Exploring The Top Censored Stories Of 2016 With Project Censored’s Mickey Huff

As public trust in the mainstream media plummets amid widespread censorship and propaganda, media literacy expert Mickey Huff joins Mnar Muhawesh on ‘Behind the Headline’ to shed light on the year’s top censored stories.
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    MINNEAPOLIS — Censorship, a tool often wielded by despots, is also a pastime of democratic governments and their corporate media lapdogs.

    Whether journalists are operating as part of a free press or as the puppets of a repressive government, the goal is the same: control public perceptions by carefully bending information to suit a particular agenda.

    And while our corporate-owned media may have thought they’d mastered the art of propaganda, a recent Gallup poll suggests otherwise.

    According to that poll, a staggering 72 percent of Americans don’t trust mass media.

    Gallup Poll Media Trust

    Much of this drop in public confidence can be traced to the media’s efforts to treat politics as theater and entertainment. It also doesn’t help that media figures serve as mouthpieces for the corporatocracy and the military-industrial complex.

    In both cases, the media has failed to deliver on its most important public service: reporting news and information via a critical, questioning lens.

    This is why truly free, independent media is so critical in the fight against censorship. As the corporate-owned, government-aligned mass media kowtows to the powers that be, independent media is there to shine a light on conflicts of interest, threats to constitutional rights, and other issues that the public has a right to know about.

    Since its founding in 1976, Project Censored has unmasked propaganda surrounding the most pressing issues of the day, providing coverage that speaks truth to power.

    Today, I’m joined by Mickey Huff, director of Project Censored, to discuss the top five censored stories of 2016 — stories the mainstream media swept under the rug or manipulated to suit corporate or government interests.

    Learn more about fake news and see the top censored stories of 2016 in the full episode of Behind The Headline:

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    • James Wherry

      Oh, good! Here’s a story we should not want censored:
      “Welcome To Jihadi Land! Iran Opens Theme Park Where Children Pretend To Attack Israel And Western Enemies”
      Published December 10, 2016 http://nation.foxnews.com/2016/12/10/welcome-jihadi-land-iran-opens-theme-park-where-children-pretend-attack-israel-and


      • Theo Anonis
        • James Wherry

          In light of what Palestinians are doing, murdering innocent , unarmed Jews and other tourists? Nope: haven’t forgotten at all.

          • Theo Anonis

            I guess I shouldn’t mention Lahava, Rabbi Ben-Zion Gopstein, Elior
            Azarua, or Baruch Goldstein then, if we’re going to take only one side.

            A little hypocritical I think.

            • James Wherry

              I support a two state solution, so why should I support the filth among Jewish settlers or the filth who lead the Palestinians?

          • e man

            The apartheid regime in isreal will soon be over. You are a racist eh? Unamerican traitor.

            • James Wherry

              The only racists are those who intend to make the West Bank Judenein and to commit genocide in pre-1967 Israel, by destroying the Jewish state.

              • e man

                http://www.ifamericansknew.org/history/origin.html This factually irrefutable presentation by ” Jews for Justice in the Middle East.” Is the source I choose, not a bigoted, racist American traitor. If you want to defend murdering squatters, go live with them pal.

    • Lizz

      Your description of the poll is incorrect. The poll does not suggest that distrust of media is at 72% (that figure was actually used as the high water mark for trust in mass media back in the 70’s).

      It would be more fairly described as “trust is at an all time low” with the appropriate figure rather than “distrust is at an all time high” with the inverse of that figure, anyway.

      • tapatio

        WOW!!! One whole comment and “Lizz” feels herself competent to correct articles by the editor of one of the best alternative media sites.

        Reality, girlie, is that far more than half of the American people do NOT trust the corporate media. They are turning to sites, like Mint Press, to find the truth that doesn’t exist in the 95% Jewish owned propaganda organs called the “mainstream media”.
        Click Image to Enlarge

        • Lizz

          Ah, I see. So we should counter bad reporting with more… Bad reporting? No. And, my dear hateful friend, I want MintPress to do well, which means hopefully they take corrections seriously, and take my comment in the helpful spirit it was intended. Unfortunately, alternative media is under a spotlight. We need MintPress to be as accurate and professional as possible to weather the storm for us.

          • John Davis

            Lizz, there is already more than enough venom and hate in the secretive “government” we have to put up with these days without your adding to it on a site that uncovers the lies. If all you have to say is critical, why don’t you attack the real target. The one percenters, Bush, Rice and Cheney are still walking around free, go and criticise them.

            • Lizz

              Did you even read what I said? Or revisit the story above and actually check its source data? The author has a great point that can be made without misrepresenting the data. So stand back and think critically for a moment or two… recognize that our quest for accurate reporting starts with holding everyone accountable. Especially those we trust.

            • tapatio

              I think that maybe “Lizz” is here to disrupt.

              • hrp100

                I think Lizz has made a good point and I don’t see why you look at it as an attack. Lighten up man and read what she said. It’s a totally valid observation and should be taken as such. (FYI I have been reading MintPress for months and never posted, but pointless attacks will only drive people away so chill.)

                • tapatio

                  It’s possible that Ms. Muhawesh is a few percentage points off. No poll is completely accurate.
                  The point is “Lizz’s” know-it-all attitude in her FIRST comment on Disqus, not just Mint Press. I’ve been here for years…….not months. I read for several years before retiring and starting to post – back in 2010.

              • starali

                I just discovered this site and after reading some of Lizz’s comments, I also feel that she may well be a hired disruptor sent to discredit and derail relevant conversation. Like there ain’t enough crap in the world to contend with. Sheesh.

                • tapatio

                  From what “Lizz” posts, she seems to be a troll, paid or unpaid.

          • tapatio

            You do have an ego problem. For a rank newbie to question the accuracy of an article by the editor of the site, without presenting CONCRETE EVIDENCE, is, to say the least, infantile.

            Either present solid statistical evidence to support your claim or be a good little twit and run along.

            • Lizz

              So you still haven’t actually read the article? The author supplied her source data as a live link, you can click on it and read that it doesn’t support her statement. Short of complying and pasting here, I’m not sure how else I can help you.

              If you’re too lazy to click, just scroll up and you can see that her cited value of 72% mistrust for this year cannot jive with the graph borrowed from Gallup (it says 32% have fair or great trust in the media, which makes a Fox News worthy 104% of all respondents).

              Frankly, your continued defense of this error is frightening. You’re willing to not only tolerate but defend to high heaven a misleading representation in your preferred sources. We must demand better. That this is the product of the editor of this site does nothing to encourage me about the legitimacy of what I read. If errors like this are tolerated, how am I to trust any other editorial piece?

              This needs to be corrected. Whether you are responsible enough to check for accuracy in what you choose to believe is up to you.

              • tapatio

                A reader may feel a desire/need to check the accuracy of an article, possibly of a comment on an article if the comment gives the reader MOTIVE to fact-check.
                A brand-new poster, providing NO source material for their claim and writing in such a “there’s my opinion and the wrong opinion” manner, is an idiot iff he/she/it has the delusion that they will be believed.

                Over a year ago, a poll (I forget whose) placed complete distrust of the MSM at 61%. That was before the hate rhetoric and fawning displayed by the media during the election. While I haven’t bothered to check for a current survey, 72% sounds like a perfectly reasonable number for today. It should be far higher, but people aren’t called “sheeple” without reason.

                Whether the current percentage of Americans sufficiently stupid to believe in ANY corporate media is 28% or some other percentage is far less important HERE than the fact of some know-it-all who is a complete unknown, coming in and claiming that one of the most trusted editors in alternative media is wrong.

                • Lizz

                  Oh, your poor feelz. If you can be threatened by as much as a simple request for accuracy, you should probably do a little soul-searching on whatever it is you stand for.

      • Michelledwright

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      • James Wherry

        Sorry, Lizz: your comments are VERY intelligent and I appreciate them, but “tapatio” is a Jew-hating neo-NAZ! who hangs out on these pages to express his hatred of JEWS (not “Zionists” or “Israelis,” but just plain “JEWS”), gays and ANYONE who disagrees with him. He’s literally praised the NAZ! Party of WWII Germany for the Holocaust as “an act of self-preservation by non-Jews” and has called homosexuality “a disease.”

        So what bothers him about YOU is that he has to pretend that all the news he reads in the REAL world is wrong because of all those JEWS who control it. It’s nothing personal to you, he just rips into anyone who tries to defend the media or won’t buy into his psycho-hatred fueled by mindless conspiracy theories. Why MPN has not banned him is beyond me: he is NOT interested in reading this article, or having an intelligent conversation.