Pope Francis’ Dark Past As Agent of U.S.-Backed Argentine Military Junta

Murder, torture and “disappearances” were commonplace under the military dictatorship that gripped Argentina in the 1970s. Pope Francis, despite being hailed as a “progressive” figure today, was supportive of the Argentine junta, even aiding in some of the atrocities it carried out.
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    BUENOS AIRES– Among the world’s most prominent figures, few have received such consistent media praise as Pope Francis I. Since his papacy began in 2013, Pope Francis has been touted as a left-leaning reformer committed to reducing global poverty and fighting climate change, as well as taken other positions popular with those identifying as politically progressive. However, Western media has continuously overlooked the church leader’s dubious past, which paints him as anything but a progressive concerned about the oppressed or their human rights.

    In 1973, Chile fell to a U.S.-backed coup that led to the installation of the brutal military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet. At the time, the Cardinal of Santiago, Raúl Silva Henríquez, took a stand against the newly-installed military regime at great personal risk, a move that is believed to have somewhat curbed the tide of political assassinations and torture targeting supporters of Chile’s deposed President Salvador Allende and other opponents of Pinochet’s rule.

    Three years later in 1976, Argentina also fell victim to a U.S.-backed coup that installed a military junta led by. However, the Catholic church’s response to the Videla regime could not have been more different than what had transpired in Chile.

    At the time, Pope Francis, then known by his birth name Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was Provincial of the Argentine Jesuits. While a handful of figures in the Catholic church dissented against Videla’s rule, Bergoglio was not one of them. In fact, Bergoglio actually aided the Videla regime in its murder of dissidents. Government documents written at the time have confirmed his role in reporting members of his own order who he deemed to be “leftists,” along with several innocent parishioners, to the military government.

    In May 1976, two Jesuit priests, Francisco Jalics and Orlando Yorio, were kidnapped by death squads and taken to the Escuela de Mecánica de la Armada (ESMA), a detention center for dissidents with a sinister reputation for torture and “disappearing” detainees. After five months of grueling torture, they were released, thrown into a field half-naked and pumped full of drugs – essentially left for dead. Upon their release, the priests complained about Bergoglio to the Vatican, only to be told that they had already been expelled from the Jesuits due to alleged contact with women and “conflicts of obedience.”

    During the first trials regarding the crimes of the Argentine military government in 1985, Yorio directly accused Bergoglio of handing them over, along with six civilian members of his parish, to the death squads. He told the court “I am sure that he himself [Bergoglio] gave over the list with our names to the Navy.”

    Jalics refused to comment on the matter at the time, having entered a life of seclusion in a German monastery. However, years later, he recounted in a book that Bergoglio had told the priests that he would make sure the military knew that they were not terrorists. Jalics wrote: “From subsequent statements by an official and 30 documents that I was able to access later, we were able to prove, without any room for doubt, that this man did not keep his promise, but that, on the contrary, he presented a false denunciation to the military.”

    The other six members of the parish that Bergoglio had reported to the government became among the thousands of those who “disappeared” during Argentina’s Dirty War. They included four teachers associated with the parish and two of their husbands.


    Pope Francis continues to dodge responsibility

    In the years since, Bergoglio has invoked his right under Argentinian law to avoid appearing in open court, testifying only once in 2010 regarding the crimes that he had been accused of. According to human rights attorney Myriam Bregman, his answers were “evasive.”

    Bergoglio has also tried to claim that he was unaware of the dictatorship’s many atrocities until after the military regime fell. However, as Bregman noted, Bergoglio’s own statements proved that church officials knew from early on that the junta was torturing and killing its citizens. “The dictatorship could not have operated this way without this key support,” she added in an interview with CBS News.

    In addition, Bergoglio has claimed that he was unaware of the dictatorship’s practice of stealing the babies of disappeared mothers, who were abducted, kept alive until giving birth and then executed, with their children then given to military families. However, the testimonies of those who had reached out to him at the time for help in finding their missing relatives have proven this claim inaccurate.

    Most ironic of all is that Bergoglio – as Pope – has been praised for bringing anti-capitalist “liberation theology” to the Catholic church. But decades earlier, Bergoglio had accused the very priests he had condemned to torture of propagating that same theology. During his time as Provincial of the Jesuits, Bergoglio supported an ideology that ra contrary to liberation theology, embracing the neoliberal policies of the dictatorship, which were crafted by then-Economic Minister José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz – a close friend of David Rockefeller.

    Despite his past crimes, the Pope’s continued chorus of support from Western media shows that, with enough positive media coverage, even the most sinister crimes can be buried and hidden from view.


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    • Father O’Reiley

      Good Lord!

    • Richard Murray

      Hi MPN. Here is a post reflecting the comment below:


      The link is at my facebook page too, which is available here:


      And I could post it in many other places.

      If you pull the article and write an apology, I won’t write any more. If you choose to keep the article up, then I advise you to stand by for heavy rolls to starboard.

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    • Richard Murray

      Hi Friends, I’m very disappointed that Mint Press News has not lived up to its usual level of journalistic excellence. In this, my initial reaction to this poorly researched, inaccurate, attack-article on Pope Francis, I only want to report one thing.

      The main article that the author, Whitney Webb, draws upon, is one by the Church-hating Bill Van Hauken over at Global Research.

      Van Hauken’s article was published three days after Bergoglio became Pope. In his hateful haste to attack the Pope and the Church, he also wrote a hasty and sloppily-researched article. In fact, it’s so bad, that he claims to have a photograph of Bergoglio and the truly rotten dictator Jorge Videla. Only problem: the bishop in the photograph is not Bergoglio! HA HA HA!

      Whitney, your vicious attack on the Pope, who is truly a good and holy man, is based on an article that does not even have the right picture! It misidentifies the bishop in the picture as Bergoglio, but the future Pope was not even made a bishop until 1992, many years later. HA HA HA!

      Additionally, the fellow in the photo is bald, and Bergoglio has never been bald in his life. HA HA HA!

      Wow. Talk about garbage reporting. Research much, Whitney?

      Here’s the link to her serio-comical source article:


      There are other things to mention too, which I hope to get to soon. I dislike wasting my time having to clean up after Ms. Webb’s sloppy screed. And I’m simply aghast that Mint Press News published this garbage.

    • 46nd2

      One thing I’ve learned in life is the importance of congruence. I’ll reserve judgement on a man who has been a champion for the poor, has given so much to those in need throughout the course of his life and who has so boldly faced corporate, political and corruption even within the church.
      I just don’t think it’s likely a man can be the first Pope to recognize the Palestinians and be so ruthless. Something missing in this story: perhaps Francis guilty conscience, perhaps something else.

      • Jim Maxwell

        I’m very sorry to break this to you, but this only scratches the surface of how evil this man is. I began to question him when he said (at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NY in 9/15) “Christ’s life ended in failure… failure on the cross,” as that is about the most anti-Christian statement one could make. Then, I began digging in… I was sick about it. I understand how you feel. It will be OK, but do not be deceived. George Neumayr’s book, The Political Pope, is vital reading. There is much more out there, and I’ll be happy to tell you where to look. Be well.

        • Helga Fellay

          I understand the pope and know exactly what he meant when he said that “Christ’s life ended in failure” because it did. Jesus preached of a life of love and peace and kindness, and we both know that in this nation, under God, which calls itself “christian” – there is NO Peace, and more hate than love, and far more greed, exploitation and persecution than kindness. And the more religious the christians are, the less they seem to want to follow what Jesus preached. That is what the Pope meant, and it is the truth.

      • Helga Fellay

        I agree. All we can do is guess, but it might well be that the fact that he did not speak out against the horrors of the military dictatorship is weighing on his mind, and the fact that he is now such a courageous defender of the victims of our military aggression, and the victims of our ruthless out-of-control capitalism and exploitation of the poor at home, might be the wonderful result of that. No doubt he was afraid to die in the 1970’s, but is now afraid to die now, which gives him the freedom to speak out freely and fearlessly. Which, of course makes him a dangerous man to the US neocon and neoliberal establishment. This is the reason for the well organized and all-out attacks on his character. All kinds of unpleasant popes have come and gone (Ratzinger springs to mind) and the US Deep State didn’t bother to criticize him. Why would they care about a religious leader in Rome.

    • Nathan

      Maybe he saw the error of his ways? I don’t care about what he was back then. I care about what he is now.

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    • SewerKraut

      At least Francis wasn’t a pedofile like that Muhammad guy.

    • ORAXX

      Pope Frank also whisked Cardinal Pell out of Australia to the Vatican, to avoid Pell having to face child abuse charges.

      • Krishna E. Bera

        Actually it is the opposite: he just released Pell from duties in the Vatican so that he could face the situation in Australia.

        • ORAXX

          He did that now……….he got him out of Australia first. He also restored a priest who had been defrocked over child abuse.

    • socrates2

      This is old news.
      When Jesuit Bergoglio was first elevated to Pope, his past co-operation with military authorities made headlines for a day or two before the public was herded into the next news cycle.
      We know that back in the 1970’s the Pope and at least one Provincial General were warned by a military establishment that Liberation Theology was, in the military’s view, tantamount to communism and its practitioners would be imprisoned or killed. After such warning, in El Salvador the local PG met with the Jesuits and ostensibly they opted for possible martyrdom which eventually “arrived.” Whether such a “choice” was offered in Argentina by the local military junta remains unknown. All we have are the accusations made at the time by the two survivors that Bergoglio (may have) denounced them and others to the military. We do have ample proof that anyone accused of anti-government, or democratic, sentiment during the military dictatorship was rounded up, tortured and killed. Whether one chooses to extrapolate a “smoking gun” from this historical and situational context is up to the reader and what their experiences lead them to conclude.
      The only facts we have are that some individuals under Bergoglio’s stewardship were imprisoned and some died. Begoglio survived… In the end, until one has conclusive evidence, one’s judgment about Bergoglio will remain like Schrodinger’s cat paradox, depending on one’s experiential prism the result will either be charitable or uncharitable toward Bergoglio, today Francis l, Pope.
      The choice is yours and mine.
      Be well.

      • Krishna E. Bera

        Perhaps so. On the other hand, why has he not strongly denounced the disappearances and human rights violations and opened the Church’s record books on that period? Why has he not apologized or at least given the excuse of coercion?

        • Helga Fellay

          He did nothing wrong and had no reason to apologize for anything. He, along with me and everybody else, denounces the evils he, his fellow Jesuits, and his people suffered under the terrors of the US supported military dictatorship of that time. Along with the terrors and horrors US supported military dictatorships are inflicting at the present time, which is more relevant and therefore should be addressed first, which he is doing.

        • socrates2

          Mr. E. Bera, please see my response to Ms Fellay.
          With the obvious lack of facts, all one can do is speculate. I would rather hold judgment in abeyance on this particular issue. All one can do is continue to search for that “smoking gun.”
          I suspect that a century from now documents will turn up. In CIA/NSA archives? In Church archives? (He, he…). Way too late for you and me.
          Be well.

      • Helga Fellay

        This nonsense has been debunked. Follow the link posted by a fellow commenter, I am reposting it here, along with my reply. The link is in Spanish, but the guy clearly states that they were all arrested and Francisco never denounced anyone. If you don’t understand Spanish, have someone translate it for you.
        Here is the link: http://www.lanacion.com.ar/

        Gambriel β Carrizo • a day ago

        Jalics went on record 4 years ago and said that Bergoglio didn´t take part in his and Yorio´s incarceration: http://www.lanacion.com.ar/

        Helga Fellay Gambriel β Carrizo • 21 hours ago

        This is only a guess, but all the military involved in the Dirty Wars of that epoch received training at the infamous School of the Americas in Ft. Benning, Georgia. They were not only trained on how to torture, conduct massacres, persecute the Catholic Church, especially the Jesuit order, and psychological manipulations during interrogations. One of these is to play out one suspect against the other. It is not inconceivable that they interrogated the two separately, accusing the other of having sold out and being on the side of the dictatorship, in order to get them to hate each other to get some “dirt” on the other. Pope Francisco was too intelligent to fall for this trick, but apparently Yorio fell for it. That explains why “he was sure Bergoglio took part”, but failed to provide evidence. This is not an outlandish explanation, this type of thing was (and no doubt still is) part of standard training. If you have any doubts about this, contact SOA Watch. They can give you all the details.

        • socrates2

          Muchisimas gracias, tuve ocasion de leer el articulo citado. Explica poco, pero insinua bastante…


          That said, as a recovering Catholic let me add, the Catholic Church and in particular, its storm troopers, the Jesuits, have a history of allying themselves with the power structure in place. It’s called institutional survival. Or as Kissinger would say, “realpolitik.” Hmm. That may explain why most popular revolutions from Mexico to South America (including Spain) tend to contain a strong anti-clerical element. The Catholic Church, sadly, has a long tradition of becoming an apologist for elites and ruling hierarchs. Does the term “Divine Right of Kings” ring any bells?

          Continuing with your hypothetical scenarios: just as you imply that the SotA persecuted the Church and that the Argentine military used the infamous parallel interrogation technique of “your-partner-blames-you,” let me suggest the scenario that Bergoglio “fed the alligators.” That is, he threw a couple of obvious missionaries who worked with the poor under the bus, and as we all know, martyrs go to heaven anyway… And later, a remorseful Bergoglio, aware of the brutality, the risk of death, and to avoid any suspicion falling on him, made moves to “rescue” them.

          And critically, recall, the infamous “votos” or vows of chastity, poverty and absolute obedience all Jesuits take. Who is to say the Jesuits you cited did not fall in line and obeyed orders (“tras numerosas conversaciones”) to exonerate, forgive, and absolve His Holiness from all crimes? A “simple,” well-written public denial would suffice, mind you(!). Such a scenario is also not that far-fetched considering the cast of characters and the need to preserve the dignity, reputation, and credibility of the Pontiff. If the Jesuits are known for anything, it’s for preserving and defending the Church at any and all costs. (Disclosure, I studied under French Lasallians and was seriously influenced by Dominicans in college, the latter had contempt for Jesuits and perhaps remain “rivals” to this day).

          That’s all I read from the “La Nacion” piece. We can speculate till the end of time as to what really happened and who did what and why. So, the pursuit of the smoking gun continues…

          Be well.

          • Helga Fellay

            You can bend and twist all you want, but you present no evidence whatsoever except possible interpretations and imaginations springing from your own mind and fantasy. Everything you say about the Catholic Church is absolutely true, and has been starting after the first 200 or 300 years after Christ. However, Pope Francisco was a recognized Liberation Theologist who never supported the power elite at any time.
            According to Wikipedia,
            • Liberation theology is an interpretation of Christian theology which emphasises a concern for the liberation of the oppressed. • The best-known examples of liberation theology come from the Catholic Church in Latin America in the 1950s and 1960s….
            The list of major figures of Liberation Theology consists of 22 men, beginning with Francis of Assissi, and ending with Pope Francis. You can look it up yourself.

            • socrates2

              Felly, you write, “…you present no evidence whatsoever except possible interpretations and imaginations springing from your own mind and fantasy.”

              You’ll pardon me, said the kettle to the pot, but what did you do when you speculated, “It is not inconceivable that they interrogated the two separately, accusing the other of having sold out and being on the side of the dictatorship, in order to get them to hate each other to get some “dirt” on the other. Pope Francisco was too intelligent to fall for this trick, but apparently Yorio fell for it. That explains why “he was sure Bergoglio took part”, but failed to provide evidence. This is not an outlandish explanation.?”

              No, neither your speculation nor mine are “outlandish.” They fall within the realm of the possible.

              That said, you assert that “Pope Francisco was a recognized Liberation Theologist who never supported the power elite at any time.”
              Nice to assert (and to want to believe), but near impossible to prove as no documents, nor witnesses from that time have come forward to back that assertion. However, the historical fact that the two Jesuits, Jalics and Yorio, were arrested, imprisoned, and tortured speaks volumes. They were renown “liberation theologians” at the time. The cautious Bergoglio was not… If Bergoglio’s apologists wish to rewrite history, they can so choose. Don’t ask the rest of us to join in a hagiography.
              Don’t get me wrong, Bergoglio probably had his epiphany and today as Pontiff champions LT, (which I welcome), just not in those dark days of the desaparecidos.
              Be well.

              • Helga Fellay

                I replied to your post, but MintPress News apparently didn’t like it and didn’t allow it to be printed. I guess they didn’t like my defending the Pope, or they didn’t like my criticizing them. So much for freedom of speech.

                • socrates2

                  Fellay, I join with you and denounce any censorship you may have suffered. I empathize. All censorship is an abomination.
                  That said, I came to this site neither to condemn Pope Francis, nor to praise him, but to dig for historic facts. All actions, yours, mine and others, are situational and systemic. We act within the cluster of our circumstances and within the society that surrounds us. And unless we make an effort to understand matters and facts, in depth, we will not alter our behaviors and responses to recurring crises. “No man is an island,” as Donne wrote. One seeks understanding. To condemn Francis/Bergoglio is to condemn ourselves.
                  Be well.

                  • Helga Fellay

                    Thank you for your generous response. I had more to say, but alas….am not allowed to say it. It dealt mostly with information I found online. I hope they will allow me to say thank you.

    • ‘Pope Francis’ is a deceiver. He has said ‘God cannot be God without man’, compared the Holy Spirit to an ‘Apostle of Babel’, said Jesus ‘begged forgiveness’ from Mary and Joseph,and joked about the Holy Trinity – and much more. This is a full chronology of his quotes/headlines (all dated/sourced)

      • Helga Fellay

        every satan worshipping nutcase is out on the lose today. Crawl back under your rocks.

    • Knud Thirup

      No Helga Fellay, – Mint Press News is correct – I knew a great part of the history – also before Mint Press News published the story.

      • Helga Fellay

        I have studied Central America’s recent political history in depth since 2011, including studying at the University of El Salvador, and I assure you this is a pure hit piece. Francisco is guilty of one “sin” only: remaining silent when some others had the courage to speak out, although they had to pay with their lives for speaking out.

        • Krishna E. Bera

          That is one of the most important sins however.

          • Helga Fellay

            He, who is without sin, may he cast the first stone. I guess you must be without sin, if you are willing to do that. Or else extraordinarily judgmental with a superiority complex.

            • Krishna E. Bera

              not at all, i am guilty of that same sin, though lives werent at stake in my case, it was bullying and harassment etc.

              however as you have pointed out, Pope Francis may not even be guilty of that.

              • Helga Fellay

                lives weren’t at stake in his case either. Speaking out would have made no difference, saved no lives, changed nothing whatsoever. The only consequence speaking out would have had is that he would have been killed, probably tortured to death. In all probability, it would have happened in secret, he would have just been one more among the thousands who just “disappeared.”

                • Krishna E. Bera

                  the other bishops may be wondering why Bergoglio wasnt tortured as they were…

                  • Helga Fellay

                    Nobody said anything that bishops were tortured. So why don’t you just give it a rest, please. Let’s not be childish and let’s not play silly games.

    • Helga Fellay

      This article is pure fake news, written by a corporatist posing as a left progressive. Pope Francis has never in any way participated in any of the atrocities committed by the right-wing military dictatorship while he was a priest, bishop and then archbishop. He has been accused of not speaking out openly against the dictatorship’s crimes, as his counterpart, Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador did. For his heroic courage, Romero was cruelly assassinated for speaking out. Francis knew that he would suffer the same fate, if not worse, perhaps being tortured to death for his activism if he would openly oppose the military. Who can accuse a man of not being ready for martyrdom. No one has that right. Perhaps he knew on some level that some day, if he stayed alive, he might be able to do more good than his death would do. And this is indeed what happened. Being a powerful and outspoken critic of our evil fascist war-mongering government has made him a target of the Deep State. I am surprised he is still alive, actually. Now they are trying to demonize him to rob him of his power. Shame on Mint Press News of being part of this smear campaign.

      • Doug Allitt

        Show us your references to prove your point. The article has many references to back it’s argument.

        • Helga Fellay

          First of all, I am not required to prove any points, the published article had the obligation to prove its wild assertions but failed to do so. The article is based purely on so-called “ Government documents written at the time have confirmed his role in reporting members of his own order who he deemed to be “leftists,” along with several innocent parishioners, to the military government.” These so-called “Government documents” (cited in the article) say nothing of the kind. The second paragraph says that Padre Jorge Bergoglio, ALONG WITH Padre Yorio, were held prisoners, accused as suspects of having contact with Guerrillas. The Spanish word “con” means with. If Bergoglio had accused Padre Yorio, it would have said something like Padre Bergoglio ha acusado al Padre Yorio de….. but it doesn’t. It clearly says “acusado con el Padre Yorio” – he, along with Yorio, was detained for six months accused with Padre Yorio of having contact with Guerrillas. Besides, in our Dirty Wars of that time, all indigenous people, and all poor peasants, were officially called Guerillas. As Jesuit priests, “having contact” with poor peasants was officially their mission, their job. That is what got them imprisoned. Also, there is nothing on that piece of paper that proves that it is an official government document. Yet absent any scintilla of proof of this demonization, the article shamelessly states “Despite his past crimes…” This is a shameless piece of slander of a great Pope because he has found his voice, and is forcefully speaking out against the evils of our capitalist economic system and our neocon warmongering. It’s pure neocon propaganda.”

          • Krishna E. Bera

            Ah so the article is based on a mistranslation. We have seen such things before… Now the question is whether it was inadvertent (wishful misreading?) or the author has a history of doing such things.

            • Helga Fellay

              I don’t know about the author’s history. All I know is that there is a huge, highly organized effort underway to malign and demonize this humble pope as no pope before him has ever been attacked. This is not due to one journalist, not due to anything inadvertent, nor due to any misreadings. Pope Francisco is being demonized for the very same reason and by the very same people who have successfully demonized Saddam Hussein, Libya’s Gaddafi, Syria’s Assad, Venezuela’s Chavez, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and others. He is seen as a sworn enemy of the US Global Empire and its ruthless crimes, and therefore must be destroyed, utterly destroyed which can only happen after he has been so demonized that no one will dare rise up in his defense. This is what is under way here. The silly woman who wrote this particular article is only one minor, unimportant figure, a member of the Presstitute climbing the ladder of success by selling out to the Deep State’s propaganda. There is only one thing I am not sure of: Whether Mint Press News is onboard with this campaign, or whether this one just slipped in under the radar.

              • Krishna E. Bera

                i will have to Google the rest of the campaign because i havent seen it til today. though if it is the Deep State etc then Google is in on the scheme as they were with Syria.

    • Jeff Duffy

      I’m no fan of Bergoglio but I’m a bit surprised that the Left is bringing up stories now about him. Why it waited that long? What’s the change? Bergoglio is no more their darling? He wasn’t up to their expectations? Must be.

      • Helga Fellay

        The “Left” is not bringing up stories about him. It’s the neocon/neoliberal Right, often posturing as the Left, that does. Bergoglio is still the darling of the real Left. He has actually exceeded our expectations.

        • Jeff Duffy

          The writer works for a leftist publication so I assumed she’s a leftist.

          • Helga Fellay

            Making assumptions is your first mistake. There are very, very few publications which are consistently “leftist” and Mint Press is not one of them. In my experience, Consortium News was the most consistently leftist site, but even it recently betrayed. QUESTION EVERYTHING, EVERY ONE, ALL THE TIME. NEVER assume that just because somebody, or some publication says something, it “must” be true. On occasion, even CNN reports the truth, although that doesn’t happen very often.

            • Jeff Duffy

              You know better then about these publications.

        • tapatio

          Welllllllll……….exceeding expectations would mean exceeding John XXIII, which Francis has yet to do. When he makes Liberation Theology official policy, worldwide, THEN I’ll sit up and take notice. But, Francis is certainly a close second to John.

          • Helga Fellay

            Many of his sharp criticisms of our policies and our economic system ARE pure Liberation Theology. What more do you want? He is a priest, not a president, he has no power to “make…official policy, worldwide” – only heads of nations can do this. What he IS doing is to encourage catholics worldwide to see the world through his eyes, so they in turn can exert their voting powers on their representatives to bring about these changes. That is the only power he really has. I am surprised you didn’t sit up and take notice yet, tapatio. I am even more surprised that Francisco is still alive. Never before has the CIA allowed anyone with the power to influence millions of people worldwide so much leeway. I see him as a dead man walking.

            • tapatio

              Obviously, Francis is not a civil politician. He is spiritual leader of 1.3 BILLION Catholics and employs 400,000+ priests. That’s a LOT of marketing power.

              Assassinating Francis would be a great deal more difficult than it was to assassinate John Kennedy and incredibly dangerous. Any link to the CIA or Mossad could incite civil war and/or a global “pogrom”. People can be a bit more rabid about their religion than about politics – not to mention that the US is hated by most of the world and Judaism is despised by the majority of the world.

              Please understand that I like Francis more than any other Pope in my lifetime, except John XXIII. But, I’m an ex-Catholic, a Presbyterian. If Francis ever starts acting like John XXIII, I’ll be back. And I am watching everything he says/does.

              • Helga Fellay

                Interesting. We think along similar lines, but not totally. When the Polish pope became pope, I was working as an independent contractor as translator for the government, and the CIA then had an enormous, incredible, interest in this pope, because he came from behind the Iron Curtain while the Soviets were still in power. The CIA was probably afraid that he might, once on the papal throne, declare communism as the new religion. Drawing my own personal conclusions from the documents they chose to have translated, they were going to poison him in such a way that he would be presumed to have died from some gastrointestinal ailment. Fortunately for him, there was no need for that. Of course the CIA would not choose to kill him in the extremely clumsy manner in which they killed JFK. We have come a long way since then. There are ways to do it where it could never be traced. I am sure you are aware of the various ways they tried (and failed) to kill Castro, including using his beard? Hugo Chavez stated that he believed the CIA gave him cancer, and indeed the technology exists were live cancer cells can be injected into any individual with a needle so fine, the victim would assume he was bitten by an insect. And it is indeed odd that each and every one of Latin America’s left leaning heads of state seemed to get cancer at about the same time (none of our puppets did). Fortunately for most, they seemed to have a good enough immune system, that they beat their cancers, at least for the time being. Unfortunately, Chavez succumbed.

                I agree with you that the US is hated by most of the word, but Judaism is NOT despised by the majority, Zionism is. These are two totally different things, and never confuse one with the other. Judaism is a religion, and most who follow it are peaceful people who try to live a good and moral life. Zionism is fascism on steroids, as fanatical as ISIS and totally devoid of any humanity and morality. In fact, Zionism created ISIS and the two are working together.

                • tapatio

                  For quite a while, I was sure that John Paul worked for the CIA. Why else would a Pope work so hard to incite another blood bath? Solidarność was insanity. I think that the CIA would never have killed him. Whatever happened – they won. Russia puts down the uprising and receives a huge black eye, and maybe Reagan gets an excuse for more. Or, Russia backs off and appears weak.

                  Well, Putin had better not back off now. He also needs to continue buildiing the alliance with China and others (Iran, Syria, etc). Russia alone can’t stop the empire, not even with a genius at the helm. In a Eurasian pact – the empire hits a stone wall and, like any cancer, dies when it can’t grow more.

                  I don’t agree on Judaism. Political correctness dictates that SOME of the 7.5 billion Gentiles see only Zionism as the disease. However, Most Jewish sources, from the NYT to anti-Zionist pundits state the Zionist supporters/Talmudic Jewish population at 65 to 85% of the world’s Jews. Granted that, once they see the ship is sinking, 80% of those rats will never have heard of Zionism or the Talmud. As they have so many times before, they would bide their time for some generations, waiting tor the opportunity to release their disease again.

                  I’m no longer interested in splitting that hair. The 2014 Gaza massacre and reactions in the US convinced me that, at whatever cost, Zionism and its proponents must be eradicated. 3000 years of dealing with that disease under a variety of guises is more than enough. The Semitic Jews passed the sociopathic “gene” on to the Khazar barbarians and it continued. If that means the eradication of Judaism, I have little problem. The actions of the Rothschild family alone have slaughtered five times the world Jewish population (in innocent Goyim) in the last 100 years.

                  When a cult-ure has been expelled from more than 100 countries in 2000 years, accompanied by stories about the same crimes we see in Judaism today – that cult is NOT being “persecuted”. The countries were disposing of a social disease in a humane way. Today, it is the entire Earth they are threatening with the psychotics in Jerusalem and Washington controlling huge nuclear arsenals. I don’t fear Putin’s or Xi’s nukes at all. I’m terrified of Trump’s and Bibi’s.

                  • Helga Fellay

                    I guess we must agree to disagree. The truth may lie somewhere between your and my position. Expulsion over the past 2,000 years had many different causes and reasons, none of them having to do with Zionism. Often it happened when the King’s treasury was empty and the Jews have always had a propensity to acquire great wealth. There is enough blame to go around. Persecution was a part of it, but not all of it. The cult of victimhood was created by, and exploited by their own Jewish leaders who would then use it to control their people and to create Zionism. Whatever crimes Jews actually committed in the past 2,000 years (not the ones they were accused of as a pretext for persecution) have nothing to do with and cannot be compared to the crimes Bibi’s Israel is committing against the Palestinians and others today. I don’t fear Putin and Xi either, but I do fear Bibi and the US Deep State, including the Clinton Cabal. Trump is just a tool in their hands who doesn’t understand what’s going on. I suppose one could fear Trump in the same way in which one would fear a toddler holding a loaded gun.

                    • tapatio

                      You are exactly correct about Trump and I feel the same about Netanyahu and his regime. Intelligence doesn’t make up for the complete mental instability in Jerusalem.

                      However, we don’t agree on Jewish behaviors. Consider what led up to WW II and the holocaust (ALL of the innocents who were slaughtered – not just the Jewish 7-8%). At Versailles, banks and corporations, led by the Rothschilds (and almost entirely Jewish owned) controlled most of the terms of the armistice. Those terms dictated the destruction of the German economy, to be carried out by the Rothschild-Bilderberg cartel.

                      Granted that 95% of the Jews in Germany and Europe had no part in that rape of the German people, but they attended the same synagogues, had the same personal behaviors as those who did. Hitler could NEVER have risen to power without the desperate conditions in Germany during the 1920s – ALL at the orders of the Rothschilds.

                      Ditto in Russia. Almost the entire leadership of the Bolshevik-Communist “revolution” (the same sort of “revolution” inflicted on Syria right now) were Jews – largely foreigners. They slaughtered thirty million Gentiles…………ALL directed and financed from the house of Rothschild.

                      Two thousand years ago a man was crucified, not because he “blasphemed” or committed some actual crime, but because he “pitched a fit” and threw the loan sharks out of the temple and was eroding the power of the rabbis. Thirty-three years before that, a Jewish puppet king (in a period when Rome stupidly allowed the Jews self-rule), named Herod, ordered thousands of babies killed because he had heard that the “King of the Jews” had been born.

                      I’m a retired anthropology professor, not an Egyptologist. But, one does hear/read of events in other areas of study. There is a body of evidence from Egypt indicating that the Jews were expelled, rather than having “escaped”, as the Bible claims.

                      Then, of course, when they reached the kingdom of Canaan (Palestine), after all of Moses’ magic tricks, they managed to commit genocide to create their “Jewish homeland”. The ONLY difference between their behavior 3000 years ago and today is that, now, we have a legal definition for genocide. The Canaanite kingdom evolved in place from 12,000 BCE until the Jewish invasion, which began about 1250 BCE. By 950 BCE the Jews had a rather scruffy little kingdom. About 750 BCE they had captured the Canaanite city of Jerusalem.

                      Happily, in 351 BCE, the Assyrians terminated that stolen “kingdom” and Jews were never sovereign again until 1948.

                      The Jews were expelled from Canaan/Palestine in 135 CE for treachery, corruption, terrorism, etc. against both Rome and the other tribes in the region.

                      Do you see a pattern of behavior emerging here?

                      • Helga Fellay

                        You are so much more knowledgeable about past history than I am. What stood out to me was your statement “95% of the Jews in Germany and Europe had no part in that rape of the German people, but they attended the same synagogues, had the same personal behaviors as those who did. Hitler could NEVER have risen to power without the desperate conditions in Germany during the 1920s – ALL at the orders of the Rothschilds.”

                        I do not believe in guilt by association. It’s wrong, and an evil just in itself. I vigorously disagree with punishing 100% of a group, any group, when 95% of that group had no part in whatever evil committed by 5% of that group, simply by the fact that “they attended the same synagogues” (or churches, speaking in general), “had the same personal behaviors” – exactly what behaviors? They all didn’t eat pork, worshipped on Saturdays instead of Sundays, or exactly what? What you describe is the essence of anti-semitism, which is no different from racism, xenophobia, sexism, etc. etc. What happened 3,000 years ago in Egypt, and whether the Jews escaped or were expelled, has little or no relevance to our reality today, but when Israel lobbies, and largely succeeds, in equating anti-zionism with anti-semitism, and demands the passage of laws declaring any form of criticism of Israel to be a hate crime punishable as such under the law, that is very, very, scary, and very relevant to all of us today. My efforts are focused on fighting the total and absolute impunity Israel demands to do whatever, including genocide, to Palestinians, and anybody who dares to speak out against these crimes is declared to be guilty of a hate crime. That is what’s scary, not what happened in the past. Your position is counterproductive to that goal by justifying the zionist position equating anti-zionism with anti-semitism. Bibi must love you. You are his Exhibit A.

                      • tapatio

                        I’m sorry that this is so long. The old fingers didn’t feel too crunchy this morning and just flew over the keyboard.
                        I don’t like the artificial Pavlovian “anti-Semite”. That’s a term coined by a Zionist in the 1870s, though Zionists blame a German activist. At any event, it’s primary use today is to silence anyone critical of Jews/Jewish behavior.

                        By personal behaviors, I meant behaviors that set Jews apart from Gentiles – worship on Saturday, speaking in Yiddish, wearing side curls or a particular type of hat, depending on their sect. Anything that sets a cultural group apart – like my wearing a kilt to church one Sunday per year. When we walk into Safeway, after church, everybody knows that we’re Presbyterian.

                        Eighty years ago, most Jews knew/cared little about Zionism. Since the 1940s, yeshivas (Jewish “seminaries”) have stressed Zionism and the Talmud over the Torah (Old Testament m/l). The Talmud is the most obscenely racist, hate filled book that I’ve ever read. Once upon a time, use of the Talmud was rare in Judaism. Today, Talmudic Jews are a small but growing majority in Judaism. According to most Jewish sources, between 65 and 85 percent of the world’s 15+ million Jews support Zionism at some level.

                        I went to Vietnam in the late 60s as a new lieutenant in the Navy. I completed almost two tours before being wounded and discharged. I supported what Washington was doing there, under the ignorant delusion that we were “spreading democracy”. I carry guilt today for that crime – even though I committed/allowed no act that was, of itself, wrong. My guilt is for acting in ignorance.

                        I apply the same reasoning to myself and others today. If you put your $20.00 in the collection basket at a synagogue in Burpville, Iowa, knowing that some part of that money will go to support the crimes of the outlaw colony in Palestine – YOU share in the crimes of IsraHELL. Exactly as I believe that the jury that acquitted the murderer of Philando Castile shares that cop’s guilt.

                        Considering the widespread Jewish support for the Talmud and Zionism, where would you draw a line between “Judaism” and “Zionism”? Is the Jewish manager of the Bank of America branch (ours is a fat little London Jew, in Washington state) in Burpville, Iowa a Zionist? Absolutely. Bank of America’s ownership (like that of the vast majority of commercial banks in the US) traces back to the Rothschild family – which also controls the Federal Reserve (a private bank – NOT government, as most believe.

                        The American taxpayer pays for TWENTY FIVE PERCENT of IsraHELL’s military expenses – including the snipers who target children and pregnant women as a terror tactic. Is Mitch McConnell guilty of the murder of those Palestinian children and women? Absolutely!

                        I am NOT anti-Jewish. But, if a group’s belief/delusional system impacts my house or my community (from our little island to all 7.5 billion humans), I have a right to address that impact. Anyone can believe anything they wish – so long as their belief doesn’t harm others. It’s a bit like the Wicans’ Rede: “An’ it harm none, do what thou wilt.”

                        Israel is not the disease. Israel is just one of the tumors of the metastatic, malignant cancer that is presently called Zionism. The disease is the mentality of a cult that committed genocide against the Canaanite people to steal their ready-made country, that crucified a man 2000 years ago because he was bad for business, that spawned Cecil Rhodes, founder of De Beers, who slaughtered SIXTY MILLION Africans simply because they were in the way of his business enterprise, that spawned Lenin and Trotsky (Lev Bernstein) who slaughtered 30 million Christians and some Muslims so that the Rothschilds might access the vast resources of Russia, that sent Mossad agents to set explosives in the WTC so the American taxpayer would pay for the last sixteen years of horror, that is terrorizing Palestine to create a Goyim-free abomination.

                        There is something wrong with the Jewish psyche, way of thinking, what the heII ever. Where Gentiles produce 2-3% sociopaths in our population, Jews produce a double digit percentage. And they do it consistently, century after century.

                        The True Torah Jew (anti-Zionist orthodox Jews) should not have to suffer for the crimes of Zionism. BUT – if it is a choice between ten thousand anti-Zionist Jews and a couple of million Syrian innocents – the Syrian innocents win.

                      • Helga Fellay

                        You seem indeed very well read, much more so than I. I definitely agree with your last paragraph. But I am also balancing all of what you describe with the fact that wars, conquests, genocides and atrocities have been going on all over the world since we were troglodytes, and Jews compromise only a relatively small percentage of total world population. It seems to be a universal phenomenon, not linked to genetics, specific cultures or religions. All three of our monotheistic religions are based on barbaric concepts and principles. Perhaps christianity has been allowed to be influenced by cultural evolution a little more than the other two. Empires have come and gone throughout history, independently, not linked to any specific ethnicity, culture or religion. The current desperate efforts by Israel and the US to establish a global empire and absolute global control, which is doomed to fail, is perhaps more excessive because we now have weapons of mass destruction and, with computer technologies, weapons of mass propaganda tools unknown before this time. What’s different is the size and scope of the murder, devastation, perhaps more so than man’s cruelty and inhumanity that comes from the lust for power, control and riches which has always been the impetus for all empire building.

                      • tapatio

                        Something that you should note is that, before the West developed its lust for petroleum a bit over 100 years ago, the Muslim region of the world was far, far more peaceful than the West. The Jewish owned Anglo Persian Oil Co. (now BP) found it easier to pay tribal leaders to attack tribes whose territory included good oil areas. That was a big part of the job of British Colonel TE Lawrence (“Lawrence of Arabia”) during WW I. Lawrence aided the Wahhabi Saud family in massacring enough other tribes to take over virtually the entire Arabian Peninsula, which contained the most readily accessed oil reserves.

                        Saudi Arabia is the source of Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Daesh (ISIS) and most other terrorist organizations. The Rothschild-Bilderberg cartel still controls the Saud family and Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, etc.

                        Qatar, though, is trying to break away from that group and ally with Iran and the Eastern bloc, largely because between Qatar and Iran stretches the world’s largest natural gas reserve and very possibly also because its ruler, Al Thani’, sees the writing on the wall and doesn’t want to be on the losing side.

                        The problem with not blaming Judaism is that almost every huge political crime committed in the world has threads that lead back to Jews as the originators.

                        The two men, who would have radically changed the world, John and Robert Kennedy, were both assassinated. John died just after announcing the abolition of the Federal Reserve (Rothschild controlled and their most profitable asset) and beginning a draw down of US troops in Vietnam. Lee Harvey Oswald had met with various “stern looking” men who were identified as FBI officers, before the assassination. The person who killed Oswald was Jacob Rubenstein (aka Jack Ruby), a Jew who was deeply involved in Zionism and who also had connections to VP Lyndon Johnson. The Warren Commission report on JFK’s assassination was almost as full of holes as the investigation into 9/11.

                        Robert Kennedy was assassinated by a little Palestinian guy who had no reason whatever for animosity toward the Kennedys. Both Kennedy brothers were very hard on Israel. His family disappeared shortly before the assassination. It’s my belief that either Sirhan Sirhan’s family was paid a great deal of money and relocated or that he was extorted by threats to his family. Sirhan Sirhan could not have been manipulated without the Israeli government and Mossad.

                        It goes on and on. Every thread leads back to the same place. The White House and Congress don’t run the United States – AIPAC controls this country’s economy and foreign affairs. Oddly, in the UK, home of the Rothschilds and a country whose central bank Rothschild took over in the 1750s, there is far less Jewish control of Parliament.

                        I’m going to hang two or three information packets (reply posts) on the end of this post. They are long and boring, but contain a great deal of information demonstrating that Israel is nothing but one of the tumors of a malignant cancer that has metastasized throughout our world. The ENTIRE cancer must be removed for humanity to survive and reach its potential.

                      • tapatio

                        Below is the Rothschild-Bilderberg Predatory Capitalist Cartel – at the root of the corruption that has taken control of our country, its government, media and commerce. Until that corruption is rooted out and eradicated, America will continue to sicken and, eventually, die.
                        These same Rothschilds, that hold controlling interest in the Federal Reserve today, also were patrons of Karl Marx and directed-financed the Bolshevik-Communist “revolution”. That one family name has been connected to more death and horror, over the last 300 years, than ALL other causes combined. The Rothschilds are, of course, Jewish.

                        Rothschild Bank
                        New Court
                        St Swithin’s Lane
                        London EC4N 8AL
                        United Kingdom


                        (note: The list linked above includes only Central Banks in which the Rothschild/Bilderberg Cartel holds controlling interest. They also hold controlling interest in virtually every major
                        commercial and investment bank on Earth)

                        Rothschild History

                        JFK and the Federal Reserve









                        The cartoons in this post are not “racist” because they are accurate caricatures of Jacob Rothschild and the star of david is the icon of Zionism – a political movement. It is also a reality that the vast majority of the leaders of this predatory cartel are from that ONE cult that comprises only 2/10ths of one percent of the world’s population, but provides a large double-digit percentage of the world’s criminals and two-legged predators.

                      • tapatio


                        Global Warfare: “We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran”

                        A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm (1996)

                        “Israel can shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria. This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq — an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right”


                        Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century (September-2000)


                        “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a NEW PEARL HARBOR (9/11 was perfect for that purpose). Domestic politics and industrial policy will shape the pace and content of transformation as much as the requirements of current missions.” (p 63)


                        CLEAN BREAK

                        Richard perle

                        REBUILDING AMERICA’S DEFENSES

                        Paul Wolfowitz
                        William Kristol
                        Alvin Bernstein
                        Eliot Cohen
                        David Epstein
                        Donald Kagan
                        Fred Kagan
                        Robert Kagan
                        Robert Killebrew
                        Steve Rosen
                        Gary Schmitt
                        Abram Shulsky
                        Dov Zakheim


                      • tapatio

                        Rothschild-Bilderberg Criminal Bankster Cartel’s sponsorship of the Bolshevik-Communist “Revolution”.
                        Karl Marx was Jewish, a 3rd cousin of the reigning Rothschild, and both he and Friedrich Engels had connections to the Rothschild banking family. There is a great deal more evidence that the Rothschilds sponsored the Bolshevik “Revolution” and the slaughter of over fifty million Christian (with some Muslim) Russians. There were almost no Jewish victims of this genocide.

                        Letters written by Baruch Levy, a close associate of the
                        Rothschild family, and by Lev Trotsky/Bronstein…..
                        “The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the J6ws will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.
                        In this New World Order, the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the J6ws. It will then be possible for the J6wish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state.
                        Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which it is said that when the Messianic time is come, the J6ws will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

                        –Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx (written – 1879), printed in La Revue de Paris, p. 574, June 1, 1928

                        “We should turn Russia into a desert populated with white Ni**ers. We will impose upon them such a tyranny that was never dreamt by the most hideous despots of the East. The peculiar trait of that tyranny is that it will be enacted from the left rather than the right and it will be red rather than white in color. Its color will be red literally because we would spill such torrents of blood that they will pale all human losses of the capitalist wars and make (the survivors) shudder.
                        THE LARGEST OVERSEAS BANKS WILL COOPERATE WITH US MOST CLOSELY (Rothschild Cartel, which financed the Bolsheviks). If we win the Revolution and squash Russia, on the funeral pyres of its remains we will strengthen thepower of Zionism and become a power the whole world would drop in the face of on its knees. We will show (to the world) what real power means. By way of terror and blood baths we will bring the Russian intelligentsia into a state of total stupor, to idiocy, to the animal state of being…. And so far our young men dressed in leather – the sons of watch repair men from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitza – oh, how beautifully, how brilliantly do they master hatred of everything Russian!
                        With what a great delight do they physically destroy the Russian intelligentsia ~ officers, engineers, teachers, priests, generals, agronomists, academicians, writers!”
                        ~ Leib Bronstein (also known as Lev TROTSKY)
                        Few in the world today are aware that the original leadership of the Bolshevik-Communist “Revolution” was almost entirely Jewish and VERY FEW WERE RUSSIAN.
                        Everything below was verified through at least two traditional sources sources.
                        Leaders of the Bolshevik/Communist “Revolution” in Russia. These are the people who fomented this revolution and carried it out. After they had won, they embarked on a slaughter of 30 Million Russians, ALL Christians and a few Muslims. There were no known Jewish victims of this genocidal act.
                        Leading Bolsheviks…….
                        Vladimir Lenin (aka Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov) Russian, Jewish
                        Lev Trotsky (aka Bronstein) Jewish
                        Lazar M. Kaganovich Jewish (oversaw slaughter of
                        30+ million Russian Christians and Muslims)
                        Alexander Israel Helphand [aka “Parvus”] Jewish
                        (helped Trotsky develop the theory of “permanent revolution.”)
                        Avel Enukidze Jewish
                        Mikhail Kalinin Jewish
                        Nikolai Bukharin Jewish
                        Mikhail Tomsky Jewish
                        Mikhail Lashevich Jewish
                        Lev Kamenev Jewish
                        Yevgeni Preobrazhensky uncertain
                        Leonid Serebryakov Jewish
                        Vladimir Lenin Jewish
                        Alexei Rykov Jewish
                        Grigori Y. Sokolnikov Jewish
                        Grigory Zinoviev [aka Apfelbaum; aka Radomyslsky
                        Felix Dzherzhinsky Jewish
                        (founder of Cheka/NKVD/KGB/etc)
                        Lavrenti Beria Jewish
                        (Turned Cheka/NKVD/KGB into a monster. Beria instigated the mass executions of the Katyn massacre)
                        Yakov Sverdlov [aka Solomon] Jewish
                        (supervised massacre of Czar’s family)
                        Sergei M. Kirov Jewish
                        (supervised party purges/executions of late 1930s – 20 million dead)
                        Yakov Yurovsky Jewish
                        (carried out massacre of Czar’s family)
                        (other members of the Czar death squad: Goloshchekin, Syromolotov, Safarov, Voikov, Yurovsky……..all Jewish)
                        Nikolai Bukharin Jewish
                        Ilya Ehrenburg Jewish (Propaganda Minister)

                      • Helga Fellay

                        I just replied to the commenter calling himself Socrates something or other, and when I tried to post I saw this: “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by MintPress News.”
                        Apparently MintPress News doesn’t trust me or dislikes my position defending the pope. I’ll wait to see if they print it before investing more time in something that may not be printed.

                      • Helga Fellay

                        I just checked, and my reply to Socrates2 was deleted by MintPress News. So much for freedom of speech. I am sorry, but I guess I am not allowed to post here any longer.

                      • tapatio

                        Nope. That response is generated by a bot – auto-responder software. You used some word or phrase that triggered the response – possibly “Naz!” or “sxx”. Mnar Muhawesh, the site administrator has some unusual hot-button words that she just doesn’t allow for whatever reason.

                        I used to go through four or five versions of a comment before I found what word triggered the bot. When you find it, think up some cute way to change the word, so that people will understand, but it won’t be spelled correctly. Like using “NAZl” It looks the same, but I capitalized the word and substituted a lower case “L” for the upper case “I”.

                        You can’t fix the particular post that has received the response. The best way to deal with it is to erase the body of the comment, replacing it with a couple of periods or whatever. Then do an entirely new comment, with questionable word(s) replaced or altered. Repeat until you get it right. Then remember the word that triggered the moderator bot and soon it will be second nature.

                      • Helga Fellay

                        I think the worst word I used was BS. I tried posting it again in answer to myself (just below)
                        19 minutes ago, and it is still on “Hold on, this is waiting…..” It contains no trigger words at all, I am simply defending the Pope and actually quoting what I found on the web. What it does show is that the original article is totally fake news. He was never an “Agent of U.S.-Backed Argentine Military Junta”. I will publish this one way or another, now I am more determined than ever. I will not just be shut up.

                      • tapatio

                        It doesn’t have to be a “bad” word. It just has to be some word that might be controversial and was added to the moderation list be the site admin. This isn’t an issue with what you are saying – it’s a software problem with some word or phrase in your comment.

                      • Helga Fellay

                        I find it highly ironic that one person chooses a list of words she does not like, and instead of blocking that word, or sending the message back to me for correction, or however else this could be handled, simply prevents one from speaking. And that same person prints a fake news article accusing someone of having a “Dark Past as Agent of U.S.Backed Argentine Military Junta, something no one else has accused him of, only one person has said he believed (i.e. suspected) he was working with them, without offering one scintilla of evidence, which was contradicted by others, including the one person who went through the same experience as he.

                      • tapatio

                        You have to deal with similar peculiarities on a great many sites. Posting to discussions is frustrating for the first year or so, until you understand the quirks of each site. There’s nothing against you or your comment about Francis – nothing but some spelling or phrase that triggered a bot.

                      • Helga Fellay

                        Then why don’t they just say something to the effect “your comment was rejected by our computer” instead of “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by MintPress News.” which leads one to believe there is an actual person with an actual brain reading it and deciding that it is inappropriate for one reason or another. As no one ever lets you know why it was rejected, one is doomed to make the same “mistake” over and over. Better yet, they could be transparent and post their conditions at the top of the comment section: Ad hominem attacks, name calling, vulgarities, explicit sexual content, and open incitement to violence will be censured. Be civilized and respectful…..or something to that effect. If Anwar, or whoever runs MintPress, should actually read these comments, I might have some advice for her. If she wants to keep standards up and above the MSM, articles like the one at issue here sounds more like something CNN or any tabloid would publish, and does not adhere to any serious journalistic standards. Instead of presenting the “Dark Past as Agent of U.S.-Backed…. “, a real journalist would present it that one priest made the following allegation that….. without offering any proof…. while the other priest imprisoned with him came out contradicting this statement…. and leave it up to the reader to decide whom to believe.
                        Printing this article was also extremely unwise for another reason. As a headscarf wearing Muslim, it is not a good idea to publish a nasty hit piece against the religious leader of over a billion christians worldwide. All this will accomplish is widen the gulf between Muslims and Christians and lead to increased Islamophobia. If the pope deserves criticism, it’s best to leave that to the catholics. If I were a Muslim, I would do whatever is in my power to bring the two sides together, not defame and demonize the spiritual leader of “the other.” Not smart.

                      • Krishna E. Bera

                        You may be able to sign up as a blogger on MintPress News yourself, to get equal billing with Whitney Webb. Not sure how well that process works.

                      • Helga Fellay

                        why would I want to compete with someone like her.

                  • Helga Fellay

                    Re your sentence: “Putin had better not back off now. He also needs to continue buildiing the alliance with China and others (Iran, Syria, etc). Russia alone can’t stop the empire, not even with a genius at the helm. In a Eurasian pact – the empire hits a stone wall and, like any cancer, dies when it can’t grow more.”

                    The Eurasian pact is happening even as I am writing this now, and will be stronger than any dying wanna be empire that is imploding from within. The US has the gargantuan military might to destroy the world many times over, but it’s not as simple as that. Millions of Americans are lingering in private prisons, put there to benefit prison profiteers. Millions more are dying or are rendered unfit due to opioid addictions caused by the greed of out of control Big Pharma profiteers. Millions more are addicted to street drugs imported by the CIA from Afghanistan and other places. Millions more are homeless, more each and every day, and as the government is progressively criminalizing poverty, they may also be used to add to the profits of the private prison industry. The evening news a couple of nights ago reported that 3/4th of all traffic deaths are due to road rage. This US empire does not have to wait to hit a stone wall, and does not have to wait to die”when it can’t grow anymore.” It started dying quite some years ago. The patient can’t be saved, no matter how many weapons of mass destruction the US has invented and produced, no matter how many MSM it is bribing to print and broadcast endless fake propaganda, etc. I think it’s called imploding.

                    • tapatio

                      Absolutely right………..I hope. Meanwhile though, we have five kids and nine grandkids scattered from Seattle to Georgia and I most sincerely hope that the mayhem is kept to a minimum.

                      There was, BTW, an excellent segment on 20/20 about road rage. Pretty shocking. My wife and I dealt with Seattle traffic for decades and never saw anything beyond “the bird”.

                      Another note……..have you noticed that heroin has become cheap again, as it was during the Vietnam war? When the Taliban controlled Afghanistan, it was extremely expensive. Now that we control the country, it’s cheap and readily available. Thanks, CIA.

                      • Helga Fellay

                        Those were the good old days, when you thought that being given “the bird” was vulgar and rude. Now, you are lucky you don’t get shot in the head if you don’t slow down to let the car that wants to cut in front of you in. It’s all part of the “end of empire” malaise which everybody feels and reacts to, regardless of whether they can understand it intellectually, or only feel “in their bones” that something is very seriously wrong and bad things are about to happen. How it’s all going to end is anybody’s guess. I am just grateful that I don’t have grandchildren. It could all end in a whimper, the way the Soviet empire ended, or it could end in a Big Bang, which is more likely given the immaturity, stupidity and insanity of the people running the show in this country.
                        No, I haven’t noticed that heroin is cheap again under the CIA’s watch, because it’s never been on my shopping list. My only vice is white wine – yes, boring, I know. But I am not surprised. The nation is so addicted, and they are apparently liking that, so why not make it cheap enough so more people can afford it and more people can get addicted. That’s how we roll. And people are worried about the Russians wanting to do us harm. Why would anyone need to? They are just watching us doing it to ourselves, why would they need to bother.

                      • tapatio

                        I’ve never bought anything beyond a bit of pot – long ago. But, I have a son-in-law who’s a lieutenant in our sheriff’s department and he keeps us filled in on the latest cop-talk. The information about heroin is one of the things that flipped him from a red-necked knuckle dragger to a civilized human.

                        We are most definitely a sick culture. Part of that is intentional – stupid, degraded people are far more easily controlled. Partly it’s because people are confused and frightened, with no idea of exactly why or how to resolve their fear.

                        If we didn’t have kids/grandkids, we would be off to Ireland. We’d both rather die here than miss the opportunity to see them grow. Ireland is, to us, the perfect place to ride out a dark age.

                        BTW, I’m “more knowledgeable” (if I am) because I’ve been a gluttonous reader all my life and don’t care for novels or the boob-tube.

                    • Krishna E. Bera

                      i was quite pleased to see that the BRICS bank (NDB) is ramping up its program of sustainable development (the real kind, involving social criteria) assistance.

    • Sorry, but an article with charges this extreme (for example, “In fact, Bergoglio [i.e., Pope Francis I]actually aided the Videla regime in its murder of dissidents”) needs to cite, and preferably quote from, the exact documents or other evidence it is referring to and where such documents or evidence may be found. It is very thin on evidence and proof because of its aforementioned failure to cite and quote documents and evidence, its vagueness and its reliance upon accusations being treated as almost self-evidently true, without providing sufficient independent evidentiary corroboration of those accusations. The article has a tell-tale sign of bias, which I have observed among the right-wing critics of the Pope–the refusal to refer to him as “Pope” or “Pope Francis I,” or even as “Mr.”, and referring to him merely by his last name, which he no longer goes by. I guess now that is has become clear that the Pope is indeed Catholic, and not a supporter of cultural radicalism, the long knives of the far Left are on display. It was grossly irresponsible for the author and MintPress to cause this article to published.

      • Helga Fellay

        I agree with your last sentence. This is the second time that a Mint Press publication shocked me. Either the editor isn’t up to snuff, or else they are getting some offers they just can’t refuse.

    • Knud Thirup

      Am so angry:The smiling Pope Frans the first – accepted masskilling and dictatorchip.The Pope is a crime.

      • Helga Fellay

        Don’t be so gullible and fall for every piece of fake news. Trust NO news site completely, regardless of how they try to present themselves. ALWAYS remain skeptical and ask questions.

    • Mikronos


      The US inspired coup in Argentina was to unseat Isabel Peron who had assumed the office of President after the deat of her husband Juan. Argentina, at the time, was wracked with economic problems and incresingly under attack from what were called ‘subversives’. Peron herself signed the order to the Army to suppress subversives – she was, herself, charged with ‘diasappearances’ but the charges, laid long after the event, were dropped. The repression of the Military regime did not become widely known until after the defeat of the Argentine forces in the Falklands War. One of the last acts of the President, at that time,Galtieri, was a blanket amnesty for all military personnel.

      Wht the then preiest and bishop knew about any of this, at the time, is speculation.

    • Gambriel β Carrizo

      Jalics went on record 4 years ago and said that Bergoglio didn´t take part in his and Yorio´s incarceration: http://www.lanacion.com.ar/1565250-jalics-bergoglio-no-nos-denuncio-a-yorio-y-a-mi

      As far as Yorio, he said during the 1985 trials that “he was sure Bergoglio took part”, but failed to provide evidence.

      • Helga Fellay

        This is only a guess, but all the military involved in the Dirty Wars of that epoch received training at the infamous School of the Americas in Ft. Benning, Georgia. They were not only trained on how to torture, conduct massacres, persecute the Catholic Church, especially the Jesuit order, and psychological manipulations during interrogations. One of these is to play out one suspect against the other. It is not inconceivable that they interrogated the two separately, accusing the other of having sold out and being on the side of the dictatorship, in order to get them to hate each other to get some “dirt” on the other. Pope Francisco was too intelligent to fall for this trick, but apparently Yorio fell for it. That explains why “he was sure Bergoglio took part”, but failed to provide evidence. This is not an outlandish explanation, this type of thing was (and no doubt still is) part of standard training. If you have any doubts about this, contact SOA Watch. They can give you all the details.

        • Gambriel β Carrizo

          Like you said, yours is a guess. Meanwhile, Jalics went on record to deny this allegations. Regardless of anyone´s guess, from a journalistic point of view, when the main protagonist of any allegation goes on record to deny them, then a real journalist must asume the allegations are false until conclusive evidence arises on the contrary.

          • Helga Fellay

            You are absolutely correct. Any journalist worthy of being called a journalist can of course write about an allegation, but, without proof of any kind, must present it as an allegation, and not as a fact, (as the headline clearly did call “Pope Francis’ Dark Past as Agent of U.S.-Backed….” Journalism requires that when reporting an allegation, and a denial of this allegation exists, as it does in this case, this must also be included in the report. This was clearly a case of Yellow Journalism, or, as it’s currently called, “fake news.”

      • Krishna E. Bera

        I wonder how we can contact the author of this story. The rest of her stories for MPN have been solid.

        • Gambriel β Carrizo

          You can contact Elisabetta Pique, La Nación´s Vatican senior correspondant at @bettapique