Snowden Responds To Donald Trump’s Death Threats, Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal

The exiled whistleblower laughed when asked if he felt personally threatened by the prospect of a “President Trump.”
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    MINNEAPOLIS — In a Friday interview with Al-Jazeera, exiled NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden responded to two of his critics: presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

    Mehdi Hasan, the host of Al-Jazeera’s “Upfront,” played audio of Trump talking about Snowden to the whistleblower: “This guy’s a bad guy. There is still a thing called execution.”

    Hasan asked Snowden, who joined the show from Russia via video chat, “Are you worried about what a president trump might do to you?”

    The whistleblower laughed as he responded. “No, I’m not.”

    He added: “It’s very difficult to respond in a serious way to any statement made by Donald Trump.”

    Snowden added that Trump’s popularity in the race reflects a lack of “credibility” in American politics. “The arguments about whether I’m a good guy or a bad guy are a red herring,” he said, explaining that they distract Americans from discussing the actual contents of his leaks.

    Hasan also asked Snowden to reflect on another of his major critics, Hillary Clinton. In a February interview with Re/Code, an independent tech news organization, Clinton told reporter Kara Swisher that she disapproved of Snowden’s actions even though she agreed they had started a necessary conversation about the NSA’s actions. She told Swisher:

    “I can never condone what he did. He stole millions of documents, and the great irony is the vast majority of those documents had nothing to do with civil liberties.”

    In other appearances, Clinton has insisted that Snowden should have gone through internal government channels rather than leaking information to the press, and implied that he might have provided his information to China or Russia, either deliberately or by accident.

    Snowden has maintained that he tried those proper channels and only approached the press after the government failed to respond to his complaints on the mass surveillance of Americans.

    Now Clinton herself is accused of having classified material on a private email server she maintained in her home. Snowden responded to the scandal on UpFront by comparing the way the government is treating Clinton to how an average government employee might fare in a similar situation:

    “If an ordinary worker at the State Department or the Central Intelligence Agency … were sending details about the security of embassies … meetings with private government officials, foreign government officials, and the statements that were made to them in confidence over unclassified email systems, they would not only lose their job and lose their clearance, they would very likely face prosecution for it.”

    Snowden also suggested that since official U.S. government servers, protected by a full-time security staff, get hacked on a regular basis, it’s very likely that Clinton left classified material dangerously exposed on her server.

    Watch “Snowden hits back at Clinton and Trump” from Al-Jazeera’s Upfront:

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    • Emiliano Zapata

      Snowden for POTUS!

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    • Billy Jean

      Government will always watch us. They have a satilite recording our every moves. They just have to press rewind. If not our government… The other governments will anyways. Snowden just help confirm. I just really want to know if he has the documents on Osama and Hitlers fake death!

    • Zoe Cattell

      Terrorists arn’t playing fair… Anyone naive enough to think our government can win by abiding by every law is being naive. SNOWDEN IS A TRAITOR WHO DESERVES TO BE EXECUTED FOR JEOPARDIZING A NATIONAL SECURITY OPERATION.

      • deryk houston

        If Zoe Cattell thinks that it is ok for governments to break the law when it suits them, then there is no such thing as the law. This actually is the case anyway because we know governments break international laws whenever it suits them. (The sanctions on Iraq were a good example…..where children’s rights and human rights were ignored at every level ). We live in a world of anarchy. Better that we at least understand that idea than foolishly believe that we are free and have laws that will protect us.

        • Zoe Cattell

          Derek, I do not think it is ‘ok’ for just anyone to break the law but we’re not talking about your average circumstance here… We’re talking about a CIA operation aimed at stopping terrorism not jaywalking…

          In a battle with terrorists that do not play by any rule book we have to afford the people that lead the charge in the battle against terrorism some leeway to take matters into their own hands if necessary in order to expedite an operation in a timely fashion when necessary.

          I’m not fool enough to believe that I will ever be truly free in our society… I accept what it is. If anyone would like to see how ‘free’ they truly are try pissing anywhere you like and see how quickly you find yourself in jail…

          Sometimes the rules may have to be bent. And I certainly hope our leaders know when those times are appropriate. Snowden jeopardized National Security and put lives at stake.

          • deryk houston

            Sorry Zoe, but I totally disagree with your argument…although I thank you for your respectful reply.
            Laws are the law. They can’t be broken. Otherwise governments (who are the people) will always use the argument that …well…in “This” case we needed to break the law. It just wouldn’t work. Ask any lawyer or judge. I have spent the past twenty plus years focused on what America has been doing in the middle east. I went to Iraq several times to see for myself and found some terribly ugly facts that changed my life about how I feel about what our governments and what they are doing to people in order to secure oil etc. I feel that the only way to beat terrorism is to stop inflicting death and complete abject misery on other human being….. and terrorism will be cut off at the knees. I predicted the 911 attacks. So did many other people. Not the exact circumstances although many people had discussed that it might be on the twin towers. The reason many of us thought that an attack was going to happen was because we saw what was happening to millions of people in the middle east and the agony that they was being inflicted on them during the first Gulf war and then the brutal sanctions that followed. (For example:Two hundred and fifty thousand Iraqi children died as a direct result of those sanctions according to a 2002 UNICEF report.) Close to One million Iraqi’s died in the first Gulf war alone. Many of them women and children. The numbers are staggering. One million Iraqi’s fled to Syria, placing a massive humanitarian situation on the government there which has led to the breakdown of that part of the world today. Millions are fleeing to Europe now and Europe is in the process of disintegrating now ….believe me….it will be a miracle if war does not tear europe apart in the coming years as well. People turn to terrorism because they are being murdered and slaughtered and have nothing left.

            • Zoe Cattell

              Thank you Deryk for your response.

              I hope I have not somehow implied in any way that I condone war…

              I would like to believe that there are wiser people than me making decisions about when to push the button. I would also like to believe some of the operations the military/government performs prevent wars from happening. It is these operations I believe Snowden put at jeopardy.

              I believe the that the people whose job it is to protect the country should have access to information above and beyond the average Joe. it would be nice to think that they would only use this special power to prevent war and protect citizens….

              But I’m just a blue collar gal…

      • Spelunker4Plato

        you’d have a point if it weren’t for the fact that 9/11 was an inside job and the u.s. funds its enemies beforehand and starts wars for profit.

        maybe you’re just a fascist that hates the constitution

      • AgentOrange

        This country is not for people like you. You may find North Korea more to your liking.

      • Allan Samuel Arteaga

        I must say this, we must understand that the Laws were established to help guide the people through tough decisions, they were not ment for us to abide by them but to use them for our well being taking into consideration the lives of the collective minds. Look, first of all I agree with your point Zoe, second, the truth is that nations are represented by people, so than look at each nation as a person, if you want to relate with me than we must get to know eachother, and these are times where i just might have to dig a little deeper to find out a little bit more of who you are. Now, concerning decisions being made on killing this guy or the next, well that sincerely is balanced by how many live really shall be saved by sacrificing that individual. Lets go a little DEEPER, think of the nations as parts of the working mind, within the Mind we have to have the liberty to be able to expose and delete unwanted material (ways of thinking, thoughts etc) that is destroying our body. Just because one nation thinks to fully understand a thing does not guarantee that they are making the right choices. However, a tree is known by its fruit, and this is where the United States Of America comes in, we are a nation that understand the sacrifices that are needed to be able to experience true liberty, but this fellow Snowden, well, he knows it but ignores it, he chose to sacrifice the whole Nation of the U.S.A. for his own conscience bottom line. the man couldn’t sleep simple as that, and of course, he doesn’t understand perpose, cause and effect. He’s living it, but doesn’t understand it.

        Thanks for hearing me out.

      • Edna Dc

        you are wrong. He is a heroe. Your government spies mine all the time. You don´t know anything. I am sorry if you did not learn what happens out your country.

      • kenvandoren

        So would you execute Hillary as well? THere is stronger evidence that she endangered US operatives than there is that Snowden did so. Snowden revealed illegal activities by our own government and is a hero. I do NOT want a terrorist government, which is what ours is trending toward.

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    • Reb Furr

      I started off being a Bernie Sanders fan, then I found out he thinks we were told the truth about 9/11. So I turn to Trump who has stated he would do a real investigation into 9/11. Then I find out Trump has stated he would execute Edward Snowden. Who the heck can I vote for? I wish Edward Snowden could run for Prez, I’d vote for him.

      • Simon9

        Consider voting for the Libertarian candidate, assuming you want restrained government that obeys the Constitution, lives within its means and isn’t invading or subsidizing countries around the world.

        • LogicalMadman

          Gary Johnson is anti Gun, pro TPP, pro illegal immigration, and all around pretentious. He’s a big government Hillary Clinton plant.

      • elixer8062

        Trump is all talk. He said investigators in Hawaii were finding amazing things about Obama’s birth too. All we’ve heard were crickets.

      • Spelunker4Plato

        Snowden is still naive and Trump is a fascist.

        Go Green and vote for Jill Stein, she would put him in her administration.

      • Yosef Bender

        Reb Furr, there is no candidate that can correct the corruption now in the federal government, article 5 of the constitution is are only way out of this mess . its where the states shut down the fed and reboot it get rid of all those Washington insides that control everything regardless of who is elected these guys remain, this is where the problem truly is , start petitioning your state to shut down the feds we the people can take back this country .

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    • Kevin Alfred Strom

      Anyone who opposes the regime in Washington deserves a medal. Anyone who serves or supports the regime in Washington deserves a fair trial for treason.

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    • Amanda Childress

      Snowden violated his Security Agreement, he may well be tried for treason and esp, the entire story has not been made public, but maybe the NSA were a step behind him. Thus he had to blow town, maybe the NSA guys are maybe alittle sharper that Mr. Snowden feels, Vegas has Snowden being extradited and tried. He should accept his fate, “there would be more dignity in it”. He may well server his deserved time. He committed treason, and violated his Security Agreement. No agruement there. The bill will come due, or just may.

      • david bowie

        Yeah lets hold snowden accountable to constitutional merits but not elected representatives.

        what did snowden leak we didnt already know? that the at&t technician didnt tell us years before.

        Snowden is an admitted intelligence asset. who knows what role he may or may not play for or against the nsa.

        what we know is that the government uses the excuse of 9/11 to get away with illegal spying and giving retro active immunity to the telecoms they share the data.

        9/11 is at least a false flag cooped by us or britian or israel intelligence.

        So the excuse to spy on your own people, on the premise of fighting terrorism, from an event stage by state governments, and use israel enemies as patsies in means of a proxy war.

        The entire excuse for the united states and warring nation states to create infinite wars abroad is based on an event that was created to justify the means.

        • Amanda Childress

          You need to stick to the point, Snowden committed treason, he should have not run but stayed in HA, been arrested by the NSA types closing in, if he was a “whisle-blower”. He now is a traitor, committed treason by his actions and finally violated his Security Agreement. He did not act as a patriot, staying in HA and being held accountable would be patriot. It gets old ‘discussing’ these issues. Snowden will stand trial, whether found guilty or not, he just may get 30 years.

          • Reb Furr

            YOU need to stick to the point! The point is that our government violated the Constitution of the United States of America and Snowden made us privy to that FACT. Snowden is a HERO and you are a sheeple.

            • Amanda Childress

              Are old enough to post, need a booster chair to reach keyboard?

              • GoodOlBoy

                Amanda everyone here is agaisnt you. You are the odd one out. Obviously you’re wrong.

                • Amanda Childress

                  No, that is the problem, classic conservatives are still every where, NeoCons just keep shouting down voices of reason.

          • Stevie McSteve

            Do you know how many people have committed “treason” against their countries to only later become historically labeled as heroes? Perhaps you ought to learn that law and morality are not always one in the same. Sometimes the right action to take is also the illegal one.

            • Lelouch

              You sir, are an honorable thinker. Couldn’t agree more.

          • Open minded

            All of your phone calls, emails, purchase, websearches are known by NSA. Do you feel the freedom?

          • Spelunker4Plato

            you need to stick to the point, snowden is trying to protect the constitution. you are a traitor by not tolerating resisting those who oppress us

            • Amanda Childress

              Grow up, this is serious and could cost real US service peoples lives.

            • Amanda Childress

              Tell that to the US citizens who are, have been and will be impacted by Snowden’s treason. Real people are getting hurt by traitor-boy, the really satisfying idea is, the NSA has a long memory and reach. Snowden’s life is over, he is just marking time. Putin will tire and put him on a plan for Dulles.

      • LibertarianUSA42

        Its Americans like you turning this country into a socialistic authoritarian despot. Snowden is a hero, alerting us to unconstitutional acts by our government.
        I see this country has raised a TON of socialistic boot-lickers!!

        • Amanda Childress

          Put the kool-aid down

          • LibertarianUSA42

            try reading the constitution once in a while…

            • Reb Furr

              well said!

          • Reb Furr

            I would tell YOU to “put the Kool-Aid down” but you have OBVIOUSLY already drank the whole damn pitcher 😛

        • Spelunker4Plato

          hey guess what.

          i’m basically a socialist and i think snowden is a hero. maybe you should get a clue.

      • Reb Furr

        And the federal government violated the CONSTITUTION! THAT bill will come due as well!

        • Amanda Childress

          Are you twelve?

          • GoodOlBoy

            Are you three?

            • Amanda Childress


      • Stevie McSteve

        See, here is the issue. What you are implying is that “law” is somehow the equivalent to morality. You are placing a zero-tolerance onto the notion of law violation, regardless of actually how immoral the law itself may be. The issue here is, law and morality are not always synonymous. Anyone who looks throughout history, or even modern nations such as North Korea, will find that violation of public law very well can be in high moral standards.

        You say it is not the “whole story”. The n perhaps you would wish to elaborate on what that story is? Of course this article alone does not describe it, but anyone following Snowden for awhile should have a fair understanding of the situation at hand.

        This is what has come to be of America- rather than letting our rights and our morals guide us, we let our laws and our governance control us.

      • Mr Horrific.

        The Law of Our Land is Called the Bill of Rights… The government was breaking our most basic rights (laws the government is bound to), our 4th amendment guarantees privacy, and security in our posessions and self. The NSA was rummaging through our cell phones. and tracking protesters via the meta-data of their phones…..

      • Spelunker4Plato

        and the government violated the constitution and lied to congress about it. you do the math.

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    • DrJosepM55

      Great American hero Mr Snowden, exposing the crimes of the empire against its own citizens. He is in much better place. Bravo. The police surveillance state is the reality the Americans must face daily in their lives.

    • Knistonian

      If Mr. Snowden were presently running for President I would sacrifice everything and do my best to make him our President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Would God be so kind as to allow us a little more time with such a young man at the helm. Alas, I know that isn’t possible……….. because America’s death knell is ringing and must be answered.

      • doggypaws

        I don’t think he is old enough to be president. Constitution says “35”.

        • Reb Furr

          well I would vote for him when he comes of age to run. he is a hero!

      • Spelunker4Plato

        he’s still naive. he’s still in denial about 9/11 being an inside job

    • Fireplace 1

      If you are a connected person, like Hillary or Petraeus, you are immune to any real prosecution for leaking sensitive information.

      • Suroz

        so hillary is for snowden

    • Ben Beggs

      Hes a true hero.

      • Reb Furr

        I whole heartedly agree!

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    • Robert Munro

      Reality is that if ANY US puppet, Obama, Trump, whoever, makes ANY attempt to attack or kidnap Ed Snowden in Russia, what Snowden did to the credibility of the US government will seem like kindness by comparison to what President Putin will do.

      Until a statue to Edward Snowden is raised on the Washington Capitol Mall, he needs to stay in Russia – where he’s safe from CIA and Mossad assassins.

      • razuli

        I agree. Too many people who have stated the results of their investigation plus many people who are investigating have met mysterious deaths

        • The BRIC Alliance has done some good for the World by helping protect Americas Constitutionalist Hero Edward Snowden from going to the Gulags of Kansas deep behind the USSA Politiburo’s Iron Curtain..electronic eyed beastly Pyramid Police surveillance State.

        • GoodOlBoy

          I agree. Snowden should remain in Russia until such time America is not so corrupt. If ever that is possible.

      • Reb Furr

        I agree!