and who would murder their own mom for some money. Hell, I’ve seen people assault their own family members because of an argument over which was better, brown rice, or white rice; that is no joke.
        To Bill Scott, I’m also at a loss. I’m sorry about your son.
        To everyone who is sick of the encroaching police state, fucking do something about it!!!!!! Instead of writing bitchy blogs and comments on news sites go to your city hall and demand change. The people who make federal, state, and local laws are ELECTED into office. I have a personal method of police work that involves viewing the citizens I protect as friends. There are laws that I don’t enforce because more than being stupid, they are down right unjust. There is no way that a person who has a burned out tail light deserves a $100 fine but that will never change until people get off their backsides, and drive down to city hall and demand change; that’s it.
        Some of this stuff does need to change, and you have a 50/50 shot at running into a cop like me who uses logic when making decisions. The only way to keep the other 50% in check is to take away their power. The only way to do that is to get rid of some of these stupid laws. The only way to do that is, again, go to city hall, go to the county seat, go to the capital and demand these laws be changed or the greasy politician wont get your vote. Oh, and that’s another thing, don’t vote for grease balls who are interested in lining their pockets with the revenue generated by all these stupid fines.

      • Sooriamoorthy

        Kill all cops! Kill all of them, male, female, their families, parents, friends and all those who support them. whoever they may be: magistrates, judges, Senators, Congressmen, etc.

        Then, we may have honest Police officers.

      • the one

        Once they join the lodge they are lost to us… They no longer serve their oath of office nor the people but the cult of the eye! Note the all seeing eye and the grip of the master mason… They are chattel and serve the light bringer.

      • Major

        @ politiva. Ur welcomed for the lesson. As for the officer friendly remark, that was what was pinned to the back of the sweatshirt (complete with a picture of cops beating someone) I borrowed just seconds before, from a guy I knew from back home (we were in Milwalkee). Next thing I know I get beaten with flashlights & pepper sprayed for “resisting arrest.” Thats when I got my skull fractured. They just laughed and stepped over me when they were done. I was left puking & gasping for air. I got a chip on my shoulder after that, but after my cousin and a couple of friends got smoked by johnny law, I started rethinking my eventual destination. Who knows, maybe I’m just gettin old, but im deffinately not a cop & f*** u for saying so.

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      • Major

        Although I have had my fair share of abuse & a mistaken identity raid by these idiots, wearing ski masks no less (they had the wrong house #), I have to wonder how bad this country would be without them. One can complain about the outlaw cops, but if you look at half the population, they are lawless also. The cops are drawn out of the population, ergo half should be lawless. Even so, if there were no police, I think the vast hoard of takers would have no deterrant from obliterating the makers. How did a generation become so narcissistic/self absorbed/self worshipping to think they can do whatever they want to whomever they want and become indignant/feel picked on when there are negative consequenses and/or they don’t get everything they demand? These same people think they can act beligerant and agitate the cops because they are special & unjustly persecuted. Manners, politeness go a long way. It took a couple of beatings, a skull fracture, a broken cheek bone and a few guns pointed in my face to figure this out myself. Oh, don’t reach in your pocket for anything in front of the cops. Put your hands where they can see them and ask them to get your id, insurance papers etc.

        • Politiva_com

          Nice fiction officer friendly. Leave me out of your next “lesson”.

        • Glenn Festog

          In every state that has passed concealed carry laws, gun crimes and assault against citizens has dropped. There are more law abiding gun owners than criminal and the problem of no police would be settled in a few months. Then, perhaps, they (police) could go back to being peace officers instead of revenue enhancement officers. As for myself, I’ve been robbed twice at gunpoint and had one shoved in my face by an a**hole on LSD; as the saying goes, when seconds counted, the police were minutes (or, in one case, 1 hour +) away.

          Further, when you see a 300# cop claim he had to shoot a 10# terrier because “he was in fear for his life” it makes you wonder.

          • Major

            Glen, I think you are right. I could have saved myself a lot of grief and a lot of relative’s/friend’s lives with your idea. I witnessed a murder once & the cops took over 45 minutes to come after I called. They told me I dreamed it & didn’t even act like they felt like looking at the scene. They became hostile when I asked why they took so long when I called while the murderers were still shooting, putting him in the trunk, picking up the shells, & me reading the license plate #. They told me I must have dreamed the whole thing. Odd how a few neighbors saw/dreamed the same thing. It took me 2 1/2 decades, but I finally figured out the cops WERE the murderers. A few years ago, they did get busted for selling drugs out of evidence & pinned it all on an overzealous “good cop.” They were probably taking out their competition 25 yrs ago when they killed that guy.

        • AntiSocialSailor

          That sounds a lot like you should behave when faced with a violent psychopath. Is that what you think is acceptable? OH, cops are o.k.. Just be polite or they might crack your skull open. Don’t be belligerent or agitate the cops because they’re special and they’ll shoot you dead.

          The very same things you criticize a “generation” for, you find perfectly acceptable in cops. Don’t be indignant, but they can. Don’t you be belligerent, but they can. They don’t have to be polite, but if you aren’t polite toward them, that’s justification for putting y ou in the hospital.

          Here’s some news for you. Contempt of Cop is not a crime. It’s not punishable by execution on the street. The penalty isn’t being beaten senseless or having evidence planted or being set up for a crime you didn’t commit. Contempt of Cop is the natural consequence of a contemptible police force where half consists of contemptible thugs, bullies and criminals and the other half are passive witnesses who condone criminal behavior with their silent assent.

      • James

        We The People have the RIGHT to use DEADLY FORCE against psycho cops! We DO have legal precedence in The Supreme Court! Read this and make it go viral.

      • Alan Bradley

        People need to start machine gunning all these tyrant cops down.

        • James

          If they are illegally arresting you or you fear for your life against a deranged cop, you have the RIGHT to use deadly force against that pig. Legal precedence is there. Read it and send it along. Not all cops are bad, but the bad ones are in the majority unfortunately. Maybe if this legal info becomes common knowledge we can straighten out our corrupt police forces. They are supposed to serve US! Not murder us.

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker

            Sure, you can try to protect yourself, with what? Your kitchen knife? Pick up a pencil and you’re likely to get shot by those goons. It is best to let your vengeance cool and serve it ice cold when least expected.

          • AntiSocialSailor

            The only cops who aren’t bad are the ones who haven’t been there long enough to have witnessed crimes committed by other pigs.

            Any pig who stays around a decent sized force for more than a year or so HAS witnessed crimes by pigs. They don’t say or do anything and so become as guilty as the pigs that commit the crime. The fear of retribution or ostracism makes them into accomplices no less than the fear of retribution prevents a drug user from from snitching on his supplier.

            A drug user or low level dealer would face prison time for failure to cooperate. A member of an organization is legally responsible for the acts of EVERYONE involved, even if he had no personal knowledge of crimes committed by other members.

            There is no such thing as a “clean” cop. The pervasiveness of dirty cops makes it impossible. The only “clean” cop is an ex-cop.

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker

          Divide and conquer. Now the people are divided against the police, against other races and religions, against their ‘wacky’ neighbours, some against the Jews, but still, most do not see the Jews as the main source of the problem. Some have identified correctly that police are being trained by Israeli psychopaths. Are people also aware that the former heads of the Stasi and KGB are involved in orchestrating more horror for the people of the Jewnighted States? Things are going to get ugly really soon, maybe even tomorrow.

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      • Dred Dormammu

        They want to turn the USA into Gaza, thus the attempted confiscation of firearms, and the training of US Police by Israeli IDF

      • Greg Burton

        Just another logical, predictable and
        deliberate outcome of the so-called “war on terror” predicated by the
        9/11 inside job attacks.

      • Greg Burton

        5,000 deliberate, logical and predictable outcomes predicated by the 9/11 inside job attacks.

      • michaelrivero

        I am glad someone finally came up with a number because this is a statistic I have been searching for a very long time. And from the daily dose of wrongful police shootings being reported, this number looks to be fairly accurate.

        That means more innocent Americans are being killed by the police than by terrorists, even including those killed on 9-11. Where is the corporate media coverage on this threat to innocent lives? 3 people died in the Boston Marathon bombing and it was non-stop coverage for days on end! The same with Sandy Hook, where 26 people died. None of the SSRI-crazed shooters waved at us by the gun grabbers ever killed anywhere near as many innocent people as the police do, yet got headline coverage across the land.

        We decry the slaughter of innocent Palestinians by the IDF only to find we have the exact same crisis here, quite possibly because of all those Israelis being hired to train the US police departments.

        The corporate media failed to report on how vaccines are more dangerous than the diseases they are supposed to prevent. The corporate media failed to report that there are serious problems with GMO crops. And to that growing list of cover-ups we can now add that the police kill more innocent Americans than terrorists do.

        • Vlad TheSkewerer

          I think a wedge is being driven between the public and law enforcement Michael so when it comes time to steal their pensions there will be no public outcry. And when they meet the same fate as the S.A. brownshirts and Beria’s boys, well……

          • AntiSocialSailor

            That theory would make sense if it were someone other than the cops themselves who insist on driving a wedge between themselves and the public.

            As for their pensions, steal away. They’ll get no sympathy from me. That’s not because of any “wedge” other than the behavior I’ve seen from cops for the last 20-25 years. Their “wedge” is more like a wall. A blue wall of silence. That’s their own fault and it began long before conservatives and baggers decided that pensions were fair game.

      • Uncle_Meat

        It doesn’t matter what the public thinks anymore. These thugs have a military policy in place in the cities and it’s getting worse. Cops are not your friends. They are an occupying force of cowards cut from the same cloth as the criminals. All respect has been lost and the hatred for these dirtbags is growing daily. They are waiting for the day of martial law when they will be the only law around. At that time the public needs to know that when they see the militarized police vehicles and police troops on the streets with full auto weapons, their rights as US citizens are out the window and the time to protect yourself and property from these punk ass thugs is at hand. No one will be safe.

      • sprytleand chim chim

        its gonna end up us against them ;(

      • FX ofTruth

        Military occupation, s where we are at. They are using the excuse of fighting terrorism in the same way we use to fight communism. The Boogie Man doesn’t exist. We do business with the Communist today. We support the terrorists in Syria who are the same group that supposedly want to “get us.” The police are the ones “terrorizing and threatening” the American Public and WE HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS? We have to be threatened with death, in order to be safe? Who’s smoking crack?

        Just because the word, “POLICE” is printed on them doesn’t mean they are.
        You can print “BOY SCOUTS” but, does that make them the Boy Scouts?

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker

          Po Lice I know what lice are, I am just wondering what the po stands for.

      • name

        Never call the cops.

        • ddftr

          I hope when you need them, someone with a brain calls the police for you.

          • Antonio Buehler

            Who needs the police? They don’t protect people. They kill far more people than they save.

            • MrLargo

              True. Double true. And, tripple-dog true.

          • AntiSocialSailor

            I’ll never bother calling them again. I needed them once in my 60 years, to investigate a burglary. I had to beg them to lift prints off a windowsill where the perp obviously entered. Then, I had to catch the guy myself by hanging reward posters on neighborhood store windows and tricking him into showing up with my $2K guitar. I arranged for a meeting with him and the cops were supposed to be there, but they didn’t show. I guess they had some pot smoker to bust that night. Anyway, I got my guitar back and punched the guys lights out in front of the store we met at. Turns out, he was a week from his 18th birthday so I’d probably have been arrested.

            One problem was, I lived in a moderate income neighborhood at the time. They’d never have pulled that crap in the area I live in now. There’s big money here and they fawn all over people. The cops who’d give you a hard time about not letting them inspect your house in the old neighborhood act like pentinent children around here. Two-faced assholes.

            Anyway, the one time in my life when I actually needed a cop, they were useless. Yet somehow, over the years, they’ve always found time for petty harassment and bullying.. I’m sure if I’d have committed some actual crime, they’d have been johnny-on-the-spot.

            I’ve got no use for them. When enough people get fed up and fight back, count this whitebread, upper income 60 year old in.

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      • Bill Scott

        Low-IQ, scared, amped-up cops killed my son, Erik Scott, a decorated ex-Army officer and West Point graduate with an MBA from Duke Univ., for having a BlackBerry smartphone in his hand. A two-time killer-cop claimed he thought Erik’s cell phone was a firearm. My eldest son’s dead, and his killers have never been held accountable. Every law enforcement officer in America had better read my new novel, “The Permit,” and heed its loud-and-clear warnings. You might think “Checkmate” isn’t real, but citizens’ anger and hatred of corrupt, arrogant, outlaw cops definitely is.

        • Uncle_Meat

          God bless! Heard you on Coast to Coast Am with your compelling story. Yes, soon it will be open season on these scumbags and people won’t be asking if they were ‘good cops’. They will all be painted with the same brush. So it’s up to these guys to turn things around but don’t count on it.

          • AntiSocialSailor

            As the old-fashioned honorable cops burn out and retire, it’s a pretty safe bet that any pigs who are still around 5 years from now are fair game and I look forward to the day when people younger and more equipped than I am decide that it’s open season.

            I’m not a psychoanalyst. I don’t have time to analyze who is a “good” cop and who isn’t. In this day and age, the prudent thing to do is to assume any pig you encounter is a corrupt liar and a violent sociopath. The pigs extend that same presumption to the public at large. Two can play that game and the odds are with me.

            I do feel sorry for the dozen or so decent pigs still left in this country. I suggest they quit and do something respectable before they end up being lumped in with all the scum they work alongside of.

            Any cop whose been a cop more than 3 and less than about 20 years is corrupt and not worth the powder it would take to send him to hell. How can I make such a sweeping generalization? The blue wall of silence demands it. Any decent person would have left the force, or been forced out by their sty partners within 3 years or less. If they’re still there, it’s prima-facie evidence that they’re dirty. No pig can go 3 years without witnessing serious police abuse or other pig crimes. If they didn’t report it, they’re guilty of it. If they did report it, they’d have been drummed out (or killed) by all the other dirty pigs. No pig can claim that, in 3 years, he never saw abuse by another pig. The fact that he’s still on the force is proof that he’s part of the blue wall of silence and that makes him unfit for public service and fit only for a prison cell.

            • lockemup

              feel free to sign up and put on a vest douche bag..since you know so fucking much.

            • Lapierre

              Dear Antisocialsailer, may I ask you one simple question. What happened to the good old days when people were shot in the leg or arm? When I was younger, the police rarely killed anyone? Also, it appears that the police are hunting people of color? Every College educated
              African American man I know has been stopped tons of times for no reason. My brother who is from a great upscale family has been stopped 6 times for walking home? Why don’t you stop white people as much as people of color? Just wondering. Thank you

              • Matthew Ouellette
                • Lapierre

                  If God existed we wouldn’t be in this situation.

                  • PrinceofHate

                    You stupid fag.

              • Dean Hammond

                Bigotry and racism is alive and well, esp towards people of colour. Blacks would help their own cause by not dressing like a thug, dark hoodies, pants down to their knees. They are treated like hoods because they look like hoods. Maybe grab a clue, and wear a f`king golf shirt and some decent pants. You want to play the tough guy (all associated with ego that deceptive illusion)
                you will treated like a f`king thug, the thug you wanna be. Smarten up and life can be better.

                • Lapierre

                  Dean, sadly, you’re wrong. I’m from an affluent black family and my well dressed employed well educated brother has been stopped at least a dozen times for walking home. I’ve dated only well educated black men. They have their PhDs, Masters, and one has two doctorates and one is the provost of Rutgers U., and they have all be stopped with me in their Lexus’s, Mercedes, etc… with me in the car. They have all been stopped a dozen times for no reason.

                  White people will never ever understand the amount of Jim Crow oppression people of color go through… never. This has gone on for over 488 years. People of Color make up the majority population globally and whites are only 1/10th of the global population–whites will do anything to maintain global control. Also, White men have committed the most devastating crimes to humanity than anyone. The banks and wars have stolen trillions of dollars and no arrest. Most of our wars have been illegal and have murdered millions of innocent people. I won’t retrace the murderous history of America by white men.

                  So, blacks deserve to be murdered because how they wear pants? White men are fine for murdering innocent people. Sounds like white entitlement. The good news, the day of the white man is coming to an end.

                  • WakeUpAmericans

                    While I do agree with you about people of color being harassed, beat and killed by cops more then whites, I would also state that black on black killings and crimes are far worse and should and need to be addressed!!

                    • Lapierre

                      WakeupAmerican and RealityCheck… my words aren’t hate-filled… they are simple reality. As a white person you have no idea the abuse people of color have endured over the last 488 years. Not a clue. White men are simply afraid of losing power. Since, people of color make up 9/10th of the global population. I’m an affluent person of color and I have dark skin friends and they were and are always harassed for nothing. I’m never harassed or a target because I’m fair skin. My mother is two shades darker than I and people teat me better than her… it’s so uncomfortable.

                      Also, black on black crime is the same as white on white crime. The difference is people of color are demonized. Right now in Kentucky the Meth and Heroine usage is sky high… whites can’t find work so they sell meth, pills and week… and these are mostly white crimes.

                      But, the police don’t target the whites for these drug crimes and never do they demonize them in the media. They say, these poor white people have a medical problem while blacks who smoke weed are all criminals. Our reality isn’t your reality–you think oppressing people of color worldwide is normal and necessary. I recommend you watch Hidden Colors part 2 and expand your mind. Lovingly, Love

                      • WakeUpAmericans

                        @ Lapierre, I never accused you of being hateful! The simple reality is not the statistics that you are claiming, where did you get your stats from? Here is a chart from a Pew study listed below and here is the link to a very interesting US Population study that you should read,

                        So once you get your info. back on track then maybe there can be a reasonable discussion. As it goes, unless you walk in my shoes works both ways! Meaning, as you keep saying white people will never know or understand what a black person experiences and that may be true to some extent however the same goes for blacks and the White’s experiences! Blacks are not the only ones that have known opression, abuse and kept in poverty so try again my dear.

                        • Lapierre

                          There hasn’t been one group of people who has been as miss treated for as long as black people. The Jews lasted 7 years, the Indians less than a decade and blacks for 488 years.

                          Yes, poor whites are oppressed, but, nothing like blacks. I have the best statistics… time and history. I never hear about white cops shooting white unarmed men. I never see white cops camped out in white neighborhoods, rich or poor. If you think whites are as oppressed as blacks… you’re from another planet. I also dated several white gents and never an issue. No one stopped us, ever. Once again, most whites are good people. There is enough to go around in the world… let’s stop hurting each other. LOL

                        • WakeUpAmericans

                          Again you are putting words in my mouth, I never said whites have been more oppressed then Blacks. Why do you like claiming that no one has suffered like Blacks? I find that quite interesting. You statistics are not correct, they are exaggerated plus you never said where you are getting them from. You say that personally you have not been a victim of the oppression but yet you think you can speak for those who have experienced it. How do you compare one persons oppression to the others? How would you think you know what the other has felt? I am not saying that Black’s have not experienced horrible treatment over history but on the same note to say no one has ever suffered as bad as Black’s is hard to say. I think the Indians sure come close but again, who am I to say and I admit that. I agree with some of what you have said but you overlook a lot a exaggerate the facts a bit. Yes, I certainly agree with what you said, “let’s stop hurting each other.” I wish you all the best….

                        • Lar

                          You are sorely uneducated. The Jews have been oppressed for THOUSANDS of years, so have muslims, christians and any other religious affiliate. England has oppressed Ireland for hundreds of years (even held Irish as slaves), hey they were all white there. Whites owning white slaves. You act like white descendents have never suffered war, oppression and slavery, you should take a few courses on European and Eurasian history. The Armenian Genocides of World War I are another example of oppression against white people.

                        • john_willow

                          You keep excusing American racism. Why?

                        • Lar

                          Because black people are just as racist as white people, and just as racist as asians and mexicans. It goes both ways and ignoring one without ignoring the other is retarded.

                        • Paula

                          Then u didn’t read about the old white man that was holding his baby. Are the old white woman that was shot in the head, while rolling up her window on a cop. Are the white kid, he may have been Asian, speeding thru the university parking lot. U r only paying attention to the young black men getting killed by cops. Its every race, women and men.

                      • Lar

                        Lapierre, you have no clue what the abuse was like 488 years ago either. You never were subjected to it, you’re far too young to have experienced actual slavery. Running around screaming “you guys oppressed us in the 1700’s and early 1800’s with slavery, do something about what YOU did” doesn’t make any sense, because none of us were alive or around for those events.

                        Besides, at least blacks were considered of value. Being Native American I can easily say “You guys were treated like gods compared to us.” You weren’t forced from your land via genocide, you were taken as valuable work assets. African Americans were treated far better than Native Americans, who were considered no more than a pest upon the land (hence genocides of women and children to ensure the racial demise).

                        And what’s sad is Native oppression is still far from over, and civil rights for tribes has not even come close to the civil rights gained by African Americans.

                        • Lapierre

                          I’m shaking my head. Globally, over the last 488 years blacks have been consistently oppressed and used to build nations for free. Globally. No other group in history has been enslaved and Jim Crowed for 488 years straight. 250 years of slavery worldwide, then Jim crow were legal laws that rapped us economically, allowing us to be lynched and murdered legally. It continues today.

                          To this day, a black person can be murdered by anyone and get off…. unless another black person committed murdered. Over the last four weeks about 6 black men that we here of were just walking down the street or standing still and were murdered for no reason by white cops. One was murdered for jay walking and one was murdered for selling individual cigarettes. Another one was walking home from work and was retarded.

                          Our neighborhoods are the only areas targeted by cops nationwide. In NY, 96% of the stop and search were men of color… and only 3% had a few drugs… stopped almost a million men. Only stopped 3% white men? There are over 168 million whites in the country and only 36 million blacks and we make up 51% of the jails, most for small drug crimes? Prisons make billions of dollars for selling black labor. Cops target blacks and brown people to do this free labor. Sounds like slavery doesn’t it.

                          Imagine, if white cops parked outside you house daily. They waited for you to walk down the street or cross the street wrong, or look funny, or had an odd smile on your face, was going to work or school, buying some soda, etc… and harassed you, beat you, arrested you because they wanted your car, money for the police station, etc.. or shot you in the head twice… for no reason? This is how many blacks live, daily. Sounds like Jim Crow days.

                          How long were Jews in America– slaves and denied economic opportunities, denied a good education, when were their businesses burned down by angry white mobs, denied places to live and lynched and shot at will? I never here in the news that a white cop killed a jew, beat up a jew, or stopped and frisked a jew? Now, the Indians which are part Moore’s had it tough… how long were they enslaved, lynched, denied there rights?

                          Blacks provided free labor for hundreds of years… currently companies make billions of dollars annually from slave labor & sports in America. College, high school and junior high is a multi million dollar sports industry that doesn’t fairly compensate athletes who happen to be mostly black. All this will change.

                          We are the only group who didn’t get compensation for 250 years of slavey. Anyway, I wish you well. I’m getting off this thread I have better things to do. You have the white mans Entitlement illness… watch Mad Man or Masters of Sex to learn about your illness of deep insecurity. I think the white man fears the black man because we have 3.2 million years of greatness, innovation and esthetically superiority and it scares the heck out of you guys… your women can’t get enough of black guys… just look at Judge Judy. Ciao ciao

                        • Karen

                          It seems that you are all getting off the subject. Which was police brutality.If I recall the pictures of the people who were killed had a pretty good mix. If we fight over who has been treat worst over the years. How can we ever expect to come together on this?

                        • Terry Grant

                          Really, you are an absolute moron. Blacks held jews in slavery for 1000 plus years, African tribes constantly kept slaves after conquering other tribes, Zulu’s instead of enslaving other tribe people killed them all. Blacks sold captured slaves to slavers for bobbles. Slavery had very little to do with the economic advancement of the US. Southern states where slavery was tolerated was an agricultural economy while the North was industrial. The census of 1830 shows that 3,777 frees slaves owned black slaves. Of all 1,515,605 free families in the fifteen slave states in 1860, nearly 400,000 held slaves (roughly one in four, or 25%), amounting to 8% of all American families. Hardly a number commensurate with building a nation. The greatest civil rights activist ever was a white man named Abraham Lincoln. 360,000 Union Soldiers died to abolish slavery.

                        • Mark R.

                          Your statement that “no other group in history has been enslaved” is absolutely incorrect. Look up Irish slavery sometime. In ancient Athens three fourths of the population were slaves, including one of my favorite philosophers Diogenes. The Vikings enslaved Europeans, as did the English. I almost forgot about the Moors, North African invaders enslaving Europeans. Thailand abolished slavery in 1905. These were not African slaves but S.E Asian. The Chinese enslaved Chinese, and the Indians the Indians. Slavery is rarely about race. It’s about power over others. The Egyptians had slaves as well. The saddest part to me is that slavery is still alive and well and there are supposedly more slaves in the world than any other time. I just read on Liberty Asia that Asia currently has 11.7 million slaves. Slavery is always wrong. Many people in America think of slavery as a black and white issue. I think of it as human atrocity.

                        • WakeupAmerica

                          Yes yes yes, you are so right!

                        • Thinus

                          Know what the hell you are talking about before ranting about the poor oppressed black masses.

                          *All races kept slaves all throughout history.*

                          Most of the American slave ships and American slave-markets were run by Jews. But no one blames modern Jews. Because if anyone today says anything was “run by Jews”, they’re immediately dismissed as a crazy anti-Semite, regardless of whether or not it’s true.

                          When the Trans-Atlantic slave ships docked at African slave-markets to buy slaves, they bought slaves who were already slaves. It was Arab Muslims and Black Africans themselves who captured members of rival tribes and took them to the coastal slave-markets to sell to the Whites and Jews.

                          White people didn’t go into Africa and kidnap free black people. They barely needed to get off their ships to buy slaves, it was like buying McDonald’s at a drive-through. The slaves were already at the slave-market in chains, ready to go.

                          In the 16th – 18th century, Africans enslaved 1.5 million White Europeans in the Barbary Slave Trade. African Muslims raided up the coastlines of Europe, particularly the British Isles but even as far as Iceland, kidnapping and enslaving White European Christians. The men were galley slaves, and the women were sex slaves. This was more brutal than working on a plantation or as a domestic servant.

                          Native Americans and Jews owned Black slaves too, but no one seems to assign a collective guilt to modern Native Americans and Jews for their slavery. In fact, Jews were the biggest slave-owners in America per ca-pita. Whites were the first people to stop slavery in modern times, whereas slavery still continues in Africa to this day. In Mauritania slavery was only made a punishable offense in 2007!

                          Less than 2% of Whites in America ever owned slaves Only 5% of the black slaves transported across the Atlantic actually went to the modern U.S. Most in fact went to Latin America to serve Hispanic slave-owners. But we don’t look at modern Hispanics as evil slave-owners.

                          White people were responsible for slavery in the same way that someone who smoked Pall Mall cigarettes for a few years is responsible for the entire tobacco industry. Yes the Pall Mall smoker bought Pall Mall cigarettes from a shop at the end of the process, but they didn’t grow all the tobacco, harvest it, roll the cigarettes and distribute them to the shops.

                          Some links to help you brush up on history of which you do not have a damn clue:


                        • WakeupAmerica

                          Finally someone that knows what they are talking about!! People are so filled with their own hatred they get blinded by the truth. We have a lot of that happening here in the USA and it is by design and it sure seems to be working wouldn’t you say? Thank you for clearing things up for some people, unfortunately it will probably go to waste on deaf ears!

                        • fed up

                          Your not as smart as you think the majority of the black race still live a primitive existence where they can’t feed themselves and rely on “white people” to feed them and provide medicine for them, so I wouldn’t go around saying the black race is superior to anyone. I don’t believe the Caucasians are superior either, if you want things to get better in the black community you need to stop the crime in the black community, I know elderly black people that won’t come out of their homes after dark because their scared not of police but of the criminals in their community.

                        • john_willow

                          Thousands of black people were lynched in the 1920s. After the civil war, they were subjected to virulent racism. In World War II, regiments of black soldiers were sent to certain destruction by generals who consdiered their lives worthless. If you think thousands of black people today being murdered, injured and abused by police is not an issue, you have something wrong with you. Of course the treatment of native people was despicable. But this is an issue of how the ruling white class has treated all minorities in the U.S. historically, and how abuse continues today. I find your claim that you are native American paired with your rah rah support for white people to be a bit peculiar.

                        • Lar

                          Thousands of people is still less than Millions of people.

                        • Kaido Ojamaa

                          Sir, you are Wrong about one thing. The So called “White Race”, it Does Not Exist. That’s Right It was made up by the English ruling class about the 16th century because they wanted to distinguish themselves apart from the Irish who are of the Celtic Race. The term which the US State Department refers to, so called (White People) is Factually and Properly called “Fair Skinned” Races, and they is more then one Fair Skinned Race. Caucasian,, is just one of many Fair Skinned Races of people. The State Department knows this as well as the various peoples and governments of European nations. World War 1 was considered a “Race War” in Europe. In America, they, the Governments, (Federal, State and Local) Do Not want Fair Skinned Peoples to use and Claim the Individual Fair Skinned Races Names,, such as; Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, Illyrian, Roman-Latin, Turanian-Finno Ugric, etc. As that would eventually make all Fair Skinned Race peoples Minorities and thus cash in on the current peoples with Protected Minority Status. The same applies to peoples of the dark skinned races in Africa, not all people in Africa are of one single ” Black Race”.

                      • WakeupAmerica

                        First off, you do not know what I think! Secondly, you assume I am white I’m not! Thirdly, you have no clue of what reality is. You base your conclusions gossip, emotions propaganda. Nothing you say is based on real facts, just your own hate filled ideas. So while I appreciate your suggestion, I think you need to do some real research and read up on history while you are at it! A brain is a terrible thing to waste and I certainly wouldn’t want that to happen to you. All the best to you for a much needed enlightenment. Ciao

                    • john_willow

                      In other words, you mean poverty should be addressed.

                      • WakeUpAmericans

                        Yes, I think it should but not the way it has been done in the past. We need to stop treating the symptoms and get to the root cause and start from there. I realize that it is more complicated then that but it would be a good place to start! I think what we have now just keeps recycling the poverty. I am no expert but I can see the obvious.

                    • truth teller

                      I hate when I read when white people say “black on black crimes”! what about white on white crimes which by the way goes unreported by the media in an attempt to make white people look like the saviors of the world e.g. the holy people! It goes both ways – if you believe that the media is not showing cops killing white citizens then you have to note that they are not showing white on white crimes. Google it “white on white crimes” and you will see statistics that will blow your mind. You think black on black crime is bad – wait until you see the statistics that has been suppress by the media.

                      • WakeupAmerica

                        Really STFU! lol you just like trying to stir the pot…

                        • truth teller

                          YOU STFU – !!!! What about white on white crime??? Don’t tell me to shut up especially given the fact that I’m speaking about the problem with white on white crime.

                  • Lar

                    Jim Crow oppression is almost a joke these days. White people get abused all the time by authority yet it goes vastly unreported, even if reported it goes completely ignored by media because it doesn’t bring about the compelling controversial story of a ‘racially motivated’ police murder.

                    For every black person who’s wrongful death gets blown up by the media, 4-5 unknown white people are subjected to the same murder without the media intervention. It’s nice to be able to play a race card, but what if you’re murdered indiscriminately and you can’t play that card? I guess your death goes unaccounted.

                    • john_willow

                      You haven’t got a shred of evidence to back up what you’ re saying. What disgraceful ignorance.

                      • Lar

                        More evidence than you have. Please show evidence against what I said if you want to disprove me. When no race is involved, police shootings are greatly downplayed, and that is a fact, media won’t follow it up as it doesn’t invoke controversy.

                        • theron

                          Claims provided with no evidence can be dismissed with no evidence.

                        • DanV

                          I should have read your post first.

                        • DanV

                          Dummy! You need to provide evidence of your statements. We do not need to find evidence for your fantasies. It is like proving there is no god. Cite evidence your statements are true or shut the F up.

                    • Scotty

                      And this happened and wasn’t reported.. IT DOES happen to both races, but usually only reported if its white on black crime.. Black on white crime DOES happen. Koger beatings recently with black mob stomps on white kid (WHO WAS UNCONCSIOUS). Then this case of a black cop shooting a white teen.. no outrage as noone knows it happened as we are only focused on ferguson.

                    • truth teller

                      Lar you are correct – white people are slain by the police as well but you neglect to give another statistic which is – police have been murdered primarily by white males at a rate of 96% of police killings. I’ve gone to youtube and seen videos where white males fist fight with police, or walk down the street hold firearms and are not arrested. Unlike African Americans who pull out there wallet and are shot down without any physical contact with the police.

                      The population of America at some point will start experience what a sect of their population experiences which is a ‘Police State’. You are talking about the race card when in fact what is actually happening just so happens to be racial. Racist use words like ‘The Race Card’ when they are trying to avoid or defuse the idea that something happening has something to do with race because they don’t want to see that we are not in a post racist society. Race has a lot to do with what is going on just like most people hate Obama hate him because of his race. Other actually hate him because they get lies from Fox news or go to racist websites that give false information and statistics. When race stops being an issue which you’ve never experience being that you live in a society where their is white privilege – then the talk of race become null and void but until then there is no such thing as a race card when race is in fact an issue.

                  • Hal von Luebbert

                    Thanks for this: I’ve copied it for use in my own writing. You demonstrate enormously twisted bias characteristic of extremism, and I will analyze for my students and readers what you say from a statistically, mathematically, and forensically sound perspective. Thanks again!

                  • zedanski

                    Only about 10% of pitbulls have killed, yet virtually everyone in America is suspicious of them. Don’t believe me, ask your home owners insurance agent.

                  • Stephen

                    SO you think you are the only people who get stopped by the police? Grow up. Your false narrative is old and been proven time and time to be fictional. We are tired of this crap. The good news is that the day of the white man is ahead of us, and your BS is coming to an end.

                    • truth teller

                      Actually its coming to an end – you’ve been a virus – a living cancer to the societies of this planet. You said “the day of the white man is ahead of us” … dude the day of reaping what you’ve sown is ahead of you … don’t you get it – the world wants to wipe the white man off the planet because you’ve reaped nothing but death and destruction everywhere you’ve sat foot. Your people have no remorse and think that what you’ve done was ordained by god because you believe your people are the chosen people by paint Jesus white. I mean seriously dude – your people have to pay for what you’ve done just like the Moors had to pay for enslaving Europeans during the dark ages or 700 years. When I say Moors I’m actually talking about the slaves that were transported from Europe to Africa and then sold on the West Coast of Africa to the Americans and the West Indies. The very people who taught your people how to read and write and built universities in European.

                      Seriously – you don’t see the crimes against humanity that your people have perpetrated? How do you see good in any of that? Blinded by arrogance is the beginning of the fall

                      • Stephen Way

                        Thanks for the perfect demonstration of how much hatred and racism that fills the typical black person’s brain. Hopefully, this will serve as a wake-up call to other non blacks to see just how you think. Of course, I always knew it.

                  • Stephen Way

                    You’re a loser

                  • Donna Chambers

                    The cops probably think your brothers stole the Mercedes & Lexus’s because you know, black men can’t possibly own those types of vehicles. In the bad cops’ minds, “driving while black” is a good reason to pull them over. It’s disgusting.

                • RealityCheck

                  LaPierre, your words only incite hate. You cannot call all cops pigs, all dirty, all bad, and expect people to value your prejudiced ignorance. Dean, sorry sir, but same to you. Your words run parallel to those who blame rape on the victims for “dressing provocatively.” You think a hoodie = thug, so you are prejudiced. I work with 1000s of black teens who wear their pants down, and the majority of them are wonderful people.

                  • Lapierre

                    I think you have me mixed up with someone else… I never said all cops were anything negative. I do think the KKK are becoming cops. Who kills a man who puts his arms in the air for selling 1 cigaret at a time? He was murdered by five cops for selling 50 cents worth of cigarettes? Mike Brown was jay walking and is shot 6 times and two in the head? There are hundreds of stories like this. It seem like Jim Crow… white installing fear to put the people back on the plantation. It’s not going to work this time.

                    It’s so odd? I have nice white neighbors who believe that blacks have the same rights and opportunities as them? They think that all banks will loan to blacks, blacks can live anywhere, that if a black wants a job—tons of places will hire them. They believe that all school are excellent and blacks can easily go to college and get a great job? They think the cops don’t stop blacks and the justice system is fair to all! They really think like this? Odd.

                    A white man with a felony is more likely to be hired than a black man with a four year degree. Anyway, you know all this, you setup the Jim Crow system. But, I’m telling you… since the white man is the minority, it will change sooner than late. Once people of color arm themselves you may see your self as the Germans after the war. Now, that being said… 80% of whites are cool people and 80% of people of color are cool. Which one are you? LOL

                • john_willow

                  I won’t put a fine point on this, Hammond. You are one major-league asshole and an ignorant fool to boot. People don’t have to dress like a WASP like you to get the respect they deserve. Your racism may be covert, but it is racism nonetheles.

                • Armond

                  being black…..does not mean you are a thug
                  wearing regular street clothes…does not mean you are dressing as a thug
                  police dealing with black suspects all day long…does not make every black person a suspect
                  police responsibility…to serve and protect citizens…even when they are black…under the constitution…we too are now full citizens…with the same rights as other Americans…deserving of the same respect from our civil servants
                  and if my pants are down to my knees…can’t easily run away…that makes it easier for the police to catch me…if I am a criminal…seems then the police would want me…to be dressed like a thug then
                  but when I think back to the days of the hippies…dressing in flowers…did that give the police the right to shoot me dead…simply because I was wearing…bell bottom blue jeans…long hair and bare feet

                • truth teller

                  wow I actually have to chime in on this conversation. Your telling me Dean that because the way someone is dress they i.e. police have the right to shoot them? Your telling me that in this country African Americans doesn’t have the freedom of expression? I’ve seen thousands of white kids who dress just like African American kids and they are not harassed or murdered by the police. When African American children dress the same as white children they are still harassed. I know because I don’t dress in urban gear if you will, yet I’ve been stopped and harassed wearing a polo shirt, penny lofs and dress pants. African American are target practice for the police. As a matter of fact let me venture even further to say that African Americans are the test dummies for what it to come for the rest of the American population.

                  African Americans and Latino kids live in a ‘police state’ where they are constantly harassed, beaten and shot by the police … yet 96% of all police killed in the line of duty are by white males. Secondly, prison is another form of slavery and if you don’t believe me why don’t you look at this country constitution ever once and a while and specifically the 13th Amendment which reads:

                  “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, EXCEPT as a punishment for
                  crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist
                  within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

                  Why do you think African Americans and Latino kids are the primary target of police brutalities and stop and frisk i.e. harassment?


                  There is a major disparity and the 13th Amendment shows that slavery has been abolished EXCEPT as a punishment which means that it hasn’t truly been abolished which is why you have more African Americans going to prison than any other race. Let me not there were white slave i.e. Irish, Japanese, etc and not just blacks but the primary slave system was for blacks. The prison industry is a 60 billion dollar industry per year and recently a judge was actually found guilty for over sentencing African American children to populate new jails and prisons being built in California.

                  Yes, this is real – and AA’s are experiencing it while most white Americans only see AA children as thugs by the way they dress. When you tell someone to change their clothing you are basically telling that child that he’s doesn’t have the freedom allowed to him as other kids who can wear the same exact thing and not face criminal charges, harassment, brutality and possibly death. Just because someone dresses a certain way doesn’t make that individual a thug or a trouble maker. You are in fact a bigot Dean Hammond – you fail in your assessment by accusing black kids of dressing like thugs when white kids dress the same way. White kids don’t have to worry about how they dress because they are allowed that freedom of expression and are privileged to do as such where as you are telling African American kids to put on uniforms and dress the way you see fit. Just like slave master made their slaves dress a certain way you are of the opinion that AA should dress a certain way. You may not consider yourself a bigot but there is nothing in your post that suggest otherwise.

                • Mitch Black

                  well i’m white and i wear a hoodie, have no problems.oh dean it is a dark hoodie

              • rerocked

                Not that anyone actually care es about facts BUT there are 12 million arrests per year on average and LESS THAN 500 SHOOTING INCIDENTS PER YEAR IN THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES. .THERE ARE OVER 330 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE THIS COUNTRY SO HOW CAN PEOPLE EVEN TRY TO CLAIM THAT COP’S JUST KILL EVERY ONE? ??..if you dig into the numbers you will find that 120 cop’s were KILLED IN 2012 in the line of duty and that the number of people killed by police officers in 2012 was 243 out of the 243 half were were black half were were not also out of the 467 shooting events that took place in 2012 only 9 were found to be unjustified. Of all the justified shooting events 93% were involving offenders with a weapon of some kind54% had a gun and 17th % had a k if or other sharp object and 21 % used a vehicle as a weapon.

                • Lapierre

                  rerocked, did you know that the police don’t keep statistics of wrongful deaths of innocent people. Over the last week four black men have been wrongfully murdered by cops who thought they had a weapon… none of them had weapons. They don’t keep these murders on the books. If you think cops don’t hunt and target people of color I recommend you look at this video:


                • Bill Scott

                  Police depts. are NOT required to report officer-involved shootings to the Justice Dept., and very few of them do. Consequently, the “facts” you’re using, ref. OISs, aren’t credible. Journalists, who have painstakingly combed media reports of OISs, have tallied approximately 5,000 deaths-by-cops, since 9/11/2001. Here are the latest statistics they’ve compiled, based on both news reports and voluntary reporting by police forces:

                  At least 700 people have been killed by U.S. police since January 1, 2014.

                  At least 1449 have been killed since May 1, 2013.

                  At least 1087 were killed May 1, 2013 – May 1, 2014.

                  Source: Police reports via corporate news reports.

                  Note that the RATE of killings by cops is rising rapidly, from roughly 500/year to about 1,400/year now. Not a good trend. Finally, all the cool statistics-manipulation games fade to irrelevance, when YOUR son happens to be a victim of a scared, stupid cop’s deadly mistake.

                • decoder1946

                  Yeah, but look who is doing the reviews and calling every shooting justified. The boy that was unarmed and murdered in WI. The dept. had NOT one single un-justified shooting in the dept. in 127 years. That is a damn fact. How could that be possible, it can’t be possible.

              • Armond

                guest…no been a while since your posted…but this is not an old issue
                seems in 1970 New York…more than 300 people shot by police…with more than 100 dead
                yet last year…NYC Police…24 shootings and 16 deaths
                so things are getting better in some places…when the public eye…is on point and on target

            • Lucas Shaw

              AntiSocialSailor This is the most blatantly ignorant post I have read in a long time. If police officers thought like you do, half of Americans would have been brutally shot in the streets for jaywalking, speeding, and spitting on the sidewalk. This kind of inflammatory generalization is what leads to riots, looting, burning, and general idiocy. And there I go generalizing – see how stupid it sounds?

            • AliFaye

              I agree!

            • DP

              You’re assertions ring pretty true AntiSocial. I am one of those cops who quit the force because of the corruption & oppression that I saw while I was in. I no longer wanted to be a part of it as I joined because I thought I’d be able to help people more than hurting them. The corruption is so widespread through the police forces these days that there aren’t many righteous ones there anymore & many of them like me were eager to get out. I’m sure glad I got out when I did & now at least if I do have to fight, my spirit will be comfortable in knowing that I’m fighting the good fight.

            • DanV

              Well said!

        • F.C. Johnson

          You are absolutely correct. I personally started seeing the police corruption years ago and how it has developed into outright abuse and murder by cop.

        • workingpoor

          Mr Scott-
          I am so sorry for your loss. I hope everyone can read your book.

          • Bill Scott

            Many thanks. I do, too. Hopefully, “Permit” will help others avoid the same nightmare.

            • WakeUpAmericans

              @ Mr Scott, I too would like offer my Condolences for the loss of such wonderful young man! We recently here in Cali had a 13 yr old shot and killed because they thought his play gun was a real gun and another young boy who answered the door holding a cordless phone was shot and killed by cops there serving a warrant but the warrant was not for him. This is all to common and happening far to often! It has been a noticeable shift in how Police handle any incident by escalating and getting angry and violent instead of de-escalating and a Peaceful remedy. I am interested in reading your book, is it already out there to buy? May your son RIP!

        • BigHonkey80

          As a police officer I would say the majority of this article is crap. 5000 dead? I can guarantee most of the deaths were justified. What do you expect me, or us to do when someone attacks us with a weapon, or is attempting to attack an innocent person? Stand there and pick our noses? Let the bad guy kill us like a dog? Kill an innocent person, so everyone can bitch at us for not doing anything? I’m at a loss with articles like this because they paint such an unfair picture of what it is like on the street dealing with people who don’t care about anyone but themselves, and who would murder their own mom for some money. Hell, I’ve seen people assault their own family members because of an argument over which was better, brown rice, or white rice; that is no joke.
          To Bill Scott, I’m also at a loss. I’m sorry about your son.
          To everyone who is sick of the encroaching police state, fucking do something about it!!!!!! Instead of writing bitchy blogs and comments on news sites go to your city hall and demand change. The people who make federal, state, and local laws are ELECTED into office. I have a personal method of police work that involves viewing the citizens I protect as friends. There are laws that I don’t enforce because more than being stupid, they are down right unjust. There is no way that a person who has a burned out tail light deserves a $100 fine but that will never change until people get off their backsides, and drive down to city hall and demand change; that’s it.
          Some of this stuff does need to change, and you have a 50/50 shot at running into a cop like me who uses logic when making decisions. The only way to keep the other 50% in check is to take away their power. The only way to do that is to get rid of some of these stupid laws. The only way to do that is, again, go to city hall, go to the county seat, go to the capital and demand these laws be changed or the greasy politician wont get your vote. Oh, and that’s another thing, don’t vote for grease balls who are interested in lining their pockets with the revenue generated by all these stupid fines.

          • Pighater

            Lying coward! Go crawl back in your hole you filthy criminal pig.

            • BigHonkey80

              See my reply to Antonio Buehler directly above of your post. It applies to you as well.

          • ddftr

            You sound so big and brave.

            • ddftr

              My comment is aimed at Pighater, who is obviously a criminal.

              • BigHonkey80

                I agree, I wouldn’t even waist my time on that obvious douche.

              • Antonio Buehler

                Obviously a criminal? Just because he can’t stand coward, criminal cops?

          • Bill Scott

            I agree with most of your points, sir. The 5,000 number is probably correct, though. I’ve found research studies completed in 2011 that concluded: Since 9/11, cops have killed more Americans than were lost ON that modern day of infamy (almost 3,000 fatalities). Cops have killed more U.S. citizens than al Qaeda has, by far.

            In most cities, demanding change of elected officials, or voting-in new ones, IS the best, most effective strategy. Unfortunately, Las Vegas has managed to resist this mainstream political approach for decades. It’ll take something far more drastic to reform that cesspool of corruption, ala “The Permit.” I hope it doesn’t come to that, but it definitely will happen, if GOOD cops don’t report and get rid of their outlaw brethren.

            • BigHonkey80

              The reason I’m at a loss for words is, are the authors of this article is counting guys like the DC shooter, a US citizen. Or the guy who stole a car then pulled an AK on us when we approached him thus forcing us to kill him, also a US citizen. Or the guy who killed his entire family with a hammer then got into a police stand off when officers approached to check on his family. That guy ended up climbing out the window with a hunting rifle and started shooting. He is now dead at the hands of a police officer for a good reason. He also was a US citizen, Is he being counted into this 5000 number? I believe that he is which makes the authors argument in this article pretty sketchy. It seems the author wants cops to kill no one no matter what because they are a US citizen and have the right to whatever they please which is simply insane. Some people need to be killed. If a guy walks into a school and starts shooting, he needs to be killed.

              I’m with you when it comes to the question of how do we fix corruption, the problems seem pretty daunting to overcome. Personally I think it is a matter of character. People in the US seem to have less and less of it. Everyone is trying to,” Keep up with the Joneses.” Less and less people seem to care less about the well being of their fellow man and more about their own bottom line. There is just a general lack of character in this country and this is the price we pay; more and more militant and controlling government because the people are incapable of self governance because, with a lack of character comes a lack of common sense, with a lack of common sense comes down right stupid behavior which will almost always get the police involved. And when you have 50% of a police force who is like the rest of America, lacking in character, and their going to mix it up with other idiot people who lack common sense, and character well then there are going to be big problems.

              • Antonio Buehler

                How about Kelley Thomas, Erik Scott and Larry Eugene Jackson, Jr?

                • BigHonkey80

                  Never heard of them. So Antonio Buehler, I see your a hater. That is fine and you have the right. It really doesn’t bother me.
                  I will say this though, you are simple.
                  You write one sentence like you hurt my feelings and then nothing else. Notice all my responses are multi-paragraph statements that do well to explain my point in an easy to read manner.
                  You are simple in that you can not do the same, because of that expect no one, who really matters and who has a brain that function between their ears, to ever take you seriously.
                  You say I am a coward and a criminal. Please explain. You say “How about Kelley Thomas, Erik Scott, and Larry Eugene Jackson Jr.? as if I’m gonna be like,”Ooooo you got me Buehler, way to go.” I don’t know who those men are so your statement means nothing to me or anyone else who doesn’t know who they are.
                  It is people like you who undermine the cause of freedom because you simply say stupid unfounded crap with no logical argument to back it up. This causes people who are on the fence, who are thinking about jumping into this fight to say, “Man I don’t want to go join a bunch of bumbling morons who can’t make a logical argument.” You just turn people off by doing that and it doesn’t help.
                  So why don’t you take some of that pig hate energy and put it into learning how to form a solid and decisive argument that support your point and doesn’t turn the fence riders away.

                  • Antonio Buehler

                    I love how you try to insult me by a post filled with spelling and grammatical errors. You idiot cops are hilarious.

                    Too bad you’re too stupid to use google to look up the names of the three people I listed, so you could see crystal clear examples of coward cops murdering people and getting away with it because the thin blue line is filled with criminals who cover for the crimes of one another.

                    You don’t understand freedom, pig. You think freedom is the freedom for tax parasite cops to steal money from the people so they can commit crimes against the people. Those steroids and the badge have gone to your head, child.

                    Pigs like you need an attitude adjustment.

                  • Bill Scott

                    Erik Scott was my son — A ’94 West Point grad with an MBA from Duke Univ., a decorated ex-Army officer (armor; M1A1 tank platoon leader), and a very successful businessman, who was a highly trained cardiac pacemaker rep, at the time of his murder-by-cop. Off. William D. Mosher, a fat, low-IQ cop for Las Vegas Metro PD, killed two people, including my son, Erik, within the first five years on the LVMPD force. He lied about murdering my son and walked free….and will kill again.

              • MrLargo

                It doesn’t matter, in the end, who they’re counting other than people at the other end of police guns. Whether they were wrong or not no one will know since they never made it to court. Is it ok if they count all the kids that have been killed because it ‘looked like’ they had a gun? It doesn’t matter who police kill just that they did.

                • BigHonkey80

                  So if a man points a gun at me and shoots at me I should not shoot back so that he can have his day in court?

                  • Antonio Buehler

                    Not if you are a chicken shit coward cop.

          • jackobean

            why don’t more guys like you, arrest the bad apples? they are ruining your image, the credibility of our legal system. Also, re. voting in change, when you only have 2 choices and they’re both on the corporate take, change doesn’t happen. Run yourself you say? I tried that and got 5% of the vote (187,500 votes, but still only 5%). If you’re not plugged into a corporate sponsor AND a Dem or Rep, you’re not going to win and nothing changes…..

            • BigHonkey80

              We actually do lock up a lot of bad people. We make good cases on pieces of garbage all the time. The problem is when I lock a guy up for, say burglary. True story, I’ve locked a guy up for burglary; caught him physically walking out of the house with copper pipes in hand; the definition of caught red handed. I take him to jail, spend hours processing him then writing multi page reports about the incident, so I did my part. The problem comes when I take the case to the prosecuting attorney’s office and try to get warrants issued. In the case above where I busted the guy out right, the prosecutor in case refused to issue a warrant because the initial 911 caller did not want to cooperate. Even though I saw the guy with my own two eyes committing a felony crime the prosecutor made up some dumb reason not to prosecute and that burglar walked the very next day, and he very likely committed another burglary that night. Again, the above example is a true story and that crap happens all the time. Cops lock up truly bad people all the time, the problem is the prosecuting attorney, an elected official in many jurisdictions, lets them go. People need to realize that. Prosecutors need a boot up their asses more than the cops do, trust me.

              • jackobean

                I’m sure that happens, but I mean the bad cops that are crapping on the Constitution to make a case even when they know it’s bogus. You have to admit, there are way too many Youtube videos of police outright executing or brutalizing unarmed (unadjudicated) people… and to me they are worse than a straight up criminal / thug.

                • BigHonkey80

                  Cant say I disagree.

                  • jackobean

                    Have you seen buddies go too far – places it sounds like you wouldn’t? Abuse their position? Would you be ostracized, penalized for filing a report / arresting them? I know whatever obstacle exist – they’re quite tall. Maybe all the way up the chain. How to fix it? Appreciate you chatting, I know you’ve gotten abused on the subject.

                    • BigHonkey80

                      I’ve seen enough crap that I am looking to get out of the career field all together. Simply writing on this blog, I fear a peer will see my statements, know who I am, and rat me out. See my response to EndCorruptCorporatocracy just a few entries below for my final response to all this.

                • Antonio Buehler

                  And there are no “good” cops arresting them …

              • Antonio Buehler

                I have seen HUNDREDS of videos of cops committing violent felony crimes against the people – and NOT being arrested or killed by their fellow pigs in blue.


              • MrLargo

                It may be crap but the home owner is the victim and it should be their decision as to whether or not to prosecute. It’s their property. It’s their incident. It’s their right. Is it also possible that the prosecutor does not want to seem heavy-handed or spend too much time with ‘smaller’ crimes when compared to the big busts that require more focus and have a higher public profile?

                • BigHonkey80

                  That is part of it. In the burglary example I used above the home owner was a reservist deployed to Iraq. The property damage estimate alone was over $1500. The prosecutor should have issued, if not for burglary, at least for destruction of property.
                  A mandatory question that we ask any victim is, “Do you wish to prosecute.” In this case the home owners family member who was the legal care taker of his estate while he was out of the country did wish to prosecute.
                  As for the smaller crimes that you spoke of, yes prosecutors do refuse, especially on drug cases. This does not bother me personally as drug cases simply jam up the system. Enforcing drug laws, especially those concerning marijuana, are a complete waist of time, and very frequently those charges are dropped to the dismay of the officer who worked so hard to build the case simply because, as you said the prosecutor doesn’t want to be heavy handed.
                  My method of police work does not entail running and gunning for every little drug case I can find. I view good police work as that of a highly trained, highly mobile security guard. I seek to secure my beat/ patrol area from dirt bags who would burglarize, assault, murder, or rape innocent residence who wish to live their lives in peace. I also specialize in helping people who are in physical or mental distress i.e. attempt suicide type calls. I do write tickets but only when a persons driving endangers the well being of others. However I will say that even if a person makes a mistake while driving I don’t believe $125 or $200 fine is fair. People make mistakes, they shouldn’t have to give up a whole days pay as punishment for their infraction.

                  • AZachary

                    For some people that is a weeks pay. We will miss the day of the Honest Officer that wanted the job to help people, not to bully everyone they encounter with their badge and gun. I grew up with Officers like you and then there were to others, Officers like you were respected and even became friends as we grew older. The others turned out to be alcoholics with 2 to 3 divorces on their belts hating everything and everyone around them. Then there was the one who was a rapist that even his partners had turned in but he kept getting away with it and reinstated due to the color of his skin. only to be caught again. I think it was his 4th time before they finally tossed him off of the force.

                • Donna Chambers

                  And the woman that gets the shit beaten out of her by her husband? Should she be the determining person to not prosecute even though she’s scared to death of him?

              • Walter

                “truly bad people”? You have a serious case of dualist perception, wherein you project your sense of guilt upon others. No-one is “bad”; there is no “sin”: there is merely error. But the insanity of this topsy-turvy belief system will continue to create a veritable hell … until forgiveness (always a forgiveness of self) enters, and suddenly everything that was “bad” turns into light ….

                • General-Zod

                  Give me a fucking break with that shit. There is no ‘bad’? It’s an error to kill someone? But it’s not evil?

                  • Walter

                    You see, “General” Zod, even though your titling and your language show you to be a scoundrel, once you admit your error, the Bliss returns. Forgiveness means nothing if it does not include EVERYONE! “Evil” is a mere notion in your unforgiving mind! :)

                    • General-Zod

                      Tell that to the guy who raped your sister or stabbed your best friend to death. You are out to lunch. You don’t offer much constructive debate here. If your only argument is that there are no bad or evil people out there – you should probably at least have some respect and get out of this. People aren’t interested in hearing hugs around the world garbage. Evil is evil. A Colombian drug lord that stuffs some innocent kidnap victim into a barrel and then sets it on fire and closes the lid is committing an error is he?

              • George Hilman

                I’m sorry to be so late to this page.

                “We actually do lock up a lot of bad people.”

                If you didn’t, we would be forced to hunt you all down and arrest you ourselves.

              • David A .Hereaux

                I’m sure they were asking as to why you don’t lock up other officers, bad apples.

              • Donna Chambers

                Aren’t your prosecutors elected?

          • Antonio Buehler

            As a police officer you are a coward and a criminal.

            • MrLargo

              I’m no lover of cops but you’re a simplistic bear-poking twit when it comes to your arguments, Buehler. I used to support you and your work, but now, nope, not at all. You rant and poke, irritate, name-call and don’t offer any kind of useful action. Your activism would probably be better served by your absence from it.

              • MrLargo

                And yes, I do see the hypocrisy in my calling you a twit even though I labeled you a name-caller. Deal.

              • Antonio Buehler

                Show us what you’re doing to fight criminal cops.

                • Uncle_Meat

                  I’m practicing close quarter combat drills with fierarms. What are you doing you cowardly dirtbag?

                  • Antonio Buehler

                    Google me.

                    • Uncle_Meat

                      OK. I know who you are. So very sorry. You are way ahead of me. Got anger issues, you know. All the best and keep swinging. You have the moral ground. God bless!

          • EndCorruptCorporatocracy

            Fair enough. Will do! (Already do, actually, but will keep on.)

            And how about you report every instance you encounter of your fellow police “going too far” to your Attorney General, local LE watchdog group, the ACLU, or even the FBI. Self-police. Don’t be a poose; cross the blue line! Join Oath Keepers. Don’t just hop onto these blog articles and bitch about how it’s citizens who need to step up (because that alone will not suffice, as well-taken as your point is).

            I would further challenge you to become a vocal LEADER in the LE community with respect to this issue. You communicate well and are reasonable! DISTINGUISH YOURSELF. Got a Fraternal Order of Police? Don’t just work a table at the bake sale, for God’s sake; take this message to your fellow Blue Gang Members and teach. Form a new LE organization against police brutality. Get names, donations, etc. Start local / small, but be high profile. Or use Kickstarter to raise funds for a wider organization. You’d be surprised the support you will get! This type of organization and message must originate from actual law enforcement personnel. If you don’t have the time, talk to any retired cops you know earnestly about this situation. Perhaps they could head up the project.

            Do understand: the time for good cops to stand up for the citizens they swore to protect is NOW. Police who threaten, abuse, and/or murder citizens = domestic terrorists. If this crap continues, your profession will become exponentially more dangerous… more so than you can imagine. Most people now view police as a real and dire threat to their safety (How sad the irony….), and it’s only a matter of time until they fight back.

            Thanks in advance for your efforts. Peace.

            • BigHonkey80

              What your saying is all well and good, and I try to have an effect at the platoon level but the police mentality everyone is angry about, is to deeply ingrained in the psyche of police. I am actually looking to get out of the profession for that very reason. Yes, if I were to stand up the way people on this blog would like officer’s like me to stand up we would be done for. It is as simple as that, the massive bureaucracy that is a police department would simply find a way to fire us and we would be done.
              What will likely happen is something like what is going on in Egypt now. Hate to say it but we are at a point where revolution, and the forced re-structuring of government by the PEOPLE for the PEOPLE is required.
              In the event of something like this happening I know many officer’s like me who would strip the uniform off in a heart beat and would be on the side of those who want peace, small government, and prosperity. And because of our training and experience dealing with high stress, and even tactical situations we would become assets to the cause.
              We are in sad days, but the United States has a good bit of decent people so I think the outcome of such a revolution in the US won’t look, at the end of the day, like Egypt. Most people in the US just want peace and to pursue happiness without government breathing down their neck every step of the way.
              Some day things will change for the better, it’s just going to take something big to make it happen.

              • EndCorruptCorporatocracy

                Right on. I appreciate your perspective, and I am sorry to hear that things have become so challenging for police officers who truly desire to protect and serve. I’m glad, however, that you are among the many military and law enforcement folks who plan to keep their Oaths. There is a growing legion of citizens (of which I am one) who will support you in your decision. As you know, it is hard not to notice the “quickening” underway in this country… with something like an inevitable confrontation between statist / criminal-element-infiltrated fedgov and global government authority freaks and pro-Liberty citizens developing. Alas, freedom can again be ours, but it has to get worse before it gets better. As for me… I’ll likely be making the ultimate sacrifice in whatever struggle ensues… the Tree of Liberty has been denied the blood of tyrants for far too long!

              • jackobean

                sorry you’re thinking about leaving. seems like you’re exactly the kind of guy who should be staying. If you do leave, maybe you should run for office – you have the credibility to change top-down.

                • BigHonkey80

                  It takes a lot of money to run these days, and in most cases it takes low moral character or at least the ability to be completely ruthless toward weaker people to get a lot of money. Me running would be a waist of my time. I think that is the boat all of us are stuck in when it comes to running for office. My hope is in the fact that the amount of good people out number the bad and some day, maybe soon, the good people will understand that you can be brutal and violent towards truly bad people and still be a good person.

                  • BigHonkey80

                    I should add that logic and rational are key in determining who, where, and what the targets are and how those targets should be dealt with. Police aren’t a target because they are order takers, not order givers. What is nice about are current situation is physical violence or brutality is not yet required; we still have a good five to ten years at the rate we are going.
                    If those few good people who were running for office would be verbally brutal and violent things would change, people would listen and would not discount them as lunatics, not now, not anymore. To many of the good elected officials mince their words thus watering down their message. They also refuse to go on a full scale verbal assault toward their opponents so as not to look extreme.
                    The other problem we have is the media, everyone knows this. My goal within the next couple years is to get a good, well balanced news site going that focuses strictly on the truth of issues and how to logically deal with them; key words being truth and logic. Those two words always win the day

                    • NUNYA BIZNAZ

                      You won’t work with true journalists because they would never associate with a prick that knows a “bad guy” by sight and knows how to deal with them. (I bet you only ruff up the ugly ones.) I Mean- violating their rights or simply being asshole enough to think it is ok to judge people based on your twisted delusional “skills” and unjust methods of doing what is right disqualifies you from civil society. Because you are just wrong and wrong headed thinking you want out but doing the true right thing that you think would “end” you just cannot be done. Not by a state thug who has swallowed the crap they feed state terrorists and you apparently like it. Stay a cop. Maybe you will get what you deserve some day. 3:-) Or at least seek psychiatric help before joining society.

                  • Antonio Buehler

                    “… and in most cases it takes low moral character or at least the ability to be completely ruthless toward weaker people …”

                    You just described what it takes to be a cop.

                    • General-Zod

                      And he also described what it takes to be a criminal. The amount of Police shootings in the US is a very very tiny number compared to the amount of civilians killing people. Do some fucking research.

                      • Antonio Buehler

                        Learn some basic numeracy. There are over 310 million Americans. There are less than a million pigs. Only an idiot would expect police to shoot more people than the rest of the populace. That being said, cops are still far more likely to kill someone than a regular member of the public.

                        • General-Zod

                          You have to be kidding me. That’s how you extrapolate those numbers? There are – if you average them out – 8 Police shootings per year per State. You extrapolate numbers like you were dropped as a baby. Your comment is absolutely idiotic. 340 people have been killed via homicide this year in New York City. None of those people doing the killing were Cops. But yet you somehow arrive at this strange destination.

                          There is absolutely zero truth to your idiot statement of ” cops are still far more likely to kill someone than a regular member of the public..”. You are telling me to learn some basic numeracy? 8 Police shootings that result in a Homicide vs 340 random killings.

                          I don’t talk to people who use the word ‘Pig’ as it is. It makes you sound like an infantile fool. When I am walking through a bad area at night – I am not worried about the Cops pulling up beside me and shooting me. Go ahead and stretch those numbers a bit.

                          You also forget to mention the amount of justified Police shootings there are in that number. There are literally hundreds of different scenarios where that can take place.

                        • Antonio Buehler

                          You are an idiot. You are a waste of my time, but I’ll respond one last time.

                          “There are – if you average them out – 8 Police shootings per year per State.”

                          No there aren’t you ignorant dip shit. Cops execute at least 1100 people per year. This article grossly underestimates the number of people killed by pigs per year.

                          That would come out to about 22 per state. But only an idiot would divide it up by state considering that the smallest state only has a few hundred thousand people and the largest has tens of millions.

                          “340 people have been killed via homicide this year in New York City.”

                          That’s a red herring you dip shit. We are talking about people killed by pigs. You can’t wave your hands and dismiss that pigs are executing people just because other people are being killed by people who aren’t pigs. Pigs are tax parasites – they should not be murdering people. Pigs also are the ones in society that can most easily execute people, therefore we should scrutinize them.

                          “I don’t talk to people who use the word ‘Pig’ as it is”

                          Then leave me alone you boot licking coward.

                          Only pigs think that a majority of the killings by cops are justified. You cowards think that anyone who is black or who has hands is a threat. Cowards.

                        • General-Zod

                          Maybe you can go and start your revolution. Get out on the streets and pretend you are hard done by. Instead you are the keyboard warrior type that won’t do anything productive. Such as contacting elected officials, lobbying to have laws changed, going in person to these places.

                        • Antonio Buehler

                          That’s cute – you think that begging the people who are killing people to stop doing it is going to change something.

                          Sorry kid, I didn’t just come out of a 12th grade civics class. I realize that real change happens on the societal level.

                        • General-Zod

                          I have 2 Masters Degrees. I am no kid. Stop acting like you are some oppressed child. I suggest you go around the World and find out what real Police State aggression looks like.

                        • Antonio Buehler

                          Let me guess – criminal justice from Podunk U? You’re ignorant as hell. I’ve lived in 6 countries and been to 37. Tell me more about the world.

                        • General-Zod

                          You tell me that you have been to 37 countries? lol. I’ll believe that when hell freezes over. Cops shoot criminals. There are bad Cops. But 99% of the killings that Cops do – are justified. All of the recent killings: Garner, Brown and the guy who was shot by the Cop at a gas station after having pointed a pistol at the officer all had huge criminal records,

                          I am not worried about Police brutality. I am worried about civilian brutality. You can do something about Police brutality. You can’t do anything about civilian brutality. It goes on and on. There are Cops of every skin color and nationality in North America. Cops of every skin color and nationality have killed on the job.

                          If you want things to change – going online isn’t going to help.

                        • Antonio Buehler

                          I’m sorry you’re so small-minded as to believe I haven’t been to 37 countries, child.

                          I’m sorry you’re so small-minded as to believe that 99% of cops are honorable, good people. The reality is that cop crimes are rampant, and the so-called good cops are nowhere to be found.

                          Of course you’re not worried about police brutality, you lick the boots of pigs and think that therefore you won’t be victimized by them.

                          Cops are corrupt everywhere, true, but not like in the USSA. Having been to 37 countries I know this. But considering that you and your criminal justice degrees haven’t gone anywhere I don’t expect you to understand.

                          Clearly you don’t want anything to change. You just want to lick boots.

                        • General-Zod

                          I did write you a proper reply – but it appears that it has been removed by moderators. Even though it was a personal story about what Law Enforcement did to save my life..I’d be dead as dirt if it wasn’t for a Police Officer.

                          I don’t have criminal justice degrees. I didn’t tell you what my degrees are. You are full of it if you are saying you have been to 37 countries and haven’t found worse oppression or a true Police State. Which countries did you go to? lol. I think you might be adding some numbers.

                          You portray yourself as intelligent and aloof. But deep down you are no better then a punk when it comes to commenting on Police Officers. Calling them ‘pigs’? really? seriously? come up with something original.

                          You have no idea what it takes to be a Police Officer. You are also casting a very wide stroke of who is corrupt. Cops are corrupt because your opinion, not fact. Do you resent Law Enforcement? did they do something to you that you didn’t like? Or are you just another brainwashed internet fooltube addict?

                          But this isn’t an issue of corruption. It’s violence. Police Corruption is a whole other level of complicated. Corruption & a more violent Police Force are 2 different things.

                          You see Police brutality videos based on how they are being edited. You are buying into the Cop hating propaganda. You think I am ignorant about this or indifferent? having contempt for authority figures goes back to the beginning of modern man.

                          Cops will change when society does. Society has become more violent and tough. Cops have as well. Cops are out there doing Jobs just like the rest of us. There are rapists, pedophiles, murderers, thugs, and other scum that are arrested everyday. I am happy with the end result.

                          Do you think Cops make people commit crimes? Is that why you are so mad at Cops? If there were nice polite Police Officers who were always careful – do you think the crime rate would drop?

                        • General-Zod

                          You should have more contempt for society then you do for Cops. Cops are the only bridge between criminal and citizen. The criminal realm is growing much faster then Police forces do. You care about somebody shot by a Cop – but there could be 4 other murders that took place that day. They don’t matter to you because a Cop wasn’t involved.

                          It takes alot of bravery to be a Cop. To drive around responding to distress calls, 911 calls, showing up not knowing what is going on. Cops do brave things every day. They save lives. They put terrible people in prison. Do you think a meek average person can do that job? Do you think all it takes to be a Cop is to be a loudmouth jock with a badge? There is no point in debating you on this. The hatred is strong within you lol.

                        • Antonio Buehler

                          You have got to be high to believe that it takes a lot of bravery to be a cop, or that cops are the only bridge between criminal and citizen (unless you mean they are the only ones who get celebrated by the citizens for being criminals).

                          I would encourage you to stop using hard drugs – after all, the pigs may break into your home in the middle of the night, shoot you dead, plant a gun on you, and then rape your wife and kids.

                        • General-Zod

                          And for your information I was mugged twice. The second time I was mugged – I was stabbed in the upper arm and lost over 20% of the blood in my body before someone found me. A Cop didn’t do that. A thug in a shitty area did that to me. The Cops did find him though and he is in jail now thankfully.

                          10 years later my house was robbed. I caught the intruder trying to do it a second time. He swung a camping axe at me and threw it up in the air when he missed. The neighbor had already called the Cops. The axe landed in the yard next door about 10 feet away from a 2 year old sitting on the ground playing with her dog. Cops didn’t do that either. They arrested the guy who did it. He is in jail. But I didn’t realize he was in a gang.

                        • General-Zod

                          For about a year I had to deal with death threats, people throwing things at my house, my car being vandalized. The stuff that the thug stole? all things that belonged to my brother. Who died at 29 years of age of diabetes. He spent the last days of his life looking like a holocaust victim with a barely functioning brain. Kidney failure.

                          The Cops went after the guys who kept threatening my life. And they caught them. I’d be dead if it wasn’t for them. The Cops even tried to protect the guy who left the gang after he was arrested for harassing me. What happened to that kid? He was shot by his own friends in a church parking lot.

                          I am not justifying violent Cop actions. But I am pointing out at least in my case that Cops did their jobs very diligently. I am alive because of it. It’s not doom and gloom. Are the Police forces in this country more aggressive? yes. Are the people they are facing off against ( criminals I mean ) more aggressive? absolutely.

                          The Cops protected me and the neighborhood that I lived in. There will always be bad Cops. That really does suck. They ruin it for everyone else who takes their job seriously and wants to help people.

                        • General-Zod

                          That kid was shot and killed. Someone walked up behind him and shot him in the head.

                        • Antonio Buehler

                          Congratulations. You’re lucky to have been helped by some cops whereas other people have been beaten, framed, raped or murdered by them.

                          I wish I would have had some cops protect me from crime instead of committing crimes against me.

                    • General-Zod

                      If you honestly think that Cops are of low moral character and intellect then you are dumber then I thought. You have no idea what it is like to be a Police Officer. Are you the cuddle the thug type of liberal?

                      • Antonio Buehler

                        You’re obviously an idiot. Cops are of low moral character. You have to be to want to be employed as a thug. They are of low intellect. They are the only profession to ever take a case to the Supreme Court seeking permission to not hire people because the applicants are too intelligence.

                        Are you a pig – is that why you lie so much?

              • AntiSocialSailor

                Thank you for making my point. Police mentality is so deeply ingrained that any cop who doesn’t get out of the trade has already been corrupted and is, de-facto, part of the problem.

                “Yes, if I were to stand up the way people on this blog would like officer’s like me to stand up we would be done for. It is as simple as that….”

                You are as guilty as those whom you witnessed abusing their power, planting evidence, perjuring themselves, filing false reports, beating or unjustifiably shooting someone. The fact that you’d be “done for” is no more of an excuse. for you than it is for the drug mule who cops 20 years because he refused to cooperate out of fear of being “done for”. What makes you so special? The drug mule is, justifiably, in fear of his life. Of course, that never bothers the cops. You, otoh, fear what? Your career? Your bowling buddies? That’s a sorry excuse.

                Any cop who lasts more than a couple years on the force is either corrupt himself, or corrupt by proxy. That include you and any others who stand by and witness this behavior yet don’t stand up out of fear of being “done for”.

              • Venomous1997

                I am also looking to leave the profession. There are more snakes inside departments than outside. I’m a 10 year veteran and all I wanted to do was help. I was arrested a few days after I graduated college, because someone lied to his dad. He owed money to a local drug dealer, the guy was coming to hurt him so he allowed the guy to take some of his father’s things instead. Then he lied to his dad and told them that I HELPED HIM, take his dad’s belongings. I didn’t know the kid, his dad, or where they lived. I was from out of state and he thought he would just make it go away by blaming it on someone from another state. Nobody listened to me, nobody would tell me what they were arresting me for, they accused me of stealing a car in Arizona in 1985, and got mad when I laughed at them. I laughed because I was born in 1980, and had never been in the direction of Arizona. It was found to be a lie, and I was released, and extremely pissed!!! At that point I decided there needed to be more good guys, people who would listen, and answer questions! I fear that if I walk away, I will be replaced with another person whom couldn’t care less about doing what’s right. I’m extremely stressed right now about the state of society and police ethics. Don’t make hasty judgements as there are many good officers…they’re just outnumbered! I apologize for any wrongdoings any of you have endured, and I pray God gives you peace, as he passes judgement upon those who have done you wrong.

          • AntiSocialSailor

            Justifiable? Because your own internal reviews deem them justifiable. If someone attacks you with a knife, nobody will blame you for shooting him. But justify shooting someone 5 or 6 times because they have a knife, or a Blackberry, or a cellphone in their hand? That happens routinely and, routinely, it’s ruled justifiable. Cops have an entirely different definition of “justifiable”.

            If what you say is true and you consider citizens as friends, you’re on in a hundred, We don’t have a 50/50 chance of running into someone like you. It’s more like a 1% chance.

            How much misconduct have you witnessed in your career? What did you do about it? Don’t try to tell me you haven’t seen anything because that would either be total bullshit, or you’re a rookie. Unless you can relate stories of you, personally, battling the blue wall of silence in order to rid your department of dirty pigs, you’re as dirty as the rest of them.

          • Uncle_Meat

            Yes we are going to do something about the creeping police state. My advice to you is to find another profession. We are goddamn sick and tired of the atrocious stories we read on a daily basis. You know damn well what I’m referring to. They are absolutely heinous cowardly crimes. Don’t give me the bullshit excuse you haven’t seen your co workers commit crimes. You share the guilt. The people will reach a point where they don’t care what happens to then anymore. It’s just about time, too. They won’t be asking if you were a good cop. You will be eliminated with all the other chicken shit scum. You are obligated to start blowing the whistle, now. All the methods of action you described are nothing but dead ends. We the people are scum to them. The ball is in your court. You will make the difference if you choose. If so you will be a hero and walk tall in my eyes. Until then you better watch your back.

          • Matt

            Even if “Most were justified” that doesn’t take away from the actual
            numbers. If we had a clear picture about which ones WERE justified, we
            wouldn’t all be here having this conversation right now. Yes, there are
            still SOME good cops out there. And we appreciate the good work that you
            good cops do. However, the sad reality is that most police officers are
            abusers of the power that has been granted to them. Policing is no
            longer about “keeping the peace”, it’s about how much money a department
            can suck out of it’s community and it’s about sick, twisted, piece of
            shit excuses for a human beings getting their jollies off by beating and
            murdering innocent American civilians. Based on personal experience
            and for my own safety, I enter every encounter with a police officer
            under the assumption that he is a corrupt bastard. Because, after all,
            that is the courtesy that we receive as Americans. When in even the most
            basic traffic stops, our police approach us under the assumption that
            we are murderous criminals. Personally, I kind of have a problem with
            the armed man approaching my vehicle thinking that I’m about to try and
            kill him. So, I say this with respect to the few good cops we have
            left(you guys are excluded). ……… FUCK THE

          • krull

            fu big honky80 and the rest of your bullshit. we can see your one of the many bad ass’s we don’t need to hear your crap.

          • MannieP

            Another way to keep the jack booted thugs under control, is to greatly diminish Conditional Immunity. Tyrannical cops need to be personally subject to lawsuits from their victims.

            You know there are 50% of the cops who are bad? What have you done about it? If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. I seeee nossing! But all the trains for Auschwitz leave on time.

          • ANONYMOUS

            heres 5 levels of justification of force and a police officers judgement shouldnt be pulling a gun on the first person they think is a criminal its up to the courts to decide i was a Military Police Officer we were taught you pull a gun youd better have good reason. We didnt get a 2 week paid vacation we got a repremand dishonorable discharge and jail time. No ones above the law regardless what your chief or staff say. Your job is to protect and serve the people not shoot you gun when you think its a threat. Youd better be damn sure or find a new profession. You made an oath To Serve And protect the people not your damn selves and covering each others asses when you screw up. The people will learn not to call 9/11 or to start fighting back and its your conscious thats gonna eat you not ours. What most police officers dont realize that if bad cops are doing the wrong thing at any given moment it could be your wife daughter son husband mother or father. When that day comes your gonna be just as pissed as the people your hurting. Get another job or start doing yours.

          • jay

            First of all, I applaud you in standing up for what you believe in and for your position as a law enforcement official but the mere fact that you mentioned citizens have a
            50/50 chance of running into the “good cop” is statistically
            disturbing so it begs the question…. How do you sleep at night knowing all
            you know about that statistic (the one you made up)? Also, I have studied criminal Justice..(I don’t hate all cops either so throw that one out right now).. In fact I have a bachelors degree in the subject (i’m no expert but I’m extremely knowledgable and before you ask…yes I have worked in law enforcement and carried several weapons on duty) and I must side with the bloggers, activists, writers, free thinkers you mention in
            your comment. We ARE living in a police state and with all the technology and
            non lethal weaponry readily available to police these days…i.e….baton, pepper spray, bean bags, numbers (police to subject ratio) tazers, patience, fighting skills (and extensive training)…. Deaths by police should be extremely rare but that is hardly the case. You can defend yourself and your position because it is your choice but we as citizens will continue to defend and educate ourselves as well. As for going to our local representatives i.e. senators…. Voting…. That’s just a damn fallacy and we all know the corruption that entails. I’m through. Good luck catching those “bad

          • TRUTH

            How do you justify the deaths of those unarmed? how do you justify footage of the police attacking and harming those running? Are they also in danger then? You’re actually admitting that 50% of the force is crooked, why dont you rat them out and serve the people you’re supposed to protect? Some officers vouch for others who they know are in the wrong. You want us to go to our city hall and demand change, why don’t you do the same too?

          • Thomas

            Killing someone should be the very last thing a cop should do. Especially if said criminal doesn’t also have a gun. You guys are trained to de-weapon people and arrest them. Fact is cops are trigger happy. And no not even half of these deaths were justified. There is this thing called due process. I’ve also seen a number of innocent bystanders and mentally ill people get killed or beaten by cops.

            Also, there are good cops, but you’re not a good cop if you let a corrupt cop get away with a crime such as police brutality.

          • Cop killer

            Die you cunt. I hope you get fucked up just like the thousands of innocent people you murder.

          • donnie vanderford

            I don’t know that your condolences for Bill Scotts loss are what people are looking for. What we are looking for is cops who treat the citizens they are supposed to serve with respect and don’t shoot first and ask questions later. I disagree that most of these shootings are justified. What officer after doing so is going to say woops my fault. most use the magic words I thought my life was in danger or he assaulted me.
            We have a video of a California cop beating the hell out of an elderly homeless woman and they the authorities have defended the officer and despite a video of the beating from beginning to end they are in day 45 of their supposed investigation.

          • Keith Brings

            It sucks when people make large categorical assumptions about a group and then interact with them in a specific way due to those potentially erroneous beliefs doesn’t it.

            The difference here of course is that when officers in the heat of the moment make the wrong call based on preconceived notations and what they believe they are observing innocent people die, where as when people make assumptions about the nature of the police you simply see a degradation in police/society communication (which is damaging to be sure) and some very warranted bruised feelings of upstanding officers cast in a negative light by their more trigger happy, less rational coworkers.

            • Keith Brings

              by the way, right on on pushing people to revise some of these negative laws. It reminds me of Let’s focus on laws that let society function smoothly, not ones that unnecessarily drive a wedge between citizens and the state.

        • jackobean

          Thank You for telling your story and become an advocate for reason and restraint in law enforcement. Looking forward to reading your book.

        • Antonio Buehler

          If only everyone would stand up to the thug, criminal, coward cops like you have, Bill! Too bad most people want to make excuses for these idiot murderers in blue instead of holding them accountable.

        • Joe Cheney

          As a US ARMY veteran, thank you & your son for your duty to our great nation!! God bless you & especially your son Eric Scott…….and damn that no good cop !!! Ya’ll lead the way & you’ll have this PISSED OFF INFANTRYMAN on your side, then they can learn my motto: THIS WE’LL DEFEND !!

        • faf

          that is not cool

        • AZachary

          I thank your son for his service and I am sorry for the extreme losses you have suffered. Many of today’s officers suffer from a Napoleon Syndrome. And I think you are right, There will be a day when the Armed American people say enough. A two time killer cop or otherwise is a serial killer, one day he will get his. I look forward to reading your book. Thank you for your courage and Honesty.

        • dh

          Just to let you know there has been small phones that have been turned into guns and majority of cops know this. Not condoning the actions of the officer but they do exist.

          • Bill Scott

            Did these phone-looking firearms exist in mid-2010? That’s when my son was murdered. The primary killer-cop was scared stiff, and fired within two seconds. I could live with an honest mistake, but the killer (he’d killed another guy four years earlier; two fatalities within his first five years on the LV Metro force) never admitted such. Instead, he claimed Erik PULLED his concealed firearm (since proven absolutely impossible to do). The three killer-cops, their scum of a homicide captain, two detectives, the top-dog sheriff, etc. lied and conspired to cover up their murder. The “investigation” report was shoddy and shamefully transparent. Consequently, no quarter for liar cops and cover-up artists…. Hence, “The Permit,” my novel based on Erik’s murder-by-cop. Its theme can be summed up as: “You kill, you lie, you die.”

            • WolfHunter11

              Where were you Bill when Eric was abusing morphine? I still find it funny that you still don’t understand what happened that day and that your son holds a lot of the responsibly for what happened. No one ever wants to lose a son so your pain is real which I understand. You scientific example of how Eric couldn’t have possibly pulled his weapon are bogus. You dropped your lawsuit because you know as well as I that you wouldn’t win because Eric caused that entire scene. You’ve disillusioned yourself to the point where you are believing conspiracy theories that are so far fetched. You refuse to believe perspective and lash out at the wrong people. Look inward Bill and try to come to terms with the facts and the truth.

              • Bill Scott

                No wolfunter11, you’re completely wrong. Either you’re a cop, who blindly accepted LV Metro’s false narrative, or YOU refuse to bother looking at the facts. Did you plow through the 1,472-page “investigation” report? Doubt it.

                Erik was NOT on morphine. He was under the care of a pain management doctor, taking three pills of pain meds per day, as prescribed, because he suffered from debilitating back pain. He had 40% of his L5 vertebra broken off, a casualty of Army airborne training. And Erik wasn’t under the influence on July 10, 2010. If you’d bothered to watch my interview on Jon Ralston’s TV show on July 10, 2013, you would have seen a photocopy of “Mr. Double’s” NV drivers license. “Double” was in Costco just before Erik arrived, was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, fell on the checkout conveyor belt, and caused a disturbance of some kind at the Costco pharmacy. He was about the same height and weight as Erik, and had similar hair color and style. But his “significant other” was short, had on a white top and looked Hispanic–as described by Costco employees at Erik’s coroner inquest hearing.

                No, I don’t create “conspiracy” stories or ignore facts. I’m a former investigative journalist and flight test engineer, who deals ONLY in facts. I also know how to spot BS and am experienced at digging out the truth. Las Vegas Metro PD’s Capt. Patrick Neville orchestrated the sloppy, transparent cover-up of Erik’s murder-by-Mosher, not to protect a dumb, scared cop, but to ensure Sheriff Doug Gillespie hung on to his seat. Why? Because cover-up is what Metro always does, after one of their own screws up and kills somebody. And Neville is Metro’s chief cover-up architect, ensuring not a single Metro cops has EVER been held accountable for more than 300 officer-involved shootings over the last 39 years.

                Stay tuned Wolfie-cop. A book now being written by a former police officer and SWAT member will expose the truth about Erik’s murder, and it’ll include names. Further, if you haven’t read my novel, “The Permit,” you and every other cop in the nation should. It’s filled with facts and truth, wrapped in a good techno-thriller tale. And it’s a not-subtle warning to every killer-cop or Blue Wall “brother,” who refuses to accept the fact that a high percentage of today’s cops are substandard and brain-wired to shoot. Oh…and even one of Metro’s killers, who shot Erik, recently admitted that the murder-by-Mosher was a “bad shoot.”

        • leslie green

          There is much anger, resentment and hate building up towards cops. We are close to the tipping point now and all hell will break loose soon when the people wake up and react. It is beyond tragic that your son was murdered and beyond comprehension that no cop was arrested, tried and convicted for this murder….years ago this would have been unbelievable, today, it’s apparently becoming common place. So sorry for your loss.

          • Bill Scott

            Leslie: You’re absolutely correct, unfortunately. Sounds like you could have written Chapter 10 of “The Permit,” a novel based on my son’s murder-by-cop. In a discussion between two of the key characters, I warn of exactly that “tipping point,” when a scared, coward killer-cop murders an innocent (like my son, Erik), and angry, armed “civilians” will finally revolt–and start hunting cops. The book warns that good cops and civic leaders had better get rid of rogue/outlaw killers-with-badges, or the real-world equivalent of my fictional “Checkmate” black ops counterterrorism team will “take ’em out.” I hope that never happens, but we’re already seeing isolated incidents of cops being killed randomly. So far, the cop-killers have been whacked out nut-cases, but that could easily change….if the Boys and Girls in Blue don’t stop killing us little people.

        • Smith

          Bill Scott I am sorry to hear about you son. I feel you pain. In 1990 My husband was killedby the police and twenty years later they also kill my son who was classified as a Willie M child. You can read my story, Twin Tragedies, in the Yes Weekly paper, that is written by Eric Ginsburg.

          • Bill Scott

            Ms. Smith: My heartfelt condolences go to you for suffering an unbelievable double nightmare! I’m so sorry. We have a responsibility to see that our loved ones’ badged killers are removed from civilized society. Ideally, every one of them would be in federal prison, mixed with the general population….which typically has no tolerance for killer-cops.

        • Greg888

          This is exactly what the 2nd Amendment is for. Use it!

        • Carol

          I remember your son’s death. The officers need to be held accountable. The lack of impulse control and conscience with patrolmen has become chronic and something needs to be done soon. I heard a retired police officer state it was due to fear. It is time these cowards find another line of work. If people in law enforcement are so maladjusted and ill equipped to handle people, we need to find a different population to run our society, who can find a different way to handle the public. The lunatics have run the asylum long enough!
          Time to take back control.

        • Armond

          first Bill…sorry I am coming to this story late…and sorry for the loss of your son

          I know you understand and appreciate the feelings of the family in Ohio…who’s son was shot in killed in Wal-Mart…for carrying a toy gun he was going to buy from the store

          and there we have video…showing they shot him within 3/10ths of a second…of first coming into sight of him

          yet…that killing was ruled as justified homicide

          even though the young man…was innocent…just shopping for his family

          I appreciate that you raised this issue…before our current National discussions

          but you have seen peoples responses…which blame the victim…and in very ugly terms

          like the innocent man in New York…shot 22 times…because he froze in fear…at 12 midnight…when approach by several unidentified plain clothes officers…who shot him…for the crime…of holding a cell phone…all while not being…the man they where looking for

          in Denver…they have been testing mandatory chest cameras…which activate as soon as the officer steps out of their car…of interest…police abuse claims down 85%…and police use of force down 65%

          what do you recommend…for every American citizen to do…to start holding “their” police department…accountable to serve and protect the public

          and why is it possible…for police in Pennsylvania…to hunt down a known killer…and capture him without even the use of a stun-gun…or in Colorado…where a man known to have already killed or wounded 84 people…gets arrested unharmed like he was just a j-walker

          but then maybe we have finally seen…the issue we face with some of our police…when in North Carolina…you get shot for no seatbelt…and for doing…exactly what the police told you to do

          again sorry to bring up this very personal pain…but thank you for the effort…and very sorry for your loss

          • Bill Scott

            Thanks for the kind condolences, Armond. You’re correct; cops are still killing innocents at record rates.

            Follow KilledByPolice on Facebook, and you’ll be stunned by how many really ARE being killed now — about three people per day, every day of the year. Since Katie wrote this article (last Nov.), cops have killed another 1,000-plus people. In fact, cops have killed approximately TWICE as many Americans as we lost on 9/11/2001. I ask again: Who are the most dangerous domestic terrorists U.S. citizens face today?

            If cops don’t cease and desist, or the Dept. of Justice fails to hold killer-cops accountable, outraged Americans will take up arms and start cop-hunting. That’s the overriding message of my techno-thriller, “The Permit.” I hope that never happens, but the “hunt” may already be underway. Check the blog post, “Restore Honor: Has Cop-Hunting Begun?” at williambscott dot com.

        • DP

          Sorry for your loss Bill. Hopefully americans will ban together soon and stop this for good. Of course when that happens most cops will take their cherished badges and uniforms off. The U.S. now appears more like Germany in the 30s from what knowledge I have acquired and older people I have listened to.

        • foodgrade

          I’m very sorry about your loss. I intend to order your book. I predicted 20 years ago that refusing citizens access to due process in the face of police criminality would result in a violent response. I see that people are beginning to shoot back. Not every victim of police violence has relatives that have no options. The police should start thinking about this. There are many in this country who will stop at nothing to hunt and kill criminal police when a family member has been violated or murdered while perfectly innocent of any crime. The police are very smug about the lies they tell in reports and on the stand. They should look for the father who recognizes, that the police have driven the country down to the basic meaning of the First, Second, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments. I believe that much of the country is fed up with trigger happy “We have a license to kill” Police. Thank you for your good work.

        • Alika Nganuma Toshihiko Cripe

          Dont worry Bill Scott the Nobles of old and Kings and Queens of Dynasty and Europe will soon challenge the authority in power! The day will come when war is declared on them and right of justice to the people will be regained once more. The Knight of Old and the Swords of Loyalty of the Hinomaru and the banners wearing the coat of arms of many will bring justice to those that call and those that dont have any. Be patient and those that are planning for second revolution will pave the way for our new beginning.

      • ProsecuteACop

        This is why I don’t care when a police officer is shot and killed in the line of duty – the media makes it look like a tragedy, I look at it like SELF-DEFENSE and JUSTICE

        • Uncle_Meat

          What’s more, people seeing cops in distress are going to ignore them and let them find their own fate. There was a time when the first line of defense of the police in times of social unrest were the law abiding public. That’s over with. These punks can all just bleed to death on the streets. This is the world they created. May they all rot in Hell!

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker

            It is not the world ‘they’ created. The world was created for them by the International Jewish Congresssssss, hell bent on making Gentiles suffer. That is their total modus operandi; make Gentiles suffer and take over the world. Now they have police officers totally brain f..ed to act as robots; totally devoid of human emotion. Cold, hard, killing machines. The lower their IQ the better.

            • I Am.

              Please lets not forget they work for the BAR Judges & Lawyer’s!!! Strike the root!


              • jackobean

                No, actually they don’t. If you’d like to strike the root, start w/ our corrupt politicians and their corporate ‘sponsors.’

              • Emmanuel Truthseeker

                The connection I have made is the following: The judge sits on a ‘bench.’ The word bench is Latin for, bank. Banks and the Law Industry are in bed together and they control those things called politicians on this planet. The BAR is the British Accreditation Regency; ‘an old boys’ club’ which pretends that the dues those dishonorable, black robed units pay to that British agency gives them the license to PRACTICE law. The entire thing is a huge fraud. The law is a universal principle to which everyone has access. However, ‘they’ have us believing we need an agent; to stand between us and JUSTUS, (sic). Just like the Roman Catholic apostasy has everyone believing they need a priest to agent between the Deity and the petitioning human being, on his knees, head bowed, inspite of the admonition of Jesus of Nazareth to call no man Master, not even the Messiah.

          • AntiSocialSailor

            That’s the exact point I’ve made in some other threads. I used to be o.k. with cops, back in the 70’s and 80’s. Now, I wouldn’t piss on one if he was on fire, unless my piss was flammable. I feel for any cop who finds himself depending on me to save his sorry ass.

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      • Ed Felien

        How did they kill Terrance Franklin?

        By Ed Felien

        May 10, 2013. At about
        1:30 pm Terrance Franklin and his friend, Anquanette Hollman, were sitting in a
        2002 blue Chrysler PT Cruiser at the back of the apartment building at 2743
        Lyndale Avenue South. He was fixing a
        blunt (a hollowed out cigar filled with marijuana). Her two small children were in the back
        seat. They had just gone into the
        building and caught the attention of the maintenance person who checks the
        video surveillance cameras. He
        recognized the couple as the couple that had been suspected of a burglary in
        the building a couple of months before.
        He called 911 and told the police the two were on the property. He then carried a box outside to another car
        in the lot so he could write down the license number of the PT Cruiser, came
        back into the building and called 911 with a description of the car.

        The couple probably smoked most of the blunt (the autopsy tested
        positive for marijuana) when suddenly they were surrounded by police pointing
        guns at them telling them to put their hands on the dashboard and throw the car
        keys out the window. Anquanette Hollman
        did as she was told, but Franklin just sat there. After a couple of minutes he started up the
        car and started to drive out of the parking lot. There was a police car in front of him with
        its door open. He drove past it and
        bumped the door, closing it. There was
        no dent in the police car just a paint transfer, but police radio reports said
        he “rammed” the police car. Anquanette
        screamed, “Don’t shoot. There’s kids in

        Franklin drove the car about two blocks and parked it in back of
        another apartment building, jumped out and started running through the
        neighborhood. He ran into Flanders Bike
        Shop at 2707 Lyndale, looked around nervously, checked the windows, ran to the
        back, leapt over a half door to the back repair room, couldn’t find an open
        door, ran back to the front of the store and out the door. He ran across Lyndale, cut through yards and
        across Aldrich to the back door of 2717 Bryant.

        He broke the window in the door to gain entrance. In the kitchen he took some knives out of a
        butcher block knife holder, laid them on the counter and went upstairs, went
        through some dresser drawers, found about $200 dollars and put it in his
        billfold, found a terry cloth bathrobe and put it on. At some point he heard Sgt. Stender scream at
        the back door that he was a member of the Minneapolis Police K9 Unit and that
        whoever was inside should announce themselves or they would get bit. Franklin ran downstairs into the basement and
        hid behind a water heater in a closet under the stairs.

        From the voluntary statement by Sgt. Stender: “When I came back [after getting his K9
        partner, Nash] to the rear door of 2717 Bryant, 1280 [SWAT Team] members
        (Officer Peterson, Officer Durand, Officer Meath, Officer Muro) were standing
        and ready. I approached the door with K9
        Nash and observed that the door was shut and not standing open. As I looked closer, I saw the hole in the
        glass and I also saw damage to the door and to the frame. One of the officers pushed the door open and
        we stopped. Inside on the floor, I saw
        broken glass and the locking mechanism for the door lying on the floor.

        “Believing that this was a good burglary and before deploying my
        dog, I gave a loud verbal K9 announcement.
        I received no response and I again gave the same announcement. Again no response. I then released my dog into the residence and
        myself and team members started searching for the burglar. As we moved throughout the main floor, I
        continually identified ourselves as a police K9 unit and told whoever was
        inside to come or they would get bit.”

        They searched the main floor and the second floor and found
        nothing but a cat that ran past them into the basement.

        “I then released K9 Nash downstairs and he started to
        search. I then heard a commotion in the
        southwest corner of the basement. As I
        approached, I saw that Nash had a cat in his mouth, and I told him to drop
        it. He dropped the cat and the cat ran
        past us to the main floor.”

        After searching the entire basement they finally came to the
        small storage area under the stairs: “He [Nash] quickly turned to the left,
        which was an open storage area directly under the stairway, but he did not find
        anything. I then stepped back as far as
        I could and also did not see anything under the stairs or anybody in the
        room. I then backed out but Nash would
        not come with me. He continued to air
        scent, stand with his head and nose up in the air attempting to locate the
        source of the scent. He then went back
        under the stairs and quickly came out and went to the area behind the water
        heater. Here he stuck his nose directly
        behind the water heater and hesitated.
        He then took his paw and moved something and then growled as he was
        pulling something out. A black male
        wearing a black t-shirt then stood up, knocking stuff over, as Nash continued
        to hold onto a sweatshirt [probably the terry cloth robe] that he had in his
        mouth. Nash pulled the suspect out of
        his hiding spot, the suspect stood up and he then kicked at Nash. I then told the suspect that I needed to see
        his hands. Both of his hands were behind
        his back in the area of the small of his back.
        I could see that Nash had a hold of his sweatshirt causing his elbows to
        be pulled down and back. The suspect
        just stared at me. I then said, “Show me
        your f**king hands,” and again the suspect just stared at me. Again I told him to show me his hands, and
        this time he twisted a little bit from side to side. Thinking that he might have a gun in his
        hand, I went farther into the room and punched him in the face as hard as I
        could. The suspect just stood there and
        looked at me with a vacant deep stare and did not respond to my commands. I was especially concerned because I had
        punched him very hard in the face and received no reaction from him. I then took my flashlight and struck him over
        his right eye as hard as I could. Once
        again the suspect just stood and stared at me with a deep vacant stare.

        “I went deeper into the closet, grabbed the suspect by the head,
        and started to pull him out with a headlock while Nash was still on the
        suspect. I started to get him out of the
        closet as he continued to resist and attempt to pull away from me. Officer Meath then assisted me with getting
        him completely out of the closet and into the laundry room area. Officer Peterson then stepped in and I gave
        up my head position to him. I then heard
        an officer holler, “Don’t be grabbing for my gun. Are you grabbing for my gun?” I then directed my attention down to Nash and
        saw that he had readjusted from the sweatshirt and now had the pants leg of the
        suspect. I then heard an officer holler,
        “He’s got a gun. He’s got a gun.” And
        then I heard two separate gunshots.
        Officer Muro then told me that he’d been shot in the leg.

        He dragged Muro out of the laundry room, saw that the door to
        laundry room had closed, cutting off almost all the natural light, and then
        decided the best thing he could do was take Nash up to the cruiser because he
        was a “huge distraction.”

        This report seems inconsistent and contradictory to Officers
        Meath and Durand’s account of the incident.

        Officer Meath: “As I made my way back into the cubby hole area
        to assist Sgt Stender as he was struggling with the suspect and attempting to
        handle K9 Nash I did this as I feared for Sgt Stender’s safety as he had no
        weapon drawn and I could not see both of the suspect’s hands as they appeared
        to be behind his body. I immediately
        grabbed the suspect around his upper shoulders and attempted to pull his body
        towards my location and out of the cubby hole area. Once I grabbed a hold of the suspect he
        immediately started thrashing his upper body left to right using his elbows in
        an attempt to strike me. While I was
        holding him by his upper shoulders I attempted to deliver 2 to 3 knee strikes
        with my right knee into his stomach and chest area. On my last knee strike the suspect used my
        pulling momentum against me and exploded forward, pushing me backwards to the
        point where I lost a hold of his shoulders.”

        “Q. What do you mean when you say he exploded towards you?”

        “A. As I was pulling his upper body forward towards my knee, he
        planted his feet and lunged forward as a football player would position himself
        for a tackle. I was slightly off balance
        as I was pulling the suspect in towards my body when he exploded into me,
        pushing me backwards. His actions caused
        me to lose my grip around his upper shoulders and I fell backwards into the
        wall area behind me.”

        Officer Durand’s report: “As the suspect was nearly out of the
        space, he exploded out with force, striking me backwards into the laundry
        room. The suspect slammed me against the
        dryer which I hit with my back. He
        landed on top of me in front of the dryer and I was able to roll to my right
        where he was laying across me. As I’m
        knocked backwards, I take my right hand from the pistol grip of the MP5 [a
        machine gun pistol] to brace from the fall and double check my handgun, that it
        was still in its holster. As I was
        falling, I looked down and I could see that his finger was now inside the
        trigger well on my MP 5. I took my left
        hand and attempted to push the muzzle of the barrel down and away towards my
        left. I screamed, ‘He’s got a gun. He’s got a gun.’ And then two shots went off. And as I looked to my left I could see
        officers entering the room. I felt the
        recoil of the gun as it went off, with a short pause and a second shot. The suspect continued to hold onto my MP 5 as
        I struggled to maintain control. At this
        point I put both hands on top of the barrel in an attempt to bring it down, and
        I yelled again, ‘He’s got a gun. He’s
        got a gun.’

        “As I’m attempting to push the barrel down, the flashlight
        mounted to it is turned on and Officer Peterson was able to visually see what
        was going on and comes in close proximity to me and fires his weapon at the
        suspect several times. Officer Peterson
        had taken a position partially straddling me putting the muzzle of my MP 5 in
        close proximity to his body armor to prevent anyone else from being shot. He did this as he fired his weapon.

        “Q. So to be clear, can you describe the suspect’s position in
        relation to your position and then later Officer Peterson’s position?”

        “A. As I was going down from being tackled, the shots were
        fired. I ended up with the suspect
        laying across part of my legs with his head near my right shoulder and Officer
        Peterson came in from the left, straddling over me and suspect.”

        The next question and answer are very interesting:

        “Q. At any time during this event did you pull the trigger on
        your MP 5?”

        “A. No. During our training we index our finger along the
        selector out of the trigger well so that accidental discharges do not
        happen. The finger is indexed running
        parallel to the muzzle.”

        Clearly this question was asked to allow Durand to counter the
        theory that many critics have about the conduct of officers during this
        event. Some people believe it is more
        likely that Officer Durand was firing his MP 5 at Terrance Franklin and missed
        and hit Officers Meath and Muro, and that Franklin came in close to Durand and
        used his body to keep the MP 5 pointed down at the floor rather than at him.

        “Q. Can you describe how your MP 5 was secured on your body
        during this incident?”

        “A. I use a single point sling that goes around my neck and left

        So, according to Officer Durand, Terrance Franklin runs at him,
        pushing him back against the dryer in the laundry room, grabs his gun (while
        still attached to the sling), turns around and fires at two other officers,
        hitting them both in their legs. That
        would have been an amazing feat for someone with no training in firing an MP 5
        and shooting in almost total darkness.
        And it raises the question of why he didn’t shoot Durand and gain
        complete control of the MP 5?

        A more likely scenario would be that Durand was pushed back
        against the dryer and fired off two rounds while still in command of his MP 5
        and that Terrance Franklin then rushed at him to keep the gun from being
        pointed at him.

        Officer Peterson was standing just behind Sgt. Stender when he
        was trying to pull Terrance Franklin out of the cubby hole. Peterson: “Then the suspect started to wildly
        throw punches as he drove himself out of tis utility closet with his head
        down. The suspect punched me in the side
        of the face with a wild swing, which caused my sunglasses that were on top of
        my head to fly off. The suspect was
        charging at me with his head down like a bull and hit me full force, knocking
        me to the wall. At this time I remember
        attempting to control his head by grabbing it and wrapping his long dreadlocks
        in my fingers. I then attempted to pull
        him down to the ground, but he began to thrash his head left and right to free
        himself from my grasp. All of a sudden
        the suspect was free from my grasp and I remember looking and seeing his hair
        that had been ripped from his head in my hands.
        The suspect then hit Officer Durand, who was to my right and the
        suspect’s left. The suspect struck him
        like a football player tackles someone with their head down. I remember seeing the suspect take Officer
        Durand off his feet and he drove him into the darkness of the laundry room.”

        “Q. What did you hear next?”

        “A. I heard a loud collision with what I knew to be the
        dryer. It sounded like a loud metal bang
        that had been caused by the force of an impact.
        I knew that it was the dryer because I had remembered the layout of the
        room and knew that the dryer was on the northeast side of the laundry
        room. I entered the dark room and tried
        to locate both Officer Durand and the suspect.”

        “Q. Could you hear Officer Durand and the suspect wrestling

        “A. I don’t hear the fight that had ensued but I did hear
        Officer Muro begin to scream that he had been shot. I also remember hearing Officer Heath
        screaming that he had been shot as well.”

        “Q. When these officers were shot, where were they in relation
        to you?

        “A. Officer Muro was directly behind me and I knew this from his
        initial screams. Officer Meath was to my
        left and slightly behind me as I could hear his screaming as well.”

        “Q. Knowing that two officers had been shot, what did you do

        “A. The suspect was going to continue to shoot at us so I
        collapsed into the submachine gun. I did
        this because my brain told me to trap the barrel of the gun with my bullet
        proof vest. I instinctively knew I would
        survive gunshot rounds to my vest and I also knew that by doing this it would
        prevent officers behind me from taking additional gunshots. I used myself and vest essentially as a body
        bunker for the officers behind me and to prevent the suspect from shooting me
        in the head.

        “I could feel the submachine gun being worked by the suspect
        against my body weight, so I reached out in the darkness and felt for his
        head. I need to do this because the
        light was either trapped by my body or had shut off. The barrel of the submachine gun was still
        trapped by my midsection and I could feel that the suspect was still trying to
        work the weapon and was in control of it.
        I remember feeling the dreadlocks in the suspect’s hair again and knew
        in the darkness where he was at. I also knew that Officer Durand was close to
        the suspect’s head so I brought my handgun close to me and at a different angle
        as to not shoot Officer Durand. I knew
        that I had to kill the suspect to prevent getting shot so I shot him.”

        “I believe I shot two to four times.”

        According to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Report, Terrance
        Franklin was shot seven times in the head, all the bullets entering from the
        right side. Assuming Peterson held
        Franklin’s head in his left hand and shot him with his right hand, then
        Franklin had to be facing away from him and facing Durand. So Franklin could not have been firing the MP
        5 at Muro and Heath. It seems more
        likely Durand fired the two rounds and hit Muro and Heath accidentally, and
        that Franklin then tried to deflect the gun’s aim away from him.

        Officer Heath also claimed to have fired at Franklin at this
        time. Peterson said, “Officer Heath’s
        shots were in such close succession to mine that I believe that is why I did
        not hear the gunshots.” According to
        police testimony, Peterson was lying on Franklin who was lying on Durand. The three bodies were on top of each other in
        a tight sandwich. Heath says, “I
        remember I could see the silhouette of the suspect’s dreadlocks from his head
        and his upper shoulder area. I remember
        firing in this direction as it was the only area that I knew I wouldn’t strike
        Officer Peterson. As I observed Officer
        Peterson was directly on top of the suspect’s chest area and struggling over
        what I believed to be a firearm between their bodies.” But this is impossible. How could Peterson from that position reach
        up, grab Franklin by the dreadlocks and shoot him? If Peterson is right that Heath shot at the
        same time he did, then it is difficult to see how he could have had a clear
        shot at Franklin. There are so many
        inconsistencies and contradictions in the testimony of the officers that it
        calls into question the truthfulness of the report.

        A more plausible scenario is that Franklin head-butted Durand
        into the laundry room. Durand got off
        two shots in the general direction of Franklin before Franklin got to him and
        struggled for the gun to point it away from him. Peterson came up behind him, grabbed him by
        the hair and shot him seven times in the head.
        Heath may have shot Franklin three more times as he lay on the floor
        dead or dying.

        We will probably never really know what happened in the basement
        of 2717 Bryant Avenue South on May 10.
        The testimonies of Stender, Peterson and Durand were not taken until May
        13, and the testimonies of Muro and Heath were taken on May 24. That’s plenty of time for the officers to get
        together and come up with a plausible tale they could all agree to. When police officers collaborate to tell a
        tall tale to the Grand Jury, former Minneapolis Police Chief Tony Bouza calls
        it testi-lying.

        What do we learn from this?

        Isn’t it customary procedure in a civilian homicide to interview
        the principals immediately and separately?
        Why did the MPD allow three days before taking statements from the five
        officers involved in the homicide?

        Is it MPD protocol when confronting a burglary suspect to scream
        at him, swear at him, slug him as hard as you can and then hit him across the
        eye with your flashlight? Or, does that
        protocol only apply to black suspects?

        Does it really make sense for the Hennepin County Attorney to
        investigate homicides in which MPD officers are involved? The Hennepin County Attorney maintains a
        close working relationship with the MPD which means there is an inherent
        conflict of interest in the County Attorney’s office investigating possible
        criminal actions by the MPD. Shouldn’t
        MPD homicides be referred to the U S District Attorney (as a possible violation
        of civil rights) and be investigated by the F B I?

        Finally, why weren’t the people in charge who were responsible
        for reading the Police Report outraged by the inconsistencies, contradictions
        and obvious police misconduct in the murder of Terrance Franklin?

        How could Chief Janee Harteau pass on this police report without
        firing Sgt. Stender and investigating the obvious contradictions and
        inconsistencies in Officers Peterson and Durand’s testimony?

        How could Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman allow such a
        flawed report serve as a whitewash of the actions of the SWAT Team Unit 1280
        before the Grand Jury?

        Mayor Rybak has primary responsibility for civilian oversight of
        the police. Why has he been silent?

        As Chair of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee, Don
        Samuels has the primary City Council responsibility to monitor police behavior
        and guard the public interest. Why
        hasn’t he spoken out?

        What has been lost?

        Terrance Franklin was not a model citizen. He was a misdemeanor outlaw involved in petty
        crimes, didn’t have a job, wasn’t interested in an education, probably lived
        off the generosity of women who loved him, and probably was stoned most of the
        time. But he didn’t deserve to be beaten
        and murdered in the basement at 2717 Bryant.

        Officer Meath almost lost his life and will probably walk with a
        limp for the rest of his life.

        The bullet that hit Officer Ricardo Muro did even more damage:
        “The round struck the upper part of my femur, which ended up shattering it in
        about three different places. I ended up
        having to get several blood transfusions during surgery and another one a
        couple of days later due to the fact that I had lost so much blood. I also ended up having to go through an
        approximately 5-hour surgery where a titanium rod was inserted into my
        femur. The rod is also being held by
        four screws, two by my knee and another two by my hip.”

        “Q. Were the doctors able to completely reconstruct your femur

        “A. No they were not.
        Some of my femur is missing and at this point it is unknown if I will be
        able to go back to 100-percent status as I was before the incident.”

        “Q. Are you currently on any medications to control the pain
        from this gunshot wound?”

        “A. I am. I take one
        Percocet at night just to help me sleep because of the pain caused by the
        injury. I am also on a blood thinner,
        which is an injection that I have to give myself in the stomach area every day
        since the doctors are worried of blood clots in my leg since I am unable to
        move it.”

        This is a tragedy that didn’t have to happen. And you can point to the one exact moment
        when it all went bad. When Nash had
        found Terrance Franklin and he stood up, Sgt. Stender came over to him and
        began screaming and swearing at him. The
        only response from Franklin was a blank stare.
        He hit Franklin and again the only response was a blank stare. He hit him as hard as he could across his eye
        with his flashlight, and all he got was a blank stare.

        Wouldn’t it have been much better when Franklin stood up for
        Sgt. Stender to back off and calmly explain the situation to him. It’s possible Franklin might still have
        resisted arrest, but Terrance Franklin was 5’ 10” tall and weighed 173
        pounds. There were five police officers
        in the basement with machine gun pistols pointed at him and a police dog biting
        him on the leg. There was no real indication
        that Franklin was armed. None of the
        people who had seen him said he was carrying a gun, and if he did have a gun
        behind his back it would have been suicide by cop to pull it out and start
        shooting. Rather than escalate this
        event into the tragedy it became, this would have been the moment to calm
        things down.

        Is that asking too much of the police? Is asking them to be calm, cool and
        professional in their official conduct asking too much?

        There are 2,800 Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) operating in 45
        states. These are teams of police
        working with community resources in mental health. Mental health professionals accompany police
        on calls where there is a possibly mentally disturbed suspect. There is a training program for CIT in
        Minnesota. Almost ten years ago, I wrote
        that the well-respected black poet, “Gregory Samples was driving his car erratically and ended up
        ramming a police car. Barbara Schneider was playing her radio too loud and was
        chased by the MPD into her bedroom where she was defending herself with a
        butter knife. Abu Jeilani was walking up Franklin Avenue whacking cars with a
        machete and a crow bar. Granted, they all should have been restrained, but
        there was no credible justification for killing these three disturbed
        individuals. The fault for the use of excessive force can only be attributed to
        improper training.”

        has changed with the MPD. It’s time for
        the public to demand that the MPD institute CIT training. It’s way past time for our elected officials
        to hold our police department to the highest possible professional
        standards. To continue on the path we’re
        on will lead us to more violence, chaos and self-destruction.

        MPD would do well to think about their own motto: “To protect with
        courage. To serve with compassion.” Courage doesn’t mean macho bravado fueled by
        adrenalin. Hemingway said courage meant
        grace under pressure. And compassion
        means reaching out to everyone in our community even if they are poor, or
        minorities, or obviously troubled. If
        you’re not capable of that kind of compassion, then you’re not worthy to wear
        the uniform.