The Story You Aren’t Being Told About Iran Capturing Two American Vessels

The most important takeaway from this incident is to remember the high-tech military of the United States has an exposed vulnerability. It’s a vulnerability that was exploited by Iran.
By @Justinkingnews |
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    This frame grab from Jan. 12, 2016, video by the Iranian state-run IRIB News Agency shows the detention of U.S. Navy sailors by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the Persian Gulf. (IRIB)

    This frame grab from Jan. 12, 2016, video by the Iranian state-run IRIB News Agency shows the detention of U.S. Navy sailors by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the Persian Gulf. (IRIB)

    Tehran, Iran – The airwaves in the United States were filled with images of sailors on their knees while a US Navy vessel was searched. Unjustified outrage swept the nation. The US Secretary of Defense blamed the incident on a simple navigation error, however a chain of events leading back to 2009 demonstrates the facts are a little more complicated than first appear. The chain of events leads defense analysts to one unmistakable conclusion: Iran has the ability to disrupt US GPS systems. For western military analysts, the thought is terrifying. The West uses GPS for much more than replacing a compass and a map.

    In 2009, Lockheed Martin’s RQ-170 Sentinel showed up on a runway in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The aircraft entered service two years earlier, but the public was unaware. The bat wing styled drone is reminiscent of the Stealth Bomber. The similarities extend beyond the cosmetic, and the RQ-170 is the premier spy drone in the US fleet. This was the drone used to map out Bin Laden’s compound. It was tasked with keeping an eye on Iran’s nuclear program. That’s when things got interesting.

    On December 4, 2011 a RQ-170 Sentinel crashed into the Iranian countryside. Iran claimed its electronic warfare unit brought the plane down. The US Department of Defense stated the aircraft was flying over western Afghanistan and crashed near or in Iran. The aircraft was 140 miles inside Iran’s borders. The west laughed at the idea of Iran’s military obtaining the capability to down one the most sophisticated drones in the world. One military official remarked it was like:

    “dropping a Ferrari into an ox-cart technology culture.”

    They probably shouldn’t have been so quick to laugh. It appears the Iranians didn’t just down the aircraft, they took control of it mid-flight. explained:

    “Using its knowledge of the frequency, the engineer claims, Iran intiated its ‘electronic ambush’ by jamming the bird’s communications frequencies, forcing it into auto-pilot.  States the source, ‘By putting noise [jamming] on the communications, you force the bird into autopilot. This is where the bird loses its brain.’

    “The team then use a technique known as ‘spoofing’ — sending a false signal for the purposes of obfuscation or other gain.  In this case the signal in questions was the GPS feed, which the drone commonly acquires from several satellites.  By spoofing the GPS feed, Iranian officials were able to convince it that it was in Afghanistan, close to its home base.  At that point the drone’s autopilot functionality kicked in and triggered the landing.  But rather than landing at a U.S. military base, the drone victim instead found itself captured at an Iranian military landing zone.

    “Spoofing the GPS is a clever method, as it allows hackers to ‘land on its own where we wanted it to, without having to crack the [encrypted] remote-control signals and communications.’

    “While the technique did not require sophistication from a cryptography perspective, it was not entirely trivial, either, as it required precise calculations to be made to give the drone the proper forged distance and find and fine an appropriate altitude landing strip to make sure the drone landed as it did in Afghanistan.  The Iranian engineers knew the details of the landing site, because the drone had been confirmed in grainy photos to be landing at a base in Khandar, Afghanistan.

    “Despite the careful calculations, the drone still sustained a dent in its wing and underbody (though it did not have the usual signs of a high-speed collision).  During its press conferences, the Iranian military covered this damage with anti-American banners.

    “The engineer explained this damage commenting, ‘If you look at the location where we made it land and the bird’s home base, they both have [almost] the same altitude.  There was a problem [of a few meters] with the exact altitude so the bird’s underbelly was damaged in landing; that’s why it was covered in the broadcast footage.’The approach echoes an October security conference presentation [PDF] in Chicago, in which ETH Zurich researchers laid out how to use interference and GPS spoofing to more gently down a drone.”

    The Aviationist agreed and suggested the US “reconsider their drones’ equipment, countermeasures and combat operation procedures as well as Iran’s electronic and cyberwarfare capabilities.” It should be noted the “ox-cart technology culture” has since reverse engineered the drone.

    The gross underestimation of the Iranian military led to the recent incident in the Persian Gulf. The story being repeated in the western press is one of ten sailors getting lost and ending up in Iranian territorial waters (if the outlet mentions that part). According to Secretary of Defense Carter, “All the contributing factors to that we don’t know yet, and we’re still talking to those folks, and we’ll find out more … but they were clearly out of the position that they intended to be in.”

    Two boats lost their GPS abilities at the same time, and the Secretary of Defense isn’t sure what happened? A few US outlets, such as the L.A. Times, reported on the other malfunctions during the incident. Both boats lost radio communication and all other communication during the incident. A single vehicle losing its GPS abilities can happen. It’s rare, but it can happen. Two vehicles losing the systems at the same time borders on implausible, but there is still a possibility of it occurring through Murphy’s Law. The loss of all communication equipment and GPS systems on two boats at the same time means one thing: electronic warfare.

    The unwillingness to admit the US military has spent billions on a system that has apparently been defeated by Iran is the most likely culprit behind the western media’s attempt to focus on the “ill treatment” of US sailors. Even the L.A. Times, which was willing to report on the communications failures, placed the following quote in a bold offset in the same article:

    “The way those sailors were treated was entirely inappropriate. … The U.S. Navy would never demand Iranian sailors hold their hands on their heads and coerce a confession.– James Stavridis, retired U.S. admiral”

    The U.S. Navy’s installation at Guantanamo Bay has been the scene of the worst treatment of detainees by the US government in decades. The sailors captured by Iran were not waterboarded, deprived of sleep or food, sexually abused, or otherwise tortured. The United States does not have the moral authority to object to how another nation treats detainees.

    The burning question now relates to whether or not Iran’s actions constitute an attack on the U.S. It’s not a simple question. Electronic warfare and cyber warfare have become common place. It is also worth noting the two US vessels were within just a few miles of Farsi Island. Farsi Island is the home of the Revolutionary Guards’ Navy (RGN). The RGN is Iran’s maritime unconventional warfare force. For comparison, imagine a scenario in which a nation that has attacked a US civilian airliner and whose political leaders have constantly threatened war sent two boats to  pass extraordinarily close to the home base of a U.S. Seal Team. The reader can decide if Iran’s actions were appropriate.

    The most important takeaway from this incident is to remember the high-tech military of the United States has an exposed vulnerability. It’s a vulnerability that was exploited by Iran. Iran is not a nation many in military circles would see as technologically advanced. The drone warfare system has a fatal flaw. If Iran can exploit it, China and Russia certainly can. Even North Korea has been able to successfully disrupt the GPS system. Beyond simple navigation, the U.S. employs the GPS system to guide missiles. If the Iranians can jam and spoof their way into controlling a drone, it isn’t a huge leap to believe have the ability, or will soon have the ability, to do the same thing with guided missiles.

    It should be noted that GPS jammers are available on the civilian market and have been detected in use inside the United Kingdom. This revelation may also be the reasoning behind the U.S. decision to require drone operators to register their aircraft.

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    • Michael Argirakis

      Hardly,Beisdes that our Sailors are trained in electronic counter measures the back up and used all the time is charts and compass, cant hack them. As a boat owner who has GPS and use it all the time (that by the way isnt anywhere as high tec as our governments) I use the compass all the time as a back up. I also plot and plan any trip I go on from charts. In other words even a 30 mile trip I know the heading and stick to it no matter what the GPS says, so far the GPS is right all the time, but its electronics and can go out anytime………No need another reason for our Sailors being captured………..

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    • watsa46

      IL cannot trust The US with her most advanced technology.

    • They Iranians (and just about anybody else more than cave-men) can *easily* jam US GPS, not to mention the command and control bands used by US drone to satellite communications. But that’s not “news” to the American public who are only sold on the “Shock and Awe” of American/Israeli technology ignoring the simple and obvious weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

    • Steve C Scott

      All this below is Nothing.The cold War never ended for Russia.Soviet sore feelings and a very reinvigorated submarine program is a helluva lot more present and dangerous situation FBM and attack, both.These guys are behaving in a way not seen since 1991.Diodes always find a way through electronic hocus pocus in perpetual flux.Countering, counter measures.The war beneath the sea includes the largest mega-tonnage weapons these boats can fling.The popular news seems a little devoid of the attention nuclear perils used to attract.Fatal mistake my hearties……

    • mike craig

      The “Texaco map” along with the boy scout compass are the one two punch we need to export water democracy.

    • Oldshooter

      So you think the Navy no longer uses ded. reckoning, or that they can’t tell that they are drifting too far to the East? They could easily have ;made the whole trip with the western (and friendly) shores in sight. Their GPS may well have been messed with, although no one else seems to have reported any problems with THEIRS, but that doesn’t excuse their surrendering, or their being captured by the Iranians.

    • UnknownRider

      The author finds a moral equivalency between Iran and the USA. HAH!!!

      • Philip Bracq

        Unbelievable. The US is such killer and corrupt place. No competition. Iran is the better of the two.

        • it’sthatbad

          How do you feel about wearing a burqa, that is if you are a woman, if not how do you feel about stoning ? Honor Killing………ummmm, now tell us all again, “Iran is the better of the two” ???????


          • Kowalski77


            Iranian women don’t wear burkas, Honor killings don’t take place there and stoning is really really rare, but if you are looking for those stuff take a look at our dear ally, Saudi Arabia where women can’t even drive, let alone all the beheading that take place in there.

        • jmi0112



      ALLAH Habbo ALI wa ALI AL Bab O ALLAH




    • bigcrawfish

      The picture above is Obama’s foreign policy in a nutshell. Hurry up November!!

      • Tom

        Yeah. Hurry up to see the Republicans get CRUSHED by Clinton. You should practice “President Clinton”…. because its a phrase you’ll need for the next 8 years.

        • bigcrawfish

          You mean President Bloomberg!! 🙂 Yea, right. The rats are going down this time. Neither Hillbilly nor Woodstock will save you rats this time.

          • KingAwes0me

            President Clinton… LOLOLOLOL

        • canislupus

          Please promise you’ll commit suicide if your prediction doesn’t come to pass!

        • jmi0112


        • jmi0112

          Globalist Rat

    • The chain of events leads defense analysts to one unmistakable conclusion: Iran has the ability to disrupt US GPS systems.

      A conclusion is not the same as supplying solid and verifiable evidence.

      So why did they claim engine failure in the first instance, perhaps that’s just convenient.

      And the US never once does anything wrong, they’re always the good boys… O wait.

      “The way those sailors were treated was entirely inappropriate. … The U.S. Navy would never demand Iranian sailors hold their hands on their heads and coerce a confession.– James Stavridis, retired U.S. admiral”

      That would imply that the US Navy might be aware and opposed of all the war crimes that they’ve been ordered to carry out — Fear not mr general, here is the thing — you actually have the means to arrest and hold US war criminals, perhaps the thought has never occurred to you.

      Bottomline is, how would US defense forces have responded if the situation was reversed.

    • Dov Even

      Even if the GPS was hacked or antenna “fell”, and both redundant motors had been damaged “wink wink”; was no serious ship near by tracking these vessels? C’mon man! I don’t buy it.

      • zonmoy

        neither do i, this was almost certainly an attempt by elements in our military to get into a war with Iran.

    • markday

      Dig deeply enough and you will probably find out that those Navy Seals were up to no good.

      • Don Hicks

        They were most definitely NOT SEALs. What gave you the idea they were?

        • James

          Nothing he is just looking for a way to find something “evil” in everything so he can excuse his world view.

          • jmi0112

            Looks like recon gone wrong

      • bluegoon

        I refuse to believe they were treated badly, Iranians are really good people, they’re surrounded by psychopaths, they have to rattle sabers. The greatest potential US ally in the MEA.

        Any American who has been to Iran, for wrestling, politics, or correspondence, will outright cry out against any offensive action against them. I don’t know why the US are siding with the bad guys, and it worries me greatly. Iran needs a Western ally able to stand up against violence against it, wonder who will step up. These aren’t bad people.

    • Rancocas

      I don’t see any Iranian war ships in the Gulf of Mexico. America is the source of all the trouble with Iran.

      • James

        They tried that and it usually ends up with their ship breaking down the point is there is no reason for them to come here. We are patrol most of the world and keep the freedom of navigation open so..

      • 1PissedAmerican

        no they’re just running over the border

    • G White

      calling Iran an oxcart nation shows some serious lack of understanding.

    • Dov Even

      Don’t loose fate people, remember someone hacked in to the Iranian centrifuges without them being connected to the external network, how about that technology?

      • EarthView

        Well, at least Iran was able to control the situation and limit the damage despite the concerted efforts of the CIA and Mossad.

    • fred jenson

      Just goes to show other nations are catching up it isnt a fluke that we came in 21 out of 22 in the latest testing of students in math and science kids are learning to react to things instead of using their brains and figuring out why and how we have almost 35 percent that still dont graduate high school our system is failing and just throwing more money at it wont fix it.Problem is we glorify entertainment and sports but a scholar is looked at as a nerd or teachers pet.What would you put more value in a guy that can run a 9 second 100 yd dash,hit a 25 ft jumper or a person that could possibly cure cancer or invent an alternative fuel that wouldnt hurt our atmosphere

    • Domun Ayoobkhan

      This is not Pakistan,where foreign helicopter could fly in and out at you wish .Remember Ben Laden saga in Pakistan .

    • James Bradham

      When this action occurred, I knew that Iran had done this to those in that boat, and yet this country sits by and let this happen to our country and it’s military, I wonder what would happen if this country went to war, and Iran done this, it would put our military at great risk, this president allowed all that monies to go back to Iran, which should have never taken place, this president put at great risk our allies in the mid east, this president made this country fall, and now this country will pay a great price for all of this, this little country plays with us, the greatest country in the world, and what do we do, Please Iran quite doing this, what a joke this administration is, refuses to follow the Good Lord, lets follow someone else………….now look at us, a laughing stock………..thanks mr president…..

    • mickey

      Why do the sailors in the photo all look like Muslim? Just sayin!

    • Eldon Lile

      Let me say – we underestimate other peoples, our attitude comes from many years of being the #1 technology country in the world, which we were. However some nations are fast catching up to us, we have as good are better engineers as anyone in the world. maybe engineers in other countries are better supported, not just wage wise, but tech support, & people support. How many hours per day per week, do other nations engineers put in, compared to US engineers? Do we put our design and development engineers in a location that supports their work ? are do we put them in small cubicles under great pressure? We do need to get some ideas out of mind – I am better, so I need more money, and put in less hours, with less supervision, and more vacation time. At this time it seems we have to many me, me, me, people ?

    • l2a3

      And of course NO ONE can read or use a map and compass or sextant anymore. Typical liberal mentality “We are the greatest and smartest people on earth, no one can compare to us. Correction “we have the dumbest people running our shop” right now.
      Remember how the “ignorant savages” were watching downloads from the drones in their caves? It looks like we never fixed that problem.

      • Gregory Dittman

        They also can’t seem to use binoculars. That land mass to the East is Iran. If they can make out individual blades of grass, they are way too close.

      • Much of our ground military can read a map, and this writer is either lying or misinformed when talking about the GPS satellite system’s data being unencrypted…

        • jmi0112

          He said they had means to bypass the encryption.

      • James

        They stopped teaching traditional navigation a while back. They are restarting that now.

        • jmi0112

          Wrong. We have never solely counted on gps and electronics. Never

    • I_phantom

      There is a story behind the story without any doubt, and we’ll not learn it from the Mint Press of all places. The media presents what the media presents. We are unlikely to learn the truth about politically sensitive events without careful consideration of information from multiple sources.

    • Joel Lerner

      To be bested by Iran?? Shame on us!!!
      Im mortified that Iran had the gumption to treat our Navy personnel like that.
      Its clear as day they dont fear or respect us.
      This is what our current administration has done to us.
      Defanged the United States!

      • EarthView

        Too bad. Then, stop sticking your nose into other countries’ business.

      • zonmoy

        Funny, Iran wasn’t invading our Territorial waters those sailors invaded theirs!

        • Danny Motorcycle

          Invaded? really?
          An invasion is a military offensive in which large parts of combatants of one geopolitical entity aggressively enter territory controlled by another such entity, generally with the objective of either conquering, liberating or re-establishing control or authority over a territory, forcing the partition of a country, …
          Either they got there by mere accident (highly improbable), or they were ordered to, or this story is legit, iran fooled the equipment they were relying upon. This story could be legit or perhaps the U.S. wanted to create and excuse not to play ball with Iran concerning giving them back all those billions of dollars and lifting sanctions. perhaps they wanted a narrative to replace the iran hostage crises story.By golly they didn’t respect carter but they respect obama! *spit*

          • zonmoy

            yet if an Iranian ship had gone in our waters like ours went in theirs you really think the headlines wouldn’t be screaming invasion.

          • jmi0112

            Wrong. Europe and the US is currently being invaded by foreign invaders and it has nothing to do with a military offensive.

      • jmi0112

        Really. If the roles were reversed do you see the treatment being any different? Get real.

    • Brad Kopp

      Our military needs to wake up and realize that some very smart people live outside the US.

    • Stan Byers

      Electronics on the battlefield can do some awesome things but dependency on them and hydraulics is a huge mistake.

    • Herman

      We are never told the true always lies from the State department or the government …by now we are used to it..
      weapons of mass destruction everywhere!!!!

    • Flatroader

      Why does the USA always take the high road dealing with enemies when our enemy uses the gutter and underhanded tricks that we only whine about.

      • Stefanovitch

        You must not be familiar with US history

        • Flatroader

          Is that what you think professor ……lol I’m 66 yo and worked in a coal mine for 45 yrs and I watched this government commit atrocities against foriegn governments and against it’s own white citizens with the obammah admin. in power.. Red lines in the syrian sand defined our foreign policy with that halfrican backing down at every turn. Are you anti American who only knows negative history ….. ?

          • Stefanovitch

            No. I am an American who understand colonization for resources, and that we are the best in the world at it. By denying this, you are a disgrace to true Americans who expect to turn this policy around.

            • Flatroader

              You are a “dreamer” and should be deported …11111111

              • Stefanovitch

                BWAHAHAHA! Deported to where? My home country of Washington State? BWAHAHAHAHA!

                • Flatroader

                  Then you are a member of what native american tribe. ???? and don’t break it down for me .like 1/4 Polish…. 1/4 German …. 1/8 Irish ….1/16 Scottish 9/ 32 English and 1/32 Native american and the rest unknown ……. cause you either full (or in your case fool) blooded indian or you ain’t $#!t.

    • Sgt. Stedanko

      Me personally, I was ashamed to see those sailors cower the way they did and the apology that followed. For our great military to act like whipped dogs is embarrassing. It was almost as if that whole episode was a set up in some way. It’s perplexing.

      • Digital.Gods

        Right Rambo, you would have killed all the captors with your gritty looks right? Armchair warrior.

        • Sgt. Stedanko

          I fought for my country, did you? I expected some limp wrist Lib, like yourself, to respond in a wimpy manner to what I said. You and your party are the reason the world has no respect for us as a nation anymore. Stay in your moms basement and just keep quiet.

          • Stefanovitch

            How rude

          • bobwire40


          • Danny Motorcycle

            LOL nice response.

      • Joel Lerner

        I agree, what should the Navy personnel have done in this situation when being captured?
        Your thoughts…I was mortified to see this as well.

        • Noah James Ford

          It’s a tough spot to be in. I don’t want to surrender to Iran, but at
          the same time I don’t want to fight them off and get myself killed, then
          have this useless administration most likely do nothing about.
          There’s nothing wrong with surrendering if it’s the last resort. There’s no rule in the military that you must fight to the death but if you get captured there are rules you have to abide by.

          Apologizing to Iran was not the thing to do, and the young Lt. should
          not have done that but more blame lies with our leaders who let our
          sailors be seized, humiliated, their boat searched, sim cards for the
          SAT phones stolen, used as propaganda for Iran, then Kerry and Obama
          thank Tehran and apologize themselves.

          In one of the basic SERE classes I took they told the story of people, I can’t remember if they were Americans or Brits or where they were from, but they were captured by Iran. Three of them had some sort of SERE training and didn’t participate in the propaganda like the others. Once they were about to be released there is a group photo of them all smiling and waving, looking foolish and helping Iran’s image, while the three men stand in the back behind the group with their heads down, not letting their faces be seen if they can’t help it, again, not helping the propaganda.

    • Dorian Gray

      The boat story is inexplicable by the drone story, unless we assume that the boats’ GPS were hijacked in the same manner as the drone, but why would small patrol boats be running on autopilot; don’t they have a compass and a helmsman? To me, the larger lesson from the drone story is that the US military becomes more vulnerable the more it relies on (increasingly expensive) technology. Which in turn makes me ask: is the US military as powerful as it claims to be, or are we being sold a comforting lie by our government and the military/industrial complex? Both the Soviets and the Americans should have learned in the Middle East that a relatively small number of “insurgents” can stop a major power in its tracks and tie it down for a decade. We now are seeing that a small country, or even a private group, with a sophisticated cyberwar capability can create chaos for a “major” military power. What happens when our enemies disable the information systems that operate our planes and ships, or disrupt the logistics networks that supply them with fuel?

    • Dave

      Our guys have become too dependent on “systems”. Better start carrying a dead reckoning plot in their heads again……

    • chad

      Truth is the leaders of America are more concerned about pleasing the Islamic people then the welfare of the America n people ! Diversity gone wild can only destroy a nation when the people rights of that nation are tramped on and others are given more respect and consideration then Americas ! America is in deep trouble,has no idea who,what it stands for and American pride is lost in sewer of diversity ! NO LIGHT CAN BE SEEN FOR THE SURVIVAL OF AMERICA VALUES. America has caved in to every culture and lost it’s own identity !

      • Stefanovitch

        That’s not “truth.” That’s your opinion. How sad that you don’t know the difference.

        • bobwire40


        • chad

          Has Barry went to a Christian church and told the children he was sorry for all the Christians Muslims have killed and beheaded ! NO ! He did tell a Muslim School in DC he was sorry for the way Christians treat Muslims ! YOU DON”T KNOW THE TRUTH WHEN YOU SEE IT !

        • chad

          Is that way he went to a Muslim school in America and sad what he said about big bad Christians picking on them ,while thousands are being beheaded around the world and Americans live in fear of what could and will happen because of Islamic hate towards Americans ! Remember 911,how about Boston ! It is sad you live in denial. Good luck !

    • beware mouse

      did anyone pay attention to what stopped them? a fishing boat!!! does anyone know this boat can haul tiny nukes? yes we have a problem here… a fishing boat without guns can subvert our heavily armed NAVY

      • Wayne Guy

        Next week there will be story of an aircraft carrier passing too close to Iran and fishing boat comes out and demands a surrender then obama tells the captain you have to surrender we don’t want to upset the Iranians.

    • homeboy johnson

      By gosh, they did it.

    • Guido Travaglini

      Never underscore an enemy, especially if technologically well equipped. O’Banana should learn this lesson once and for all.

    • Imran Kazmi

      Obama is a Lucifer lol.

    • Imran Kazmi

      america lol just lol. Sooner or later US will be wipe out by Iranian forces.

      • Northwoodsman

        Imran you been smoking some of that Iranian Hash, better lighted up it can make you delusional OH it has already.LOL.

      • Molon Labe

        Yeah OK… now you got us scared !!! Camel humper

      • Danny Motorcycle

        we’re shaking in our boots. we’re horrified, terrified, petrified, terrified, and a few other fieds.. by iran..
        As if we cant’ blow up iran and the world multiple times over at the push of a button. I suppose you must
        dream of something to make you powerful before you molest an animal.

    • Natt Cha

      If the less wealthy North Korea can hack why not the Iranian with wealth flowing from the ground.

    • Eddie Wienbauer

      This sounds a lot like propaganda. Not sure just how much of this I belive.
      Either that, or just really poorly written.
      That the drone went down inside their airspace I have nor problem with,but the way it is told here,sounds to much like propaganda

      • darthsideous

        Google “Mint Press” There is your answer.

        • Eddie Wienbauer

          Ok will do

    • Martin Tray

      I ‘ve always found that having Non Electrical/Primitive backups is always better…

    • ttom500

      The last I knew…the north star still shines over the Persian Gulf and if you have one boat with a motor failure and one with a working motor. You put the boat u

      • Eddie Wienbauer

        No stars in broad daylight.

        • Bernoulli

          Not quite true. I can think of at least one.

        • ttom500

          By golly you are right. The sun raises in the east and sets in the……west.

    • Stuck_in_Ca

      The Air Force should have dropped a jdam on the rq-170 and the command boats.

    • Baba Looey

      Fear the OBozo!

    • Niall F

      My guess would be, the powers that be in the US government,
      intentionally put those men in harms way hoping the Iranians would kill
      them kicking off a war with Iran they been wanting for a long time. And
      before you vote down, do a little reading. The US government has a long
      history of killing, or getting Americans killed to further it’s own

      • Kevin Rice

        you are a moron

        • bobwire40


        • Niall F

          Guess when you are wilfully dumbed down, that is the best comment you can come up with. Good for you, you get a common core “everyone gets a blue ribbon for participation award”. Yay for you.

          • Kevin Rice

            I am way too old to have ever been taught under the common core, but my answer is a result of 29 years in the military – where we are encouraged to be brief and to the point. After re-reading your original post, my original comment doesn’t really change: you are a moron.

            • zonmoy

              you best be brief, the more you write the more the brainwashed moron you prove yourself.

              • Kevin Rice

                I bet you have never served, have you? If you had, you would know just how moronic Niall’s theory is.

                • zonmoy

                  Never broke your brainwashing have you

            • Niall F

              29 years in the military. You sir are a good little solider who’s only knowledge was on a need to know basis. Once again, do some reading, do a little digging, you will find out, the governent will sacrifice it’s own people to get what it wants. Or, stay the same great you, wilfully ignorant.

        • zonmoy

          I see your seeing your own reflection, in fact niall has the best hypothesis of what happened.

    • Dirck Hagers

      The U.S is such a laugh its embarrassing …The Economy going down the toilet..a third world Infrastructure with Hi ways needing repair , Bridges falling down ,buses and Railway system crashing…still no bullet train, with so many aircraft including Navy jets crashing cant build a Stealth Jet fighter … the F-35…which is a complete dud..with the Chinese stealing its files from Lockheed and building their own with two engines instead and No problems in record time.Showing off the New Stealth Destroyer ” USS Donald Cook” … having its electronics switched off by a Russian SU-24 which then continued 12 demo attacks…Wow What a mess! Putin and China made a fool of you and now even Iran …You need to understand you are bankrupt America..Its already been proven you couldnt win a war if you tried! Your FIAT Money Scheme ( based on Debt) has crippled you…Its the end of the mighty USD which is and has always been nothing but a currency printed out of thin Air..which China is dismantling and eliminating as we speak.Americans should be grateful because if it wasnt for Russia and China we would be in the middle of WWlll because of your cabal U.S government.Count yourself lucky!The US will never ever be in Control of the world. Of the total of 204 Nations …194 lost their Trust in the USA. Wake up America while you still Obama intends to take away your guns soon! God bless you!

      • donamick

        Nothing is perfect. You don’t like it leave or just die!

      • darthsideous

        Ok. LOl. Wow. We have a stealth fighter with 2 engines already, the F22. The F35 is already in service. So much for a dud. Th US Donald Cook story is a crock made up to create tiny boners in Russia. The plane in question the Su24 doesn’t even carry electronic countermeasures as part of its payload or design. Its a soviet era light bomber…not to mention it was unarmed at the time of the incident.

      • Toni LeAnn Williams

        Dirck, you are such a clown! Oh, that’s right, you are an uneducated, ungrateful Republican!

        • Danny Motorcycle

          That rant was clearly not republican. Perhaps communist or some such.

      • Danny Motorcycle

        if america is so bankrupt why does china invest so much in us? If our technology is so bad, why are other countries trying to steal the technology? If all that you said was true, you wouldnt’ need to say it. We clearly are no where near bankrupt. People from other countries risk death and die to be here. We are the land of opportunity and wealth. We are eating well over here. Our celebrities make more money in a year than a lot of other countries national economies. You sir are laughable. Thank you for the morning laugh. Now back to your masturbatory fantasy, if you weren’t able to secure an animal to rape.

    • Jenny Doll

      Probably the confluence of several factors; Saudi Arabia denying passage through their territorial waters as payback, given the US leading the lifting of sanctions on Iran with more cheap oil flooding the world petroleum market which placed the two boats much further out and closer to Farsi Island. The Iranians seeing their good fortune switched on their GPS EW gear and lured the two boats into their territorial waters. Fortunately they didn’t blow them out of the water. Another learning experience whereby we need to make some major improvements to our GPS systems.

    • charlie K

      It appears that our military has to introduce inertial navigation once more.

      • Eddie Wienbauer

        Yeah.Guess they didn’t have a compass aboard. And they wanna give the soldiers electronic rifles…

    • Level 99

      A self destruct was lacking on the RQ 170

      • Joe B.

        As mentioned in the article, the aircraft’s control signal was jammed. Because of that, it reverted to auto pilot and tried to fly home (then falling victim to GPS spoofing). If the CIA couldn’t control the aircraft, there was no way to detonate the “scuttling charge”

    • Ken Price

      To ignore Iran’s technological prowess is at your own risk. When it comes to technology Iran is up with most of Western Europe. They are not some North Korean wannabe. In comparison, Pakistan has atomic bombs, but can produce not much else of anything.
      Ox cart only societies, do not launch satellites into orbit.

    • guest

      What a bunch of bull. There is no way anyone in control is going to send 2 river patrol boats out into a large body of water like this unless something is up. Most likely someone in charge decided that by sacrificing these two boats and crew, they could stop the US and Iran deal, you know they don’t care about anyone including our children, the men and women of our military.

    • TeeJae

      I knew there was something fishy about this story the moment it came out. Thanks for this!

    • 5JimBob

      Mint Press is an Iranian “Agent of Influence”. A vehicle for a pro-Iranian line on current events similar to “Russia Today” and its service as a propaganda mouthpiece for the Putin regime.

      • TeeJae

        1. Um, no.

        2. But you’re okay with US “Agents of Influence” (aka corporate-owned “mainstream” media) being propaganda mouthpieces for our (corporate-owned) government?

        • 5JimBob

          Um, yes.

          And yes, I’m okay with propaganda mouthpieces for anybody who wants to have one. Including Iran. Including you. If you’re fond of Mint Press, that’s great. But reading only one side of every issue is like sticking your head inside a cardboard box and yelling to yourself.

          • Chuck

            And you think the US news media would be allowed to print this and let everyone in the country know that our defense contractors are thieves and liars? Wouldn’t happen, as Cheney and his ilk make billions off the tax payers.

            • 5JimBob

              Chuck, somebody, somewhere is “allowed” or maybe brave enough to “print this” – whatever “this” is. After all, how did you discover ” the truth” except by reading something that somebody was able to print. We have a free press – that includes the alternative press.

              It isn’t necessarily that alternative presses such as Mintpress lie, they’re not that stupid. It’s that not all of them tell all the truth. That’s the essence of Propaganda. The alternative press is also subject to abuse by enemies such as Iran and in my opinion, Mintpress is a mouthpiece for Iranian disinformation.

              • Chuck

                And notice this isn’t a Sheldon Abelson owned media that is reporting this. As I said, you haven’t heard a peep from American propaganda, er, I mean, media outlets. Try reading some media from other countries that have nothing to gain from this.

          • Toni LeAnn Williams

            5JimBob, and yet I bet you love Fox News! And Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, who always just push their own one-sided agenda. Hahahahaha!

            • 5JimBob

              …and I’ll bet you have absolutely no idea what anybody outside your little world thinks, one way or the other. And that’s not a laughing matter.

          • TeeJae

            You don’t understand. People come to alternative news sources like this one to get the OTHER side(s) of the story; or more accurately, the TRUTHFUL side. That’s what alternative media provides, and that’s why it’s gaining in popularity. MintPress is only one of several alternative news sources I read regularly to make sure I’m getting the WHOLE story.

            There’s a reason mainstream media is called the “echo chamber” – because its outlets all parrot the SAME government-controlled narrative. If the government doesn’t want you to know something, you won’t hear it from mainstream news. But you WILL hear it from alternative news because it’s not beholden to government (and by extension it’s corporate sponsors).

    • Raymond Covit

      can build a nuke but not fake out a sat signal? does anybody remember Persia invented chess?

      • Danny Motorcycle

        Chess is believed to have originated in India, some time before the 7th century; the Indian game of chaturanga is also the likely ancestor of xiangqi and shogi. The pieces took on their current powers in Spain in the late 15th century; the rules were finally standardized in the 19th century.

        • Raymond Covit

          ya i found persia got it around 600. originated in india in a time of Sanskrit writing

    • terry bigler

      Well you could do it the old way,,if that is not beyond your technical grade. Another thing that has remain submerged is that the navy is quietly punishing the commander of that mission not for being captured, but for apologizing.. The prime directive is to get your men and women out of harm’s way,this is what he did by the most expedient means possible,,instead of punishment or being bypassed for promotion he should be rewarded for not allowing an incident to occur that could very well have plunged us into yet another stupid war.

      • terry bigler

        Being a realist and a pragmatist by nature it is not difficult to understand that Iran is not at all happy that our fleets are so close to their borders..We have been told that our actions are not in any way bellicose, however Iran may see this in a different light.They wish their security as much s we want ours and would capture any interloper close to our borders.They see themselves as an island of stability in the Islamic world,and while they may be at religious odds with Saudi Arabia,we oly complicate the scenario with our presence.while we do have the right to be in international waters,this does not mean that they are not irritated by our presence.The largest rub we have with Iran is their stance on our good ally Israel,which is understandable.History has proven time and again that little Israel is often a target of Islamic aggression.What we attempt to do by our presence is to dissuade Iran from carrying out their threats.One of which is the entire destruction of the state of Israel.Both states have the right to exist,whether religious dogma agrees or not.Hopefully some sort of tolerance will develop,but the general attitude of Israel’s leaders do not help this out much.There can be no war in the Middle East.It is economically and spritually impossible.All sides need to move far away from an armegedon far as Syria goes ,Assad’s final adversary is time.he too will pass.Brigands like ISIS have taken advantage of this discord and have operated on the house divided principle..Iran should recognize that they are within ISIS’s reach if not their grasp.ISIS is gathering an army of the disenfranchised.Collateral splinter groups could well fall under their sway,coming together as a larger conglomerate.This is in part due to the Saudi meddling with other nations religious background and the spread of Wahabism and it’s offshoots. Many desire control of Mecca as it is the keystone for controlling Islam.This is not the 10th century and even if an Islamic force that was unified could possibly develop ,it faces serious and dedicated adversaries ,which surround them.China and Russia are well aware of these rumblings and will not roll over .They have more than enough military power to completely overwhelm any such force that challenges them.They are also the ultimate realists in the face of sloganizing,posturing and gesturing..The US fears being drawn in to such a conflict in the defense of Israel.They would however have no choice as they do not abandon allies.If Iran does not focus on ISIS and ignores them it is at their own peril..

        • terry bigler

          Both Israel and the Islamic world must realize that they come from the well spring of Abraham,dogma aside they are children of the same lineage. In finality,both worship the same god ,but called by different names.

          • terry bigler

            when pointing at the moon only the foolish focus on their own finger.

          • bigcrawfish

            They don’t worship the same God!!! Allah is the old “pagan moon God” and they also worship a meteorite in Mecca.

            • zonmoy

              first half debunked


              and so they worship a meteorite, Christians worship a torture and execution device. if Jesus was executed in an electric chair they would be worshiping electric chairs.

              • bigcrawfish

                BS zonbie….We have proof, the Zombies have none. Please worship the moon rock if it fits your belief.

                • zonmoy

                  Sorry, rather call the same evil god the same evil god for all three religions!

                • bigcrawfish

                  Belief in a higher power is a difficult concept for educated people. I think people like to do it because they want to believe that humans are unique and are so much more advanced than the other animals, our development must have been helped along at some point supernaturally. Since that concept can’t be proved or disproved, I’d say that religion is here to stay.

              • bigcrawfish

                @Zonmoy…You reference only one article but there are hundreds that explain the beliefs of pre-Islamic Arab gods. There have been hundreds of temples unearthed with the “moon god” named “Sin” depicted. His title was, in Arabic, il, ilah, or al-ilah…finally shortened to Allah. Allah is the old pagan moon god, make no mistake about it.

                2) They have been worshiping the meteorite since before Islam, and still do!! They turn their prayer rugs to the meteorite, which happens to be in Mecca. Most Christians do not worship physical symbols or historical artifacts, but worship the concept they represent. Many Christians wear a small cross on a chain around their necks symbolizing the concept that Jesus died for our sins, nothing more.

                • zonmoy

                  I referenced one of many, and the crosses are little more than idols!

          • cyrusmm1

            May be Both Arabs and Jews from Abraham but not not Iranians.

        • bigcrawfish

          They’re Muslim and are commanded by the Koran to behead us. Any questions? The Muslims are commanded by the Koran to kill the Jews. Any questions? I don’t want to be friends with them because they scream “death to America and Israel” constantly. We simply need to protect ourselves from Iran, not try and reason with those poisonous snakes. I think we have long passed the point of seeing Iran as a tolerant, reasoning, good neighbor. All that’s left is war because the towelheads took over and made it that way.

          • Mike

            I don’t get it. Americans all over the internet calling for nuking Iran to oblivion. Death to Iran, Death to ISIS. But when they shout it its more meaningfull or? I don’t get it.

            What’s the difference?

            • bigcrawfish

              We’re trying to wake people up. Iranians want to kill us. Tens of thousands of Iranians mass together frequently and tell us they want us dead, and intend to kill us. Any questions? Are we to respect them, do business with them, allow them into our country, allow them around our families? You can if you want to…

              • Mike

                Yes I do have a question. Tens of thousand Iranians want the US dead. And millions of US born citizens want Iranians dead.

                Now the US violating Iranian International waters is a clear example of how alot of Americans react. So many are saying the US sailors should have opened fire. Even more are calling for war and nuclear action against Iran.

                For what? Cos the USN screwed up and Iran was in it’s right to detain them in Iranian waters?

                Also a question. How does a piece of bundled paper ‘command’? Do you hear voiced when your around books?

                And no I can’t if I wanted to. I have no goverment position in the US at all to influence it’s decision making process.

                • bigcrawfish

                  Have you been living in a part of the world that didn’t have television for the last THIRTY YEARS? Have you not seen the death chants by Iranian “rent a mobs” over that time? …and to this day!!

                  Here’s the deal Abdul, there’s something called international maritime law that dictates how broken down vessels and crews are handled by the host country. America has assisted broken down Iranian vessels in the Gulf often, and never once arrested the crew. Furthermore, there is evidence that Iran jammed the GPS on those boats. If proven, that’s an act of war. GPS jammers can be purchased over the counter by anyone…but like a gun, the use is restricted.

                  I have never once seen a crowd of thousands or Americans chant “death to Iran” in my entire life. You’re lost in space Muslim.

                  • Mike

                    Dear Mr. B. I come from a country where we have freedom of press. So our media and television is not state controlled like in the US. Meaning we hear the truth about these matters.

                    Yes I know what it dictates. My country dictates it all.

                    America? Or the US? Which of the two is it? Major difference there.

                    I don’t recall any instance where the USN asissted broken down vessels inside Iran’s territorial waters. Could you list those instances where this happened?

                    To be honest I have never once seen a crowd of thousands of Iranians either. But I’m sure you can provide evidence. Just like US presidential candidates claiming that happend in the US. And not one of them could proof it, lol.

                    I have not heard of the US goverment presenting any evidence about GPS jammers at all. You contradict yourself really. You claim there is evidence? Why do you say ‘IF’ proven? When there is evidence the proven wouldn’t be a if would it now?

                    • bigcrawfish

                      Our navy has indeed rescued Iranian vessels, mostly fishing vessels, in the Persian Gulf and I remember the incidents well. Google it, it’s there. Same with Iranian protests whereby they did their little death chants. I’ve seen that a hundred different times. You obviously are not well informed, or not up on current events. The mint press has an article out tonight on the GPS jamming of those boats. There’s an investigation underway. We’ll see if they can uncover the evidence.

                      • Mike

                        You remember it so well you just can’t mention them in words?

                        If you like to back up your claims with proof be my guest. I’m no Google warrior so sorry. I have a actual education you know, lol.

                        I could claim Bigfoot is real too. Just google it.

                        Nope I’m not well informed here so just use words to provide evidence to your claims.

                        As far as I know no Iranian Navy ships have ever received any aid from the USN inside US territorial waters. Be welcome to prove me wrong.

                        I do not understand why there is a ‘investigation’ is under way? Can’t they just use google? Oh wait that doesn’t work in any court of law.

                      • bigcrawfish

                        You’re playing word games now because you lost the argument. I’m not your third grade teacher, do your own work bigfoot.

                      • Mike

                        Haha very cute try. Having a hard time finding facts maybe?

                        Have you had an education? I have. And I already know your ‘google’ is banned at schools and university.

                        I guess your nothing more then a keyboard warrior then?

                        And you actually believe the USN is lost without GPS? Well dear I was educated before there was internet. Plus per your own words I’m more skilled then the USN. I have ways to know my position without GPS. Amazing isn’t?

                        No Iranian Navy ships have ever received any aid from the USN inside US territorial waters. No argument will save you. Present facts and we’ll discus it. Can’t remember all of a sudden? 😉

                      • bigcrawfish

                        I said in the “Persian Gulf” clearly. You ignore facts because you have a Muslim marching band playing in your head and logical arguments, and details, are a waste on you. Your “Google” is banned where you live, not here, and that’s why you can’t keep up….or choose not to because your government is paying to argue a point. Have a nice day.

                      • Mike

                        It’s banned in educational systems. Google works fine where I live but I don’t use it because I have a capable brain, lol.

                        You can only arrest people in a countries territorial waters. The USN ships illegally entered Iranian territorial waters and got arrested. The Iranian Navy had all the right to do so.

                        Now if and when Iranian Navy ships enter US territorial waters you can do the same.

                        The USN wouldn’t dare arresting people in international waters.

                        I find it very curious that you claim to ‘remember’ things but are unable to put it into words. Sounds like denial to me.

                        I do know my history well. Bad people will always shout things very loudly without backing up those words with facts. I guess your just one of those people …

                      • bigcrawfish

                        So you know everything and don’t have to look anything up because you have a “capable brain?” Then why are countries spending billions of dollars on super computers when we have you? You’re high on yourself, you can’t admit when you’re wrong, and are still beating dead horses to save your argument. Have a nice day.

                      • Mike

                        That is fine with me. You are free to think whatever you want of me.

                        The US sailors were wrong. And they admitted it for the world to see.

            • Danny Motorcycle

              You clearly are ignorant of the world and world history. The muslims have been a death cult for 1400 years. Iran is the worlds greatest sponsor or terrorism. Spend some time on amnesty internationals website. Isis is becoming rich and powerful. They’ll have to be dealt with before they put that money to use attackign us at home. You’re views will change eventually. You can ignore a bad guy being a bad guy up until the point the bad guy attacks you personally.

              • Mike

                Agreed. Bad guys do ad hominem attacks. A good example of this is calling people you don’t know at all ignorant because they have different ideas.

                So sorry but I live in a free country. I can have any view I want and not ever change it. And there is nothing you can do about it.

                • Danny Motorcycle

                  Since you are ignorant of the world ignorant, maybe you’ll actually read it if someone puts it in your face, since you obviously do not know what the word actually means. I’m not calling you ignorant as an insult, i could do better than that, i’m pointing out the fact that you clearly do not know things as a matter of fact. lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular.”they were ignorant of astronomy”
                  synonyms:without knowledge of, unaware of, unconscious of, oblivious to,incognizant of, unfamiliar with, unacquainted with, uninformed about, ill-informed about, unenlightened about, unconversant with, inexperienced in/with, naive about, green about; More

                  • Danny Motorcycle

                    If my point was that you were ignorant of all things, then i would be attacking you personally as in “you are ignorant.” I didn’t say that. I said you are ignorant of current events and history. I suspect you might be sensitive to the word ignorant though, you get called that a lot?

                  • Mike

                    Well the leader of the Free World has spoken about the Muslims. Is the President of the United States of America ignorant too? What about all the worlds leaders speaking out about Muslims? Are those ignorant too?

                    I don’t remember any mention of a ‘death cult’. Quite the opposite even.

                    Should I call you ignorant for not knowing the US constitution? Look up freedom of religion.

                    I see people who attack freedom of religion as bad guys.

    • kejjer

      I don’t doubt that a few electrical and mechanical engineers can disrupt the GPS systems given a some money.
      How can anyone doubt that–its just a beep from several satellites–with a clock to time when they get to the system. The system then runs a geometry algorithm to pin point itself based on those signals. Draws a nice pretty map so a person can relate to it and bingo!

      So to disrupt it you just put a larger signal on the same frequency and drowned out the signals from the satellites.
      Now –I don’t know how to fake the signal to make it think it is somewhere else. I would assume you would need to PULSE the signal a the same frequency–but time it differently so that throws off the original signal. That would be complicated. I would imagine you would need a few airplanes flying around the object pulsing the signal they wanted it to receive. But that sounds very complicated–maybe towers–but don’t know how you would fake altitude.

      Now on GITMO–total BS!
      and on ATTACKING IRAN!–we don’t go into the streets every friday after prayers and shoult DEATH TO IRAN!

      • Toni LeAnn Williams

        When the USA was in Iraq and we captured prisoners, our hired prison guards roped the naked Iraqi prisoners together by their penises and then shoved them around making them fall down over and over. Laughing at them the entire time. That is how we treat our prisoners. Do your research! Heck, look at what our police in the USA do! They are constantly shooting unarmed people, some of them in the back, kicking handcuffed people to death, shooting dogs and women and children at random, hanging them in their cells, beating them to death. Why would you expect us to handle international prisoners any differently? Hahaha, you Republicans don’t have a clue! Grow up and get educated!

        • kejjer

          I think you mean Iraq. but your whole paragraph is a rambling garble of misinformed facts that I doubt you have any idea what happens in the real world–Please keep watching “The Daily Show”
          Your not good for much else.

        • mitch

          when was the US in iran last time we where there was under jimmy carter

          • Toni LeAnn Williams

            I made a typo, I meant Iraq. You know, during Bush’s Iraq War that started in 2003? By the way, go to Youtube and look up General Wesley Clark and watch his video about how Bush and Cheney planned to take out 7 different countries ending with Iran. Just because they couldn’t think of anything else to do, according to the general.

          • Robert A. Watson

            Yes, we all know the story. What has come to light recently was that Al Haig, you remember Reagan’s Chief of Staff don’t you?… Al Haig talked to the Iranians about keeping the 53 American hostages until Reagan’s inauguration; the Iranians wanted to release the hostages much earlier. We all know Jimmy Carter’s Human Rights Policies caused great disruptions to American foreign policy. Forcing the release of 20K political prisoners in Iran only allowed the Ayatollah Khomeni to return from exile in France to seize power and close down US bases used to launch the U2 over the then USSR. The suspension of Turkey from NATO in 1975 for its invasion of Cyprus was revoked because new bases were needed to watch the USSR and it’s satellite States. The US propping up of Saddam Huseyin was done is effort to block Iranian expansion… our government acted to control Huseyin when he seized Kuwait… a fictitious country that was created by the British by drawing lines on a map from Iraqi territory. (The fear was that Huseyin would take control over world oil pricing instead of Saudi Arabia setting the prices as the largest producer. ARAMCO is a consortium of several foreign oil companies and the Saudi’s, so there is some give and take there.) Now Syria has been used as a training area for the Hesbollah Militia since the 1967 War with Israel. The Golan Heights of Syria were taken by Israel then for two reasons: 1) highest ground, 2) source of the River Jordan. Only a trickle of the River Jordan is allowed to flow into Syria now. The Hezbollah support Palestinians inside Israel in terrorist activities from Southern Lebanon. Israel has sent troops into S. Lebanon twice pursuing the Hezbollah… they simply leave into Syria for protection. This is the reason for current regime change operations… to do the fighting for Israel! What should have been done was: return the Golan Heights back to Syria in exchange for their withdrawl of support for the Hezbollah and normalization of relations between the two countries… working toward a recognition of the State of Israel and a separate Palestinian State. But NO; to keep the Military Industrial Complex working for our economy, we need to continue to prosecute military activities. Wake up!

    • Jim Duncan

      Still a lot of BS here. There should have been at least 4 types of navigation on these boats/personnel. Military GPS, cell phone or hand held GPS, compass based Radar and Beacon based radar, sonar, old fashion Compass and maps, sight, and internet based. Most small fishing boats have at least 2-4 of these on open water. Now, even of true if Iran is interfering with navigation of planes or boats, the boats in international waters or planes in international air space, both would be an offensive act of war. If the plane was truly over Iran They do have to right to take it down any way they want. How did they also block basic UHF/VHF radio?

      • Robert Pedigo

        Have you ever heard of EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) technology, that would be a weapon I would focus on if I were Iran and worried about a modern military attack. You don’t take on the modern weaponry, you disable it’s systems and it is useless.

        • I don’t know about naval vessels but military aircraft electronics are hardened against EMP. It wouldn’t due to have all your vehicles halted after the first shot in a nuclear exchange would it?

          • Robert Pedigo

            It’s just speculation on my part, but I would think Iran, China and a couple of others would be working on systems to interfere with and shut down our electronics and communications in an event including satellite disruption. Everyone already knows we use guided munitions.

    • Young Godz

      Hey Justin King you little pervert, you lost it when you mentioned Guantanamo Bay.

    • Karnaugh Map

      Ok let’s assume most people are not completely stupid and can Google a map of the Persian Gulf and Farsi Island. If the sailors are traveling toward Bahrain then Saudi Arabia is on their starboard, Farsi Island is on their port, and Iran is on their port. Navy personnel please write these nautical terms down. If Saudi Arabia coast starts to get smaller and the Iranian coast starts to get bigger …. turn to fekin starboard.

      • Jack G Simpson Jr

        hahaha good one

      • hotrodder

        OK I remember PORT——-LEFT ,,, (USS ARMY ) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • barry mawon

      Once the plan is opened the box cannot be closed, the whole plan with the help of the Navy was clear but the start of the distrust has started the whole truth is just a sell out look at the local disruption. Now the face of Al Sharpton is once more on seen this Guantanamo detainees are just part of the show to slow down the real picture. Folk forces are afloat to bring the nation down or are we just in a dream world.

      • Jack G Simpson Jr

        ummm…can I get some of whatever you’re smoking to make you senseless? You remind me of an old car called a Rambler.

    • AZYM

      President Obama said,Iranian are,extraordinary people with extraordinary history
      Bush said, Iranians are great people with fantastic history,
      Iran(Persia) is the greatest culture in history, through the history almost every thing good came from there, Iran teached European from civilization to language, or even how to be romantic,and 2500 years ago Syrus The Great brought human rights but King puppet by order of England killed us by law of that time because of our land 3% of oil be should paid to us,
      US overthrow good Iranin government in 1953, and in last 90 year England brought his father to steal oil,England US, Israel are the one that killing Iranians, but Iran government they been killing only it own people
      Israel / US arm dealers pushed and helped Sadam Hosuin in 8 year war, ONE MILION IRANIAN DIED OR INJURED AND TRILLION DAMAGED ( is same as if Iran help to kill or injured 9 million American or 200000 Israeli ), NOW do you see the tragedy of US / Israel evil doers made 100s of billions but $Trillion dollar damaged to Iran and made more fanatics, you see Iranians today in US and other countries are the most civilized people
      $Trillions dollar from England,US,Israel and part of new release money should go to people of Iran that got hurt for last 90 year

      • Dov Even

        AZYM, I told you not to go back 2500 years to look for an Arab hero man, you do know he was not Muslim do you? And you do know he invaded million of people and dozens of countries do you not? So I guess my question is what do you care if the Jews invaded a 300X30 mile desert that no one gave a rats a## while your hero raped, and killed millions?

    • carlos martinez

      The article writers are confused. They confuse terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay with Iranian hostage takers. Those Guantanamo detainees are terrorists, and we are at war with their ideology of Islam, whereas we are not yet at war with Iran. To have U.S. sailors boarded, kneeling and with their hands in their heads, is reserved for enemy combatants. Iran’s act is unforgiveable.

      • TeeJae

        You seem to have missed the point of that comparison completely.

      • Imran Kazmi

        and dont forget that Iran is also an islamic country

    • akdreamer

      The point of this article bringing into question the defense department narrative — shows the cover story given stinks to high heaven, It is neither believable nor acceptable knowing US Technology. As is this weak knee, weak sister explanation.

      This was simply a direct hand-off of high level intelligence from the US to Iran or a high end proposal which the US did not want either Putin or the ISIS to overhear. It consisted of two teams carrying the packet, that were picked up by sea. If one group was not found or compromised the second team was still there. Multiple men as this was in a war zone and any need to fight off an enemy was better suited by a team than with an individual.

      What night this have been first thought is an advance on the hot intel they have recently gotten on ISIS — there is actually a fair amount that has been recently discovered in a capture of a spy by Briton and in one or two raids. Possible Iranian targets. which would be borne about by recent terrorist attacks. Letting them know before hand that they would give sanctions to Iran over its missile tests — that Obama was forced to do something for good face with Israel or for the.UN — This could be borne out by the fact that Iran declared the sanctions illegitimate and has not kicked up the sand or threats it normally does.

      The whole thing with the solders picked up like that is so improbable sitting and waiting in the with engine cut off for however long. making them sitting ducks. Iran’s arrest and incarceration for less than 18 hours goes against all of their behavior since 1979. Do their care about any of our threats — certainly not Obama’s. Of this we can be sure.

      Nuff Said

    • Flyoverman

      What ever happened to LORAN?

      • Nighthawk 572

        Obama had it turned off around 2010.

        • Flyoverman

          Oh good, eliminate the backup. How stupid id that?

    • Lance Fredrickson

      You compare our sailors to Guantanamo Bay detainees?!? Apples and oranges, moron.

    • Nighthawk 572

      The “backup” for the GPS is almost nin-existent. More than half the troops don’t know how to use a msp and compass.

      • Hank Hettinger

        Most Americans can’t read a map and depend on SIRI to tell them where to go and would drive off a cliff if the stupid telephone attached to their hand told them to! How technology has replaced intelligence to allow lower life forms to propagate and stumble around following a stupid hand held electronic box.

    • Sammy Gold

      The Israeli student troll are slowly entering the forum. Shalom!

    • rob dixson

      It makes no sense for the Iranians to arrange an incident that will cause tension with the US days before the nuclear deal is implemented. What would be in it for them except continued economic sanctions? I think this was a US stunt designed to undercut the nuclear deal.

      • Reaper

        It was a failed Obama stunt to make relations between our Countries appear….better?

        • rob dixson

          I don’t think so. I think they were hoping the Iranians would get into a fire fight with them or take them prisoner, anything to excuse canceling the nuclear deal, and justify war. Fortunately the Iranians were smart enough not to do it.

        • Sammy Gold

          How many sheckels do you get paid, Shlomo?

      • TeeJae


    • Sammy Gold

      In a few minutes the Israeli students payed to troll these forums will be up earning their two sheckels an hour.

      • Reaper

        I’d rather earn two shekels than two virgin goats when I die. Muslim men get weak in the knees at the sight of a purebred billygoat.

        • Sammy Gold

          Who killed Christ? Still waiting for the apology. God Bless Iran. God Bless Russia. Israel is in BIG trouble.

          • Kurt Gross

            The Romans killed Christ.

            • Gary Farris

              Your both wrong! Jesus willingly gave up his life that we might be redeemed. Anyways to get back to the article…If I recall there was a U.S. destroyer disabled in the Black Sea by a Russian electronic warfare aircraft recently, so if Iran did confuse the little boats that wouldn’t suprise me. My nephew told me the Iranians were always playing head games with the U.S. fleets that patrol the Persian Gulf. They would fly their aircraft over his ship on a reguar basis.

              • Kurt Gross

                I never said it wasn’t part of God’s plan. The Roman’s were part of that plan by killing his physical body. I always think it’s hilarious when bigoted people spout that the “Jews killed Jesus”, making it sound like all of Israel tailgated the event and sold T-shirts.

                • Mdesyeticamat Mat

                  If humans have sons and daughters, so God does have son too?

            • Mdesyeticamat Mat

              Could human arrested, crucified and killed the son of God( If not God Himself )? It’s just on the other way around.

            • zonmoy

              how could they have killed somebody that is not proven to have existed at all.

              • Kurt Gross

                Can you prove he didn’t exist?

                • zonmoy

                  Burden of proof should always be on the one claiming something exists!
                  Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Tablet

                  • Kurt Gross

                    Are you doubting that the man existed or that He is the earthly manifestation of the Son of God? Do you doubt that Buddha or the Prophet Muhammad existed? Jesus is mentioned in Roman, Jewish, and Greek histories. He’s even mentioned in the Koran. I understand you may not believe that He was the Son of God. That is your personal choice. Some people believe that He was similar to Buddha and Muhammad where religions were created based on their teachings.

                    Isn’t it ironic how some atheist internet trolls routinely show the same level of condemnation for others who don’t believe, or dis-believe, as they do as the fanatics from the Waynesboro Baptist Church?

                    Please stop attempting to force your personal believes on others while hiding behind a keyboard overcompensating for something small in your life.

                    • zonmoy

                      Which histories are you talking about the ones with obvious Pius hoaxes inserted or the vague references and descriptions of the cult of Paul that are the few real ones!

                      • Kurt Gross

                        LOL, Troll on!

                      • zonmoy

                        Yes troll on, your more troll than me!

    • theThinker

      Valid points about EW were hidden behind ridiculous editorial narrative:
      “For comparison, imagine a scenario in which a nation that has attacked a US civilian airliner and whose political leaders have constantly threatened war sent two boats to pass extraordinarily close to the home base of a U.S. Seal Team. The reader can decide if Iran’s actions were appropriate.”
      Come on, is this news or what?
      If the Iranians did indeed launch an EW operation, I’m interested in the following move/countermove that will result. For example, will the moneyspenders figure that, given $10B, is it wiser to equip the entire F16/F18 fleet with unjammable electronics, or to buy five F-35s.
      The future will be interesting.

    • Idealist999 is a very questionable internet news outlet run by Mnar Muhawesh. She says the outlet has investors including retired businessmen, but will not name who they are. I would be very careful about giving this outlet too much credence.

    • ties

      Americans are spoon feed lies by our criminal evil government leaders and America needs Trump and or Sanders ,or our children’s future is in great danger , America will not make it another 4 years..If Hillary or Bush got in America would be finished in6 months

      • tahiti 5000

        Who let you use the computer?

        • zonmoy

          he seems smarter and saner than you.

        • ties

          They can control the media but not me….Looks like you took there bait

        • ties

          your Mama told I could after I put her in bed

    • dave ford

      ya, go ahead now and put lasers on the drones to take out missles, so dumb

    • crawch

      This was the premise of “Tomorrow Never Dies”.

    • bulldog4857

      It was about 5 pm local time. Still light out. The Coast Guard cutter the two were meeting should have been visible. No excuse not to signal it. With flares if necessary.

    • World Peace Now

      If the Neocons ever launch a ‘first strike’ against our numerous enemies, can we imagine the ICBM’s being redirected to the radius point of all human suffering, the Zionist Federation?

      • Mike S.

        Oh jeez. Didn’t “World Peace Now” and the word “Neocon” die with John Lennon?
        Go watch a Michael Moore movie rerun and sing kumbayah.

      • MR AWESOME

        Stop letting your video games influence your real life kiddo.

        • World Peace Now

          Don’t play video games.

          • Mike S.

            Maybe you should. Let the adults discuss this issue.

          • MR AWESOME

            Talk with a therapist then. Maybe you can just wait until you grow up.

    • Sibiryk48

      I see it as a clumsy executed Obama’s team plan “B.” He probably felt needs for a diversion in case of possible disastrous reaction to his speech. He intended saying something destructively bad and changed his mind on last moment (possible, clocks were not synchronized well and Iranians noticed boats too late). Small boats should not be sailing 300 miles away from the base or a shore line. What is a chance that both boats stopped communicating and did not call for help? It is hard imaging them sailing without GPSs. If one boat got a mechanical problem, why could another one not towed it into international water? It’s a prime material for Congressional investigation and conspiracy’s folks.

    • rosswilliams

      “The loss of all communication equipment and GPS systems on two boats at the same time means one thing: electronic warfare.”

      Or that the GPS and communications equipment breakdown were caused by some other problem common to both. I am not sure “electronic warfare” is the most likely or even a plausible explanation. What plausible military purpose would it serve for Iran to deliberately get a couple US patrol boats into their territorial waters?

      “Iran is not a nation many in military circles would see as technologically advanced.”

      Then “many in military circles” are mostly delusional. We just had to negotiate with Iran to prevent them from developing nuclear weapons. I would hope that would dispel any illusions about its technological capabilities.

      As for the apology, people of good breeding are taught to apologize when they screw up. Straying into Iranian waters was a screw-up, but US military personnel aren’t supposed to apologize on film when captured.So the sailor who apologized screwed up a second time.

    • James Wherry

      So is the author suggesting that the U.S. ship experienced mechanical problems and strayed into Iranian waters because its GPS did not work?

      The mechanical failures of one of the two U.S. ships could not have been caused by this technology. The currents would have been right to move from West to East and eventually float into those waters. Absent towing capabilities (which the other ship SHOULD have had), they would have had no choice but to stray.

      What I am glad about is that neither side chose to make this a shooting incident on the eve of better relations.

      What I am concerned about are a lot of unanswered questions:

      1. SOP is to contact Bahrain or Kuwait if engine trouble occurrs. Communications would have been jammed, but no jamming has been reported.

      2. Why did the second boat that was with the first NOT tow the disabled boat into safer waters?

      I do not doubt the Iranians searched for monitoring equipment and for possible spy equipment, so I can rule out the idea that this ship intentionally strayed into Iranian waters to do some spying, but these unanswered questions are intriguing.

      • davidhouston

        There was no mechanical failure. That story has already been denied. Do you are left with multiple navigation errors and total communication failure.

        • James Wherry

          I never know when to believe the denials. If so, ten that would lead to the idea that the GPS malfunctioned or was tampered with, but I don’t buy “communication failure” for an instance.

          Hey, I’m only a Ground Pounder, but I think the Navy is ALSO required to come up with a PACE plan for all of its ships so it has multiple communications systems, not just radio, or sat phone, or cell phone, but all three. And there were 2 river patrol boats, so then you assume that all three failed on both??? That draws more suspicion than I raised in my last post.