Survey: Majority Of Americans Increasingly Stressed About The Country’s Future

Survey finds 'stunning' level of anxiety is being caused by nation's political climate and prospects for the future.
By @jonqueally |
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    (REPORT) — Americans have been taking to the streets in record numbers since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, but amid that uptick in resistance something else has been rising within the nation’s electorate: personal anxiety and stress caused by the nation’s new political reality.

    According to a new survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), 66 percent of respondents admit feeling increasingly stressed out by the current political climate and prospects for the nation’s future.

    The APA findings—contained in their Stress In America: Coping With Change (pdf) report—reveal that 57 percent of those surveyed said that politics have become either a “very” or “somewhat” significant source of anxiety in their lives. Meanwhile, 49 percent of those questioned said the outcome of the 2016 election, in which Trump was elected president and the Republican Party gained control of both the House and Senate, has become a specific source of new stress.

    On these questions, the breakdown unsurprisingly broke along partisan and ideological lines. “While Democrats were more likely than Republicans (72 percent vs. 26  percent) to report the outcome of the 2016 presidential election as a significant source of stress, a majority of Republicans (59 percent) said the  future of our nation was a significant source of stress for them, compared to  76 percent of Democrats,” the report notes.

    “The fact that two-thirds of Americans are saying the future of the nation is causing them stress, it is a startling number,” Wright told the Post. “It seems to suggest that what people thought would happen, that there would be relief [after the election] did not occur, and instead since the election, stress has increased. And not only did overall stress increase, what we found in January is the highest significant increase in stress in 10 years. That’s stunning.”

    Prior to its 2016 poll, the APA explained, “top stressors for the American population remained steady, with Americans being most likely to report  money, work and the economy as very or somewhat significant sources of stress in their lives.”

    However, as the election took center stage in the spring of 2016, APA’s member psychologists began reporting that their patients were increasingly  concerned and anxious about the political climate. It was this trend that spurred the group to make specific inquiries about how national politics were impacting stress levels for Americans.

    While the group conducted surveys and collected data last year during the campaign and after the election, it was a new round questions posed to Americans last month, subsequent to Trump’s taking office, that fueled the latest findings.

    “From the appointees to the executive orders to the laws that have just been proposed … it’s hard for me to see a bright future for my family, which in turn causes me a great amount of stress,” Bryanna Zoltowski, a 40-year-old mother of two from Macomb Township in Michigan told the Detroit Free Press.

    “I’m afraid,” Zoltowski said. “I really am afraid. I’m scared for the future of my kids.”

    Are you feeling stressed? Earlier this month, the Huffingpost Post reported on ten things therapists and psychologists recommend when it comes to de-stressing around politics.

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      • Arthur Wilton

        The quote probably originated with Kevin Alfred Strom. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “Never trust quotes you find on the Internet.”

        • tapatio

          Sorry, but the quote can be found in books published in the 19th Century, with attribution to Voltaire. I can see, though, where the current oligarchs would attempt to discredit that statement and attribute it to white supremacists or other unsavory types.

          Whoever first said it, that statement is completely true and has held throughout history. The graphic I’ve used accurately portrays the current self-styled “chosen” master-race.

    • Slingerss

      “Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money.”~ Cree Indian Prophecy.

      People are starting to recognize that without clean Air and Water, that we have NOTHING.

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