Syria Becomes World War Powderkeg As China Joins Russian Alliance With Assad

With China’s presence in Syria — and on the side of Russian and Syrian forces, no less — the last remaining global superpower has injected itself in the most hotly-contested military conflict on the planet.
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    Soldiers with the People's Liberation Army at Shenyang training base in China, March 24, 2007. DoD photo by Staff Sgt. D. Myles Cullen, U.S. Air Force. (Released)

    Soldiers with the People’s Liberation Army at Shenyang training base in China, March 24, 2007. DoD photo by Staff Sgt. D. Myles Cullen, U.S. Air Force. (Released)

    According to state-run Chinese news outlet Xinhua, the Chinese military — citing remarks made by a high-ranking military official during a rare trip to Damascus — is seeking closer ties with war-torn Syria, offering to supply humanitarian aid and even train Syrian military personnel.

    On Tuesday, the Director of the Office for Military Cooperation of China’s Central Military Commission, Guan Youfei, flew to Damascus to have discussions with Syrian Defense Minister Fahad Jassim al-Freij,Xinhua says. Director Guan, speaking with Xinhua, noted historical ties between the two countries and highlighted the positive role China has played in seeking a resolution to the fighting in Syria.

    Reuters points out that Xinhua, paraphrasing Guan’s words, states: “China’s and Syria’s militaries have a traditionally friendly relationship, and China’s military is willing to keep strengthening exchanges and cooperation.”

    China depends on the Middle East for oil imports, but in the past has tended to leave diplomacy to member nations of the U.N. Security Council — chiefly, the U.S., Britain, France, and Russia. However, China has inserted itself more deeply of late.

    Writes Reuters:

    “But China has been trying to get more involved, including sending envoys to help push for a diplomatic resolution to the violence there and hosting Syrian government and opposition figures.”

    The news comes as Syrian government forces, backed by Russian airpower, have established a siege around Aleppo, the last remaining enemy stronghold. Syrian and Russian forces have established humanitarian corridors for which civilians and even rebel fighters can escape — and maintains daily ceasefires for them to do this. Given these developments, it appears the last stand of the rebels may be imminent.

    As Underground Reporter has previously written:

    “All evidence points to the fact that the Syrian government is attempting to give the rebels within Aleppo a chance to surrender without further bloodshed. The rebels, however, appear steadfast. It was recently reported that 7,000 fighters are headed toward Aleppo from the southwest.”

    Interestingly — and, to be sure, concerningly — Xinhua noted that while Director Guan was in Damascus on Tuesday, he met with a Russian general; though the agency provided no further comment on the matter.

    In April, China sent a special envoy to Syria in order to work toward a peaceful resolution to the conflict. The man sent to participate in the talks had previously “praised Russia’s military role in the war, and said the international community should work harder together to defeat terrorism in the region,” according to Reuters.

    The prospect of Chinese involvement in Syria could prove troublesome to that very “international community.” While, thus far, China hasn’t demonstrated a desire to involve itself in the fighting directly, its presence will almost certainly escalate tensions between itself and the United States.

    Remember, the U.S. and China are on the verge of all-out naval warfare in the South China Sea, with neither side willing to give an inch. Recall also that U.S.-led NATO is in Eastern Europe, along the border with Russia, conducting what many have called provocations in an attempt to elicit a response from the Russian military.

    Now, with China’s presence in Syria — and on the side of Russian and Syrian forces, no less — the last remaining global superpower has injected itself in the most hotly-contested military conflict on the planet.

    As Zero Hedge fittingly summarized:

    “Which means that at this moment, every major world superpower is officially involved in the Syrian war, which has on various occasions been aptly called a powderkeg for what may be the next global military conflict — to be sure, all required players are now officially involved.”

    This article (Syria Becomes World War Powderkeg as China Joins Russian Alliance With Assad) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to James Holbrooksand

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    • Yuki Fuyui

      No mention of DPRK special forces, advisers and weapons aid to the Syrian forces since the war begun?

    • Helenlula

      The West, including Americans, have been playing a dirty and deceitful game in Syria’ Divide and Conquer is a very old game. now they doing it in ethiopia. but you don’t hear about it because in Ethiopia there is no crude oil like Syria. *short fact about Ethiopia. in Ethiopia population is 100.000.000, the oromo and Amhara the two major ethnic groups in ethiopia is about 70% of ethiopian population. there is about 25.000.000 different ethnic group. and the last one 5.000.000 (5%) is Tigray ethnic group. this Tigray (TPLF) 5% of Ethiopian population who control the military the economy the public sector every thing sins in 1991. this Barbaric Ethiopian (TPLF) Regime the worst nightmare for Ethiopian people have been killing, torturing, committed genocide the last 25 years in Ethiopia. this dictator Regime TPLF Announced 100% Election Victory in 2014. is that problem for European and the Americans who give this dictator Regime between 8 to 10 billion dollar every year ? no no no because like old game Divide and Conquer this dictator Regime give and do for them what every they went. now i want to give you a little example what is going on by this TPLF regime in this present day . Ethiopian authorities release details of state of emergency
      (October 15, 2016) One week after declaring a six-month state of emergency, Ethiopian authorities released details of the law on Saturday prohibiting exchange of electronic messages and banning public gatherings and demonstrations among others.

      The state run media outlets on Saturday published details of the law as presented by the head of the command post secretariat in charge of the state of emergency and minister of defense, Siraj Fergessa.

      The emergency law prohibits the exchange of messages and information via the Internet, cell phones, social media, television and radio.

      Publishing and distributing documents, holding demonstrations, showing protest gestures, importing and exporting published materials were also prohibited by the law.

      The law specifically mentioned two independent media outlets abroad and banned the public from watching and listening to television and radio programming by the Ethiopian Satellite Radio and Television (ESAT) and Oromo Media Network. The law gives power to security forces to monitor and block messages transmitted via television, radio and movie theatres.

      According to the law, strikes by workers as well as businesses and closing government offices in protest are illegal. The law says protests by students in universities, colleges and higher institutions of learning are also outlawed. The law gives power to security forces to take any action they deemed necessary against students who stage protest rallies.

      The emergency law stipulates that diplomats cannot travel beyond 40 kms radius outside the capital without prior authorization and permission from the command post.

      Members of the police and security forces cannot take leave of absence or resign in the duration of the state of emergency.

      A curfew is in effect from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. local time in areas where there are economic infrastructures, factories, agricultural projects and other investments. The law also authorizes security forces to take whatever measure necessary against people who violate the curfew.

      Areas 50 k.m. inside the the country’s border are designated as red zones. The carrying of firearms are banned in the red zone. Other restrictions imposed in the rest of the country are also applicable in the red zone.

      Carrying firearms within 25 kilometers of highways connecting the capital Addis Ababa to major towns and destinations are also forbidden.

      Security forces are given permission to search and arrest anyone and confiscate possessions without a court warrant, according to the law.

      The emergency law also give security forces the power to take any action to defend themselves from any threat or attack.

      The Ethiopian regime last Sunday declared a state of emergency after a wave of anti-government protests flared up again following the massacre early this month of hundreds of festival goers in Bishoftu, 45 kilometers outside the capital, at a religious festival of the Oromos.

      Local political parties estimate close to 700 people were killed in a stampede as security forces shot tear gas to disperse protesters. Witnesses also say security forces shot and killed several people, who used the occasion to express grievances against the tyrannical government.

      A year long protest in the Oromo region, which was joined this summer by the people in the Amhara region has left hundreds dead as security forces use lethal force to disperse demonstrators, who demanded an end to a dictatorial rule.


        Sorry, but “Americans” aren’t doing this, and neither is the “West”. Our leadership is doing it without our consent and most of the time, without our knowledge.

        • NeverHillary

          Hey we vote these clowns into power.

      • NeverHillary

        I agree with you. The west has gotten to big for its britches. Not long until we get a bloody nose I fear.

    • Sigh… Yellow Journalism!

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    • fred

      The United States never stepped one foot upon the land. The Navy blew up three sites in Yemen that had missile power set up that could be used against the US. They were terrorists sites and they no longer exist. Your hate for the US is unfounded. You must have too much time on your hands. Trying googling the US Navy only vs Russis and China together. It makes more sense as to why the rest of the world does nothing. Sorry about that statement, just having a little fun. Your hate towards the US is unfounded. Saudi was involved as well and had missles fired at them. Google it all. See who saves your azzes

      • Scott Harmon

        This is about Syria, F’n Obama & Hillary have been playing both sides on Saudi Arabia, Oil is corrupt! They should have just let the middle eastern oil go to the Libyan Dinar with a gold standard rather than killing Gaddafi, stealing his gold, and starting another failed nation building attempt. We should be on our own energy resources. Your an idiot, CTR would not even pay you!!!

        • fred

          Yeah the US should be drilling for oil everywhere. Yes we do have it. Looks like a few people out here are corrupt. Why didn’t the US take Iraq’s oil? Sorta stupid not too according to you and some of these other things out here?

        • Eternal Vigilance

          You sure the French did not get Gaddafi’s gold? Hillary provided the bombs, the French the manpower!

      • YaShawn

        The US never stepped one foot upon the land, but has been providing American weapons to Saudis, refueling Saudi planes in mid air and providing Saudis intelligence data and the US ships have made sure that Yemenis do not receive any weapons to defend themselves and for 9 months the US has been watching the death and destruction in Yemen silently. The hate towards the corrupt officials that are active in causing death and destruction around the world (Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan) is very well justified.

    • Keith N. Gillis

      Hmmm, those are not desert fatigues. Kinda stand out. Is there greenery in Syria?

      • Stein

        please, look at the date of pic

      • Nofearorfavor

        The pic was taken in China in 2007 …

    • Michelxya

      The world better start fighting against the NWO criminals…no matter in what country they operate.

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    • guest

      Our presence is illegal. We are supporting “overthrow of a legally established country” and that is against all laws of the land.

      • fred

        No one is overthrowing a country or the US is not overthrowing the country. Check your facts. Just going after the terrorists

        • Galileo

          Fred, I checked my facts and we are trying overthrow the Assad Regime. That is illegal.

        • Andy Xahir Sirois

          Well now that Obama has back-peddled on the support of rebels in Syria (who were the ones trying to overthrow Assad, thereby making them proxies of the US), everyone can get together and fight the terrorists who moved in amidst the instability we and the rebels caused. Hopefully we learned our lesson this time and will leave once the terrorists are pushed out.

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    • Tim Lumsden

      Can anyone tell me how the US military was allowed into Syria, who invited them. I can find nothing about the US being asked to do military action within Syria.

      • Waywuwei

        They weren’t invited, they are a foreign invader.

        • Tim Lumsden

          Exactly!! The US was the invader and the world did nothing about it. Despite the fact that USA violated international law and ignored a nations sovereignty. How can the rest of the world make charges against the USA? why does the rest of the world just do nothing? NATO is of no use and a terrorist in their own right. It is time for the people of the world to rise up against the corrupt systems that claim to govern us.

          • Tim Lumsden
          • Kevin Herbert

            The rest of the world can do nothing because of the US Federal Reserve Bank…eos

            • Tim Lumsden

              Hi Kevin. The US federal reserve is run by the same people as the world bank and most international banks. Why can we not do anything against the federal reserve?? If we (the people) of the world create a defiance to the “petrodollar” the federal reserve would be made very vulnerable and the US economy would be severely weakened. Their teeth would be blunted and their military threats reduced. However there is another problem with this idea, the hidden government of the USA may decide to create a ww3 scenario to try and save face. It is the duty of every country to question and remove unwanted political influences that may be detrimental to their citizens.

              • Nofearorfavor

                Tim, go to Mint Press article — here’s the link:

                Check out comment I made there a half an hour ago… I agree with you we all need to get organised and take action– The article is excellent too… but talking is over…. this is a global call– Not American myself, I have many friends in the States, still I sometimes think that in general MSM has blindsided Americans to think that the world is against them, that Russia is the aggressor — However many are aware of the truth and we support ordinary folks to the hilt and once they know that, they will have the confidence to stand up as ONE…

                • fred

                  Bring it on boys ! Are you people insane? Talking is over? That sounds like a threat

                  • Nofearorfavor

                    Fred you missed something here.. Was not talking about taking military action my friend– but instead “No More War!” What I meant with ‘talking is over’ — is that we the people must turn our talk into action to stop war the only way we can– which is by taking to the streets– petitioning and showing global leaders that we the people, want no more war– solutions around the negotiation table must be found for the many problems besetting our planet– its the only way forward. Read the article in full from the link I provided… You will then see that the heart of the wonderful true-blue American who compiled it– is in the right place… that she is a classic example of a deeply aware and critical thinking person… I made a long comment on the article she wrote, supporting what she said, but making further suggestions for implementing her call to action for No More War.

                    Nobody commenting here, hates the US– America– but are standing up against the War Hawks in DC — So please, check it all out first and do your own research afterwards with an open mind and then arrive at your own conclusions.

                    Should America go to war with a Russia who does not want war– It could go nuclear very fast, as the US reserved the right of launching the first pre-emptive nuclear missile strike… don’t even want to go there. Hence us ordinary Joe’s and Jane’s can only unite for the sake of our global futures — for the futures of our children and grandchildren, for global existence to continue as we know it…

          • Nofearorfavor

            Most other nations are not really sovereign, they’re all beholden to the global bankster gangsters– the Zionist ideology– all central or reserved banks are mainly owned by the Rothschild’s– as are Big Corps– its a massive global network second to none.. As Joe Biden said a few years ago… You don’t have to Jewish, to be Zionist. All over the world many genuine Jews condemn and are standing up against this archaic ideology, a cabal who has no allegiance to any country, only their own world dominance, one world government agenda– their ranks comprising all races and cultures… Many are employed by them, unaware of who is their real employer. Go to VT and check out their story on the Khazarian Mafia…

        • badbillybrookes

          Just like Israel. And the same people have provided the support to do so. Zionist money.

        • fred

          The United States never stepped one foot upon the land. The Navy blew up three sites in Yemen that had missile power set up that could be used against the US. They were terrorists sites and they no longer exist. Your hate for the US is unfounded. You must have too much time on your hands. Trying googling the US Navy only vs Russis and China together. It makes more sense as to why the rest of the world does nothing. Sorry about that statement, just having a little fun. Your hate towards the US is unfounded. Saudi was involved as well and had missles fired at them. Google it all. See who saves your azzes

      • Nofearorfavor

        Nowhere in the world do they ever wait for invitations … they create their own… such as WMD in Iraq… when they want a country for whatever reason, stirring up conflict and then courtesy of S or os funding to bring about an orange revo — is all piece of cake.. then its simply divide and conquer and QED its all in the bag.

      • navre12

        The USA was not invited in by the Syrian government but by Saudi Arabia,and Qatar, who want Assad overthrown because he is an Alawite and ally of Shia Iran.

        Hilary even acknowledges in the just released emails,(Wikileaks), and what the Obama administration et al have know for the last few years, ISIS spread throughout Syria and Iraq enabled by Saudi Arabia.

        The Saudis were fundamental with creating, funding and arming ISIS and the so called moderate rebels. They have received support from Turkey, Israel and the US all in order to eliminate Iran as a nascent regional power and to control the Middle East oil supplies because who ever is the guardian of the West’s oil supply carries a huge political and economic stick.

    • gragor11a

      What did they expect was going to happen when they provoke the Chinese in the South China Sea?

    • Douglas Wills

      What are the real objectives with the Assad regime, China, Russia and the U.S. all involved simultaneously in Syria. In Iraq it was for Oil. In Afghanistan it was for the protection of the multinational oil pipeline to Turkmeinistam and access to Rare Earth Metals. What has Syria got that everybody wants so desperately?

      • gragor11a

        Well the Russians have a Naval base on the Mediterranean Sea clear of the NATO bottleneck called the Bosporus between their Crimean Naval base in the Black Sea and open water. So it is valuable to them to keep that base there so they are not bottled up by The Empire. It is in the interest of the Chinese to keep The Empire occupied in the Middle East.

        The Syrian land mass is between the oil and gas fields in the South and East and the consumers in the north and west ie Europe. The Imperium can disrupt fuel transportation lines between Russia and Europe by opening up pipelines from Qatar and Gaza across Syrian territory if the present government is replaced by a compliant vassal state.

        The major players in this region are Sunni Muslims who are in a religious war with the Shia minority they wish to push aside. The players on the Syrian, Iranian, Hezbollah side are Shia. The Saudi, ISIS, Turkish, Iraqi, Qatari alliance represent the Sunni.

      • Along with what gragar11a has stated I would like to add that it is in the interest of both the United States and Israel to keep the Middle East divided and prevent as much as possible the countries there integrating economically with the rest of Asia as well as to make sure that oil and gas from the region are under the de facto control of the USA and that the US dollar is propped up.

      • Paul E. Merrell, J.D.

        Three major factors behind the U.S. war against Syria. The first is backing the long-time Zionist Israeli goal of Balkanizing all of its neighboring Arab States. The second was to eliminate Russia’s only foreign naval port at Tartus, Syria. But the immediate cause for the launch of the U.S. war in 2011 was to block construction of the Iran-Iraq-Syria “Friendship Pipeline”, which would extract natural gas from the South Pars/North Dome condensate field that straddles Iran and Qatar (the world’s largest such field) and deliver it to Syria and via pipeline under the Mediterranean Sea for sale into the European market for Euros rather than dollars. See (.) That threatened the U.S. petrodollar. See (the petrodollar: how it works and its history).

        Qatar was of course not happy about that situation because its only avenue to market the gas in Europe was to convert the gas to liquid natural gas and ship it on tankers from the Persian Gulf via the Suez canal. And the U.S. has moved quickly against other nations that had aspirations of selling oil or natural gas for currencies other than the dollar, e.g., Iraq and Libya.

        Result: The CIA was dispatched to ship arms recently seized from the former Gadaffi government in Libya to Syria. Qatar had provided the mercenaries for the U.S. proxy war against Libya and those mercenaries were moved to Syria. Later, the House of Saud became concerned that Qatar was developing too much influence in the Mideast and began sending its own mercenary forces to Syria. Then, during a joint operation between the Qatari and Saudi mercenaries directed at the Syrian government forces, the Saudi mercenaries (then controlled by Saudi Prince Bandar) did a strategic no-show that resulted in the Qatari mercenaries being nearly wiped out by the government forces. Most of the financial support and personnel for the main mercenary forces (ISIL and al Nusrah) now comes from the House of Saud.

        And of course, that all required the demonization of President Assad in U.S. mainstream media.

        • gailea

          Thanks Paul. I knew about the pipeline but not the rest.

        • Tim Lumsden

          The dollar you are referring to is “the petro dollar” the main stream international exchange currency for sales of oil. This petro dollar acts as a collateral for the US $ on the home front. If any country tries to buy petrol/gas without using the “petro dollar” the USA gets all pissy and tries to ruin that country with sanctions/political intervention and /or physical invasion. Destroy the “petro dollar” and use currencies from other nations to purchase petrol/gas and it will destroy the USA economy…simple!!! lets do it!

          • Karlin

            Yup. lets DO IT!! America is the biggest threat to the planet and the people here. They will keep the world on fossil fuels as long as the US Petrodollar/global hegemony is maintained. America is the only nation wanting to go to war “big time”, and the rest of the world will be drawn in.

            It will be dangerous to go up against the USA’s economic life-line. We have seen how they react. The best course would be for the USA to accept a bit of austerity and let the world trade using any currency we wish.

          • fred


        • Tim Lumsden
        • Kevin Herbert

          Thanks for the analysis Paul..nice work…

        • Zac Menteer

          that was quite informative. Thanks

        • floyds55

          very accurate and spot on!

        • Rosa Krause

          Thanks for your post, Paul, I’ve learned a lot from it.

        • Matthew Moore

          Hence the reason why Killary will be President select….She receives huge donations from both Qatar and Saudi Arabia….

      • Waywuwei

        It’s a fight over who gets to put an oil pipeline thru Syria to bering gas to the European market.

      • Mark Kane

        Iran is the prize.

    • Sam Osborne

      In the interest of national security in a world in which hostility draws into the fray competing world powers, the nation needs to speedily become totally electric by harnessing the unlimited forces of the wind, sun and gravity. Via existing wind turbine, solar collectors, and geothermal wells on an advanced continental energy grid so much electrical power can be generated and distributed that it can be licensed for individual free home use, provide economic power to business, industrial and public facilities, and electrify low cost fare laden high-speed and light rail. By doing this we empower all of our people with their own free enterprise and free our people from indenture to the barons of oil and hoarders for the world’s and nation’s wealth. Such should come of a National Defense Electrical Empowerment Act that puts people to work in good jobs moving us all into the best of times that is the model for other nations to follow.

    • Aikyu999

      Keep in mind Global Warming: Environmental collapse causes social collapse, which ultimately causes political collapse. This is not about battling terrorists – it’s a war for NATURAL RESOURCES! This is also not a world war between countries – it is a global theft attempt by the Western global corporatocracy (wealthiest top 1%), which is positioning itself to steal all the worlds resources for themselves at the expense of the bottom 99%, versus the Eastern economies.

      • fred

        I wonder why the US didn’t just take Iraq’s oil?

    • joejohnson043

      looks like were going to get a ‘well timed’ war right in time for the election… I guess it’ll be too chaotic for Obama to step down, how convenient…..

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    • tapatio

      Most Syrians back President Assad, but you’d never know from western media

      Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Confirms: Rebels Used Chemical Weapons – not Assad

      Bashar Al-Assad Has More Popular Support than the Western-Backed “Opposition”: Poll

      Bashar al-Assad: The Democratically Elected President of Syria

      Recent Assad Torture Report “Caesar” Cited By Mainstream Media Debunked By Researchers


    • TecumsehUnfaced

      This makes sense. It strengthens resistance to the “Exceptional” and “Chosen” asserting world hegemony.