Sikh Man Hit By Car, Brutally Beaten In Latest Islamophobic Hate Crime

This is not the first time Fresno police have investigated an attack on a Sikh man as a hate crime. In May 2013, 82-year-old Piara Singh was attacked outside the Nanaksar Sikh Temple in south Fresno by a man who later allegedly made inflammatory comments about Muslims.
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    Amrik Singh Bal, a Sikh man who was attacked while waiting for a ride to work.

    Amrik Singh Bal, a Sikh man who was attacked while waiting for a ride to work.

    A Sikh man was attacked Saturday morning west of Highway 99 in what Fresno police are investigating as a hate crime – the latest such attack on a Sikh resident in the Fresno area.

    Around 6:30 a.m., Amrik Singh Bal, 68, was waiting alone for a ride to work in the cold, 30-degree fog on Shields Avenue between Brawley and Blythe avenues.

    Bal wore a blue turban and has a white beard, said Ike Iqbal S. Grewal, member of the Sikh Council of Central California.

    Two white males stopped their car in front of Bal and started yelling obscenities at him, said Fresno police Sgt. Greg Noll. Fearing for his safety, Bal attempted to cross the street. It was then that the suspects backed up their car, hitting Bal with their back bumper, Noll said.

    Then the two got out of the car and attacked Bal – striking him in the face and upper body.

    During the assault, one of the suspects yelled “Why are you here?”

    Bal fell to the ground and hit his head.

    The suspects fled west on Shields Avenue, police said. Bal suffered moderate abrasions to his nose and right hand. He was transported to Community Regional Medical Center, where it was determined that he had a broken collar bone.

    Grewal said the suspects only fled when they heard another vehicle approaching in the fog.

    “Sikhs have been mistaken for terrorists and radicals and continue to suffer after 9/11,” Grewal said. “This is the latest episode of what Sikhs have been enduring when they are very peace-loving and hard-working citizens of this great country and not members of al-Qaida or ISIS or any other radical group.”

    This is not the first time Fresno police have investigated an attack on a Sikh man as a hate crime. In May 2013, 82-year-old Piara Singh was attacked outside the Nanaksar Sikh Temple in south Fresno by a man who later allegedly made inflammatory comments about Muslims.

    The alleged assailant, Gilbert Garcia Jr., later pleaded no contest to a hate crime and was sentenced to 13 years in state prison.

    Noll said police have started a hate-related criminal investigation into the attack on Bal.

    A detective is working the case in an attempt to identify the suspects involved, Noll said. “The Fresno police will be conferring with additional resources to include the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI in an attempt to solve this case.”

    Anyone with information on this case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 559-498-7867.

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    • yp

      It’s fully expected that large percentage of population educated in US school system has no clue about huge differences between Sikhs and Muslims. I bet there is many who could easily confuse a bearded christian orthodox monk, tibetan monk or buddhist monk as an djihadist or Sharia Imam.

    • MaryWms

      White Trash Punks…I’m so embarrassed by these fools.

    • Jack

      Some idiotic commentators made terrible remarks against Trump linking him to hate crime against Muslims, while there are stupid Americans who cannot even tell the difference between a Sikh and a Muslims this is America.

      But down to the bottom of all the hatred and suspicion against American Muslims it is the cause and effect. A self-created problem by the Muslims albeit by the minority radicalized Muslims affecting the general Muslim population in those high profile mass shooting and killing.

      American Muslims should take precaution living in America to adopt this phrase “in Rome live as a Roman does” instead of dressing up like Osama Bin Laden or the Taliban while the woman folks should shunt those face veils and black burqa like the Taliban or Saudi women. Their dressing stand up like sore thumb in the US. Then if they insist they should go live in the Middle East it is safer for them.

      • Surendra Mahabir

        Thing is we are not in Rome…we are in the United States of America. This Sikh man was doing as any other American does daily…waiting for transportation to work and then crossing the road to avoid conflict. How stupid are you?

        • Jack

          Surendra Mahabir: Are you originally from India and now lives in the US?

          • Surendra Mahabir

            No I am not Jack.

            • Jack

              Surendra Mahabir: Maybe you don’t understand the meaning of an Idiom “In Rome do as a Rome does” and you went on to question my stupidity because you did not understand the meaning of my comment. Those were two reasons why I questioned if you were from India because of your poor grasp of English. If your name is Surendra Mahabir you have to be from Indian sub-continent of course.

      • Brain donor asserting his white superiority as usual.

      • joed

        They should put a sign on there back saying who they are ,, Because they all look the same .

    • 2sour4me

      People are so dumb.

    • Progressive Republican

      Everybody be sure to thank Trumpty Dumpty appropriately.

    • steve marzban

      After 9/11, a Sikh store owner was killed in Phoenix mistaken for a muslim. Actually sikhs hate muslims, and Hindus
      . This is all the result of that Bafoon Trump B.S. spewing. Have you guys noticed, after his anti semitic rant in Jewish-Republican meeting, he has shot his big mouth.

    • RCCA

      The photos are obviously fake: one man has a white mustache and the photo of the supposed injured man has a dark mustache. The man in the turban has deep creases across his face, the man in the “injured” photo has full plump cheeks. They are not the same person.

      Is the story completely fake as well? Probably.

      • MaryWms

        Instead of just looking at the pictures, try reading the article. Twice Sikhs have been attacked in Fresno, once in 2013 and now. 2 different men, 2 different photos

        • RCCA

          Would have been nice if the caption identified the second gentleman, don’t you agree?

    • David Moller

      The great, over-rated American education system that didn’t educate yobbos who don’t know the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim (not that that would be OK either). Remedy: spend less on corporate-sponsored global bullying, and more on education. Just an idea.

    • David Barkin

      There are a number of sick comments on this thread, including those from Sikhs. In some strange manner the crime is NOT that some innocent person was brutalized. The crime was that they brutalized the wrong man. They should go hunt for Muslims…

      Another poster blames Muslims and tells us they have to reform themselves. As if Christians who murder and commit these crimes are off the hook. There are six million Muslims in America, and how many have committed hate crimes?

      Plain and simple the enemy of Us All is intolerance and hate, and the answer is not, “Go Kill him, not me.”

    • julea bacall

      Someone needs to EDUCATE our Public that Sikh is not Muslim.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        Someone needs to educate the other posters here that julea bacall is a sick Islamophobe desperately slandering Muslims for the ZioNazi con game of justifying the savage European ZioNazi invasion and seizure of another people’s country.

    • Axel Vasa

      So now what Obama,,,,What are you gonna do,,,,,? Nothing!

      • If you’re going to connect this to the president instead of your pariah Trumptard the Terrible, at least use proper punctuation, you heathen.

    • Axel Vasa

      I’m so surprised!

      • MaryWms

        And what are you going to do? Blaming Obama gets you nothing. Voting for Trump, or the rest in the clown car, will only bring more bigotry and anger. Why not get to know some of these people that Trump and his followers vilify. Take back the country.

    • Bikram_Singh

      Our Sikhs folks and clergy do NOT do a good job
      of communicating this message that we are NOT Muslims. Instead of eating Langars
      all by themselves, they should at each Gurdwara in the US, invite one family
      every week, yes every week, let them watch our ceremonies and explain them that
      Look – we were formed as a result of Radical Islam torturing India and the same
      Radical Islam is your enemy.

      Is it too difficult to do what I have suggested?

      We don’t have to convert the Americans but at
      least we should tell them this basic, short, simple message.

      • Bindar Dunit

        @Bikram_Singh…..nothing like aiding and abetting intolerance…remember the adage ‘united we
        stand, divided we fall’….instead of playing into the hands of ignorance, bigotry and hatred people
        should demonstrate solidarity against criminality intead of pointing a finger and turning away.

        • julea bacall

          No, he is right. US needs to know more about it all. And Islam does definitely, absolutely need REFORM or this trouble will never stop.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Huh? How about the European ZioNazi invadersof Palestine? They never provided any compensation for using murder and terrror to drive 3/4 million people off their ancestral lands and bulldozing over 600 of the villages and towns. That sound like the kind of stuff that needs to reformed first.

            • Airwolf620 .

              Even before looking at the name of the stupidest post, I’d know it is by Tecuminmyface.
              This lowlife Islamist is a one trick donkey. It is always “European Zionazi invaders”, even if the discussion is about the price of hummus in Africa!
              Get a life Abdul.

              • TecumsehUnfaced

                Oh my! I’ve become famous among sick bigots, because I don’t let them get away with anything, and they hate that!

              • MaryWms

                Airwolf – He’s right. Read up. Of course you might be a Zionist and support the murdering and the land grab going on over there…and that would explain your attack on the right? a little bit of a false flag waving? lol

      • steve marzban

        Why can’t we all live in peace, no body is better or worse just based on religion, color, etc. I know for a fact that Sikhs HATE Hindus and Muslims.

        • Bikram_Singh

          Sikhs do NOT hate any religion. In fact people from all faiths visit their Gurudwaras. Sikhs have had a history of fighting against Radical Islam. You Americans are new kids on the block. Hindus (from the Sikhs were formed) had been opposing Radical Islam since over 1100 years. Go look at India’s history. Don’t give idiotic statements like Sikhs hate Hindus and Muslims. The issue is Radical Islam and don’t sway away from the topic – Radical Islam.

          • steve marzban

            My friend, you say Sikhs hate nobody Except Muslims. Now radical or not, That’s exactly what I mean. Whohow you gonna say a mus;lim is a fanatic I have several Sikh friends being in medicine and majority are fanatic reg Sikh laws, are they all bad pt


      Even the dumbest of the dumb does not know that Sikhs by their nature are pacifists. That remark does not excuse the brutal assault on anyone. It does underscore the sweeping ignorance that infuses this land we call America.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        It’s from this sweeping ignorance that the blue thugs are recruited.

        • REVVINCENT

          As they worship their knighted Satan, Donald Trump.

      • julea bacall

        No. Most Americans have NO idea. Not even about Islam in specific. And Islam (all its sects and schools) NEEDS REFORM or this will never stop.

        • REVVINCENT

          It is the same with “Christianity”. The right wing radicals have used and abused the religion (not the faith) to hate everything non-white, non-“Christian” (their form), non-hetero. Many of them hate Roman Catholics, most certainly Jews and see women as second-class. (Sound familiar?) Many self-described Christians no longer openly claim the faith out of shame.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          It’s kind of stupid of you to blame resistance to ZioNazi invasions on religion rather than not wanting to be savagely invaded and occupied by a bunch of thugs. Even with ZioNazi thug invaders, it’s not because they’re Jewish, it’s because they’re thugs.