‘Time Of Looking Away Over’: Germany Warns Saudi Arabia To Stop Funding Wahhabism

The allegations against Saudi Arabia have been around for some time, but it is rare for a Western politician to speak out against it, as the Gulf State remains a key western ally.
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    Germany has publicly warned Saudi Arabia against further financing religious radicals globally. German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel’s demand to cut money flowing to the Wahhabis comes as some lawmakers are growing weary of Saudi-funded radical mosques.

    Gabriel stressed that the Saudi regime has been funding mosques known for radicalizing the Muslim population, including in various communities in Europe.

    “We have to make clear to the Saudis that the time of looking away is over,” Mr Gabriel, Merkel’s deputy and the head of the Social Democrats (SPD), told Bild am Sonntag newspaper. “Wahhabi mosques all over the world are financed by Saudi Arabia. Many Islamists who are a threat to public safety come from these communities in Germany.”

    Wahhabism is a strict version of Sunni Islam that is the official religion of the ultra-conservative state of Saudi Arabia. It is also said to be behind Islamic State’s (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Al-Qaeda’s extremist ideologies. The Saudis have historically always supported the building of Wahhabi mosques around the world to help the sect gain popularity.

    In response, the Saudi Arabian embassy in Berlin said in a statement that the nation wants to fight the radicalization of youths. “Like Germany, we are part of the anti-Islamic State coalition and fighting side by side against terror,” it said.

    The allegations against Saudi Arabia have been around for some time, but it is rare for a Western politician to speak out against it, as the Gulf State remains a key western ally.

    The German media has heavily criticized Saudi King for proposing that 200 mosques be built for the Syrian refugees coming to Germany. This issue gained more traction as Saudi Arabia has refused to accept any refugees from Syria.

    The surprisingly open disapproval of Saudi policies comes after a German foreign intelligence agency (BND) report claiming that Riyadh’s foreign relations could be a major destabilizing force in the Arab world.

    Immediately after the report was released, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government attempted to create some distance between the BND analysis and official foreign policy line.

    However, Gabriel’s comments reveal that the government is taking the report’s findings seriously.

    “Of course we need Saudi Arabia to solve the conflicts in the region,” Gabriel said. “We cannot and must not ignore the country. And it does not help to put it in the pillory every day, because that won’t increase its readiness for serious negotiations over Syria.”

    Gabriel is known for being outspoken. When visiting Riyadh earlier this year, he gave a speech in support of Raif Badawi, a Saudi blogger, who was sentenced to 1,000 lashes for insulting Islam. Moreover, Gabriel was responsible for blocking an agreement to build a German arms factory in Saudi Arabia.


    German foreign minister’s surprise Iraq visit

    Meanwhile, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier arrived to Baghdad early Monday to a meeting with the Iraqi government, DPA agency reported. The visit had not been announced because of “security concerns.”

    Steinmeier said that Germany is standing by Iraq “in truly difficult and stormy times.” It is expected that the official is going to pledge support to Iraq in the fight against Islamic State.

    “The stabilization of Iraq is just as important as the search for a political solution in Syria,” the minister said upon arriving.

    The visit comes days after Germany’s Bundestag approved joining the military campaign against IS. Berlin is to send reconnaissance jets, refueling aircraft, a frigate to help protect the French aircraft carrier, and up to 1,200 military personnel to Syria.

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    • Jay Dillon

      We need to be in all-out war against Islam NOW.

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    • no lie

      first is to take the rapists in germany and put them i syrian uniforms to fight for their country. If they desert or swith sides, behead them on the spot. As for Saudi Arabia telling anyone about anything since they never had an election for a leader to run the country, and they behead you if you bring a Bible into their country, here’s the solution for that . Quid pro quo. Any wahabbi that shows their face in Germany, it’s sharia time for these insects. Behead them according to their sharian belief. Or better yet stone them

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    • First and foremost ALL WESTERNERS MUST IMMEDIATELY DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO STOP ALL TRADE – WITH SAUDI ARABIA UNTIL THEY RELEASE… Raif Badawi … !! His arrest and demented horror inflicted upon him and any other person defies belief – absolutely – makes a mockery of TRUE Islamic teachings and makes clear it is nothing other than the same type of Saddam Hussein type nightmare forced upon the population that is held captive by them. Held captive by the same Royal family members who are famous for going abroad and breaking every one of their Sharia Laws with impunity!! REAL islam makes it clear women and men are EQUAL – period!! REAL Islam makes it clear ALL people are EQUAL – period with ALL religions to be respected as such!! One could go on for volumes over the Saudi hypocrisies and human rights abuses. Time we Westerners stood up and said enough. BAN ALL OIL PURCHASES from NOT ONLY Saudi Arabia but any and every country who violates the International Human Rights Agreement. And time to rid ourselves of ANY AND ALL Dictators starting with getting them OUT OF OUR UNITED NATIONS including the UN self professed Executive that has made a MOCKERY of OUR MANDATE OF “NEVER AGAIN”. FREE RAIF BADAWI IMMEDIATELY !!!!!!

    • Kevin Curl

      Saudi Arabia is behind most of the problems in the world with their funding all these Mosques in other countries including U.S. . There needs to be a hold on building more in U.S. as well. what was it 19 out of 21 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia so all nations need to be very warned where these not jobs are coming from !

    • Ronni Taylor

      All these versions of all these Religions including Xtianity and Judaism are equally horrendous. Some day we will put them all away!!

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    • JustGreat

      Interesting article. Shame about some of the gutter comments.

    • bigpete

      “Steinmeier said that Germany is standing by Iraq “in truly difficult and stormy times.” It is expected that the official is going to pledge support to Iraq in the fight against Islamic State.” or maybe the fight against the Turkish invaders?

    • Daniel

      Regardless of their oil wealth, “strategic importance”, coalition or any other excuses by greedy corporations and bought in politicians, it’s time any country breeding, financing and harboring terrorism must be held accountable!

      Especially Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have to answer a lot!

    • Mark Ervin Dabney

      We never agreed to the PetroDollar – it was unlawfully imposed upon us by fiat – feigned as a benefit – we have only gotten to know from Pastor Lindsey Williams about how our domestic oil production and refinement capability was deliberately hamstrung to get other nations to agree to prop up the massive global Ponzi scam. Wahabism was repeatedly deemed heretical by mainstream Islam – yet the Zionist funded this fundamentalist sect

    • Fred

      Mr. Gabriel is 110% right, there is no reason for Saudi to build mosques for Syrian refugees while Saudis don’t allow even one Syrian refugee to Saudi Arabia. These Syrian refugees need place to stay, and a place to work in order to support their families, if Syrian refugees needed Mosque, they could stay in Syrian because there were a lots of Mosques..

    • laurenceofberk

      STOP BUYING SAUDI OIL by converting to renewables, fast.

      That’s the only serious way to prevent the Saudi absolute monarchy from exporting its religious fascism.
      Meanwhile, hooray to Germany and BOO to the United States, both parties, which sells then the most advanced planes and weapons.

    • luckydoodle77

      “The German media has heavily criticized Saudi King for proposing that 200 mosques be built for the Syrian refugees coming to Germany. This issue gained more traction as Saudi Arabia has refused to accept any refugees from Syria.”…………..

      Saudi needs to step up big time, and I disagree with his request….no more mosques should be built anywhere in the west.

      Saudi has the third richest military on the planet why aren’t they fighting against radicals, ISIS, who are closer neighbors than we are, why aren’t they taking in any of the refugees, why aren’t they building more mosques? And who the eff does he think he is telling other countries they should build 200 more mosques? Saudi reeks!

      I still dont understand why Saudi Arabia was never accused of anything wrong when our towers were downed on 9/11…the act was carried out by all Saudi’s and yet we bombed the life out of Iraq, we killed over 500,000 human beings on their own soil, we killed their leader, over a proven lie, and did NOTHING about the terrorists that actually committed the horrid events that occurred on that day.

      Bernie Sanders 2016.

      • Marquis de Carabas

        By proposing to sponsor the construction of 200 mosques in Germany, instead of something useful, like receiving centers for refugees, accommodation or medical units, Saudi Arabia demonstrates that the expansion of their salafi or wahhabi ideology is all they care about.

        And this is happening while they are extremely reluctant to receive any refugee, despite being much more closer than Europe and having lots of money. In other words: let those stupid germans to pay for the accommodation, health, etc. of 1 million people while we will take care about their indoctrination with the proper values of salafism.

    • Tristan Jason Ring

      Remember Bush literally holding hands with the Saudi king?

      Good times.

      • luckydoodle77

        Hillary is still holding hands!

    • DeltaLady1946

      This is where Wahhabi schools began decades ago teaching the poor youth of their country to hate all things that are not Islam. They were raised on nothing but hate and then trained to be killers when they reached 18. After that, they were exported to other ME countries to carry out their mission….to help establish a WORLD WIDE CALAPHATE of Sharia Law. If we find an oil substitute, we won’t have to put up with this anymore…until then….get used to it.

      • TeeJae

        Oil substitute = renewable energy. Advocate for it. Problem solved.

    • HC

      Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran’s Ayatollah, Hillary, Obama, Merkel and Turkey need to go down hard.

    • Mentallect

      9/11 attackers were almost all Saudi Arabians.

      • luckydoodle77

        They were all Saudi’s!

      • DannyEastVillage

        That’s what the American press said. Which is as good a reason as any not to believe it. Look closer to home. MUCH closer.

    • maria

      Good. If the US President and members of Congress had a backbone, they too would do the same.

    • Ceptemus

      Westerners should know that the Saudi Royal family are the children of Isac, the true Jews as are the rest of the gulf states leaders , cause no Muslim murders his Muslim brother or any human being without justification.
      Israels are Europeans who adopted the religion and there is nothing Semitic about them. The prophet Abraham had two sons we know our brothers by name, and Europeans that don’t know who their fathers are cannot come and tell us who is who.
      Take it from us your enemy does not fear God and will certainly not obey no man made laws. The Gulf pigs and Apes are filthy, greedy, conniving Jews just look at them what have they offered to Islam nothing. Muslims are starving and dying and they are building skyscrapers and funding organizations that vilify the religion of God.
      Look it up in Google search Saudi, Qatar or Kuwaiti and see if they are not Jewish.

    • CharlaS

      Public text books in the US have been funded by Saudi Arabia for years in exchange for inserting pro-Islamic propaganda. I recently found out that many colleges and universities get millions from the Saudis. No wonder we have so many radical Muslim professors and adjuncts at these schools with pro-Islamic stances teaching our young people how wonderful the ‘religion of peace’ is with their 270 MILLION murders in the last 1400 yrs. That’s almost 185,000 murders each and every year for 1400 years. Dr. Bill Warner gives the history of Islamic terror, murder, slavery and destruction of so many cultures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Qpy0mXg8Y

      • JustGreat

        This guy is talking like a total idiot. I came across him before. I think he’s talking to himself in his lounge. I see no hint of any audience. Bless.

      • JustGreat

        he totally added on those claps – i found them on freesound.org

    • Marcus Mattau

      The picture looks like a cow patty on which a bike has been run over and over and over. All those lard-bags look alike. Like lard-bags.

    • Marcus Mattau

      The title should read that, “the stench of the Ibne Saud reaches Germany.” Only Obama has a nose big enough to take in the stench and not only remain quiet but to collaborate with the Saudis.

    • Dav Selm

      usa-France UK Russia,israil are the world worst Terrorist, child Murdres,Baby killers,,

    • Moe Va

      Wow! At last somebody admits publically the main source of the radical, inhuman, terrorists.

    • nationaljester

      Any interpretation or preaching which justifies terrorism needs to be rejected in the strongest terms, including cutting off funding to any individual or group supporting it. This isn’t rocket science. All it takes is a direct and honest confrontation with the perpetrators of this evil, even if they are a nation-state. Roaches run away when you turn on the lights and expose them.

    • Dr. Antar

      Germany is not capable of defining what Islam is. So, it can’t determine what is strict and what is not. Muslims will never accept a non-believer’s definition of Islam. It’s crazy to think that non-believers can dictate how Muslims practice Islam. Wahhabism is a misnomer. Abdulwahhab didn’t start a branch of Islam. He focused on avoiding polytheism. They follow the Hanbali interpretation of the shari’a.

      • Marcus Taber

        They are capable of defining how Islam operates in their country or there will be no Islam in their country. They have good practice at wholesale destruction of other religious groups. Don’t piss off the Germans, you know what they are capable of.

      • Jan Favre

        You just confirmed that conservative political Islam is unwilling to reform. In that case, this brand of Islam should be annihilated.

      • JustGreat

        Germany is not a person. Right?

    • Billy Bob

      What’s Germany going to do to back it up? Only take 2,000,000 more in?

    • DAVID

      Wahhabism is the religion of Devil. Wahhabis are very far from Islam.

      Wahhabis are the cause of division
      among Muslims.
      Most Sunnis do not know 1- Anything about Shia 2-
      Most Sunnis do not know even about themselves (Why Sunni? Who, when,
      why somebody named them Sunni?) Why Muslim name was not enough for
      But Sunnis will die for their unknown sect’
      Most Sunnis
      are ignorant and believe on false fabricated rumors and hadiths which
      contradict Quran.
      Middle East was ruled by Sunni Dictators/Sunni
      Caliphs and Sunni kings for last 1400 years and they always oppressed

      NOTE: Division among Muslims was created by Muaweeya
      Laeen. He is hero of Wahhabis. Most Sunni Caliphs were successors of
      Muaweeya Laeen and followers of Muaweeya Laeen. They all called
      themselves Sunni. But they were very far from Islam. They made false
      fabricated Hadiths against Islam and Prophet Muhammad and his
      Son of Muaweeya Laeen, a Sunni Caliph almost killed the
      whole family of Prophet Muhammad including 6 months old
      Muaweeya Laeen and his Successors were worse than ISIS. They
      were more brutal than ISIS.

      Wahhabis strictly follow
      QURAN; 15:36] (Iblis) said: “O my Lord! give me
      then respite till the Day the (dead) are raised.”
      15:37] (Allah) said: “Respite is granted thee
      QURAN 15:38]
      “Till the Day of the Time appointed.”
      QURAN 15:39]
      (Iblis) said: “O my Lord! because Thou hast put me in the wrong,
      I will make (wrong) fair-seeming to them on the earth, and I will put
      them all in the wrong,-
      QURAN 15:40] “Except Thy servants
      among them, sincere and purified (by Thy Grace).”
      are Monotheist like Iblis. Iblis rejected the Wasilla of Adam.
      Wahhabis reject the Wasilla of Muhammad. Iblis believes in the day of
      Judgement like Wahhabis
      Iblis believes in prophets like Wahhabi (
      QURAN 15:40] “Except Thy servants among them, sincere and
      purified (by Thy Grace).”
      Iblis believes in angels like
      Iblis blamed his sin on Allah. Wahhabis also blame their
      sins on Allah (They believe that all their deeds are from the will of

      • Mad_Prof Mad_Prof

        Interesting definition of Sunnis. Any chance that you are Shia ?

        • CharlaS

          Syria follows Shia so the Sunnis hate them. That, along with the fact that Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to build oil and gas pipelines through Syria but Assad said NO. I have studied that Shia Muslims go by the early Mecca Koran that preaches peace, but the Sunnis go primarily by the Medina Koran that teaches murder, rape, slavery and destruction of all other cultures. If this is not correct, please provide documentation.

          • Mark Burstein

            Assad says no pipeline because Russia mandates that in order for them to protect the Assad regime. Currently, only Russia has a direct natural gas pipelines to Europe. Qatar who bribes everyone and anyone for anything and everything has Barak Obama posturing against Assad and calling for his removal. The problem is that Assad, and the rest of Syrian aristocracy are mostly Alawites, closer to Shiia than Sunni, Sunni’s beleive they are infidels and we are familiar with Sunni mandates for infidels… Genocide aside, it is really all about the $$. Syria is the link between the oil and gas of the middle east and Europe. That is the one sentence answer to the question of why the area is at war.

          • Mad_Prof Mad_Prof

            Interesting that you are the one making the allegations and you asking me to provide you documentation. Sunnis and Shia use the same book, the Koran and the difference is how each group interprets the Koran. It is crystal clear that you are out of your depth on this subject and I suggest that you either come prepared or moving on to something else.

    • The US created the Saudi system, and is the provider of high tech arms to same, those arms find their way to ISIS. Israel is involved with protecting ISIS, with air cover as well as treating their wounded.

      • ImperatorMachinarum

        The US and Israel navigate an Islamic world ridden by significant degrees of extremism, fundamentalism, and intolerance. These Islamic societies have found renewed power after the fall of global communism. That’s the ultimate context, the rest being derivatives.

        One thing is for sure. The West continues to evolve in terms of democracy, civil and political liberties, tolerance, and plurality. People across the world continue to migrate into the West. There is no such reciprocity from the Islamic world.

        It remains to be seen how the West resolves this. If it indeed wants to and can. But to blame the US and Israel is nothing but the usual anti-American and anti-Semitic demagoguery.

        • DAVID

          At this rate of migration soon Syria and Iraq will be free of Sunnis. Assad wishes that conflict stays on till all Sunnis run away from Syria. ISIS is God sent help for Assad. Sunnis are running away from ISIS. Soon Syria will be free from Sunnis.

          • ImperatorMachinarum


            The Islamic world is diverse and nuanced. But there is enough nominal religious affinity to coalesce interests. Especially when it involves leveraging co-religionists abroad in non-Islamic societies. Here’s a snippet exemplifying this:

            Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad yesterday told a summit of Islamic leaders that “Jews rule the world by proxy” and the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims should unite, using nonviolent means for a “final victory.”

            Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran contest leadership, with the Saudis being the heaviest. And yes, that gives the larger Sunni groups more power. Pakistan flits around these, providing considerable technological and military capability. But these are the big 4 Islamic nations…again, whom will use Muslims abroad to contest power with host nations.

            The world has a serious problem here.

        • Jan Favre

          But these mass of Migrants may overthrow the ethnic make up of Europe and set up their political system and Sharia. The next president should make sure that USA remains a shelter for Non-Muslims who soon will become refugees, like when Constantinople was overtaken by Muslim hordes.

        • TeeJae

          No, the West’s foreign policy in the Middle East (with its eyes on the region’s resources) is at the root of everything happening today.

      • TeeJae

        I know Turkey is doing that. I didn’t realize Israel is, too.


      Bla bla bla,,, in the end the Western non muslim world will need Muslims like they did in the cold war to fight with them against Russia and China.

      • El Tigre

        Keep thinking that, we only helped you fight against the Soviets, not the other way around moron. We don;t need you, good riddance when Mecca burns in atomic fire soon because the world is getting fed up of the cult of islam.

      • Jan Favre

        Fight against Russia will be end of Non-Muslim world.

    • RSP2022

      German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel’s demand is the first wise decision since 1992 when Taliban, AL-Qaeda and other were created by Saudi Arabia’s money. He is right at the root of the problem to nip the evil bud of all radical Islam operations around the globe. Hope our USA law makers will get some wisdom form the demand and fix the root of the terrorism in the world. The Saudi Arabia’s financing has spread the Wahhabi Menace and killed so many thousands of innocents since 1996, 2001, and up to 2015. Great German Vice Chancellor should teach lessons to our DC law makers to stop taking the bribes and money from the lobbyists supported by Saudi Money.

    • disqus_fl9zft2qBd

      All Terrorisms will stop if we (non-muslims) united against Saudi, Qater, Turkey, Pakistan and Iran.

      • stockdow

        Why Iran ? They are raising their voice since 1980 against Wahhabis and Shia Killing in Pakistan and every where. This is the result when the world didn’t listen to them and Shia Voice. Shia’s are the followers of Prophet and his family.

    • tapatio

      So the disgusting Sauds stop funding ISIS and other terrorism. That burden will simply be transferred to the American Taxpayer. Riyadh and Washington are both controlled by the Rothschild-Bilderberg Cartel.

    • Craig Watts

      Ser gut.

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      I don’t think the greed-confused Al Saud can accept any refuges. They may not be able to feed their own people since they stupidly used up their 10,000 year old aquifer to grow a few years of very profitable wheat. Now their wells are drying up while their population is expanding.