Poll: Netanyahu Should be Investigated For Nuclear Weapons Tech Smuggling Before US Visit

Most Americans, around 55 percent, believe that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be investigated by the FBI before an upcoming U.S. visit.
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    A majority of Americans believe Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be investigated by the FBI for nuclear weapons technology smuggling before being allowed to enter the United States according to a new poll.


    In 2012 the FBI declassified and released files (PDF archive) of its investigation into how 800 nuclear weapons triggers were illegally smuggled from the U.S. to Israel. According to the FBI, the Israeli Ministry of Defense ordered nuclear triggers (krytrons), encrypted radios, ballistic missile propellants and other export-prohibited items through a network of front companies. Smuggling ring operations leader Richard Kelly Smyth alleged that Netanyahu worked at one of the fronts – Heli Trading owned by confessed spy and Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan – and met with him frequently to execute smuggling operations.

    The poll was commissioned by the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep). When informed of the incident, most Americans (54.9 percent) indicate that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be investigated by the FBI before an upcoming U.S. visit.

    Israel officially designated the smuggling operation “Project Pinto.” Smyth was captured, prosecuted and incarcerated in 2002 after years on the run as an international fugitive. The krytrons were believed to be destined for Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons program.

    Only 25.8 percent of Americans polled believe Netanyahu should be allowed to freely visit the U.S. while 15.9 percent say said he should neither be investigated nor allowed to enter the U.S.

    When questioned by Israeli and Russianmedia about the smuggling affair, the Israeli Foreign Ministry denied involvement.

    Younger respondents (age 18-24 and 25-34) are generally more likely to want Netanyahu investigated (73.6 percent and 62.0 percent) than older Americans. Reponses vary little between income categories. However females (63.4 percent) were more likely than males (50.4 percent) to prefer Netanyahu be criminally investigated before being allowed to enter America.

    Netanyahu has recently announced plans to break diplomatic protocol and address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and Congress in March, 2015 without coordinating his state visit with the White House.

    The IRmep poll, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percent, was fielded January 26-28, 2015 by Google Consumer Surveys and received 1,507 responses. The poll question, response choices and statistically significant results may be viewed online and cross-tabulated.

    Grant F. Smith is the author of America’s Defense Line: The Justice Department’s Battle to Register the Israel Lobby as Agents of a Foreign Government. He currently serves as director of research at the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington (IRmep), D.C. Read other articles by Grant, or visit Grant’s website.

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      yeah so what if he did ……….?……..nothing has ever changed Gods word remains perfect and consistent and transcends all of time……..

      Gen 12:2 And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:

      Gen 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

      Gen 12:4 So Abram departed, as the LORD had spoken unto him; and Lot went with him: and Abram was seventy and five years old when he departed out of Haran.

      • rivelle

        Yep. “God” sanctions all crimes. mass murder, warmongering, torture, ethnic cleansing and military colonization in the “minds” of religiously fanatical ultranationalist moral reptiles.

        “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.”

        Blaise Pascal

      • rivelle

        Exodus never happened and the walls of Jericho did not come
        a-tumbling down. How archaeologists are shaking Israel to its biblical

        Israel Finkelstein, chairman of the Archaeology Department
        at Tel Aviv University, with archaeology historian Neil Asher Silberman, has
        just published a book called “The Bible Unearthed: Archaeology’s New
        Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Text.”

        “The Israelites were never in Egypt, did not wander in
        the desert, did not conquer the land [of Canaan] in a military campaign and did
        not pass it on to the twelve tribes of Israel. Perhaps even harder to swallow
        is the fact that the united kingdom of David and Solomon, described in the
        Bible as a regional power, was at most a small tribal kingdom.”

        “In the 12th chapter of Joshua is given a list of 31
        kingdoms which were conquered by Israel. This was in the fifteenth century B.C.
        From this time forward they are represented as a mighty nation by Bible

        Rameses III overran Canaan and conquered it between 1280 and
        1260 B.C. The Egyptian records give a list of all the tribes inhabiting it. The
        children of Israel– the Hebrews– were not there. In the 5th century B.C.,
        when Herodotus, the father of History, was collecting materials for his
        immortal work, he traversed nearly every portion of Western Asia. He describes
        all its principal peoples and places; but the Jews and Jerusalem are of too
        little consequence to merit a line from his pen. Not until 332 B.C. do the Jews
        appear upon the stage of history, and then only as the submissive vassals of a
        Grecian king.”

        John E. Remsburg, The Bible (1901), pg. 263.

        Jerusalem was essentially a cow town, not the glorious
        capital of an empire. These findings have been accepted by the majority of
        biblical scholars and archaeologists for years and even decades.

        The tales of the patriarchs — Abraham, Isaac and Joseph among
        others — were the first to go when biblical scholars found those passages rife
        with anachronisms and other inconsistencies. The story of Exodus, one of the
        most powerful epics of enslavement, courage and liberation in human history,
        also slipped from history to legend when archaeologists could no longer ignore
        the lack of corroborating contemporary Egyptian accounts and the absence of
        evidence of large encampments in the Sinai Peninsula (“the
        wilderness” where Moses brought the Israelites after leading them through
        the parted Red Sea).

        Finkelstein is an iconoclast. He established his reputation
        in part by developing a theory about the settlement patterns of the nomadic
        shepherd tribes who would eventually become the Israelites, bolstering the
        growing consensus that they were originally indistinguishable from the rest of
        their neighbors, the Canaanites. This overturns a key element in the Bible: The
        Old Testament depicts the Israelites as superior outsiders — descended from
        Abraham, a Mesopotamian immigrant — entitled by divine order to invade Canaan
        and exterminate its unworthy, idolatrous inhabitants.

        The famous battle of Jericho, with which the Israelites
        supposedly launched this campaign of conquest after wandering for decades in
        the desert, has been likewise debunked: The city of Jericho didn’t exist at
        that time and had no walls to come tumbling down. These assertions are all
        pretty much accepted by mainstream archaeologists.

        “Research is research, and strong societies can easily
        endure discoveries like this.” By comparison with today’s skeptical
        turmoil, the early years of the modern Israeli state were a honeymoon period
        for archaeology and the Bible, in which the science seemed to validate the
        historical passages of the Old Testament left and right. As Finkelstein and
        Silberman relate, midcentury archaeologists usually “took the historical
        narratives of the Bible at face value”; Israel’s first archaeologists were
        often said to approach a dig with a spade in one hand and the Bible in the other.
        The Old Testament frequently served as the standard against which all other
        data were measured: If someone found majestic ruins, they dated them to
        Solomon’s time; signs of a battle were quickly attributed to the conquest of
        Canaan. Eventually, though, as archaeological methods improved and biblical
        scholars analyzed the text itself for inconsistencies and anachronisms, the
        amount of the Bible regarded as historically verifiable eroded. The honeymoon
        was over.

        Marcus says that Finkelstein is “difficult
        to dismiss because he’s so much an insider in terms of his credentials and
        background. He’s an archaeologist, not a theologian, and he is an Israeli. It’s
        hard to say that someone who was born in Israel and intends to live the rest of
        his life there is anti-Israeli.”



          LOL, Kinite Serpent Spew is always hilarious …….what’s next you going to tell me that Sodom and Gamora didn’t exist either ……..LOL……when to this day you can drive down the highway and turn in to them at their road signs and look at their ruins and pick brimstone up everywhere …..brimstone ……..yes brimstone ……..pure white sulfur balls only found at those two locations on the entire earth and they will still ignite into flames ……
          You have some gigantic supernatural surprises in your not to distant future.
          All of the artifacts have been located and documented …….you are dining on poisonous serpent spew .


          So you are with the “mainstreamers ” then ……..well at least you have a confirmed direction …….mainstreaming is the stream that feeds the lake of fire , but swim wherever you like.

      • rivelle

        The “Land of Israel” is barely mentioned in the
        Old Testament: the more common expression is the Land of Canaan. When it is
        mentioned, it does not include Jerusalem, Hebron, or Bethlehem. Biblical
        “Israel” is only northern Israel (Samaria) and there never was a
        united kingdom including both ancient Judea and Samaria.

        Even had such a kingdom ever existed and been
        promised by God to the Jews, it is hardly a clinching argument for claiming
        statehood after more than 2,000 years. It is an irony of history that so many
        past Zionists, most of whom were secular Jews, often socialist, used religious
        arguments to buttress their case. Besides, the biblical account makes it quite
        clear (insofar as such accounts are ever clear) that the Jews, led by Moses and
        then by Joshua, were colonisers themselves and were commanded by God to
        exterminate “anything that breathes”. “Completely destroy them –
        the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites – as the
        Lord your God has commanded you.” Imagine if the Amorites came back and
        claimed their ancient land. If they did, this is what Deuteronomy 20 has to
        say: “Put to the sword all the men … As for the women, the children, the
        livestock and everything else … you may take these as plunder for
        yourselves.” Today, such an injunction would take you straight to the
        international criminal court.



          You must like arguments because I certainly don’t buy 90% of the garbage your selling , you should really take your snake oil about Jerusalem and sell it to an anti-Christ Ahab the Arab who listens to such nonsense………..TROLLING THROUGH YEAR OLD ARTICLES POSTING GARBAGE WON’T CHANGE THE WORD OF GOD ……..or the way he has said it will be …….he who blesses Israel will be blessed ……he who curses it will be cursed ……

          in my fury, and I will bring down their strength to the earth.

          Zec 12:1 The burden of the word of the LORD for Israel, saith the LORD, which stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him.

          Zec 12:2 Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.

          Zec 12:3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

          Zec 12:4 In that day, saith the LORD, I will smite every horse with astonishment, and his rider with madness: and I will open mine eyes upon the house of Judah, and will smite every horse of the people with blindness.

          Zec 12:5 And the governors of Judah shall say in their heart, The inhabitants of Jerusalem shall be my strength in the LORD of hosts their God.

          Zec 12:6 In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood, and like a torch of fire in a sheaf; and they shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand and on the left: and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place, even in Jerusalem.

          Zec 12:7 The LORD also shall save the tents of Judah first, that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem do not magnify themselves against Judah.

          Zec 12:8 In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them.

          Zec 12:9 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

          Zec 12:10 And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.

          Zec 12:11 In that day shall there be a great mourning in Jerusalem, as the mourning of Hadadrimmon in the valley of Megiddon.

          Zec 12:12 And the land shall mourn, every family apart; the family of the house of David apart, and their wives apart; the family of the house of Nathan apart, and their wives apart;

          Zec 12:13 The family of the house of Levi apart, and their wives apart; the family of Shimei apart, and their wives apart;

          Zec 12:14 All the families that remain, every family apart, and their wives apart.

      • rivelle

        Israel is gross criminal violation of, and open contempt for,
        EVERY SINGLE article of the International Law of Military Occupation.

        But that’s cool because… “God”

        “The duties of the occupying power are spelled out primarily in the 1907 Hague
        Regulations (arts 42-56) and the Fourth Geneva Convention (GC IV, art. 27-34
        and 47-78), as well as in certain provisions of Additional Protocol I and
        customary international humanitarian law.

        Agreements concluded between the occupying power and the
        local authorities cannot deprive the population of occupied territory of the
        protection afforded by international humanitarian law (GC IV, art. 47) and
        protected persons themselves can in no circumstances renounce their rights (GC
        IV, art. 8).

        The main rules of the law applicable in case of occupation
        state that:

        The occupant does
        not acquire sovereignty over the territory.

        Occupation is only
        a temporary situation, and the rights of the occupant are limited to the extent
        of that period.

        The occupying
        power must respect the laws in force in the occupied territory, unless they
        constitute a threat to its security or an obstacle to the application of the
        international law of occupation.

        The occupying
        power must take measures to restore and ensure, as far as possible, public
        order and safety.

        To the fullest
        extent of the means available to it, the occupying power must ensure sufficient
        hygiene and public health standards, as well as the provision of food and
        medical care to the population under occupation.

        The population in
        occupied territory cannot be forced to enlist in the occupier’s armed forces.

        Collective or
        individual forcible transfers of population from and within the occupied
        territory are prohibited.

        Transfers of the
        civilian population of the occupying power into the occupied territory,
        regardless whether forcible or voluntary, are prohibited.

        punishment is prohibited.

        The taking of
        hostages is prohibited.

        Reprisals against
        protected persons or their property are prohibited.

        The confiscation
        of private property by the occupant is prohibited.

        The destruction or
        seizure of enemy property is prohibited, unless absolutely required by military
        necessity during the conduct of hostilities.

        Cultural property
        must be respected.

        People accused of
        criminal offences shall be provided with proceedings respecting internationally
        recognized judicial guarantees (for example, they must be informed of the
        reason for their arrest, charged with a specific offence and given a fair trial
        as quickly as possible).”




    • John D. Fiat

      Can you imagine what would happen if Iran got caught stealing nuclear detonators? The average US idiot would be way more concerned if that was the case, despite the fact that Iran doesn’t even have any nuclear weapons, and Israel has 300. Why? Because of Zionist mind control (MSM) for their entire lives!

    • ScienceABC123

      Interesting… Stories referencing other stories as sources for information. No real facts sourced anywhere. As for the “FBI files” a cursory review shows a lot of redactions to the point that it isn’t clear who is claiming what. I suggest the authors/editors of this article do some digging and cite their sources better. Otherwise its just junk journalism.

    • Bill Catz

      The FBI isn’t an international investigative operation so they are not the ones to do the investigating. However, the FBI should be investigating our own dirty laundry which is much worse than what we **think** Netanyahu has done. We know what this administration has done starting with Fast & Furious. There’s enough dirt within this administration to keep the FBI busy for years. Netanyahu is trying to save his country. This administration is trying to destroy ours. Big difference.

    • sam m

      really? if we had real investigations, there would be no politicians.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Excuse me!? First we have a Velcro head finding his way into OUR white house, doing it with the help of all the other Velcro heads in this country, a bootlip that has NEVER been documented, leaving the entire country STILL trying to figure out just who the hell he really is. A slimeball that supports the terrorists, even says his silly assed mooselum prayers daily in the white house. A terrorist that is enacting HIS OWN friggin laws, with turncoat repooplicans that are deathly afraid to get off their “bribed” asses and do anything about it, AND WE NEED TO INVESTIGATE Israel or Egypt??? Ha! Shouldn’t this once blessed country be focusing their investigations on the HNIC before he has COMPLETELY destroyed what was once a free nation????

    • AntiWar com = liberal left …………Says it all

    • release and highlighting this type of story at this time smacks of an organized attempt to take Bibi s support away from him….

    • silvercity

      MintPress is a lying anti-semantic hate site.

    • sodakhic

      What a joke. Obama should be investigated for a half a dozen scandals before his destruction of this country is up. Israel is the only sane country in the Middle East

    • Suhail Turgman

      There is no law that the Israelies did not break and they always get away with it


      Israel is destined to be brought to her knees and on the verge of total annihilation, when the Jewish people will return to their maker, realizing that Jesus Christ is their Messiah. God will then destroy the nations that attacked her, Jesus Christ will return and setup his millennial kingdom on earth and all the promises made by God to Israel will be realized.

    • l

      Where in the hell is the outrage in congress over this!!! If this was a palestinian the media would have it on every front page of every news paper and search engine!! This goes to show how corrupt our congress is. Anything to do with israel all of congress agree to give and give and give!!! They are blood sucking vermin MAINLY JOHN MCCAIN!!!!

    • rick lee

      Netanyahu is a killer…he should be hanged…

    • citizen

      what kind of BS is this?

    • Ludlow Porch

      Liberal propaganda! In the first degree.

    • LOJ


      Benjamin Netanyahu: Never was in the Irgun (pre-1948). The rest of the “facts” as reported in this “article” are unsubstantiated. Prove them or shut-up.

      Born in Tel Aviv to secular Jewish parents, Netanyahu is the first Israeli prime minister born in Israel AFTER the establishment of the State of Israel. Netanyahu joined the Israel Defense Forces during the Six-Day War in 1967, and became a team leader in the Sayeret Matkal special forces unit. He took part in many missions, including Operation Inferno (1968), Operation Gift (1968) and Operation Isotope (1972), during which he was shot in the shoulder. He fought on the front lines in the War of Attrition and the Yom Kippur War in 1973, taking part in special forces raids along the Suez Canal, and then leading a commando assault deep into Syrian territory. He was wounded in combat twice.He achieved the rank of captain before being discharged. Netanyahu served as the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations from 1984 to 1988, as a member of the Likud party, and was Prime Minister from June 1996 to July 1999.

      Netanyahu returned to politics in 2002 as Foreign Affairs Minister (2002–2003) and Finance Minister (2003–2005) in Ariel Sharon’s governments, but he departed the government over disagreements regarding the Gaza disengagement plan. He retook the Likud leadership in December 2005, after Sharon left to form a new party, Kadima. In December 2006, Netanyahu became the official Leader of the Opposition in the Knesset and Chairman of Likud. Following the 2009 parliamentary election, in which Likud placed second and right-wing parties won a majority, Netanyahu formed a coalition government. After the victory in the 2013 elections, he became the second person to be elected to the position of Prime Minister for a third term, after Israel’s founder David Ben-Gurion.

    • DAILY

      why don’t you start with all mulin country this is Obama low hit jejejejej retared you why did you let the cuba muslim out so they can go to isis you for what we belive impeachment isreal we are all sick of Obama low

    • ro

      The real upshot of this story is that if the American people highlighted by this slanted article were smart they would be advocating partnering with Israel and not investigating Israel about nuclear technology. This is probably just a feeble attempt at antisemitism though because it appears the the US government already does partner with Israel so this appears to be the writers attempt at muddying up the waters. Besides, Israel probably doesn’t need to smuggle in the first place.

    • midnighteye

      “A majority of Americans” really? I don’t believe this nonsense.

    • Liz Litts

      Yeah- they younger think he needs to be investgated–because they are buying the B—Sh– that Hesbulshit and the muslum brotherhood-which by the way go in and out of the White house at will. The fake “palaistinaians” don’t want Israel to have any way of protecting themselves. They are the squatters–and nobody pays any attention to their yelling “Death to Israel” Death To America–how stupid can you be?

    • Chris Alexander

      He shouldn’t even be allowed in this country

    • Lilly Munster

      He’s a War Criminal. Gas him.

    • Aviator

      Yes – and 50% of the Detroit Muslims American who were questioned responded that they believed the Mossad attacked the world trade center and that the Muslims discovered America……
      When in truth, real news agency polls show an overwhelming Majority of Americans support Israel in its fight against terrorism, so this is bunch of crap.

    • Aradnic

      This is just another example of the antisemitic views going around the world at this time taking us back to the days of Hitlers Germany.
      When will the world wake up to the fact that Israel is most properly the only sane country that can see what is happening in the world today.
      If we don’t take heed now the the Islamic terrorist nations will take control of the world succeeding where Hitler failed.
      America under its current leadership is helping them to succeed.

    • Steve

      Well wayne it’s a chance to bring him on US Soil to arrest him. He is a murderer also. When it is anti Semetic to tell the truth it’s time for a major change to take place when dealing with those people. We have a spy/traitor/thief who visits regularly and demands his US citizens tax payments yet we trip over ourselves handing him our money. It’s like we have been duped by a carnival worker posing as a friend.

    • zeestan

      this is coming from A Zionist, WHO like all Zionist have a celebration every year for one of their favorite Rabbis of all time . The Merham celebration is for Simean Ben Yohi who wrote that having sex with a girl 3 years and one day old is completley proper. Look it up in the Talmud if you want the truth

    • Paul Ejiegbu

      This is not an issue. Please let us spend our time and space on necessary things. To start with, Israel has all it needs in terms of nuclear technology. The US and Israel has too much in common in this regard for such to be an issue. As a matter of fact, I contend that Israel has more to give than to take from the US as far as technology is concerned.

    • Riot5000

      CHICKENSHIT should be barred from entering USA for any reason. He is a CRIMINAL according to FBI.
      American allegiance is with the State of Israel, not with ANY CLOWN from Israel.
      He is busy amassing Nukes, but also ANAL and OBSESSED with another country trying to use Nuke for whatever reason, WITHOUT any EVIDENCE that they are producing NUKES.
      This man has never known peace, and will never know peace. Why am I being stressed out about this psychotic, narcissistic criminal?

    • kat

      Islam has declared WWIII on the world… this is a muslim propaganda piece designed to draw our attention away from the war islam has declared on the world

    • kat

      .. the only Americans that do not want Israel to have nuclear weapons are Islamic terrorists… the majority of America would dance in the streets if Israel had nuclear weapons and then we would have a week long holiday if the terrorist of the middle east were annihilated by nuclear weapons.. this is propaganda paid for by muslim terrorist.. religion does matter and islam has declared WWIII on the world

    • Essam

      Benjamin Netanyahu’s family story is a typical Jewish story in Palestine. His father, Benzion Mileikowsky, immigrated from Poland to Palestine in 1920, and after World War 1, where he joined the rest of immigrant jewish settlers in expelling the indigenous Palestinian population. Benzion Mileikowsky, after making it to Palestine, changed his name to the Hebrew name Benzion Netanyahu in celebration of stealing Palestine from its rightful people and making it Jewish. Most Jews in the so called state of Israel and Palestine have similar stories. Where either them, or their parents or grandparents are not indigenous people of Palestine, but actually immigrant settlers from Europe and other places in the world who started coming in large numbers to Palestine after World War 1. Otherwise, the Jewish population in Palestine was very small before World War 1.

      My Point: Immigrant Jews in Palestine are invaders and land thieves. Israel is an apartheid state.

      • Marc Rosenblatt

        Mean while, Arafat was from Egypt and most of the other so-called Palestinians were from neighboring lands. Until after WWI the countries in the Middle East, as we know them today, didn’t exist. They were all part of the Ottoman Empire and the so-called Palestinians were Ottoman subjects. Until 1967, there was never even a call for a Palestinian state. Jordan was the P state and still is. But, the Jordanians don’t won’t these so-called Palestinians, and slaughtered 10,000 of them what was known as Black September. The world said NOTHING. Egypt could have had Gaza again, but refused to take it back as they too hate your so-called indigenous people. The Jews were more so the Indigenous people with thousands of years of history in Israel. So, I’m not interested in Netanyahu’s name change. It’s meaningless. The important thing is that the Jews have been there, thrown out, slaughtered by Arabs since Mohammad and certainly way before he was a glimmer in his mother’s eye.

    • hymisser

      And he should be tried for war crimes for the slaughter of civilians in Palestine.

      • Marc Rosenblatt

        BS! The so-called Palestinians are the perps, started the killing and if Netanyahu did his job properly, Gaza should now be a parking lot.

    • Fallafel1

      Go and poll ISIS and a few other islamists. You’ll hear the “right” answers that will please you.

    • Such rank BS. It never occurred to most Americans to even think of worrying about Netanyahu smuggling anything. Just an utter BS “news” story.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        But he did…and far worse…

    • marksorr

      Hateful, anti-Semitic propaganda, as most Americans would agree.

    • Dan

      Who’s “Most Americans”? Just the ones that this Yahoo writer talked to?

    • Jail Congress

      After you get through investigating the genocidal maniac Netanyahu for nuclear weapons smuggling have a look at Israel and the John F. Kennedy assassination. JFK was trying to stop Israel from getting nuclear weapons when he was assassinated. The Jew Jack Rubenstein (Ruby) murdered the alleged shooter Oswald after Oswald said he was just a ‘patsy.’ Feigning total innocence, Golda Meir “sensed dark corners” in the assassination.

    • David Ptito

      And who helped the US in building nuclear bombs during WWII ?? Einstein, Oppenheimer, Fermi !!
      And why Yahoo needs to misinform their clients ??

    • who_earn_it

      I trust a muslim lover and a muslim about asmuch I trust Muhammad naked with sheep and pigs

    • Alex

      By the way, that triggers were invented by american Jew scientists. As many-many other stuff that protect USA and free world. Thank you, Jews !

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Ernest D, Boutwell and Jack M. Longfellow are Jewish?

    • Story P

      The thugs that lead Israel today want only one thing – all of Palestine and they will stop at nothing to get it. If that means using the USA to give them money and weapons and U.N. vetoes for nothing in return, they will do it. If that means disgracing the office of the Presidency – he will do it. If that means spitting on the U.S.A. they will do that too and still expect our money, weapons and U.N. vetoes. IF they have to blow up buildings and thousands of lives, they will do that too. Any criticism and th3ey fall back on anti-Semitic which most Israeli’s are not. Most are Russian, East European and Americans. They fall back on “Poor little Israel we’re surrounded by terrorists.” But they have created all these attacks on them and there will be more and more. If Israel had the brains, they would have seen what they were getting into and negotiated with the people there for land. Reoperations would have been made and there would be peace. But they want it all. Peace is of no use to them until they get it. But when and IF they get it, they will have the displaced Palestinians joining other “terrorist” groups and will forever make Israel unsafe. You see, the problem with thugs, they mistake their gumption for wisdom and reality. But history clearly shows that these types soon fall prey to their own propaganda, become corrupt and weak even as they gain power, and then as they weaken, their enimies begn to move in until the whole thing crumbles. Check your history.

      • Marc Rosenblatt

        So-called Palestine, named by the Romans, after conquering and tossing out the Jews, belongs to Israel. It’s no secret! Muslims have no trouble finding terror groups, and if they can’t find one, they start one.

        • Larry

          And who was thee when the Hebrews were just coming out of Egypt? You see? Your line of reasoning is only self-serving and ignores the reality.

    • gelmann

      Jason Ditz is a Ditz

    • gelmann

      Someone should investigate Yahoo News for the junk they allow to be published. I agree. The FBI should investigate the Muslim Brotherhood people that are meeting with Obama in the White House!!!

    • Adam Smith

      Israel is trying to referee in the United Nations and accuse other nations of having clandestine nuclear program, And yet the truth comes out about israel stoled American nuke secrets and have their own secret nuke programs. wasn’t it Israel who provided Americans people with false inteligence and started the Iraq war? Israel should be investigated like any other nation and held accountable the same way. Sanctions, prison, bombed. etc. what gets me is that, everytime people speak the truth about israeli crimes, they are automatically accused of being anti semitic. who cares about religion. We are all the same. you are eighter evil or a stright human beings.Everybody should be treated equally regardless of their believes. Natanazi clearly is the evil here. Is the world going to stand up to these decieving devils and hold them accountable or let them get away with murder like they have been and protected by the United States. I understand the problem of our senators and representatives being jews, its ok to be jews or any other religion but you must be loyal to America, not to another nations. If our senators and representatives wants to protect Israel at the expense of American people lives, then that is not acceptable. They can move to Israel and fight on ehalf of Israel, its ok. but don’t use American resources and American boys and girls to fight Israeli war with lies and false pretenses. God Bless America!

    • Marc Rosenblatt

      IRmep is an anti-Israel organization. They should be writing spy novels instead of pretending to be a legitimate organization.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Israel IS a spy operation. No need to write fiction.

    • Kevin

      Google Consumer Surveys is not a scientific poll. It is not a random sample. This journalist waits until the last paragraph to tell us that this is not a real poll. Fake story.

    • sammy13

      Israel is an ally. Has no one ever heard the term “with a wink and a nod”? Dig deep enough, really deep, and one will likely find that the sale was , shall we say, blessed by the US at the highest level.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        And at the highest level, THEY would be guilty of treason. Most of them are already.

    • ballpark1981

      just more lies from the liberal NAZI PRESS( OBAMEDIA )

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Nazis weren’t liberals.

    • GG

      What a bull@&$? article……..look, I am not a die hard supporter of Israel, however, if America were surrounded by entities that were hell bent on continuing harassment of us…..well, really…..what do you think our response would be…..I’m sure that our response would be very measured….right! We send drones across borders to take people out…..what a joke. Look Israel is maybe the size of Delaware…….let me ask one question…..if your next door neighbors we’re building tunnels into your property with the entent of doing you harm……well how long would it be before you were visiting your local gun store……

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Those aren’t neighbors, GG. They’re the owners of stolen property and they’re determined to get back what is rightfully theirs. Sometimes they have to remind the land pirates that they want their property back and they send some bottle rockets into their lands and estates. Unfortunately, sometimes some of the land pirates or their crew get hurt or killed…but isn’t that THEIR problem as land pirates?

    • Siciliano

      The Americans are waking up finaly

    • Siciliano

      He should be put in Jail by the International court until he die

    • Fardad Vaziri

      I am not surprise that Israel did it i also believe 911 is Israel job,that is why USA was spying on them,that is why USA is closer to Iran than ever,

    • Daniel

      I call shenanigans, there is no way 54% of Americans know who Benjamin Netanyahu is let alone think he should be investigated by the FBI. Well I guess we see how Obama is using our tax money, investigating our allies…

    • Louis

      Netanyahu is a war criminal.

      • Daniel

        Netanyahu is a war hero.

    • Do not bother yourselves,
      PM his highness,(?) Netanyahu is an untouchable personality for USA.They do whatever they wish,they act without paying no attention to the Int.Laws,and no Int.organization says nothing,and all mouths seems zippered up.
      They are bad boys of Middle East,and never and ever touchable.
      This is the candid reality,
      International establishments and some countries shoula say Israilei Goverment not ONE MINUTE but ONE HOUR.
      Can they say it,NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,hence,
      DO NOT BOTHER YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CamelRider

      whatever, Netanyahu is a dangerous guy and an enemy of the United States of America !

    • Cindy

      The 800 smuggled nuclear weapons from
      US to Israel are only the tip of an iceberg… Israel is the most deceiving country, spoiled
      by complex US foreign policies. This
      narcissistic state is taking advantage of America, which, ultimately will cost America
      enormously …

    • Cat oman

      Nothing will come of this revelation same as nothing ever came of Dick Cheney, Rumpsfeld and Rove.

      • They have killed millions and should all be hung for war crimes.

        • Official statistics since 1950 ranking all conflicts that resulted in more than 10,000 deaths total for both sides.

          49. 51,000 Arab-Israeli conflict 1950-present

          In other words, out of 68 conflicts, the Middle East conflict ranks 49th and all the other conflicts up to 55 are within 1000 deaths of the Middle East Conflict.

          While I object to all wars, Israel has not killed millions and there is no genocide. The number of Arabs the UN refuses to resettle who are still living in camps rose from 500,000 in 1948 to 5 million today. The population of the West Bank and Gaza is 4.4 million. 9.4 million Arabs today from 500,000 refugees in 1948 is proof there is no Israeli attempt to wipe out the Arabs.

          All that is being accomplished by the lying from all concerned is that more Jews and Arabs are being killed while people who have no stake in the dispute provoke and lie to keep it going.

          But the West needs their oil and the Arabs have most of it. The Arabs, who are 95% Muslim, have made it clear that they are following the instructions of Allah to annihilate the Jews. But people who have never opened a history book and have ZERO idea of the truth or desire to know the truth, blame it all on an imaginary vast Jewish cabal that rules the world. Some of the same idiots also believe The Protocols of Zion are an authentic document. They were actually forged by the KGB to be used against Communist party members who were on Lenin’s death list, but some genius decided to change it to Jews instead and helped kill million of innocent people.

          Has it occurred to any of the irredeemable Jew haters that if Israel and the Jews control the world, why is the entire world turning on Israel?. If Jews control the world’s media, why is 99% of the world’s media anti-Israel to an extreme?

          Israel is a nation of seven million on an area smaller than Rhode Island surrounded by 23 Arab nations with 5500 times the land and 330 million people. If Israel did not have nukes, the Arab nations would overrun Israel in a day or two with sheer numbers and slaughter every Jew in Israel. That would probably make many of the posters here happy, but it ain’t gonna happen. Go google SAMSON OPTION and have a nice day, All you internet heroes who want to see millions of Jews dead. Come to Israel and try that crap.

    • Al Talena

      We should be concerned about the goal of the islamo fascists we are letting into our country. Just look at the lefty/islamo fascist coalition on our campuses that silences anyone who doesn’t spout their hate.
      Their goal for the US? Turn us into a Little France.

      • omega insane

        Agreed, we should also be concerned about any nation and/or race of peoples that do not accept any type of analysis and/or criticism of their policies/procedures/behaviors, which is the essence of fascism.

    • omega insane

      Guess which country has spied on USA the most, and has stolen the most (namely nuclear in essence) from USA? Israel.

    • Al Talena

      Want to know what the lefty/islamo fascist coalition really thinks? click on their names & read their other posts

      • Why do you IDF use white phosphorous on civilians?

        • Al Talena

          1 million muslimes killed by fellow muslimes in 10 years.
          Good start

      • omega insane

        Wanna know what Israel really thinks about the rest of the world?

        “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are
        as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact,
        compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at
        best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to
        rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our
        leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as
        our slaves.” – Israeli prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the
        Knesset [Israeli Parliament] quoted by Amnon Kapeliouk, “Begin and the
        Beasts,” New Statesman, June 25, 1982

      • omega insane

        Wanna know what Israel really thinks about the rest of the world?

        “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are
        as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact,
        compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at
        best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to
        rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our
        leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as
        our slaves.” – Israeli prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the
        Knesset quoted by Amnon Kapeliouk, “Begin and the
        Beasts,” New Statesman, June 25, 1982

        • Al Talena

          Must have hit a raw nerve

        • he man is considered a lunatics by 99.999% of Israeli Jews and he is sanctioned by the government of Israel. Anyone can trot out a few crazy, hateful members of any social group, religion, economic class or race and find similar crap. But for some reason, if one crazy Jew is a bigot, than all Jews think like him according to the Jew haters. i would be happy to tell you where you can shove that lie, but my comment would be blocked. The world’s obsession with blaming and criticizing the Jewish people is truly an incurable mental illness. For over 200 years, non-jews have been killing and tormenting the Jewish people by the MILLIONS and it still isn’t enough. Frankly, the entire human race needs to be replaced by another lifeform. Humanity stinks of innocent blood.

        • Begin never said that. The quote is a proven fake and your source is one of the most notorious Jewish traitors who supported Arafat over his own nation of Israel and his own religion. Begin did refer to PLO killers, like those who slaughtered the IsraelI Olympic team in 1972, as “beasts walking on two legs.” The rest of the quote is usually attributed to the Jewish Torah or the Talmud, which is also nonsense. The quote actually came from a modern rabbi who is the disgraced leader of an extremist sect of lunatics who represent maybe 5,000 of the world’s 14 million Jews. As I said elsewhere, He is despised and rejected by 99.9999% of the Jewish people.

          Anytime you would like to dicuss who said what in Judaism and Islam, I will be glad to put my 40 years as a Journalist and as a student of Abrahamic religion to use to disprove all the slander Jew haters trot out and blame on Jews. We can also discuss what is really in the Qur’an. But That would make a mockery of the evil Jew narrative you are selling, so i doubt you will take up the challenge.

          And, by the way, Arafat, the great Palestinian leader, was born and raised in EGYPT. He was selected to lead the PLO terror organization by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

          • omega insane

            Bravo you have stormed on the scene with much bravado and ego flaring before you, nicely done.

            I’m not an anti-Semite, by the way. So I’m curious, what else do you know? Can u cast ego aside and have a frank discussion vis a vis Judaism, House of Israel , House of Judah, their role in end times and the like? It’s not a challenge from me but rather a request for an opportunity to learn new things from one with such vast years of experience such as yourself Mr Wolff

    • Al Talena

      Just googled the site that conducted the survey. It is blatantly anti-Israel. Any survey can be skewed to get the results desired. Of course, the arabists didn’t describe the sample that was surveyed.

      • The Hazbara Khazar suprematist rejects any truth he finds offensive with lies and counter accusations.

        • Al Talena

          nathan can’t handle the truth. Dumb loser

    • omega insane

      How dare this site suppress my comments! If you have nothing to fear you have nothing to hide, so stop suppressing the information I am relaying else give yourselves away for the fascists that you are!

    • marty7441

      A thief is a thief, “Thou shall not steal”, GODs word.

    • omega insane

      “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are
      as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact,
      compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at
      best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to
      rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our
      leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as
      our slaves.” – Israeli prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the
      Knesset [Israeli Parliament] quoted by Amnon Kapeliouk, “Begin and the
      Beasts,” New Statesman, June 25, 1982

      “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only
      question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or
      consent.” (Jewish Banker Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950, as he
      testified before the U.S. Senate).

      Even Albert Einstein opposed the idea of a Jewish state prior to their recognition in 1948.

      “I should much rather see reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the creation of a Jewish state. Apart from practical consideration, my awareness of the essential nature of Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power no matter how modest. I am afraid of the inner damage Judaism will sustain — especially from the development of a narrow nationalism within our own ranks, against which we have already had to fight strongly, even without a Jewish state.” In January, 1946, in a reply to the question of whether refugee settlement in Palestine demanded a Jewish state, Einstein told the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry, “The State idea is not according to my heart. I cannot understand why it is needed. It is connected with narrow-minded and economic obstacles. I believe it is bad. I have always been against it.”

      So concerned was Einstein that he wrote a letter to the New York Times, one which is quite revealing of the nature of the state, and the nature of their origins which, for obvious reasons, hass been carefully suppressed throughout the years.

      Letter to the New York Times, December 4, 1948, from Albert Einstein and other prominent Jews:


      Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the
      emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the “Freedom Party”
      (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization,
      methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist
      parties. It was formed out of the membership and following of the former
      Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist, right-wing, chauvinist organization in

      The current visit of Menachem Begin, leader of this party, to the United
      States is obviously calculated to give the impression of American
      support for his party in the coming Israeli elections, and to cement
      political ties with conservative Zionist elements in the United States.
      Several Americans of national repute have lent their names to welcome
      his visit. It is inconceivable that those who oppose fascism throughout
      the world, if correctly informed as to Mr. Begin’s political record and
      perspectives, could add their names and support to the movement he

      Before irreparable damage is done by way of financial contributions,
      public manifestations in Begin’s behalf, and the creation in Palestine
      of the impression that a large segment of America supports Fascist
      elements in Israel, the American public must be informed as to the
      record and objectives of Mr. Begin and his movement.

      The public avowals of Begin’s party are no guide whatever to its actual
      character. Today they speak of freedom, democracy and anti-imperialism,
      whereas until recently they openly preached the doctrine of the Fascist
      state. It is in its actions that the terrorist party betrays its real
      character; from its past actions we can judge what it may be expected to
      do in the future.

      Attack on Arab Village

      A shocking example was their behavior in the Arab village of Deir
      Yassin. This village, off the main roads and surrounded by Jewish lands,
      had taken no part in the war, and had even fought off Arab bands who
      wanted to use the village as their base. On April 9 (THE NEW YORK
      TIMES), terrorist bands attacked this peaceful village, which was not a
      military objective in the fighting, killed most of its inhabitants (240
      men, women, and children) and kept a few of them alive to parade as
      captives through the streets of Jerusalem. Most of the Jewish community
      was horrified at the deed, and the Jewish Agency sent a telegram of
      apology to King Abdullah of Trans-Jordan. But the terrorists, far from
      being ashamed of their act, were proud of this massacre, publicized it
      widely, and invited all the foreign correspondents present in the
      country to view the heaped corpses and the general havoc at Deir Yassin.

      The Deir Yassin incident exemplifies the character and actions of the Freedom Party.

      Within the Jewish community they have preached an admixture of
      ultranationalism, religious mysticism, and racial superiority. Like
      other Fascist parties they have been used to break strikes, and have
      themselves pressed for the destruction of free trade unions. In their
      stead they have proposed corporate unions on the Italian Fascist model.

      During the last years of sporadic anti-British violence, the IZL and
      Stern groups inaugurated a reign of terror in the Palestine Jewish
      community. Teachers were beaten up for speaking against them, adults
      were shot for not letting their children join them. By gangster methods,
      beatings, window-smashing, and wide-spread robberies, the terrorists
      intimidated the population and exacted a heavy tribute.

      The people of the Freedom Party have had no part in the constructive
      achievements in Palestine. They have reclaimed no land, built no
      settlements, and only detracted from the Jewish defense activity. Their
      much-publicized immigration endeavors were minute, and devoted mainly to
      bringing in Fascist compatriots.

      Discrepancies Seen

      The discrepancies between the bold claims now being made by Begin and
      his party, and their record of past performance in Palestine bear the
      imprint of no ordinary political party. This is the unmistakable stamp
      of a Fascist party for whom terrorism (against Jews, Arabs, and British
      alike), and misrepresentation are means, and a “Leader State” is the

      In the light of the foregoing considerations, it is imperative that the
      truth about Mr. Begin and his movement be made known in this country. It
      is all the more tragic that the top leadership of American Zionism has
      refused to campaign against Begin’s efforts, or even to expose to its
      own constituents the dangers to Israel from support to Begin.

      The undersigned therefore take this means of publicly presenting a few
      salient facts concerning Begin and his party; and of urging all
      concerned not to support this latest manifestation of fascism.








      H.H. HARRIS,

















      M. SINGER,



      New York, Dec. 2, 1948

      But, I know for a fact the above information will be discounted as “Einstein was a self hating anti-semite”, sad, really, it is.

    • jhj

      1500 people polled. I think there should be a minimum of peopled polled in this country because 1500 is in no way a true representation of “a majority”. I can hardly find anyone who believes that we should put off our long time relationship with Israel. Obama should be careful with trying to play up to the Muslims and trying to cast Israel out of U.S. concerns. I’m just saying.

    • Rick Shaw

      Israel is the only friend we have left…stop throwing her under the bus, obama.

    • Rich Hill

      Yahoo and their writers are sick. Where did this pole come from – a hidden Nazi group?

      • omega insane

        Where did you come from? An Isreali/AIPAC psych-warfare group?

    • Daniel

      In 1917 the Balfour Declaration said a Jewish homeland was to be established in Palestine. At this time Jordan, and Israel were both part of Palestine.

      In 1918, all the rest of the Middle East 99% was given to the Muslims, with the fall of the Ottoman empire in WWI.

      In 1920 the San Remo Resolution made the Balfour Declaration official.

      In 1921 the British gave Jordan, which was supposed to be part of Israel, and is three times as big as Israel to the Arabs.

      In 1922 the international community, the entire League of Nations unanimously voted to recognize the Jewish homeland between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. This document “Mandate of Palestine” is still international law today.

      In 1925, the United States recognized the validity of the League of nations historic document “Mandate of Palestine” In the little known Anglo-American Treaty, and granted the Jewish people the right by international law to settle between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

      In 1945 the UN was created and replaced the League of Nations. Article 80 of the UN charter says all international treaties before the UN was created are still valid, which includes the League of Nation Mandate.

      Between 1922-1947 six million Jews died in Europe during the Holocaust. During this time both Jews and Arabs started flocking to the mostly vacant British Mandate of Palestine. During this time, Jews, Muslims, and Christians where all called Palestinians. This name was given to Israel by the Romans after they destroyed the second temple in 70 A.D. Many Jews fleeing Europe that went to the British Mandate were sent back to Europe to die. See the White Papers.

      In 1947 the UN wanted to take more land away from the Jewish homeland and came up with UN resolution 181. This resolution would has gave the Arabs everything they are currently asking for except that Jerusalem would be an international city. The Jews people desperate for peace signed this document, but the Arabs rejected signing this document because they wanted all of Israel to be Muslim.

      In 1948 Israel declared their Independence. At this time the land of Israel was 8.6% Jewish owned, 3.3% owned by Israeli-Arabs, 16.9 was abandoned by Arabs that ran away to make way for the attacking Arab armies, the rest, about 70% was owned by the mandatory power, which Israel inherited.

      The Arabs were not able to take all of Israel, but were able to take Judea and Samaria (The West Bank) and the Gaza Strip. This is where the 1949 armistice lines comes from.

      Between 1949 and 1967, all of Israel was being regularly hit by rocket fire. These borders became known as Auschwitz borders.

      In 1967 the Soviets supplied arms to the Arabs. The armies of Kuwait, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq fed troops to the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian fronts formed along Israels borders as well as a naval blockade.

      In a preemptive strike Israel was able to take back the occupied lands of Judea and Samaria, as East Jerusalem, in the Six Day War.

      The UN was able to get a cease fire with UN resolution 242.

      UN 242 is the most important UN resolution for peace in the Israeli-Arab conflict. From the Egypt-Israel treaty of peace, Jordan-Israel peace treaty to the Madrid Peace Conference to the Oslo Accords.

      UN Resolution 242 called for Israel to withdraw from “territory”, not “All territory” and that the borders of such a withdrawal were meant to reflect each states right to live in “secure and recognized” boundaries.

      In the Egypt-Israel treaty of peace Israel agreed to withdraw from the Sinai Peninsula. Thus Israel is in compliance with UN Resolution 242.

      • You Khazars should go home to Germany or Russia and stop stealing the Palestinians land.

    • Sincero100mpre

      I can imagine how relevant is that poll. Show your methodology and then talk about your poll. Anyway, I am glad Israel had access to all that armament. Israel is surrounded by terrorists, so they must be ready to destroy all of them. Specially, it terrorist state Iran get the permit from muslim president obama.

    • Daniel

      The claim Israel is occupying land is malarkey.

      History is clear Israel has been around for over 3,300 years, before that it was the land of Canaan. The Jewish people of Israel share the same language and culture shaped by the Jewish heritage and religion passed through generations starting with the founding father Abraham (ca. 1800 BCE)

      According to Jewish tradition, Abraham was born under the name Abram in the city of Ur in Babylonia in the year 1948 from Creation (circa 1800 BCE). He was the son of Terach, an idol merchant, but from his early childhood, he questioned the faith of his father and sought the truth. He came to believe that the entire universe was the work of a single Creator, and he began to teach this belief to others.

      After The Flood, the earth was populated from the Sons Of Noah – Shem, Ham and Japheth. The Bible record of nations, from which all of us can find our most ancient ancestry, is amazingly detailed (Genesis 10). Israel The sons of Ham were Cush, from whom came the Babylonians and Assyrians (Genesis 10:6,8-11), Mizraim, from whom came the Egyptians and Philistines (Genesis 10:13), Put, and Canaan. Coincidence or not, many of Israel’s most powerful enemies, from ancient times to the present, originated from the descendants of Ham.

      From Canaan naturally came the Canaanite clans – Sidon, Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites, Girgashites, Hivites, Arkites, Sinites, Arvadites, Zemarites and Hamathites. (Genesis 10:15). According to the Bible account, “Later the Canaanite clans scattered and the borders of Canaan reached from Sidon toward Gerar as far as Gaza, and then toward Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboiim, as far as Lasha.” (Genesis 10:19). It’s in this described area that the conflict between the Israelites and the “peoples of the land” began, and has continued right to the present day.

      The rule of Israelites in the land of Israel starts with the conquests of Joshua (ca. 1250 BCE). The period from 1000-587 BCE is known as the “Period of the Kings”. The most noteworthy kings were King David (1010-970 BCE), who made Jerusalem the Capital of Israel, and his son Solomon (Shlomo, 970-931 BCE), who built the first Temple in Jerusalem as written in the Torah (Old Testament).

      Enormous Jewish festivals used to be celebrated on the Temple Mount. To increase the amount of room around the Temple which was required for these festivals and also comply with the limitations placed on its dimensions for the Temple under Jewish law, Herod built a great plaza around the Temple. This plaza is the Temple Mount of today where the al-Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock and the Dome of the Chain now stand. To construct the platform, Herod built a giant box around Mount Moriah and filled it in. The plaza is about the size of six football fields (480 x 300m). The “Kotel” or Western Wall (the holiest site in modern Judaism) is one part of the western retaining wall, but not actually part of the actual Temple. The walls are made up of enormous stones weighing between 2 and 100 tons (there is even one that weighs 400 tons) with an average stone being about 10 tons and are 5m thick. There is no mortar between the stones.

      Since 582 B.C. Israel has been ruled by colonists. Babylonians, followed by Persians which prospered when they let Jews rebuild the temple. Then in 70 A.D. the Romans took Israel and later renamed it Palestine to erase the fact that it is a Jewish state. Muslims were able to take Israel from the Romans, then the Crusaders took it from the Muslims. The Turks took Israel from the Crusaders. The Turks were followed by the Ottoman Empire, then came the British Mandate of Palestine. All through these 3,300 years or so Jews have maintained a presence in Israel.

      Jews have lived in Israel from those days till today. Once sovereignty over Israel was return to the Jewish people, the Israelis turned desert into an oasis of freedom and democracy. Thus, Jews have had a strong connection and continuous presence in the land of Israel for the past 3,300 years.

      In the Bronze age the Israelites led by Joshua entered the town of Jericho. In the 8th century BCE the Assyrians invaded, followed by the Babylonians. Jericho was depopulated between 586 and 538 BCE, the period of the Jewish exile to Babylon.

      It should be remembered, it was Cyrus the Great, the Persian King, that returned Jerusalem to the Jewish people, I have a lot of love and respect of the Persian people for this. I hope the Persian people get liberated from the Islamist Mullahs in Iran. It was Cyrus that re-founded the city of Jericho one mile (1.6 km) southeast of its historic site at the mound of Tell es-Sultan and returned it to the Jewish exiles after conquering Babylon in 539 BCE.

      In 70 C,E. (A.D.) the Roman’s took Jerusalem, and in 135 C.E. the ROMAN Emperor Hadrian expunged the name “Provincia Judea” and renamed it “Provincia Syria Palaestina”. This was the Latin version of the Greek name which soon became used as an administrative unit. This name was shortened to Palaestina and the name “Palestine” was derived from it as a modern and anglicized version.

      • What a bunch of Bull, or should I say Oxen? The Twelve Tribes of Israel were wiped out and the Lost Ten Tribes were taken out of Sumaria in 750 BC by the Assyrians who took them to the Caspian Sea and they became the Pashtuns, while the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin were taken to Babylon in 500 BC where they became the Shi-ites. King Cyrus of Persia allowed 40,000 of the The Shephardic Jews to go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple, but they became evil, rejected the Prophets and their culture and race was wiped out by the Romans, Greeks and Arabs. Today’s “Jews” are Khazars who were converted to Judaism 1,300 hundred years ago, but are non-Semitic and have no ancestral links to Jerusalem at all, but in fact have racial origins in Crimea and the Northern Black Sea Region. The Palestinians are the Seed of Abraham and you Khazar suprematist Bolshevik are not. You have been programmed to lie about it from a young age.

    • Bob Hova

      Right-wing Israeli supporters have successfully spread the myth that Israel is a friend of US and US needs them in Middle East. They steal from and spy on US all the time.Their agents in US keep convincing the American government and corporations to provide gobs of money and military technology and many other forms of technology to Israel. They in turn, stage clandestine operations to create more enemies for US, because they know if the Americans get to have the same enemies as Israel, then we may not complain about all this American blood and money spent on their behalf.

      • Daniel

        The US and Israel are democratic nations with vigorously independent courts; they have pursued policies that one can challenge. One may openly criticize Israel’s management of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), or Obama’s health care reform, for example, or the fact that these great nations have not only survived brutal attacks by Muslims, but have provided a prosperous home for the children of many Holocaust survivors. However these concerns are trivial compared with Iran’s announced desire to destroy the United States and Israel using every weapon at its disposal, including a nuclear one.

        Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, all but said on May 25th that negotiations are over about the country’s illicit nuclear program and that the Islamic Republic’s ideals include destroying America.

        “Battle and jihad are endless because evil and its front continue to exist. … This battle will only end when the society can get rid of the oppressors’ front with America at the head of it, which has expanded its claws on human mind, body and thought. … This requires a difficult and lengthy struggle and need for great strides.”

        • The Mossad planted Thermates on the steel of the WTC the week end before 9-11 and let it happen.

          The United States should defund Israel and let them go at it with their Enemies alone.

        • whiteaglesoaring

          Israel nuked the WTC on 9-11. Analysis
          of the radionuclides in the WTC has been done over a decade ago, but not
          released until recently by the AEC investigators who did not want the data
          hidden any longer. The investigating team, Able Danger, had identified
          the US traitors involved in the Israeli theft of 1/3 of the US nuclear
          arsenal. That’s in addition to 350 W-54 plutonium pits salvaged from decommissioned
          nukes at Pantec, Amarillo TX.

          Most of the Able Danger team were killed when a stolen Tomahawk cruise
          missile targeted them in the Pentagon. They had been called to meet there by
          General Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He didn’t show but the
          Tomahawk missile did, launched from an Israeli Dolphin class sub offshore and
          permitted to continue due to a treasonous stand down by the USAF and USN. 38 of 50 died team members died,
          but the data remained secure and the remaining members of the team determined
          to revenge their deaths.

      • Great observation Bob, don’t let these Bolsheviks lie to you. The Jew will kill us all and send us a bill for it.

      • Legendary1255

        Congress just opposed the president and, without any prompting from Israel, pledged full moral and
        financial support to Israel, as well they should.

        It was John F Kennedy who said that the United States “will pay any price, bear any burden….to
        assure the success and survival of liberty.” Right now, Israel is a beacon of democracy in a region filled with tyranny and violence, of Arabs killing Arabs and Christians, of Arabs wishing to destroy Israel and not negotiate with them; of Hamas, who steals foreign contributions from its people to make war and offer their people misery and the celebration of death instead of life, an organization that is intolerant of religious freedom, that has persecuted Christians, and that has befriended the radical Islamic psychopathic murders ISIS and invited them into their country, offering great threat to surrounding

        Meanwhile, Israel is a land that practices religious tolerance, where people of many faiths including
        the Moslem faith worship freely–where 1.2 million Palestinian Arabs live, and according to 3 surveys, one conducted by Harvard, nearly 80% of them prefer living in Israel than any other country in the world AND desire peace with the Israeli people: the vast majority of them have good jobs there, and receive
        good treatment and pay. Furthermore, there are high-ranking Arabs in Israel’s government! This is what I mean by democracy.

        If Hamas should be the sole ruler of the land they want to call “Palestine,” do you think they would allow religious tolerance; do you think they would allow a Christian or a Jewish person to serve in their government. Not by far. They only desire a despotic Islamic state to rule the entire Palestinian territory and to destroy Israel and subjugate its survivors, which means everyone in it of every faith. They must be stopped, because their lust for control and violence knows no bounds and will continue beyond these stated boundaries…

        Israel is also one of the most advanced countries in technological and medical research; it has also
        offered African nations the wonders of their novel irrigation system by which they’ve enriched the Negev desert and made it bloom–while Hamas digs holes for war and lets their land, granted back to them by Israel, to grow fallow.

        This is why the US should support Israel. Bob, you seem to forget that:

        –the Syrian government killed 170,000 or more of its own people, including many Christians, even
        resorting to chemical weapons;

        –that ISIS has committed the most horrid atrocities against other Arabs and Christians, and threaten to
        expand their violence internationally;

        –that radical Islamists attacked our country killing thousands on 9/11/01;

        –that Moslem terrorists in Boston exploded a bomb in a crowd, blowing off US citizens’ limbs and
        killing a baby, because they support Hamas;

        –that Hamas kidnapped and killed 3 innocent Israeli teenagers, then while Israel was rounding up
        suspects, increased their rocket fire on the Jewish state, even aiming at their nuclear plant, which if hit would’ve devastated both sides in this conflict, to instigate a war with Israel (which is undoubtedly a war crime), then fired rockets at Israel and its people from homes, schools, mosques, and UN facilities, which was caught on video;

        –that Hamas dug elaborate tunnels to invade Israel and kill its citizens possibly by the hundreds, which
        was luckily discovered in time by Israeli soldiers;

        –that Hamas executes its own people without the benefit of a trial;

        –that radicals shot 12 people dead who were exercising their freedom of speech in their Charlie Hebdo
        journal in France;

        –that another mad plot to bomb Times Square in New York City in support of Hamas was luckily foiled.

        Amidst all this, Israel has rendered thousands of tons of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people
        over the last decade, has provided valuable medical service and life-saving surgeries for years to Palestinians, even visiting their villages where they are greeted with joy, to provide free medical care.

        Balance your judgment with these facts–Israel’s democracy and humanitarian efforts, its role as bulwark to the spread of tyranny to that region and thus to other parts of the world.

        And don’t forget, when one defends Israel and its rights, you are not only defending the Jewish people,
        but the Moslems, Christians, and other sects who live there in peace and freedom—and Israel has become a place where Christians can find their one sanctuary in the Middle East against the growing threat and tyranny of radical Islam.

        • You Zionists bribed the US Congress to create ISIS. You AIPIGs are the true murders of Christians.

        • Bob Hova

          Legendary, some of your points are valid, but some are typical right-wing Israeli propaganda since they ignore the root cause of the stated issues, or portray them in a simpleton manner. Two major issues are:

          1) Whatever Israel and the Arabs/Moslems do in middle east is not an American problem. United States should help the peace process just like any other part of the world, but no special treatment for Israel, or the Arabs.
          2) If the right-wing Israelis continue manipulating the governments and the public opinion of US and England and a few other rich countries, to the advantage of Israel and no real concern for the benefit of the citizens of these countries, there may be an unfortunate backlash against the majority of innocent Jews in these countries at one point, and the Jews who are just good citizens and want to live like any other people will suffer the consequences of these manipulative policies.
          Unfortunately, the powerful supporters of Israel’s right-wing ideology are often too traumatized psychologically to understand or care that their actions are harmful to most other people.

    • VGCK

      Thank goodness that Israel has nuclear weapons as a deterrent or they would have been wiped off the map long ago.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Actually they fried their reactor at Dimona and now must steal nuclear devices for mostly small projects like blowing up buildings such as the World Trade Center and demolishing nuclear reactors such as Fukushima.

        • david berenholtz

          really? where do you get your facts from?

          • whiteaglesoaring

            Intel sources, government agencies, whistleblowers, leaks, Snowden, AEC, Dmitry Kalezov, veterans. Dr. Busby, etc.

        • Samson125

          And you actually continue to make up stories and put words into your mouth to “feel important” and express your perversities and biases borne out of cruelty and under the umbrella of anonymity, thus revealing your cravenness and weak-mindedness, as you present these tall fairy tales without a grain of evidence (another troubled mind spewing this meaningless mindless self-invented claim does not at all constitute any kind of, and nowhere near, proof).

          • GE did design the emergency generators in a way that assured thermonuclear meltdown in the event of a tsunami. The`Zionist Jews who controlled the US during WW II refused to allow the Japanese to surrender for a week so they could experiment with their new Khazar Bomb.

          • whiteaglesoaring

            HaHaHa…Huff. Puff. …big bad woof….Google Fukushima Magna BSP Stuxnet to get started on knowing something about Israel’s attack on Fukushima.

            The minimal amount of plutonium needed for a 20 Kiloton Hiroshima-size bomb is about 24 KG. It takes a 75 MW reactor running at full power for one entire year to produce this amount of fuel. Dimona as originally designed by the French at 24 MW could only produce about 8 KG of PU-239 per year. With fast breeder operation and heavy water added by Israeli technicians, output was increased up to 75 MW thermal. However this increase in power output rapidly burnt out the reactor containment / pressure vessel leading to its early demise. If you run the reactor in fast breeder mode with heavy water, criticality issues become a serious problem. If you do not have excess cooling ability to handle an overload condition or if a circuit fails you can not cool down the reactor fast enough and a steam explosion caused by a flash over event will occur. This is what happened at Dimona during an on line refueling cycle, called fuel rod hot- swamping. The rods have to continuously be moved while undergoing radiation in order to even out the neutron flux density in the core preventing hot spots from building up. This guarantees that all rods are radiated at the same level in order to maximize plutonium production.

            We now know that at least two or more of the major explosions at the WTC on 9/11 were nuclear events reported as neutron bombs by an official and never declassified report written for the Department of Energy and Vice President Dick Cheney by teams from Sandia Labs and put into limited circulation to American political leaders in 2003. Ground Zero was an underground testing facility for nuclear weapons of 3% fission
            initiation assembled from re-machined W54 pits transferred through Britain in partnership with South African, Zimbabwean arms dealers, working with Israel and the Bush family (not 41, we have found that there were several assassination attempts made, perhaps from ‘inside his own loving family’ tied to his inability to keep the kids in line) and assisted by Victor Bout, now sequestered in an American prison.

            When Israeli teams, then living in safe houses in New Jersey and under surveillance by FBI agent Mike Dick’s teams moved the nuclear weapons into the World Trade Center parking lots in white moving vans as reported the DOE report, it was not known that the parking places chosen had a strategic purpose.

            The DOE teams were, at that time, unaware that the huge freon tanks that cooled the towers, technology no longer in use, were located under the parking places chosen for the devices, described in the report as “two stage nuclear thermobaric weapons.” In subsequent revisions, after the nuclear design teams at Los Alamos National Laboratories read the Khalezov report, the energy weapon effect noted by many including Dr. Judy Wood could finally be explained.

            In a report edited by members of the original Department of Energy 9/11 investigative team, the 26,000 gallon freon tanks provided a massive deuterium boost that traveled up the elevator shafts, destroying the structural integrity of the twin towers. – Veterans Today August 28, 2014 – http://www.veteranstoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/jz5.jpg

    • Nate

      55% of Americans are Stupid. That’s the only thing that this article told me. Probably the same 55% that got Obama re-elected.

    • disqus_PytT5zAQhV

      According to pastor paul begley netanyahu accepted jesus christ as his savior but is not open about it. That woud make him a messianic jew like stephen ben denoon

      • And a War Criminal who has slaughtered thousands of innocent indigenous Semitic Women and Children.

    • Bob Hova

      “… When informed of the incident, most Americans (54.9 percent) indicate ..” Why is it that this news did not make the headlines for several weeks in a row till all Americans hear about it? If it was any other country, particularly a moslem country doing this, it would be in the headlines for a long long time.

    • disqus_PytT5zAQhV

      As a jewish american, I will probably vote GOP for what the US is doing to Israel and Netanyahu.

      • Daniel

        Rand Paul 2016.

        • disqus_PytT5zAQhV

          I would never vote for rand paul . He is a nazi and hates jews- ted cruz is ok as is bobby jindal, nicki haley, and dr ben carson. We need a christian in office . Ben carson is my top pick.

          • Daniel

            Rand Paul is a Presbyterian; (Prev. Episcopalian)


            • Rand Paul will be cheated out of the nomination by the Bush Family Crime Syndicate.

          • Any Christian with two brain cells to spark together would want to be rid of the 666 Starred Beast of the international Judeo-Communist movement that has slaughtered Tens of Millions of innocent Christians and Muslims through out the 20th Century and continues today.

      • disqus_PytT5zAQhV

        I would vote for any republican but rand paul and his neo nazi bunch- as long as they support israel and are born again christian

      • You Bolshevik Jews have murdered Tens of Millions of Christians.

    • alan

      Yahoo posts article after article critical of Israel and Jews—I am sick of it. Yahoo should be investigated and Marissa Meyer should be hung in effigy.

      • All the Bolshevik Commie Zionist Dual-citizen Jews who have infiltrated the US Intelligence Community should be promptly investigated for espionage, treason and sabotage against national defense systems.

    • Joe Rahme

      It is disgusting to hear the anti Semitic description of the entire world, when the Zionist rats get busted for major international crimes they commit, and when they cry bringing the holocaust to the picture pleading everyone wants them killed, they are the biggest and most organized terrorists on the planet, they’re the ones that want everyone dead for simply being the chosen people, they forget they’re the chosen people to terrorize the world, if you haven’t dealt with them in or around Israel in a conflict near you, then you cannot judge them listening to our propaganda and most biased media,

      • LanceLegend10

        Hi, folks and readers. Don’t be fooled by the foolish and madcap rhetoric of this loose nut, Joe, who just pulls claims out of thin air (he’d make a terrible insurance adjustor), shows himself to be untrustworthy, and merely puts words into his mouth. Don’t buy it. Joe has failed to read the paper every day, or maybe even once, to see what most of you out there have already seen–the spread of radical Islam, their desire to tyrannize other nations, particularly democracies like ours, their intolerance of other religions, and their words and beliefs turned into massacres, atrocities, and violence against Western and democratic powers and peaceful people of many faiths–Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, the whole lot. Joe is probably a psychopath himself–either that or he is a very ignorant and angry man, someone you wouldn’t want to trust, and someone who’d probably shoot you in the back if he didn’t like you.

        • We American should let you Israeli Khazar suprematist terrorist scum all die at the hands of Hezbollah for what you did to us on 9-11-2001. Hurry up and nuke your selves will you?

        • Joe Rahme

          Lance, Lance, Lance,,,, What is a fool like yourself trying to steer readers to believe the unbelievable, where do you come from to convince great people to believe your lies, oh you read the paper everyday? you should tell the readers which paper i failed to read everyday, Hebrew is not my language to read or to even attempt to learn, with what i read in your reply, i am totally convinced that you come from the lowest class in the world and papers you read are garbage just like their readers, speaking of radical Islam and its mission to kill people and spread violence like Zionists do, you all make me sick, ASSOCIATING ME WITH AND ACCUSING ME OF BEING A RADICAL MUSLIM OR JUST A MUSLIM WITHOUT HAVING A CLUE, IT MAKES YOU THE ELITE LIAR AND BY FAR DUMBER THEN DUMB AND DUMBER OR THE DUMBEST, I AM ONE OF THE PROUDEST CHRISTIANS THAT EVER LIVED, FROM A COUNTRY THAT FOR EVER LIVES WHERE SO MUCH HAD HAPPENED AND MEMORIES NEVER DIE, A FIGHTER AGAINST ISLAMIST AND ZIONIST DURING WHICH TIME I HAD TO DO WHAT I’D DONE BEFORE THEY DID IT TO ME, I HAVE ALWAYS FELT THERE IS NOTHING MORE HONORING AND DIGNIFYING THAN FIGHTING FOR MY FAMILY AND THE COUNTRY I STILL CALL HOME “LEBANON”,

        • whiteaglesoaring

          in Ft. Lee NJ, FBI agent Mike Dick’s team had the Israelis saboteurs
          under surveillance. Mohammed Atta’s team was staying four blocks away and was
          observed visiting occasionally. They had recorded the delivery of nukes from
          the Israeli embassy in NYC. On 9-11 they watched the loading of white vans of
          Urban Moving Systems, owned by Israeli, Dominic Suter. When the trucks
          departed, Dick’s team followed them. They watched the unloading and rigging of
          the bombs at the base of the anchors for the suspension cables of the George
          Washington Bridge. The Israelis were arrested and the bombs were neutralized.
          Other vans were halted at the entrances to the Lincoln and Holland tunnels.
          Three were followed to a parking lot by the World Trade Center, according to
          the DoE report. The trucks were abandoned, but it was not known that the
          positions of each of the trucks had a strategic purpose.

          At that time, the DoE teams were unaware that the huge Freon tanks that cooled
          the towers (a technology no longer in use) were located under the parking
          places chosen for the devices. These devices were described in the report as “two
          stage nuclear thermobaric weapons.” In subsequent revisions, after the nuclear
          design teams at Los Alamos National Laboratories read the Khalezov report, the
          energy weapon effect noted by many including Dr.Judy Wood could finally be

          In a report edited by members of the original Department of Energy 9/11
          investigative team, the 26,000 gallon Freon tanks provided a massive deuterium
          boost that traveled up the elevator shafts, destroying the structural integrity
          of the twin towers. This unexpected application had been tested at the Idaho
          National Laboratory 1966-69 under contract to Skillings and Associates of

    • Kagey1

      The Pdf link here shows documents that are mostly deleted pages and one or 2 pages supposedly from an intelligence agency. But the document misspells the name of former Israeli Prime Minister Sharon. Would an intelligence agency really make that mistake in a report? Makes you wonder about the authenticity of the supposed report and the reliablity of the rest of the aritcle.

    • AWT

      You can tell the Democrats control the media when you read stories lke this. Israel knows more about Nukes than the US. They are more powerful and much, much smarter.

    • Pingback: 55 percent of Americans believe Netanyahu should be investigated by the FBI before upcoming U.S. visit.()

    • Ruth Welt

      Where did they poll? CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, local US mosques?

    • Jiorjio


      • What a bunch of Bull. I Love Mint Press news. It is nice to get to hear the news free of your International Judeo-communist Bolshevik propaganda. Mint press news I am so into you.

        Tamia “I am so into you”.


      • whiteaglesoaring

        Any documentation to support that?

    • 1956cyndi

      Next anti semites will write about Pollard (who took security info for Israel that was LEGALLY to be given to our ally but some favored the other nations and classified it) and Liberty (proven ‘friendly fire’ to all but those blindly blaming, in spite of full restitution paid) because it is all they have. Somehow they conveniently ignore all the terrorism of the nations surrounding Israel, which is often responded to with dancing in the streets, and how the pals refuse every negotiation and truce as ever increasing their demands and offering nothing. There are 50 muslim nations that refuse the pals entry, to keep them refugee pawns, just as the pal leaders get rich while having the minions shooting with women and children essentially shields.

      • You Khazar suprematists slaughter the innocent Palestinian Babies with out mercy.

        Stop calling them shields when you slaughter them with out mercy you disgusting war pig.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Israelis in NJ were observed celebrating, high-fiving, cavorting about the parking lot across the river as they watched the WTC towers collapse.

    • 1956cyndi

      The British mandate was at record breaking low p[opulation when the Balfour promise in 1919 offered the 2 state solution- all arabs go to Jordan and the other part would be Israel. Not that they offered the latter till 1948, which is when this people group became united as palestineans under Arafat. Those remaining were refused entry in arab lands, but were offered parts of already hated Israel IF they would just agree/teach Israel has a right to exist. They still refuse, and in ’67 all was won by Israel in a war vs all the surrounding nations (and Israel returned the peninsula and all not needed for security). Why do the terrorists continue to try to kill them? Why do they want us dead just as much? Reality is they give us intel and both medical and weaponry technology, while the extremists muslims just give a little oil and global terrorism- yet many STILL blame the jews

      • whiteaglesoaring

        The British had no authority to direct people to move or even accept another people to be their governance. The UN debated the same issue but they had already established the right of a people to self-determination, not an authoritarian directive. Nevertheless the Balfour Declaration clearly states ” it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.” It’s likely that “even if the Balfour
        declaration had not contained that wording, the League of Nations Mandate would had added some clause to protect the rights of existing minorities because the purpose of mandates under the League Charter was, after all, to prepare existing inhabitants for self determination” – http://zionism-israel.com/Balfour_Declaration_1917.htm

    • David natinyahu

      Number of suicides in Israeli army doubles

      Israel is in contempt of international law and USA display blatant hypocrisy for backing them. Israel are unlawfully occupying Palestinian and Syrian land and these invasions of other countries air space should be condemned by all civilised people. USA government are guilty of backing anarchy all over the World and threatening stability and causing unnecessary tensions. Israel should allow itself to be absorbed back into Palestine and work side by side with Palestinians as they did pre 1948. Give Peace a Chance.


      • Daniel

        Both the US and Israel should fully acknowledge that post traumatic stress is a real problem and service people and veterans need our support, both Physically and mentally.

        • If you are an American or Israeli Soldier you can be free of terror and walk in the light of freedom.

          You must acknowledge that you have been programmed by a satanic death cult. when you have made this important first step you are ready for self deprogramming. Find a mirror when you are alone and repeat these three lines over and over until you feel the warm feeling in your chest.

          I have nothing to be afraid of

          I have no reason to hate others

          I should never hurt others

          Do not live your live in terror, throw down your chains of fear and hatred. Renounce Al Dajal and his false God of Atomic Fire, know that you are Gods Child and walk this Earth in the light of freedom.

    • Fred

      Israelis always ships American technologies specially American military equipments to Israel without either paying for these high tech-equipments or getting permission from US government to ship them into Israel. Israelis are thinking they are above the law, and they own this country because they have AIPAC who is lobbying in behalf of Israelis in US Congress, and Senate.
      US tax payers are paying more than 20 Billions dollars per year in form of cash and military equipments to Israel, and countries such as Jordan, Turkey, and Egypt who signed peace treaty with Israel, why American tax payers should pay to other countries for having peace with Israel, some of these countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait are corrupt governments, these are the same countries created Al-Quada, and ISIS. Why US tax payers should pay for Israelis’ Illegal settlement in illegally occupied lands, why US tax payers should pay for homes of Jewish immigrating who are coming to Israel to get their free of charge homes paid in full by American tax payers, why American tax payer should pay for military equipments used by Israelis against Palestinian people killing 400 children some just few months old, killing over 1400 unarmed women and men within UN shelters, destroying over 100,000 palestinian home just in recent 52 days Israelis war against Palestinian, HOW ABOUT THIS:

      • 1956cyndi

        Why are we paying money to those wanting to kill us (as well as Israel)? IF the pals quit shooting over and over at Israel, or did not do it from hospitals…, or even if they let the people around them escape when Israel WARNS it will retaliate (couldn’t they have used the aid to build bomb shelters instead of tunnels to kill jewish school children) there would BE no numbers of pals dead.

        • Why do you IDF use white phosphorous on innocent children? Is it to cause terror?

    • David natinyahu

      //// You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel

      {{.” Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache 2009 }}

    • jason

      MintPress should be investigated for writing and posting Anti-Semitic propaganda.

      • Khazars are not Semitic.

        You racist dual Citizen Bolshevik Commie Zionist Jews who have infiltrated the US Military Intelligence community should all be be investigated for treason sabotage of national defense systems and espionage.

    • Kevin Bjornson

      Anti-war.com is the source for this article, and is headed by a
      self-described “anarcho-capitalist” and former male prostitute, Justin Raimondo.

      The survey was done by “Institute for research middle east policy” an obsessively anti-Jewish anti-Zionist group that is alliled with 9/11 “troofers”, holocaust deniers, and assorted kooks.

      I went to their website, and they admit the data have been “weighted”. They do not provide the raw data or the wording of the questions for their “push-poll”.

      The nuclear material that Israel is purported to have stolen, was allegedly done in the 50s and 60s, far before the time Bibi worked there as an adult.

      I’m surprised that Yahoo news published this–can’t they afford fact-checkers?

      • Why are you Zionist Jews so terrified of the truth?


        • Kevin Bjornson

          How can I be a “Jew”, don’t you believe (with other neo-nazis) that the Zionists are descended from Kazaks and the Anglo-Saxons are the real Jews?

          • The Twelve Tribes of Israel from the Bible became the Pashtuns and Shi-ites.

            I am not a Nazi, I am a Libertarian. You are an anti-Semitic NATO Zionist NAZI.

            • Kevin Bjornson

              That’s similar to the Kazak theory. Unfortunately for your theory,
              DNA analysis disproves.

              You claim the mantle “libertarian” but seem to define that as anything anti-Jewish or anti-Zionist. Yet Israel has more personal and economic freedom than any Sharia-run country.

              • Your DNA analysis is a complete falsehood. The Khazars were sold the Aaronic Priesthood by the Shephardic back in Eastern Europe Centuries ago and the J1 Blood you claim to be Benjamin is really Khazar. There are DNA tests done that prove the Haqqani Tribe in Pakistan are the Tribe of Ruben and the Tribe of Yousafzai are the Tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim from Joseph of the coat of many colors. It depends on what university study you use.

                The Bible says that the Sumarians took the Ten Tribes out side the walls of Jerusalem to the Caspian Sea and they never came back. They mixed in with the Eastern races and became Muslim.

                Zionism and Libertarianism are completely opposite political ideologies that will never be compatible and the Zionist and Libertarian have always been natural enemies.

                Libertarianism is the belief that man is basically good and there for is worthy of and deserves to live free of the coersive force of the State against individuals.

                Zionism is the belief that man is basically evil and must be controlled by the absolute brute force of totalitarianism to enforce the will of the Elites upon the individual.

                Here is the play book of the Khazar Bolshevik Jew Zionist which he has successfully used to defeat and keep the Libertarian down for over a hundred and twenty years now.

                The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.


                • Kevin Bjornson

                  Libertarianism is a political philosophy which defines when force may be used in accord with justice (i.e. in retaliation or defense). It says nothing about whether human nature is good or evil.

                  If humans could not commit injustice, there would be no need to organize force in defense of life, liberty, and property. Yet history has shown that men can be evil and good men must organize force into governments to protect human rights against evil men. History provides no examples of a utopia, where there was no injustice.

                  The Protocols were a fabrication of the former czar’s secret police, and was a staple of Nazi propaganda.

                  If Israeli Jews are not descended from ancient Jews, when did their ancestors convert?

                  Libertarianism doesn’t want theocracy, but ISrael is the most secular government in the middle east. Also the highest liberty both personal and economic of any regime in the middle east.

                  • whiteaglesoaring

                    Approximately the 8th century BCE

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Smuggling ring operations leader Richard Kelly Smyth alleged that
        Netanyahu worked at one of the fronts — Heli Trading owned by confessed
        spy and Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan — and met with him frequently
        to execute smuggling operations. Smyth was convicted in 1985

    • Marcus Mattau

      “Only 25.8 percent of Americans polled believe Netanyahu should be allowed to freely visit the U.S. while 15.9 percent ‘of those ‘who claim they are not Jews but love Israel and love Natanyahu because he is a man of God and a Saint’ said he should neither be investigated nor allowed to enter the U.S.”

    • Hew Matts

      Israel does as Israel wants.
      I am resigned to it.
      AIPAC runs the United States.

    • La6Red9Nec

      The Crime Minister of Isreal should also be in court for his war crimes not receiving applause from his fifth column agents of AIPAC in the U.S. Congress.
      Time to wipe AIPAC out of American political map.

    • 26Thirdeye

      israel is currently the world’s biggest terrorist threat

      These are terrorists in possession of nuclear submarines and weapons. They’ve been slaughtering Palestinians daily.

      • david berenholtz

        really – daily??? Like everyday?? really ?? why would you make such a ridiculous and clearly in accurate statement.. How do you expect anyone to take anything else you write seriously?

        Thanks for demonstrating you are not credible

        • whiteaglesoaring

          You’d be happier if he had said, “nearly every day”? Here’s a graphic that provides some insight” http://visualizingpalestine.org/system/visual/en/VP-Timeline-of-Violence-EN-REV01-20140716.jpg?2015

          • david berenholtz

            (a) I have no idea what the basis for the data behind this graphic is – can you please tell me? (b) I am unfamiliar with the organization that put it together – are they neutral in the dispute?

            • whiteaglesoaring

              B’tselem was the source of the casualty data…you could have found that be simply clicking on the image. Are you unfamiliar with B’tselem? An Israeli non-governmental organization founded on February 3, 1989 by a group of prominent Israeli lawyers, academics, journalists, and members of the Knesset

    • Sandy

      What majority of Americans is this? What a biased piece of trash!l why is yahoo showing this now? Islamic AFP tabloid news is not low-level enough?

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Embarrassing, isn’t it, Sandy. Your leader was involved in smuggling nuclear devices out of the United States…but then he’s also looking more and more like a war criminal…he has quite a track record. But then even Golda Meir sat on the Ben Gurion cabinet when the decision was made to irradiate 100,000 Sephardic children to test the effectiveness of X-rays on ringworm…35,000 times the dose considered maximum…killed many, deformed others, left some injured for life…

    • sidjames

      Iran is the treat to world peace, Israel is just a peace loving democracy. Anyone who says otherwise is ant-semitic. End of story!

      • 26Thirdeye


      • whiteaglesoaring

        Iran has not been an aggressor for 200 years. Israel is constantly over-flying the air space of Lebanon or Syria or attacking. The claim that Osirak Reactor in Iraq was being used to make nuclear WMD was debunked when the “Coalition of the Willing” conquered Iraq…technicians examined Osirak and found it to have never been capable of producing nuclear weapons. Israel has loosed the Stuxnet in Iran, murdered Iranian scientists, constantly violated the peace of a neighbor. Netanyahu claimed in 1992 that Iran would have “the bomb” in 3-5 years…Never happned.

        • sidjames

          Okay, I will grant you Iran has been a little longer in building a bomb the Bibi said back in 92, still, they are getting close now i’m sure. Plus those tricky bast*rds probably were behind the tainted humus that got all those people sick in Haifa back in 2010. trust me, you can’t trust em!

          • whiteaglesoaring

            “…trust me, you can’t trust em!” — lol Israel produces their own humus, even to the point of taking over the humus market.

            Bibi claims in 1992 that Iran will have the bomb in 3-5 years…didn’t happen.1992: Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres predicts an Iranian nuclear warhead by 1999 to French TV… didn’t happen … In 2012 he claimed that Iran will have nuclear bomb material in 6 months … didn’t happen. Netanyahu Worked Inside Nuclear Smuggling Ring — trust him? Trust you? I don’t think so

    • Sandy


    • chris chinalsky

      This is BIBI teaching a kindergarten class what a round thing with a fuse might be “BOOM”.

    • Valera Sceptical

      Here’s die-heart Israeli-firsters whining about – what else – “antisemitism”. Israel and its crazy leader are not friends of US. He is a con artist using US for his racist criminal plans. Belong in prison

    • julius rosen

      Why do you hate us so much ?
      WIKI :
      With just over 6 million Jews, Israel is the only Jewish majority and explicitly Jewish state. Jewish population figures for the United States are contested, ranging between 5.4 and 6.8 million.[3] (The core global total of Jews jumps above 15 million if the highest American estimates are assumed).

      We are 0.02 percent of total world

      Moslems = 1.6 BILLION

      Christianity has approximately 2.2 billion adherents, out of about 7.2 billion people.[1][2][3][4] The faith represents one-third of the world’s population and is the largest religion in the world, with the three largest groups of Christians being the Catholic Church, Protestantism, and the Eastern Orthodox Church.[5]

      then hindu / buddist etc .

      • whiteaglesoaring

        The size of your population has nothing to do with taking someone else’s land free and expelling them from their own land. Being a minority does not give you special rights or dispensations. Theodore Herzl would be ashamed at what was done in the name of his dream of Zion.

      • Robert Gillies

        When I was a kid back in the fifities my parents took me to a Methodist summer camp where we heard various evangelists preach. One thing that evangelical Christians believed was a scenario about Israel. They believed that the formation of the modern state of Israel was a fulfilment of bible prophesy. They believed that in the end times all the nations of the world would turn against Israel. There is supposed to be a great battle in which Israel is losing. At the last moment Jesus is suppose to come riding out of the sky on a white horse and destroy all of Israel’s enemies. After that the Jews will accept Christ as the Messiah. This they call the second coming. In the USA this belief is pretty widespread among fundamentalist Christians which is the reason I think that present day conservatives are pro-Israel. A hundred years ago the USA was a very religious and very Protestant country. It is less so today but still conservative Christians have a strong influence. And obviously conservative Christians are not going to like Islam. While I don’t believe in the supernatural I still don’t like Islam mainly because of the horrible way they treat women and for their violence.

    • antijews

      its seem like everytime someone creticizing a jew. The first thing comes to their mind is antisematic. what a pathetic people.

      • david berenholtz

        with a name like anti jews – uh maybe its fair for readers to assume you are anti Semitic? But maybe your too stupid and pathetic yourself to realize that…

        • whiteaglesoaring

          With a name like Berenholtz you must be Ashkenazim, who are not at all Semitic, whereas the Palestinians and many Muslims ARE. You are the anti-Semite attempting to steal the covenant lands of the people who stayed when the leaders were taken captive, who stayed when others migrated to other lands. Genome studies show that your origins are not from the “holy land” of Palestine. You are NOT the Chosen, just an arrogant, ignorant, narcissist looking to bolster your self-esteem with invective and bullying. Methinks thou dost project too much.

          • FaramarzFathi

            david berenholtz:
            For a guy who incessantly spews nonsensical this humiliation and trashing by White was well deserved and hopefully will shut you up if not permanently at least temporarily.
            Faramarz Fathi

            • whiteaglesoaring

              The Good News is that behind the scenes, the Zionist State of Israel has realized that it must shift to Plan B since Plan A is falling apart. Wayne Madsen has reported that a Times of Israel investigation into the genetic research shows that the Ashkenazim that have invaded and conquered Palestine to create a state they called “Israel” do NOT have strong genetic claims on the land. Nearly a million Israeli Jews are living illegally on someone else’s land and the world knows that. The report presented to Netanyahu recommends that a “Second Israel” be “arranged” in the former empire of the Ashkenazim, Khazaria. Much of ancient Khazaria was between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea north to the Baltic Sea with….Kiev approximately in the middle.

    • John Griswold

      who are these bleeping idiots and why does yahoo give them a forum?

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Criticism of war crimes and crimes against humanity, espionage and sabotage getting you down…have another hamantaschen.

    • julius rosen

      If any of you really love the Moslems so much I’ll pay your airline ticket for you to move there.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Perhaps you should migrate back to Khazaria where you came from, julius. The Jews and Nazis are ethnic cleansing the eastern Ukraine so you have a place to go…Israel 2.0

    • julius rosen

      To all the idiots below . If Netanyanu is so despised – Why is he elected ? WHy do you have to hate ISrael – its a country of less population than NY . Compare it to the grief that the BILLION Moslems have caused the USA and world … Then compare the fact that JEWS have helped the world with over 208 Nobel prizes versus 10 -12 of the Moslem world.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        After seeing Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama both win the Nobel Peace Prize, it’s hard to give much credence to such prizes. Even Einsteins plagiarized the formulas that lead to the general theory of relativity.

        If you look at your festival of Purim, you will notice that even the children are happily eating Hamantaschen, Haman’s ears, in celebration of Esther’s manipulation and intrigue. That Netanyahu was involved in smuggling nuclear devices out of the USA, it’s hard to hold a lot of respect for the man. He’s a thief among thieves. What’s to like?

    • A2Zin1

      Most people in Israel don’t want him; his wife is accused of stealing soda bottle recycling money from the public; ICC is investigating Israel war crimes on his watch; steadfastedly building on land set aside by the UN under the peace treaty; all he wants is to go to war w/ Iran (no nuclear weapons there yet, weapons of mass distruction anyone?), while 800 nuclear weapon triggers are smuggled from the US to Israel. And, people get on these blogs accusing the writers/editirs of being anti-sematic. What is wrong with you people? The guy is the 2nd coming of Hitler himself. Can you be a jew and objective and just at the same time?

      • Robert Gillies

        Israel is a tiny country with a few million people. However there are over one billion Muslims in the world and ever since 9/11 they have been causing problems all over the world. Honour killings, beheadings, throwing acid in the faces of women and schoolgirls, suicide bombers, you name it. So now which is the bigger threat? Islamic ideology or the Jews?

        • whiteaglesoaring

          Mossad’s motto, By deception do war. A lot of deception, a lot of propaganda. Contracting with Ab’ul Abbas to hijack the Achille Lauro, execute Leon Klinghoffer in his wheel chair and push it overboard, Mossad made it look as though the Palestinians had perpetrated the atrocity. Kidnap a Palestinian, remove marketable organs and sew the rest together, put it in a duffel bag with explosive and make it seem as though a Palestinian blew himself up. The Israelis trying to bomb the George Washington Bridge and the tunnels on 9-11 were caught, interrogated, admitted they were Israeli, flown back to Israel, on Israeli TV explained that they had been sent to DOCUMENT THE EVENT. An al Qaeda cell in India and another in West Bank were Israelis pretending to be Arabs.

          • david berenholtz

            By reading what you’ve written above and in earlier responses it seems like you have a lot of time on your hands… Something tells me that you are a pathetic loser with nothing to do but read and write silliness. I hope you actually make something of yourself

            • whiteaglesoaring

              Nearly a PhD, professional career, comfortably retired, and a lot of time on my hands to gather the research, investigate, tie the loose ends, and root out lies and deception. Do you have any information on Ab’ul Abbas, Abu Nidal, or have you followed the work of Victor Ostrovsky or Ari ben Menashe or Roi Tov? Do you have friends who have contacts in the military, government, or intelligence to source the hidden stories? It’s clear from what you have written here that you have been coddled and pampered with easy answers and coded lies to spout junk and eat hamantaschen at Purim. Talk about silly!

    • julius rosen

      What a BS article – pure anti semitic trash . masquerading as a news article . You could do a 1,000 polls about Hamas to – but they don’t.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        The Semite is the Palestinians and the anti-Semite is you, julius.

    • Robert Gillies

      The next thing Yahoo News is going to say is that it was the Jews who destroyed the Twin Towers on 9/11 rather than the peaceful Muslims.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        You’re right! Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Dean of Studies at the American War College has made it quite clear: “ISRAEL DID 9-11” The DoJ Assistant Secretary for Criminal Investigation in the Northeast Region was Michael Chertoff whose mother is a known Mossad agent. He’s the one who decided to send the Dancing Israelis back to Israel with no further investigation. They were seen celebrating the demolition of the World Trade Center, caught, admitted they were Israeli, back in Israel told the viewing audience they had been sent to DOCUMENT THE EVENT. The judges for the NYC terrorism were Michael Mukasey and Alvin Hellerstein who go to the same synagogue. The search and rescue was done by Bovis Leasing, run by a Zionist friend of Israeli leadership. Larry Silverstein, the leaseholder on the WTC, is a personal friend of Binyamin Netanyahu, talks to him on the phone at least once a week. He and Frank Lovy parlayed a $125,000 down payment on the WTC into a $7 billion windfall after less than two months ownership…his case was settled in the court of Judge Hellerstein. …. and much more, but you get the picture, don’t you?

        • Robert Gillies

          If it makes you feel better believe what you wish but you are definitely on the fringe.

          • whiteaglesoaring

            It’s at the fringe where the truth begins to show through the veil of illusion. Since one of the “Arab hijackers” had already died years before 9-11, we know he didn’t do it. Another had reported his passport missing in 1996, we know someone stole HIS passport, Several others woke up on 9-12 to see their faces and names vilified to the world as murderers and they complained to their respective embassies. Director of FBI, Mueller admitted in April 2002 that ID theft was a possible explanation for the anomalies…so we know who the real terrorists wanted us to blame. And WHO is it always blaming Muslims for everything?

    • 26Thirdeye

      Ya I can definitely co-sign on this. Netanyahu is a war criminal.

    • david berenholtz

      Be careful of these polls and what you read.. As a statistician I am often curious (and suspicious) about how these polls are conducted because they often introduce bias (often intentionally). Was the sample random?

      It would be interesting to know how they got their respondents, Did they drive participants to the poll from biased websites? Without this information the poll is really worthless and could just be a ploy to drum up one sided propaganda.

      Most articles that present legitimate poll data would by default include that information.

      Based on my experience this smells like a BS poll.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Perhaps you should actually do a bit of checking at the links provided before making up criticism from your own Talmudic bias.

        • david berenholtz

          I DID and didnt see anything that addressed the sample – So since you are so brilliant (and probably already biased) maybe you can tell me where on the poll information site they say anything about how they got their sample and ensure that the sample was random and unbiased???

      • 26Thirdeye

        I suppose, the same could be said about positive polls concerning israel.

        I stick to real life and real people. These forums tell a tale with people not holding back.

    • KKK

      Woooow….. Now the Great Nation in the World allow the Smuggler and Criminals to give a Speech in the Congress, what Next???? Bernie Madoff giving Lecture in Federal Reserve????? then AIPAC run the US BUDGET, Result… American POOR AND THE israel RICH, What a Country
      Next there is New Constitution in the US ” Thou Shall Not Speak Against israel… IT IS ANTI SEMITIC”

      • david berenholtz

        KKK -> with that name -> enough said. If you want anyone to take you seriously you might want to consider changing that name

    • john smith

      Cornville has it 100% right!

    • Manni

      No Americans want Netanyahu investigated. This is another lie of Zipi Livni who would go to any length even to prostitute herself to damage the name of Netanyahu. What a scum this woman is!

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Some Americans ARE starting to think and that’s one of the reasons that Times of Israel commissioned a report on the viability of remaining in control of Palestine. The whole world is once again moving against the scheming and manipulation of the tribe of self-Chosen. Soon the world will finally discover the connection of Magna BSP to the disaster created at Fukushima and about the same time new research has uncovered the use of micronukes in the WTC on 9-11. Crimes of deception are getting sorted out, finally, and the names named.

        • Manni

          The world has turned insane. There are a few millions of Palestinian refugee, living under the contrrol of the Palestinian Authorities (PA) for 66 years, under sub-standard conditions, living on the handout of th UN, no Arab country would admit them to their countries, brain washed with hatred, have no future to recon with and the F….World spend untold sums of money pressuring Israel to give them a larger piece of land. This is a cruel and crazy World. They keep sending the Palestinian Authority Billions of Dollars out of which nothing goes to help the Palestinians themselves. What cruelty using people like robots. I want to talk to Allah how could He allow such a thing. The World has turn to be evil. They call the good bad and they help evil people. This is an insane world!

      • Daniel

        Obama the Islamic terrorist does. His brother Malik Abongo Obama was photographed with a Hamas scarf. Is that the former President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with him?

        On 11 December 2006, at the International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust, a gathering of Holocaust deniers in Tehran, Ahmadinejad said: “Thanks to people’s wishes and God’s will the trend for the existence of the Zionist regime is [headed] downwards and this is what God has promised and what all nations want. The Zionist regime will be wiped out soon the same way the Soviet Union was, and humanity will achieve freedom.” (Haaretz, 12 December 2006. Retrieved 13 December 2006 and 20 December 2009.)

        • Daniel

          The scarf says, “Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING,” is the first saying. “From the river to the sea,” is the other statement.


      Israel should have all the Nukes it can Have..surrounded by muslim demon allah worshippers.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        If Israel would only use their nukes for defense, that would be a lot different than using their nukes all around the world from Bali, Fukushima, to New York City and London to Syria.

        • david berenholtz

          OMG – you are really insane. I hope you are getting help…

          • whiteaglesoaring

            Analysis of the WTC dust shows from the radionuclide composition and decomposition that tactical nukes were used in the demolition of the WTC.

            When Israeli teams, then living in safe houses in New Jersey and under surveillance by FBI agent Mike Dick’s teams moved the nuclear weapons into the World Trade Center parking lots in white moving vans as reported the DOE report, it was not known that the parking places chosen had a strategic purpose.

            The DoE teams were, at that time, unaware that the huge Freon tanks that cooled the towers, technology no longer in use, were located under the parking places chosen for the devices, described in the report as “two stage nuclear thermobaric weapons.” In subsequent revisions, after the nuclear design teams at Los Alamos National Laboratories read the Khalezov report, the energy weapon effect noted by many including Dr. Judy Wood could finally be explained.

            In a report edited by members of the original Department of Energy 9/11 investigative team, the 26,000 gallon Freon tanks provided a massive deuterium boost that traveled up the elevator shafts, destroying the structural integrity of the twin towers

        • Daniel

          Israel neither confirms or denies having nuclear weapons.

    • Daniel

      60% of Jordanians identify themselves as “Palestinian” but the Hashemite regime wants to destroy Israel and make it part of Jordan, so they deny being Palestinian to fight Zionism. The land that was NOT identified as Palestine for hundreds of years, during the Ottoman Empire it was called Syria. Only for the brief periods of Roman, Crusader, and British rule was it called Palestine. The Muslims never called it Palestine. There is not even a “P” sound in Arabic, many Muslims pronounce Palestine with an “F”.

      There is no such place as Palestine anymore. Between 1917 to 1920 Jordan was part of Palestine. In 1920 the San Remo Resolution promised Jordan to the Jewish people. Jordan was occupied Jewish land until the Jordan-Israel peace treaty.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Part of the UN Declaration of Human Rights is the right of a people to self-determine their governance. They can call themselves whatever they wish. Before 1947 there was no State of Israel and stealing the name from an ancient mythic kingdom doesn’t provide any legal rights to Ashkenazim or Sephardim.

      • Guest

        Photographed in 2010 at a public event in Yemen wearing a ‘keffiyeh’ – a special scarf – bearing two anti-Israel slogans of the terror group Hamas, it emerged today.

        ‘Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING,’ reads one saying. ‘From the river to the sea,’ says the other statement.

        Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2548243/Obamas-half-brother-photographed-wearing-Hamas-scarf-boasts-Jerusalem-WE-ARE-COMING.html#ixzz3QSUISmPq
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • Zewdie Teruneh

      All is lie.They are famous for liars,Actually they are habitual liars.

    • Zewdie Teruneh

      That is Obama , Kerry and other liberal sabotaged Us Government to destruct the election in Israel.Because the prime minister was invited by the speaker. .That is revenge. The White House and Obama administration determine to destroy The Prime minister to lose the election .Obama and his administration openly opposing Him. . That is low down trashy behavior.God and History will Judge. What ever God has for BB no body will stop it.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        And whoever God sends to chastise unrepentant poseurs like Bibi will succeed. No false Israeli can stop it.

    • ska_tango

      Author Ditz is a plain m0r0n with agenda.

    • Nathnaiel

      Jaso Ditz for Antiwar.com ha ha ha He works for the Muslim Brotherhood and wants Netanyahou investigated ha ha

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Netanyahu has already been investigated, found to be a Soviet agent, his meetings and words recorded. With the collapse of the Soviet Union he became the front man for the Khazarian Mafia.

    • Rose

      This was expected to comes out before March 17 election. This is why Netanyahu will loose.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Bibi “won” the election, but he and Israel will lose because now he has revealed his true nature and its all down hill from here.

        • Rose

          This was very interesting election.

    • Beer Baron

      Many of you guys posting comments are a bunch of raving lunatics. I mean this in a complimentary sense. Often online, I have to coax the Jew-hatred out of people, who often pretend not to be anti-semitic. That’s definitely not the case here.

    • FredGarvinMP

      BS “ARTICLE” !

    • Beer Baron

      I agree Cornville. I’m astounded. God bless the internet. If it’s sounds insane, the anti-semites will surely love it!

    • kurt

      1507 x .55 = apx 829 How in the world can we state that 829 people represent “…Most Americans…”. Figures lie, and liars surely figure!

    • Ian Brittan

      Sorry, but the thought of a Jewish Terrorist with a nuke really hasn’t been keeping me up at night. EVER!!!!

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Fukushima Magna BSP….search terms. Israel did 9-11… search terms. W54 plutonium pits….search Bali, Nuclear proliferation Israel South Africa …. search.

    • John Holmquist


      • whiteaglesoaring

        Are you always this uptight? Do you think in all caps, too? Do you shout like this so you won’t see any facts that would make you uncomfortable? Y’know, some folks just whistle when they are afraid.


      Yahoo and their minions that supply the lies are not as good but trying to emulate Joseph Goebbels and for the same reasons, to support a dictator over the new Churchill.

      Spread the lies, repeat them over and over and 55% of the hand picked fools that have no clue will support your positions. This is a new low for Yahoo and its suppliers of lies.

    • neilwani

      I think Obama thinks that picture of that bomb is top secret. His administration also thinks that round bomb with the fuse is top secret and highly sensitive specs.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Are you saying that Obama thinks like Netanyahu?

        • neilwani

          No Netanyahu did made a silly picture and he knows it. I am saying Obama does not know a nuclear weapon from a firecracker. Obama and Kerry are going to make a mess with nuclear weapons being developed all over the Middle East.

    • dogboyzdad

      Thou shalt not criticizes Israel. Thou shalt be blind to the Israeli war machine and the Apartheid conditions imposed on the Palestinians who should just goeth away and allow ‘Gods Chosen People’ to stealeth the rest of their land. Amen

    • ronthewise

      Jason Ditz, the author of this garbage should be investigated for treason against our best ally and a sympathizer for the Muslim terrorists. Jason Ditz should be investigated by the FBI for abating the enemy of the U.S and Israel. If found guilty he should be sent to Guantanamo to rot!

    • Jon Gans

      Netanyahu has more courage in his pinkie than Obama will ever have, and Netanyahu is also 100 times smarter than Barry sotero, the loozer and scum

    • medo al

      The ones who do not want him to be investigated are most likely the radicalized republicans.

    • Jon Gans

      israel is by any standard the greatest country on Earth. Yahoo has become a Nazi org, just as the BBC, Guardian, AP, AFP, the New York times have. Israel is even greater than the US, especially now that it’s run by a muzzie, Nazi traitor like Obaminable. It’s amazing how every single day there are 10 negative articles about Israel, the only Jewish country, which has defended itself in ten barbaric wars and 1000’s of terror attacks, but hardly any articles about the arab shitholes, all of which are terror CUNTries that contribute nothing to the world save beheadings and propaganda.
      Israel is THE world leader in High tech, medical tech, farming tech, desalination tech, and military tech. Ever notice that when a rich Arab needs surgery, he always goes to Israel?
      Islam is destroying every country on Earth.

    • Daniel

      Obama lied to sell Obamacare to the American people, and then illegally changing Obamacare. Saying, “The Republicans won’t work with us,” or more disturbingly, “It’s politically convenient,” is not an excuse for overriding the Constitution of the United States.



    • protn7

      800 krytrons? nice job
      nobody’s crying about the trons

    • Daniel

      Obama violated immigration law And illegally implemented the DREAM ACT without congressional approval, and not enforcing immigration laws.


      Obama released 8 Taliban terrorists, 5 in exchange for one deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, without giving congress the 30 day notice he is required to give.



    • Mr. Me

      Nut-a-war-hoo should be arrested for stealing land. And tacky Wile E. Coyote cartoon bombs also.

      • Daniel

        In May 1948 the State of Israel was established in only part of the area allotted by the original British Mandate. Jordan was part of the Mandate of Palestine before 1921. So per the Balfour Declaration 1917, Jordan was stolen from the Jewish homeland. In 1948 Arab armies tied to kill all the Jewish people in Israel upon its birth and drive them into the sea. This did not happen. Israel was able to hold the Arab armies off to the green line. This is not a border. This is just were fighting stopped. In 1948, in what was left of Israel, 8.6% of the land was owned by Jews, 3.3% by Israeli Arabs, while 16.9% had been abandoned by Arab owners who heeded the call from neighboring countries to “get out of the way” while the Arab armies invaded Israel. The rest of the land, over 70% mostly vacant land was controlled by the Mandatory power which went to the State of Israel as the legal heir.

        • Mr. Me

          So let Israel keep the West Bank, all the West Bank. Jordan east of the river; Israel west of the river.


          And GRANT ALL THOSE LIVING THERE EQUAL CITIZENSHIP. No one should be forced to leave their homes and no one should have to live somewhere where they don’t have representation in the government. Israel says it’s a democracy. Act like one and give EVERYONE under their control (which includes ever ARab in the west bank as they are under de facto Israeli control) EQUAL citizenship and rights.

    • Tom Le

      we should never allow this uneducated impolite S0B put his feet on this soil
      only traitor from congress (Boehner, Boxer, Freintein..) want this blood sucker war crime P0S

    • mhd

      Poor Netanyahu!He is really losing face throughout the world.

    • Daniel

      Obama has grandiose ambitions to grow government but little forethought on how to run it. Resulting in the highest mistrust in government in years.


    • billd

      My privately conducted poll reveals that most participants believe Jason Ditz and Mint Press News is a front for either neo-Nazi’s or the Muslim Brotherhood, is anti-Semitic and would love nothing more than to see the destruction of Israel. The poll also reveals that given a choice between admitting Netanyahu into the US or Muhammad Omar, leader of Taliban in Afghanistan or Ayman al-Zawahiri, co-founder of al Qaeda along with Osama bin Laden, the poll participants believe the Mint Press News would host al-Zawahiri and Muhammad Omar. Nothing surprising there.

    • Ray Tort

      Obama is putting on a full court press to attack his number one nemesis, Netanyahu, before the Israeli election. Watch for even more sequestered, anti-Israeli data dumps in the following days.
      Obama is proving to be one of the most evil narcissists on earth.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        He IS that! So is Netanyahu….

        • Daniel

          Netanyahu is a great man.

          • whiteaglesoaring

            Polls consistently show the joint slate formed by Herzog’s Labor and
            Livni’s Hatnuah leading Netanyahu’s Likud by several seats. Netanyahu’s war crimes and crimes against humanity will soon catch up with him. Israelis are not comfortable with being seen as thugs and bandits. The report commissioned by Times of Israel indicates that Jewish control of Palestine has reached its peak and they are looking for Israel 2.0, probably in SE Ukraine following the Jewish-Nazi alliance ethnic cleansing of Donetsk and Lugansk.

            • Daniel

              I support Naftali Bennett as the next Prime Minister of Israel, but I like Benjamin Netanyahu as well, however I disagree with Netanyahu about a two state solution creating a Palestinian state. This is really a three state solution since there is already the Arab-Palestinian state of Jordan, and the Jewish-Palestinian state of Israel, we don’t need the terrorist state of Palestine.

              I don’t think there is a solution to this conflict, and I don’t see anyone killing anyone as a solution. But Naftali Bennett’s plan may be the best path for a solution some time in the future.

              Area C of Judea and Samaria has 300,000 Jews and 55,000 Arabs, only 4% of the Palestinian population. Israel was recognized as having full jurisdiction over Area C of Judea and Samaria by the Oslo II Accord. Israel should give citizenship to the Palestinians that live in Area C, and Area C should be recognized as Israel proper. In Area A, such as the Gaza strip, Israel completely withdrew from and has self-governance, and Area B is under joint Israeli and Palestinian governance.

              Allowing the free flow of food and humanitarian supplies to areas A and B, and showing the people in Gaza and Judea and Samaria that their life’s will be better if they work with Israel and not Hamas, trust can be built and a final peace agreement can be made in direct negotiations.

            • Daniel

              Ukraine ex-President Viktor Yanukovych is reported to be in Russia and has made a statement claiming continued leadership of the country.

              In April 2010, As president, Yanukovych promptly demonstrated his pro-Russian leanings. He struck a deal with Russia to extend Russia’s lease of Sevastopol Marine Trade Port (SMTP) the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, until 2042. In exchange, Ukraine would receive a reduction in the price of Russian natural gas.

              Viktor Yanukovych was removed from power by the parliament on 21 February 2014. Oleksandr Valentynovych Turchynov, the current Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament, took over as acting President of Ukraine. Ukraine has had Russian militants crossing over into Ukraine. These Russian terrorists have have taken over government buildings, and have told Jews they have to “register” all their property including vehicles or they lose citizenship, If they fail to register they will lose all their property and will be removed from the country. These RUSSIAN militants are N(A)ZIS As reported by Oren Dorell, “Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine” USA TODAY 10:38 a.m. EDT April 17, 2014.

              Newly elected Petro Poroshenko was killing these N@zi Russian thugs, and I say good for him, but now Russia is sending more tanks full of Russians into Ukraine. PUT MORE SANCTIONS ON RUSSIA!

              • whiteaglesoaring

                BBC Newsnight’s Gabriel Gatehouse investigates the links between the new Ukrainian government and Neo-nazis


                NAZIs in Ukrainian government now:

                Andriy Parubiy, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (body which presides over the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces). Founded the Social-National Party of Ukraine together with Oleh Tyahnybok

                Dmytro Yarosh, Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council (body which presides over the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces). Leader of Stepan Bandera Treezoob and the Right Sector coalition.

                Oleksandr Sych, Deputy Prime Minister Member of the Freedom Party (Svoboda)

                Ihor Tenyukh, Minister of Defense – Although his formal membership in the Freedom Party (Svoboda) is not certain, he participates.

                Serhiy Kvit, Education Minister, Member of the Freedom Party (Svoboda)

                Andriy Mokhnyk, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Member of the Freedom Party (Svoboda)

                Ihor Shvaika, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, Member of the Freedom Party (Svoboda)

                Dmytro Boulatov, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Member of the Ukrainian National Self-Defence (UNA-UNSO)

                Oleh Makhnitsky, Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Member of the Freedom Party (Svoboda)

                Tetiana Tchornovol, Chair, National Anti-Corruption Committee, Member of the Ukrainian National Self-Defence (UNA-UNSO)


    • Roman

      I suspect that this sudden elevated level of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish articles in the media could be only associated with some high level echelon in the US government circles. They really want to paint anything that has slightest connection to Israel in very, very negative way.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        And how do YOU feel about allowing someone who stole nuclear devices from the US to come to speak to the Senate like some kind of royalty? Do you think it’s OK to steal from the US and give to South Africa as Israel did? Do you think it’s ok to steal US secrets and sell them to the Soviet Union as Jonathan Pollard did? Do you think it’s ok that Israel used micronukes stolen from Houston plant to use in covert ops around the world? Respond to the article with you facts…the use of the cyberweapon, Stuxnet, by MagnaBSP to blow up reactors at Fukushima, the subsequent pollution of our soil, air, and water…9-11 micronukes in the World Trade Center….

        • Daniel

          Wow, whiteeglesoaring if ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest person on earth.

          • whiteaglesoaring

            You couldn’t refute a single assertion, could you! Of course not! That’s why, empty-headed and empty-handed, you throw what ever you have close at hand. The world is discovering your sleazy deceptions and laughing at how smart you think you are, but these terrorist techniques display a twisted sense of Chosenness and superiority that feeds your narcissism and cultural dysfunction … having children eat Haman’s ears at Purim does things to the mind.

          • whiteaglesoaring

            You’ve failed to respond to any of my assertions so you have come with an empty head and empty hands – you lose.

    • Talgar Talgarov

      Are you freaking kidding me? The only democratic and loyal friend we have in that part of decaying self-imploding islamic world is our friend Jewish Country of Israel and you morons choosing as usual a wrong side of the equation. Look around the world at all the slaughter, Beheadings, murders, rapes, kidnappings,vicious violence, Hate and religious intolerance and you idiots still concentrating on Jewish Country of Israel? amazing…
      Stop muslim/arab immigration to Europe and USA.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Arab Israelis are not treated equally to Jewish Israelis in obtaining permits, marrying, licensing, litigating in Israeli courts. Arab members of the Knesset have been forced into exile or jailed for their support of their constituency. But most of all, Palestinians under an illegal occupation are fighting for their very lives and freedom. Murdering freedom fighters as well as innocent men, women, and children, (nearly 470 children) are war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    • Guest

      The fact that this is a Yahoo headline news item, combined with the complete distortion of facts in the teaser statement, shows the absence of any objectivity on the part of Yahoo. I need to find a new home page.

    • PatriciaLynn

      Jason Ditz…You are an ASS!

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Amazing the insightful and erudite analysis of Zionist sycophants!

    • Daniel

      The only place in Israel that is occupied is the Gaza Strip which is occupied by Hamas. The Palestinian’s (Arab) land is Jordan. The Jewish people base their claim to the land of Israel on at least four premises: 1) God promised the land to the patriarch Abraham; 2) the Jewish people settled and developed the land; and have maintained a continual presence for 3,300 years. 3) the international community (League of Nations) granted political sovereignty in Palestine to the Jewish people and 4) the territory captured in defensive wars. The only ones oppressing the Palestinians are themselves. Why don’t they try and make better lives for themselves instead trying to destroy Israel. Israel has a secular democratic government. All citizens are treated equally under the law. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria etc. are apartheid, not Israel.

      Read “The Legal Foundation And Borders Of Israel Under International Law: A Treatise on Jewish Sovereignty over the Land of Israel” by Howard Grief.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Israel was conquered by the Assyrians in the 8th century BCE and the people scattered throughout the Assyrian empire. What remained was the Kingdom of Judah but they were conquered by Babylonia in the 6th century BCE. When Cyrus of Persia conquered Babylon he allowed the Judahites to rule under his direction. Then it was the Greeks and Romans. Israel has not existed for nearly 3,000 years. And then there is little evidence of anything more than a shepherd kingdom with a goddess, Asherah, the consort to their “god”.

        The Ashkenazim are descendants of Ashkenazi of the lineage of Japheth, not Shem. Most Ashkenazi Jews, traditionally believed to have descended from the ancient tribes of Israel, may in fact be maternally descended from prehistoric Europeans according to research published in 2013

        • Daniel

          The rule of Israelites in the land of Israel starts with the conquests of Joshua (ca. 1250 BCE). The period from 1000-587 BCE is known as the “Period of the Kings”. The most noteworthy kings were King David (1010-970 BCE), who made Jerusalem the Capital of Israel, and his son Solomon (Shlomo, 970-931 BCE), who built the first Temple in Jerusalem as written in the Torah (Old Testament).

          Enormous Jewish festivals used to be celebrated on the Temple Mount. To increase the amount of room around the Temple which was required for these festivals and also comply with the limitations placed on its dimensions for the Temple under Jewish law, Herod built a great plaza around the Temple. This plaza is the Temple Mount of today where the al-Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock and the Dome of the Chain now stand. To construct the platform, Herod built a giant box around Mount Moriah and filled it in. The plaza is about the size of six football fields (480 x 300m). The “Kotel” or Western Wall (the holiest site in modern Judaism) is one part of the western retaining wall, but not actually part of the actual Temple. The walls are made up of enormous stones weighing between 2 and 100 tons (there is even one that weighs 400 tons) with an average stone being about 10 tons and are 5m thick. There is no mortar between the stones.

          The Assyrians were not able to take Jerusalem, they lost. Since 582 B.C. Israel has been ruled by colonists. Babylonians, followed by Persians which prospered when they let Jews rebuild the temple. Then in 70 A.D. the Romans took Israel and later renamed it Palestine to erase the fact that it is a Jewish state. Muslims were able to take Israel from the Romans, then the Crusaders took it from the Muslims. The Turks took Israel from the Crusaders. The Turks were followed by the Ottoman Empire, then came the British Mandate of Palestine. All through these 3,300 years or so Jews have maintained a presence in Israel.

          Jews have lived in Israel from those days till today. Once sovereignty over Israel was return to the Jewish people, the Israelis turned desert into an oasis of freedom and democracy. Thus, Jews have had a strong connection and continuous presence in the land of Israel for the past 3,300 years.

          In 70 C,E. (A.D.) the Roman’s took Jerusalem, and in 135 C.E. the ROMAN Emperor Hadrian expunged the name “Provincia Judea” and renamed it “Provincia Syria Palaestina”. This was the Latin version of the Greek name which soon became used as an administrative unit. This name was shortened to Palaestina and the name “Palestine” was derived from it as a modern and anglicized version.

          • whiteaglesoaring

            The Romans took Israel long before 70 CE! That’s when the Romans finally had enough of the rebellion, civil unrest, and political in-fighting, and they razed Jerusalem to the ground. They even dug out the foundations and hauled them away. All that remained was the Roman encampment Herod the Great had built and named Fort Antonia. The Roman 10th Legion remained there for nearly 300 years afterward. That ancient wall that was found under rotting menstrual rags and garbage in the early part of the 1500’s was the wall of the Roman fort. Rabbi Luria fixed on that wall as the wall of the Temple and convinced the Jewish community to shift its prayers away from the Gihon Spring and Mt. of Olives to the reclaimed Roman wall. There is no natural water source for miles around besides Gihon Spring, which is needed for ablutions and cleansing the altar from the blood of animal sacrifice. Find the Gihon Spring and you will have found the location of the Temple.

    • Jobseeker

      Numbers don’t lie, …LIARS DO NUMBERS. this is the most bogus “poll” ever. Even the brown-nosing Yahoo Pro Obama polls aren’t this wacked out. Yahoo scraping the bottom of the barrel to find Anti-Semite and Anti-Christian crap.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        The Jews ruling Israel today are not Semitic.Israeli Molecular geneticist, Dr. Eran Elhaik showed that the Ashkenazi Jews have no genetic heritage that connects them to the original people of the Covenant. Dr. Shlomo Sand, professor of History at Tel Aviv University wrote in “Invention of the Jews” that there is almost nothing in historical documents or archaeology that establishes the existence of an ancient Israel…and the Bible is NOT a history, but theology, a series of stories put together by a beaten rabbinate after Babylon had taken the leaders of the Kingdom of Judah captive.

        Even David Ben Gurion and Yitzhak Ben Zvi recognized that the Palestinians fellah were the rightful heirs to the land and that the Zionists needed to work alongside them to create the new Zion.

        • Daniel

          That is a Myth, Modern genetic studies have been done and comparing the semitic groups of Ashkenazi Jews, Sephardic Jews, Jewish Kurds, Arab Kurds, Palestinian Arabs and Bedouin. The Bedouin are the least similar.

          • whiteaglesoaring

            Dr. Eran Elhaik published recently and proved how the older, Israeli geneticists had bent the statistics and picked the data points to favor the Zionist argument. Go do your homework. Haaretz reported, “The 32-year-old Elhaik conducted his research at the School of Public
            Health of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Earlier this
            month, he published his findings in an article, ‘The Missing Link of
            Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian
            Hypotheses,’ in the journal Genome Biology and Evolution, published by
            Oxford University Press. One of the scholars who reviewed the article
            before its publication described it as more profound than all the
            previous studies on the ancestry of the Jewish people.

            • Daniel

              Haaretz, lol.

              If I was a leftist Jew I would offer terrorists Israel’s land for a promise of peace that is not worth the paper it is written on. I would protest Israel protecting itself from suicide bombers with and Apartheid wall. I would say that Israel is occupying it’s own land and that Israel oppresses the people that want to kill Jews and destroy Israel. I would condemn Israel for defending itself from tens of thousands of rockets by bombing Gaza killing thousands including woman and Children. It would not bother me that Hamas uses women, children and elderly as human shields or that Hamas uses children to build terrorist tunnels to attack Israel, or that Hamas is known to kill the children that build there tunnels so that they cannot tell anyone where the tunnels are. (sarcasm)

              • whiteaglesoaring

                You are one of the reasons that BDS is gaining strength as it did against South Africa’s apartheid. Times of Israel was worried about the growth of BDS as well as the Palestinian move to gain recognition and justice through the UN and the ICC. Zionists can only keep the lid on so long and then the truth will out. A few months ago, the lid came off the role of Israel in 9-11 and a year before that the cover was blown for the demolition of Fukushima’s reactors. The attack on the USS Liberty has engendered a growing distaste for Israeli deception among military and naval veterans, and the propaganda war that got us into the Iraq and Afghan wars, destroyed Libya and is currently destroying Syria and Ukraine. The illusory Matrix of Zion is disintegrating as people discover the lies of the central banks. That’s how it has worked for millennia: the crimes and arrogance of the few elitists at the top are adopted by the plebeians at the bottom of the social order and all suffer the consequences … and whine about their victimhood.

              • whiteaglesoaring

                Genome Biology and Evolution, published by Oxford University Press…..lol

    • Malka

      Obama’s administration is doing all that they can to go against Netanyahu=Israel. He is so desperate that he is using the well known technique of accusing false against someone just as they do against citizens. Israel must have ALL that they need to defend their citizens from Obama and from terror groups who are a spit distance from Israel. Netanyahu takes no BS from Obama. I believe this is the time for Netanyahu to act. Nuke Iran before they nuke you.

    • UltimateMan

      Some peeps here scream Antisemitism.
      Can you please all go to a dictionary, read and learn what antisemitism means… please.
      Because you sound so dumb that it starts to get outrageous the number of people that use that word to defection.
      We are investigating Netnyahoo for smuggling nuclear trigger.
      Wouldn’t it be anti Iranian to force Iran to give up their Nuclear plans while we just let others have it illegally?
      So please for all the dumb retards go educate yourself and understand when to use the word “antisemitism” .

    • SirDavid

      Israel only gets away with what the US allows, to investigate one is to investigate the other and we knows that’ll never happen because it would address the institution as a whole and America ain’t bout to implicate itself in anything, although the world at large already knows what’s up, despite not having the military, political or economical power to enforce it.

    • Roger Stephen Roth

      I feel that the USA and Israel relations have been deteriorating over the years. Israel has to be very careful or they may lose USA friendship and support all together.

    • James Wherry

      Not buying it. I’d like to see the poll question, please. I doubt many people keep up on Israel espionage allegations. “When informed of the incident” is right.

      I am a strong supporter of Israel, but I also have questions about economic espionage and allegations that Israel may have spied on American corporations to obtain trade secrets and patented information. I would no more put up with it from Israel than I would from China.

      However, this “story” is simply an attempt at “misdirection:” it tries to confuse an ally, Israel, with a nation that supports terrorism and has as its common greeting, the phrase, “Death to America!”

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Israel has a VERY cozy relationship with NSA. They can find out what your marketing strategies are, what new products are in development and the rest of your trade secrets…and then they can bring them to the market before you do…in the same way they have violated US laws with impunity. We need to classify AIPAC as a foreign agent or close them down.

        • James Wherry

          And how should we classify Muslim groups in the USA? We had the Texas capitol Muslim group meeting the other day, interrupted by evangelical Christians. Were those people “a foreign agent?”

          Hey, I’m not dissing you, or disagreeing with you: I just want to make sure we’re neutral in the application of these proposals.

    • julea bacall

      This paper should be reprimanded if not sued for the bald faced lie that the Majority of Americans want Netanyahu investigated for anything. This paper should be investigated. As a liberal and not someone who Wants war, I do believe we all must Protect ourselves and these times are like nothing we have ever seen before. Israel has the right and they Are being unfairly treated and no terrorists have the right espousing Religion to attack any of us.
      I want to hear what Netanyayhu has to say! Like it or not, all Muslims countries are dangerous to human rights & as we see, the World. And it is by the teachings of Islam today that is making the problems for Israel, for Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, China, India, Russia, Balkans, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Africa, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Britain, Japan, US, Canada, Australia, Austria EVERYWHERE because of the way Islam is taught and what their leaders are telling the people they Must do.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Since when do liberals advocate the elimination of free speech and free press?! You seem more Bolshevik, actually.

        You want to hear what Netanyahu has to say? Get a subscription to Haaretz or Times of Israel…or go to Israel.

        • julea bacall

          Free speech is letting Netanyahu talk to hear what he knows and how things would affect his country. The Lie for this paper is saying “THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS” There is no majority of Americans censoring him. And this is not a Partisan thing. This is something that will affect the world, probably alttle for the worse than for the better. Who wants a big triangle of Iran, China Russia. This is a very complicatred thing and we need all the information possible….not just what a few people decide for all of us. We all need to know and from people with Experience outside of ‘Business Deals’ The World has to be about Safety today and Corps have to take a backseat. Too bad, they will be forced by circumstance and maybe for the better for us not Elite.

          • whiteaglesoaring

            Netanyahu can talk in Tel Aviv, he can talk in Jerusalem, he can talk in synagogue, he can talk on Israeli TV, he can talk to Jerusalem Post or Yediot Aharonot or Ma’ariv, Arutz Shiva…he can speak in Kiev or Paris. You just saw the beginning of the sea change regarding Israel. The question alerted people to something they had not yet seen and they responded. “Of course Netanyahu should not be allowed into the country until the FBI has investigated him!” they are thinking…once they KNOW, attitudes change, and the information is getting out there faster than you can retreat.

            But then YOU are caught up in the propaganda, too.

    • Shilly Storm

      Anybody who uses big kindergarten drawings with red markers to ‘explain’ really complex geopolitical issues concerning technology and Middle Eastern conflict history IS trying to dumb it all down and has their own agenda to self justify it all into place….Netanyahu is a dual citizenship CIA creation..Whos interests does he really have at heart when he doesnt even have a heart…

    • PT

      Love how the liberals tout polls when it ihas the result THEY want. Notice how the libtards refuse to talk about the polls where Americans do NOT want more gun control? Libtards do not talk about the poll where 76% of Americans want a special prosecutor on Obama’s IRS!

      • whiteaglesoaring

        I want a special prosecutor for the IRS scandal and much more. We also need a prosecution for Congress and Administrations providing foreign assistance to nations that have nuclear weapons but have not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The Symington Amendment makes aid to Israel illegal….for the past 35 years.

    • Daniel

      What is this world coming to? Terrorists with Nukes…

      Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, In May implied that negotiations over the country’s illicit nuclear program are over and that the Islamic Republic’s ideals include destroying America.

      “Battle and jihad are endless because evil and its front continue to exist. … This battle will only end when the society can get rid of the oppressors’ front with America at the head of it, which has expanded its claws on human mind, body and thought. … This requires a difficult and lengthy struggle and need for great strides.”

      ISIS Turkey and of Sunni Muslims are committing genocide on the Kurds. Should America do nothing and hundreds of thousands are killed? There are 25 to 35 million million Kurds and they are without a state. They live in the area often referred to as Kurdistan that spans Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Israel has kept its use of nuclear weapons covert, but it is known that Israel has used micronukes for covert ops for decades: Bali, 9-11, London Tube Train, Fukushima, Syria. Not quite Hiroshima or Nagasaki blasts, but powerful with their own radioactive signature.

        • Daniel


          • whiteaglesoaring

            The elements found in the USGS dust samples provide a rather astonishing array of proof of nukes:

            Barium and Strontium: Neither of these elements should ever appear in building debris in these quantities. The levels never fall below 400ppm for Barium and they never drop below 700ppm for Strontium and reach over 3000ppm for both in the dust sample taken at Broadway and John Streets.

            Thorium and Uranium: These elements only exist in radioactive form. Thorium is a radioactive element formed from Uranium by decay. It’s very rare and should not be present in building rubble, ever. So once again we have verifiable evidence that a nuclear fission event has taken place.

            Lithium: With the presence of lithium we have compelling evidence that this fission pathway of Uranium to Thorium and Helium, with subsequent decay of the Helium into Lithium has taken place.

            Lanthanum: Lanthanum is the next element in the disintegration pathway of the element Barium.

            Yttrium: The next decay element after Strontium, which further confirms the presence of Barium.

            Chromium: The presence of Chromium is one more “tell tale” signature of a nuclear detonation.

            Tritium: A very rare element and should not be found at concentrations 55 times normal the basement of WTC-6 no less than 11 days after 9/11, which is another “tell tale” sign of nukes.

            • Daniel

              Dr. Steven Earl Jones is an American physicist. Among scientists, Jones became known for his long research on muon-catalyzed fusion and geo-fusion.[2][3][4] Jones is also known for his association with 9/11 conspiracy theories.[5][6] Jones has claimed that mere airplane crashes and fires could not have resulted in so rapid and complete a fall of the WTC Towers and WTC7 (which was not hit by a plane, nor was ever claimed to have been), suggesting controlled demolition instead.[6][7] In late 2006, some time after Brigham Young University (BYU) officials placed him on paid leave, Jones chose to retire as part of deal with BYU which included the cessetion of their academic review of Jones’s work. Jones asserted that the attacks were “an ‘inside job’, puppeteered by the neoconservatives in the White House to justify the occupation of oil-rich Arab countries, inflate military spending, and expand Israel.”[40] His name is often mentioned in reporting about 9/11 conspiracy theories.

              When swimming in a sea of conspiracy theories, perhaps it is better to check wikipedia, or other more reliable sources then random websites.

              2. Steven E Jones & Johann Rafelski, AIP Conference Proceedings, 181: Muon-catalyzed Fusion: Sanibel Island, FL 1988 (New York: American Institute of Physics, 1989).

              3. George L Trigg, ed, Encyclopedia of Applied Physics, Volume 14: Physical Geology to Polymer Dynamics (New York: VCH Publishers, 1996), p 112: “Dr. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University, who had long studied muon-catalyzed fusion…”.

              4. Thomas F Gieryn, Cultural Boundaries of Science: Credibility on the Line (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1999), pp 198–99.

              5. Stephen E Atkins, “Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice” pp 385–87, in S E Atkins, ed, The 9/11 Encyclopedia, 2nd edn (Santa Barbara CA: ABC-CLIO, 2011).

              6. Anthony Summers & Robbyn Swan, The Eleventh Day: The Full Story of 9/11 (New York: Ballantine Books, 2011), p 99.

              7. Peter Phillips & Mickey Huff w/ Project Censored, eds,Media Democracy in Action: Censored 2010: The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008-09 (New York: Seven Stories Press, 2009), “Censored 2007 #18”, pp 140–41.

              40. Asquith, Christina (September 5, 2006). “Who really blew up the twin towers?”Education Guardian Weekly (London: The Guardian). Retrieved September 4, 2007.

              • whiteaglesoaring

                You’re stuck in the old news whereas new information has been leaked and released that mainstream media is loathe to publish, but nevertheless significant. Analysis of the radionuclides in the WTC has been done over a decade ago, but not released until recently by the AEC investigators who did not want the data hidden any longer. The investigating team, Able Danger, had identified the traitors involved in the theft by the Israelis of 1/3 of the US nuclear arsenal in addition to 350 W-54 plutonium pits salvaged from decommissioned nukes at Pantec, Amarillo TX. Most of them were killed when the Tomahawk cruise missile targeted them in the Pentagon. They had been called to meet there by General Myers, chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff. He didn’t show but the Tomahawk missile did, launched from an Israeli Dolphin class sub offshore and permitted to continue due to a stand down by the USAF and USN. 38 of 50 died, but the data remained secure and the remaining members of the team determined to revenge their deaths.

    • Mandela

      Sandra AKA cornville, Zionist crimes is exposed. Your done! I suggest you to go back to your original country in Europe, and give the Palestinians their homes and lands back. Isreal is the cancer in the Middle East.

    • hfxchc,jcjvk

      anyone mentioning about the king david hotel bombing, the botched lavon-led massacre, and the uss liberty massacre is anti-semitic and should go to hell

      • Daniel

        So why are you mentioning them? For the King David Hotel, I’ll refer you to the British White Papers. In the so called lavon-led massacre who died besides Yosef Carmon and Max Binnet who committed suicide in prison due to the brutal interrogation methods of the Egyptian police, and two more, Dr. Moshe Marzouk of Cairo and Shmuel Azar of Alexandria, who were sentenced to death and hanged in a Cairo prison. The USS Liberty was a case of friendly fire.

        With 1% Muslim population we have terrorist flying into buildings, attacking our embassies abroad, the USS Cole, and then here at home…

        9/25/2014 Moore, OK: A Sharia advocate beheads a woman after calling for Islamic terror and posting an Islamist beheading photo.

        6/25/2014 West Orange, NJ: A 19-year-old college student is shot to death ‘in revenge’ for Muslim deaths overseas.

        6/1/2014 Seattle, WA: Two homosexuals are murdered by an Islamic extremist.

        4/27/2014 Skyway, WA: A 30-year-old man is murdered by a Muslim fanatic.

        3/6/2014 Port Bolivar, TX: A Muslim man shoots his lesbian daughter and her lover to death and leaves a copy of the Quran open to a page condemning homosexuality.

        8/4/2013 Richmond, CA: A convert “on a mission from Allah” stabs a store clerk to death.

        4/19/2013 Boston, MA: Jihadists gun down a university police officer sitting in his car.

        4/15/2013 Boston, MA: Foreign-born Muslims describing themselves as ‘very religious’ detonate two bombs packed with ball bearings at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and causing several more to lose limbs.

        3/24/2013 Ashtabula, OH: A Muslim convert walks into a church service with a Quran and guns down his Christian father while praising Allah.

        2/7/2013 Buena Vista, NJ: A Muslim targets and beheads two Christian Coptic immigrants.

        and that is just the last couple years… Lets not forget about

        11/5/2009 Ft. Hood, TX: A Muslim psychiatrist guns down thirteen unarmed soldiers while yelling praises to Allah.

        2/13/2007 Salt Lake City, UT: A Muslim immigrant goes on a shooting rampage at a mall, targeting people buying Valentine’s Day cards at a gift shop and killing five.

        9/11/2001 New York, NY: Islamic hijackers steer two planes packed with fuel and passengers into the World Trade Center, killing hundreds on impact and eventually killing thousands when the towers collapsed. At least 200 are seriously injured.

        9/11/2001 Washington, DC: Nearly 200 people are killed when Islamic hijackers steer a plane full of people into the Pentagon.

        9/11/2001 Shanksville, PA: Forty passengers are killed after Islamic radicals hijack the plane in an attempt to steer it into the U.S. Capitol building.

        2/26/1993 New York: NY Islamic terrorists detonate a massive truck bomb under the World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring over 1,000 in an effort to collapse the towers.

        1/25/1993 Langley, VA: A Pakistani with Mujahideen ties guns down two CIA agents outside of the headquarters.

        There are many more but, I think this list is already too long, so I am not going to list them all. Canada has 3% Muslims and at Parliament Hill Quebec-born Michael Zehaf-Bibeau gunned down 24-year-old Canadian Army Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. Two days before, Quebec man Martin Rouleau-Couture carried out a hit-and-run attack on two Canadian military men, killing 53-year-old Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, as CBC News reported. Both of these attackers are on a list of people to be watched after attempting to travel to Syria and join on of the jihadist groups over there killing each other. The social-media profiles of the two attackers were filled with Islamic State group propaganda.

        In Australia Barrister Katrina Dawson, 38, died alongside Lindt cafe manager Tori Johnson, 34, in the more-than 16-hour terrorist siege in the Sydney café. The gunman, 50-year-old Iranian refugee and Islamic extremist, Man Haron Monis, also died. The United States Capitol is next…

    • William Wilberforce

      Please “investigate “the ones who made sure the islam world got the nuclear technology needed; Mr. Kahn, a Pakistani who stole the secrets of “ultra centrifuge production of uranium “from a “Dutch “company URENCO in Almelo and sold it through the whole muslim world, incl Iran. Due to an “progressive political correct socialist appeaser “who wanted to “change the world “he was allowed to “work “there, against ALL advice of the Dutch secret service of that time. But he; rules don’t apply for the “change the world “people.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Should we then mention the documents revealing Israel involved in the proliferation of nuclear technology to South Africa? Why does Israel not sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to bring it to a par with Iran which HAS signed on and IS permitting international inspection of its nuclear facilities?

        • William Wilberforce

          What do you expect? Both countries under ” political correct appeasers pressure “to surrender everything, incl their life. SA is gone, just another African hellhole, Israel is not stupid they only trust the IDF.

          • whiteaglesoaring

            South Africa is NOT gone. The Afrikaners are no longer running the country. When their apartheid was defeated by the boycott, divestment, and sanctions of the rest of the world, they were done. Same will happen to Israel. Of the 10 nukes the Israelis illegally sold to South Africa, the ones that weren’t tested off Prince Edwards Island were bought and removed by the UK and US…and they gave up the documents that prove that Israel was selling nukes on the international black market.

    • oscar1939

      What MAJORITY?

    • Lowell49

      Where did you find these trolls, in Gaza and the west bank. This police as believable as the Jihad is a peace movement.

    • Sandra

      I am surprised at Yahoo for printing such garbage the polls are fake and it shows how anti-Semitic you are.
      Where were your polls taken? in a Muslim mosque? Shame on you Yahoo for such bad propaganda!

    • Jordan Marsh

      America keep on feeding the beast and it will bit your hand sooner than later.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        The Beast has already bitten…on 9-11 and 3-11-11…Fukushima. The only way the cooling system valves could be closed was by a computer command – stuxnet. Japan had offered to enrich uranium for Iran and had favored Palestinian statehood. Within weeks Magna BSP sought and won the security for Fukushima. Magna BSP, located at Dimona where stuxnet was tested in the Negev, had access to the computerized infrastructure at Fukushima and installed a suspiciously heavy “monitor” by the reactors that blew up 3 days later. Motive, means, and opportunity.

    • Nathan Bernstein

      55% is “most?” I don’t think so.

    • Nemo

      Cornville, enough with anti Semitic bull shit, isreal is not a Jewish it’s Zionist country. You can’t hide anymore behind the religion cover. Your crimes and racism is clear to the world and with today’s technology it’s impossible to hide it. VIVA PALESTINE

    • bloggulator
    • American

      BREAKING NEWS: They just found an employee at MintPress News that is not anti-Semetic.
      WAIT! They just fired him.

    • norma

      Really, your fraudulent poll taking is not the view of the American people against the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli people are highly intelligent and doesn’t need the Intel on Nuclear weapons. Bibi knows the extremely danger of Iran, and Obama seems to think he can sway these notorious threats for all nations.
      Obama has insulted the Prime Minister against the misconception that the America people are in agreement with his demise. With Obama not accepting the Prime Minister to our Nation is an embarrassment to the citizens of our Country.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Bibi didn’t steal intel, norma, he stole ready-made devices that can be used in blowing up nuclear bombs. The intel was stolen earlier, so was the uranium…ask Shimon Peres about that theft of uranium. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of conspiring to pass U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviets and were executed for the theft of intel in 1953. For that matter, David Hilbert arrived at the generally covariant field equations of gravitation, before Albert Einstein. Einstein plagiarized his work to formulate the Theory of General Relativity..

    • Tricia

      Google Survey? Wow I definitely believe it now, we know how accurate those internet polls are!

    • jesse hernandez

      amazing but no surprised.

    • Im42n8

      Yeah right … what we’ve more than likely got here is someone who tossed data, made up data, or skewed the question(s) related to the content of the article … to justify some kind of agenda. In short, no credibility whatsoever. what a crock of hooey.

    • Milo Faris


    • Joe Citizen

      Why does yahoo hate Jews so much?

    • jj

      The more of these filthy smelly muslim savage terrorists Netanyahu kills, the better! Kill them all!

    • Agape 2

      Israel does not have to steal nuclear anything from the US. It has had nuclear weapons since the 1960s and it was Jewish physicists many refugees from Central Europe that built American nuclear weapons during WW II. Israel is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. The drone comes from Israel. Americans do not grasp other countries are technologically advanced and one of the most important scientific research centers in the world is CERN in Switzerland which developed the World Wide Web. Get a grip on reality.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        The French report on what happened at Dimona about 25 years ago that set Israel huffing and puffing. . Netanyahu has been traumatized because the nuclear armaments he and many other Israeli leaders were seeking all of a sudden became impossible when they pushed their reactor at Dimona to the brink of disaster. During a hot refueling procedure a poor weld on the fuel rod assembly didn’t hold. (Probably from the copper-clad welding rods used that were pressed into use.) A prompt criticality spiked, a flash over occurred, cracks in containment. The French advisers thought it best to fill it all with concrete and weld the doors shut, it was so bad. That was in the time frame of 1988 – 1991, about the time that Bibi started his fretting about Iran going to have the nuke in 2-3 years. within 5 years, its just around the corner. There’s your reality. Get a grip. The only way Israel has managed to obtain such a nuclear arsenal is by hook and crook, beg – borrow – steal…doing it the old-fashioned way – stealing.

    • Chuck Monroe

      I was going to comment that this poll should be investigated but I like Cornville’s comment better.

    • Gabriel

      more anti Israel ranting….Yawn.

    • antiwill

      “Majority of Americans” never head of that crap, how can they have the “opinion”? That article seems to be a part of the dirty vindictive campaign the first Anti-American “president” is waging against its allies.

    • RichardB

      Just another case where Israel is harmfully using the US for it’s own purposes. Remember the Liberty ship incident where they actually attacked us our ship on purpose and killed Americans. When will we wake up and deal honestly with this Waring country. Yes Netenyahoo should be investigated and any Americans complicit with him and Israel

    • george stratos








    • Daniel

      Netanyahu is center right, and has said he is in favor of a Palestinian state so long and Israel’s security concerns are addressed. If anything the next Prime Minister will be farther right than Benjamin Netanyahu, with Naftali Bennett, or Avigdor Lieberman winning.

    • Bill

      Where did you get this one at. It is really hard to make a nuclear weapon without trials and research. That takes a whole lot of infrastructure. That is why Iran is negotiating because they have the infrastructure. I doubt very much if Israel has the bomb. Lot of people that are anti-Semitic are all talk they have no proof. You have to refine the material and them build it. It takes a lot. Israel is a small country there is no where to hide, unlike Iran which is a large country hid there’s until it was found.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Get a grip. The only way Israel has managed to obtain such a nuclear arsenal is by hook and crook, beg – borrow – steal…doing it the old-fashioned way – stealing.

        The French reported what happened about 25 years ago at Dimona that set Israel huffing and puffing. . Netanyahu has been traumatized because the nukes he and many other Israeli leaders had wanted all
        of a sudden became impossible when they pushed their reactor to the brink of disaster. During a hot refueling procedure a poor weld on the fuel rod assembly didn’t hold. A prompt criticality spiked, a flash over occurred, cracks in containment. It was so bad the French advisers thought it best to fill it all with concrete and weld the doors shut,.

        That was in the time frame of 1988 – 1991, about the time that Bibi started his fretting about Iran going to have the nuke in 2-3 years. within 5 years, its just around the corner.

        There’s your reality.

    • Daniel

      B. Hussein funded the Muslim Brotherhood, he funded Hamas. He is easing the sanctions giving money to Iran. Now he wants to spend $500 million to arm and train the Syrian terrorists to fight Assad.

    • cal4gen

      I’ve heard over the years, mostly from conspiracy buffs I admit, that Israel has a nuclear weapon and that it is to be used in a ..’If we can’t have Israel nobody can’ situation. In other words if Israel ever got to the point of actually being overrun and defeated by Arab forces it would detonate the damn thing and make the that whole area inhabitable for decades. Hey it would make a great movie plot if anything.

    • Daniel
    • Jay Smith

      Shenanigans! I call Shenanigans! No way on God’s green Earth do %53 of Americans even know who Netanyahu is, let alone agree he should be investigated. Did they poll Congress and say it was the general public? How about we ask 10 random people here in San Antonio and 9 of the answers will be “who.” This is absolutely terrible reporting with extremely skewed statistics. I hope no one honestly believes this could be a correct number.

    • Robert Cashier

      Everything you see and hear about this man whether on tv, radio, or online are compliments of a failed administration that has torn this country apart,what a shame and most people believe what they hear or see broadcasted, it’s just propaganda in it’s truest form I hope Israel has enough nuclear nuclear armament to melt Iran

    • Daniel

      Netanyahu has been a great leader for Israel. Bibi’s numerous accomplishments include service as a soldier, as a diplomat, an a economic reformer. Benjamin Netanyahu signed the Hebron and Wye Accords, advancing the peace process with the Palestinians. He expanded government privatization, liberalized currency regulations, and reduced deficits. I wish I could say the same about Obama who has raised our national debt more than and President in US history.

      Netanyahu has provided compelling and reasoned expositions of one of the greatest threats in the world today. He should receive credit for drawing the worlds attention to the threat Iran poses to Israel, to America, his own people, and the entire world. Israel has strong leader when it needs it most.

    • Prima Soho

      NUT n KooKoo has a US citizenship, he works for an enemy country, Israel , he is a traitor and a spy. As a US Citizen he should be arrested on the spot the moment he steps in the USA.

    • Anthony G.

      Am awaiting the poll on whether we should investiage the Chinese premier for their theft of $42billion of US technology. This is a silly poll. It would have been interesting to ask first if they could find Israel on a map. Legit polls never put that sort of information in front of a person being questioned.

      I don’t know who Mint is, but they are not serious people.

    • TiredOfYahoo

      One need only go to IRmep’s site and read the headlines there to understand it is an organization almost solely focused on anti-Israeli propaganda. I wasn’t familiar with Mint Press News prior to this story, but reviewing it’s headlines, it is clear it is anything but “news”. At least not one without an agenda. I’m sure I wouldn’t have to dig around too much to find scorn heaped on Fox News, when the reality is this site is no different. It just taints “news” with a different political ideology than Fox does. Shame on Yahoo for linking to ANY political hit job sites. Time to find a new portal that actually has news instead of agenda.

    • Daniel

      Egypt charges Obama with crimes against humanity.


    • roundthings

      Bunch of anti Israeli garbage posted on this site.
      How much does Al Queda pay you?

    • Paper, Scissors, Glock

      Articles like this one always bring out the most outrageous, ignorant, and flat out stupid comments from the truly ‘knowledgeable’. Lots of fun. 🙂

    • NewYork

      That’s obvious.

    • This is a fake news story by “Mint” Press. There is no evidence this poll was actually taken by a real polling company. Where was in taken, at the local mosque? LOL

    • Legendary15

      So Yahoo, why is this story at the top of your list, while the story about ISIS declaring Jihad against the US and the West is further down? Huh, tell us. More anti-Israeli, left-winging, possibly anti-semitic nonsense designed to subliminally influence the wide mass of instant readership you try to manipulate and influence. Power that you like to abuse. But here’s one promise: you ain’t going to influence the next presidential election! We’re on to you. And America should remain open to listening to both sides of an issue and not “buy” anything slanted or anything that’s an online news blog from journals like this or the Huffington Post masquerading as investigative reporting. Israel is our ally and a force of democracy and religious tolerance and tremendous technological advancement and medicine in the Middle East and the world–and as humanitarian as one can be under the circumstances they are subjected to. Much more than Hamas, they rendered humanitarian aid–food, cattle, medical products–in the thousands of tons over the past half a dozen years to the Palestinian Arabs, while Hamas stole their money to make war and turned them into wind-up soldiers for their despotic, religiously intolerant state…Who conducted this poll–you, Yahoo? Who was surveyed–gullible liberal college students influenced by BDS? Too much of this Israel bashing going on, not enough real investigative reporting about the threats of illegal aliens, the epidemics caused by the illegal alien children (which barely gets reported), and the growing threat of radical Islam and the tens of thousands of Syrians and other Moslem refugees that will be admitted wholesale into this country, with the empty promise of “screening them,” by an administration that failed to medically screen the illegal alien children at all for diseases.

    • keyvan

      Figure, appearance Netanyahu is very idiotic. Skin grooves Netanyahu is a stupid.

    • Peter L

      Idiot Boehner stuck his foot in it again. He is obviously unfit for a position of responsibility.

    • C. D. Carney

      Can’t defeat his message so what do the people who hate him do? Turn the story from what he’d have to say around to make it all about him and his country. Look away from a nuclear armed state sponser of terror. Look away from our leaders giving the Iranians everything they want. Look at a small state, a true democracy, in the most hostile region of the world doing everything it can to scare off those who want it destroyed and every single Jew in it dead. Who’s the real threat? Now you know why they lie to your face.

    • Abigail

      Cornville, most people are tired of the anti Semitism card. It isn’t working anymore so you can keep on whining until the cows come home. no one cares.

    • Hickory Nut

      You expect Us to believe everything that comes from Yahoo News,,, you’ve go to be kidding !!! ha ha 54% of those polled were probably Netanyahu haters,, Yahoo makes me puke!!!!! Delete this and You prove my point,, Yahoo is SO BIASED !!!!

    • Martinez

      Finally something is written what gets ones attention to the fullest, i can guarantee Obamas birth certificate controversy will be brought back to life again as a a counter offer!

    • rick

      Ten million plus mexicans not counting all the rest of the rest and you are worried about one man, really.

    • eddiebjr

      Pure Bull$hit propaganda. Who did they poll? What mosque did they find their sample of Americans in?

    • Misu

      Firstable I DO NOT believe in media polls, and this is a big joke, they have the every thing and not the TRIGGERS….ha… this is an stupid insult, and those who took the poll, I think, most of them are stupids moron leftist democrats, who believe in this ballsh++…ha….

    • DIF

      wher do you get this shite and who comes up with it. I think some dink sitting on a toilet with nothing else to do do with their lives dreams all this garbage drivell up. Get a job!

    • John

      so just because a group of people has had a sad, unfortunate, horrific past means we should absolutely trust them?? Come on folks, the Jews are all about what is good for the Jews and not necessarily the US. Nukes in the hands of Jews is not much better than nukes in the hands of the Iranians. Unfortunately many think they already have nuclear capability. By the way, being suspicious of Israeli intentions does not equate to antisemitism.

    • Michael Wugin

      Did the writer of this article Grant F. Smith visited Denver Colorado and smoked some weed that has effected his writing genius to write such a crazy story!!! Is he a liberal part of the President Obama cheerleaders squad or he is just a vicious stupid anti-Semite. I would like to know into which category he fits in?

    • Victor

      Smuggling…………….You want to survive, America? Give Neti everything he wants. or…. we too may be doomed…soon after.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Israel has already stolen 1/3 of the US nuclear arsenal and used some of it against us in 9-11 and again at Fukushima. We know who assisted the thefts, where the thefts occurred, and what was stolen. The DoE reports never made public have now been released to patriotic veterans who are experts in intelligence, communications, and weapons. These reports show that the dust from the WTC that the original source was Hanford WA where the nukes were manufactured and when decommissioned at Pantec near Amarillo TX, were stolen, smuggled through Houston, remanufactured from the w-54 plutonium pits and brought back to the US in diplomatic pouches, held at the Israeli Embassy in NYC and shortly before 9-11 delivered to the Israeli saboteurs residing in Ft. Lee NJ. There the FBI working with the Able Danger investigative team, recorded the bombs being loaded into the white vans of Dominic Suter’s Urban Moving Systems. The Israeli agents were apprehended after they had planted some of the bombs at the base of the cable anchors at the George Washington Bridge and rigged them. FBI bomb squad cut the rigging to prevent the destruction of the bridge which would have destroyed the underwater cable for national and international financial transactions and plunged the US into a financial crisis that would destroy the economy. Other deliveries were stopped at the Lincoln and Holland tunnels, the 3 trucks delivering to the World Trade Center were parked in the lot and abandoned….those are the bombs that destroyed the Twin Towers and killed almost 3,000 people….enough of the evidence for now.

    • Michael Wugin

      Did the Israeli solen the technology of the cell phone also? How stupid do u think we the American are? We deserve much more credit. If you want to be a leader in international news, than you cannot be writing trash like this!!!

    • Aaron Schmitz

      I thought Israel got nukes and/or nuke technology from the US, I had no idea they developed their own.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        They tried but they screwed up…chutzpah doesn’t work in the natural world.

    • Ted Crawford

      “Grant F. Smith is the author of America’s Defense Line: The Justice Department’s Battle to Register the Israel Lobby as Agents of a Foreign Government. He currently serves as director of research at the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington (IRmep), D.C.”

      Are we seeing the double standard again? IRmep, like MEMRI, is overtly anti-Israeli. Perhaps Grant Smith should also be registered as an agent of a foreign government; the current U.S. administration, which by the way is “coming out of the closet” as anti-Israeli. Even if the Israeli’s “borrowed” nuclear tech from the U.S., have they even so much as threatened abuse of their resulting capabilities? I would 1,000 times rather have Israel as a Mideast nuclear power than Iran or any other Mideastern country for that matter. Bibi’s got a shotgun, he knows how to use it, but he keeps it in the closet.

    • Michael Wugin

      Yahoo News at its best? You realy have nothing else to publish for the rather more intelligent USA oudience
      do u honestly believe that your readers are stupid?

    • Chris

      Congress adores and worships Netanyahu — and Washington D.C.’s senators and “representatives” don’t care about what Gentile America (97.7% of the population) thinks. The politicians need Jewish campaign money and Zionist “Christian” votes.

    • Victor

      all those idiots think just like those who said we have to investigate Elvis… and later.. John Lennon… 55% are out to lunch.

    • ronigannon

      YAWWWNNNNNN!! This story put me to sleep.

    • BearMountain15

      Another piece of garbage left wing news outfit here. Where were the 1,500 respondents from pertaining to the poll taken? Palestine? Turkey? or the Obama oval office? So what if Israel has the bomb? They will need it when Iran starts lobbing their nukes at them due to Obama’s prolonged “negotiations” which is allowing Iran to move forward on processing the missiles of death. I don’t believe this poll is legit. The way the questions are asked and who they ask them to can be manipulated as the “results” here clearly indicate. Now Obama has his minions in Israel to sway the upcoming votes for Bibi. Go Bibi. PS. I am not Jewish either.

    • Jane Hamber

      What exactly do you think these lines from the Koran mean?
      –[5:52] O yes who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for friends.They
      are friends one to another. And whoso among you takes them for friends
      is indeed one of them. Verily, Allah guides not the unjust people.
      اے وے لوگو جو ایمان لائے ہو! یہود اور نصاریٰ کو دوست نہ پکڑو۔ وہ (آپس ہی میں) ایک +++
      دوسرے کے دوست ہیں۔ اور تم میں سے جو اُن سے دوستی کرے گا وہ اُنہی کا ہو رہے گا۔ یقیناً اللہ ظالم
      قوم کو ہدایت نہیں دیتا۔
      – [4:161] So, because of the transgression of the Jews, We forbade them pure things which had been allowed to them, and also because of their hindering many men from Allah’s way.
      — [9:29] Fight those from among the People of the Book who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor hold as unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have declared to be unlawful, nor follow the true religion, until they pay the tax with their own hand and acknowledge their subjection.
      The reward of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger
      andstrive to create disorder in the land is only this that they be slain
      or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off on alternate sides, or they
      be expelled from the land. That shall be a disgrace for them in this world, and in the Hereafter they shall have a great punishment.

      • Red Fox

        Why dont you post the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
        and break that down. It is not a hoax…..

    • Observer1051

      Yeah, SURE! He smuggled 800 nuclear triggers…. let me see here, how’d he get them in order to “smuggle them”? And who was “watching them” in the first place? COULD IT BE that he was “given” the triggers by OUR GOVERNMENT?

    • Greg

      Yes, Israel should be investigated and force to open up Dimona for inspections. Otherwise, shut up about Iran. The world is tired of it.

    • ddsykes

      The better question is why did Congress fail to hold hearings after Israel attacked the USS Liberty during the ’67 war causing the deaths of 30 plus American sailors?

    • ddsykes

      It’s a fair question to be investigated. The truth is usually the last thing to be revealed as in Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty during the ’67 war causing the deaths of 30 plus American sailors. Israel never admitted publically the attack or apologized.
      Each family received 25,000 in compensation, each child over the age of 5 received 10,000. Those under 5 received nothing.
      Surviving sailors were threatened with court-martial if they discussed the event while in service.
      It is the only time America has been attacked and there were no Congressional hearings? That’s a fine boast for our government to make.

    • Red Fox

      Based on the comments on this forum alone the 55% number seems accurate

    • yafghani

      Posted by Charles
      Rabbi Weiss made a public statement stating that Jews should not have a state; that the Judaism has been hijacked by Zionists and that Judaism does not condone war.

    • laci

      Cornville you absolutely right. A lot of ignorant people do not understand how a small country face a see of Muslims

      • ddsykes

        Laci do spell check.

    • It
      can be observed that on a world SUPER-POWER basis NUCLEAR arms have created new
      RULES OF WAR and can be seen as a deterrent to full world war between the
      superpowers becaues the winners would be NOBODY!

      – I will blow you up if you blow me up – doctrine thankfully has held for a
      lifetime. Israel though… no matter how BIG it thinks… is NOT a world
      superpower but rather a small desert tribe surrounded by other small desert
      tribes that have been at religious war for thousands of years and because the
      CHURCH in these small tribes duly decides their political destinies the cult of
      war between all carries on fresh and true as a normal way of life generation to

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      –“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm
      not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as

      ― John Lennon

    • Batman


    • CathyStripeLester

      I’m sorry to say it but Netanyahu is not my idea of a righteous Jew. A lot of his “information” is false, yet he’s coming to America to try to convince our leaders to take action that may result in America getting into yet another war in the Middle East. Is that the action of a “friend”?

      There are Peaceful Israelis but they get quashed by Netanyahu’s system. Here in the USA we don’t hear their voices. Saddest of all, Netanyahu’s policies may be making Israel less safe, and our Congress seems happy to go along with it.

    • Ghost of Albert PIKE


    • yafghani

      Posted by william
      melissa i am Jewish, and ali is correct, we(Jews) made a pact with g_D if you were Jewish you would understand and not insult the man. We Jews made a pact with g_d to only return to Israel when g_d returns and rebuilds the temple. The reason why Jewish people try desperately to forget the pact is because most Jews consider themselves reform, which just means i want to call myself Jewish but not follow the commandments or the torah. CASE CLOSED.

      Posted by Everyman •
      I am not religious but this is the truth and I learned it in parochial school. The Jews were cast to the 4 winds, never to be a nation but a nation within nations, never to have a land of their own.
      The Worst Enemies of the Jews are the Jews

      Posted by Abram
      The Zionists were warned, in the Jewish Torah, not to form a state – the warning which the Euro-Zionist-wannabes threw out the window and challenged the Supreme Order in 1948, with the ongoing problematic experiment that is wreaking havoc on innocent and helpless Palestinian people. Please revisit the Torah to confirm this fact

    • yafghani

      The Zionist Jews have created a revolt against the Lord with the establishment of their state and it exists by lies thefts and murder. Satan leads them into the trap and no one can stop their terrible destiny. Before destruction they will become the most evil nation in the history of the world.

      Satan will disfigure God’s chosen by elevating them in their sins. With their backs to God they have become the synagogue of Satan. Only a handful will be saved and the strangers will inherit the Holy Land with the remainders of the Jewish people. Read Ezekiel

    • yafghani

      Soon Israel will put America into the Hell Fire of War with Iran and will cause a not repairable disaster to fall on America. By Allah this will be the case

    • I’mFrank

      I didn’t know that there were that many FOOLS in America. I don’t believe that poll.

    • BuddyEdgewood

      I find it hilarious that every time an article is written about Israel (or its prime minister) in a negative light, the anti-Semite accusers come out of the woodwork. Israel can do no wrong and anyone who criticizes anything Israeli is automatically an anti-Semite.

    • Gabriel Bodosca

      If “they” can’t get anything on you “they’re” immediately accusing you of being antisemitic, so cheap. See how many thumbs up I’ve got and how many down 24-0. People know who and what is all about you guys never been at peace with any neighbor ,why Palestine problem should be different ?

    • Ghost of Albert PIKE

      end funding

    • Ghost of Albert PIKE

      anti israel isnt antisemetic

    • Roger Kaplan

      Mnar A. Muhawesh Mnar Muhawesh is founder and editor in chief of MintPress News. Ms. Muhawesh is also a regular speaker on responsible journalism, sexism, neoconservativism within the media and journalism start-ups. She is also regularly interviewed on nationally and internationally syndicated networks like RT about the need for independent journalism and neoconservatism in the media. She started her career as an independent multimedia journalist covering Midwest and national politics while focusing on civil liberties and social justice issues posting her reporting and exclusive interviews on her blog MintPress, which she later turned MintPress into the global news source it is today. In 2009, Muhawesh also became the first American woman to wear the hijab to anchor/report the news in American media. Muhawesh is also a wife and mother of a rascal four year old boy, jugh

    • Marc Margolis

      WTF where in the word did you get these numbers from Dearborn Michigan or did you only ask people leaving Mosques?

    • Ghost of Albert PIKE

      arrest this criminal

    • 4rustin

      More of Obama’s Revenge at work. Such a very stupid idea.
      How about investigating India, Pakistan, China etc?

    • yafghani

      The Root Cause of every turmoil and blood sheds in the ME is ISRAEL.

      Israel is an illegal state. The God of Moses has prohibited the Jews to ever have an independent state but only to live within other nations. They have ignored this fact in their own Torah. They have stolen the Palestinians lands and keep murdering them, tearing down their homes and and expanding and expanding. Soon they will demand Jordan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. The Jews consider the ME as their greater Israel.

      Their history is full of cowardice, trouble making and shameful events. they made countless problems to their own Prophet Moses. They are the one who killed many prophets, put Jesus, the son of Virgin Mary, the most innocent and perfect human being, on Cross and brag about their evil. They are who slander about Virgin Mary of committing adultery and accusing Jesus as being the illegitimate son of a Roman soldier.

      They live in a miserable life in that stolen land to the extent that they fear their own shadows. According to the Islamic prophecy, the end of Israel will be by the Sword of Haqq, the Sword of Justice, the Sword of the God of Moses in the hands of Muslims. Accordingly, once the Muslims invade the present Israel, the walls, the trees, and the rocks in there will talk, by the command of God, betraying those Jews who mighty be hiding behind them to escape from the Sword of Justice. Insha-Allah, that inevitable event will come in my time. I beg Allah Azza-wa-jall to honor me not only to witness that event but also to participate in that great victory.

    • jj

      These liberal toilet bowl news outlets get more anti American by the day.

      • Ghost of Albert PIKE

        What are you talking about?

    • avenger 3

      LOL! A majority of Americans have no idea who Netanyahu is! 99.9% have no idea what nuclear tech smuggling is! And 100% never heard of mintpress news – except that Yahoo finds the need to put every far left thing on its site.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Here’s a way they can learn, avenger…

        • avenger 3

          From a small website dedicated to Jew hatred? I don’t think so.

    • Gomi-san

      If we had investigated those now elected with the same sort of ‘verve’ described in this SLANTED piece, they would not likely have been elected………..

    • Russ Barnes

      Israel is faking having a bomb—empty threat—bluff

      • Ghost of Albert PIKE

        They 200+ nukes

    • dan3333333333

      ‘A majority of Americans believe Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be investigated”

      Orchestrated lies directly from the king of lies, The Liar and Chief!

    • Mona

      Most Americans believe no such thing. This bogus poll was made by radical leftist pro-Palestinian organization known for its anti-Semitism and hatred for Israel. Apart from that, for those ignorant on the topic, Israeli nuclear technologies don’t come from America. Initially they came from France. The father of Israeli nukes Ernst David Bergmann was in fact ahead of Einstein in nuclear research in the 50s of the last century. He was missing a few formulas only which he knew the French scientists had, so he convinced Ben Gurion to sell some nuclear technologies to France in exchange for France building first reactor to Israel. This happened in the 50s and U.S. was ADAMANTLY against that deal.
      Since then Israeli scientists much improved nuclear technologies, after which U.S. decided to start cooperation. That’s the truth. The rest is BS.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        If he wishes to come here as a person, he may….as the head of another country he may not.

    • SIPP

      What a bunch of Google / Yahoo B.S.

    • marc

      Oh let me get this straight we are negotiating with the Taliban and ISIS and we are cozying up to Iran but Israel, our ally, should be investigated? IF Americans preferred Obama to Romney, a majority of Americans believe BIbi should be investigated and Liberals are causing a measle epidemic due to their fear of modern vaccines we are in big trouble. Not to mention it is those same Liberals that assure us “climate change” is the most pressing threat to national security. These developments and attitudes do not bode well for our future. Liberalism is on a dangerous trajectory. Republicans need to become more principled and consistant in the battle of ideas. We need a presidential candidate who is libertarian on econonmic and social issues but not an isolationalost on foreign policy.

      • Red Fox

        Israel only cares about itself and Jerusalem, some ally…pshh

        • marc

          So who should Israel care about? Botswana. Every country should care first and foremost about itself it is called enlightened self interest it applies to individuals also.

          • Red Fox

            true but when its at the expense of the usa then i care

            • marc

              The only solution then is for the US to hide in a box and be completely isolationalist. But when we ignored Hitler we allowed the Third Reich to take over most of Eastern and Western Europe before we started to defeat them. Appeasing and procastinating against evil only allows the Nazis in WWII and the Islamic Jihadists now to gain more territory and more power. The Obama Liberals are wrong the only recruiting tool that matters is their policy of appeasement which emboldens the Islamists. The longer we wait to defeat them the more US soldiers will have to risk their lives to protect the homeland. Like any political activity, between Democrats and Republicans or between the US and other nations you have to compromise a lesser value to get a higher value. So sometimes to get a foreign nation to help us we have to do something that helps them. Would the US agree to set up an Indian nation with Washington as its’ capital? I don’t think so. Jerusalem is Israel’s capital plain and simple end of discussion to expect Israel to act not in Jerusalem’s best interest is absurd. For the US to condemn building apartments in Jerusalem is an example of the US acting at the expense of Israel and Jerusalem. Obama believes that by appeasing the Palestinians then it will be easier to get Muslim countries to do Obama’s bidding and be less hostile to the US. This will only lead to more belligerence form the Muslim world because the US and Israel will be seen by them as weak and spineless. This attitude is like the protectionist view that “buy American” only is good for the US worker. What is good for the US worker and consumer is competition which drives down prices and stimulates innovation so the most technologically advanced products are produced. The big 3 now produce better designed cars because they have to compete with Japanese engineering. I traded in my Exporer and Thunderbird for an Acura MDX and an RL 20 years ago and have never looked back. I am helping unionized auto workers by sending a message to them that they need to produce value and that their wage and benefit demands to not match their poor work ethic. By resisting Obama’s policy of appeasing the Muslim world, especially a soon to be nuclear Iran, Israel and Bibi are helping the US by forcing the Obama Liberals and the isolationalists that you cannot evade the reality that Islam, like Christianity during the Middle Ages and the Nazis during WWII, is trying to take over the world in order to re-establish a global calipahte. Israel must stand up to the her Muslim adversaries and also resist self-serving irrational demands from the US when it acts like a bully condemning its’ ally, Israel, and appeasing its’ enemy, Iran.

              • Red Fox

                Soon enough iran may be our ally and israel not.

    • Elven Shaman

      “Netanyahu has recently announced plans to break diplomatic protocol and address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and Congress in March, 2015 without coordinating his state visit with the White House.”
      a big no no

    • Elven Shaman

      “When questioned by Israeli and Russianmedia about the smuggling affair, the Israeli Foreign Ministry denied involvement”
      we’re use to the lies

    • lawrance

      I heard Israel sent commandos to Benghazi and k while they sit back and watchilled Americans to get a war going

    • Gus Grissom

      AIPAC Jews gave us Obama in the first place. Now their puppet is turning on them.

      • Red Fox

        Aipac didnt want to admit they couldnt stop Obamas rise. They wanted Hilary.

        • Gus Grissom

          Nobody would have ever heard of Obama without AIPAC and the Jewish Media building him up!

          • Red Fox


    • Denny

      Sharyl Attckinsson is being vindicated. Just look at the number of wacky Netanyahu stories the press is coming up with. Given how lazy our press is, this information is clearly being fed from the White House. They really are a collection of corrupt thugs.

      • Red Fox

        Instead of International thugs like bibi and the gang

        • Denny

          The anti semites are out in full force this morning. It is interesting however, that they can’t refute the fact that the Obama administration cannot tolerate dissent and they are a bunch of left wing radical thugs.

          • Red Fox

            blah blah blah blah blah

            • Denny

              Very well said, well done!! You are a shining example of the brainpower that accepts such tripe! Well done!

              • Red Fox


          • Red Fox

            I consider myself more of an anti propagandist.

            • Denny

              As does Storm Front………..

              • Red Fox

                to each his own

    • armand z morgan

      Planted story

      • Red Fox

        All stories are planted just depends on by who.

    • robert mantovani

      This fact has been well known and the traitors within the USA should be brought to justice. Israel obtained all of its nuclear material from the USA and a few European countries over the decades and has a formidable nuclear force in place. Of course they want a monopoly on this weapons in that region and are against Iran or any other nation from developing them.

    • Rufusmlk

      This non-story is because Netanyahu is refusing to cower before osamaobama in order for democRATS to court the Arab vote. democRATS already get 98% if Jew’s votes, so they can throw Israel under the bus, still get 98% of Jew’s votes and seek 100% of Arab votes.

      • Red Fox

        Jews vote for both parties who do you think you are lying too.

    • Dan Peterson

      He must be investigated by the FBI, for sure.

      • Peter Miller

        You mean, Obama?

    • disciple4all

      This is liberal junk journalism! Israel does not need nuclear triggers, they have thousands of nukes and are very capable of wiping out every Muslim country on the planet in one hour. That may be part of the scenario very soon during the Great Tribulation Period. They could have used our more sophisticated bunker buster against Iran’s nuclear plants but that’s it. They just need our support. He wants assurance that we have their backs. Obama is against Israel and Netenyahu and is making every effort to thwart him at every turn and get him out of office

      • Red Fox

        thats a good thing

    • Ralph

      Wow,yahoo, now I see your “news” is a division of this whitehouse. Funny, this story must have been around since 2008. But, now, right before Netanyahu comes to the US you print this screed from some unknown magazine?, blog?, 8th grade homework assignment?

      • whiteaglesoaring

        The smuggler was caught, convicted in 1985. At the time he revealed that Bibi was involved. US government has just been playing nicey-nice because most of them are part of the Bush Crime Cabal and compromised or coopted. The arrogance of Boehner and Netanyahu was just too much, especially since Bibi is known to be a top Soviet spy and front man for the World Wide Crime Syndicate….and because Bibi was running the 9-11 scam and it’s taken a while for enough people to wake up to what really happened.

    • Brendajanetorres

      I would have guessed that this article came from Huffington Post, or or another one of those rag paper…Guess this is really a slow news day…

      • whiteaglesoaring

        You just don’t like what you see because you’ve become so familiar with having every thing your own way. But the truth is going to get out no matter whether you or your tribe likes it or not.

    • Jeff

      Where does yahoo news dig up these faux journalists? And I use the term journalists very loosely…

    • Gus Grissom

      Israel is a beggar welfare country. Beggars can’t be choosers!

    • Gus Grissom

      Tikkun Olam is going down in flames, I would jump ship to save myself if I were involved.

    • Andrew Cohen

      Good like with the FBI charging a foreign head of state. They also would need proof that he was directly involved. Ain’t gonna happen. Maybe the Anti-Semite Liberals who were polled should be concerned with our real enemy the Iranians, ISIS and Ilegals invading our country committing crimes. You do not attack your allies. Oh, I forgot this is what the Obama Administration does.

    • Peter Miller

      The author of this article is a well-known anti-Semite. His other publications are always against Israel.
      There is a lot of nonsense in this paper, and it’s clearly that it was written in coordination with the WH in an attempt to discredit Netanyahu and block his presentation in March at the US Congress. Netanyahu was invited by the Congress, so it is not his initiative; it is the initiative of the Congress which wants to know more about the danger of nuclear Iran. Obama is an apparent Muslim appeaser and he pushes on a policy which would allow Iran to develop its nuclear industry and eventually build nuclear bombs.

    • The Righteous One

      The Jew hating liberals, democrats, Nazis, and muzzy’s are out in full force. It’s ok, if the Jews from Israel are defeated. It’s only a matter of time before you STUPID IMBECILES will be bowing to mecca 5 times a day and your children will be reciting the Koran. Israel is the west’s first defense against islam you stupid people!

    • Red Fox

      I believe many of these “terrorist” attacks are instigated if not orchestrated by Israel/Mossad and blamed on the muslims for sympathy. Thats just my belief…

      • Gus Grissom

        They never seem to actually kill any Jews with their bottle rockets anyway!

    • dgotshalk

      If you do not know the history of the lists you must come from another planet.

    • Mike


      “Caltech professor claims Israeli spy infiltrated JPL” by Zen Vuong, Pasadena Star-News Nov 13, 2014″

      Case study of how U.S. taxpayer
      funded scientific technology is stolen by Israel. A trial setting
      conference is on February 24, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA.

      Physics professor at Caltech =
      Israeli research assistant sent NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory secrets
      to a top Israeli government rocket scientist in violation of federal
      law. Dr. Troian is employed as a tenured Full Professor at Caltech in

      Distinguished physicist named Dr. Sandra Troian, recruited from
      Princeton, has won numerous scientific awards, and serves on national
      and international scientific boards.

      Dr. Troian says an Israeli
      postdoctoral student blatantly violated US laws and transmitted
      information on potential space technology to Israel.

      Caltech physics professor charged a
      small group of Caltech professors and administrators ignored Israeli
      spying and theft of taxpayer-funded U.S. technology. Case describes
      subversion of one of America’s most important scientific institutions
      and robbery of USA National Technical Secrets. So high-level Caltech
      Administrators retaliated against Professor Dr. Sandra M. Troian by
      making her working conditions intolerable after she reported to the FBI
      that Israelis robbed sensitive information from the Jet Propulsion
      Laboratory violating federal export laws. Two firms filed a lawsuit
      against Caltech in LA Superior Court

      The Caltech professor says an Israeli spy infiltrated JPL.”

      Israel is our friend??? Thank again!!!

    • Gus Grissom

      The entire world hates Israel. American military attack dogs cannot kill them all, it would not be practical.

      • guliver

        Entire world?

        • Gus Grissom

          What country does think highly of Jews? Not America!

    • Gy Shen

      No, no, no, anti semitic does not scare anybody anymore given Israel’s brutal occupation of west bank!

      • guliver

        and arab terrorism against Israeli civiians?

      • Karl Pershing

        Very well said. I find more and more left wing & right wing intellectuals that have negative opinions of Jews and Israel. They can make all the Holocaust movies they want. It does not work anymore.

    • Here is another smear campaign against Israel. Shameful !!!

    • tiffiny vanvorken

      We should be so lucky as to have Netenyahu as our President.

    • I can see there is a lot of pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic socialists on this page. Must be proud of yourselves. You sure are making Hitler and Satan proud.

      • Karl Pershing

        It seems Hollywood movies have brain washed you well. Read about General Order #11 and learn what Grant did. Was Grant part of Hitler and Satan as well? Was he a Nazi?

        • First of all numbnuts, it wasn’t Grant. It was Ewing who made the order. And that has absolutely zero to do with this article. You Nazis will grasp at anything, even stupidity to push your loser agenda. We also rounded up all the scumbag Japs during WW2 too. So what. War is Hell. Don’t like it? Leave. America doesn’t hold anybody here. Door swings both ways.

          • Karl Pershing

            General Order No. 11 was the title of an order issued by Major-General Ulysses S. Grant on December 17, 1862, during the American Civil War. It ordered the expulsion of all Jews in his military district, comprising areas of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky.

            • Maybe in your Nazi books but the reality is otherwise and had nothing to do with Jews you socialist fool.

              • Karl Pershing

                I am not a socialist. What will you call me next? A communist? Karl Marx wrote the Das Kapital. For your information, he was a Jew! LOL

                By the way, the General Order you are talking about is that of 1863. The one I am talking about is that of 1862 by Grant.


          • Karl Pershing

            Try again dude. You mixed up the 1963 order with 1962 issued by Grant! A good education in history is good to correct certain wrong perceptions of reality.

    • Ryan

      anti-GENTILISM is the problem. Cavemen did not sit around their caves:
      GROK: “HEY, me hate Jews.”
      HORG: “What a Jew?”
      GROK: “Me not know …. but me hate”
      Then non-Jews sat for tens of thousands of years waiting for a Jew to come along, so we could all be mean for no reason. Sorry, what happened was Jews created a social system of Xenophobic Tribalism (look it up) wherein THEY hate all NON-Jews, and this hate of all non-Tribe members has, naturally, caused People to not like them.
      anti-semitic … that’s what they called Jesus of Nazareth in the Galilee …
      JUDAS ISCARIOT was a JEW beloved by the Temple Priests.
      Judaism is neither a race or a religion, it is Xenophobic Tribalism.
      XENOPHOBIC: n.
      A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.
      TRIBALISM: n.
      1. The organization, culture, or beliefs of a tribe.
      2. A strong feeling of identity with and loyalty to one’s tribe or group.
      Quick summation? They are the enemy of anyone who is not a TRIBAL MEMBER …… and only “tolerate” Gentiles.

    • trojanal

      Yahoo is now on my last to do list. Yahoo news has become nothing more than a sounding board for left wing lug nuts. All you see now a days is Huffington Post, Salon, VOX, MSNBC, etc. Yahoo in now much like Pravda West. No longer worth going to. This particular article by an Anti-war publication is now the norm.

    • Whizkid

      “Mint Press” was founded two years ago by a Arab that refuses to disclose who bank rolled this propaganda rag that pushes radical Arab BS as “news’. Written by hacks in the pay of whoever. The IRS and Homeland security should look into whats going on with this group.

    • john

      During world war 2 Einstein & other scientist came to the United States to help us build/understand nuclear bombs. They did that cause Germany was trying to build nuke bombs. I don’t believe the Jews need any help when it comes to NUKES/nuclear energy, they pretty much invented them. E=mc2…….

      • Gus Grissom

        History shows that Jews are great at murder. Jew Edward Teller invented the H-Bomb too.

    • Gus Grissom

      Cutting off all foreign aid = peace tomorrow in the Middle East!

    • Ryan

      under the Symington Amendment to the Foreign Appropriations Act and the Glenn Act, it is illegal for the US Government to send our tax money to any nation in possession of nuclear weapons technology that refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or allow IAEA inspections.
      Symington Amendment: Since 1976, every single penny of “aid” to Israel money has been illegal; a crime committed by the US Government against the American people. all that money the US sends to Israel is a CRIME AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Israel, a nuclear power with a not-so-clandestine weapons factory underneath Dimona, has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty despite requests to do so from both the US and UN. The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 was amended by the Symington Amendment (Section 669 of the FAA) in 1976. It bans U.S. economic, and military assistance, and export credits to countries that deliver or receive, acquire or transfer nuclear enrichment technology when they do not comply with IAEA regulations and inspections. This provision, as amended, is now also contained in Section 101 of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA).
      The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 was amended by the Symington Amendment
      (Section 669 of the FAA) in 1976. It banned U.S. economic, and military
      assistance, and export credits to countries that deliver or receive,
      acquire or transfer nuclear enrichment technology when they do not
      comply with IAEA regulations and inspections.]
      The Glenn Amendment (Section 670) was later adopted in 1977, and provided the same sanctions against countries that acquire or transfer nuclear reprocessing technology or explode or transfer a nuclear device. This provision, as amended, is now contained in Section 102 of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA).
      Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons Secret South African documents reveal that Israel offered to sell nuclear warheads to the apartheid regime, providing the first official documentary evidence of the state’s possession of nuclear weapons. The “top secret” minutes of meetings between senior officials from the two countries in 1975 show that South Africa’s defence minister, PW Botha, asked for the warheads and Shimon Peres, then Israel’s defence minister and now its president, responded by offering them “in three sizes”. The two men also signed a broad-ranging agreement governing military ties between the two countries that included a clause declaring that “the very existence of this agreement” was to remain secret. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/may/23/israel-south-africa-nuclear-weapons

    • Gus Grissom

      Americans would cheer if the Jews left for Israel. No hollywood, federal reserve, AIPAC, ACLU, or ADL would be awesome! The illegal alien schemes would end too since they are financing and organizing them.

      • guliver

        really and then “all problems of all other 300 millions citizens of America will be solved in one day , no more miseray, all blacks Chinese Portoricans Irish Italians and all rest Ameican willlive in a Pradise..specialy when all Jews who are Nobel prize recievers in old fields will leave too..

        • Gus Grissom

          No Jews = no Marxist multiculturalism scam

          • guliver

            Well now I am completly confused from one hand we accused them to be capitalists ,reach , millionaires bank owners and controlling the world, from the other hand we accusing them to be Marxiests Communists , so what are they?

            • Gus Grissom

              Hyper capitalism = Marxism = both Jew scams to enslave Goyim and wreck their nations

              • guliver

                KAPITALISM=MARXISIM in which University did you learn that?
                Hyper capitalism? what isthe social definition of that term? it does not exsist at least inthe western social science books in the western countries
                Enslave Goyim? where did you take it from “Mein Kampf” ? most probably

                • Gus Grissom

                  Marxism and Hyper Capitalism both lead to Jewish oligarchs exploiting Goyim. That’s how it works in the USA and under Jewish Marxism in the USSR. Anti-semitism was punishable by death in the USSR. Gee I wonder who was running that!

                  • guliver

                    there are Jews from Russian origin who are rich , capitalism and marxisim=communism were opposite extremities , you could not have capital in the USSR all earned the same sallary from the worker to the Proffessor,religion was not permitted neighter the Jewish or the Christian one , it is true that some leaders of the October revolution were Jews but most people were simple people who had to obay to that regime,The oligarchs have just interests to make money like all millionaires in the world and that has nothing to do with the people religion,
                    In USA you can be a millionare if you are Christian Jew or other religion as long as you do not break the law, and once you do it you finish in jail .

    • StopJobflowoverseasnow

      I guess that those who prefer not to let Netanyahu visit the US, would prefer to let hamAss leadership visit the US instead

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Hamas didn’t attack the USS Liberty and kill 34 US personnel in 1967, Israel did. The radionuclides from the demolition of the WTC has already killed 39,000 with cancer from the radiation in the dust.

        Hamas didn’t nuke us as Israel did on 9-11.

        Hamas didn’t nuke and stuxnet Fukushima, Magna BSP from Dimona did.

    • If this allegation it true, the guilt rests not with Netanyahu but with those who forbid this technology to Israel. The defense of Israel is a cornerstone of American policy. Therefore, the U. S. should assist Israel with the means to defend itself. Not to do so would be contrary to the policy.

    • Ditsy Ditz says “majority of Americans”? I think not. Maybe a majority of anti-Semitic Socialists he polled. Nothing less than Nazi propaganda here.

    • rj

      unreal OBAMA smear campaign against Israel!

    • Jayo

      I think its time we throw all the zionist Israeli supporting Jews out of America once and for all. People around the world don’t hate Jews, we all despise zionist Jews and Israel is the motherland of zionism. Jews in America are either with us as a nation or you’re riding with Israel but you can’t do both or support Israel while she’s stealing our technology to mass murder innocent people. And quit accusing anyone who doesn’t agree with a Jew as being anti-semitic. That’s hate in itself to single yourself (Jews) out as a whole because you’re not anymore special than the next guy. We’re all equals for Christ sake.

      • guliver

        Jayo making so serious accusation against my country should have bring your government to break relations with us , if you have a proof against a Jew in USA of stealing bring him to trial in front of a judge, if you can not proof it leave it, to take a citizenship from some one is a very serious act and you have to prove he harm your country , in a trial

    • Gus Grissom

      Israel killed JFK to get nuclear weapons from that traitor, LBJ. They also shot up the USS Liberty and killed dozens of American sailors.

    • GS

      As if manufacturing the krytrons was all that difficult. The only meaningful thefts would be those of “how to” information.

    • Gus Grissom

      We tolerate that terrorist pig Netanyahu and his apartheid welfare state, where is the tolerance for Tim Tebow?

      • guliver

        Our state is the sole democratic country in the M.E
        You have to learn what aphartheid is before posting.
        About the using of a ” certain words” while posting ,I preffer not answer even..

    • Anne Christian

      Well, looks like anti Semitism is alive and well. Just as the past 1,500 years have shown. Mankind will never learn. Especially the young, who only tend to listen to the loudest squeaky wheels, and believe every lying annoying squeak made against the Jews. America as a whole, owes Israel a lot. They have given us much more technology than we could ever develop on our own. The Iron Dome is just ONE of the techs. we got from Israel. Reminds me of the Hitler Era, with his hatefilled oratories, eaten up by the gullible ignorant people. Next thing coming is the biggest Lie “there was no Holocaust”. Typical brainless rant of Iran. America has already lost most of its Blessings, so may as well make it as hard on us as they can. The more anti Semitism coming from the USA; the further down the pit we fall.

    • tyler

      Why is it that whenever someone says the truth about Israel or critisizes it it’s being anti Semitic and racist.

      • guliver

        no ,you can critisize my country I my self critisize my actual government, but another thing is tosay that the Jews are to be blamed in all bad things in the world asit comes out from few posts here

    • c_centina

      without the involvement of some of the cia members, it is immposible for israel to get nuclear m

      aterial, cia members should be investigated first

    • Jack Holland

      The author of this piece of drivel is an Evil Evil person. You are laying the groundwork for the next holocaust. Arab Islamic fascists will use your writing at their pretext to exterminate the Jews in Israel once they have completed their Nuclear Weapons projects. They will not fear retaliation because they have 50 countries while the Israeli’s have only one. The hate literature of anti-semitism has a notorious history. The author of the “Protocols of the learned elders of Zion” has the blood of Six Million innocent men women and children on his hands. How many murders will you have to answer for when your so called Truth leads to mass genocide. May god have mercy on your evil soul.

    • Nighthawk 572

      Well duh, the USA let’s these devices to be made. Only a nuclear nation or one seeking nukes would want them. So who do you think buys them? If you want to stop the smuggling, do not let the companies make the stuff in the first place.

    • Jeff

      Really? How about investigating the Obama administration for Fast and furious, Benghazi, and a whole bunch of other weapons smuggling not to mention a bunch of other crap!!!

    • Last Sane American

      And the wannabe news blogs run to Oliar’s aid once again. And stupid Jews support the liberals. Will be nice when they get wiped off the planet because of who they have supported all these decades now.

      • guliver

        Well now comes something new;when tey support their President Obama it is bad they are bad people, when they support the Republicans they are “bad Jews” who harm America ,it is a win win situation no matter which side they take they are consider to be bad

    • Truth-be-known

      More leftist anti-semitism by the supposedly unbiased media !!

    • Janet Anderson


    • Palisade

      Not even worth reading – you are racist against Israel. That’s all you are. A bunch of racist. and hypocrites.

    • Henry Washburn

      If it were not for the Jews there would be no theft in America……….

      • guliver

        of course put all Jews in USA in KZ and suddenly at once the American police will have o work….
        amazing…how did not the leaders of that nation think about it before…

      • Last Sane American

        Aren’t you the moron in here

    • I.Pee Daly

      Stop with the racist crap! Israel is in a very precarious situation since Obama threw it under the bus. She is surrounded by many hate-filled Muslim countries, and we all know what Muslims do. I can’t say that I’ve agreed with everything Israel does, but I never thought I’d live to see the day when the U. S. would abandon her. Shame on Obama! Oh, and I’m an Evangelical Christian.

    • Daniel Paulitska

      that jew SOB should be forced to let us inspect his nuclear arsenal and nuclear programs – who the hell does Israel think they are – if they tell us to take a hike again we should pull our over 6 billion a year aid to them. the inspections work both ways but Israel only thinks anyone they don’t like should have inspections while they continue to tell us to go F ourselves. it is funny that Iran allows inspections and is a member of the nuclear club but Israel continues to stand alone – really, who the hell is the enemy here ??

    • Henry Washburn

      It;s abouth fuking time.

    • Mandy Greene-Lamica

      The poll was commissioned by the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep). There’s an unbiased source for you. How about polling from an independent, objective source?

    • chasdurham

      once china becomes wealthier than america , 95 percent of jews will move there.lets see if chinese can be bought like americas congress, the most corrupt in history…

      • guliver

        so we come to the old anti semitic say:” the Jews with their money controll the world..”
        it is not about Israel it is about the “world domination by the Jews” and it even does not matter that most Jews voted for Obama,
        well the truth for all this come as oil on water surface

    • dgotshalk

      Yahoo, Aljazeeragore, and PBS

      should be controlled by homeland security.
      I note an extreme leftist anti American anti semetic tone to these sites.

      • Karl Pershing

        Anti Semitism is NOT anti Americanism. All patriots of all nations do not like Jews. Read about General Order #11 and learn what Grant did during the civil war. The Jewish control of information ( media ) is diminishing. It is a matter of time before Americans wake up.

        • guliver

          well and what is needed Mr.Pershing in order to reach the “final solution?” why do not complete your briliant theory….

          • Karl Pershing

            The “final solution” was the idea of an insane madman.

        • dgotshalk

          When you start to go down the list the Jews are just one of many. I prey you are also on it. I betcha you are?

          • Karl Pershing

            There is no such thing as a list.

    • Hillaey

      Looks like the obama media is really trying to support the muslim causes

      • Karl Pershing

        The greater threat to the United States is Israel. Not inferior Muslims.

    • Mark Bernadiner

      Investigate those who provide payment to palestinian thugs for killing Americans:

      Over 700 hundred Americans have been brutally killed (and over 1600 wounded) by palestinian islamofascists over several decades while American government has provided them, and still do, with financial support (over $400M/Y) from American taxpayers pocket. Palestinian administration uses American aid for monthly payments to terrorists. In 2010, two palestinian thugs raped and stubbed to death American Christian girl Christine Logan, they were arrested by Israeli security forces, but American government has been short to request their extradition for prosecution. On the top of these, Nidal Hasan who killed 13 and wounded 32 in Fort Hood American army base in 2009; and Naser Jason Abdo who was plotting attacks on American army personnel in Fort Hood in 2012 are Palestinian muslims.

      According to KGB documents, Arafat and Abbas were involved in development and implementation of the plan for assassination of US President John Kennedy and US AG Bobbi Kennedy.

      On 1 January 2007, Caroline Glick published an article in the Jerusalem Post that reports on a just-released US State Department cable from 33 years ago which demonstrates that the US State Department — the organ officially responsible for determining US foreign policy — knew that Yasser Arafat’s (now Mahmoud Abbas’s) Al Fatah, the controlling core of the PLO, was behind the deaths of US diplomats in Khartoum in the same year of 1973.

    • Clint

      Netanyahu is a criminal in many more ways than most can or even attempt imagine.

      Most world leaders can’t stand him because they know what ever comes out of his mouth means…nothing. Time has already proven he is a pathological liar.

      Fortunately Americans are becoming more aware of the long history Israel has had in spying and stealing military and industrial secrets from our beloved America while claiming a “friend” status.

      The attack on our USS Liberty, The Rosenbergs who gave the secrets to the Bomb to both Israel and the Soviets, and the Jonathan Pollard case……these are acts that true blue friends don’t do to other friends.

    • Rhino Horns

      Israel can do any ole thing they want. More power to ’em.

    • Gabriel Bodosca

      Yes , we caught him with his pants down once again,how many time Bibi ??? Pay the price now !

    • riverman

      Just accept the fact that Bibi was invited, and will speak…like it or not. You won’t have to listen, anyway.

    • Darin Harvey

      They are rumors that the “Mossad” distribute to each Capitol of the world Few “Nukes” Just in case,the Antisemitic
      Open there filthy Mouth,In order to shut them up once and for All, Personally,I am all for it…”NEVER AGAIN” Long live Holy Israel…Be careful..!! Israel is Not aToy to play with..m/f.

    • redstone1

      Same old anti-Semitic bull 55% of Americans couldn’t agree on what fast food they like!

    • Ed

      Freedom of press is a good thing. I wish we had more of it. Let the him get investigated. He shouldn’t worry if he is innocent-nor should anyone else here in the US (if they are American, of course).

    • Don

      It’s what those people do….take what is not theirs. And by any means possible.

    • x_triplexxx

      They should ban his entry into the USA. He is a war monger that will drag the US into a deadly confrontation with Russia over Iran. WWIII – thanks to Israel.

    • TALON101

      This isn’t true. Written by antiwar.com. Might as well be written by the Iranian news bureau.

    • Jacob Mathews

      We have ISIS supporters in US? Never knew that we have 55% who support terrorists. The sleeper cells are coming alive.

    • Red Fox

      Hopefully Obama sends an f35 to buzz his plane before he lands.

      • guliver

        Generally when two countries do not agree on some matters the reduce diplomatic relations or even break up their relations, I do not think we reached that point

        • Red Fox

          How can they agree that Netanyahu is a clear and present danger to the USA.

          • guliver

            The USA is acting according its own interests ,I do not think that the American administration will accept any harm to its national interests

            • Red Fox

              our congress is corrupt

              • guliver

                a very serious accusations , but you can decide in your elections to correct it?

                • Red Fox

                  I am only one vote, thats why I spend my time here trying to persuade the masses.

                  • guliver

                    Also I am one vote I try to explain my opinion on the conflict as a civilian , and pray for the future of all people in our region

                    • Red Fox

                      I doubt you are a civilian but whatever

                      • guliver

                        well in I am

                      • Red Fox

                        what was that?

    • David Nordling

      Yahoo news is nothing but a clone of ABC News both are members in good standing with the Libtard news network and Obamacon.

    • Ron Rapp

      The poll taken is funded by oil rich Arab country’s, has no scientific merit, and proves that this author has an agenda. If you think the US doesn’t know about Israel’s programs then I have land to sell you in the North Pole.

    • Interested american

      So is this just another round of obama-inspired trash talk about netanyahu before his congressional address? Seems like the obummer brown nosers just won’t give up. Sad.

    • efd271

      Netanyahu should be incestigated for Espionage, War Crimes, Crimis Against Humanity and Copy Right Infringemnt with the Bullwinkle & Rockey likness bomb.

      When Netanyahu extends his hand to the US Congress, the authorties should slap the cuffs on his wrists.


      “I know what America is,” Netanyahu told a group of terror victims, apparently not knowing his words were being recorded. “America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won’t get in their way.”

      Netanyahu also bragged how he undercut the peace process when he was prime minister during the Clinton administration. “They asked me before the election if I’d honor [the Oslo accords],” he said. “I said I would, but … I’m going to interpret the accords in such a way that would allow me to put an end to this galloping forward to the ’67 borders. How did we do it? Nobody said what defined military zones were. Defined military zones are security zones; as far as I’m concerned, the entire Jordan Valley is a defined military zone. Go argue.”

      Washington Post July 16, 2010

    • nicolnp04

      What’s new in all this story ? We all know Israel HAS nuclear weapons and is not part of the Treaty for Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons. They need to replace the old triggers, so they do what they have to do. Netanyahu is a great jew, nevertheless a BIG liar. And we are BIG fools believing he is committed to piece in the region. He is committed to supremacy only.

    • Ron Rapp

      Yellow journalism at its best. Who discovered nuclear fission? Einstein a Jew. Who was instrumental in building the first nuclear bomb that ended the Second World War and saved thousand of American lives by way of the Manhattan Project? Einstein a Jew. Who has nuclear weapons since the early 60’s and never used them? Israel. Who’s is surrounded by a billion Arabs who have sworn to destroy them and the 6 million Jews living there? Israel. Having nuclear weapons tend to even the playing field when it comes to Islamist hate. There is no moral equilivence between hatful regimes like Iran and Israel as this malicious article suggest.

    • Boris

      Yesterday there was news that Netanyahu stealing empty bottles from the government and sells them.
      Smear attack – obamist answer to Israel for disobedience.

    • SparkyTheWonderDog

      IRMEP is a hardcore leftwing anti-Jewish organization and is proven to make up its own commentaries which are based solely on its ideology, having nothing to do with facts, truths, and accuracies. Ignore this article report. It is fake. That is proven.

    • stamres

      lets see if i have this right, Mr. Smith who has written a number of anti Israeli articles, is currently Director of the Rmec, a notably anti Israel group, the end justify s the means ?? wonder where they get their funding ? You can take a poll and rig the questions to get the answer that you want, and i would guess that this is what they did in this case. i would guess that 95% of the American public have never heard about this.Since most of the world would agree that Israel has had nuclear weapons for over 40 years, why would one of the worlds leading technological countries NEED to steal this technology ?? Something with the ( so called) ARTICLE DOESN’T PASS THE SMELL TEST and only is good to feed the rising tide of antisemitism – anti Israel rhetoric around the world

    • Red Fox

      The FBI was always a counter to the terrorist Israel. McCarthy tried to out them all but unfortunately they sabotaged his efforts by publicizing his trials. After that it was all down hill as the CIA regained complete control over the government.

    • Tom Paine

      Israel has a right to defend itself, but Israel is a wealthy nation who continually freeloads off the already overburdened US taxpayer.

      Now, to be fair, many other nations also freeload. And since the US has a huge deficit and has people in need, all foreign welfare should end. But if a US citizen is concerned about other nations, feel free to donate yourself.

    • James Thompson

      Israel is treating America like a stupid rich uncle who will stand for anything.
      That’s what we are.

      • guliver

        USA is a super power but Israel is a very tiny country in very tuff neighbourhood.
        our survival is important to us that must be understood by evey forgein leader and yes we are determined to defend ourself by our people.

        • Red Fox

          Israel is nothing more than a runway to us. If we were still friends with iran we wouldnt even need them.

          • guliver

            need? USA is a super power it decided about its forgein policy ,about the diplomatic relations with us you may ask your President he visited our country as a Senator and also as a President,

    • rudeawakening

      no doubt it is 55% of a “special” group of Americans, shameful what they do

    • Herman Neiman

      Israel is totally dependent on the U.S. for its existence and would never and could never do that without the U.S. compliance. Obviously if true we have been aware of this for many many years. Why should it come up know under the Obama administration. The only president who was and is very pro Arab. From the pentagon to congress and the senate all see him as almost dangerous to the survival of our country. He refuses to recognize or confront our enemies.

    • Katie

      As an American when I ask myself whom interest should I consider first USA and Israel. Answer is Crystal clear ……certainly USA. Israel has done so many things… you name it … that actually lower our image both national and international arena. Recently, Speaker of the house invites him ………my question to Mr. speaker, please ask the people of the United States before putting President of Israel over president of the United states. Tell us one I stressed ONE example where Israel did good for USA.

    • Bahram Andisheh

      Double standard
      Iran vs. Israel

    • tom

      A majority of American my axx, never even heard of the non-sense until this propaganda article, how do you people sleep at night with your bull.

    • Thomas Taylor

      So Katie Couric and yahoo news, have answered team obomber’s call, to attack Netanyahu. In just one day, Yahoo news cherry picks her anti-Isreal news.
      1. nety and Bush, planned out a hit on Hezbolollah leader–just a month after ther bomber to office, was the attempt made
      2. Netys’ wife has been stealing return bottle money
      3. Nety needs investigated for nuclear weapons crimes
      4. Nety is accused of election crimes.
      Don’t know why the bomber hates jews. and is afraid to let Nety talk to congress and the american people. but We will find out

      • guliver

        1.eliminate the snake head Nasralla i needed.
        2.His wife may break the law and if he fail to elected it will be because of his social policyhere.
        3.Net. did the right thing in the last war, about this we all agree opposition and coalition.
        4.the terrorists are Hamas and Hizbolla

    • Eddie85

      It’s just a matter of time before the Obama Administration declares an alliance with ISIS, Iran and the Taliban, like they already have with Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood.

      What have we done to ourselves by electing this monster . . .

      • Red Fox

        The american people elected him after waking up to 10 trillion in debt because of “YOU PEOPLE”

    • Morteza Malek

      Authorities and CIA know about most of them since long time. But existing Tensions between US , Zionists and specially BIBI fuelsit for achiving their goals . But lie and produce False documents to argue and Opress other cleaner nations.

      In 1967 during Arabs war with Zionists which then many Palestinian and Syrian landa Occupied by Zionists. US navy ship in International water which only viewing the conflict , was hit and sunk by their most dear close allie Zionist.Many US navy personel were dead. Authorities had hidden it from their own dear nation for years, even now most Americans , do not know , how much they have suffered and suffering nowfrom their close allie. Also the present CRISIS and terrors in the middle East, US ( 9/11) and Europe has root in these conflicts 1967 and occuping other nations land. Whixch US is full aware of it , but supports invader and terrorists.If US really believe, they never negotiate with terrorists, the they should cut their ties with their close allie and stop their own terrorist activities. Followings are 3 links for US negotiation with their terrorist frien Taliban, to free a Criminal US as supported and required by another criminal in US and Zionists lobby.




      US has no dignity in front of Zionists , and due to US unfair support for the Zionists, most nations hate US now, and do not like US as before.All these terrorist activities , 9/11 France as well as risk to all of our lives are the consequences for US unconditional support for Terrorist which are Zionists. Most Congress man are paid lots of cash by their lobbies , to Support their Brutal action. US authorities are more frighten of a Small group of Zionists than N. Korea which a country with different mind than US. All just because of money. LAWS are bout by under table money to those in US to support them. If it stops , and no flow of Black Mail and money, thjey will not support Zionists Evil actions.

    • Eddie85

      On January 16, 2015 Barack Obama condoned a gross breach of diplomatic protocol. He allowed visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron to appeal directly to a number of U.S. Senators to reconsider their support for a bill imposing new tough sanctions on Iran.

      Cameron explained he was not instructing the senators but simply informing them, presumably of what they might otherwise not have known, that the UK believed that stronger sanctions or threat of sanctions would not be helpful in bringing negotiations on nuclear issues with Iran to a successful conclusion. Perhaps at breakfast that morning Cameron was reading Psalm 105 which directed him to “bind his princes at his pleasure and teach the senators wisdom.”

      The White House compounded this undiplomatic behavior by sanctimonious comments about the intended visit to the U.S. of another prime minister. An unnamed “senior American official” and also Josh Earnest, the White House spokesperson, called the invitation by House Speaker John Boehner to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address the U.S. Congress on the subject of Iran, a “departure from protocol.”

    • VicAnk

      If there is one monster on this planet that should be fully investigated and prosecuted to the full extend of the law (including International Law) for the numerous crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity, numerous false flag terrorist acts along with genocide it is definitely Mr. Bibi (the former furniture salesman) Netanyahu himself, but not only by the FBI, but also the ICC. I just can’t understand why those in Washington allow this known terrorist anywhere near the White House and our U.S. Capitol. Is the U.S. Secret Service sleeping at the switch again?

    • Marcus Taber

      Remember any criticizing of anything jewish automatically makes it anti-Semitic. Call the ADL. lol

    • Eddie85

      Poll: Obama Should be Investigated For Nuclear Weapons Tech Smuggling To Iran

      Obama: I vowed that Iran will not be allowed to have nuclear weapons. . . .

      I vowed that if you like the health care plan you have you can keep it. No matter what.
      I vowed that if you Like Your Doctor, You Can Keep Your Doctor. Period.
      I vowed that Obamacare will cost less than your monthly cell phone bill.
      I vowed that Obamacare will save your family $2,500 a year in premiums
      I vowed that I’m gonna slash those VA wait times & backlogs
      I vowed that I’m going to start working with congress
      I vowed that Sequestration will cost a million jobs (CBO claims one (1) job was lost)
      I vowed that I didn’t set a red line.
      I vowed that I am not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage.
      I vowed that “The War on Terror is over”
      I vowed that the sequester is not something that I proposed.
      I vowed that we don’t have a domestic spying program
      I vowed that the Health Care Package will pay for itself
      I vowed that we shouldn’t Mandate the purchase of health care

    • Ormar

      As always willing to break Laws rules and protocols but don’t ever do that to him! Nuttyyahoo should never be allowed into the USA he is worse than the Mafia ever was. All the anti-Semitic BS is coming out now. Pollard shows where these Jews can be trusted and their selling of Pollards info to the Russians shows Jews of Zion are not to be trusted! The Pali’s were never at war with anyone till the Zionist Jews started invading Palestine!

    • Rob Gilbert

      who did they poll the white house staff

      • Red Fox


    • minuteman3d

      News being made up again most likely at the behest of BHO to try to get back at Netanyahu for not clearing his visit to Congress with his magisty.

      • Red Fox

        About time! Taste of his own medicine! Je Suis American.

    • Red Fox

      Obama its time to take the gloves off with this jerk. Refuse his plane entry into US airspace. The speaker may control the house but not the sky.

      • guliver

        this “jerk” was elected democraticly inmynation.
        you may invite him or reject him as you wish.
        but he represent right now our country for good or for bad.
        elections wil takeplace in a few weeks.
        I will vote for the Labour partyas allways did.

        • Red Fox

          I didnt vote for him.

          • guliver

            you did not vote for whom?

            • Red Fox

              the war mongrel.

              • guliver

                where do you live?

                • Red Fox

                  next to you.

                  • guliver


                    • Red Fox

                      on the other side

                      • guliver

                        Hey man where do you live?

        • Red Fox

          Right now hes doing more harm than good and you are too stupid and blind to see it. I have never seen the level of public hatred towards the jewish people since this war monger started ratcheting up tensions.

          • guliver

            We are not stupid and not blind , an election will take place on 17.3.15 I will vote for the Labour party and hopefully will be able to get his party out of post, we vote for a party and every party got its own Agenda ,I do not like the Likud Agenda but I still respect the decision of the people, saying that I will support the Labour party.
            Hateness towards Jews exsist allready for 2500 years and it is called anti semitism .it xsisted before the creation of Israel and come out in every occasion in which one can blame the Jews,
            Most Jews in USA supported Obama so when you say that Net caused tis hatness to Jews I do not buy it

            • Red Fox

              like I said, I have never seen the public levels of hate so high . Thats just me. Someone who lived 200 years ago might have a different viewpoint.

              • guliver

                You must know better then me as you might live in the USA ,therefore I did not understood your answer :”I did not vote for him” you may vote for your President and we will vote for our next government.
                Antisemitism is a sickness hate towards Jews and has noting to do with Israel , it exsisted 2500 years before Israel became a state

                • Red Fox

                  so you say

    • stoplyin7722

      Quit with WWII B S. This now and this happening to to America. Being If the suckers is a spy and proof is had . Slam the sucker. Other wise American are the sucker. Speaker of the House has been punk by AIPAC.

      • Red Fox

        the speaker is a spy in cahoots. Look at the last election, you think they won that fair and square?

    • Alan


    • nathan canaan

      As I read all the pros and cons about the israel’s stealing, no-one mentioned the fact that they are stealing from all of us, citizens of the USA. Whether you are a christian,moslem, chatolic, or jew, you are an AMERICAN first.This by itself is a treasonous offence, let alone netanyaho comeing here!

    • Alan

      This is political payback from The white

      • Red Fox

        Hopefully more to come. I am an American. support the USA president not some foreign bafoon vying for world domination.

    • lighthouse333

      The Jews/Israel is the problem for world peace. They are the one we should be investigated and monitored. Nazibibi and holohoax excuse to do the same to the Palestine. Palestine people have nothing to do with holohoax that the Jews claimed that 6 millions of them died in gas chambers. The records show only 278,000 Jews and not even one had died in gas chambers. Where is the evidence? No one can investigate the holohoax, they don’t let no one questions anything about holohoax…because they lied. The Catholic, the Russian, and others European died and exceed 60 millions and they don’t dare to mention it… because they are liars. They made up story and steal the Palestine land. The Zion-Jews-Masonic bankers cartel rob and control the whole world. We need to wake up and take back our country away from them.

    • Eddy

      Majority of Americans have no idea who Netanyahu is.

      • kevin

        You’re wrong. The majority of americans correctly know that natenyahu is a war criminal and a maniac.

        • guliver

          Netanyaho did the right thing in the last war ,though I do not agree with his forgein policy

    • dh

      “Majority of Americans”, where did you take this survey, in your mind?


      OMG. Here it comes Israel! Obama & the Obama mainstream media at it’s best again. Obama “implementing” his threat of “making Israel pay” for the Bibi upcoming speech. Obama is so anti-Israel, anti-America and soo pro-UN/Iranian/World Court, pro Muslim Jihadist and Obama’s true colors are now plain to see, for all who are not UN/Iran lovers or Obama Drones, eager to change the World into a elitist-working class social order. Obama, the destroyer of America and who will soon be at the UN/New York, destroying the “World”, in the same manner he is destroying America. Poor young Americans, you have a real bleak future ahead of yourselves & your families, with Obama.

      • kevin

        Obama’s only job is the be pro-american. As an american, I could care less if he is anti-israel.

    • jblvcegda

      Seldom does an article reflect such an anti-Semitic Bulshyt point of view!

      • kevin

        truth hurts, I know.

    • tom atkinson

      This Mint Press News seems to be a little bit dicey and according information available on the internet its reliability is in question as well as who is behind mint press. Strange!

    • Mr. Six

      Mint press is just another left wing rag.

      • kevin

        he might be a left wing rag but the truth is the truth

    • Jamal Sheik


      • bob

        Israelis have the right to defend itself against anyone but they need to live side by side with palestenians their brothers.

    • tom atkinson

      What BS!

      • kevin

        truth hurts!

        • tom atkinson

          Whose truth?

    • bob

      I love Israelis but no nukes. they dont need em. They are smarter than that.

    • SoundMind

      Polls aren’t reliable as a source of truth. Mr. Netanyahu defends his country and its boundaries. He retaliates when enemies kill his countrymen. I wonder what that’s like…

      • kevin

        the moron can only pick on defenseless people like the palestenians. he is no defender.

        • SoundMind

          You call *defenseless* those who lob rockets at Israel without provocation? Even after those enemies declare a *cease fire* which, in reality, only allows them time to restock their munitions? Ha!

          • kevin

            first off, the palestenians in the west back are not armed and yet they are having their houses torn down and their family members kicked out and replaced by jew only settlements. Second, as far as the gaza war, a blockade is an act of war. hamas can launch as many rockets as it needs in order to get the blockade lifted. Learn to think before posting a dumb comment.

            • SoundMind

              Rockets are being launched from private residences in the West Bank, so they’re legitimate targets.

              • kevin

                are you a moron dude? launched from the west bank? they are being launched from gaza!

                Again, think before you post a comment.

          • Ludlow Porch

            You GO Girl! “Those that Bless My People, I will also Bless.” — Jehovah God!

            • SoundMind

              At least Israel is aware that there is much support for her within the U.S. even though U.S. leadership seeks her muslim-like demise.

        • Ludlow Porch

          There is no such thing as a “defenseless” Palestinian!

      • Ludlow Porch

        Just ask the Egyptians! The Egyptians are PRO Israeli, they will ally with Israel against any of their enemies! Egypt became “believers” during the Six Day War with Israel.

        • SoundMind

          Yes, and I notice how the Egyptians are now coming under vicious attack by ISIL. Seems Israel is methodically becoming surrounded by those who wish her annihilation.

    • Bill Lock

      I support Israel every chance I can, but I support the USA more. I feel that Bush and Obama have disrupted the middle east beyond repair, and that living in the middle of the middle east with ‘natural’ enemies is a constant battle for survival for Israel. It seems the Muslims are all worried about Israel when ISIS, BOKO Harem are slaughtering people at an alarming rate with no vocal outrage. Even though there is tension with Israel and the USA right now, they are still our best ally in the region. If you are a Jew hater, just say it instead of beating around the bush and fabricating reasons that could justify alienating Israel. If Israel falls, the Muslims will be in a much stronger position to impose their will on you next.

      • kevin

        israel is supporting the terrorists in the middle east. ever notice that these ISIS and al-nusra front terrorists never release a video wanting to target israel or have even targeted israel?

    • unknown

      But he is our best ally. That is how our corrupt congress has brain-washed all of us here in America.

    • Tracer Wayne

      “Most Americans”…..baloney. Obama should be investigated as an enemy sympathizer and traitor, as well as his entire cabinet.

    • chuck

      Sheik Obama rails against Congress for inviting Netanyahu to speak – yet the sheik just hosted a state department meeting of ALL THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD LEADERS IN THE WORLD! After this meeting they declared Jihad, especially against the Egyptian government, no doubt with Sheik Obama’s declarations of support.
      WAKE UP AMERICA> We have a muslim brotherhood, sunni, in the white house caliphate.
      He is alienating us from both Egypt and Israel-
      OUR CIA is headed by John Brennan- also a muslim, recently converted.
      We place sanctions on Russia for aggression towards another country- yet sheik Obama just approved of Jihad against Egypt. Should he be sanctioned?
      And don’t forget- the ISIS is openly selling their oil…making millions every day to fund their Jihad….where are the sanctions against them.
      This sheik/president is slowly selling us down the river.

    • Tom Tucker

      Never trust a jew is the best policy.

    • Morteza Malek

      Authorities and CIA know about most of them since long time. But existing Tensions between US , Zionists and specially BIBI fuelsit for achiving their goals . But lie and produce False documents to argue and Opress other cleaner nations.

    • kevin

      slowly but surely israel is being exposed for the liability it is to the US. israel should immediately be cut off and a wanted list should be placed on all of its military officials and elected leaders (including the traitors at the white house and congress).

    • clayartist

      oh, what a bs fake poll.

    • ginger

      Personally, I don’t love or hate Jews. They are OK, just like other groups of people are.

    • David Garon

      We must settle down here (and I should follow my own advise) – keep in mind that this is a “pole” of 1,500+, hardly an credible sampling of Americans. Also keep in mind the source of this information – “Mint Press News”. Ever hear of them before this? I didn’t think so.

    • biju

      His cartoon is very creative. Someday it will be sold on Ebay.

    • ginger

      Netanyahu is loved in the USA. He is not admired by aliens (non Americans) though.

    • Eyal Lieber

      Somebody asked a question and I think I have one answer :
      Q – how come the Jews and Israel is so hated and most people think they are wrong wrong wrong.(and wish them dead)
      Answer – lets talk about two different opinions of any two kinds people anywhere , and lets look this as numbers :
      1. people #1 have their opinion and they strongly believe in their truth, they are 8 million people expressing their side of the argument.
      2. people #2 are a thousand times more people , and strongly believe in their truth (which is killing people #1, erasing them off the face of the earth for ever) these billion people are expressing their opinion to the rest of the world.
      Now, most human beings, we listen to other peoples opinions and basically repeat what we hear – if we agree with it, it is now our opinion.
      By numbers only people #2 – their opinion and truth is heard many many time more than people #1 right ?
      So numbers show this is why you all hear so much stuff from one side and hear only a little bit from the other.
      I solute people who can side with good over evil even if its not the popular opinion of the rest of the world,
      these kind of people should be our leaders. We believe Netanyahu is one of these people.

      • ginger

        Q – how come the Jews and Israel is so hated and most people think they are wrong wrong wrong.(and wish them dead)
        A – what you say is wrong. Israeli Government people come up with this question in order to focus the world discussions on Israel. Most people do not think of Israel much, other then when it is pushed by the media under our noses. Israel has the same population as small countries like Ireland, Switzerland and New Zealand. These countries do not even feature in international discussions. The three countries are only different than Israel in that they are neutral, peaceful and are not part of the “West”.

    • jlb74a .

      Obomo the clown should be investigated for islamization of America…. Obomo, Biden, Kerry.. three stooges.

    • SOS

      I guess this is the site where all the Muslims post their hateful post.
      Didn’t Barack promise to help Darfur??
      Didn’t Barack Promise to help Haiti.
      What has Israel done that upsets so many Liberals??
      They didn’t try to park a 747 on the 80th floor.
      They didn’t assassinate Bobby Kennedy.
      They didn’t blow up French and German cafes or shopping centers targeting US troops
      That would be The Muslim Brotherhood and all of it’s deranged children.
      Yet here you dimwits are blaming the wrong person, again.


      CORRECTION (AIPAC) American Isreali Political Action Committee.

    • Walter Feit

      Q. How can you tell if a Jew is guilty?
      A. He yells Anti-Semitism when you accuse him.

    • Otto Moll

      Israel is constantly spying on the United States. Israel is not an ally of the US. The US needs to start treating Israel like the enemy that it is.

    • Joe

      Hey look, here comes all the paid Israeli interns to fill up the article with “omg anti-semite ;_;” comments.

    • Jack Scarpon

      Israel has Nukes since the 60’s!!! never needed anything from the US for them, and never will!
      This story is a Bunch of lies concocted by the same liars who flood the world media daily!!

    • pr0n

      $3 billion in direct aid, and another $2.8 billion in “military financing” by the defense department, EVERY YEAR… that means that every Israeli gets the equivalent of $2,000 dollars extra to his yearly wage from US TAXPAYER MONEY… why are my taxes being given to some Jew in Jerusalem? I rather they go to help Americans in AMERICA!!!!

    • BudD

      Anytime we are critical of a Jew we are labeled anti-semitic. We dare not make a negative comment about Israel or the Zionist thugs that run it. We dare not question the overwhelming influence of “our” army of Zionist Jews occupying key cabinet posts and elected positions in D.C. Obviously the Zionist controlled media may proclaim success knowing full well that its propaganda has brainwashed many, if not the majority, of Americans that believe the Jewish Zionists are innocuous bedfellows that share our Christian values and scruples Wake up and see truth shrouded by the cleverly disguised subterfuge of these secular heathens. Be courageous and voice your dissent.

    • Eyal Lieber

      Netanyahu (for most Israelis) is a man who put his life on the line to protect our people from the terror attacks of the whole Arab nations, as a young commander in the most elite army commando unit of Israel. Gave his life for the good of his people !!! I respect him for that, but that was just his beginning .
      By the way , his brother was the one in command of the raid of Entebe,Uganda raid – and died on this mission – which was of Arab terrorists kidnapped a whole plane full of Jews to freaking Uganda and Israel sent the army commandos to Uganda to save our people. Any way his brother gave his life and died on that raid by a terrorist.
      Most Israelis trust and agree with Netanyahu decisions as a wise and experienced Prime Minister, he was voted by majority of Israeli Jews. He represents us , which I don’t feel I can say about Obama and you.
      About the nuclear bomb, I feel , since you democrats and the rest of the world , really, would not mind us Jews erased off the face of the earth, (and I understand this) I feel that an Israeli nuclear bomb is our “insurance card” from massive attacks and annihilation from the Arab world, these days mostly from Iran (who controls two terror armies on both borders of Israel).
      We know for a fact that because our enemies know ,at the moment , that they can not kill us because we are stronger, keeps them from a mass war, and the bomb helps avoiding this annihilation – and it will not be used by Israel unless Iran will have their bomb and use it on us. (but this is only my private opinion about that)

    • Bodine Bodine

      More left-wing, Israel bashing bigotry from the liberal media that whines all day and accuses others of bigotry! It would appear that the log in the liberal eyeball is so big that they can’t even see their own hypocrisy. It’s no surprise me at all what passes for news at Yahoo. “MintPress News?” Give me a break. This is nothing more than a left-wing blog site!

    • wing_ding

      Ok, so he should be investigated but what about the criminals who actually did the ‘deed?’

    • mark woods

      You have it right on the money. This puke face needs to go away and hide under a rock with cosby. They are both sociopathic morons with no sense of morality. No more american supplied bullets bombs and money to kill palestinians and others he does not care for. To sit there with his finger on the trigger of tens or hundreds of nukes himself while claiming Iran is the big evil threat to the world just does not pass the smell test. Jewish influence needs to be removed from american government. They have stolen our government so it now represents their philosophy. There can never be peace as long as they are in control. They will fight all these wars to the last american soldier. They are behind all this destruction and killing and it needs to stop. Our president finally is getting something right and i applaud him for it.

    • steve

      I am not sure which is more idiotic, the biased “poll” or the fact Yahoo News carried such a steaming pile of dung.

    • boatops

      Israel is NOT our friend! Remember the USS Liberty! Call for a Benghazi type investigation into the USS Liberty Attack! http://www.ussliberty.org/index2.html

      • Harry A

        Is that the best YOU can DO!
        Attack a friend of the US. The ONLY ally in the Middle East.
        You ignore the fact that accidents happen.

        Will YOU demand an investigation into the US also causing an unintentional attack on other countries?!
        I doubt it!

        REMEMBER 9/11!
        REMEMBER the USS COLE!
        REMEMBER the 241 US Marines killed in Beirut!
        REMEMBER the 50 embassy employees killed in Beirut!
        REMEMBER Boston!

        • boatops

          Remember them all but, don’t forget to REMEMBER the USS Liberty ATTACK, Where Israel Knowingly Attacked the USS Liberty in International Waters, even Machine Gunning Life Rafts put in water for the 174 US Servicemen wounded by the Attack by Israel!! Machine Gunning Lift Rafts is a WAR CRIME Israel needs to be held accountable for. Call youR Congressman and Senators, Tell them to Open a FULL Congressional Investigation like they did for BENGHAZI into the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty and the machine gunning of Life Rafts!! Israel is NOT our Friend!!

          • Harry A

            Remember that the Liberty was in a war zone,
            The Liberty was ordered out and did not leave.
            The captain said that he there was a technical failure.
            Israel thought it was an Egyptian spy boat.
            Israel TOOK responsibility and admitted the error and paid reparations.
            Why would Israel knowingly attack the US. Only a fool, anti-Semite or nut would think that!

            Errors happen.
            The US has been involved in killing innocents by error.
            I guess you never heard of friendly fire.

            Benghazi was a something that the Obama administration is gulty of for not allowing armed guards and letting down their guard!

            Israel IS the ONLY friend of the US in the Middle East. You must feel that Saudi Arabia is.

            • boatops

              More Zionist lies and you know it! You are NOT an American!
              The truth about Israel is slowly coming out! More false flags like Lavon Affair!



              • Harry A

                Is that the best that you can do?!
                How pathetic. All you can do is yell liar to facts.
                How sad. You already mentioned the Lavon Affair and I responded, yet YOU never responded to what your friends have done against America!
                Yup. just keep mentioning these 2 non issues!
                you never responded because how can you?!
                You are just another Palestinian shill.
                You are paid and keep failing. You have not been paid due to this.

                Just by your comments you have blown your cover and shown your anti American stance.
                You are no better than Maj. Nidal!

                • boatops

                  Good Morning Zionist Lier! I already told you my only friends are Americans who support America First. The other attacks you complain about, those attacker admit to doing them, Zionist Israel tries to use False Flags and blame others or say it was a Accident,but Mossad says “It’s NEVER a Accident. You said Lavon caused a suicide, but it wasn’t from shame for Lavon, It was for getting caught! I have told you I am a American and where and when I served, Tell what part of Israel your from and when you served in IDF. I also told you I wouldn’t care if the whole Middle East was Nuked! and YES I would chose to be a Palestinian, Syrian, Jordanian or anyone other then a ZIONIST! American have woken up to Zionist Israel and even some Jews have, those Jews are my friends. Remember the USS Liberty! BDS NOW!

                  • Harry A

                    Is that the best you can do you UN-American!
                    You make is sound like Zionist is derogatory.
                    Are you afraid of Jews making their own life decisions.
                    Are you upset that you can’t kill Jews and keep them under your thumb.
                    Are you upset that Jews now defend themselves against the likes of YOU!
                    You are just another Jihadi posing as an American!

                    You discard the fact that accidents happen, Do YOU hate the USA for also making mistakes?!

                    By you answers and “BDS” statement you have exposed yourself.
                    Just by agreeing to be like one of those who killed millions of Americans, you have shown who and what YOU are!

                    REMEMBER the USS Cole!
                    REMEMBER 9/11!
                    REMEMBER the 241 US Marines killed in Beirut!
                    REMEMBER the 50 US Embassy employees killed in Beirut!
                    REMEMBER BOSTON!

                    LONG LIVE the USA!
                    LONG LIVE ISRAEL!
                    AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!

                    • boatops

                      Is that the best you can do? repeating over and over again your Zionist talking points! Again I ask you Are you American or Israeli? We know you are a Israeli Firster! Israel will be charged with War Crimes against the U.S. as well! Remember the USS Liberty! BDS NOW!

                      • Harry A

                        You really are a piece of work!
                        You use the same Palestinian tactics.
                        YOU constantly repeat and repeat, yet you blame me!
                        You are an arrogant anti-American!

                        You have not responded about the US doing similar actions by accident

                        but why should you.

                        You are just another Jihadi posing as an American!

                        You support the people who attacked the US numerous times.

                        I am certain that you were singing, dancing and handing out sweets with your Palestinian brethren on 9/11!

                        YOU and your Palestinain, ISIS friends are ALL war criminals and will be dealt with.

                        I still remember seeing 9/11. I will NEVER forget that sight as long as I live!

                        I remember what Maj. Hassan Nidal did to innocent American soldiers!

                        DO YOU!!!!!

                        Israel and the US are close friends and allies.

                        I am an American unlike YOU!

                        I love this country and will defend it against the hateful anti-Americans like YOU!

                        YOU claim “BDS”.
                        Hows that working for you!?
                        Not to well I see!
                        Only racists support that!

                        REMEMBER the USS Cole!
                        REMEMBER 9/11!
                        REMEMBER the 241 US Marines killed in Beirut!
                        REMEMBER the 50 US Embassy employees killed in Beirut!
                        REMEMBER BOSTON!

                        LONG LIVE the USA!
                        LONG LIVE ISRAEL!
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!

                      • boatops

                        You are really a piece of work!

                        You use the same Zionist talking Points!

                        You are the one who repeats and repeats!

                        You are a Zionist Firster!

                        You continue to refuse to say what Military Service you served in!

                        My guess is the IDF!

                        I told you I am against ANYONE who knowingly attacks AMERICAN SERVICEMEN!

                        ISRAEL did just that by Napalming and Torpedoing the USS Liberty!

                        Then MACHINE GUNNING Life Rafts put in the water for AMERICAN SERVICEMEN SURVIVORS of the USS Liberty ATTACK !

                        The report was that it was 6 Israeli Mossad agents that were singing and dancing in the Streets after 9/11!

                        The World is walking up through posts like this to the Zionist Lies and FALSE FLAG ATTACKS!

                        Now we will explain to you how the WZs have conned, manipulated and mind-kontrolled many Judaics to do their dirty work without a full understanding of the damage they are doing to the American Society and the American Economy.

                        These Rothschild WZs are very crafty and have conned and used the average Judaic, transforming a significant portion of them into ardent World Zionists which is actually against the best interest of Judaics in the long run. In order to transform so many Judaics into ardent WZs they have made a heavy duty subconscious transaction with them.

                        It is a known fact that the Rothschild WZs have hijacked and accrued (aka stolen) most of the World’s money and wealth by stealing and defrauding the fruits of the labor of the common man’s back and own most of the very top career paths into the lucrative professions like law, medicine, and government.

                        Suspected originators and planners of the high level Mossad/USAF plot to deliver a nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01. These alleged Perps need their day in court to be tried for any part in these alleged crimes that occurred on 9-11-01. Why not use the Grand Jury in Houston using their now sealed Able Danger evidence (which is extensive) to indict them? Note: the crimes of 9-11-01 nuclear attack on America are Capital Crimes, that is, Treason, Sedition and crimes against Humanity as well as Terrorism. All are punishable by execution.

                        They pass these top career paths and positions out to their “Judaic brothers and sisters” if they feel certain these folks will adopt their WZ positions and work hard to protect the interests of the WZs exclusive to anyone else’s interests.

                        In practical terms this means the WZs have used their endless money power to drive non-Judaics or those who would oppose WZ supremacy out of the top positions in Academia, the professions, including law and medicine.

                        Those who are profiled by Top WZs to be suitable candidates to be brought into their Organized Crime Cabal, are progressively initiated in various ceremonies, each more sinister than the prior one.

                        By exposing them to kink of all varieties including drug use, high class prostitutes of all sexes and in the highest levels blood sacrifice of children, these recruits gain trust and are moved up in the OCC system.

                        All the while these new recruits are being groomed in kink and sociopathy, a video library and photo file is being assembled with which can be used to defame them within 24-48 hours in their CMMM should they go out of their allowed parameters. Only those who are remarkably two-faced and of sociopathic personality are allowed in but strong controls must always be used to keep sociopaths in line and that is the reason for the sophisticated initiation rites into the most grotesque perversions and evil imaginable.

                        Remember the USS Liberty!! BDS NOW!!

                      • Harry A

                        All you can do is repeat again and again and use my words!

                        You have shown yourself to be what you are!

                        AN ANTI-SEMITE and an uneducated racist!

                        You use the same nonsense that all the racists use!

                        You are EXPOSED as a Palestinian posing as an American!

                        There is NO evidence to what you claim.

                        Same old BS!

                        Did you sing and dance with your brethren on 9/11?!


                        Do successful Jews bother uneducated racists like yourself!

                        Where did you get that nonsense. It is just a cut and paste BS that is used by racists!

                        If you are a citizen of the US you are guilty of treason!

                        You support 9/11, you support Maj. Nidal!

                        you haven’t answered what should happen to the US for killing others in friendly fire!

                        Of course you haven’t! TYPICAL!

                        As far as BDS!

                        If you are truly in support, then throw out your PC or Mac.

                        The chips were developed and manufactured IN ISRAEL, as well as the software!

                        Check any meds you use and make sure its not from Israel and THROW IT OUT!

                        BE a man and THROW OUT YOUR PC!

                        Go back to your handlers and ask them for more racist garbage to post!

                        REMEMBER the USS Cole!
                        REMEMBER 9/11!
                        REMEMBER the 241 US Marines killed in Beirut!
                        REMEMBER the 50 US Embassy employees killed in Beirut!
                        REMEMBER BOSTON!
                        REMEMBER the MUSLIM killer Maj. Hassan NIDAL!

                        LONG LIVE the USA!
                        LONG LIVE ISRAEL!
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!

                      • boatops

                        All you do is repeat the same Zionist lies over and over again!

                        I guess in Israel you can’t find the truth about the USS Liberty Attack!

                        Don’t worry i’ll teach you!

                        On June 8, 1967, Israel attacked the American naval vessel USS Liberty in international waters, and tried to sink it.

                        After checking the Liberty out for 8 hours – and making 9 overflights with Israeli jets, within 200 feet … close enough for the pilots and the sunbathing Liberty sailors on deck to waive at each other.

                        Yet the Israelis attacked it with Mirage fighter jets, torpedoes and napalm. The USS Liberty suffered 70% casualties, with 34 killed and 174 wounded.

                        The Israeli attack spanned two hours … as long as the attack on Pearl Harbor. The air attack alone lasted approximately 25 minutes: consisting of more than 30 sorties by approximately 12 separate planes using napalm, cannon, and rockets which left 821 holes in the ship. The Israelis fired 30mm cannons and rockets into the boat.

                        Following the attack by fighter jets, three Israeli motor torpedo boats torpedoed the ship, causing a 40 x 40 foot wide hole in her hull, and machine-gunning firefighters and stretcher-bearers attempting to save their ship and crew. More than 3,000 machine-gun bullet holes were later counted on the Liberty’s hull.

                        After the attack was thought to have ended, three life rafts were lowered into the water to rescue the most seriously wounded. The Israeli torpedo boats returned and machine-gunned these life rafts at close range. This was followed by the approach of two large Israeli Army assault helicopters filled with armed commandos carrying what appeared to be explosive satchels (they departed after hovering over the ship for several minutes, making no attempt to communicate).

                        The Israelis clearly knew it was an American ship, tried to sink it, and tried to frame the Egyptians for the attack, as shown by the following evidence:

                        (1) The Liberty was flying a huge, brand new American flag. The flag was 5-by-8 feet. The weather conditions were ideal to ensure the flag’s easy observance and identification, because it was clear and sunny, with a wind-speed which make for a constant ripple in the flag. After the flag was shot up by the jets, the Liberty’s crew replaced it with a 7-by-13 foot American flag, which flew during the entire duration of the attack.

                        (2) The Liberty had a unique profile and didn’t look like any other boat, since it had more and bigger antennas – including large, high-tech dishes and giant towers – than any other boat in the world (it was an NSA spy ship).

                        (3) The Liberty was marked with uniquely American numbering and colors in front.

                        (4) The Israeli pilots shot out the Liberty’s communications equipment first, and specifically jammed the ship’s emergency radio signal … unique to American naval vessels in the 6th Fleet. The ships from other fleets and other nations used different frequencies, which the Israelis did not jam.

                        (5) The Israelis used unmarked fighter jets and unmarked torpedo boats during the attack.

                        (6) Recently-declassified radio transcripts between the Israeli attack forces and ground control show that – at least 3 times – an Israeli fighter jet pilot identified the craft as American, and asked whether ground control was sure he should attack. Ground control repeatedly said, yes, attack the vessel.

                        (7) The Israeli torpedo boats methodically destroyed all of the Liberty’s liferafts one by one (which is a war crime).

                        (8) The only reason the Israelis did not successfully sink the Liberty and kill all of its crewmen was that one sailor duck-taped together antennae – and took many bullet wounds in the process – which enabled an emergency SOS to get out from the Liberty to American 6th Fleet.

                        (9) The Israelis later claimed that they mistook the Liberty for an Egyptian vessel. But the Egyptian ship – the El Quseir – was an unarmed 1920s-era horse carrier out of service in Alexandria, four times smaller than the Liberty, which bore virtually no resemblance to the Liberty.

                        (10) President Lyndon Johnson believed the attack was intentional and he leaked his opinion to Newsweek.

                        Other high-level Americans agreed:

                        “I was never satisfied with the Israeli explanation…. Through diplomatic channels we refused to accept their explanations. I didn’t believe them then, and I don’t believe them to this day. The attack was outrageous.”
                        –U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk

                        “The evidence was clear. Both Adm. Kidd and I believed with certainty that this attack … was a deliberate effort to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew…. Not only did the Israelis attack the ship with napalm, gunfire, and missiles, Israeli torpedo boats machine-gunned three lifeboats that had been launched in an attempt by the crew to save the most seriously wounded — a war crime….”
                        –Affidavit of U.S. Navy Captain Ward Boston, the legal counsel for the official investigation into the Liberty attack

                        “There is compelling evidence that Israel’s attack was a deliberate attempt to destroy an American ship and kill her entire crew.”
                        –Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations and later Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 14 January 2004

                        “Israeli authorities subsequently apologized for the incident, but few in Washington could believe that the ship had not been identified as an American naval vessel…. I have yet to understand why it was felt necessary to attack this ship or who ordered the attack.”
                        –C.I.A. Chief Richard Helms

                        “Yet the ultimate lesson of the Liberty attack had far more effect on policy in Israel than in America. Israel’s leaders concluded that nothing they might do would offend the Americans to the point of reprisal. If America’s leaders did not have the courage to punish Israel for the blatant murder of American citizens, it seemed clear that their American friends would let them get away with almost anything.”
                        –George Ball, U.S. Undersecretary of State at the time, The Passionate Attachment

                        I’ll teach you more Tomorrow!
                        Remember the USS Liberty!
                        BDS NOW!
                        It’s working the world is learning of Israeli FALSE FLAGS!

                      • Harry A

                        The standard Palestinian/Muslim retort. “Zionist lies”
                        Facts are like krypronite to your kind.

                        I see your handlers gave you material to cut and paste.
                        You don’t even have an original thought.
                        I also see you embellished it a bit. You increased the bullet holes and Johnson’s response.

                        BTW… When doing a cut and paste, your Jihadi handlers should tell you to check for unprintable characters!

                        Its sooo sad that that is all you can point a finger at Israel!

                        I see you have not responded to what teh peole you admire have done!
                        You do not care about the 3,000 killed on 9/11.
                        You admire Maj. Hassan Nidal for killing US servicemen!
                        You have not mentioned the similar actions that the US did by accident!
                        But how could a racist like YOU!
                        Are you still trying to get paid, or are your handlers beating you for failing to post more BS!

                        I see that you have NOT supported the BDS and still use PC components designed and manufactured in Israel!

                        REMEMBER the USS Cole!
                        REMEMBER 9/11!
                        REMEMBER the 241 US Marines killed in Beirut!
                        REMEMBER the 50 US Embassy employees killed in Beirut!
                        REMEMBER BOSTON!
                        REMEMBER the MUSLIM killer Maj. Hassan NIDAL!

                        LONG LIVE the USA!
                        LONG LIVE ISRAEL!
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!

                      • boatops

                        Here’s today USS Liberty Truth lesson to the Lying Zionist Troll.

                        Read and learn the truth

                        Admiral Thomas H. Moorer – former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – chaired a non-governmental investigation into the attack on the USS Liberty in 2003. The committee – which included General of Marines Raymond G. Davis, Rear Admiral Merlin Staring, former Judge Advocate General of the Navy, and former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia James E. Akins – held Israel to be culpable and suggested several theories for Israel’s possible motives, including the desire to blame Egypt and bring the U.S. into the Six Day War.

                        Indeed, President Lyndon Johnson dispatched nuclear-armed fighter jets to drop nuclear bombs on Cairo, Egypt. They were only recalled at the last minute, when Johnson realized that it was the Israelis – and not the Egyptians – who had fired on the Liberty.

                        An NSA report from 1981 found:

                        A persistent question relating to the Liberty incident is whether or not the Israeli forces which attacked the ship knew that it was American . . . not a few of the Liberty’s crewmen and [deleted but probably “NSA’s G Group”] staff are convinced that they did. Their belief derived from consideration of the long time the Israelis had the ship under surveillance prior to the attack, the visibility of the flag, and the intensity of the attack itself.

                        Speculation as to the Israeli motivation varied. Some believed that Israel expected thatthe complete destruction of the ship and killing of the personnel would lead the U.S. to blame the UAR [Egypt] for the incident and bring the U.S. into the war on the side of Israel . . . others felt that Israeli forces wanted the ship and men out of the way.


                        Scouring the Liberty records in the LBJ Library in Texas, Ennes [an officer on the bridge of the Liberty] stumbled upon a smoking gun – a one-page memo of the minutes of the 303 Committee [the U.S. National Security Council group that reviewed sensitive intelligence operations] held in advance of the war in April 1967. The Committee consisted of a handful of top level intelligence and government officials who examined black operations and devised plausible deniability for the executive branch in the event of public discovery of an attack. The memo relates to a clandestine joint US-Israeli effort to blame Egypt for the sinking of the Liberty.

                        We haven’t yet located a copy of the alleged memo, and so we’re not sure we believe this explosive claim. But – given that Israel (1) used unmarked jets and ships, (2) destroyed the Liberty’s communication equipment and then jammed the Liberty’s emergency distress channel, and (3) destroyed all liferafts – the logical inference is that Israel intended to frame Egypt for the attack, and didn’t want the Liberty’s crew to be able to tell the world what really happened.

                        The following must-watch documentaries from the BBC, Al Jazeera and an independent producer provide first-hand interviews with the crew of the USS Liberty which prove that this was a failed false flag attack:

                        Remember the USS Liberty!
                        War Crimes Charges for the Machine Gunners of USS Liberty Life Rafts!

                        AMERICA is Waking Up to Zionist Lies!
                        America Learns of Israeli False Flag!
                        Lets all hope the Middle East Gets NUKED!
                        BDS NOW!!

                      • Harry A

                        You have the audacity to call me a lying troll!
                        You are one to talk!
                        You quote Al-Jezeria a known anti-Israel news agency!
                        They have NO validity!
                        You ignore the fact that what would Israel have to gain!
                        You can only latch on the this one thing and ignore the many planned attacks on the US by those YOU support!

                        You ignore again and again the fact that it was an accident,
                        yet you continually support those who killed thousands of Americans!
                        YOU support Maj.Hassan Nidal and use the same tactics that are used by Palestinians/Muslims/anti-Americans.
                        You show NO concern for the service men who died on the USS Cole who WERE specifically attacked by the Muslim terrorists!

                        You call for BDS, yet you still are using ISRAELI made products!

                        You then call for the Middle East to be nuked.
                        You are again a HYPOCRITE, yet you support the terrorists of those Arab/Muslim countries.

                        Israel is the ONLY friend and ally of the US in the violent Middle East.

                        crawl back under the slimy rock you came form you anti-Semite RACIST!

                        REMEMBER the USS Cole!
                        REMEMBER 9/11!
                        REMEMBER the 241 US Marines killed in Beirut!
                        REMEMBER the 50 US Embassy employees killed in Beirut!
                        REMEMBER BOSTON!
                        REMEMBER the MUSLIM killer Maj. Hassan NIDAL!

                        LONG LIVE the USA!
                        LONG LIVE ISRAEL!
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!

                      • boatops

                        The Lying Troll tells more Zionist Lies!

                        Al Jazerra is now a AMERICAN Cable Station?

                        and they tell the truth not like Zionist Troll Harry A

                        I have sent you the TRUTH about the USS Liberty Attack!

                        Confirmed by many High ranking military commanders. If you would like me to send you the TRUTH Again just Ask!

                        I also told you Anyone who Knowingly attacks American Servicemen does NOT have my support, SO again I say I don’t care if Israel NUKES all of it’s neighbors or if they NUKE Israel!

                        Remember it was Israel who committed War Crimes when Israeli torpedo boats Machine Gunned AMERICAN Life Rafts put in water for USS Liberty Survivors.

                        All the other attacks against American you mention are terrible and those who did them , took responsibility for them, admitting they were trying to kill Americans, for that they should DIE.

                        But Lying Zionist Israel tried to pull another FALSE Flag Operation and when Caught tried to say it was a Accident , the Mossad picture says ” It’s NEVER a Mistake!

                        So crawl back under that Zionist Troll rock you live in, or are you a Zionist Lying Garden Gnome and you just sit out in the Israeli Garden.

                        You never answered if you served in the IDF as a Troll, we know you couldn’t fit in a U.S. Military uniform.

                        NUKE the Middle East!

                        Remember the USS Liberty! BDS NOW!!

                        now some words of wisdom from real Jews!

                        An Anti-Zionist Israeli activist Gilad Atzmon says: “ZIONISM is racist and it is Biblically inspired (rather than spiritually inspired). Being a fundamentalist movement, ZIONISM is not categorically different from NAZISM. Only when we understand ZIONISM in its racist context will we begin to comprehend the depth of its atrocities.”

                        2. G. Neuburger in his article “The Difference Between Judaism and Zionism,” says : “Judaism and Zionism are by no means the same. Indeed they are incompatible and irreconcilable: If one is a good Jew, one cannot be a Zionist; if one is a Zionist, one cannot be a good Jew.”

                      • Harry A

                        You still keep up with your Palestinian lies!



                        They are a Qatar news agency that many US cable companies refuse to carry! Their coverage is slanted and faked!

                        You are too ignorant as are all of your kind to understand what friendly fire is!


                        WHY DO YOU SUPPORT MAJ. HASSAN NIDAL?!

                        BECAUSE YOU ARE EITHER A MUSLIM JIHADI and/or a TRAITOR!!!!!



                        REMEMBER the USS Cole!
                        REMEMBER 9/11!
                        REMEMBER the 241 US Marines killed in Beirut!
                        REMEMBER the 50 US Embassy employees killed in Beirut!
                        REMEMBER BOSTON!
                        REMEMBER the MUSLIM killer Maj. Hassan NIDAL!

                        LONG LIVE the USA!
                        LONG LIVE ISRAEL!
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!

                        YOU HAVE BEEN EXPOSED!

                        ISRAEL AND THE USA ARE ONE!!!!

                      • boatops

                        Not Palestinian Lies, but AMERICAN TRUTH!

                        You have not said when you served in the IDF Israeli Death Forces!

                        America Has woken up to Israeli False Flags!

                        Friendly Fire occurs over a few minutes NOT over HOURS!!

                        What about Machine Gunning of Life Rafts?

                        Sound like a NAZI tactic or did the Nazis learn that from Zionist?

                        How about what real Jews say about Zionism?

                        I told you all Arabs can be Nuked as long as the Zionists are also!

                        WHY?? Because YOU are a PAID ZIONIST TROLL or GARDEN GNOME!

                        Here’s some more intelligent Jewish words against Zionist Israel !


                      • Harry A

                        So the Palestinian HYPOCRITE posing as an American is back!

                        Still using the Israeli designed and produced computer I see!


                        I still have heard NO response concerning your hero Maj. Hassan Nidal.

                        You still honor those who killed the 241 US Marines in their barracks in Beirut as well as the 50 US Embassy employees.

                        still ignore the fact that the Liberty was in a war zone with reports
                        that the flag was not flying. No one should be in a war zones for the
                        exact reasons that we saw, as well as the fact that the ship was
                        recalled by the US.

                        The point that you conveniently ignore is that the ship was mistaken for an Egyptian spy ship.

                        Again… that is why ships not involved in a war should NOT be there!

                        also see that you keep posting web sites that are known anti-Semitic
                        sites! Web sites that fabricate facts and call for the killing of Jews.

                        Try a real site like http://WWW.PALWATCH.ORG. At least they link to the vile reports on the Palestinian hate sites!

                        am an American NOT an Israeli. I saw what YOU and you friends did to
                        the US on 9/11. I saw it first hand! I also saw your friends singing,
                        dancing and handing out sweet on 9/11.

                        YOU DISGUST ME!

                        The Israeli DEFENSE forces defend Israel against Palestinian cowards, terrorists who kill infants, women, children. They look not to kill innocents unlike YOUR friends who look to kill civilians!

                        I find you disgusting in comparing the people who killed 6 million Jews to them. It is common for the Palestinians who fought alongside the Nazis to call the Jews Nazis. As I said YOU ARE DISGUSTING!

                        Who do you consider “real Jews”. Could they be Palestinians!?

                        It must be sad for you that 55% of Americans support Israel, while ONLY 13% support the Palestinian terrorists!

                        I see that you are still not being paid for your anti-Semitic rants!

                        Maybe you should cal the Ayatollah for payment.

                        REMEMBER the USS Cole!
                        REMEMBER 9/11!
                        REMEMBER the 241 US Marines killed in Beirut!
                        REMEMBER the 50 US Embassy employees killed in Beirut!
                        REMEMBER BOSTON!
                        REMEMBER the MUSLIM killer Maj. Hassan NIDAL!

                        LONG LIVE the USA!
                        LONG LIVE ISRAEL!
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!


                      • boatops

                        So the Paid Zionist garden gnome troll is still trying to defend Israel.

                        That shows you are NOT an American!

                        Never served in ANY Military??

                        What a Shame, I guess that’s why you are ignorant as to INTERNATIONAL WATERS!!

                        American Ships are free to go ANYWHERE!

                        The USS Liberty “mistaken for an Egyptian Horse Carrier, Yeah right, The Liberty is TWICE the size, Israeli Fighters took out all the communication antennas that I’m sure a horse carrier has use for!

                        If you were an AMERICAN, YOU would put the USA FIRST as I DO!

                        That 55% you mention is getting smaller as the learn about the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty and the Machine Gunning of Life Rafts put in water for AMERICAN SURVIVORS!

                        REMEMBER the USS LIBERTY!

                        BDS NOW!

                        till tomorrow I’ll leave you some educational material!

                        Now we will explain to you how the WZs have conned, manipulated and mind-kontrolled many Judaics to do their dirty work without a full understanding of the damage they are doing to the American Society and the American Economy.

                        These Rothschild WZs are very crafty and have conned and used the average Judaic, transforming a significant portion of them into ardent World Zionists which is actually against the best interest of Judaics in the long run. In order to transform so many Judaics into ardent WZs they have made a heavy duty subconscious transaction with them.

                        It is a known fact that the Rothschild WZs have hijacked and accrued (aka stolen) most of the World’s money and wealth by stealing and defrauding the fruits of the labor of the common man’s back and own most of the very top career paths into the lucrative professions like law, medicine, and government.

                        Suspected originators and planners of the high level Mossad/USAF plot to deliver a nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01. These alleged Perps need their day in court to be tried for any part in these alleged crimes that occurred on 9-11-01. Why not use the Grand Jury in Houston using their now sealed Able Danger evidence (which is extensive) to indict them? Note: the crimes of 9-11-01 nuclear attack on America are Capital Crimes, that is, Treason, Sedition and crimes against Humanity as well as Terrorism. All are punishable by execution.

                        They pass these top career paths and positions out to their “Judaic brothers and sisters” if they feel certain these folks will adopt their WZ positions and work hard to protect the interests of the WZs exclusive to anyone else’s interests.

                        In practical terms this means the WZs have used their endless money power to drive non-Judaics or those who would oppose WZ supremacy out of the top positions in Academia, the professions, including law and medicine.

                        Those who are profiled by Top WZs to be suitable candidates to be brought into their Organized Crime Cabal, are progressively initiated in various ceremonies, each more sinister than the prior one.

                        By exposing them to kink of all varieties including drug use, high class prostitutes of all sexes and in the highest levels blood sacrifice of children, these recruits gain trust and are moved up in the OCC system.

                        All the while these new recruits are being groomed in kink and sociopathy, a video library and photo file is being assembled with which can be used to defame them within 24-48 hours in their CMMM should they go out of their allowed parameters. Only those who are remarkably two-faced and of sociopathic personality are allowed in but strong controls must always be used to keep sociopaths in line and that is the reason for the sophisticated initiation rites into the most grotesque perversions and evil imaginable.

                        Judaics with allegiance to the WZs have taken over all major institutions in America.

                        So we have a situation where all the major institutions in America have been infiltrated and taken over by Judaics who owe allegiance to these top Rothschild WZs whether they know it or not. They have in essence “made a deal with the Devil” to get to the top of the social/economic food chain whose positions and access tracks are controlled by the WZs.

                        This has produced what is best described as pernicious and malignant Babylonian Talmudist Judaism, also best known as World Zionist Judaism, a very toxic form of Judaism which is actually a socially conditioned paranoid racial delusion masquerading as a state religion of Israel.

                        It is this radical, pernicious, malignant WZ Judaism which has created such a massive group thought disorder and cognitive distortion in so many of the Israelis that they can mass murder Palestinians (and snipe Palestinians children) while blaming the Palestinians.

                        This WZ control of America and its institutions has been gained by use of the massive Money Power of the Federal Reserve who infiltrated and hijacked America beginning in 1913 with their bribed passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

                        Yes, the WZ’s are the engine behind this insane paranoid racial delusion which they con Judaics with in order to draft them to serve as their cutouts. Now that you have been informed of how these WZs invoke the twin Psyop weapons of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial to prevent any criticism of their WZ crimes often done through Judaic Cutouts who have caught this WZ “social and cultural virus” of Pernicious Malignant Judaic World Zionism.

                        It’s a fact that these WZs or the average Judaics do not use the term “Semite” properly and most are not even Semites (ancient Hebrew Blood) like the Palestinians or many of the Arabs in the Middle East. A Semite has a direct, unbroken line to ancient Hebrew Blood and most Judaics in Israel and America have none, but have Ashkenazi of Khazarian Slavic bloodlines, but they all have adopted the Judaic religion and many the culture too and some have become hardcore World Zionists.

                      • Harry A

                        All you do is repeat what I have said!

                        VERY ORIGINAL!

                        So the Palestinian Hypocrite boatops is still using the Israeli made PC.


                        YOU still have NOT responded to the to my queries!

                        As I said TYPICAL!

                        YOU support the enemies of the US!

                        All you can do is cut and pastes from racist sites that you have been supplied. YOU DO NOT have any thoughts in your head, other what your handlers supplied YOU!

                        Have you even read the mumbo jumbo cut and paste!

                        OF COURSE NOT! YOU ANTI-SEMITE!!!

                        YES ANTI-SEMITE which is defined as “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group ”


                        The majority of the people in the US have seen what Israel has to contend with and stands WITH Israel, NOT Palestinian terrorist killers!

                        Jews have survived the likes of YOU for centuries and will continue to while you racists continue to live under slimy rocks!

                        REMEMBER the USS Cole!
                        REMEMBER 9/11!
                        REMEMBER the 241 US Marines killed in Beirut!
                        REMEMBER the 50 US Embassy employees killed in Beirut!
                        REMEMBER BOSTON!
                        REMEMBER the MUSLIM killer Maj. Hassan NIDAL!

                        LONG LIVE the USA!
                        LONG LIVE ISRAEL!
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!


                      • boatops

                        Hi Zionist Firster!

                        I have responded to your Zionist Troll Lies.

                        I said I don’t care if ALL the Middle East is NUKED!

                        But seeing how much you are against Palestinians, I just might take a liking to them!

                        I AM a ANTI Zionist!! Anti Semite is what you said a “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group ”

                        Zionism is a Political Ideology and will be the downfall of Israel!

                        So now that I found my new friends the Palestinians that you are Anti- Semantic against I’ll teach you some more things to ruffle your feathers

                        “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group ”

                        How is your education going, dont worry I know Garden Gnomes don’t learn fast, I’ll go slow for you!
                        Don’t Forget!
                        Remember the USS Liberty!
                        Remember the ATTACK wasn’t Friendly Fire, that happens in minutes not over many Hours!
                        Also don’t forget only Inhuman Animals would Machine Gun Life Rafts so wounded could SURVIVE!
                        Oh I’m Sorry I forgot we are talking about Inhuman Animals the Zionists!

                        BDS NOW!

                      • Harry A

                        The Anti-American boatops is back!

                        Still using that Israeli made computer!
                        I see you DON’T support the anti-Semitic BDS!

                        YOU still LIE!

                        have you responded?!

                        You honor Maj. Hassan Nidal who in cold blood gunned down US servicemen!
                        You honor the bomber of the USS Cole!
                        You honor the ones who committed 9/11!
                        You honor the killer of 241 US Marines in Beirut!
                        You honor the killers of 50 US embassy employees in Beirut!
                        You honor the Benghazi terrorists!
                        You honor the Boston bombers!
                        But how can you answer?!
                        They are JUST like YOU!

                        YOU ARE A TERRORIST AND TRAITOR!
                        YOU ARE A PALESTINIANS FIRSTER!
                        YOU ARE A Traitor as I said and an SUBHUMAN!
                        Go crawl back under that slimy rock with your EVIL KIND!

                        Israel thought it was firing on an Egyptian spy ship during WAR!

                        Even the US committed errors in shooting down a plane with all 271 on board being killed!

                        G-D BLESS the USA
                        G-D BLESS ISRAEL
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!!

                      • boatops

                        President Rivlin: Time to admit that Israel is a sick society that needs treatment

                        Posted by Louise Turner in Middle East, News 4 months ago 0 Comments

                        332 5381


                        Israeli society is sick with violence – says Israeli President Rivlin.

                        ‘Israel is suffering from an epidemic of violence that must be treated, the country’s President said. After the latest bloody conflict in Gaza, Jews and Arabs seem to have lost the capacity for dialogue, as relations have reached a new low.

                        “It is time to honestly admit that Israeli society is sick – and it is our duty to treat this disease,” Rivlin told the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities at a xenophobia conference on Sunday in Jerusalem.


                        “The tension between Jews and Arabs within the State of Israel has risen to record heights, and the relationship between all parties has reached a new low,” he said, as cited by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

                        “We have all witnessed the shocking sequence of incidents and violence taking place by both sides. The epidemic of violence is not limited to one sector or another, it permeates every area and doesn’t skip any arena. There is violence in soccer stadiums as well as in academia. There is violence in social media and in everyday discourse, in hospitals and in schools.”

                        He added that he personally endured verbal abuse, including on his Facebook page.

                        Israeli society has taken a right-wing swing amid the latest escalation in Gaza this summer. The violence erupted after the kidnaping and subsequent murder of three Jewish teenagers, which triggered a major crackdown by the Israeli security forces in Gaza strip.

                        As hundreds of Palestinians were subjected to searches and arrests in the search for abductees and homes of suspects were demolished, violent clashes erupted. In Israel, a group of Jewish nationalists was arrested after allegedly abducting and burning alive an Arab teenager in revenge for the crime against Jewish teens. Three people were inducted and reportedly planned to plead insanity during the trial.

                        Speaking of acts of violence perpetrated by Jews, Rivlin said: “I’m not asking if they’ve forgotten how to be Jews, but if they’ve forgotten how to be decent human beings. Have they forgotten how to converse?”

                        The tension escalated into a seven-week military campaign as radical movement Hamas fired rockets at Israel and the Israeli Defense Forces retaliated with air strikes and a ground incursion. The conflict claimed an estimated 2,200 lives, most of them Palestinian civilians.

                        The military action was largely supported by the Israeli population, with a total of 92 percent of Israeli Jews saying it was justified, according to the monthly Peace Index poll published in August in the aftermath of the operation.

                        Today almost 75 percent of Israeli Jews oppose the creation of a Palestinian state along the lines of 1967 – a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict championed by many international mediators, according to a mid-October poll published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Among respondents, who identified themselves as left-wing, opponents of such a move are a majority, comprising over 51 percent.

                        Rivlin stated that academia had a crucial role in mending the rift through educating parties of each other’s cultures.

                        “The academic sphere, in which cultures and languages are taught from a desire to get to know them deeper, where there is a ‘you and I’ affinity, there is a place which generates not only learning but also a real encounter,” he said.‘

                        Don’t worry I’ll keep the Zionist Troll Liar educated!
                        Pretty soon the Zionist Firster will see AMERICA is the Country Harry A needs to pledge Allegiance to.
                        You will soon Memorialize the USS Liberty!
                        Remember the USS Liberty!
                        BDS NOW!!

                      • Harry A

                        I see that the ISIS supporter is back.
                        Still using that Israeli designed and produced computer?!


                        What are you posting?!
                        You cut and pasted an article without even reading it.

                        Rivilin is the President of Israel and supports the dense of Israel against the vile Palestinian terrorists!
                        The story states how Hamas attacked Israel and Israel had to respond with force. the story also tells us how Israel is sick and tired of having to defend and kill. Jews detest killing, unlike Arabs/Palestinians who take great joy in the death of others as seen today by ISIS, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, Al-Shibab, etc.

                        Just goes to show that YOU have no original idea and only want the overthrow of the US!

                        I will defend the USA against the you and the terrorists YOU support!

                        I grieve for the victims of the Liberty. I also know that it was an accident and know that the US should NEVER of had a US ship in a war zone.

                        Do you grieve for the 271 Iranian airline passengers that the US shot down by accident?

                        I seriously doubt it!

                        Now its time for you to slither back under that slimy rock you came out from!

                        G-D BLESS the USA
                        G-D BLESS ISRAEL
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!!

                      • boatops

                        Hello Zionist Garden Gnome!

                        Yes, I’m Back, with a New found Love for the enemy of my enemy!

                        Anyone who hates Zionists can’t be ALL Bad!

                        This is what Zionists do to fellow JewsIsrael Forcibly Injected African Immigrants with Birth Control, Report Claims

                        Comment Now

                        Follow Comments

                        Israeli Flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

                        This weekend, a report revealing that African women immigrating to Israel were subjected to mandatory contraceptive injections, effectively amounting to forced (if temporary) sterilization made global headlines.

                        Some 130,000 Ethiopians, most of them Jewish, live in Israel. The community experiences higher poverty and unemployment rates than the rest of the country’s Jewish population. In the past decade, the birth rate among Ethiopian-Israelis has declined by at least 20 percent. Advocacy groups now claim this decline is the result of a birth control regimen forced upon Ethiopian immigrant women.

                        According to an article in Haaretz, an Israeli news source, one Ethiopian immigrant said that the doctors who injected her claimed that “people who frequently give birth suffer.” While it is possible, if highly unlikely, that doctors genuinely had the women’s health in mind when they forcibly injected them with contraceptives, there is no excuse for depriving women sovereignty over their own reproductive choices.

                        Israel has acknowledged the issue (without admitting any wrongdoing) and has vowed institutional changes in healthcare for immigrants. By decree of Israel’s health minister, gynecologists have been ordered “not to renew prescriptions for Depo-Provera for women of Ethiopian origin if for any reason there is concern that they might not understand the ramifications of the treatment.” Still, intense scrutiny should be applied by women’s groups and international organizations to make sure these changes are implemented in full. Moreover, more attention must be paid to the plight of vulnerable African immigrants around the world.

                        That Israel should allegedly engage in this activity is particularly shocking, considering the practice was widely used by the Germans throughout the Shoah. While the scale and effects of these operations cannot be compared, Israel’s implicit intent to limit ‘burdensome’ (read: undesirable) portions of the population recalls the dark eugenics experiments of World War II.

                        Immigration, legal and otherwise, is a difficult and invariably sticky issue for developed nations. Israel, like the United States, has struggled to find a way to secure its borders and its population while dealing with a constant stream of immigrants from neighboring countries and, increasingly, the African continent. While admitting the difficult security issues that Israel faces, the international community must loudly and unanimously rebuke the systematic violations of human rights inflicted on women immigrants of African origin.

                        From a sociological perspective, this incident shows the strain between Israel’s religious heritage and its modern political agenda. “Behold, the heritage of the Lord is sons, the reward is the fruit of the innards. Like arrows in the hand of a mighty man, so are the sons of one’s youth. Praiseworthy is the man who has filled his quiver with them,” the Torah proclaims. The involuntary sterilization of African immigrants suggests that the Jewish moral code (inextricably connected with Israel’s domestic legal codes) can be selectively applied to those with ‘desirable’ backgrounds. It is hard, indeed almost impossible to believe that an American Jewish woman immigrating to Israel would be forced to take birth control.

                        Remember the USS Liberty!!

                        BDS NOW!! It’s Working!!

                      • Harry A

                        I see that YOU ARE still using the Israeli designed and manufactured computer!


                        You still don’t have an idea in your racist hateful head!

                        back to cut and paste I see!

                        Just to let you know, that Israel rescued the Ethiopians from the Muslims who were killing them!

                        Nothing was proven is was only speculation. Only a few were sterilized as per their instructions!

                        but why should YOU care! YOU HATE JEWS!

                        You also hate AMERICA!

                        You seem to admit that in your statement that you approve of the killing od US servicemen by Maj. Hassan Nidal, as well as the killing of the Marines and US embassy employees.

                        You have exposed yourself as an enemy of the US, and NOT an American!

                        You honor Maj. Hassan Nidal who in cold blood gunned down US servicemen!
                        You honor the bomber of the USS Cole!
                        You honor the ones who committed 9/11!
                        You honor the killer of 241 US Marines in Beirut!
                        You honor the killers of 50 US embassy employees in Beirut!
                        You honor the Benghazi terrorists!
                        You honor the Boston bombers!
                        But how can you answer?!
                        They are JUST like YOU!

                        YOU ARE A TERRORIST AND TRAITOR!
                        YOU ARE A PALESTINIANS FIRSTER!
                        YOU ARE A Traitor as I said and an SUBHUMAN!
                        Go crawl back under that slimy rock with your EVIL KIND!

                        G-D BLESS the USA
                        G-D BLESS ISRAEL
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!!

                      • boatops

                        Paid Zionist Troll Garden Gnome Harry A

                        Have you received your stipend yet?

                        Don’t forget to declare it on your taxes!

                        As a Zionist Firster you can’t call a Disabled American Servicemen a traitor!

                        I’m sticking up for USS Liberty Survivors, ALL you’re done is stick up for the Zionist ATTACKERS!!

                        Crawl back under the garden gnome rock, we didn’t miss you!

                        Here’s some more education for you, take a flashlight under that rock!


                        and this!


                        Remember the USS Liberty!
                        BDS NOW!

                      • Harry A

                        Still using that Israeli built and designed computer!
                        You such a DOLT that you have to use my comments, you can noy even have an original thought! Only those that your handlers give YOU!

                        I get NO MONEY!
                        I defend against the racist anti-Semites like yourself!

                        YOU RE A TRAITOR!

                        YOU admitted that you approve of 9/11, as well as the killings of 241 US Marines and 50 US embassy employees.

                        You admire Maj. Hassan Nidal, also a US serviceman who killed US servicemen!

                        YOU post Jimmy Carter!?

                        The worst president ever!

                        He gets paid by Saudi Arabia. If not for the Saudis he would have NO museum!

                        Carter when his grandson was running for office made a turn around and supported Israel. When his grandson lost he went back to being anti-Israel.
                        He is just WHORE!
                        Keep posting from anti-Semitic sites!


                        You honor Maj. Hassan Nidal who in cold blood gunned down US servicemen!
                        You honor the bomber of the USS Cole!
                        You honor the ones who committed 9/11!
                        You honor the killer of 241 US Marines in Beirut!
                        You honor the killers of 50 US embassy employees in Beirut!
                        You honor the Benghazi terrorists!
                        You honor the Boston bombers!
                        But how can you answer?!
                        They are JUST like YOU!

                        YOU ARE A TERRORIST AND TRAITOR!
                        YOU ARE A PALESTINIANS FIRSTER!
                        YOU ARE A Traitor as I said and an SUBHUMAN!
                        Go crawl back under that slimy rock with your EVIL KIND!

                        G-D BLESS the USA
                        G-D BLESS ISRAEL
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!!

                      • boatops

                        More Zionist Lies from the Paid Troll!

                        The Semites are the Palestinians!

                        Jimmy Carter has done more for ALL Humans and told the TRUTH about Zionist False Flags, you should be worshiping him!

                        So Troll Again I ask Have YOU ever served in ANY Military?? Doesn’t your Zionist Liars require you to serve the IDF??

                        Here’s real Jewish People telling the truth!


                        Remember the USS Liberty!
                        BDS NOW!! It’s Working!!

                      • Harry A

                        Typical of Palestinians and their supporters ti use the word lies when it has been shown that they kill and then blame the victim
                        As I said TYPICAL!

                        Now… YOU keep calling for BDS, yet you still use that Israeli designed computer with Israeli parts.
                        I would have some respect for you if you stood by your word and dumped that computer.

                        AS far as Jimmy Carter the worst President the US has had!

                        Did you even understand that he he bought and oaid for by Saudi Arabia. the country that 18 of the 19 terrorists who committed 9/11 came from?!

                        Carter even supported Israel when his grandson ran for public office.

                        Then again…. He sounds JUST LIKE YOU!!!!

                        Oh… Yes.. The Palestinians are Semites.. Whats your point?!

                        They are Arabs!

                        Also the word “ANTISEMITISM” is defined as “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group”

                        The people you show are a groups that is not considered part of the Jewish people. They have been excommunicated.

                        They believe in something that they misinterpret. They stupidly give aid and comfort to those that look to kill other Jews!

                        Much like YOURSELF!!!!

                        I can also show you Palestinians that are anti Palestinian, but DO NOT SINK DOWN TO YOUR LEVEL!!!!

                        BDS is failed!

                        Just another racist movement!

                        Israel still produces and exports, while Arabs/Muslims produce death and apartheid as well as human tight violations for women and all non-Muslims!

                        Keep posting from anti-Semitic sites!


                        You honor Maj. Hassan Nidal who in cold blood gunned down US servicemen!
                        You honor the bomber of the USS Cole!
                        You honor the ones who committed 9/11!
                        You honor the killer of 241 US Marines in Beirut!
                        You honor the killers of 50 US embassy employees in Beirut!
                        You honor the Benghazi terrorists!
                        You honor the Boston bombers!
                        But how can you answer?!
                        They are JUST like YOU!

                        YOU ARE A TERRORIST AND TRAITOR!
                        YOU ARE A PALESTINIANS FIRSTER!
                        YOU ARE A Traitor as I said and an SUBHUMAN!
                        Go crawl back under that slimy rock with your EVIL KIND!

                        G-D BLESS the USA
                        G-D BLESS ISRAEL
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!!

                      • boatops

                        have no fear Garden Gnome, you can crawl back under your rock after I educate you!

                        You tell me I’m a ISIS supporter,but the truth comes out!


                        As far as BDS NOW! didn’t you comprehend my previous post?

                        I’ll repost for you from the Zionist NY Times


                        and finally here is the words of USS Liberty Crew Members on the ATTACK and the NAPALMhttp://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/06/02/uss-liberty-and-acts-of-congress/ING that you never heard of!!

                        How you signed up to do your mandatory IDF Service yet??
                        Has ANY Family Member EVER served in the AMERICAN ARMED SERVICE??
                        I didn’t think so, Just Paid Zionist Troll that never served anyone or anything but himself!
                        OK you can go back under that slimy rock!
                        REMEMBER the USS LIBERTY!!
                        BSD NOW! NOT all Computers are Zionist! and today I even refused to by a thermostat made in Israel, instead got one made in Mexico!

                      • Harry A

                        YOU are so original that you even use my insults!

                        You keep posting anti Israel sites which have no truth!

                        YOU really are an IDIOT!

                        You call the NYT a Zionist paper?!

                        Are you serious or just the IDIOT I know you are!

                        The publisher is anti Zionist and is known to write anti Israel stories!

                        As I said I AM AN AN AMERICAN!!!!!

                        UNLIKE YOU!


                        AS I said….

                        YOUR computer uses Israeli parts!

                        Look at that Intel or AMD chip!

                        look at the operating system!

                        AS I said YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!!

                        Go back to to your handlers for more misinformation!

                        I see that you are not getting paid for your anti US statements!!!

                        I am sure that Satan has a place for YOU and your Palestinian terrorists and radical Muslims that YOU support!!!!

                        You honor Maj. Hassan Nidal who in cold blood gunned down US servicemen!
                        You honor the bomber of the USS Cole!
                        You honor the ones who committed 9/11!
                        You honor the killer of 241 US Marines in Beirut!
                        You honor the killers of 50 US embassy employees in Beirut!
                        You honor the Benghazi terrorists!
                        You honor the Boston bombers!
                        But how can you answer?!
                        They are JUST like YOU!

                        YOU ARE A TERRORIST AND TRAITOR!
                        YOU ARE A PALESTINIANS FIRSTER!
                        YOU ARE A Traitor as I said and an SUBHUMAN!
                        Go crawl back under that slimy rock with your EVIL KIND!G-D BLESS the USA
                        G-D BLESS ISRAEL

                      • boatops

                        The lying Zionist troll has returned!

                        you have NOT said anything any other PAID Zionist Troll hasn’t been paid to say!

                        I have shown you article after article that only Zionists say are lies! Here are some moe TRUTH Articles!

                        A group claiming to be former agents of Israel’s Mossad threatened to unleash a devastating cyber attack on South Africa unless its government cracked down on the growing campaign to boycott Israel, according to intelligence documents leaked to Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit.

                        According to the reports, then-Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan received a note from “unknown sources” on June 28, 2012, threatening a cyber attack “against South Africa’s banking and financial sectors.” The hand-delivered letter gave the government just 30 days to achieve the “discontinuation of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign and the removal and prosecution of some unidentified individuals linked to BDS”.

                        South Africa’s ruling African National Congress has historically aligned itself with the Palestinian national struggle, and the BDS campaign there involves some high profile anti-apartheid struggle figures such as Nelson Mandela’s close friend and fellow Robben Island prisoner Ahmed Kathrada.

                        THE SPY CABLES

                        A leak of hundreds of secret intelligence papers from agencies all over the world, offering a glimpse into the murky world of espionage.

                        Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit is publishing a selection of the documents and the stories contained within them.

                        Click here for more

                        Stuxnet and Flame

                        According to the secret State Security Agency (SSA) briefing from September 2012, the authors of the letter received by Gordhan claimed to be former Israeli secret service spies “with access to various technologies and resources of the Mossad’s Electronic assault and defence division”.

                        They also claimed to have helped develop the Stuxnet and Flame viruses, which are believed to have originated in Israel and targeted Iran and other middle-eastern countries.

                        Stuxnet reportedly crippled one-fifth of Iran’s uranium centrifuges in 2010, when the malware was inserted into the computer system at Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant.

                        South African intelligence investigated the threat, according to the cable, although there is no evidence that the threatened attack occurred or that the government yielded to the mysterious letter’s demands.

                        The SSA did warn that the growing initiatives in South African civil society to challenge Israeli policies could “significantly increase polarization between the Jewish community and pro-Palestinian support groups”.

                        South Africa and Palestine

                        BDS is a global campaign launched in 2005 in response to Palestinian civil society calls for international sanctions against Israel, and enjoys widespread support in South Africa. The ANC’s historical support for the Palestine Liberation Organisation mirrored a close collaboration between Israel and the old apartheid regime in Pretoria, which allegedly included cooperation on nuclear weapons development.

                        And the BDS movement reminded many ANC leaders of the role that international sanctions and boycotts had played in weakening white minority rule in South Africa, prompting growing support for the Palestinian cause by South African officials.

                        Paul Mashatile, the Minister of Arts and Culture considered imposing economic and cultural sanctions on Israel “as part of the worldwide BDS campaign and in reaction to Israel’s ‘destruction of the Palestine society and denial of basic Palestinian rights,” the secret document notes.

                        According to the secret briefing, the South African spies interpreted the letter handed to Gordhan as evidence of a growing dissatisfaction within the local Jewish community over South Africa’s perceived hostility to Israel. The document concluded by warning that Mossad-linked Israeli businesses could increase “offensive espionage activities” in South Africa.



                        REMEMBER the USS Liberty!

                        BDS NOW!!

                      • boatops

                        Good Morning Zionist Paid Troll!

                        Israeli Firster!

                        Israel doesn’t make everything!

                        My computer was put together at a local computer store with components that i was told were NOT Israeli or Vietnamese manufactured as per my request! Do I know exactly what is inside, NO I don’t but I believe the assembler because he wasn’t a lying Zionist!

                        Here’s some more education for the ignorant Zionist Garden Gnome!


                        How about some of the False Flags Israeli’s are known for!


                        Till Tomorrow Troll! Remember the USS Liberty!
                        BDS NOW!!

                      • Harry A

                        The Palestinian is back with his non-sense!

                        You better find someone else.
                        The Intel chip in your computer was designed in ISRAEL!
                        The operating system was written in Israel!

                        Now… Yo have a video of a virulent hater of Jews and Isarel.
                        WHO CARES!
                        You keep going off topic!

                        Anyway… even if Israel had 300 bombs, it has kept the Arabs from attacking Israel out of fear.
                        Iran on the other hand has threatened to kill every Jew and destroy Israel, that is why Iran MUST NOT be allowed to have any NUKES!

                        More cut and paste of of someone who is anti-Israel as well as anti_American, She is known conspiracy NUT!
                        She supports those who kill Americans. She has a love for radical Islam!

                        You just keep sinking yourself lower and lower into the gutter.
                        You are nothing but a slug!

                        You still support the killers of Americans, and hate the defenders of the US!
                        GO BACK UNDER THAT SLIMY ROCK!

                        You have NEVER had an original idea or thought!

                        You honor Maj. Hassan Nidal who in cold blood gunned down US servicemen!
                        You honor the bomber of the USS Cole!
                        You honor the ones who committed 9/11!
                        You honor the killer of 241 US Marines in Beirut!
                        You honor the killers of 50 US embassy employees in Beirut!
                        You honor the Benghazi terrorists!
                        You honor the Boston bombers!
                        But how can you answer?!
                        They are JUST like YOU!

                        I am done with speaking to an IDIOT LIKE YOU!
                        I feel my IQ dropping dealing with a unintelligent fool like YOU!

                        YOU ARE A TERRORIST AND TRAITOR!
                        YOU ARE A PALESTINIANS FIRSTER!
                        YOU ARE A Traitor as I said and an SUBHUMAN!
                        Go crawl back under that slimy rock with your EVIL KIND!
                        Is that the best your handlers can give you!

                        G-D BLESS the USA
                        G-D BLESS ISRAEL
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!!

                      • boatops

                        Hello Garden Gnome harry A. you’ve crawled out from under your rock again!
                        You have it all wrong, these aren’t conspiracy nuts, these are truth tellers!
                        When Zionists were in Europe that’s where all the problems were with WW1 & WW2! Now they were moved to Palestine and that’s where the problems are!! Gee I wonder who’s the problem?? Oh wait it must be the Zionists!!

                        Read & Learn


                        here’s more on the USS Liberty Attack!


                        Remember the USS Liberty!
                        BDS NOW!!

                      • Harry A

                        YOU are SOOOOO STUPID!
                        You still use the Israeli computer!
                        be a man and throw it out!

                        6 million Jews were killed and you ignore that fact!
                        You support these white supremacists who are as stupid as YOU!
                        Are you Palestinian or a white supremacist MORON!
                        You just make up history!
                        Thankfully, the Nazis were anal about keeping records and video.
                        Its you and your ilk that denies it!

                        You know NOTHING of history!
                        you only know what racist ideology!

                        YOU are just a SLUG!
                        YOU are illiterate!
                        You can not even debate without doing cut and pastes or posting known racist sites!

                        You even did a cut and paste that was PRO Israel!

                        With that I wipe my shoes with the slime that you are!
                        Go back to that trough and eat with the pigs that you associate with!

                        I am a TRUE AMERICAN!
                        I said that I grieve for the men of the Liberty, while YOU liked that Muslims killed US servicemen!

                        YOU DISGUST ME!!!!

                        You honor Maj. Hassan Nidal who in cold blood gunned down US servicemen!
                        You honor the bomber of the USS Cole!
                        You honor the ones who committed 9/11!
                        You honor the killer of 241 US Marines in Beirut!
                        You honor the killers of 50 US embassy employees in Beirut!
                        You honor the Benghazi terrorists!
                        You honor the Boston bombers!
                        But how can you answer?!
                        They are JUST like YOU!

                        YOU ARE A TERRORIST AND TRAITOR!
                        YOU ARE A PALESTINIANS FIRSTER!
                        YOU ARE A Traitor as I said and an SUBHUMAN!
                        Go crawl back under that slimy rock with your EVIL KIND!

                        G-D BLESS the USA
                        G-D BLESS ISRAEL
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!!

                      • boatops

                        You are the A-Hole!

                        Still holding onto your Zionist beliefs!

                        Wake Up!!

                        6 Million Jews died because the Zionists wanted LAND not LIVES!!!

                        Here’s what’s REAL!

                        AMERICANS care about the USS Liberty Survivors and JUSTICE for them!


                        That’s what it’s ALL About!

                        Get over your Zionist killing ways!

                        Join the HUMAN Race!

                        This is what your Zionist Liars tell you!


                        Remember the USS Liberty!!
                        BDS is working! Israel is crumbling!!
                        The world will give the land back to the Palestinians!!
                        GOODBYE ZIONISTS!!

                      • Harry A

                        You are a DISGUSTING POS!!!!!

                        6 million were killed and you poo poo it!
                        But then you and your people were most probably instrumental in it!

                        Zionism had NOTHING to do with it!
                        It was another form of Antisemitism that YOU support!
                        YOU SUPPORT PURE EVIL!!!!
                        YOU SUPPORT THE KILLING OF AMERICANS!!!!

                        YOU are SO DUMB!
                        I already said that it saddened me.

                        What of JUSTICE for the victims of 9/11?
                        What of Justice for 241 US Marines?
                        What of justice for the 50 US embassy employees?
                        What of Justice for the victims of Benghazi?
                        What of Justice for the sailors of the USS Cole?

                        I see that if Muslims kill Americans its OK!

                        As far as Israel. BDS FAILED!
                        Israel is still a major innovator of medicine and tech.
                        Unlike the Palestinian barbarians!
                        YOU even use it in YOUR computer!
                        That Intel Chip, as well as WINDOWS, or APPLE OS

                        AS far as Palestinians…..
                        The ONLY true Palestinians are the Jews!
                        The Arabs came in a few hundred years ago and kill the indigenous Jews and stole land!
                        The world gave the Palestinians land! ITS CALLED JORDAN!
                        Jews have lived in Palestine/Israel for 4000 years!!!!!

                        YES.. I AM A ZIONIST!!!!!
                        YOU ARE A TRAITOR TO THE US!!!!!!
                        YOU ARE NO NETTER THAN A TERRORIST!!!!!

                      • boatops

                        Paid Zionist Garden Gnome has crawled out from under his rock again!

                        Justice for all the victims you mention would be destroying Zionist Israel!

                        Read & Learn!


                        Remember it was Israeli’s dancing in the streets after 9/11 not Arabs!


                        Your Stupidity doesn’t surprise me, You are a ZIONIST TROLL!

                      • Harry A

                        Still can’t think of an original put down.

                        Well that just shows how DUMB you are!

                        Still using that computer with Israeli parts!



                        Posting what you were told by the radical Muslims who are ashamed of what hey did or want to blame others for their crimes!

                        Only an uneducated IDIOT would believe that!

                        There is NO evidence of what you post!

                        But…. bin Laden your hero did admit to it!

                        15 of the 19 Muslims came from Saudi Arabia!

                        Yeah… keep posting anti American posts!

                        The US and Israel are one, even if Obama is trying to destroy that!

                        You roll around in the gutter with the garbage you post!

                        That same garbage bombed the building In Oklahoma!

                        You still admire the killers of thousands od Americans!

                        I am DONE with YOU a TRAITOR to the USA!

                        I am sure you will be involved and captured in some anti American or antisemitic or any other RACIST act!

                        I am a PROUD AMERICAN and despise YOU and WHAT YOU STAND FOR!!!!!

                        You honor Maj. Hassan Nidal who in cold blood gunned down US servicemen!
                        You honor the bomber of the USS Cole!
                        You honor the ones who committed 9/11!
                        You honor the killer of 241 US Marines in Beirut!
                        You honor the killers of 50 US embassy employees in Beirut!
                        You honor the Benghazi terrorists!
                        You honor the Boston bombers!
                        But how can you answer?!
                        They are JUST like YOU!

                        YOU ARE A TERRORIST AND TRAITOR!
                        YOU ARE A PALESTINIANS FIRSTER!
                        YOU ARE A Traitor as I said and an SUBHUMAN!
                        Go crawl back under that slimy rock with your EVIL KIND!

                        G-D BLESS the USA
                        G-D BLESS ISRAEL
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!!

                      • boatops

                        The Zionist Troll speaks more nonsense!

                        Everything I say is the TRUTH!

                        You don’t believe the words of the SURVIVORS of the ZIONIST ATTACK ON AMERICA??

                        Instead you stick to the Zionist lies!

                        You are not a proud American, If you were American you would side with AMERICANS and the USS Liberty Survivors!

                        If you were Proud American you would have served in the US Armed Forces!

                        If you were Proud American you would send your Sons or Daughters to fight and DIE for AMERICA!

                        You are a Lowly Zionist Troll!

                        Paid to troll the internet and call anyone who disagrees with Zionist lies Anti Semites!

                        I’ll let you read and learn




                        Now that you’ve learned what Zionism did to Jews read on


                        So you say the USS Liberty was a war zone?
                        WW2 was a war Zone I guess that makes the Holocaust OK? You were told to get out!

                        WHAT ABOUT YOUR SERVICE??
                        WHAT ABOUT NAPALM?

                        REMEMBER THE USS LIBERTY!!

                        BDS NOW!!

                      • boatops

                        False Flag Garden Gnome Harry A Is still spewing Zionist Lies!

                        So did you learn anything about how friendly fire happens in minutes, NOT over MANY Hours?

                        Yes First Israeli Jets made several passes over the USS Liberty, They Saw the AMERICAN FLAG flying in the breeze, they returned several times and saw AMERICAN Hull Numbers and LIBERTY clearly written on a ship that is TWICE the size of the Egyptian Horse Carrier they claim to have mistaken the USS Liberty For!

                        They radioed back to their commanders that the ship was AMERICAN, and were ordered by the Zionist Pigs to attack that ship and follow orders.

                        WHY?? Our guess is another False Flag, they were intent on sinking the USS Liberty and ALL Aboard then saying Egypt did it!

                        So Israeli Fighter Jets Fired Rockets, dropped Napham on and Machine Gunned the Liberty,First taking out all antennas,and jamming radio frequencies, Firing at the US Servicemen on deck fighting the fires from the dropped Napham, Then the Torpedo Boars came firing 3 torpedoes, one hitting the Liberty,putting a 40 foot hole in her side, When Life Boats were placed in the water preparing to abandon ship, they were machine Gunned by IDF forces, A International War Crime even if you “mistaken” the Liberty for a Egyptian Horse carrier.

                        God was with the USS Liberty that day and a radioman was able to send a SOS the the US Aircraft Carrier received and launch rescue fighters. Upon hearing US Fighters were on there way and Israel was caught, they decided to claim it was a “Accident”

                        Now that you know the TRUTH, and Claim you are an American, who NEVER served this Country, Stand up for AMERICA and the USS Liberty Survivors and renounce your Zionist Lies!!

                        I see you have a hang up about Muslims, For that reason alone, I think I have a new liking for ANYONE who also Hates My Zionist Enemy!

                        Long-standing Israeli propaganda has it that Israel is the “only democracy in the Middle East”. The statements of Western political leaders, particularly from the US and UK, often also make this claim as part of their justification for fostering ties with Israel. They claim the mantle of “democracy” for themselves, while often supporting or directly creating brutal regimes of occupation and tyranny around the world (such as the US-UK occupation of Iraq, and the theocratic Saudi tyrany).

                        In fact, as activists and critics have long pointed out, Israel is an ethnocracy – a state ruled by a particular ethnic group, in this case, something defied in Israeli law and practice as “the Jewish people”.

                        (In reality, as the Israeli historian Shlomo Sand convincingly argues in his book, The Invention of the Jewish People, there is no such thing as a homogeneous, unified “Jewish people”. Instead, there are many different Jewish cultures and identities, ranging from the eastern European Ashkenazis to the Jews of Iraq, Yemen and Ethiopia. As Sand demonstrates, there is no unified secular culture that knits together these various different peoples.)

                        The state officially discriminates against the indigenous population of historic Palestine – who awoke one day in 1948 to find that they were suddenly defined as “Israeli Arabs” by a state that, at best, regards them with suspicion. My colleague Ben White’s second bookPalestinians in Israel: Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy is the best introduction to this topic.

                        As he points out, the laws of the state are designed to ensure that any Jew in the world (regardless of whether or not they have any factual ancestral connection to the historic land of Palestine, now occupied by Israel) can “return” to Israel, while Palestinian refugees, who have been constantly kicked out of their homes by Israel since 1948, are entirely barred from returning to homes they or their grandparents were born in.

                        Follow the news from Palestine about daily Israeli practices on the ground, and one quickly sees that Israel is not a democracy in in meaningful sense of the word.

                        The country has imposed the most crude and brutal form of military rule on at least one significant section of the native population of the land, almost continuously, since its inception.

                        From 1948 until 1966, the Palestinian citizens of Israel were subjected to a military regime, under which they were bared from free movement, and were in thrall to a strict regime of permits. In 1967, Israel invaded and illegally occupied the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the section of south-west Syria known as the Golan Heights. The Palestinians in the newly-occupied territories were subjected to a brutal military rule, one that (although its forms have shifted since the Oslo accord) has continued until the present day.

                        Although legions of Western journalists camp out in Jerusalem, occasionally in Ramallah, almost all of the mainstream reports from Palestine miss the basic point that Israeli rule in the West Bank is in no way a democratic or enlightened. It is a regime of death squads, settler terrorists, torture and the denial of the most fundamental human rights – along purely ethnic and sectarian lines.

                        Jewish settlers in West Bank are treated as Israeli citizens and subjected to Israel civil law (in theory: in reality they have a free hand to carry out crimes and abuse against Palestinian civilians). Palestinians living the same territory, where they and their ancestors have lived since time immemorial, are tried under Israeli military law – a system of kangaroo courts in which military officers rubber stamp the decisions of their colleagues. The conviction rate of these “courts” is 99.7 percent – a figure to make even the most brutal regional dictator blush.

                        The fundamentally anti-democratic nature of Israel was once again illustrated this week during a sentencing hearing for Abdullah Abu Rahme, a Palestinian protester and well-known activist from the village of Bil’in.

                        The agricultural village has been struggling for a decade against Israel’s theft of its lands in order to build settlements in which only Jews are permitted to live, and the apartheid wall.

                        Abu Rahme has been one of the key leaders of this long, non-violent struggle. In response, the Israelis have harassed him, his family and the entire village. Children have been abducted from their beds at night by the thugs of the Israeli army.

                        The Israelis previously sent Abu Rahme to prison using as a pretext the pathetic notion that an art project made from a collection of spent Israeli tear-gas cannisters found in Abu Rahme’s home constituted a “weapon”.

                        Now the army are attempting to put him away again, and the argument is that his is guilty of “idealogical crime,” reports 972, an Israeli website. No wonder, when all Palestinian protest in the West Bank is outlawed by Israeli military decree.

                        Israel’s torture regime in the West Bank needs to end now

                        Remember the USS Liberty!

                        BDS NOW!!

                      • Harry A

                        I see that the anti-American boatops is still trying to spew his racist hatred !

                        As you have been told time and again, but are TOO stupid and racist to understand or DON’T care, Israel thought that the Liberty was an Egyptian spy ship!

                        Napalm?! That’s a new one. Just keep fabricating facts!

                        Even the US commanded the Liberty OUT of the area!

                        I see that you have NO IDEA of what happened due to the fact that YOU ARE A PALESTINIAN POSING AS AN AMERICAN!

                        You can’t even debate, but just do cut and pastes without even reading it!

                        Jut to let you know that Shlomo Sands is a discredited source that ONLY the Arabs/Palestinians quote!

                        You also have a STUPID quote of Palestinians doing non violent struggle.

                        Yeah.. right.. Is that why the Palestinians killed children in schools!

                        My hang up is NOT Muslims, BUT TERRORISTS that YOU support!

                        Remember that the Jews were the indigenous population, the Arabs were squatters who invaded and killed the indigenous Jews and stile land!

                        The ONLY ones called Palestinians back then were the Jews NOT THE ARABS!


                        But the how can you when YOU SUPPORT ANTI-AMERICAN ACTIVITY!

                        Palestinians ONLY know killing and death!

                        You honor Maj. Hassan Nidal who in cold blood gunned down US servicemen!
                        You honor the bomber of the USS Cole!
                        You honor the ones who committed 9/11!
                        You honor the killer of 241 US Marines in Beirut!
                        You honor the killers of 50 US embassy employees in Beirut!
                        You honor the Benghazi terrorists!
                        You honor the Boston bombers!
                        But how can you answer?!
                        They are JUST like YOU!

                        G-D BLESS the USA
                        G-D BLESS ISRAEL
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!!

                      • boatops

                        Harry A Zionist Troll that doesn’t know how to read!

                        Yes the USS Liberty was Napalmed!

                        You have to read both accounts of what happened not just the Zionist side!

                        USS Liberty Survivors said this and ANY red blooded AMERICAN would believe them before Zionist Lies

                        You don’t answer about WAR CRIMES of Machine Gunning Life Rafts or the LARGE HOLIDAY AMERICAN FLAG or Hull Markings BIGGER then life on the Ship or LIBERTY written across the Hull’

                        THIS was NO MISTAKE!

                        It was a attempt at another Israeli False Flag!

                        A True American has Served his Country as I have in the United States Navy, as my brother, Father, uncles and cousins have.

                        YOU the Zionist Troll has yet to serve under any flag, so it’s time for you to step up and serve yourself, send your son or daughter, If you are American, you need to go to Israel and serve in the IDF because that’s where your allegiance is!

                        Again I say the whole Middle East should be Nuked and Israel destroyed, then the USS Liberty Survivors will be remembered as they should!

                        Here’s some BDS info for you


                        and some more TRUTH about the USS Liberty Attack!


                        Remember the USS Liberty!
                        BSD NOW!

                      • Harry A

                        The Anti American boatops keeps up with his illiterate posts.

                        Not a single idea, unless given to him by his handlers!

                        You want to see what false flags are?!
                        Just look at Pallywood!
                        They show fabricated videos of what Israel is supposedly doing.
                        I laughed at the Palestinian who was supposedly wounded get on and off the stretcher to get in the best camera angle.

                        DO you not understand that in war the object is to destroy those who are trying to kill you!?
                        The Arabs attacked Israel time and again in an attempt to destroy Israel and kill every last Jew!
                        Israel outnumbered 400:1 managed to win and humiliate the attacking Arab armies!

                        AS has been explained to you, the ship was in a war zone and mistaken for an Egyptian spy ship!
                        The ship was ordered out by the Navy!

                        I have expressed my grief for those killed as did Israel, but YOU the traitor to the US has expressed joy at the death of Americans by the hands of radical Muslims!

                        YOU DISGUST ME!!!!


                        Even I would not want the Middle East nuked as it would kill innocents who under the thumb of Arab dictators and have no say.

                        It would also destabilize the world economy!

                        But I am sure YOU have no idea of how the world economy operates!

                        Time for you to slime back under that rock!


                        Keep posting from anti-Semitic sites!


                        You honor Maj. Hassan Nidal who in cold blood gunned down US servicemen!
                        You honor the bomber of the USS Cole!
                        You honor the ones who committed 9/11!
                        You honor the killer of 241 US Marines in Beirut!
                        You honor the killers of 50 US embassy employees in Beirut!
                        You honor the Benghazi terrorists!
                        You honor the Boston bombers!
                        But how can you answer?!
                        They are JUST like YOU!

                        YOU ARE A TERRORIST AND TRAITOR!
                        YOU ARE A PALESTINIANS FIRSTER!
                        YOU ARE A Traitor as I said and an SUBHUMAN!
                        Go crawl back under that slimy rock with your EVIL KIND!

                        G-D BLESS the USA
                        G-D BLESS ISRAEL
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!!

                      • boatops

                        The Zionist Lying Paid Troll keeps bringing Arabs into the USS LIBERTY discussion!

                        Why?? Have no excuse for Israel Knowingly attack the United States??

                        Again I have to tell you the USS Liberty was in INTERNATIONAL WATERS!!

                        So Israels WAR of CHOICE that it STARTED has nothing to do with where in INTERNATIONAL WATERS the LIBERTY was!

                        You Still fail to answer WAR CRIMES charges of MACHINE GUNNING LIFE RAFTS!!

                        Here’s more to educate your stupid Zionist A**!


                        the reason virtually all American politicians support Israel is because they are beholden to the elite rulers of the United States who support Israel as a means of controlling us and controlling the people of the Middle East. how their support for Israel is just one of many ways they support America’s elite, who want an increasingly unequal and undemocratic society where people are pitted against each other. our opposition to Israel stems from our desire to have what most Americans want—a more equal and democratic world where people help each other. This is a winning strategy, because it is true, and it resonates with the American public.

                        Zionist Israel is being rejected throughout AMERICA and the WORLD!


                        Remember the USS LIBERTY!!
                        BDS NOW!!

                      • Harry A

                        The more you talk the DUMBER you get!

                        YOU are the one who brought Arabs into the discussion of how bad a president Carter was!

                        Also….. Can’t you READ!!!!!

                        We all know the ship was in in international waters.
                        It was also in a WAR ZONE!
                        It was MISTAKEN for am EGYPTIAN SPY SHIP!

                        You talk of life rafts…..
                        Egypt attacked ISRAEL!!!!!!
                        YOU IDIOT!!!!

                        I see that you are still posting links to anti American and anti Israel sites!
                        They are nonsense!

                        Did you get paid yet by your radical Muslim handlers, or were you beaten?!

                        Do you even know what Zionism means?!
                        Of course not YOU IDIOT!!!
                        It just means Jews having their own self determination!
                        The problem is that YOU and your ILK are upset that you can not attack and kill Jews anymore!
                        As I said YOU ARE A RACIST AND IDIOT!

                        He killed US servicemen!

                        You are a LIAR and just hide behind being an American serviceman!
                        YOU are just a follower of ISIS!

                        You honor Maj. Hassan Nidal who in cold blood gunned down US servicemen!
                        You honor the bomber of the USS Cole!
                        You honor the ones who committed 9/11!
                        You honor the killer of 241 US Marines in Beirut!
                        You honor the killers of 50 US embassy employees in Beirut!
                        You honor the Benghazi terrorists!
                        You honor the Boston bombers!
                        But how can you answer?!
                        They are JUST like YOU!

                        YOU ARE A TERRORIST AND TRAITOR!
                        YOU ARE A PALESTINIANS FIRSTER!
                        YOU ARE A Traitor as I said and an SUBHUMAN!
                        Go crawl back under that slimy rock with your EVIL KIND!

                        G-D BLESS the USA
                        G-D BLESS ISRAEL
                        AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!!

                      • boatops

                        Zionist Troll I see you haven’t read anything I sent you!

                        Or are you to DUMB to comprehend the TRUTH!

                        There is PROOF through Israeli Fighter Recording that show they KNEW it was a AMERICAN SHIP!

                        They didn’t want to ATTACK, BUT WERE ORDERED to by the Zionist PIG Commanders!

                        NOW READ and learn something you lower then SWINE!!

                        This to show you BDS IS WORKING!

                        It was another difficult week
                        for Israel.

                        In Britain, 700 artists, including many household names, pledged a cultural boycott of Israel, and a leader of the Board of Deputies, the representative body of UK Jews, quit, saying he could no longer abide by its ban on criticizing Israel.

                        Across the Atlantic, the student body of one of the most prestigious US universities, Stanford, voted to withdraw investments from companies implicated in Israel’s occupation, giving a significant boost to the growing international boycott (BDS) movement.

                        Meanwhile, a CNN poll found that two-thirds of Americans, and three-quarters of those under 50, believed the US foreign policy should be neutral between Israel and Palestine.

                        This drip-drip of bad news, as American and European popular opinion shifts against Israel, is gradually changing the west’s political culture and forcing Israel to rethink its historic alliances.

                        The deterioration in relations between Israel and the White House is now impossible to dismiss, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama lock horns, this time over negotiations with Iran.

                        The US was reported last week to be refusing to share with Israel sensitive information on the talks, fearful it will be misused. A senior Israeli official described it as l=
                        ike being evicted from the “deluxe guest suite” in Washington. “Astonishing doesn’t begin to describe it,” he said.

                        The fall-out is spreading to the US Congress, where for the first time Israel is becoming a partisan issue. A growing number of Democrats have declared they will boycott Netanyahu’s address to the Congress next month, when he is expected to try to undermine the Iran talks.

                        Things are more precarious still in Europe. Several leading parliaments have called on their governments to recognize Palestinian statehood, and France rocked Israel by backing just such a resolution recently in the UN Security Council.

                        Europe has also begun punishing Israel for its intransigence towards the Palestinians. It is labelling settlement products and is expected to start demanding compensation for its projects in the occupied territories the Israeli army destroys.

                        This month 63 members of the European Parliament went further, urging the European Union to suspend its “association agreement”, which allows Israel unrestricted trade and access to special funding.

                        None of this has gone unnoticed in Israel. A classified report by the foreign ministry leaked last month paints a dark future. It concludes that western support for the Palestinians will increase, the threat of European sanctions will grow, and the US might even refuse to “protect Israel with its veto” at the UN.

                        Israel is particularly concerned about the economic impact, given that Europe is its largest trading partner. Serious sanctions could ravage the economy.

                        One might assume that, faced with these drastic calculations, Israel would reconsider its obstructive approach to peace negotiations and Palestinian statehood. Not a bit of it.

                        Netanyahu’s officials blame the crisis with Washington on Obama, implying that they will wait out his presidency for better times to return.

                        As for Europe, Netanyahu blames the shift there on what he calls “Islamisation”, suggesting that Europe’s growing Muslim population is holding the region’s politicians to ransom. On this view, the price paid for the recent terror attacks in Paris and Copenhagen is Europe’s support for Israel.

                        Instead, Netanyahu has begun looking elsewhere for economic – and ultimately political – patrons.

                        In doing so, he is returning to an early Israeli tradition. The state’s founders were inspired by the collectivist ideals of the Soviet Union, not US individualism. And in return for attacking Egypt in 1956, Israel was secretly helped by Britain and France to build nuclear weapons over stiff US opposition.

                        In response to recent developments, Netanyahu announced l
                        ast month that he was courting trade with China, India and Japan – comprising nearly 40 per cent of the planet’s population.

                        Last year, for the first time, Israel did more trade with these Asian giants than with the US. Much of it focused on the burgeoning arms market, with Israel supplying nearly $4 billion worth of weapons in 2013. A region once implacably hostile to Israel is throwing open its doors.

                        India, plagued by border tensions with Pakistan and China, is now Israel’s largest arms purchaser – and such trade is expected to expand further following the election last year of Narendra Modi, known for his anti-Muslim views.

                        He has lifted the veil off India’s growing defense cooperation with Israel, one reason why Moshe Yaalon last week became the first Israeli defense minister to make an official visit.

                        Ties between Israel and China are deepening rapidly too. Beijing has become Israel’s third largest trading partner, while Israel is China’s second biggest supplier of military technology after Russia.

                        Last month the two signed a three-year cooperation plan, with China keen to exploit – in addition to Israel’s military hardware – its innovations on solar energy, irrigation and desalination.

                        Emmanuel Navon, an international relations expert at Tel Aviv
                        University, claims that, despite its poor public image, Israel now enjoys a “global clout” unprecedented in its history.

                        Israel’s immediate goal is to future-proof itself economically against mounting popular pressure in Europe and the US to act in favor of the Palestinian cause.

                        But longer term Israel hopes to convert Chinese and Indian dependency on Israeli armaments – based on technology it tests and refines on a captive Palestinian population – into diplomatic cover. One day Israel may be relying on a Chinese veto at the UN, not a US one.

                        More USS LIBERTY! TRUTH!!


                        Learn the TRUTH!


                        REMEMBER THE USS LIBERTY!!

                        EAT PORK EVERY DAY!!

                        BDS NOW!

    • Jeffery Lebowski

      Go ahead united states, turn your backs on Israel and try to harm them. I’m curious to see what will happen to this country. I support you Prime Minister Netanyahu.

    • Jack

      Regardless of the 54.9% and 3.4% of the above survey Israel is a close Ally and Friend of the US.

    • disqus_7okgC3Klel

      Ha ha ha…A majority of Americans do not know who Netanyahu is, but antisemitism and anti Zionism sure has become fashionable to the nutty left.

    • Iva

      Not only investigated, but he should be mentally evaluated . He belongs in a straight jacket in a mental institution.

    • Buddy

      The source of this survey by IMREP asked 1507 people. If you click the link to their webpage you will learn that all the articles negatively target Israel. The source of the story lacks serious credibility.

    • Joe Bridges

      Everyone that believes that should be shipped to Kenya along with BO

    • george

      I don’t believe that poll!

    • george

      I think he should be allowed to address congress.

    • Ken Bigbee

      Just an example how liberal journalism being taught in college over the many years now dominates every facet of news in this country. Reporting of news no longer exists but the mainstream media and other socialist outlets under the facade of news reporting spew their lies and hate for this country’s Constitution. To further their cause they publish polls that are outright false or skewed to back their agenda. For example, if one knowingly polled 80 gun control activists versus 20 NRA members on gun control, one would expect 80% of Americans polled would be for gun control. Liberals are becoming more like Nazis with each day.

    • SOS

      The enemy of my friend is my enemy.
      Even Barack Obama say there is no difference between the Terrorist and Peaceful Islam.

    • David Garon

      I don’t know how Yahoo! vets (or likely does NOT vet) stories it allows on it’s home site, but the sheer amount of irresponsibility from them as demonstrated by this bvllish!t story makes me understand that I have to find a reliable, responsible, new home page and avoid them like the plague they are! Wow, a pole of 1,500+ n-a-z-i-s on a site I’ve never heard of before (has anyone – I’d really like to know?)! Yahoo has officially become the bottom feeder of the internet. Congratulations on your new, muchly deserved status. Now FOAD.

      • mark woods

        But your hear reading and writing? You seem to be confused. Dialog is free in america. No one says you have to read or believe so just shut up if you dont have anything worth saying and go to rants and raves on craigslist. More your style.

    • PWLandowner

      My guess is the hebrew jim jones and king of Israel bibi will call American Jews back to ‘safe’ Israel for free koolaid and hebrew lessons when he gets here just like he did in France. Hopefully the good people of Israel will VOTE THIS CLOWN OUT and this backfires on him and the morons in congress.

    • Rikard

      I am not surprised that the Truth is considered “anti-Semitic” by many that can’t accept undeniable facts Only when any “Jewish” person is involved. Can anyone really deny it especially when Israel actually returned all the Nuclear Triggers (years later) except what they needed, 250-300 of them, Israel claims they were “destroyed” when they tested them.

      • SOS

        I could care less what Israel has. In the past 30 years, they have not used them even though they have plenty of reason to use them.
        If Israel has any Nuclear Technology, they must have got it from the Carter Administration.

    • carlo

      sure, Bebe is the criminal, meanwhile, the CONMAN,aides and abets Irans nuclear destruction goals on a fast track,even delivering them pizza- what a BS piece of alleged “journalism”

      • mark woods

        This garbage about Iran is meaningless. They are no threat to anyone. The jews and the threat and we share the burden because of our politicians serving them whatever they want. Now Obama gets it and this chump netanyahoo is all bent out of shape and still has to come and tell congress his version of the truth. This way he can get more free money and bullets and bombs from america.

    • jim benning

      He should be on trial for war crimes.

    • rrebelll

      This B. Hussein propaganda machine can not sink deeper. Or maybe they can. Stupid hysterical assholes. Yahoo news is the best weapon of the B.Hussein machine.

    • Concerned

      It’s about time we took our country back. This is NOT Israel, nor do we pay taxes for Israel’s welfare. If they think their victory is the prophesied Word of God, then they can prove it without my tax dollars.
      Further, we are the United States of America and we hold criminals accountable, no matter how much the AIPAC bribes our shameless politicians who would sell their souls. We need to investigate Netanyahu now that such a serious allegation with probable cause has been established, and we need to get the AIPAC registered as an agent for a foreign govt – because that’s what they are – traitors who bribe for a greater ROI.

      • carlo

        ok asswipe, get down to the boder and stop the flood of ILLEGALS, patriot-

        • Concerned

          Nice try, lol…too funny. You sure you’re in the right article? Try again…read the article and try (reeaaal hard) to come up with something relevant.

        • mark woods

          Tell us all about it carlo. you cant even spell.

      • David Garon

        Why is it always the “peace and love” professing bible thumpers who demonstrate the greatest amount of hate. Why is that?

    • Sam

      Democrat BS.

    • Angel Guy

      What the HEL- is going on in OUR Country? 59.4% of the Country is FLIPPIN NUTS. Sure glad I am 67 not 17…

      • rrebelll

        Depends who is doing the polls.

      • SOS

        The polled the University of Austin.

      • David Garon

        You certainly can’t take this “pole of 1,500+” seriously! But, like you, I’m glad i’m your age and not a snot-nosed bigot like many of those we are seeing on this forum.

      • kevin

        thankfully, your generation is dying off. We need fresh minds in the world.

    • Caolan Garret

      Israeli Jews have special privileges in the US. Because of the Holocaust and other secret agreements, Israelis can pretty much do anything in the US, especially spy in large groups because if they are ever caught, officials worry that the backlash could stir up anti-semitism within the US so the criminals are just deported back to Israel and not charged with anything. However, this is just the tip of the Iceberg. There is so much criminal activity going on in the US by the hands of Israeli Americans it probably would trigger a huge backlash against Jews.

      • Sam

        Are you on drugs?

        • mark woods

          What a statement. Is that all you can say. Answer the writer or shut up.

        • mark woods

          Stupid statement. Respond with something next time. Maybe you cant answer this post? Same old tired ass jew manning the computers to keep the lies flowing. Americas jews better start preparing for tough times as people are catching on to them. Their blood can run in the streets just like the palestinians. If you support israel then you support the killing they do and should enjoy the hate you create. Problem is the rest of us dont feel and act and support what you do but we end up paying the price in dollars and dead american soldiers and hatred for us. This is not america doing this. Its a few people running the show and making us all pay.

      • SOS

        Hitler’s old uniform will fit you perfect.

    • Jennifer Katona

      The smuggling of nuke triggers is actually among the least of his (and his US cohorts’) crimes, but it’s a start.

      • rrebelll

        Hey those magyars are still the same. They still remain stupid. Like you katona

    • dn32844

      Mr.”CHICHENSHIT” if not a moron, he is a shameless liars with no self respect or integrity. Its a pity that Israel Zionists can’t find a more decent present to represent them on world stage.

    • avi

      Scotas Hawwa@ hellow did you take your mediction, its look as you forgat so pleas don’t say anything, keep your mouth shut you freaking Idiot

    • avi

      the are some really good people in America, but in the past 6 years the number of stupid American have taken control in the US, I think a study should be condacted to see the efect of black people like Obama on the intelegent level and IQ of the American people, its look like amad cow in America.

      • Bodine Bodine

        They get their stupidity (that’s right, “stupidity”) from our secular colleges and universities where they’re taught and indoctrinated with a liberal worldview by their former hippie, anti-American professors. What is absolutely ridiculous is that they believe they’re smarter than the rest of society. It’s called “Illusory Superiority.”

    • Mgo Azul

      He is a buffoon , moran evil, red neck, racist bigot and a war criminal.

      • rrebelll

        And you dicky?

      • marley three

        no he is a man trying to defend a country that is hated by most of the world. usa should only have such a strong leader.

        • wing_ding

          Israel would be a lot less “hated” if they dropped being the newest apartheid state.

          • jblvcegda

            Israel would be hated because they are the only democracy in a section of the world ruled by Homicidal Maniacs!

            • kevin

              dumbass, israel is NOT the only democracy in the middle east. Second, a lot of the maniacs in the middle east are supported by the US like egypt, jordan, saudi arabia, the gulf states. Educate yourself

            • bob

              Interesting, I didn’t know that Turkey, Iraq, and Armenia weren’t democracies.

            • Daniel

              Egypt speaks out against Islamic terrorism.

            • wing_ding

              that’s hating Israel for political reasons – that’s not anti-semitism. Anti-semitism is represented by the pogroms in central europe or the nazis killing the jews because they were jews.

          • chasdurham

            if israel had the choice of stealing or being respected, its stealing by a landslide

        • Walter Feit

          He helps that country earn that hate.

        • Concerned

          Hmmm…and why would you think they are “hated by most of the world”?

          • Bodine Bodine

            Apparently, your wifi internet reception is not permeating the rectal cavity where your head spends most of it’s time. Are you just another liberal loon who is trying to convince the rest of society that what’s true is false, and what’s false is true?

        • kevin

          defending his country by killing women and children.

        • chasdurham

          spoken like a true fellow zio/nazi…

        • efd271

          Marley, he can care less about the US. And, if American presidents were not so busy defending Israeli atrocities, they can spend more time on US issues.

      • Bodine Bodine

        Prime Minister Netanyahu is a great leader and stands head and shoulders above our own Jew hating Commander-In-Chief! You’re nothing more than a Jew-hater who can’t spell!!!

        • chasdurham

          name me a nation who doesn’t despise jews other than israel..

      • disqus_7okgC3Klel

        No intelligence here!

        • Theresa

          You must be referring to yourself and I agree 100%

      • Gerry

        did u just describe yourself. Methinks you are a muslime speaking of war crimes. You should take care of your back yard. 200,000 syrians killed by muslimes. I S is killing all over the world. Taliban doing the same. Shame on you!!!

      • David Garon

        And you are an ignorant, racist raghead!

      • Brenda Harrell

        You just described Obama to a tee!

      • jblvcegda

        Obviouslyyou are an Anti-Semitic Bigot who hates Israel and the US>

        • kevin

          I think you mean he only hates israel. but yet again, everyone hates israel

      • El Mojado

        And you are a liberal. Which means “all of the above and more”. LOL

    • Cornville

      Yahoo News at its best…just another anti semitic rag on the level of what the Nazis would publish concerning the Jewish People and now specifically Israel. Someone should investigate Yahoo News for the junk they allow to be published.

      • Rikard

        Really? It is True isn’t it? Is the Truth “anti-Semitic”? Israel returned many of the Nuclear Triggers years later but kept around 250 of them saying they were “destroyed” during testing.The same Israeli Intel group with Rafi Eitan also stole hundreds of pounds of Highly enriched Uranium from the USA in the Opollo affair.

        • Cornville

          Nothing gets “stolen” by Israel or any country without the express approval of the US and more specifically the CIA. If you think that magically the Israelis or anyone else created their own Nuclear weapons or had its own triggers…then you had better start smoking something else. Apparently you hate Israel and the Jewish People. That is your business, just don’t fill this site with your hateful garbage.

          • Brad Collin

            You just don’t like the truth to be told. Cornville, you must be jewish to say that and stole all technology to kills palestines.

            • george

              you don’t know the truth.

            • Bodine Bodine

              I’m not Jewish and I’ll tell you that this article doesn’t even make an attempt to publish the truth. It just continues to fan the flames of anti-Semitism and hatred toward Israel that is pervasive throughout today’s liberal movement.

              For all of the accusations of hatred and bigotry coming from left-wingers, they sure do their share of hating Jews, Christians, and conservatives! Islamic terrorists get a pass though!!!

              • GOTCHA

                “I’m not Jewish”

                Translation: I’m a paid Israeli shill making a bad attempt to lie on the internet.

                • jblvcegda

                  And you are a raghead lover who fornicates with pigs!

                  • Ormar

                    Yep he must be winning the argument! Name calling starts when truth runs out or in favor of the non Jew.

                    • efd271

                      That says it! Ormar.

                  • efd271

                    You sound a bit racist! Sad they would even let you post such a vile comment. And, people wonder why Israe is on the bottom of states least apporved of world wide.

                  • independenttwo

                    Typical liberal looney tune; nothing intelligent to say; revert to the tried and true liberal mantra; name calling and personal attacks, you pathetic individual.

                  • poopsie mcpoopie

                    jews wear rags on their heads too
                    how embarrassing

                    • Daniel

                      Israel is one of the smallest nations in the world and it is constantly attacked by radical Muslims. Why does the world ask Israel to give up land that would make their nation indefensible? There are 56 Muslim nations, why can’t people just let Israel live in peace?

                  • FaramarzFathi

                    The Muslims do not have pigs. Pork is forbidden in Islam. Faramarz Fathi

                • efd271

                  Yeah! LOL….The first rule of Habara training seems to have been broken there.

                  • Randy Mason


                    copied from Wiki

                    “Public diplomacy in Israel (also hasbara) (Hebrew: הַסְבָּרָה‎ hasbará, “explaining”) refers to public relations efforts to disseminate abroad positive information about Israel.[1][2] The term is used by the Israeli government and its supporters to describe efforts to explain government policies and promote Israel in the face of negative press, and to counter what
                    they see as delegitimisation of Israel around the world. Hasbara means “explanation”, and is also a euphemism for propaganda.”

                    • Bloemberg

                      So what?

                    • efd271

                      File under “cat out of the bag.” “Israel hires Internet soldiers,” Israeli students and demobilized soldiers get paid to pretend they are just regular folks and leave pro-Israel comments online. Israeli Foreign Ministry Deputy Elan Shturman is quoted from the Israeli Occupation Magazine saying:

                      “Our people will not say: ‘Hello, I am from the hasbara department of the Israeli foreign ministry and I want to tell you the following.’ Nor will they necessarily identify themselves as Israelis,” he said. “They will speak as net-surfers and as citizens, and will write responses that will look personal but will be based on a prepared list of messages that the foreign ministry developed.”

                      Counterpunch’s Jonathan Cooke in “Israel’s Internet Wars” describes:

                      a special undercover team of paid workers whose job it will be to surf the internet 24 hours a day spreading positive news about Israel. Internet-savvy Israeli youngsters, mainly recent graduates and demobilised soldiers with language skills, are being recruited to pose as ordinary surfers while they provide the government’s line on the Middle East conflict…About $150,000 has been set aside for the first stage of development, with increased funding expected next year.

                      Occupation Magazine states in “The Foreign Ministry presents: talkbackers in the service of the State”:

                      “paid Internet talkbackers are being mobilized in the service of the State. The Foreign Ministry is in the process of setting up a team of students and demobilized soldiers who will work around the clock writing pro-Israeli responses on Internet websites all over the world,”

                      The team will fall under the authority of a large department already dealing with what Israelis term “hasbara”, officially translated as “public explanation” but more usually meaning propaganda. That includes not only government public relations work but more secretive dealings the ministry has with a battery of private organisations and initiatives that promote Israel’s image in print, on TV and online.

                      Quoting Deputy Foreign Minister Shturman, Counterpunch reported:

                      “During Operation Cast Lead…We gave them background material and hasbara material, and we sent them to represent the Israeli point of view on news websites and in polls on the internet.”

                      Operation Cast Lead was the Israeli bombing attack on Gaza which killed 1400 Palestinians, the majority of them civilians, and razed large parts of the Gaza to the ground. Israel maintains that the campaign was in response to an increase in home-made rocket attacks on Israel, which since 2001 have killed 26 Israelis. Gaza remains under blockade, with a enforced shortage of food, medicines, and basic supplies necessary for daily life. (Amnesty International Report: “Operation Cast Lead: 22 Days of Death and Destruction”)

                      Cooke at Counterpunch also writes that “About 50,000 activists are reported to have downloaded a programme called Megaphone that sends an alert to their computers when an article critical of Israel is published. They are then supposed to bombard the site with comments supporting Israel.”

                      Deputy Minister Shturman says in Israeli Occupation Magazine:

                      Our objective is to penetrate into the world in which these discussions are taking place, where reports and videos are published – the blogs, the social networks, the news websites of all sizes. We will introduce a pro-Israeli voice into those places.

                      Michal Carmi, a blogger and associate general manager at the high-tech placement company Tripletec, was recruited to the online policy-explanation team. He told Occupation Magazine:

                      “During Operation Cast Lead the Foreign Ministry wrote to me and other bloggers and asked us to make our opinions known on the international stage as well. They sent us pages with ‘taking points’ and a great many video clips. I focussed my energies on Facebook, and here and there I wrote responses on blogs where words like ‘Holocaust’ and ‘murder’ were used in connection with Israel’s Gaza action…Several times the Foreign Ministry also recommended that we access specific blogs and get involved in the discussions that were taking place there.”

                      A “blog” in this usage could be any kind of online forum.

                      Canadian author, columnist for the Vancouver Courier, and critic of Israeli government policies Greg Felton writes:

                      “If you’ve come across a hasbarat, on-line or otherwise, you have learned that no amount of reasoned argument or intellectual maturity has any effect. That’s because hasbarats don’t care if they come across as ignorant, obnoxious, nasty or inane. All that matters for them is sabotaging criticism of Israel and support for Muslims. They’re like anti-intellectual stink bombs: designed to cause maximum discomfort… “

                      The Israeli magazine writes:Quote:

                      The missions: “monitoring” and “fostering discussions”

                      The Foreign Ministry intends to recruit youths who speak at least one foreign language and who are studying communications, political science or law, or alternatively those whose military background is in units that deal with information analysis. “It is a youthful language”, explains Shturman. “Older people do not know how to write blogs, how to act there, what the accepted norms are. The basic conditions are a high capacity for expression in English – we also have French- and Swedish-speakers – and familiarity with the online milieu. We are looking for people who are already writing blogs and circulating in Facebook”.

                      This news follows the revelation earlier this year that the software exists, being purchased by the US military, to create multiple “online personas” which can be operated by one person, to infiltrate blogs, forums, and social media.

                      “Air Force Seeks Fake Online Social Media Identities,” Information Week:Quote:

                      According to Solicitation Number: RTB220610 , the armed services division sought a software program that could manage 10 personas per user, including background; history; supporting details, and cyber presences that are ” technically, culturally and geographacilly [sic] consistent. Individual applications will enable an operator to exercise a number of different online persons from the same workstation and without fear of being discovered by sophisticated adversaries. Personas must be able to appear to originate in nearly any part of the world and can interact through conventional online services and social media platforms. The service includes a user friendly application environment to maximize the user’s situational awareness by displaying real-time local information.”

                      Yeah tell me about it!

                • independenttwo

                  Shut up and give the laptop back to your parent’s before they make you stand in the corner.

                • SparkyTheWonderDog

                  And you can’t do a thing about it. You are a putz

              • mark woods

                Thats because jews are scum and need to be removed from our government. They will stop at nothing to use any and everyone to fullfil their quest for world domination.

                • jblvcegda

                  Crawl back in your Sewer Nazi Pig. You belong in the Toilet!

                • tom atkinson

                  Marc woods. When you talk about scum you should look in the mirror. If you are as stupid as your post makes you appear come back again after you graduate from grammar school. What a jerk!

                • SparkyTheWonderDog

                  Crawl back in your sewer, Nazi Pig. You belong in the Toilet!

                • Rikard

                  Not ALL Jewish people are bad,Not All Muslims are Bad,No group of people can claim title to Saint or Demon.EVERY group of people have their Monsters and Every group has their share of Good people. Recognize them.

                • efd271

                  Check this out……Just ran across it the other day.

                  The U and K The Kosher Tax

                  Jewish Tax On Kosher Products

                  • Bloemberg

                    Two sites specializing in Jew-hatred, but hey don’t do a particularly good job. If you want to see real effort (not quite up to Mein Kampf or Der Sturmer), try Stormfront. Better yet, look up the anti-semitic and anti-Israel cartoons subsidized each year by the Iranian government. They are more down to your mentality.

                    • Martinez

                      Bloemberg…open your food pantry! I did! Guess what! i will from now on will not touch anything in any store in any country where the sign of the jew is printed on the package!

                      • Bloemberg

                        Jawohl, Herr Martinez, kaufen sie nicht bei Juden!

                      • Martinez

                        Bitte Mein Herr!

                    • efd271

                      Bloemberg, you really are a pathetic, coward of a human being. My post is accurate and deals with what is going on in my country. I am not Jewish and I do not need to be taxed for Kosher foods. I do not want to pay any thing additional becasue of a minority religious group in the US.

                      The author is a Mexian American, very much a target of bigotry. You can have your own Kosher only markets or isle on the markets, but you pay for the cost of a Rabbi makinig inspections. Enough of Americas tax dollars go to that illegitmate entity called Israel and we do not need a “Kosher Tax” as well to be used to assist in their crimes and continued coloization of Palestine.

                      Jewish Zionist, are the Neo Nazis of our time. It would seem that Mein Kampf or Der Sturmer), or Stormfront is more to your level and narrative than anyone expressing their displeasure of a secret Jewish Tax!

                      BTW, some of the greatest voices oppoed to Zionism and Isarel are Jewish.

                      “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” – Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset [Israeli Parliament] quoted by Amnon Kapeliouk, “Begin and the Beasts,” New Statesman, June 25, 1982.

                      Sound familiar you shill.

                      • Bloemberg

                        If Geraldo Fuentes’ piece is anywhere near as accurate as you claim it to be, by now it should have been all over Reuters, AFP, BBC, CNN, et al. The “Kosher Tax” canard has been around for a long, long time (admittedly, not as long as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion).


                        As for Rense, that is just one more joke of a conspiracy theory site that has been discredited for years, especially after hosting such Guardians of the Truth as Ernst Zuendel and Mark Weber. Even some of Jeff Rense’s ex-wives (last time anyone counted, there were at least 7 of them), and at least one of his former employers, have described him as a pathological liar.

                        “…some of the greatest voices oppoed (sic) to Zionism and Isarel (sic) are Jewish.”
                        So are some of my best friends.

                        Talk of pathetic.

                      • efd271

                        Except for poniting out my typo’s I do not know what else you just proved? ” Kosher Tax” is just euphemism for a added cost on Kosher products.

                        And, we all know why these media out lets are not reporting this story. The fear they will be labeled anti Semitic. The old trusted BS line used by isareli apologists.

                        The Elders of Zion? So what! What is that to prove. Sounds to me you are deflecting. Speaking of Pathological liar…Did hear about Netanyahu? I never heard of an ex wife that praised their ex husbands. None the less there are thousands of threads on this subject of the Kosher tax, Google is great! Knock your self out.

                        You seem to have a free choice to read these articles and make up your own mind. But, this freedom of not paying an additional cost on products because it being labeled Kosher is not extended to the rest of us.

                        I do not know who your freinds are, but if you doubt that some of the strongest voices opposed to Zionism and Isarel are Jewish you are very much a fool.

                        Talk of full of Dung!

                      • Bloemberg

                        Nice try with Amnon Kapeliouk’s distortion (for which he never even apologized) of Begin’s speech discussing terrorism and terrorists:
                        http://www.camera.org/index_asp?x_context=7&x_issue=21&x_article=775 (see final item, headed Investigation – Example 2)

                        Talk of pathetic…..

                      • efd271

                        Talk about deflection and hypocrisy! Begin was a well known terrorist himself and is responsible for the death of women and children during his operations with the Irgun. And, as PM of Israel.

                        “The Palestinians are beasts walking on two legs.” Begin 1982,” Begin and the Beasts”

                        As, far as you trying to discedit the quote. It is easy to claim that any thing one says is taken out of context, or a speech was not the intended meaning. But, with the back ground of Begin, I will stand by what his comment is meant to mean literally. The Talmud of full of passages of Jewish superiorty over non Jews so please give it a rest.

                        “Wipe out their names from under heaven” [Deuteronomy 7:24] “Destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy” [Deuteronomy 7:2] “Drive them out and annihilate them quickly” [Deuteronomy 9:3]

                        There’s plenty more where that came from.

                        Talk of pathetic…..Your camera.org site does not exist or has been removed. So much for truth and distortions.

                        Israeli children? They do not belong in Palestine just like their parents, un less the Palestinians want them there. Israel is illgetimate and a colony.

                        Speaking of children. Israel has shown how much they care about children, some 500 plus killed in Gaza in 2014, many more crippled and orphaned.

                      • Bloemberg

                        “Our race is the master race…” attributed to Begin, but he never said those words, and Kapeljiouk’s article does NOT quote it! On an internet site someone inserted the quote – originally written by the Jew-hater and self-styled Pastor Texe Marrs (http://www.texemarrs.com/112003/jewish_master_race.htm) – into Kapeliouk’s article in an attempt to attribute it to him and to give it credibility. This slimy hoax was exposed by CAMERA on May 27, 2009 (Begin Center Diary: Correcting a Misquotation Reputedly by Menachem Begin).


                      • efd271

                        Begin was a terrorist. Irgun. His comments fall right in line…..With his speech to the Knesset. And, with many passages in the Talmud.

                        “Wipe out their names from under heaven” [Deuteronomy 7:24] “Destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy” [Deuteronomy 7:2] “Drive them out and annihilate them quickly” [Deuteronomy 9:3]

                        There’s plenty more where that came from.

                        Some of Israels Cheif Rabbi’s such as Yosef, a real lover of humanity, if you are Jewish, have spread the same message.

                        ” The Palestinians are beasts that walk on two legs.” Begin. What a shmuck!

                        BTW your Camera site is not availbale it was removed, and your texemarrs was not found either. Nice try….Now That is pathetic.

                      • Bloemberg

                        So the links are now out of date, so what? – all you had to do was a simple internet search and you would have found the articles on your own:

                        “All Hail The master Race” – Texe Marrs

                        CAMERA: Exposing False Zionist Quotes II
                        (the CAMERA article also exposes your new deception about Begin’s supposed remark about “beasts that walk on two legs.” After your first attempt at deception failed, now you try some more. People like you who work with slimy guile and deception have no credibility. You are not worth another minute of my time. Keep on trolling – maybe you will eventually bore someone to death.

                      • efd271

                        I have heard for years of how the 67′ war was started by the Egyptians. Finally, there is a quote in a speech delivered by Begin to a miliatry academy in Isarel wherer he finally admits the truth, ” We have to be honest with ourselves we attacked him.” ( Nassir)

                        Now, you are saying this war criminal and terrorist never said, what he all his life was taught in Talmud passages of being the chosen people and superior? Instead you offer sites that claim other wise that do not exist. And, now you want me to do a search?

                        I have searched. Most are Jewish Zionist hasbarists that are trying to dislcaim and deflect from remarks of Zioinist Jews for fear the world will see what monsters they really are, and how similar to the Fascist regimes of the early 20th century Israel is and its founders.

                        You Bloemberg compared to Begin, Ben Gurion etal have no credibility. You are just a basment cyber space propogandist.

                        David Ben Gurion (the first Israeli Prime Minister):” If I were an Arab leader, I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country. Sure, God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? Our God is not theirs. We come from Israel , it’s true, but two thousand years ago, and what is that to them? There has been Anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?” Quoted by Nahum Goldmann in Le Paraddoxe Juif (The Jewish Paradox), p. 99. (see full quote above)

                        “We have stolen their country. Why should they accept that?”

                        BTW…CAMERA, Hardly non biased, but a Pro isarel propoganda agency.

                        “The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, or CAMERA, is an American non-profit pro-Israel[2] media-monitoring, research and membership organization. According to its website, CAMERA is “devoted to promoting accurate and balanced coverage of Israel and the Middle East.”[3] The group says it was founded in 1982 “to respond to the Washington Post ’​s coverage of Israel’s Lebanon incursion”, and to respond to what it considers the media’s “general anti-Israel bias”.[4]

                        “In 2008 CAMERA launched a campaign to alter Wikipedia articles to support the Israeli side of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. The campaign suggested that pro-Israeli editors should pretend to be interested in other topics until elected as administrators. Once administrators they were to misuse their administrative powers to suppress pro-Palestinian editors and support pro-Israel editors.[17] Some members of thisconspiracy were banned by Wikipedia administrators.[10]”


                  • Martinez

                    These articles you posted must be on the cover of every non jewish and jewish controlled magazine, newspaper any media source there exists! For at least one month straight and every day!
                    Thank You very much for that information! I will send it to every one i know!

                    • Daniel

                      UNRWA is a terrorist organization. UNHCR actually helps people. UNRWA creates refugees to raise funds, and indoctrinate children to become terrorists. The education these children get at these UNWRA schools is that Jerusalem and all of Israel belongs to the Arabs and not the Jews and violence is the answer. They are taught to become martyrs and they will be rewarded by Allah and victory will be theirs. Rockets have been found at UNRWA schools and there is video of a mortar being fired from one of these schools. Israeli has proof of rockets being fired from these schools as well.

                      • Martinez

                        One rationally thinking person cannot believe anything which is presented as proof by Israel.
                        And this is the lesson from history!
                        Countless lies every day is what comes out from that institution! And that Kosher tax is single handed proof of who is controlling the government of the country where this tax is present. Only government issues taxes!
                        These articles need to be spread all over the world like a raging fire!

                    • efd271

                      U R Welcome. Good idea spread the word.

                  • Bloemberg


                    • efd271


                • Andrew Cohen

                  You are an idiot. I would like to know what your cultural background is scumbag? You love the towel monkeys you f–k go live with them.

                • Daniel

                  Yes, Jews believe in Jesus. Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi. Most believe he was a prophet, except for Jews for Jesus, they believe he was the son of G-d and/or the messiah.

                  Yes, Jews believe in heaven. Jews believe in one true G-d, angels, and heaven.

                  Jews do believe in a type of Hell, but not “Hell” as a punishment but an expression of a great kindness.

                  Jewish mystics describe a spiritual place called “Gehinnom.” This place is often translated into “Hell,” but a better translation would be “the Supernal Washing Machine.” Because Gehinnom is purgatory. A place our souls are cleansed. Gehinnom is similar to the way our clothes are cleansed in a washing machine. But rather then focus on death you should look up Tikkun Olam, usually translated as repairing the world, and try to focus on life.

                • Bloemberg

                  Sure, like that Great Truthful publication called the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion….

              • efd271

                And, who do the Jews hate? Their treatment of Palestinians and Christians are not exemplary. In fact they are accused of crimes against humanity.

                Should we dismiss facts simply because that might show dipleasure with Israel? I need to remind you Bodine, that the loudest voices against Israel are Jewish! What are they anit Semitic!

                As, an American we freedom of the press. I want to know who is dealing with us corruptly no matter who it is. It always seems when it is Israel, there seems to be a problem.

              • chasdurham

                your not jewish and my name is snow white..

            • Jeffery Lebowski

              You’;re a silly bastard Bradford Colon…………………..Long Live Israel

            • disqus_7okgC3Klel

              You sir are a bigoted pig, and I’m no Jew!. Now we play the Jew, not a Jew game? Disgusting! This article was written to fester resentment among idiots…that would be you. By the way, what the heck is a “Palestine”…a Nazi beer drinking vessel? Proof positive you are an uneducated lout.

            • mark woods

              Another of the scum of the earth telling us his special version of the truth.

            • David Garon

              You do realize that your barely literate screed is pointless, baseless, and simply stupid, don’t you?

              • jblvcegda

                When your Peaceful ISIS friends come for you, they won’t behead you because your head is so far up your az!

            • Cornville

              As a matter of fact, I am a German whose parents and grandparents were ardent Nazis. That being said, there is no excuse for the truth to rear its head. In this case, everything that the Israelis do and have done has been with the knowledge of the CIA and the US Government. If you want to talk about world domination, you need to look no farther than the Germanic dream for world conquest. The Israelis were and are no match when compared to Germany. To think that the Jews would ever attempt to “conqueror” the world is simply insane.

              • Red Fox

                Abolish the CIA

                • mojo jojo

                  and Mossad

                  • Andrew Cohen

                    How about Abolish the Iranian rejime, Syria’s Assad and ISIS, and Hamas.

                    • mojo jojo

                      soon enough its ALL going to be abolished and something better established

                    • FaramarzFathi

                      Then your beloved Occupying pariah Community in state of Palestine would be short of any red herrings to distract attentions from all the atrocities they commit against the indigenous and theft of their lands on daily basis too. Faramarz Fathi

              • Ormar

                Pollard was not known about till the Jews started selling intel to Russia. They spy more on the US than the Pali’s. Jews as a whole are organized thieves that will steal anything they can make a buck off.

                • Dudeman1969

                  Why would the Jews spy for Russia when Russia hates Israel, Ormar? Or is it Omar?

                  • Gabriel Bodosca

                    Israel is well known for taking sides, cannot be trusted.

                    • Andrew Cohen

                      So I guess you support the terrorists, Iran, Syria, ISIS, Saudi Arabia. Israel is the only country we can trust over there. Until this president got into office.

                      • CathyStripeLester

                        Sadly, we can’t trust Israel.

                      • ronigannon

                        Cathy, why would Israel want your trust?

                      • poopsie mcpoopie

                        because israel relies on americans trust and tax money to survive

                      • ronigannon

                        Uhhhhh……….nope. The Jewish people were around long before America and will be long after. While Israel appreciates and values the relationship, it would find a way to survive and thrive without it. A person who divorces is able to find a new spouse.

                      • John D. Fiat

                        Well, why don’t they start turning down our 5 billion a year then? It’s time to cut off the Israeli-Khazar gravy train!

                      • Talgar Talgarov

                        Stop muslim cult immigration to Europe and USA.

                      • Jon Gans

                        you’re an imbecile. the best investment the USA makes is in Israel. Israel’s inventions, medical tech, military tech, desalination plants, high tech…..is all stuff that the whole world benefits from. Plus, Israel wouldn’t need any help if the arab scum countries would just leave it alone. Are you really this dumb?

                      • American

                        Israel and America will always be allies, even with the Black anti-Semite temporarily in the White House. We have too many interests in common not to stick together.

                      • ronigannon

                        I hope so American. Obama and his inner circle have made things very uncomfortable for Israelis and their friends in America.

                      • Volley Goodman

                        Indeed the American Israeli marriage is quite strained! Time for a split!

                      • ronigannon

                        Volley, you sound like a man who know a lot about strain, separation and divorce. What’s the matter, you see a happy couple and it makes you jealous since you can’t seem to maintain a relationship of your own?

                      • Chuck Monroe

                        Oh yeah, and God. Don’t worry about His people, they’re in good hands.

                      • Volley Goodman

                        God bless the United States of America!

                      • American

                        Poop: Research what Russian weapon systems Israel has turned over to us. The importance of us having the knowledge about the weapon systems more than pays us back for our support to Israel.
                        Don’t forget, they are our only friend in the Mideast.

                      • Talgar Talgarov

                        The only Stable Strong Prosperous and successful country in a self-imploding islamic world is Jewish Country of Israel.
                        Stop muslim/arab immigration to Europe and USA.

                      • ronigannon

                        Actually poop (sounds better), Israel does not need the money – Washington wants Israel to take it as it’s called influence. America feels like they have influence. Fact is, Israel does not need nor want the money but it seems to make the Americans feel better thinking they can buy influence. And Israel is doing fine surviving without it – $300 billion dollar economy is doing just fine. How much did you make last year poop?

                      • Fateh

                        why would you trust Israel ?

                      • FaramarzFathi

                        $3 billions plus annually.
                        Faramarz Fathi

                      • American

                        Maybe she is wanting to sell them something.

                      • ronigannon

                        I guess she must not like good honest people like Israelis very much

                      • Daniel

                        The best way America and the American people can help Israel is to defend Israel’s actions as necessary, not desired. Israel hates that Hamas uses human shields, but these shields in war will break and some innocent people will die.

                        Golda Meir said, “When peace comes, we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons, but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons.” 1.

                        Some people think Israel wants to punish the Palestinians and kill them, this could not be further from the truth. Israel wants peace. Palestinians seek to make Jews a minority in Israel and to humiliate or kill all the Jews. Hamas has already turned down or violated 3 cease-fire agreements. Israel do what you must.

                        Press conference in London (1969), as quoted in A Land of Our Own : An Oral Autobiography (1973) edited by Marie Syrkin, p. 242

                      • Jordan Marsh

                        Nonesanse, golda meir was a terrorist.

                      • Talgar Talgarov

                        islamofascists are on a rise.
                        Stop muslim/arab immigration to Europe and USA.
                        We love you Jewish Country of Israel and Jewish People.

                      • FaramarzFathi

                        Tal: when all else fail try truth they say.
                        Faramarz Fathi

                      • John D. Fiat

                        You do realize that Israel helped spawn Hamas in the fist, right? There is even a WSJ article entitled, “How Israel Helped Spawn Hamas” Read it!

                        Israel does not want peace, they are the biggest warmongers in the world. If they want peace then why don’t they sign the NPT? Why do they attack poor people and steal what little there is left of their land, every day? Why are the harboring hundreds of illegal nuclear weapons? The Palestinians merely want their land back.

                      • Daniel

                        Saying Israel helped spawn Hamas, is like saying the US help spawn al Qaeda and the Taliban. It would be more accurate to say the Quran helped spawn all these groups.

                      • Volley Goodman

                        BTW Daniel, the US did spawn Al Quaeda and the Taliban remember? So are you saying once again what the US does should make it right for Israel also?

                      • antiwill

                        There have never been an ethnicity called “Palestinians”. The territory Romans took from the Jews ans called “Palestine”, there are Arabs, Jews, Bedouins, Druz, Khazareans, Armenians, Greeks, etc, Islamo-Nazis, under the USSR and Vietcong advice, started calling Arabs “Palestinians” – that was the PR and linguistic war the Jews lost. The implication is: the entire Israel “belongs” to Arabs=”Palestinians”, even though most Arabs migrated to that place after the Zionist immigration brought development and demand for labor. Those Arabs who did not participate in the wars against Israel own lands in Israel – more than 50% of the privately owned land in Israel belongs to them.

                      • 1956cyndi

                        it was never their land. The British mandate was at record breaking low p[opulation when the Balfour promise in 1919 offered the 2 state solution- all arabs go to Jordan and the other part would be Israel. Not that they offered the latter till 1948, which is when this people group became united as palestineans under Arafat. Those remaining were refused entry in arab lands, but were offered parts of already hated Israel IF they would just agree/teach Israel has a right to exist. They still refuse, and in ’67 all was won by Israel in a war vs all the surrounding nations (and Israel returned the peninsula and all not needed for security). Why do the terrorists continue to try to kill them? Why do they want us dead just as much? Reality is they give us intel and both medical and weaponry technology, while the extremists muslims just give a little oil and global terrorism- yet many STILL blame the jews

                      • Chuck Monroe

                        Then put your trust in the little boy at the bottom of the well. What a dolt.

                      • Talgar Talgarov

                        The only friend of USA in that part of self-imploding islmaofascist regimes is our loyal friend Jewish Country of Israel.
                        Stop muslim/arab immigration to Europe and USA.

                      • tom d

                        Andrew why would you make a statement that just because one feels a certain way that person supports the terrorist? It really is a wrong way of looking at things and it is kind of self interested posting. I do not support ISIS nor do I support Bibi. I do not like or disline Israel. I could careless about Israel. It can do what it wants but I do not like any nation taking out military secrets and selling them to people who might one day be shooting at my son.

                      • Scott

                        Straight out of the Republican playbook. Level outrageous charges to deflect the truth. I do not support Isis. And I have problems with Israel. If not for the US there would be no Israel!! Yet the prime minister shows a level of disrespect to our President unmatched for an ally. If I was Obama I would deny him entry to this country. It is completely absurd that he would come to this country 2 weeks before his election and give a propaganda speech to our congress without the approval of our President. The republicans need to be seen for what they are because they are doing this for 2 reasons. First to stick a finger in the eye of the president and second to ensure Netanyahoo;s re-election. WE ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. WE don’t need Israel. They need us!! We don’t need him to come here and give a speech about Iran in an attempt to influence foreign policy. Nor do we need the contempt and disrespect of a supposed ally. He should not be allowed entry and kudos to the President for denying him a credible platform. After all, we know that nothing the republicans say or do is credible so him speaking to a partisan congress means nothing. It’s just another example of how unpatriotic the republicans really are. They will sacrifice 98% of our population just to further their agenda which is transferring even more wealth to the 1% and doing whatever it takes to bring down Obama. Until he can show some respect to this country which is represented by the president he should not be allowed to step one foot on American soil.

                      • poopsie mcpoopie

                        well said
                        No former Irgun terrorist (nutyahoo) shall be allowed in our chambers.

                      • American

                        I hope that you are successful in keeping Netanyahu out of your chambers.

                      • Talgar Talgarov

                        Stop muslim/arab immigration to Europe and USA.

                      • DAILY

                        thank you impeach obamar

                      • Jiorjio


                      • DAILY

                        Obama impeach close doors for trader

                      • American

                        Only a fool discuses things that they have not researched. Nothing personal.
                        Netanyahu was a patriot that had a major hand in the birth of Israel. He was a member of the Irgun that later joined the Stern Gang, because he considered that it would be more effective.

                      • lovemybs

                        wow, man you need to check something called reality.

                      • Htalk

                        Wishful thinking

                      • pjpd

                        Total BS, he is despised even in Israel… an Ashkenazi Eastern European Thug, lacking social graces, vulgar, crude gangster and a liar …..

                      • Rumpleforezkin

                        you have no idea what youre talking about.

                      • Liz Litts

                        anoter smoking the Hesbullshit

                      • Jon Gans

                        bibi has an 85 percent approval rating in Israel. Obaminable, the muzzie Nazi, has a 5 percent approval rating. you have a zero percent approval rating.

                      • Avvocot

                        Sorry American but you need to check your facts. Netanyahu was born in 1949, long after the Irgun was disbanded. I’d also suggest your subjective conclusion that he is one of the best liked leaders in the world is suspect. Otherwise, the inferences in the article and most of the comments reflect bias and prejudice totally divorced from reality. Shame on Yahoo.

                      • DAILY


                      • Nata2020

                        Most liked? He was the only world leader specifically uninvited to Paris. He had to gate crash anyway, which forced The French President to then invite The P.L.O. leader to be side by side with Bibi!!

                      • Miles Greenberg

                        Yeah the French got it together with their no-go zones/Muslime thuggery so of course, G-d forbid we wouldn’t want to insult the French Muzzies and openly invite Netayahu. Polls in the US unequivocally pronounced Bibi waaay more popular than Obama. Recently Obama sent a team to Israel to discredit Netanyahu before the upcoming elections. The US has no more decorum than the Israeli’s. For the rest of you knuckleheads: Boehner should be the target of Americans who support Obama NOT Netanyahu. When the Iranian Parliament chants death to America AND Death to Israel then we as Americans should be worried and listen to Netanyahu when he comes and should be warmly welcomed as our staunch ally. Obama needs to take his head out of his “okole”!

                      • Jon Gans

                        excellent, and accurate.

                      • Talgar Talgarov

                        We love you Jewish Country of Israel and Jewish People.
                        Stop muslim/arab immigration to Europe and USA.

                      • Tim Milke

                        Muslim terrorist groups ok,, MOOnpie??

                      • DAILY


                      • Al Talena

                        So he was 5 years old when he was in the Irgun? The members of the commie/islamo fascist coalition will say anything

                      • Saka Moko
                      • Sam L Barkan

                        Poop– your complement to NETANYAHU is overwhelming…..your factoid will make him over 85 yrs old…go check you lies before publishing your ignorance bozo

                      • John D. Fiat

                        You are confusing Neocons with Republicans. There are a lot of RINO’s out there, whom have hijacked true conservatism. And there are just a many pro-Israel (despite the facts) type of Democrats in the MSM and both the U.S. Congress and Senate. In fact, their both full of Democratic Jews like Diane Feinstein. Remember, she was against the Iraq war on paper, but got caught bragging about how much money her (Zionist) husband’s Halliburton stock was making them (because of the war). The Democrats Israel-Firster attitude is just as big and real as the Republicans, it’s just hidden slightly better. But that’s easy for them to do because the media loves them.

                        Wake up from the Left-Right Paradigm!

                      • SIN

                        Diane Feinstein is Roman Catholic, numbnuts!

                      • kopi0915

                        From the web site ” Jew or not Jew’ ” Diane Feinstein Jewish? Yes. Although only half by birth, she went to Hebrew school and
                        chose Judaism over Russian Orthodoxy as a teenager.

                      • SIN

                        That book is not even close to accurate! Why would you use propaganda instead of facts? Are you stupid or something else? Contact Forrest Gump immediately for a brain.

                      • Laila Muhammad

                        good for her for leaving Judaism imagine Yahweh getting mad for flushing toliets on Saturday

                      • Jon Gans

                        Judaism is the ONE rational religion on Earth.
                        The Talmud, the Jewish book of laws, is required readying…..by South Koreans. It’s true.
                        Hollywood Jews are the most generous people…..on planet Earth. True.
                        Israel is a world leader in high tech, medical tech, farming tech, and even desalination.
                        The arab muslim world are leaders in beheadings, clitorectomies, honor killings, throwing acid in school girls’ faces, violating treaties, doing nothing for the world, causing carnage, wholesale slaughter, brutalizing animals, whining, trying to kill non-muslims…..

                      • Rumpleforezkin

                        you truly are a moron. do you actually believe what youre saying? let me guess, you also believe… the rocks and the trees will say” hey muslim, theres a jew hiding behind me, come kill him”

                      • whiteaglesoaring

                        “Dianne Feinstein has demonstrated that Jewish women can achieve politically in
                        a male dominated sexist society if they work hard at it” http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/biography/DFeinstein.html

                      • Jon Gans

                        there’s no such thing as Israel-firsters, or Islamophobia. there are just memes to make it look like anyone who loves Israel, as any civilized person would, has an irrational concern for Israel,even above one’s own country, when in reality, one loves Israel because it’s a beautiful country. Same with Islamophobia. Why isn’t there Hinduphobia? Christianphobia?? It’s a word to make it look like people have an irrational hatred of Islam…when our hatred of it is perfectly logical since Islam is satanic and sadistic sewage.

                      • Laila Muhammad

                        Talmudic courts in nyc don’t allow haredi jewish women to drive or work Talmud codifies pedophilia in Judaism oy vey

                      • Rumpleforezkin

                        just youre usual muslim spreading lies and libels. sharmutah

                        talmud codifies pedophilia? please reference your claims. where in the talmud is this exactly/

                        you want to talk about pedophilia, look no further than muhammed and his 8 yr old wife aliya

                      • b.m.

                        thank you for the trueth

                      • Rumpleforezkin

                        islamophobia was a word created by the muslim brotherhood to be used to attack anyone critical of islam

                      • Bob Kahn

                        That is awesome. I love your explanation

                      • Jon Gans

                        I just wanted to say “thanks” for the response. It’s sick that there are so many Nazis and ultraliberal ignoramuses on these blogs. I’m always getting into it with morons. I was a liberal until 13 years ago. wrote for camera.org, and now help edit http://www.thereligionofpeace.com I knew six years ago that Obama was a muzzie, a Nazi, and a traitor. And I firmly believe that Islam, not radical islam, but islam is a cancer and must be eradicated. If Iran gets nukes, we’re all screwed. Gotta put Obama and holder in prison.

                      • Rumpleforezkin

                        Diane Feinstein is not a Jew you ignorant antisemitic bigot

                      • David Ptito

                        Average americam hears “stein” = jewish ! non sense

                      • whiteaglesoaring

                        On what basis do say she is not Jewish? http://jwa.org/encyclopedia/article/feinstein-dianne

                      • Jail Congress

                        The god of the internet and holiest of truthtellers Wikipedia says Dianne Feinstein is a Jew. She was born to Jewish parents, she’s a citizen of Israel and always votes in favor of Israel over the U.S. She’d be a very strange Catholic.

                      • commandergreen

                        Are you a dumb shit shes a genetic jew.

                      • American

                        Scott: I am an American. Obama has done more harm to our country than any other American president. It has nothing to do with politics.
                        If I never had knowledge of bears, and one tried to kill me I would fear and then hate them.
                        I have had very little contacts with Blacks. I see the first Black president and see what harm he has done to every American. Europeans and apparently Asians seem to have lost respect for us, apparently because we of what we stupidly put into the White house.

                      • Rachel

                        Obama is half white.

                      • julius rosen

                        Which half ? top or bottom ?

                      • Robert Munro

                        “rosen” Racism……………..typical of your obscene cult.

                      • Htalk

                        Twice, are you claiming the american people are stupid?

                      • b.m.

                        no, not stupid only ignorant —— but ignorance makes one stupid– not knowing or understanding a particular situation is being ignorant ignoring facts

                      • David natinyahu

                        //// You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel

                        {{.” Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache 2009 }}

                      • David Ptito

                        What a stupid quote and he still believes that ??
                        you insult 320 millions American !

                      • b.m.


                      • Volley Goodman

                        Wow your remark “I have very little contacts with Blacks” says it all! It is human nature to fear and oppose what they do not understand. My advice to you American is stop calling your self American.

                      • vet

                        I think you should call yourself anything other then an american. How about racist?

                      • Robert Munro

                        This “American” calls itself American but its entire sales pitch is Jewish/Zionist. He/she/it is nothing but a hasbara shill.

                      • Ken Kelso

                        Hamas uses boy as human shield. Watch this boy plead for Robert Munro to protest Hamas child abuse.

                      • whiteaglesoaring

                        Or getting him back to his father.

                      • Ken Kelso

                        Watch how Hamas uses civilians as human shields.

                      • whiteaglesoaring

                        In Gaza, IDF is attacking a city with nearly 2 million people. Hamas must defend them even when civilians are all around them. In 2010, two soldiers were convicted in an IDF military court of using an 11-year-old Palestinian boy as a human shield in its 2008-09 operation in Gaza. The pair ordered the child to search bags they suspected of being booby-trapped. This is the only incident the IDF has admitted and acted against their military men of women.

                        IDF’s headquarters, the Kiriya, is in central Tel Aviv, surrounded by a hospital, blocks of flats, shopping centres and offices. Many media reports said there was no evidence of coercion by Hamas. Families are in fear of their lives, but they overwhelmingly cite
                        Israeli bombing and shelling as the cause, rather than threats from
                        Hamas. European Court of Justice removed Hamas from a blacklist of terrorist organisations

                      • Robert Munro

                        Typical of your cult – pigs who claim to be “chosen” are nothing but bigoted parasites. Go to Palestine and die with your IDF thug chums.

                      • Miles

                        Robert Munro your anti-semitism is showing! You know I’ve heard that before that Pigs that claim to be chosen are bigoted parasites! You are either a Muzzie in sheep’s clothing (Btw how did your date go with that last sheep you mounted?) or a leftist who forgot to take his psychiatric meds! Oh, and you spelled it wrong: It’s Palestein!

                      • Robert Munro

                        “Muzzie”? Is that like a heeb or a kike? Hasbara-boy, I do hope that you are in Palestine – maybe one of those IDF computer centers. Below are some examples of the moral level of your cult……………….



                      • Chuck Monroe

                        Now Bobby’s got his feelings hurt. Poor Bobby.

                      • Robert Munro

                        When you graduate to the big-time, CNN or HuffPo, then you might hope to have the skills to hurt someone’s feelings. Nobody on either site has managed to get to me though, troll – not in over five years that I’ve been blogging.
                        Though, I will grant that the self-chosen are the most obnoxious creatures on Earth.

                      • Chuck Monroe

                        The irony is lost on poor Bobby. When Bobby is on bent knees trembling before The Lord trying to explain himself, if he actually shows enough chutzpah to steal a glance up, he will see a Jew looking down on him. The irony is lost on poor Bobby because he has gone from hurt feelings to slight anger. However everyone else can enjoy the mental picture and be glad we are