Rex Tillerson Purges Remnants Of “Shadow Govt” At State Department

Tillerson recently laid off several employees associated with the “7th-floor group” at the State Department, a group which FBI documents revealed is part of a “shadow government” that once stepped in to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution.
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    (ANALYSIS) — According to pundits, politicians, and even the executive branch itself, the Trump administration is at war with the so-called “Deep State.” Though the Deep State – sometimes also called the Shadow government – is hard to define, it is essentially the part of the political establishment that are permanent power factions operating within Washington. These factions guide policy according to a unified agenda regardless of who is in office, often exercising their power secretively which frees them of any sort of accountability.

    Recently, this “Deep State” has seemed determined to undermine, discredit, and destroy the Trump administration, having allegedly been responsible for the leaks that led to Michael Flynn’s resignation among other controversies. Though much of the Deep State’s activities intended to undermine Trump has so far largely been attributed to the Intelligence Community, it extends much deeper including many other federal departments and agencies, including the State Department.

    Last year, prior to the election, the FBI released heavily redacted interview summaries of the Bureau’s investigation into Trump’s challenger Hillary Clinton. Among the allegations in the documents was the disclosure of a highly-secretive, high-level group within the U.S. government which the FBI named the “Shadow Government,” a group which had allegedly intervened in the FBI’s investigation into Clinton in order to prevent her indictment.

    According to the FBI’s interview summary:

    “There was a powerful group of very high-ranking STATE officials that some referred to as ‘The 7th Floor Group’ or ‘The Shadow Government.’ This group met every Wednesday afternoon to discuss the FOIA process, Congressional records, and everything CLINTON-related to FOIA/Congressional inquiries.”

    The other name used by the FBI – “The 7th-floor group” – refers to the fact that this facet of the Shadow Government is located on the State Department’s 7th floor where long-serving, elite diplomats are employed.

    Though all previous administrations have left the “7th-floor group” more or less untouched, the newly-minted Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, abruptly chose to fire most of the State Department employees working on this floor. Last Friday, Tillerson’s top aides told the vast majority of the Department’s seventh-floor staff that “their services were no longer needed,” CBS News reports.

    This is the second round of firings at the State Department since Trump took office as four other top officials had been let go at the end of January. One of the employees fired recently, Tom Countryman, told CBS News he was worried that the White House was showing its intent to cut out the State Department in order to prevent allegedly “nonpartisan” officials from challenging the executive branch on foreign policy matters.

    The firings came soon after Trump’s meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, a meeting which drew criticism from the U.S. political establishment as not a single State Department official was included in the meetings. A State Department official told CBS News that the decision to change the meeting’s normal procedures was done to facilitate “a more personal discussion.” This, along with the recent firings, once again make plain the great rift between those “Deep State” elements that stay in place throughout Presidential administrations and the fledgling Trump administration.

    Though this latest move by Tillerson and the Trump administration may serve to lessen some of the Deep State’s influence in U.S. politics, it is worth noting that such entrenched elements will not go off quietly into the night. At the very least, there will be some sort of retaliation for this latest move, meaning that even more controversy can be expected in the months ahead for Trump and the executive branch over which he now presides.

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    • Slingerss

      The takeover of the State Department is complete. Now, Dictator Don has full control of the entire Department.

      • Sheila Panettiere

        so, you think the previous department members weren’t part of a ‘dictatorship’ already?

    • tapatio
      • Jim

        Miscaptioned. Actually the outgoing administration.

    • Pat Engness

      As a Bernie/Jill Voter, I appreciate hearing the TRUTH!

    • Norm
      • TecumsehUnfaced

        I’ll probably regret doing it, but I’m giving you my first up-vote ever.

        • tapatio

          Why bother. Replacing “Shadow Government” with “Slime Government” is no improvement. Not unless the Trump regime’s incompetence throws the entire business open to scrutiny……….and, even then, the sheep will probably just whine and go on being sheep.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            You’re something of a purist, aren’t you? I’m hoping that both sides will seriously weaken each other and we successfully rebuild.

            I think that the implications of Trump’s hand coming out of the sky is hilariously delusional.

            • tapatio

              Nah, I’m not a purist or perfectionist. But, we need a balance and justice. Swapping one set of criminals for another isn’t too useful. Why not put both sets in prison or graves and elect reasonably honest politicians who will only steal a bit?

              I do feel that, if you don’t view the word “democracy” as a VERB, you don’t deserve freedom.

              • TecumsehUnfaced

                I was just teasing. Yes, I agree both sets and everything in between should be in prisons and graves. But they are powerful, and there are a lot of them. I hope they will go to the mattresses, just like the New York gangs used to do. If they thin each other out, we may have a chance.

                • tapatio

                  You’re right. I like Chris Hedges recent article about making America ungovernable. There are thousands of things that one can do to monkey-wrench the system, without ever breaking a law.

                  • Y K

                    Having Che on the avatar and liking Chris Hedges reads like a ready diagnosis, pal.

                    • tapatio

                      From one of Reichskanzler Drumpf’s little brown shirts, I’ll take that as a compliment, punk.

                      Only those too stupid to read the history of Cuba under Batista could ever criticize the trials and sentences of the Cuban oligarchs and their thugs under Guevara. Of course, there are the scum (trolls) who work so hard to promote hatred of anyone who goes against predatory capitalism. They are TERRIFIED of people like Che Guevara, The Castros, the Ortegas, Arafat, Mandela.

                      • Y K

                        Your comment should be hanging on a wall in a frame somewhere, pal. It’s simply perfect in every sense, the commas and the full stops included. 🙂

                      • tapatio

                        That’s very special.

                      • Y K

                        I know, pal. Degenerates like you are like delicate exotic flowers, to be treated with great care, almost reverentially.

                      • TecumsehUnfaced

                        That’s hilarious coming from one of the ZioNazis that do stuff like this:

                        Collaborating with the Nazis

                        This strategy of enlisting Europe’s virulent Jew-haters, and of aligning with the most vicious movements and regimes as financial and military patrons of a Zionist colony in Palestine, did not exclude the Nazis.

                        The Zionist Federation of Germany sent a memorandum of support to the Naz! Party on June 21, 1933. In it the Federation noted:

                        … a rebirth of national life such as is occurring in German life … must also take place in the Jewish national group.

                        On the foundation of the new [Naz!] state which has established the principle of race, we wish so to fit our community into the total structure so that for us, too, in the sphere assigned to us, fruitful activity for the Fatherland is possible … [81]

                        Far from repudiating this policy, the World Zionist Organization Congress in 1933 defeated a resolution calling for action against H!tler by a vote of 240 to 43.

                        During this very Congress, H!tler announced a trade agreement with the WZO’s Anglo-Palestine Bank, breaking, thereby, the Jewish boycott of the Naz! regime at a time when the German economy was extremely vulnerable. It was the height of the Depression and people were wheeling barrels full of worthless German Marks. The World Zionist Organization broke the Jewish boycott and became the principal distributor of Naz! goods throughout the Middle East and Northern Europe. They established the Ha’avara, which was a bank in Palestine designed to receive monies from the German-Jewish bourgeoisie, with which sums Naz! goods were purchased in very substantial quantity.


                      • Y K

                        Sending some cut & pasted crap (which looks and smells like Lenni Brenner’s underwear) from a crappy Trotskyist website (were Che, Castro, Carlos and Arafat Trotskyists?) certainly takes care of everything. Check and mate, Zionazi swine! 🙂

                      • TecumsehUnfaced

                        Oooh! A tantrum!

                        Maybe, I can get it to throw some more with support from Jewish sources.

                        Rabbi Kestenbaum: Jews Died During Holocaust Because of Zionist Rabbi Stephen Wise

                        The Shameful Legacy of Rabbi Stephen Wise by Ronn Torossian

                        The Truth About Israel and Palestine
                        Stefan Molyneux

                      • TecumsehUnfaced

                        Medallion that Geobbels struck to commemorate Nazi-Zionist cooperation

                        Troops of the Betar in Uniform Berlin 1936

                      • Y K

                        Why did you omit the two Erichs – Mielke and Honecker – from the list? Not to mention Brezhnev and Andropov? And what about their foster child Ilyich Ramírez Sánchez? Chavez’s tumor and Maduro’s bus? Wadie Haddad’s bonbons? Mugabe’s jacket and moustache? There’s just so many things to be TERRIFIED of! 🙂

                    • TeeJae

                      And that comment shows a deep ignorance of both.

                • Norm
                  • TecumsehUnfaced

                    Now you’re back to your Normal demented mendacity.

                    Sorry, we know what you ZioNazis are really about.

                    Sacrificing Europe’s Jews

                    The correlative to the acts of collaboration with the Nazis throughout the 1930’s was that when attempts to change the immigration laws of the United States and Western Europe were contemplated in order to provide token refuge for persecuted Jews of Europe, it was the Zionists who actively organized to stop these efforts.

                    Ben Gurion informed a meeting of Labor Zionists in Great Britain in 1938: “If I knew that it would be possible to save all the children in Germany by bringing them over to England and only half of them by transporting them to Eretz Israel, then I opt for the second alternative.” [84] This obsession with colonizing Palestine and overwhelming the Arabs led the Zionist movement to oppose any rescue of the Jews facing extermination, because the ability to deflect select manpower to Palestine would be impeded. From 1933 to 1935, the WZO turned down two-thirds of all the German Jews who applied for immigration certificates.

                    Berel Katznelson, editor of the Labor Zionist Davar, described the “cruel criteria of Zionism”: German Jews were too old to bear children in Palestine, lacked trades for building a Zionist colony, didn’t speak Hebrew and weren’t Zionists. In place of these Jews facing extermination the WZO brought to Palestine 6,000 trained young Zionists from the United States, Britain and other safe countries. Worse than this, the WZO not merely failed to seek any alternative for the Jews facing the Holocaust, the Zionist leadership opposed belligerently all efforts to find refuge for fleeing Jews.

                    As late as 1943, while the Jews of Europe were being exterminated in their millions, the US Congress proposed to set up a commission to “study” the problem. Rabbi Stephen Wise, who was the principal American spokesperson for Zionism, came to Washington to testify against the rescue bill because it would divert attention from the colonization of Palestine.

                    This is the same Rabbi Wise who, in 1938, in his capacity as leader of the American Jewish Congress, wrote a letter in which he opposed any change in US immigration laws which would enable Jews to find refuge. He stated:

                    It may interest you to know that some weeks ago the representatives of all the leading Jewish organizations met in conference … It was decided that no Jewish organization would, at this time, sponsor a bill which would in any way alter the immigration laws.[85].


              • TecumsehUnfaced

                I think Norm has me blocked because I hurt his feelings telling him what I thought of him and his attitudes.

                • tapatio

                  Norm isn’t that thin skinned. I’ve tried discussing his mother’s sxxual behaviors in great detail and he doesn’t react. Jimbo Wherry is another matter – he becomes hysterical. Wherry has a bad alcohol or drug problem, though. As the day wears on, his comments frequently fall apart.

                  I won’t block any of them. The object of the game is to counter their lies and show what they and their cult are really like. Can’t do that if you can’t read the lies.

          • Jim

            So, which “slime” was it — the lifetime lobbying ban, the hiring freeze, protecting the borders, “two-out, one-in” on new regulations, or making NATO members pay their fair share?

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