Pro-Trump Protestor Wanted After Video Surfaces Showing Him Assaulting Berkeley Protester

A man who punched a woman square in the face on a live video recorded by WeAreChange has yet to be arrested or face any sort of consequences for his violent actions.
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    (Photo: The Daily Monster)

    (Photo: The Daily Monster)

    Protests in Berkeley, CA this past weekend erupted into violence between proponents and opponents of Trump after the two groups clashed during a demonstration at Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center by Trump supporters. The “Patriots Day” rally was set for that day and counter-protestors showed up in droves, mostly from “anti-fascism” (AntiFa) groups looking to shut down the alt-right demonstration attended by many white supremacist groups.

    The demonstration and protests officially began mid-morning and hostilities quickly escalated amidst groups once the barriers between them were broken down. It’s unclear which side incited the violence, especially since both sides made it public on social media that they would not back down from a fight. Bobby E. with the Twitter handle @antifa_sucksass (which has since been suspended) said,

    “Antifa members are all domestic terrorists. We need to do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t end up like that Milo event.” Then he added, “Even if it means killing any rioters dressed in black with lethal force.”

    So although no one was surprised that violence erupted at the site of the demonstration, people still want those who engaged to be held accountable for their actions, including one man who punched a woman square in the face on a live video recorded by WeAreChange that is now gaining tons of views. In the video, a group of people is seen viciously attacking an AntiFa protestor (identified because of their all-black outfit and bandana around their face), but it’s what happens on the periphery that has people talking.

    As the people attack the protestor, one woman approaches the group, but before she can reach them a man appears and punches the woman so hard that she is knocked to the ground and he falls forward, catching himself on a nearby pole before the camera pans away. That man has since been identified as Nathan Damigo, the founder of Identity Evropa, a white supremacist group that targets college students to recruit and encourages “social chaos” and unrest to bring power back to white people before they become an endangered minority.

    Damigo is a former marine who was released with an “other than honorable” discharge and served nearly 5 years in prison after he robbed a cab driver at gunpoint because he suspected that the man was Iraqi. His racist beliefs only grew stronger in prison, where he read and became influenced by books like My Awakening by Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

    Many people are calling for Damigo’s arrest, and a GoFundMe page has been started for the victim, Louise Rosealma, because of the repercussions of the event. She sustained a concussion from the punch, but ever since the video gained popularity and targeted Damigo, white supremacist groups have started to dox Rosealma; they’ve since released all of her private information, including her home address and those of her family members, and threatened to rape or kill her. The GoFundMe states that her medical expenses need to be covered as well as enough money to move, change her phone number, possibly change her identity, and seek legal action against the group that doxxed her and Damigo for causing all of this.

    As of the date of this publishing, Damigo has yet to be arrested or face any sort of consequences for his violent actions. There’s no saying how many other people he may have hurt that didn’t have the incident recorded on video, but hopefully, whomever else was injured as a result of his actions will be able to come forward if he’s arrested. On the day of the rally/protest, over 20 other people were arrested for their involvement in the riot.

    Watch the video of the incident below:

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    • Robert Browning

      The girl has to file a complaint and she won’t do that. Video has caught her throwing bottles right before being punched.

    • dvrmte

      It’s getting deep with that degenerate girl, it appears not only was posting on social media prior the event of the desire to inflict damage on people, she made and used improvised explosive devices for the event. There are several still shots of her with a glass bottle in her hand, plus, it seems she was inserting or attaching M80’s to the bottles, lighting them and throwing them into the crowd of Patriots there to exercise their 1st Amendment rights. That is a deliberate act of terrorism and I have no mercy for scum like that. There were old people, men and children among the Patriots. She deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law, which includes the death penalty.

      • Sources please. You must understand that by persecuting the victim, especially without any sources, or so much as a “tsk, tsk” in disgust for “white supremacy”, that you sound rather like someone who is intentionally trying to turn this around to protect the aggressor? And their racist ideology?

        I wonder why that would be?

        • dvrmte

          Persecuting the victim? That scank is in multiple photos brandishing a bottle, Damiga had already tackled her as she was about to hit someone with the bottle. The videos and still shots are all over the internet. According to witness statements, she was one of those throwing M-80’s and also dropping them into glass bottles before throwing them into the crowd.
          Damiga is a white nationalist, not a white supremacist. And I haven’t seen either going around throwing explosives into crowds or hitting people over the head with a steel bike lock as Professor Eric Clanton of Diablo Canyon College was caught doing. I hope they’re both charged as the domestic terrorists for attempted murder.
          What’s sick is that you’re too lazy to delve into the facts of the situation, and like most lazy Leftist/Liberals you see only the facts that you want to see and exclude the rest. That’s confirmation bias. Your only argumentative ability seems to be only to point and shout “racist”. That’s infantile.

          • You seem pretty knowledgable about all this. I’d think you’d have at least one good link to share. So far I’ve only found reports from other neo-nazi, white racist media groups with lots of accusations. And people who don’t admit such affiliations outright, but also do not seem to find their actions objectionable in any way. I find all that suspicious to say the least.

            You’re quite welcome to call me lazy, but I don’t jump on anyone’s political bandwagon until I am convinced of their position. That their version of the truth is most logical by virtue of what I know about human nature, including where there is bias rather than objectivity.

            Your attitude for instance is suspiciously biased, again without anything to back it up but your angry and accusatory words.. When I do that I mean it as an opinion, my own conclusion.

            And my conclusion here so far is that two political factions tangled, and some of it got caught on film and video. People were angry on both sides and people got hurt on both sides. And that particular event from all sides looks worse on the man than it does on the woman.

            What bothers me most however about any of this is how little consequence it has on the bigger global challenges we share that while having certainly in some aspect brought these types of oppositional protests in proximity of one another, do nothing to solve those bigger problems. If only all sides of the population protests could get that truly motivated to take effective action against the global establishment-quo elite power brokers who are really to blame for all of this by virtue of their selfishly destructive geopolitical ideologies.

            We, each other, are the enemies of ourselves when we allow those powers that care no more for me than they do for you, to instigate from on high. Whereby you and I waste our more precious time in such petty disagreement. Based on questionable “facts” that can be so easily made to look this way or that. At least until, and if, the events of the day can be honestly reconstructed in some honestly objective manner.

            Do you at least agree with that premise? That we all have a less than always visible common enemy, that has no more regard for your life than for mine? And in fact go out of their way to pit us against each other with the ultimate intent of making more room and resources for themselves?

            • dvrmte

              Neither side was protesting, the Patriots showed up to exercise their 1st Amendment rights, antifa showed up to deny them their rights. This is the fourth time that was happened. It began with a Trump rally and antifa attacking, then Milo Yiannopolis’ speaking event was cancelled because of antifa violence. They attacked attendees that were trying to get in including beating a woman over the head with sticks and spraying another woman was she was being interviewed. Then they lit a huge fire and inflicted huge damage on the MLK center before going downtown and inflicting about half a million dollars damage on city property. Then on March 4th they attacked the free speech event at the MLK park, that’s where Based Stick Man got his name, he and a few other patriots defended the attendees against the barage of attacks by antifa. The event on April 15th was another Patriot or free speech event and antifa showed up again, throwing M-80’s, bricks, rocks, glass bottles, etc., at the Patriots. Antifa was armed but the police disarmed the Patriots of their flagpoles(sticks), pepper spray, etc., but antifa, since they weren’t attendees suffered no such disarming except for what was visible, their flag poles(sticks).
              You don’t get this, this is war. When we’re finished regaining our rights in Berkeley we’re going to make those fascist antifa really afraid to show their faces in cities all over the country. Expect to see us soon in Boston, the antifa there have made open threats of violence against us(patriotic Americans). But we’ll probably clean up California and the West Coast first.
              This crap is over with, the cleaning up of the media is also on the agenda. We never expected Trump would or could do much more than run his mouth and make funny tweets, we the people are taking our country back with or without him.

              • Actually I do get it.

                1. You treat me as ignorant but refuse to educate me beyond your personal written opinion. If you have any concept of journalistic integrity, added to the fact we are strangers to each other, then you should appreciate my position of caution to believe what you claim is true alone.

                2. You seem more interested in escalating the violence than de escalating it. That is more than enough for anyone to view your overall position as calculated, biased and likely all while having a personal stake/agenda you could possibly gain from, either materially and/or politically.

                Two things right off however have me quite curious. Were you at any of these events? As in witnessing them yourself? And I wonder why everything you have claimed convolutes to a fairly large degree what I had thought I had learned about the prior events you mentioned. To hear you talk about them makes them sound like an alternative universe almost entirely from how I understood them.

                From my perspective I thought people on both sides were behaving badly.

                And for the record. I don’t watch the MSM, except when clips may be part of another alternative press report. And I am on the “left”, further so than the liberals, but not so much as the socialist purists. I value humanism, collectivism and populism. So I call myself a “progressive”. However my moral values can probably be best compared with those of people like RFK, John Lennon, MLK, Malcolm X, Gandhi, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, FDR, Howard Zinn, Abby Hoffman, Timothy Leary, etc. And realizing that even among them there are disagreements in how to respond to injustice, tyranny, etc. So I try to avoid not only giving myself a firm political designation, but resent being stereotyped/pigeonholed by anyone; friend, foe or undetermined.

                To me the primary metric is moral, with respect to life and the environment. There is no metric for “nationalism”, or loyalty to such a constructed elitist mechanism as the state or other institution that whether by design or by accident more often than not place such loyalty above even life.

                For example, had I been at any of those “rallies”, I would have gone to the defence of whomever I perceived as the victim of violence, racism, etc. Regardless of which political side they were on. From what I have gleaned from your perceptions, you would not. Rather you would defend your institutional/political loyalty over that even of the moral high ground.

                All while you nonetheless end your last remarks with “we the people are taking our country back with or without him. ”

                And that of course begs the question, “Which We The People”? Because that in my opinion is the core of ALL our problems; who decides who “the people” are if they are not all people on Earth? And then who are you taking “your” country back from, with respect to whose country is it really? There are indigenous people who could make the same claim, and with much more of a “lawful” standing than any “legal” prerogative you believe you have by such a political task as you propose.

          • You spelled “skank” wrong by the way…

            “Name Calling”. Always a great political persuader. I assume you voted for Trump in part at least because you liked that aspect of his “doublespeak”?

        • rickroland

          She wasn’t a victim here. Earlier video shows she was assaulting the person that ended up defending himself against her. Try again.

          • “Try again.”

            OK. You didn’t supply any sources either. Just saying “Earlier video shows” is not a rebuttal, or proof of anything other than you apparently know how to use a keyboard or touchpad.

            I mean how do you know there isn’t some even “earlier video” showing that she was assaulted first? Were you there next to them?

            And anyway you too missed my larger point, so I can only assume you support the “supremacist” cause.

    • James Wherry

      As has already been pointed out, the photo from other angles clearly shows she was taking a swing at the Pro-Trump protester.

      As always, the hate-groups on the Left are easily identified: they’re the ones wearing the masks so they can perpetrate violence and destroy public property like school buildings.

      • MountainMan23

        Your allegation that other photos exist would bear some weight if you included links to those photos.

        • James Wherry

          Actually, the first photo up top does a pretty good job of showing the view of her hitting him.

          Suffice it to say that the violence is brought to the pro-Trump rallies by the protesters. I have no evidence that it happens at anti-Trump rallies, like the one the day after the inauguration.

          • MountainMan23

            That photo clearly shows her attempt to block his attack.
            Watch the video.

            • Keen

              She didn’t approach him to block his attack.

              • MountainMan23

                She didn’t approach him at all. She was standing still when he stepped up to her and blindsided her with a punch which she attempted to block at the last second.
                Get your facts straight. This isn’t a matter of opinion.

                • Keen

                  Why don’t you get your facts straight.
                  Article says she approached him.
                  The video shows the last moment, certainly not the source to get conclusions. But she doesn’t seem standing still.
                  So, get a chill pill together with your facts straight.

                  • MountainMan23

                    Get *my* facts straight?
                    Have you even watched the whole video?
                    Are you blind or just so opinionated you can’t see?
                    Watch it here:
                    The incident begins about 30 seconds in.
                    Her feet are planted. She isn’t even looking at him. She turns her head towards him just as he blindsides her with a punch to the face. Her hands go up defensively.

                    On the other hand, assume for a moment your twisted version of the facts is correct, that she actually did step up to him and punch him (despite the video evidence to the contrary). What kind of man is he – two and a half times her size, at least 6 inches taller, with a considerably greater reach – punching out a woman?

                    You defend this cowardly monster? You’re as despicable as he is.

                    • Keen

                      Her feet were planted? Lol

                      You call it tomatoes, i call it she came with her arms swinging already.
                      You keep coming with your juvenile accusations an twisted versions.

                      In a massive brawl there’s no women and men, there only enemy. If she wouldn’t want to get hit, she shouldn’t have approached the other side.

                      So keep throwing childish names, big man.

                      • MountainMan23

                        Obviously you didn’t watch the video.
                        You’re just as hopeless as the coward who punches women in the face.
                        Have a nice day!

                      • Keen

                        Obviously you see things nobody else does.
                        You’re pathetic troll.
                        Have a sweet dream!

                      • MountainMan23

                        You’re the only one on this site defending this pathetic coward.
                        Don’t pretend like I’m the only one who sees what actually happened.

                      • Keen

                        Let’s be clear – you’re the one trolling here and seeing things.
                        Your juvenile escapades against me only prove it.

                      • MountainMan23

                        Yeah right. I’m the one defending the pathetic Trump thug coward.
                        At least you’re consistently delusional, I’ll give you that!

                      • Keen

                        Right, you’re the one trolling. Throw more personal attacks, it may help your little ego.

                      • MountainMan23

                        You’re the one defending a white supremacist thug who just punched in the face of a woman one third his size. I can’t thnk of a worse reflection of your own character, or lack thereof. You call me juvenile, a pathetic troll, claim I have a small ego .. and then chastise me for “personal attacks”? You’re hilariously delusional.

                      • Keen

                        I never called you juvenile. I called your method of communication juvenile as a response to your personal attacks. Now you cry. You shouldn’t come to place where adults talk, especially with your sensitive character.

                      • MountainMan23

                        Now I have a “sensitive character” – and you complain about my “personal attacks”?

                        You lost the argument, so now you’re just making up stuff in a vain attempt to salve your wounded ego. I assure you I am not crying. I am laughing. At you!

                        You’re everything there is in a right-wing troll. This site is a progressive site. You come here defending a white supremacist Trump thug whose vile actions the site is calling out, and call me a “troll” for taking you to task. Seriously?

                        Just pathetic.

                        Best you just concede you lost and be on your way.

                      • Keen

                        Lol, ok troll master. Wanna napkin?

                      • MountainMan23

                        Another non sequitur that has absolutely nothing to do with the matter at hand.

          • Looks like to me that she is merely defending herself. Attempting even to regain her footing by grabbing his collar (which could make her hand look like a fist from that angle)?

            But clearly the most you might say with only a photo is that it might be open to interpretation.

            I’m not surprised that you would take the side of the racists with respect to your blind defense of zionist racism against arabs and the palestinians, who incidentally are also “semites”, as in anti-semitic? All children of Shem…

            I am a little surprised that you would just outright lie about that kind of violence being started by the left. Without the barest bit of evidence to support your “presumption”.

      • roccolore

        They are like ISIS.