The US Wraps Saudi Arabia — And Its Human Rights Atrocities — In Its Cloak Of Exceptionalism

U.S. dependence on oil prevents Washington from opposing Saudi Arabia’s repeated human rights violations and support for terrorist groups like ISIS or Boko Haram.
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    WASHINGTON — In his eighth and final State of the Union address, President Barack Obama made an impassioned plea against religious bigotry and sectarianism. Keen to underscore his commitment to social cohesion and tolerance, he rejected “any politics that targets people because of race or religion.”

    Referring to past fears and lapses in judgement U.S. society experienced in the face of “wars and depression, the influx of new immigrants, workers fighting for a fair deal, movements to expand civil rights,” Obama noted: “We did not, in the words of Lincoln, adhere to the ‘dogmas of the quiet past.’ Instead we thought anew, and acted anew.”

    Though perhaps a powerful call against racism and bigotry, it ignores the grim realities of U.S. foreign policy. Explaining that his speech “essentially exemplified America’s exceptionalism,” Vanessa Beeley, an investigative journalist and expert on military maneuvering behind a veil of humanitarian assistance, noted: “His statement stands [as] a reminder of America’s double-standards and political posing.”

    “If the White House still wants to claim the moral high ground, its ties with some of the world’s most repressive and reactionary regimes in the world — Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Qatar — have somewhat eroded any assumption the public might have as to the U.S. position vis a vis human rights and, of course, democracy,” Beeley told MintPress News in an interview.

    Saudi Arabia’s “special friendship” with the U.S., as officials have been keen to highlight over the years, has allowed for U.S. officials to pick and choose when to show outrage and when to denounce human rights violations, manipulating international law to the tune of their own political agendas, rather than objectively defending the rule of law. And, in perhaps the most ironic turn of events in the world looking the other way on Saudi human rights abuses, the kingdom was given a chair on the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2013.

    Despite Obama’s open rejection of bigotry, it would appear that Washington has blanketed Riyadh under its own exceptionalism — all in the name of economic pragmatism. Indeed, the nations’ interests are so intertwined that Saudi Arabia remains instrumental to U.S. economic stability through the petrodollar system.

    The petrodollar system that was created in the 1970s has served America well, both economically and politically. What began as a way to drive more demand for the U.S. dollar in the wake of a move away from the international gold standard in 1971, it’s provided benefits that few could have ever imagined, including the solidification of the U.S. dollar as the global currency of choice. This was important, especially following a temporary loss of dollar credibility after President Richard Nixon’s decision to close the gold window.

    This “dollars for oil” system has greatly enriched the nation. But this national prosperity has come at the expense of other nations and their potential prosperity, notwithstanding America’s moral credibility in the world over its selective blindness to Riyadh’s human rights violations.

    Such selective blindness was recently highlighted by Washington’s silence over the beheading of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia on Jan. 2. He was among the victims of Saudi Arabia’s campaign to execute 47 “terrorists,” including by beheading and death by firing squad, in the country’s largest mass execution in decades.


    ‘The most violent and abusive of all autocracies’

    A public beheading taking place in a busy Saudi square.

    A public beheading taking place in a busy Saudi square.

    A pivotal figure for peaceful resistance in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a man of letters who reinvented himself as a human rights defender in the face of the suffering of his community in the eastern Saudi province of Qatif, was arrested in 2012 for speaking out against the House of Saud. Following a brutal police pursuit and arrest in which he suffered gunshot wounds, Sheikh al-Nimr was sentenced to death on charges of sedition, disobedience and bearing arms.

    Ali al-Ahmed, founder and director of the Institute for Gulf Affairs, a Washington-based think tank, emphasized that any and all critics of the Saudi monarchy are designated as terrorists. Under Saudi law, any remark made against Riyadh can be construed as treason or domestic terrorism against the king, and is therefore punishable by death.

    “The kingdom has relied heavily on violence and repression against rights and political activists to prevent its rule from being challenge. Saudi Arabia remains the most violent and abusive of all autocracies,” al-Ahmed told MintPress.

    Likewise, Amnesty International denounces Saudi Arabia’s systematic attack on freedom of expression in the following terms: “Torture, public execution, discrimination, intolerance for free speech, possible war crimes in Yemen – and the list could go on. Dozens of activists remain behind bars in the Gulf Kingdom, simply for exercising their right to freedom of expression and assembly.”

    Beyond America’s moral paralysis, and Saudi Arabia’s gruesome taste for blood-letting, stands the disturbing exploitation of sectarianism to serve ever-more repressive imperialistic agendas in the Middle East. In perpetual fear of Iran, which is majority Shiite, the kingdom has played the sectarian card since 1979 to manipulate and assert its supremacy over the region. Keen to smite its enemy, the House of Saud never misses an opportunity to antagonize Iran through its oppression of its own Shiite communities, which make up as much as 20 percent of its population.

    Speaking to MintPress, George Galloway, a former member of Parliament with a record as an outspoken critic of war, made a horrific comparison to illustrate how the kingdom operates: “Saudi Arabia and ISIL are rooted in the same ideology, following the same rationale, and abiding by the same methods of oppression.”

    Galloway continued:

    The Saudis have a reputation for being ideological. Analysts and others often talk about Wahhabism and [a] kind of orthodox Sunni version of Islam that’s embraced widely in the kingdom, and they assume that this means that the kingdom has always been a place where intolerance is the official [line of the] state, and that especially the state encourages violence or enmity to be directed towards minority groups like Shiites and Sufis and others. This hasn’t historically been true. The Saudis have often sought to manage and balance competing forces, because they’ve been practical and pragmatic.”


    Wahhabism: A schism made in Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia’s powerhouse, or rather, its monarchy — the House of Saud — has relied upon its support for Wahhabism to create legitimacy, basing its rule not on popular legitimacy as most states do, but on enforced dogmatism and fear.

    George Galloway defined al-Saud’s relationship to power as one anchored in terror and division:

    “Imperial powers project their rule by inspiring and generating fear, fear of oppression and fear of what would befall society should it rebel against the Establishment. In Saudi Arabia it has manifested through a brutal crackdown against political dissidence and the criminalization of religious minorities: Shia Islam being on top of the list.”

    Elaborating further on Saudi Arabia’s political and religious paradigm, Galloway noted how eerily similar al-Saud’s anti-Shiite narrative has been to that expressed by Daesh (an Arabic acronym for the group commonly known in the West as ISIS or ISIL), al-Qaida, the Nusra Front and Boko Haram.

    “Wahhabism is at the rootcore of the radicalism movement which has swept across the Middle East and has now infected like a virus Western nations and beyond, other continents,” he said.

    Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab

    Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab,the founder of modern-day Wahhabism, tje official Saudi sect of Islam, and a movement which gave rise to the likes of Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram.

    Wahhabism is a school of thought which emerged in the 18th century under the impetus of Muhammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhab, a scholar who sought to revive the concept of takfir (apostasy) to promote his personal ideology. His alliance with al-Saud tribesmen eventually allowed for the Hejaz, Saudi Arabia’s western region, to became a playground for al-Saud royalty and whetted the new regime’s appetite for imperialism.

    In 1802, Wahhabi legions ransacked the holy city of Karbala, which was then under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. They massacred an estimated 4,000 civilians, including women and children. Because Shiite Islam rose in denunciation of the ideology of takfir, a concept which is forbidden in most schools of Muslim thought, all Shiites were declared enemies of Islam.

    Two centuries on, al-Saud and Wahhabism’s intolerance of Shiite Islam and all other Islamic denominations, including Sufis and Alawites, has metastasized, polluting all aspects of life. It is the institutionalization of persecution made in Saudi Arabia.

    “Wahhabism, which is not to be confused with Sunni Islam, or Islam in general, stands behind the criminalization of Shia Islam in the kingdom and more broadly its demonization throughout the world,” Ali al-Ahmed, of the Institute for Gulf Affairs, said, adding:

    “Over the years those negative feelings against Shiites materialized in the demonization of Iran as a sovereign political entity. Saudi Arabia’s rejection and hatred of Iran is rooted in sectarianism, more than it is political. And because Riyadh has billions of dollars to spend in championing its narrative, … unfortunately, it is this rhetoric which has been carried across the Middle East. As a result, Shiite communities have suffered a great injustice.”

    Sheikh al-Nimr was denouncing this type of hatred and bigotry when the Saudi authorities moved to silence him. Sometimes compared to Gandhi, Sheikh al-Nimr called for peaceful change and social cooperation beyond matters of faith and ethnicity.

    Recalling his father’s words, Mohammed al-Nimr, Sheikh al-Nimr’s son, told MintPress, “The roar of the word is mightier than the sound of the bullet.”

    He added: “My father never promoted violence, only justice and resistance against oppression.”

    “Sheikh al-Nimr was a holy man, a freedom fighter whose voice and democratic message carried far outside the kingdom,” journalist Vanessa Beeley said. “The Riyadh regime has worked to sully his name and his attempt to unify Saudi society and beyond the Islamic world by reclaiming Islam pluralist tradition.”


    Resistance in the Hejaz

    One of the hundreds of protests that broke out worldwide against the execution in Saudi Arabia of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr (Abedin Taherkenareh, EPA)

    One of the hundreds of protests that broke out worldwide against the execution in Saudi Arabia of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr (Abedin Taherkenareh, EPA)

    Sheikh al-Nimr came from a long tradition of human rights activists: His father and grandfather both campaigned for their people’s rights in Qatif. But his rise to international prominence came in 2011 during the “Arab Spring,” a grand democratic movement that swept across the Middle East and Northern Africa, threatening to forever alter the region’s political map through the deposition of autocracies.

    An absolute theocracy, Saudi Arabia stood to lose everything, and so a grand crackdown was launched. The violence rocked Qatif hardest. Writing for the Brookings Institution earlier this month, Tamara Cofman Wittes explained that Sheikh al-Nimr’s 2012 arrest “was meant not merely as a signal to Tehran, but at least as much to Saudi Arabia’s own Shiite minority.” She explained:

    “Shiites comprise as much as 20 percent of the Saudi population, and are concentrated in the oil-rich Eastern Province—and the community has regularly erupted in protests against its economic and political marginalization. In 2011, amid the Arab Spring uprisings in majority-Shiite Bahrain, Saudi Shiites also demonstrated for the release of long-held prisoners, and Saudi forces shot and killed several Shia in the streets.”

    Although Shiites have long suffered at the hands of al-Saud, the media has rarely taken note. Indeed, as George Galloway pointed out, the mainstream media’s major shareholders happen to represent al-Saud’s interests: “Look at Channel 4 in the UK, Sky News or the Sun — they are all owned partly by Prince Waleed bin Talal, one of Rupert Murdoch’s best friends and investors.”

    Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr

    Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr

    Scott Bennett, a former U.S. Army Special Operations officer, who served as a counter-terror analyst under the Bush administration from 2003 to 2008, said Riyadh has managed over the years to poison global viewpoints through the promotion of its own bias toward both Shiites and Iran.

    “Anti-Shiism has been lumped to anti-Iranianism, and it is this analogy of a faith to a political entity which has defined U.S. foreign policy,” Bennett told MintPress. “Logically, Iran would be a natural ally of the U.S., while Saudi Arabia stands in negation of all American values. Yet it is Riyadh [that] U.S. officials have fawned over and shielded from international criticism.”

    Scott Bennett described Washington’s ties with Riyadh as not simply dysfunctional but inherently intractable due to a phenomenon of economic and military codependency. Bennett argued that beyond a simple lack of political courage, the U.S. is now an economic hostage of al-Saud. If the U.S. were to go against Saudi Arabia, it risks unleashing a potentially catastrophic oil war.

    From torture to socio-political discrimination, random arrests and unlawful imprisonment, there is no humiliation or injustice Riyadh has spared its Shiite communities. Worse still, such sectarian venom has spread throughout the region, infecting and painting nearby nations with a shade of fascism.

    The Shiites of Saudi Arabia have been classified — through the social, political and religious spheres — as second-class citizens. The Shiite minority is largely concentrated in Eastern Province. The vast majority of Saudis are Sunni Muslims, many of whom adhere to the rigid Wahhabi ideology, which in principle is extremely anti-Shiite. Disdain for Shiites is apparent in religious publications under the government and school materials, and many Saudi government clerics are brazenly outspoken on this point.

    One prominent cleric in Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Al Arifi, delivered a speech stating: “Today the evil Shiites continue to set traps, for Monotheism and for the Sunnis.” He further claimed that all Shiite loyalty is to Iran and that Shiites wish to do violence against Sunnis “because their name was Omar or Aisha,” and that Shiites would “skin Sunnis and boil them in water.”

    “The homogenization of Shiites reflected in these claims would seem outrageous to an academic or anyone with experience interacting with Shiites. However, many Saudis believe this discourse and have been indoctrinated with a deep hate for Shiism, although the majority have little to no interaction with Shiites,” noted Arzu Merali, co-director of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, to MintPress.


    Western complicity and hypocrisy

    For a glimpse of the political selectiveness of the West, compare the silence on Sheikh al-Nimr’s beheading to the grandstanding on Madaya. The Syrian town was purportedly starved by the government in Damascus, but it had actually been besieged by radical militants affiliated with the Nusra Front, an al-Qaida affiliate in Syria, and Daesh — both Wahhabi-inspired outfits.

    Beyond the clear “agenda” behind this media campaign — the further vilification of Syrian President Bashar Assad — it appears evident Western media has become an echo-chamber for House of Saud propaganda and its agenda in the region.

    Western powers’ hypocrisy in the case of Sheikh al-Nimr did not go unnoticed. Amnesty International UK’s Shane Enright said at a rally outside the Saudi embassy in London: “This [execution of Sheikh al-Nimr] is an absolute, fundamental, breach of basic human rights,” pointing to a recent Amnesty report which concluded that the trial against Sheikh al-Nimr was “deeply flawed.”

    “We also came to the conclusion that he was jailed solely for expressing his peaceful points of view, protesting peacefully against the regimes,” he added.

    Maya Foa, director of the death penalty team from Reprieve, a U.K.-based International human rights organization, slammed the British and U.S. governments for supporting their ally Saudi Arabia, noting they “must not” turn a blind eye to the executions.

    “Saudi Arabia’s allies – including the U.S. and U.K. – must not turn a blind eye to such atrocities and must urgently appeal to the kingdom to change course,” she told the press.

    While Sheikh al-Nimr’s voice was silenced by the swing of a sword, the resistance movement he came to embody was offered a new catalyst. In death, his message is resonating with more intensity, transcending those barriers the House of Saud has worked so diligently to erect to protect their rule.

    In Qatif, a community far from being broken, people have drawn strength from Sheikh al-Nimr’s courage, determined to stand a tide together against autocracy. Beyond Qatif, in Yemen, India, Pakistan, Iran, and elsewhere, demonstrations erupted solidarity for Sheikh al-Nimr, signs that resistance is no longer just an idea, but a movement.

    “Because it is in our nature to resist, Saudis, and more specifically Saudis in Qatif, will push against the unjust rule of al-Saud monarchy, so that their freedom is reclaimed. Whether Western powers are there to support or oppose them will determine which names history will make infamous,” concluded Vanessa Beeley, the investigative journalist.

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    • Wild Biker Bill

      “President Barack Obama…Keen to underscore his commitment to social cohesion and tolerance, he rejected “any politics that targets people because of race or religion.”

      Reality: President Obama’s politics have been all about targeting people because of race AND religion. Black vs White, Christian vs. Muslim.

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    • what now

      nonsense. what makes saudi arabian dictators any better then assad, gaddafi, hussein, the ayatollah and mubarak? US can oppose saudies and put pressure on them to reform, but they dont. Also saudi citizens was responsible for twin towers but Hussein got the wrap. love of money and power?

    • Greg Burton

      Obama: But, but, but you were to continue funding thugs like ISIS for OUR empire with recycled petro-dollars; and in exchange we wouldn’t expose your role in providing the patsies for 9/11?

      House of Saud: The empire you refer to was always meant for the British bankers and their Israel project; thank you so much for sacrificing your country for it. BTW, we’re deliberately destroying the petrodollar, and ISIS is now encamped in Mexico.

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    • James Wherry

      Despite the efforts of hate groups that cluster to this webpage, America ends up NOT being the “great satan” or looking for a fight to bring down Iran.

      • tapatio

        MSN – a part of the 95% of the US mainstream media that is Jewish owned and is never honest about the realities of the Middle East (or much of anything else).

        Both the United States government and the Saudi Arabian regime are puppets and proxies of the Criminal, Predatory Capitalist Cartel whose seat of power is……

        Rothschild Bank
        New Court
        St Swithin’s Lane
        London EC4N 8AL
        United Kingdom
        That cartel created Zionism, the Saudi “royals” and the Bolshevik “Revolution” as vehicles to expand its power. Bolshevism (Communism) failed. Zionism (Judeo-Fascism) has, so far, succeeded.

        First is a plan, written for Netanyahu’s reign as Emperor of Greater Israel. The writer is the pseudo-American Zionist fanatic, Richard Perle………

        “………by establishing the precedent that Syrian territory is not immune to attacks emanating from Lebanon by Israeli proxy forces.”

        Next is a report A Report of The Project for the New American Century completed in September 2000………..

        Compare actual events from 2001 to date to the plans outlined in this “report”. Please note, at the end of the report, the list of fanatical Zionists and their sycophants who are responsible for……

        “REBUILDING AMERICA’S DEFENSES Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century”

        “Israel can shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria. This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq — an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right”

        Paul Wolfowitz
        William Kristol
        Alvin Bernstein
        Eliot Cohen
        David Epstein
        Donald Kagan
        Fred Kagan
        Robert Kagan
        Robert Killebrew
        Steve Rosen
        Gary Schmitt
        Abram Shulsky
        Dov Zakheim

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      How Zionism helped create the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
      Abdel Aziz Ibn Saud with Sir Percy C0x

      By Nu’man Abd al-Wahid, Mondoweiss

      7 January 2016

      The covert alliance between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Zionist entity of Israel should be no surprise to any student of British imperialism. The problem is the study of British imperialism has very few students. Indeed, one can peruse any undergraduate or post-graduate British university prospectus and rarely find a module in a Politics degree on the British Empire let alone a dedicated degree or Masters degree. Of course if the European led imperialist carnage in the four years between 1914 – 1918 tickles your cerebral cells then it’s not too difficult to find an appropriate institution to teach this subject, but if you would like to delve into how and why the British Empire waged war on mankind for almost four hundred years you’re practically on your own in this endeavour. One must admit, that from the British establishment’s perspective, this is a formidable and remarkable achievement.

      • James Wherry

        You would prefer the tribes remain slaves to an unelected Sultanate that just finished slaughtering 2 million Armenian Christians? No thanks.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Another intentionally fallacious equivalence by the ever mendaciously stupid James Wherry. Just read to the reference of how the British supported into power again that most evil, vicious, and corrupt because those were most cooperative with British predatory ambitions,

          • James Wherry

            Try “they were the only ones there.” There was no one else to cooperate with the British against the Sultanate, except the Arabs who claimed the land and were simply “there.”

            The British’ “predatory ambition” was to win WWI. With the lousy job they did, trying to storm the beaches in Turkey (and incredible death tolls), this was the only thing that went right.

            You’re welcome to name the alternative people other than the Arabs and their tribal leaders, but you’re not getting it. The best thing the French and British should have done was not to have the mandates, but to let the Arabs have control, immediately, in Syria and Trans-Jordan.

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              More stupid lies from Wherry that a little history that I’ve already provided to him can help others from falling victim to.

              How Zionism helped create the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
              Abdel Aziz Ibn Saud with Sir Percy C0x

              By Nu’man Abd al-Wahid, Mondoweiss

              7 January 2016

              The covert alliance between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Zionist entity of Israel should be no surprise to any student of British imperialism. The problem is the study of British imperialism has very few students. Indeed, one can peruse any undergraduate or post-graduate British university prospectus and rarely find a module in a Politics degree on the British Empire let alone a dedicated degree or Masters degree. Of course if the European led imperialist carnage in the four years between 1914 – 1918 tickles your cerebral cells then it’s not too difficult to find an appropriate institution to teach this subject, but if you would like to delve into how and why the British Empire waged war on mankind for almost four hundred years you’re practically on your own in this endeavour. One must admit, that from the British establishment’s perspective, this is a formidable and remarkable achievement.

              • James Wherry

                WWI helped create all of the Arab satraps. Your conspiracy theories from conspiracy theories aren’t worth the time to bother to read.

                • TecumsehUnfaced

                  You obviously don’t want anyone to read how European manipulation and mendacity created the disaster of the current situation with the evil ZioNazi Thug Coagulation Throttling Palestine, and why the Thug Coagulation throttling Palestine is such good friends with the one throttling Arabia.

                  WW1 didn’t create anything. The thugs operating it did create a huge number crimes and a vast amount of misery. Damn the British and the Rothschild ZioNazi thugs!

                • tapatio
            • tapatio

              The Wahhabi animals are not, IN ANY WAY, representative of Arabs or Islam. They are a perversion as much as the evangelical “Christian Zionist” is a perversion of Christianity


    • James Wherry

      Well one thing I’ll say: MPN and Middle East Forum DO agree about the House of Sa’ud.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        It’s always useful to have a few facts and genuine values in the Wherry false narrative.

        • James Wherry

          So you disagree with MPN and think they are creating a false narrative?

          Well, you are entitled to you opinion.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            ZioNazi peddling of Islamophobia is just another utterly despicable part of the ZioNazi con game.

            • James Wherry

              So MPN editors and authors are “Islamaphobes” for criticizing the House of Sa’ud and Wahabi’s? That’s certainly the position of some Sun’ni’s, but I don’t agree: the religious bigotry of Wahabi’s and Salafi’s is well documented and on that point I do agree with MPN.

              If you have documents to the contrary, I think you’re free to post them. I have never seen MPN delete a post of mine for disagreeing with them.

              • TecumsehUnfaced

                Again you are being mendaciously stupid. I was criticizing the gratuitous spreading of blame for the Al Saud and the Wahabi to others which was the object of your reference and why you presented it.

                It’s so funny the way you keep making up stuff to blame on me.

                Why would the MPN delete a post of yours any more than MintPress? You are a total joke and a foil for serious commenters.

                • James Wherry

                  You were too stupid to bother to read what I wrote: I was agreeing with MPN and they are not “islamaphobic.” Nothing in my original post was.

                  You display your lack of intelligence by attacking people who agree with you. If your insults measure your lack of intelligence, then you don’t have anything to write worth reading.

                  • TecumsehUnfaced

                    I saw it. You lie… again!

                    “Iranian masters?” What a fvckhead you are!

              • TecumsehUnfaced

                Here is some genuine reporting without the currents of Islamophobia you so rabidly push…


    • I wish I had never served in the US Navy.

      All I have to show from it is sarin nerve gas exposure which gave me years of skin rashes that made my skin look like a big scab, Irritable bowel syndrome, impotence and a re-enlistment code that precluded me from ever having a job out side ditch digger. I would have just killed my self, but my Wife and Kids needed me to feed them, and so for this love, I did not die, much to the chagrin of the US Government who both actually tried and threatened to kill me several times.

      The Navy offered me no significant GI Bill and the VA has never compensated me and my Family at all and even destroyed my medical records to deny us a Gulf War Syndrome Claim and cover up my sarin nerve agent exposure.

      I am deeply ashamed that I saved the House of Saud from destruction, just so they could become the Worlds most prolific war criminals and agents of chaos and evil. The Zio-Wahabbi Faith being taught in Madrasa’a across the World is a false form of Islam created by the CIA that takes verses out of context with the chapters to change the meaning of the religion, from one of peace to a religion of terror and horror. I am a Believer in the Qu’ran.

      What breaks my heart most is, that Islam is a true religion when understood in it’s proper context.

      Once the Bankers have their way and get a hot war with Iran going, they are going to have to bring back the draft.

      With the easy pickings of the 5th fleet in a modern navel warfare context, the Casualties will be in the Tens of Thousand right from the start. They fill the grave yards of America with our youth and many will be maimed for life.

      I was only a Boy then, but I do remember the whole Country lived in fear and hated the US Government during Vietnam.

      Israel and Saudi Arabia own our government lock stock and gun barrel so it is inevitable, we will soon see those days again. They will come for our Children, trust me. I know.

      • James Wherry

        I’m sincerely sorry for your challenges with the VA. My civilian job is to assist service members, retirees and their dependents. I recommend working with Diabled American Veterans organization. And yes, I do thank you for your service to your country.

        Other than that, your anti-Jew screed is a nothing short of ridiculous.

        The Wah’habi’s and Sa’lafi’s both teach the same hatred of Jews that Muhammad taught, that at the “End of Days” the Chosen Muslims will fight a war against the Jews. As a result, ISIS and other terrorist organizations have targeted and attacked Israelis and Jews. There is no “Zio-Wahabi” faith. Here, let’s take a look:

        “Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Committee for Islamic Research and Issuing Fatwas — which issues religious decrees that become law — issued a fatwa, or decree, titled, “Duty to Hate Jews, Polytheists, and Other Infidels.” Written by Sheikh Abd al-Aziz ibn Baz (d. 1999), former grand mufti and highest religious authority in the government, it still appears on the website.”

        The Zionists cling to the tiny scrap of land left to them after Jews were run out of the Arab world and the former Ottoman Empire. They make no claim on Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, or the rest of the world. By contrast, the Wahabis and the rest of Islam makes a claim on ALL THE EARTH.

        The Founder of this “true religion” you refer to stated:

        Quran (9:29)- “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” “People of the Book” refers to Christians and Jews. According to this verse, they are to be violently subjugated, with the sole justification being their religious status. Verse 9:33 tells Muslims that Allah has charted them to make Islam “superior over all religions.” This chapter was one of the final “revelations” from Allah and it set in motion the tenacious military expansion, in which Muhammad’s companions managed to conquer two-thirds of the Christian world in the next 100 years. Islam is intended to dominate all other people and faiths.

        The comparison is not there between Zionists and Muslims.

        • The VA down in San Diego almost killed me in 1994 when I was in the Gulf War Registry.

          You worthless VA Traitors were not there to help us , but to kill us for the Zio-Wahhabi cover up.

          You basically told us to hurry up and die quietly so we would not inconvenience you and your Boss’s.

          The VA is so illfunctional it should be destroyed and all US Veterans should be able to go to any private Doctor paid for by the US Treasury and have that private Doctor report the Veterans disability directly to the Treasury Department for disability check disbursment. The VA is worthless.

          The US Government Agents like you betray Americas Veterans. You are like a spit in the face.

          • James Wherry

            I don’t work for the VA: I work for service members, retirees and their dependents. Occassionally, I joust at windmills, but for the most part, I win my cases. We filed a Congressional for a client, yesterday, so you’ll pardon me, he called and had a question, so I’ll answer it, during my lunch hour, and will not be here to respond to you.

            If there is a problem, be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

            • Do you work for Gentiles or just Jews like the NIS? All those Campaign Medals and accommodations in my service record from previous Captains that said I was part of the solution were not worth toilet paper I used to sale to my US Navy ship mates for 25 cents a sheet underway.

              To me you Zionists are the 666 Star Gate Keeper, to only allow in those who have taken upon them selves the Human Number of the Beast. I will not hate for you any more. I want my money!

              There is only one solution for the VA and I will make it happen. I always get the job done.

              Some day I will look into the VA’s eyes and I will say to them “Hurry up and die”.

              Did the Ten Commandments tell you to worship the God of Abraham above all others?

              Jesus Lives! Jesus is the true King of Israel and a Muslim and the Messiah and Gods most beloved Son who rejected the Law of the Elders as the Basis of Judaism and wanted to replace it with the Law of Moses so they killed him. Allah rose him from the dead!

              9:30 The Jews say: “Ezra (‘Uzayr) is Allah’s son,”29 and the Christians say: “The Messiah is the son of Allah.” These are merely verbal assertions in imitation of the sayings of those unbelievers who preceded them.30 May Allah ruin them. How do they turn away from the Truth?

              9:31 They take their rabbis and their monks for their lords apart from Allah,31 and also the Messiah, son of Mary, whereas they were commanded to worship none but the One True God. There is no god but He. Exalted be He above those whom they associate with Him in His Divinity.

              9:32 They seek to extinguish the light of Allah by blowing through their mouths; but Allah refuses everything except that He will perfect His light howsoever the unbelievers might abhor it.

              9:33 He it is Who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the True Religion that He may make it prevail over all religions,32 howsoever those who associate others with Allah in His Divinity might detest it.

              • James Wherry

                Funny guy. I am a Legal Assistance attorney with the U.S. Army. My clientele is “service members, retirees and their dependents.” Many veterans fall outside of that category, so I tend to refer them to DAV. Over the next two days, I’ll be attending a webinar training session that should improve my ability to assist people with Line of Duty investigations to help those who are in need of VA support.

                My own unit deployed to HOA in 2012. I have a Staff Sergeant, right now, who is dying of a disease he contracted, over there. He is both a Soldier of mine and a friend and I take these matters seriously. The Army IS moving slowly (he is at 90% disabled and we need to get him to 100% and medically retired), so thank you for reminding me: I owe his Primary Care Manager a phone call to yell at him to move sooner.

                Since you left the Navy, the military has created the Office of Soldiers’ Counsel, attorneys dedicated to aggressively representing active-duty service men and women facing medical retirement or separation. The military did so because it was not doing a good job helping these people and they admitted it. I know a number of them, and they are aggressive for our clients.

                * Views expressed do not represent those of the Department of Defense or any component thereof.

                • As some one who was psychologically tortured and threatened with murder under the color of the US Federal Badge I am glad to hear that. No one had my back against a Commadore.

                  I was gassed with sarin nerve agent by the US Army Corp of Engineers on 3MAR1991, when Colin Powell gave the order to destroy the Kumisiah Iraq depot full of sarin nerve agent placed in ordinance shells by Saddam Hussein to use on the Shi-ite Muslims of Iran.

                  The medical record the VA destroyed or Lost was dated 5MAR91 when I was diagnosed with “combat fatigue”.

                  A couple days later the NIS confiscated our Chemical weapons logs out of DCC.

                  The down wind exposure template put the most exposure right down the coast of Kuwait where the US Marines and Navy were under the falling contaminated sands of the Haboob that left us covered in 8″ of sarin nerve gas contaminated talcum powder like sand, that made our lungs hurt and gave us tunnel vision, like looking though a toilet paper roll but with a water fall all round, then twitching of all the major muscles like the pec’s and tri’s and then came the barfing for hours of bile. The 5th MEB came back from Kuwait and they laid in the passage ways around the LPD’s vehicle deck to get into sick bay, twitching and barfing on them selves.

                  I am an American Gulf War Veteran. Ross Perot helped us but Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton who’s Party’s dirty Tricks stole his election, forgot to steal that part of the Reform Party Platform from Old Ross Perot. The Establishment of the US Political Parties conspired to murder Americas Gulf War Veterans to shut us up and then took credit for the great economy of the 1990’s brought on by cheaper fuel costs because of our sacrifices and suffering.

                  I guess I should have had a Lawyer. I did not know the US Government was going to take legal action against me for the crimes they committed against me. Who ever has the best lawyer wins and the chemical corporation who made the sarin has all the Lawyers.

                  • James Wherry

                    What I am advising all of my clients is that “With the obvious incompetence of specific VA representatives and the centers they serve, you should take another whack at the ball and try again.” I would start with a Congressional, but not before consulting with DAV. If there is a group of you, chances are they have that effort going, already.

                    Ultimately, your gold standard is to find a doctor who can state – within a medical degree of certainty – that sarin gas exposure is the cause of your symptoms and your own medical prognosis. That’s where groups like DAV can come in handy, because they know the doctors who are already on this.

                    I believe the military has in fact acknowledged sarin exposure during the 2003 war. Saddam DID retain soem weapons of mass destruction, just nowhere near what was claimed, or in any organized and hidden storage. But many of these things you know better than I do, and I realize and respect that fact. I am curious and will see what I can find out.

          • tapatio

            Wherry claims all sorts of things. Reality is that he/she/it is a ZioNaz! hasbara shill and any lie serves for those creatures.

        • TeeJae

          ***Straw Man Alert***

          In addition to your lack of decency, you also lack a true understanding of Islam. Cherry-picking out of the Quran to suit your hateful and ignorant narrative of one of the world’s major religions is not only disingenuous, it’s also hypocritical because the same can be done with the bible and torah.

          Then you try to insert a straw man by lumping wahhabism and salaffism (two extremist interpretations of Islam) in with all of Islam, as if no one will notice such an egregious act of intellectual dishonesty.

          THEN you try to paint Israel as some sort of victim? Are you kidding? No one believes that nonsense anymore.

          Try rising above the divisive distraction that is “religion.” It’s all just a social construct to manipulate and control the masses. Break free from that warped groupthink and focus on the bigger picture.

          • James Wherry

            Thank you for posting the “strawman alert” before you started to write. It was a good warning about what you were going to say.

            First, you are butting into a conversation without reading the thread. Content out of context, as usual. My current discussion with Nathan is about whether the House of Sa’ud and Wahabism is religiously aligned with Judaism or Zionism. Are you making the same absurd argument? If not, stay out of the conversation. My POINT in QUOTING Sa’udi Arabia’s clerics was to confront THAT absurd notion, that Wa’habism and Judaism/Zionism were connected, when the Wahabis advocate hatred of Jews.

            HOWEVER, I’m not sure who died and left you the sole authority to interpret Islam.

            * When the cradle of Islam – the Arabian Peninsula – tells Muslims they have to hate Jews, there is a problem that cannot be ignored. Shall we take a look at some other sources?

            * You have a book the Koran, that calls ME “unfaithful to God” – an “Infidel” and commands you REAL “believers” to fight against me,until I “submit” to you and pay blood money to avoid being murdered. This has been the basis for a 1,400+ year jihad and hardly “taken out of context.”

            ANSWER the Question, TJ: “Am I a Kafir?” “Unfaithful to God?” If so, do the verses in the Quran apply to me????

            ANSWER the Question, TJ: I am gay. Does that mean I am to be hurt, usually by being thrown out of a building. If so, can you condemn IRAN as well as the Saudi’s for our persecution? There are, by the way, several nice gay bars in Baghdad.

            * When 86% of all Muslims in Egypt believe it’s okay to murder someone who converts from Islam, you have a problem. (that would be about 40 million Muslims (though we are including all men, women and infants in those views, eh?)

            * When you have a religion that forbids you to make friends with those outside your religion, you have a cult. Here’s a mainstream MUSLIM website advocating that idea: According to the Koran, Muslims may not befriend non-Muslims, as Isalmweb, an
            Islamic website, has stated:

            “QUESTION: “Is it okay to have a Christian teacher or friend? I look
            forward to your answer.

            “ANSWER: : All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify
            that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad , is His
            Slave and Messenger.

            “‘The term friendship means love and affection. Therefore, it is not permissible for a Muslim to befriend a non-Muslim, whether he is a Jew, a Christian or of any other religion. Also, it is not permissible to socialize with them or befriend them because this leads to loving them and being loyal to them. Allaah Says (what means): {You (O Muhammad) will not find any people who believe in Allaah and the Last Day, making friendship with those who oppose Allaah and His Messenger (Muhammad), even though they were their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kindred (people). For such He has written Faith in their hearts, and strengthened them with Rûh (proofs, light and true guidance) from Himself. And We will admit them to Gardens (Paradise) under which rivers flow, to dwell therein (forever). Allaah is pleased with them, and they with Him. They are the Party of Allaah. Verily, it is the Party of Allaah that will be the successful.} [Quran 58:22]

            “‘The matter is even more forbidden and more serious if the friendship is between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim man, or between a Muslim man and a non-Muslim woman, because this involves evil that leads to committing Zina (fornication and/or adultery).

            “‘Therefore, a Muslim should be very careful and cautious about this, because being friendly to non-Muslims is very serious. Allaah Says (what means): {O you who believe! Take not as intimate those outside your religion (pagans, Jews, Christians, and hypocrites) since they will not fail to do their best to corrupt you. They desire to harm you severely. Hatred has already appeared from their mouths, but what their breasts conceal is far worse. Indeed We have made plain to you the signs if you understand.} [Quran 3:118] Besides, the Prophet , said: “A person is upon the religion of his friend, so you
            have to choose whom you befriend.” [Abu Daawood, At-Tirmithi and others]
            * * *

            * TJ, then you try and ask me to rise above the pettiness of organized religion? Come on, TJ: you’ve just contradicted yourself. It’s that very pettiness that much of organized Islam embodies. You should try “rising above it,” yourself.

            There is SO much more I can discuss about this subject, if there’s any question in your mind, but last year marked “100 years of Muslims acting badly.” It began with the slaughter of 2 million Armenian Christians – men, women and children. And I would NOT leave out the Kurds, who helped in the murders. I would not leave out the Iranians and those from the Syrian and Iraqi areas who helped in the Death Marches. Go to Iran. Look up the two United Pentecostal Churches there and DO ask about the Death Marches.

          • TeeJae, Thanks for telling them what I meant to say.

        • tapatio

          You neglect to mention that the Wahhabi and Salafist serve Zionism while howling against it – just as Zionism howls its hatred of Islam while using the Wahhabi as its terrorist arm.

      • malbago

        Hope you live to see S.A. burn, and see Iran and the U.S. become at peace. I am sorry for your pain and wish you well. J.