Russia: US Attack On Syrian Pro-Government Forces Killed Civilians

The strike took place a few miles from the armed opposition rebel base in the town of al-Tanf, where American and British special forces are training rebels opposed to Bashar al-Assad.
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    Russia has condemned a US coalition attack on Wednesday that it claims had hit civilians, Russian news agencies reported.

    Gennady Gatilov, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, was quoted as saying by state-run RIA Novosti in Geneva that the attack would not help efforts to find a political solution to the conflict.

    “Such actions that were carried out against the Syrian armed forces… this is completely unacceptable, this is a breach of Syrian sovereignty,” Gatilov said.

    It was not specified where the attack took place. But it came a day before the US military carried out an air strike on Thursday against militia supported by the Syrian government that it said posed a threat to US forces and US-backed Syrian fighters in the country’s south.

    The US has not spoken about any strikes carried out by the coalition on 17 May.

    US-led warplanes hit the pro-government convoy as it headed towards a remote western-backed rebel garrison near the border with Jordan.

    “On Thursday at 16:30, the so-called international coalition attacked one of the Syrian Arab Army’s positions on the al-Tanf road in the Syrian Badia region, producing a number of martyrs and causing material damage,” a military source told Syrian state media.

    “This brazen attack by the so-called international coalition exposes the falseness of its claims to be fighting terrorism,” it said.

    “The Syrian Arab Army is fighting terrorism on its territory, and no party has the right to determine the course of its operations. The Syrian Arab Army will… not be intimidated by the attempts of the so-called coalition to stop it from performing its sacred duties.”


    US-led coalition claims convoy posed threat

    The strike took place a few miles from the armed opposition rebel base in the town of al-Tanf, where American and British special forces are training rebels opposed to Bashar al-Assad.

    The US-led coalition said it had struck “pro-regime forces… that posed a threat to US and partner forces.”

    The coalition said the strike came after unsuccessful “Russian attempts to dissuade Syrian pro-regime movement” as well as “a coalition aircraft show of force, and the firing of warning shots”.

    Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based monitor, reported eight killed, “most of them non-Syrian”. Syrian state media gave no number.

    Muzahem al-Saloum, from the Maghaweer al-Thawra group, told Reuters that the jets struck after rebel forces clashed with advancing Syrian and Iranian militias that were about 27km from the base.

    “We notified the coalition that we were being attacked by the Syrian army and Iranians at this point and the coalition came and destroyed the advancing convoy,” Saloum said.

    Earlier on Thursday, pro-Iranian government media outlets had reported that 3,000 Hezbollah fighters were deployed to the al-Tanf region to protect the area from “US interests”.

    The US-led attack is the second on Syria since Donald Trump became president in January. Washington launched 59 missiles at a Syrian airbase after a chemical attack in Idlib province on 6 April that Western powers blamed on the Syrian government. US officials have threatened additional strikes if chemical weapons are used again.

    That US attack on the Shayrat air base damaged or destroyed 20 percent of Syria’s operational aircraft, as well as fuel and ammunition sites and air defence capabilities, Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said at the time.

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    • Kelli Hernandez

      ONE MAN in the UK, heads up SOHR.
      The truth is that there is NO ONE on the ground that knows what’s going on on the ground except journalists who are there or have been very recently, like Eva Karene Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley. But the western media, as well as the UK government, are not going to talk to them to get the truth about what’s really happening to the Syrian people or the Syrian Army

    • “US-led coalition claims convoy posed threat”

      The sheer audacity of us “exceptional” imperialistic arrogance…

    • tapatio

      The United States and its Zionist masters operate on the Kissinger Doctrine……………

    • MountainMan23

      If the American and British forces feel threatened perhaps they should leave the region.

      • But that would show our “exceptional” imperial weakness. Our claims on democracy are superficial and propagandist by nature. Intended only to dull the senses of the amerikan sheeple. And to rouse them to anger and violence in defence of a flag that has hung upside down in spiritual distress since even before I was born in 1953…

        • Keen

          Accept our democracy or else.

          • Exactly…

            The united states of hypocrisy and double standard oil. A dark doppelganger bringing nothing but pain and misery to all who resist.

            All but the “exceptional” who have unleashed it…