US Marijuana Legalization Causing Illicit Mexican Pot To Decline

Less Mexican marijuana could be reducing homicides, and some spy a future of a legal cross-border trade.
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    MEXICO CITY — As President Barack Obama trumpets that the United States economy is back on track, industry groups are shouting over who’s growing faster.

    The accounting sector boasted 2014 growth of 11 percent; computer systems of 14 percent; and real estate of a whopping 23 percent, says financial information group Sageworks.

    However, one industry may have beaten those hands down: legal marijuana.

    According to a new report by The ArcView Group, a cannabis industry investment and research firm based in California, legal marijuana sales rocketed 74 percent in 2014 to a new high of $2.7 billion. And with more states legalizing weed — Alaska, Oregon and Washington, DC, voted to join the legal stoners in November — it predicts this growth pace could continue for several more years straight.

    However, winners in some places often mean losers in others. And the losers appear to be south of the Rio Grande: Mexican marijuana growers, who’ve provided a lion’s share of cannabis for American smokers for decades.

    In 2014, the US Border Patrol saw a plunge in seizures of pot heading northward. Its agents nabbed 1.9 million pounds of ganja, a 24 percent reduction compared with the 2.5 million seized in 2011 — before Colorado and Washington State first voted to legalize recreational marijuana.

    Capturing less drugs doesn’t necessarily mean less drugs are coming over. Agents could be working less or focusing more on other problems. Yet one sign they are as vigilant as ever is that they made increased seizures of some other drugs, especially crystal meth, which was busted in record quantities.

    Mexican security forces have also noted a dive in marijuana production. In the most recent figures released in September, the Mexican government said that it had seized 971 metric tons (1,070 US tons) of cannabis inside Mexico in 2013, the lowest amount since 2000.

    “In the long run, it looks like the US market for illegal Mexican marijuana will keep shrinking,” says Alejandro Hope, a drug expert in Mexico. “The logic of the legal marijuana market is that it will force prices down. This would take out the big profits from the illegal market. A good way to make some money could be to short the prices of marijuana.”

    As well as price problems, Mexican producers also have to compete with quality.

    The legal US suppliers focus on high-grade weed, selling brands with glamorous names like “Skunk Red Hair,” “Sky Dog” and “Super Haze” in the S section of the shelves, to “Hypno,” “Hindu Kush” and “Himalayan Gold” if you look under H.

    They are often labeled with their exact amount of THC, the ingredient that gets you intoxicated. They are also graded for their mix of indica, the strain that makes users stoned in a more knockout way, and sativa, which hits people in a more psychedelic way.

    On the other hand, Mexican marijuana, known here as “mota,” is a mass-produced lower-grade crop, grown mostly outdoors in the mountains. It doesn’t have a fancy brand name, or tell you how spaced out or sleepy you will feel; it will just get you wasted.


    Hitting the cartels

    When advocates campaigned to legalize weed in Colorado and Washington states in 2012, they argued it was better to take the cash away from Mexican cartels and put it into taxes.

    Former President Vicente Fox also made this case after leaving office when he visited a university in Boulder, Colo., in 2011.

    “The drug consumer in the US yields billions of dollars, money that goes back to Mexico to bribe police and money that buys guns,” Fox said. “So when you question yourselves [sic] about what is going on in Mexico, it depends very much on what happens in this nation.”

    If Mexican marijuana is now sinking, it could indeed be reducing cartels’ budgets to commit mass murder. Mexico’s total homicides have gone down during the time that some US states legalized grass. Killings reached a peak in 2011 of 22,852, and then dropped to 15,649 last year, according to the Mexican government’s numbers.

    However, other aspects could have played a role, too. Among them are the capture or killing of some of the most brutal drug lords, including Heriberto “The Executioner” Lazcano, the head of the Zetas cartel whom Mexican marines gunned down in 2012.

    Mexican gangs also have a range of other businesses. Not only do they traffic crystal meth, heroin and cocaine, they have also diversified into crimes from sex trafficking to illegal iron mining.

    Mexican meth and heroin appear to have gone up as marijuana has dropped — at least, if narcotics seizures are the gauge. Last year, the US seized a record 34,840 pounds of methamphetamine at the Mexican border.

    Still, longtime experts in illegal markets say there may not be any correlation between the hikes in some drugs and dives in others.

    “There are lots of variables at play here, complicated factors of both demand and supply that create the markets in these drugs,” says Sanho Tree, director of the Drug Policy Project at Washington’s Institute of Policy Studies.

    “One reason for the rise in heroin use is that many doctors have over-prescribed opiate drugs to patients,” he adds, referring to legal pain treatments. “The patients have got hooked and have later turned to the illegal heroin.”

    But there’s another factor that could seriously affect marijuana market trends: Mexico could itself legalize it. In 2009, the country decriminalized the possession of small amounts of drugs, including marijuana. And citizens here as elsewhere were amazed when Uruguay became the first entire country to legalize weed in 2013.

    Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has spoken against legalization but says he’s open to debate.

    Former President Fox is an advocate and even said he would like to team up with an American entrepreneur to import it to the United States.

    If Mexico did legalize the plant, its cheaper labor costs could give it an edge over US producers. And while some consumers could want the higher-grade California strains, others could still choose the cheapest price.

    “Cannabis is not unlike wine,” Tree says. “I can buy a $200 bottle of wine, if that is what I am after. But many people will prefer the cheaper, mass-market product. And if all the prohibition factors are taken out, then marijuana is really just an herb that can be produced very cheaply.”

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    • Mobile hot dog cart man

      My question is who the heck would want that garbage Mexico smuggles to the US, when the US grows grade A, B, C Mexico was sh*t in the 70’s and is sh*t now 2016 I just don’t understand the “demand” for it. seriously

    • ike duffield

      pot is cheep to grow, pennies a gram. One of the main points to get pot legal was to stop the black market by taking the profit out of it.. 3 to 5 dollars a gram leaves enough profit to grow distribute and tax, but will take the BIG profit out of the black market. When was the last time you or someone you know drank bath tub GIN?

    • ike duffield

      I am a Washington medical MJ patient and I grow my own weed. After you get set up with lights and timers and …. pot is cheep to grow, pennies a gram. One of the main points to get pot legal was to stop the black market by taking the profit out of it.. 3 to 5 dollars a gram leaves enough profit to grow distribute and tax, but will take the BIG profit out of the black market. When was the last time you or someone you know drank bath tub GIN?

    • Jakeresides

      Responsible Ohio is going to attempt to make a cartel that capitalizes on state grown marijuana all while taking the growth out of the hands of the consumer. For years lawmakers have lied to us by exaggerating dangers of marijuana use. By using tax dollars to fund bias studies to promote “reefer madness” they have mislead and manipulated us in order to promote social control. Actually marijuana smokers are pacifist so the government was promoting socialist control by locking up the so called undesirables. Now a cartel wants to make an ever more intrusive extension of the government that will control the industry that free Americans have a right to. For years governmental incursion and infringement on our rights have pushed medicine into the black market, now Responsible Ohio wants to legalize the black market by becoming the dominant and only dealer. Now Responsible Ohio wants the citizens of Ohio to vote in a cartel that will monopolize on what should just be citizen liberty. People should be able to grow marijuana for personal consumption and no cartel that has sole discretion on cultivation and sales should be able to take that away. It is like these cartels want Americans ignorant, because by stomping out the ability to grow a plant, is stomping out the innovation that it would create. Responsible Ohio is evil!

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    • Woody Nelson

      We’ve been saying that for decades now. The way to cut back the smuggling is to make it available here.

    • G Bailey

      This is great news. Americans don’t need no stinkin Mexican dirt weed. Support AMERICAN pot growers and keep our dollars in America where they belong. Legalize POT – NOT illegal aliens.

    • Jason A Sprouse

      OK. Nobody is going to buy Mexican ditch weed when there is something better available, at twice the cost. Unless you are a stupid kid. You can grow weed in your back yard. It’s the drying and curing (or lack thereof) that makes Mexican weed garbage.

      • Hoopbaby

        Theres much more to it than that. They feed their plants a lot of nasty stuff. They don’t don’t do anything about insects and pests, they don’t do anything when the plant gets a disease. Mexican weed is garbage from the start. None of it comes from quality seeds or clones either.

    • Roy Hopke

      Legalization is the only way to win the drug war

    • Pickles

      LOL, the author doesn’t seem to understand the concept of supply and demand.

    • j.f.k.

      Mexico belongs to the u.s.a.! Or IT should!’ half of Mexico lives in the U.S.’ We need to go there’ look for oil gold silver ect. Clean Up Mexico It Belongs to us all!

    • IJR

      The federal government says that marijuana is more dangerous than cocaine and meth.
      The federal government says that marijuana has no medical uses.
      The federal government has patents on some of the medical uses of marijuana.

      Call your representative and ask why the federal government operates this way.

    • David Medlin

      for how many years has there been a war on drugs and no one could win it, this is funny pot heads have won the war on drugs and this countries govt. has spent how much money on it and put this country in red for being broke all the fucking time TALK ABOUT LEADERSHIP IN WASHINGTON, YEP WAY TO GO ” USA ” IF YOU WOULD ONLY LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY INSTEAD OF A HANDFUL OF STUPID ELECTED LEADERS

    • concernd


    • Jeffrey Moab

      well you better come down on the price a bit because when illegal pot is cheaper than legal pot guess who is going to get the money?

    • Shon Williams

      Republicans will this news. Why?
      Cause it’s positive.

    • kc

      nobody smokes that trash weed from Mexico anymore….

      • Joe

        You must be stoned! People who want some pot will smoke whatever is available!

    • Calis_in_the_tank

      I’ll bet their seeing a decline.
      Mexican dirt weed ?? You mean some poor fool still smokes that trash ??
      Time for a new connect…..
      Jmo thanks

      • concernd

        it’s hard to drive a couple states away to get the good shit.

    • Barry Peglia

      That’s due to Mexican dirt weed being inferior to US grow house grown weed.

      • Joe

        There has always been many qualities of weed from Mexico or any country for that matter!

    • rswanson501

      Legalization is the only way to win the drug war.

      • lucid_ity

        Agreed. Sadly, most agree with your statement until you mention heroin, meth, etc. The fact remains that potentially dangerous drugs are even more dangerous and harmful both to the user and the world at large when forced to the black market. Someday, the world will realize this.

        • Brian

          Look at how decriminalization of all drugs in Portugal, which happened 10 years ago, has worked out. The number of addicts has actually gone down significantly along with associated crime.
          Even the Portuguese Drug Czar has admitted all his opposition to it was wrong and wishes they hadn’t waisted so much time and money resisting it.

    • shmuelman

      The last sentence in this article is the most important – “marijuana is really just an herb that can be produced very cheaply.” The idea that there is something inherently expensive about the price cannabis is wrong. High grade cannabis can be produced and processed cheaply. Is there anything inherently more complicated about growing it than growing coffee or indoor flowers like carnations? And bulk organic coffee sells to the consumer for under $20 / lb. Especially because a large percentage will be used for manufacturing concentrates and won’t need to be carefully trimmed. The real production price will be a few dollars / oz. I don’s see how the retail market, in its present form, will be able to support a $25 / oz. to the consumer, but the idea of $10 grams or $150 oz does not seem supportable in a legal environment.

      • TahoeJoe

        Sadly you don’t know much about producing high quality INDOOR cannabis, which is a very expensive and time consuming process. If you’re talking about outdoor bunk like the low value Mexican weed mentioned in the article you would be correct, but you’re miles off when discussion high quality indoor cannabis which is what most experienced connoisseurs prefer.

        Do a little research before you run off at the mouth about things you are functionally illiterate about.

        • Kevin Smith

          WOW, there was absolutely no reason whatsoever for you to be rude to shmuelman. Are you bi-polar or something? Not to mention, he was pretty much correct. Since you just want to be a rude asshole without citing any information I’ll do it myself, thus proving you to be completely wrong.

          (cited from theweedblog website)
          1 x 600watt HPS bulb $49
          1 x 600watt ballast $51
          1 x 600watt reflector $34,95
          1 x 500m3 exhaust fan $135,-
          1 x 500m3 carbon filter $60,-
          1 x fan controller $50,-
          1 x time switch $6,95
          10 x 2 gallon pots $10
          3 x miracle grow soil $14,91
          10 x high quality seeds $80
          (2 month supply of Technaflora nutrients, about $200)

          = $550 = NOT VERY EXPENSIVE AT ALL

          And time consuming? It takes about 2 months to grow and about 2 weeks to dry, depending on how you dry it. During the 2 months it’s growing you just need to check the ph level of the water once or twice a week and add some nutrients. One can expect a yield of at least 10 ounces. If someone is growing White Widow, with about 25% THC, then a lot of money is being saved versus buying the same quality at a Colorado dispensary for about $280 an ounce (that’s the price at mmj america, if you’re a member). That’s about $2800 worth of high quality weed grown for $550, with a savings of $2250.

          • Peter Jonker

            And what about the electricity bill which is the biggest cost factor. Where is it in your calculations ? By the way you can’t grow marihuana from seed to crop in 2 months that is a myth. The minimum time you will need is 3 months and for the highest grades (e.g. Haze) it is AT LEAST 4 months.
            Also you will need to check your plants every day so it is time consuming. Unless you don’t care shit about quality, but then you might as well grow outdoors.
            Therefore I am not sure who is wrong here, it might be you who is wrong. Come again but this time with the electricity bill in your calculations ( lets take the average of 3,5 months).
            And why is there no mention of Jamaica legalizing marihuana last week and about the BILLION dollar contracts that they have closed to export the Ganja from Jamaica to USA, Canada and Israel ? Looks important to me in the context of this discussion.

            • TahoeJoe

              Hey Peter, do you have a link to the Jamaican contracts you mention.
              I’d love to learn more about that end of the biz.
              thanks bro.

              • Peter Jonker

                I read it on the Jamaica Observer website a while ago. I am trying to find the article now, but no success yet. I remember that a Canadian organization is behind the change in the Jamaican drugact and that Israëli scientists are visiting Jamaica with this goal in mind already for over a year. If I find the article I will post the link for you.
                I got here on this website through google+ (somebody posted the link) and normally don’t visit this website. So my apologies if I do not return with the links here.

                • TahoeJoe

                  Found it Peter.
                  Thank you.

            • IJR

              I don’t like Haze unless it is crossed with something.

              I have a Blue Dream plant that will be picked on day 60 of flowering and I only vegged it about 35 days. I should get over 6 ounces in barely over 3 months. Blue Dream is Haze x Blueberry. My electricity is something like $0.04 a kwh in the winter.

              Where can I read about the contracts to export weed to the USA?

          • TahoeJoe

            If commenters don’t like the heat they need to stay out of the kitchen so to speak.

            As far as your budget, time frame and yields are concerned you have more than a couple of problems with your calculation, the first of which is you have a zero factor for the electricity which would run in the neighborhood of $350+ a month for 10 plants, and it takes THREE months to grow full cycle and not the 2 you claim…..and if you’re talking about those 2 months being the flowering stage, then you also need to include the setups for the veg stage and your cloning equipment as well to generate the plants your first going to veg for 30-40 days, and then flower for the 2 months or so you mention.

            You’re also never going to be able to grow 10 mature plants under ONE 600 watt set up, so using 4 plants as optimum you need to multiply your equipment figures by 2.5.

            Oh, and don’t forget the high cost of healthy protection of your plants against mites, mold, fungus and more…..then throw in the cost of air conditioning in warm summer months, and dehumidifiers for moist fall and winter months.

            You’d also be lucky to produce large, high THC plants on your 2 month Technaflora nutrients at a mere $200 and again, it’s THREE months, not 2….so multiply that by a factor of 1.5 for nutrients and supplements, throw in a little money for top dressing and firmness of the flowers and then multiply that by 1.5 for the appropriate length of time and you’ll be getting closer.

            While you have your economics way way off, you’re a little bit low on yield, using my tried and true, time tested formula but you’ve got your economics way way off.

            A lb of super top shelf indoor here in Oregon currently goes for about $16-1800.
            Dispensaries here get about $200 an oz.

            All things considered the true cost of super premium indoor top shelf if you value your labor as worthless is a little North of $1000 a lb, and don’t forget your gas to get to and from the grow store and other supply houses, depreciation on your vehicle, the square footage of whatever space you’re in as a portion of your rent or mortgage, your higher water bill, (oh yeah, and any water purification devices you use to get your ppm’s down below 5 so they don’t interfere in your plant’s nutritional intake) and respective portions of your homeowners or renters insurance, your property taxes and the numerous other things that are hidden in your “overhead”.

            And that’s a recreational grow. Don’t get me started on commercial grows.
            And as for my credentials I have been a medical grower for 10+ years and have assisted in one form or manner of over 50 legal medical grows.

            • greg

              $350 for electricity? I wonder what kind of rate you are talking about. He says he’s gonna run a 600 watt HPS, let’s say for 3 months as you say. So i’m not gonna figure it up to the penny, but let’s compare it to regular light bulbs. It would be like running 6 100 watt lamps if the efficiency was the same. The HPS is much more efficient, so like running 4 lamps. Out of the 3 months, let’s say 6 weeks veg. and 6 weeks flowering(entirely reasonable). During flowering, the lights would be on 12 hours, during those 6 weeks, so this compares to running 2 100 watt lamps all the time. How do you get even close to $350? Maybe you pay some exorbitant rate for electricity where LED lights would save money. I hear they are working well for people. Anyway, the guy’s point is spot on. Eventually growing will become so widespread that the black market will undercut the legal market. There may be a small industry left to cater to people who don’t mind paying at least triple the average price for pot. Oh, and one more thing, you talk about indoor pot like that is some kind of gold-standard for high-grade pot. That’s ridiculous. Sure, more is grown indoors nowadays, but that doesn’t increase it’s potency. It’s the same thing when hydro was the buzzword for good pot. Hydroponics is only an efficient water-nutrient delivery system. Sorry you see the end coming for your kush(pun intended)job. Try some real work. You may find it is not that bad. Legal weed would be lots farther down the line if not for the opposition of commercial marijuana growers. I don’t think Cali growers can stop it in 16 though. The future looks very bright for marijuana smokers. The future will be very wavy for professional growers.

            • shmuelman

              1. I am sorry, you are wrong, There is nothing intrinsically
              different from growing cannabis plants than any other plant. It has its
              own requirements, but so does growing roses or alfalfa sprouts or
              avocados or cocktail onions. This is a multibillion dollar business and
              we have yet to see serious, automated systems that will produce weed by
              the hundreds of tons. When the money is there, equipment will be
              developed to automate trimming. Do you seriously think all the work will
              be done by hand? Your calculations are based on tiny, homestyle grow operations.

              Read the Wikipedia on coffee growing and harvesting
              and tell me seriously if cannabis production is more complicated but it
              sure doesn’t seem that way.
              2. Your ideas about “experienced
              connoisseurs” are rooted in the old prohibition era. When strains are
              typed by DNA and analyzed for molecular content there won’t be anymore
              “cheap” weed. You will know exactly what you are getting – all those
              subjectively named strains will go away and be replaced by an objective

              • TahoeJoe

                You’re lost in your own monolog.
                Get back to me when those billions of dollars of equipment and mechanization takes affect. Until then it’s a pipe dream pal.
                That simply isn’t happening any time soon, no matter how much you wish it would….
                And don’t forget to chime in on WHY those investing hundreds of millions if not BILLIONS of dollars would like to see prices come wayyyy wayyyy down….
                CLUE AND SPOILER ALERT: THEY DON’T….duhhhh?

                And I’m not talking about “strain” genius’s I’m talking about QUALITY.
                If you understood the difference you wouldn’t be debating facts…vs your interpretation of my knowledge which is voluminous BTW with nearly a half century in the trade and a grower of more high quality cannabis than you can even get your head around.
                It’s like you’re arguing your understanding of the theory of relativity with Einstein.
                Rattle on, and please get back to me when you’ve exhausted your encyclopedic understanding of something I am imminently qualified to speak of.
                And sorry, but I really don’t have any more time to argue over given’s with novices.
                Enjoy your evening.

                • shmuelman

                  You are one hostile individual.

                  • TahoeJoe

                    Nahhhh, just don’t suffer fools gladly.

          • TahoeJoe

            *And I can’t help but note that you quote a “Weed Blog” website.
            You do realize that any undeducated fool can quote crap from websites, and not know a single thing they speak of…… And I really got a laugh out of your “time consuming” comment. It’s super obvious that neither you or the blog poster even have a clue about growing. No one that actually grows high quality indoor cannabis would ever dare publish such nonsense…..and harsh…..Hell yeah.
            You have no idea of the facts of which you speak.

            • Peter Jonker

              I totally agree. Accusing other people of having their facts wrong when you don’t know anything yourself is ….how would I phrase it?… plain stupid

              • TahoeJoe

                Amen Peter.

                • Kevin Smith

                  You’re right. Growing weed is EXTREMELY expensive and EXTREMELY time consuming and difficult to do. Only rich scientists with REALLY high IQ’s can grow it. You’re right, ya got me!

                  • Peter Jonker

                    The definition of a great man is someone who is able to acknowledge he was wrong

                  • jmeow

                    ^ this guy!~
                    im bagging what you are mowing.

                  • Roy Hopke

                    only rich scientists with a formerly hi IQ can grow it

          • Miracle grow

            Dude. You have NO idea what your talking about…what you do just copy and past some numbers? Read some info if you wanna get all technical…miracle grow…ha…okay…its apparent your misinformed, yet running your mouth like a happy little dog…You sir, look like an imbecile..

            Ignorance is bliss..

            • Kevin Smith

              Dude. You’re trash.

              • Miracle grow

                whats trash, is everything you quoted from random websites…you have NO idea what you’re talking about…you are completely and utterly APPEAR quite ignorant, yet run your mouth like you actually know what you are saying…
                Seriously go read a book about a specific topic if you wanna get down on a discussion, otherwise you just look like some ignorant fool who doesn’t know when to shut up…you still got me laughing with that miracle grow tho haha
                That’s what an idiot says….miracle grow…

                • Kevin Smith

                  Not random websites actually, it was from ONE website. And it’s pretty reputable.

                  “.you still got me laughing with that miracle grow tho”

                  I can tell by your inabilty to type properly that you probably have problems with comprehension as well. I NEVER typed the words “miracle grow”. I have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. Go back to smoking whatever it is you’re smoking.

                  • Miracle grow

                    Dude go reread your itemized list. Pretty sure it says miracle grow.
                    Oh yea…It does..Go figure.

                    Also, you’re not supposed to use the word “and” to start a sentence. Thanks for the English lesson. Bee tee dubs.
                    See, I can tell by your inability to do proper research and to form cohesive thoughts on your own, you are subject to using ever-so-hurtful replies such as, “you’re trash”. That right there shows you have atleast one and a half brain cells rubbing together. Congratulaaaaationsss!

                    Give me break, or a solid thought..
                    I don’t want to strain your brain too much. So don’t think for yourself TOO hard.
                    I will give you this though.
                    You sure got copy and paste down!

                    • Kevin Smith

                      It doesn’t matter, you’re a maggot and you should kill yourself. The world would be a better place.

                      • Kevin Smith

                        “One other person is typing..”

                        Yeah, keep trying to get the last word in TROLL. That’s why you’re trash.

                        Oh, and I’m finished here. I won’t be reading your reply.

                      • Yea right

                        yea right . You know you love the abuse ya tool

                      • Miracle grow

                        Awww are you gonna cry yourself to sleep cause some people over the Internet put you in your place?

                        Yea you read it ya big ol douche

                  • Jack Mountain

                    The Miracle Grow was how the at large experienced growers know the copy and paste was from a junk piece. Miracle Grow was designed for edibles and not “smoke-a-bowls”. It contains known chemicals that after being processed into the plant transfer cancer causing agents when heat is applied. Yes growing plants is a science in of its self and Top tier growers have biologists, botanists, chemists, agriculturalists, horticulturalists working for them. It took an insane amount of effort and time to be-able to grow corn in the way we do now. Just like with corn all these big buds would still be the size of a rice grain if not for research and innovation. Those innovations come at a cost and are passed down in the price. Oh man that was a rant but what’s entirely silly is you fail to even mention the regulations, tax and security’s cost. Those alone add a n power to your cost. Even checked the site you cited and the users ripped the article apart. If you smoke a joint a month your numbers would work though.

                    • Kevin Smith

                      “regulations, tax and security’s cost”

                      I was not talking about a commercial grow.

          • jmeow

            someone get this man a cookie!

            • mspls4

              A marijuana edible cookie.

          • Jason A Sprouse

            Kevin. A: Weed does not grow to harvest in 2 months. It is an annual. B: Miracle Grow soil? OMG. Please step away from the keyboard.

            • ike duffield

              Indoor grow makes summer all year. 2 to 3 months in the flower stage is average. 3 months for veg (diff tent or grow room)

          • Merlin Thehappypig

            low grade poor quality weed still needs 3 months,high quality still needs 4 to 5 months,some strains don’t reach full potential for 6 months.

          • gray lock

            Miracle Grow is absolutely the worst soil you can use to grow pot, unless you enjoy harsh bud. No high grade grower uses that garbage.

        • IJR

          I grow top shelf cannabis in my furnace room and it runs me about $15 an ounce.

          • Stu

            Pretty disgusting that you would grow weed in your furnace room. I mean. NASTY.
            Is it that imaginary blue dream?

            • IJR

              How so? I have a tent and the air going in is filtered.

              Perhaps your furnace room is disgusting, but mine is clean.

              It is real cannabis. Did your parents have any children that lived?

        • Joe

          And you are not smart enough to realize that people have always bought the cheap stuff without fancy names. When I lived in California is the early 70’s we had Alcapulco Gold and other other fancy names and it was all$10.00 per ounce.

          So you with your big mouth have no right to call anyone functionally illiterate. They have always had fine high quality stuff without growing it in a green house. Some areas in the country are just like growing in a green house. What a brain dead piece of crap you are TahoeJoe!

          • Ummmmmm…..

  …tahoejoe was pretty on point
            It’s not 1970 anymore

            So he has no right to call anyone functionally illiterate, yet you can call him a brain dead piece of crap.
            Pot, meet kettle..

            • Joe

              Well that’s called Karma reaping what he sowed… and you need to pull your head out of my ass.

              • To da BRIM

                Sorry, my head was only there to see how full of shit you are…to the brim I see..
                G’day joe

                • Joe

                  I heard someone say you ate shit sandwiches but I stuck up for you and said you don’t like bread. Tough for you that your head is full of more shit than my ass… but now I know why.

                  • Joes Shit Sandwiches 2 for 1

                    Man, l will have to write that one down for future reference..
                    Question of the day…
                    Did that take you the entire hour to come back with that zinger?

                    • Joe

                      Is that all you got? Actually that come back line is as old as the hills. I probably was buying pot for $25.00 per 1/4 pound long before you were even born… just my years probably make me at least wiser than you.

        • Joe

          Most experienced connoisseurs???? Most people using pot over the last 50 years don’t think of themselves in such terms…. they just want to get stoned. There is that tiny little bunch of people like you that think they are smarter and better than the rest… I guess those are the Connoiseurs or just plain assholes!

          • TahoeJoe

            I was smuggling that Acapulco Gold out of Mexico when you were still in short pants.
            All your vulgarity shows is that you’re a pretty disturbed guy.
            Maybe you should twist one up and relax a little.
            Good luck.

            • Joe

              That sounds like quite a story… more likely though, you fell out of your mothers ass about 40 years ago.

              • TahoeJoe

                Nah, that was my Johnson, and it was last night AGAIN.
                It’s obvious most of the smart part of your DNA dribbled down her leg.
                Have a great evening.
                Or you can continue to exhibit your ignorance here……
                Hmmmm my money’s on your continuing ignorance.
                Prove me right AGAIN.
                Thanks for the laughs brainiac.

                • Joe

                  Your just a online bully type who was the first to do any name calling. You just got your panties in a wad when I called you on it. Your always right in your own mind but really just got shit for brains. There did I prove you right? Must be grand to always be right… just get off everyone else and I will get off you. But continue to run your mouth… and continue making a fool of yourself.

            • Joe

              Acapulco Gold… seems most of the people on this board think all that comes out of Mexico is crap weed. We enjoyed a lot of great pot in the 60’s and 70’s that came out of Mexico.

              Disturbed people are more like you who have to put someone down while trying to make a point. I only used the words to give you a taste of your own medicine…

              Now that pot slowly becoming legal… there will be more and more production and a great flood of pot on the market. Hopefully like oil and the prices can go way on down.

              • TahoeJoe

                High quality always brings a high price.
                Do the math.
                You can’t fight economics.
                Some like to drink wine out of the box and others prefer better.
                Quality always finds it’s own level.
                Argue about the economics of quality all you want, but if you actually understood the difference in quality you wouldn’t be here arguing about it.